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January 1 to 5, 2001
Sonny encountered Lily's spirit as he slipped over to the other side. Meanwhile, a loving Carly refused to let him go and urged him to live. Stefan assured Chloe that he wouldn't pressure her into an intimate relationship. Scott helped Laura take phone calls to Deception; later, Elton was hired. Nikolas told Lucky how he felt about Gia.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Emily finally ended things with Juan and admitted her true feelings for Zander. Alan and Monica sent Emily to boarding school in California in an attempt to protect her from Zander and Sorel. Chloe underwent her final procedure so that her sight could be permanently restored and she could be free of her realistic nightmares. Sonny and Carly admitted their love to one another as Sonny continued his recovery at General Hospital. Hannah and Taggert broke up because they disagreed about Sonny's role in the shooting. Bobbie continued to investigate Roy's past with Melissa, which caused her to be untruthful to Roy. Sorel and his men briefly held Felicia, but Mac rescued her, and Sorel was arrested. Zander's testimony was beneficial, and Sorel was indicted.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Zander jumped bail and rescued Emily from Saint Catherine's. Ned left Alexis when it appeared that she was more concerned with protecting Zander than protecting her romantic relationship with Ned. Sorel disappeared. Sonny was released from the hospital. Bobbie continued to investigate Roy's past, which caused her to continue lying to her lover. Mac celebrated his birthday with Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie. When Nikolas learned the truth about Chloe's kidnapping from Helena, he confronted Stefan. After Stefan admitted that he had been responsible, Nikolas declared that he no longer had an uncle. Laura traveled to Europe to handle a Deception crisis.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Carly and Laura continued to bicker about who would be the next Face of Deception. Felicia continued to assist Mac, but while at the police station, she received a phone call from Luke. Gia and Nikolas kissed, but agreed to never do so again. Chloe pressured Ned to tell Alexis that he loved her. Sonny met with Benny to discuss the situation with Sorel. Emily and Zander returned to Port Charles, but they hid in Elizabeth's studio. Bobbie continued to lie to Roy.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Emily and Zander returned to Port Charles. Sonny posted bail for Zander again, and Emily moved into Kelly's. Gia and Carly disrupted Liz's test shoot for Deception, but Lucky managed to take a few good shots of his girlfriend when the photographer left the room. Jason returned to town and stayed at Liz's studio, but Liz needed to keep it a secret from Lucky. Nikolas and Gia shared a passionate kiss. Sonny and Carly agreed to renew their wedding vows. Ned and Alexis discussed getting back together. Bobbie met Melissa in Chicago, but was not convinced that everything was as Melissa said it was. Roy attempted to keep Melissa a secret from Bobbie.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Roy discovered that Bobbie had been lying to him about Melissa, which prompted him to make a trip to Chicago to visit his former lover. Lucky told Liz about the photos he had taken of Gia. After arguing, Lucky and Liz made up and agreed never to lie to each other again. Meanwhile, Jason continued to hide at Liz's studio. Carly and Sonny discussed their impending wedding, but their chat on the docks was interrupted when shots were fired at them. Luke returned from Istanbul and immediately contacted Felicia. Felicia cautioned Mac that she would be spending a lot of time with Luke, since he was back in town. The mayor praised Mac for apprehending the Christmas Shooter. Emily began her first week at Kelly's. Juan was disappointed in Emily's behavior and mulled over an offer to tour in Puerto Rico. Ned and Alexis were again at odds over their failed relationship.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Scott gave Laura chocolates for Valentine's Day. Jason stopped Carly from going into a burning warehouse where Sonny and Benny were trapped. Nikolas kissed Gia.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Sonny insisted that he could not marry Carly and attempted to send Jason to Martinique to tell her that Sonny was divorcing her. Jason refused to go, and Sonny decided to make the trip himself. Once in the Caribbean, Carly was not convinced by Sonny's assertions that he did not love her. Sonny finally agreed that he loved his wife and proceeded with the remarriage. At Winterfest, Ned and Alexis were again at odds. Hannah and A.J. enjoyed the festivities. Gia overheard Laura tell Elizabeth and Lucky that because Carly would not return her phone calls, she had chosen Liz as the new Face of Deception. Gia told Nikolas that she planned to return to Columbia. Nikolas lashed out at his mother for her decision. Lucky asked Elizabeth not to see Jason again. Liz agreed, but when she went to Jake's to inform Jason of her decision, Lucky saw her. Luke and Felicia sneaked aboard Helena's yacht to try to track down the key to the safe deposit box.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Sonny and Carly renewed their wedding vows in Martinique. When they returned, Carly learned that Laura had chosen Liz as the new Face of Deception and was livid. She and Gia plotted to ruin the launch party. Lucky argued with both Jason and Elizabeth about their friendship. Emily and Zander shared a romantic evening at Kelly's, but Zander was beaten up in an alley afterward. Roy set up a special date for Bobbie in the gazebo. Melissa moved to Port Charles and accepted a position as surgical nurse at General Hospital. Luke and Felicia continued to date. Mac resigned as police commissioner. Both Mac and Scotty vied for Laura's attention.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Melissa moved to Port Charles and took a position at General Hospital, which upset Bobbie. In Istanbul, Luke discovered that the Ice Princess was not in the safe deposit box. He and Roy managed to escape with some CDs, however. Laura approached Sonny about backing out of Deception after Carly locked her on the roof at the launch party. Sonny refused to do so. Carly and Gia plotted to determine a way to make Gia the next Face of Deception. Carly interrupted Liz's photo shoot, sending Liz running to Jason instead of Lucky. Jason rescued Zander from Sorel's men. Mac declined Felicia's offer to restart their private investigation business. Ned and Chloe agreed to meet on the docks in two years and begin dating if neither had found a love interest by that time.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Sonny turned down Scott's five million dollar offer to buy back Deception. Scott later told Laura that he was sorry for making the offer without her consent. Roy and Luke wondered if the disks in Helena's safe deposit box might help them free Lucky from her grasp. Helena moved forward with her plans to control Lucky. Lucky caught Liz trying to retrieve her gloves from Jason's room. Gia blackmailed Liz for her job at Enchantment, but Liz wouldn't back down. Monica learned that she might have cancer.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Monica signed the release form for her biopsy surgery, but misplaced it. Emily discovered it and confronted her mother, who had only told Bobbie about her health problems. Under the influence of Helena's brainwashing, Lucky pulled a knife on Jason. Jason beat him up in self-defense, but Elizabeth only saw her friend attacking her boyfriend. Liz told Jason that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Luke continued to work on decoding the CDs he had procured in Istanbul, which caused him to spend more time with Laura. Felicia was unsure of what it meant. Sonny was concerned about his family's safety and screamed at Jason to get on top of the Sorel and Zander situations, regardless of Jason's other problems. Carly was worried about her husband and her family. Ned made yet another attempt to reunite with Alexis. They agreed to compromise. Roy and Bobbie discussed Melissa's living situation and agreed that it was fine for Roy's ex-girlfriend to remain in Port Charles.
March 26 to 30, 2001
The Quartermaines discovered that Monica might be facing cancer again and vowed to support her through her troubles. Jason kidnapped Zander "for his own good," but both he and Sonny refused to tell Alexis the truth. Carly plotted to have Gia's face in all the latest fashion magazines. Out of the blue, A.J. expressed sudden concern for his son. Melissa approached Roy at Luke's, knowing that Bobbie had to work late. Emily confronted Liz about running Jason out of town. Felicia and Luke continued to date as Luke attempted to hide the disks from Helena. Scotty continued to pursue Laura.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
Roy discovered that Sonny had "kidnapped" Zander, but he could not tell Alexis because he owed Sonny a favor. However, Alexis discovered the truth on her own and was furious with Sonny. Zander's testimony incriminated Sorel. Carly and Gia plotted to have Gia named the new Face of Deception. When Gia attempted to back out, Carly essentially blackmailed her. Liz thought of Jason when making love to Lucky. A.J. tried to get closer to Michael. Melissa popped up everywhere that Roy went, which made Bobbie uncomfortable. Felicia decided to declare her love to Luke, but walked in on him discussing his former life with Laura. Luke blackmailed Helena by threatening to give the disks to Stefan. Mac told Felicia that he wanted her as both his lover and his business partner.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Alexis lashed out at Sonny and Roy for keeping Zander's kidnapping a secret. Sonny gave Carly his 1% of Deception stock, and in return, Carly told her husband that she wanted to give him a baby. Sorel was indicted, but Zander had trouble celebrating with Emily. After the trial, Edward was jumped in an alley behind the courthouse. Helena gave Luke one million dollars so that he would not sell the compact disks to Stefan. Laura named Gia the new Face of Deception, which was a relief to Liz. Nikolas gave Gia a diamond bracelet and told her his true feelings. Felicia repeatedly attempted to tell Luke that she loved him, but her lover was preoccupied with the Spencer/Cassadine rivalry. Mac told his ex-wife that he wanted her back as both a business partner and a lover. Bobbie tried to confront her feelings about Melissa living in Port Charles. A disgruntled hospital patient held Melissa at gunpoint. Monica and the Quartermaine family were relieved to discover that she did not have cancer.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Laura disapproved of Luke getting Lucky to help him decode Helena's disks. Roy was hovering between life and death after being shot by a man who'd been holding Melissa hostage. After examining Edward, Melissa told A.J. that there was no physical evidence that Zander -- or anyone -- had attacked Edward. Liz and Jason tried to determine their feelings for one another. Helena continued to use the Ice Princess to control Lucky.
April 23 to 27, 2001
After admitting that she had feelings for both Jason and Lucky, Elizabeth chose Lucky. Jason left town again. A bomb threatened Sonny and his family, but he disabled it in time. Helena continued to control Lucky and prompted him to give Lucas a vial of life-threatening serum. Lucas immediately fell very ill. Luke and Laura worked together to thwart Helena's plans. Melissa admitted her true feelings to Roy, who told both Melissa and Bobbie that Bobbie was the one and only love of his life. Emily and the Quartermaines discovered that Edward had framed Zander and blackmailed Emily. Skye Chandler and Rae Cummings arrived in Port Charles. Skye interrupted Alan and Monica's renewal of vows to claim that she was Alan's daughter. Nikolas accused Gia of hiding his documents renouncing the Cassadine name, but he later discovered that Stefan had stolen them.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Rae Cummings and Skye Chandler's arrival in Port Charles caused trouble for the Quartermaine family. Alan revealed that he had known Rae was pregnant when he broke up with her many years earlier, but claimed that Edward had promised to handle the situation. Lucas was very ill, which scared both Bobbie and Tony. Lucky had no idea that he was the one who had poisoned his cousin. Nikolas and Gia reunited after an argument, and Gia and Liz worked on being friends. Felicia confessed her love to Luke, but he did not feel the same way about her. Carly and Roy conspired to have Sonny arrested so that he could make a deal with the FBI and keep his family out of danger forever. Melissa revoked her resignation from the hospital. Emily followed Zander to Canada after she learned of Edward's scheming.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Carly and Roy worked to have Sonny arrested by the FBI. Sonny got out on bail and asked Mike how someone could betray the one he or she loved the most. After making love to Carly, Sonny told his wife that he knew she had been responsible for setting him up. Stefan professed his love to Chloe. In some strange effort to counteract Helena's brainwashing, Lucky asked Elizabeth to marry him. After shopping for engagement rings and seeing many diamonds, Lucky raced to the hospital and prepared to jump off the roof. Lucas slipped into a coma, and Luke suspected that Helena had poisoned him. Helena and her minions accosted Tony and took him to an underground room. Felicia waffled between Luke, who admitted that he did not love her, and Mac, who declared his undying love for her. Edward revealed that he knew Rae's baby had been taken from her. Monica demanded that Skye take a paternity test. Skye plotted to do something to the Quartermaine family. In Canada, Zander was very disappointed that Emily had lied to him. The two did not reconcile.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Tony reluctantly agreed to help Helena revive Stavros in exchange for a serum that took Lucas out of his coma. Sonny told Carly that he knew she was the one who had betrayed him and ordered her to leave the penthouse. After many pleas begging Sonny to forgive her, Carly took Michael and disappeared. Roy was caught in the middle again, facing pressure from Sonny, the FBI, and Bobbie. Luke and Laura continued to probe Helena's misdeeds, which stirred up memories of Laura's time on the Greek island. Stefan, Nikolas, and Lucky argued in the stairwell at General Hospital. Stefan threatened to press charges against Lucky. When Lucky discovered that Luke had made copies of Helena's disks, he destroyed Luke's computer. Elizabeth and Nikolas discovered Lucky's boxcar shrine. Lucky presented Liz with an engagement ring given to him by Helena. The ring was the same ring that Stavros had given to Laura many years before. Zander and Emily reconciled, and the young girl agreed to move back into her family's home. The Quartermaines attempted to adjust to having Rae and Skye around.
May 21 to 25, 2001
A furious Sonny told Bobbie that Carly and Roy had betrayed him by trying to cut him a deal with the FBI. Luke was confused when the vial containing Lucas' virus vanished. Helena met with Stavros and remained optimistic about his possible resurrection. Luke told Laura that the ring Lucky had given to Liz was the same ring that Stavros had given to Laura. Luke revealed that he'd decoded one of Helena's disks before his computer had been destroyed.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Luke and Laura finally convinced Elizabeth that Lucky was suffering from Helena's mind control. Stefan had Lucky arrested for assault and battery. Lucky's parents refused to have him released from jail in an attempt to protect him. Helena provided Lucky with the means to set fire to his cell, which permitted both Lucky and Sorel to escape. Emily and Zander enjoyed the prom and made love in the Quartermaines' boathouse. Skye tried to coerce Sonny into collaborating with her to betray her new family, but Sonny claimed to despise betrayal. Bobbie and Roy continued to argue about Carly's disappearance, which led to Bobbie ending the relationship. Gia went behind Nikolas' back to learn the truth about Lucky's previous mind control. Felicia pressured Mac to join her in a performance for the Nurses Ball. Kevin helped the entire Spencer family to confront Lucky's troubles.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Carly returned to town, which delighted Bobbie but troubled Sonny and Alexis. When Carly refused the penthouse, Sonny chose to do so, and Sorel stabbed him. A mysterious woman by the name of Angel took Sonny to her home and treated his wound. Roy helped Melissa after she drank too much at Jake's. After discussing things with Felicia, Bobbie decided to talk to Roy, but found a freshly showered, towel-clad Melissa at his apartment. Elizabeth urged Lucky to seek treatment for his condition, and he agreed to do so. Luke and Laura continued to work on decoding the encrypted disks, but it stirred up uncomfortable memories for Laura. Luke asked Felicia to give him space and time to confront Helena. Stavros came to life. Monica discussed sex and birth control with Emily after catching Emily and Zander kissing on the patio. Gia and Elizabeth collaborated to help Lucky.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Bobbie saw a freshly showered Melissa at Roy's apartment and assumed that Melissa and Roy had spent the night together. Bobbie told Melissa that she was free to pursue Roy because he was available again. Lucky was finally convinced that he was under Helena's mind control and agreed to work with Kevin. Luke and Laura continued to work together to uncover Helena's misdeeds while Scotty and Felicia struggled to come to terms with their emotions. Lucky and Elizabeth moved in with Nikolas and a reluctant Gia in an attempt to keep Lucky free from Helena. Skye offered Emily and Zander a way to flee Port Charles together because she felt that if Emily left town, she would have a better chance to get to know the Quartermaines. Zander received a threatening note from Sorel. On an island, mysterious Angel nursed Sonny, who was recovering from being stabbed by Sorel. Sorel worried when he could not find Sonny's body. Carly talked to Mike about Sonny. Preparations for the Nurses Ball began.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Angel continued to care for Sonny while Carly mourned for her husband. While Angel was in town one day, Carly backed her car into Angel's. Mike urged his son to contact Carly. Emily and Zander made plans to leave town, using Skye's money, but a train crashed into their bus, and Emily was rushed to the hospital. Emily could not feel her legs because of swelling in her spinal cord. Zander decided to go after Sorel despite Alexis' attempts to stop him. The Nurses Ball was interrupted when patients from the crash flooded the emergency room. The men of Port Charles substituted for the nurses at the ball, with Edward Quartermaine singing the lead in a rendition of "The Shoop Shoop Song." Lucky, Nikolas, and Gia performed "Up on the Roof," and Felicia and Luke sang "Old Time Rock and Roll." Stavros lurked in the hospital, listening to his son tell Laura how much he hated his father. Lucky berated Helena in front of his father. Helena gave Stavros a vial containing a deadly biotoxin, which he carried with him everywhere.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Sonny and Angel grew closer. A.J. served Carly with legal papers demanding she tell him where Michael was or risk losing custody. Alexis agreed to help Carly fight A.J. Sorel intended to kill Zander to flush Sonny out so he could kill Sonny. Angel became upset when Sonny told her what a horrible man Sorel was. Helena told Stavros that Stefan had betrayed him while he added names to his "kill" list. Stefan asked Chloe to help him become a better person. Gia arranged for Nikolas to be a rock star, which he found amusing. Chloe went to Wyndemere with Stefan. Carly went to Angel's about being charged with driving without a license after their fender bender. After Carly postured a bit, she warmed up to Angel and leveled with her about her life and how it was falling apart. Stavros eavesdropped on Stefan and Chloe. Alexis asked Laura to let Carly back in the business. Emily's condition stayed the same. Mike found Sonny's wedding ring on Angel's porch and almost told Carly. Bobby advised Carly to file for divorce. Chloe had dinner with Stavros. Nikolas considered going back to his family with Luke's help. Gia met Stavros. Scott took Laura to Hollywood to make a movie. Luke assaulted Nikolas as planned, with Helena and Stavros nearby. Angel fell in the mud, and Sonny rescued her. Melissa uncovered an unusual delivery to General Hospital then got stuck in the freight elevator with Roy while they investigated. They were baffled when the elevator went down. Emily moved her leg for the first time since the accident.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Kevin convinced Lucky to continue his therapy. Helena asked Stavros for patience. Laura asked Scott for time to adjust to being divorced, and he said he'd be there when she was ready. Sonny and Angel's attraction grew. Luke and Nikolas met in private to work our their plan. Scott told Laura he was in love with her all over again. Luke realized there was something below the basement that Helena wanted hidden. Most of the residents of Port Charles had bizarre dreams seemingly interconnected like pieces of a puzzle by the presence of a crimson rose. Stavros and Helena discussed revenge. Melissa and Roy worked together. A.J. found Emily's letter and used it to threaten Skye. Nikolas told Gia he was unsure of his decision to leave his family. Luke used a blowtorch to find out what was under the elevator, but Tony tried to stop him. Gia ran into Helena again. Stavros cornered Gia. Alexis told Carly that A.J. had filed another petition for custody and that she might have to return Michael. Emily asked why Zander had a gun. A.J. tormented Skye, and Carly tormented A.J. Shedaisy performed at the picnic. Carly met Stavros and fended off his advances. Zander saved Emily when one of her guards pulled a gun. Alexis and Ned still couldn't get along. Mike visited Sonny. Sorel escaped the police again and turned up at Sonny's.
July 9 to 13, 2001
Stavros warned Helena that Nikolas was conning her. Zander planned to stay away from Emily while she was in rehab. Nikolas threw Liz and Lucky out of the cottage. Carly convinced Sorel that Sonny was dead until A.J. showed up at the wrong time. Sonny returned to Port Charles. Angel burned family pictures, including some of Sorel. Zander convinced Emily to go to rehab without him, and they said goodbye for a while. Alexis filled Sonny in while Sorel offered Carly an option. Alexis stopped at Carly's, where Sorel surprised her. A.J. accidentally told Sonny what he needed to know. Sonny phoned Carly, but she told him Sorel wasn't there and to stay away. Nikolas blasted Laura, hurting her badly. Stavros explored Laura's house while she was out. Zander tried to get Sorel but was shot. Carly stopped Sorel from killing him. Luke set a trap for Tony and sprang it. Carly flung herself at Sorel to save Zander. Laura was freaked out by "souvenirs" Stavros had left for her. Sonny arrived at the penthouse just in time.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Sonny entered the condo with no gun but with an explosive belt around his waist. Luke demanded the truth from Tony. Mike panicked when Angel told him Sonny hadn't returned. Helena demanded Nikolas dump Gia. Sorel let the hostages go, but Sonny had to stay. Stavros eavesdropped on Laura and Stefan. As Taggert entered Alexis', the building blew up. The explosion was on the news, and many people rushed to the site in fear for loved ones. Everyone was alive, but no one could find Sonny. Melissa and Bobby worked on stabilizing Alexis and Zander. Carly looked for Sonny but found Sorel. Roy told Sorel he knew Sorel was the one who had killed Leo. The paramedics arrived. Carly found Sonny and stayed with him despite everyone's protests. Stavros grew weary of Helena. Carly fought for Sonny's love. Liz tried to smooth things over between Lucky and Nikolas. Nikolas shattered Gia's heart and his own. Stavros offered Gia comfort. Laura was going away for a while. Laura and Nikolas discussed his plan, and he asked her to take Gia with her. Carly collapsed, and Sonny took her to General Hospital. Zander was recovering. Sonny saw Angel sitting by Sorel's bed.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Alan told Edward to back off his kids or else. Skye continued plotting with A.J. Sonny visited Angel. Helena was appalled when she found Stavros leaving a rose and negligee on Laura's bed. Luke was at Laura's house while Stavros and Helena were upstairs, and he sparred with Helena. Ned threatened to blow the whistle on Skye. Gia moved out. Stavros knocked Luke out and considered killing him. Gia and Nikolas both suffered over their breakup. Luke and Felicia found a clue to the whereabouts of Helena's lab. Ned tricked Zander into betraying Skye. Luke fell into Helena's trap. Gia misunderstood Liz and Nikolas' embrace and went to tell Lucky. Nikolas told Lucky, Gia, and Liz that he wanted Liz. Luke was horrified to see Stavros alive. Skye and Alan wound up at the same A.A. meeting. Lucky told Liz to go with Nikolas. Luke and Stavros argued, with Luke holding Stavros at knifepoint. Lucky arrived, giving Helena a chance to restrain Luke and give Lucky his final instructions. Helena and Luke had a tug of war with Lucky. Roy told Melissa about Sorel killing Leo. Liz tried to "send" her love to Lucky when he needed it most. Carly and Bobbie bickered about Sonny. Carly suddenly seemed to recall something. Luke and Lucky struggled for survival; Luke lost. Carly told Sonny she was pregnant. Lucky grieved over killing Luke.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Alexis battled Helena and Nikolas over legal claim to her mother's necklace. Meanwhile, Jax stole the jewelry from the auction site and took it to Alexis' penthouse. Lucky sat in Luke's apartment, feeling guilty for injecting his father with Helena's serum. When Elizabeth visited him, Lucky sent her away and rejected the plans that they had made to be married. Nikolas ended his relationship with Gia. In retaliation, Gia made a date with "Lucien Kane." Felicia found Luke in an alley and reached out to him, but the serum caused him to belittle and humiliate her. Mac approached them, and Felicia left with her ex-husband after kicking Luke in anger. Angel, Sonny, and Carly all attempted to come to terms with Carly's possible pregnancy. However, both a home test and a test at the hospital revealed that Carly was not with child. The Quartermaines continued to bicker about whether or not Skye had the family's best interests at heart. Skye agreed to help A.J. regain custody of Michael. Sorel handed Angel a note that read, "Traitor."
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August 6 to 10, 2001
Felicia found Luke in a dark alley. Affected by Helena's serum, Luke's personality split, and the mean-spirited side of him rejected his lover. However, the other side of Luke waited in the shadows wherever he went and instructed the mean side to act cautiously. At the Cassadine charity auction, Luke interrupted the proceedings and was arrested. Stavros lurked behind the scenes and attempted to convince his mother that Nikolas was lying about his return to the Cassadines. After Luke nearly blew his and Nikolas' cover, Nikolas was forced to deny the truth to Gia. Stefan and Chloe grew closer as she tried to comfort him, which prompted Stefan to propose marriage. Alexis confronted Helena again. Roy and Melissa went camping, but decided to take their relationship slowly. Bobbie told Sonny that Carly was not pregnant. Sonny learned that Angel was Sorel's daughter, but Angel claimed that she was not working for her father. Angel told Sorel that she could never forgive him for killing her husband. Jax appeared at the auction and outbid Edward Quartermaine.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Sorel was murdered, and everyone in Port Charles was a suspect. Melissa confided to Roy that she had committed some type of sin. Alan did not care that Sorel had died. Sonny appeared to know everything about the crime. Monica and A.J. accused each other of being at the hospital at inappropriate times. Jax's return to Port Charles prompted both Sonny and Ned to quiz him about Brenda. Jax claimed that Brenda was gone and that Stefan had falsely lured him away. Jax surprised Angel by showing up at her home. Chloe was disappointed with Stefan and turned down his marriage proposal. Nikolas and Elizabeth continued with their plan to keep Lucky safe. Nikolas showed his grandmother where Lucky had been hiding.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Jax asked Nikolas and Elizabeth to team up with him to fight Helena. A mystery woman waited for Jax in his hotel room. Carly was waiting at the police station to confront Sonny and Angel after Taggert hauled them in for questioning. Chloe and Ned overheard a conversation between Alexis and Jax. Chloe decided to leave Port Charles and head for Milan.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Taggert and Mac followed up on possible suspects, with Melissa being their primary focus. Sonny prevented Carly from confessing to killing Sorel. Angel asked Alexis if she had feelings for Jax. Nikolas continued to push Gia away. Alexis was surprised that Jax had been the one to find Kristina. Gia and Liz stole the Ice Princess from Helena. Chloe dreamed that Stavros had killed Stefan. Later, Stavros walked in on Chloe after she figured out his true identity.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Alexis learned that Kristina was her sister. When the two met, they shared a touching reunion. Alexis told her sister how Helena had killed their mother with a stiletto. Lucky began to listen to Elizabeth when she warned him about Helena's control. However, the two did not manage to recapture their romance despite their best efforts. In rage, Lucky threw the Ice Princess to the depths of the Port Charles lake. Stavros continued to lurk in the shadows, watching as Stefan, Ned, Alexis, and Jax mourned Chloe's death. When Laura returned to town, Stavros sent her roses and attempted to schedule an appointment with her, all under his guise of Lucien Kane. Liz told Laura about Lucky's recent erratic behavior and cautioned her against battling Helena. Carly sneaked into Angel's house and stole a roll of film. Carly was surprised to discover that Angel and Jax knew one another. At Sorel's funeral, Angel revealed to Sonny that she was ready to start her life again...and she did so in a slinky red dress.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Stefan was arrested for Chloe's murder after a preliminary DNA test indicated that his blood was at the crime scene. Alexis and Laura stood by Stefan, despite the rest of Port Charles hating him. Nikolas continued his charade in front of Helena, which included berating his uncle. Stavros attempted to seduce Gia, but she denied him because she was still in love with Nikolas. Lucky confronted Stavros in Gia's room and was surprised that the Cassadine was not dead. Luke returned to town and left a cryptic message for Bobbie with Melissa. Bobbie told Roy what the message meant, and he headed off to find Luke, with Melissa secretly following. Carly hinted to Sonny that Angel and Jax had once been lovers. Sonny was not impressed and thwarted his wife's attempt to lure him into bed. Jax hid Kristina at Angel's lake house. When Alexis visited her sister, she discovered that Angel was an investigator who had worked for both Kristina and Jax.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Stavros and Laura were nearly reunited, but Scott's arrival sent Stavros scurrying. Lucky and Roy attempted to subdue Stavros, but he got away. Angel revealed that she and Jax had once been lovers. Carly was furious when she was served with divorce papers and promptly tore up the documents. Helena ordered Nikolas to kill Elizabeth, saying that after Liz's death, Nikolas would be able to enjoy the Cassadine fortune.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Helena forced Nikolas to kill Elizabeth to finally prove that he was loyal to the Cassadines. Laura gave Liz drops that would make it appear as if Liz had died, but cautioned her that if she ingested even one too many, she would really die. After an interruption by Lucky, Nikolas gave Liz the drops, and her heart ceased to beat. Helena was proud of the Cassadine heir, but he was secretly worried that Elizabeth would never wake. Stavros found a bound Lucky on the docks and pushed him into the water. Gia began to wonder if there was something mysterious about Lucien Kane when she spied him on the docks with Helena. She tried to warn Lucky and Elizabeth about Nikolas' strange behavior, but Lucien assured her that he would take care of things. Roy and Melissa took Luke to the cabin in the woods so that he could stay safe until they determined what Helena had done to him. Luke had no memory of the past twenty years, but Roy, Laura, and Bobbie attempted to help him recapture his memory. Laura told Alexis that she and Stefan believed Stavros was still alive. Later, Alexis overheard Stavros talking to Helena. Jax and Ned continued to protect Kristina. Jax discovered a syringe in Helena's hotel room. Sonny sued Carly for divorce, but she promised to tangle Sonny in legalese for the next thirty years if that was what it took.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Sonny and Carly finally discussed their relationship rationally. Sonny promised to remain in Michael's life, but he reiterated to his wife that he wanted a divorce. Both Sonny and Zander pressured A.J. to relinquish all rights to Michael, threatening the Quartermaine with sudden death if he did not cooperate. Kristina accidentally revealed to Ned that she was Alexis' sister, which created complications for Ned, Alexis, and Jax. Stefan escaped from prison with the assistance of Alexis, Laura, and Melissa. He locked Stavros in shackles and then demanded that Helena give him access to the laboratory and the Cassadine fortune. The Port Charles Police Department was called to Wyndemere, where Taggert discovered a bound Stavros. Nikolas and Gia attempted to reconcile after she learned the truth about his recent pretenses. Elizabeth was taken by boat to a remote island to escape Helena. A confused Luke repeatedly professed his love for Laura while Laura urged her ex-husband to remember the path to Helena's lab.
October 15 to 19, 2001
As Scott and Laura tried to patch things up, Luke showed up and interrupted them. A groggy Luke couldn't draw an accurate map to Helena's lab. Jax gave a vial of antidote to Tony. Helena told Nikolas that she wanted to "revive" Stavros. A.J. signed over his paternal rights and found comfort from Skye. Carly was furious when Sonny asked to adopt Michael but refused to call off their divorce. Bobbie urged her daughter to sign the divorce papers. Skye warned that she would expose Edward's whereabouts on the night that Sorel had been killed. Felicia plotted to expose Sorel's murderer. Mac gathered the suspects in Sorel's murder together -- and he received multiple confessions.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Following Mac's meeting with all of the suspects in Sorel's murder, Angel admitted to Sonny that she had killed her father. Sonny, Carly, and Jax schemed to get Angel out of town quickly, which necessitated Sonny and Carly sharing several passionate kisses. Skye pressured Jax to collaborate with her to take down Sonny. At the airport, a mysterious woman named Janine approached Jax with a phony story about the Quartermaines. She later appeared at the mansion and hugged Edward fondly. Gia spied a photograph of Stavros with Nikolas and finally determined that Stavros and Lucien Cane were the same person. She attempted to warn Mac, but he did not listen to her. Jax, however, was all ears. Stavros was not impressed by Helena's offer to program Nikolas to love his father. Scotty vowed to stand by Laura despite whatever danger was involved. Lucky and Nikolas argued about family devotion. Melissa and Roy made love.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Sonny and Carly traveled to Martinique to get a quick divorce, but each admitted that they had residual feelings for the other. Helena kidnapped Alexis and Bobbie. Luke regained his memory and attempted to remember the path to Helena's basement laboratory. Jax tried to keep an eye on Alexis, but Helena and a pesky Skye continually thwarted his efforts. Janine admitted to Skye that her story was false, but Edward was still afraid of what she might do. He enlisted A.J. to help him ensure that Janine did not approach Lila. Meanwhile, A.J. and Skye continued to work together. Laura and Nikolas assured Lucky that he was out of danger. They then located Helena's lab, where Stavros met them. After alerting Nikolas that his father went by the name Lucien Cain, Gia disappeared. Kristina and Ned grew closer.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
In Martinique, Sonny and Carly admitted that they still loved one another. Carly, however, signed the divorce papers because she felt that Sonny would never be able to accept that she made mistakes on a routine basis. Janine continued to irritate Edward, although she did not play by Skye's rules. The con woman confessed to Skye that she was seeking money to help her daughter. Kristina and Ned shared their concern for Alexis' safety as Kristina sifted through some of her sister's mementoes. Alexis, Stefan, Bobbie, Luke, Laura, Roy, Scott, Jax, Nikolas, Gia, and Lucky were all trapped in Helena's underground laboratory. Unfortunately for Helena, Lucky was able to resist the Ice Princess, and he and his brother launched a successful attempt against Helena's henchmen. Laura was not moved by Stavros' attempts to reconcile, and she rushed to help Luke. Stavros helped his son and Gia out of the lab. When a failsafe alarm alerted everyone that the maze would soon explode, they rushed to find safety. All of Helena's captives managed to escape except Luke. Mac placed Helena under arrest. Inside the maze, Luke and Stavros battled again. Luke managed to push Stavros over a black hole. Laughing, Stavros willingly let go of the hole's edge and fell into darkness. Luke finally emerged from the lab and rushed straight to Laura.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Skye used Jax's money to pay Janine to remain in town. Alan gave Skye his shares of ELQ stock because he was tired of the family arguing. Mike and Janine knew one another, but they did not appear happy to be reunited. Kristina attempted to help Edward persuade Janine to leave town, but their plan was thwarted when Ned and Skye arrived at the Port Charles Hotel. Sonny spent the night on Alexis' sofa, which angered Carly. Scott asked Laura to marry him, but Laura still had ties to the past. Laura's divorce from Luke became final. Luke and Laura recalled their past on the twentieth anniversary of their wedding. Luke and Felicia parted ways.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Carly felt that Sonny's decision to side with Alexis was a sign that he would never again trust her. Carly turned to Jax with a business proposition, but Jax accused Carly of trying to use him to make Sonny jealous. Nikolas proposed to Gia, and she accepted. Stefan appeared concerned by the engagement, though everyone else was happy for the couple. Rae and Skye's presence at the Quartermaine Thanksgiving table caused all kinds of troubles, and the clan was eventually forced to order pizza for dinner. Bobbie and Scott were arrested on Thanksgiving Day for speeding in a school zone. Laura asked Scott to stay at Bobbie's holiday dinner. During the dinner, Luke learned that Scott had asked Laura to marry him.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Alexis went to Puerto Rico with Sonny, which troubled Kristina. Alexis' sister doubted Sonny's intentions and sensed that he still had ties to Carly. Carly and Zander grew closer, although Zander made a call letting someone know that he had found the perfect way to stay close to Carly. Laura turned down Scott's proposal, but assured him that she still loved him and wanted to spend time with him. Laura had trouble figuring out what she felt about her past relationship with Luke. After sharing his feelings about his father with Gia, Nikolas helped Luke seal Stavros' "grave" with a hunk of metal. Skye stowed away on Jax's plane, only to get stuck in a small swamp town overnight. She became emotional when Jax called her names and declared that there was a good reason her family hated her. Ned considered offering Kristina a job after he heard her singing at L&B.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Alexis went to Puerto Rico with Sonny, where the mobster convinced her to loosen up and have some fun. After being welcomed into the Cassadine family by Stefan, Kristina visited Helena in jail. The redhead promised Helena that her mother was very much a part of her. Jax gave Skye his proxy for the next ELQ board meeting, which pleased her until she overheard the businessman making plans with Carly. Carly and Zander continued to enjoy a friendship. Nikolas and Gia celebrated their engagement plans with a party. Laura admitted to Luke that she had turned down Scott's proposal. The two shared a loving glance at the engagement party. Meanwhile, Scott was brokenhearted by Laura's response. Janine agreed to meet with Sonny. A.J. hinted to Mike that Janine could cause trouble for him if she spent too much time with Sonny.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Luke contrived a phony "mission" to lure Laura back into a life of mystery and romance. At the last minute, Laura decided to play along and met her ex-husband on a cruise ship. Alexis loosened up and had fun with Sonny in Puerto Rico, but the two returned to Port Charles unexpectedly when Sonny learned that Carly was up to something. Mike had the chance to confess his secret about Janine to Sonny, but he did not take advantage of the situation. When Zander learned that A.J. had lied to Emily and that she had found a new love in rehab, he lashed out and suddenly kissed Carly. The young man had difficulty letting go of the kiss, but Carly assured him that nothing had changed. Alexis and Ned stumbled over their words on the anniversary of their wedding that had never occurred. Kristina informed her sister that she planned to pursue a singing career with L&B. Lila convinced Monica to spend Christmas in Port Charles. The ELQ board meeting commenced, and Skye promised many surprises.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Skye used Tracy's proxy to help Jax win the vote demanding that ELQ go public. Rae was furious when she overheard Skye admit that she was using her to upset Monica. Alan asked that Rae stick around for the holidays. Zander found Courtney broken down on a back road. Janine attempted to prevent Courtney from telling Sonny that she was her daughter. Gia tried to play matchmaker by telling Kristina to go after Ned. Carly signed Michael's adoption papers without argument. Luke asked Laura to marry him, but Laura wasn't sure that Luke wanted to be married.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Sonny found out that Mike was Courtney's father. Sonny was upset, but Carly urged him to let Mike explain his side of the story. Zander talked Courtney into going back to Sonny's apartment. Janine wanted to leave Port Charles and take Courtney with her, but Sonny refused to let them leave. Alexis comforted Sonny, who was still unable to come to terms with the revelation. Edward appeared to suffer a heart attack, and Melissa went to his aid. Edward drew up a new will and left everything to Lila and Melissa. Jax told Skye to run ELQ on her own. Lucky and Elizabeth set a New Year's Eve wedding date. Luke pressured Laura to remarry him on New Year's Eve.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Gia told Elizabeth that Lucky did not still love her, which caused Liz to cancel her wedding. Lucky was angered and accused Nikolas of erasing his love for Elizabeth. Luke whisked Laura away to Beechers Corners, where he surprised her with memories of their wedding. He proposed again. Edward threatened to press charges against A.J., Skye, and Janine for blackmail and extortion. Sonny convinced Janine to stay in town so that he could get to know Courtney. Ned and Kristina shared a kiss on New Year's Eve. Melissa did not want to be a part of the Quartermaines' issues, and she begged Edward to release her from his will. Carly became testy when she learned that Zander had been keeping an eye on her for Sonny. Zander tried to convince his friend that he enjoyed spending time with her.
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