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January 1 to 5, 2001
Carly and Julia reached an understanding. Jake talked to Vicky's ghost. Chris declared his love for Emily to Tom. Lisa agreed to be Isaac's new partner at Java Underground. Katie found Lily's bracelet and deduced that Lily had visited Simon during their honeymoon in Bay City.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Katie confronted Lily and warned her to stay away from Simon. Jake had another encounter with Vicky's ghost and became a believer after he kissed her and could feel her touch. Isaac informed Jack he had decided not to press charges against Bryant. After Carly told Hal she had seen Craig and Barbara kissing, Hal agreed to grant Carly joint custody of Parker if she would wear a wire to trap Craig. Upset after seeing Jack and Carly embrace, Julia sent Craig a note warning him that Carly was wearing a wire.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Craig worried when the microchips were revealed to be worthless. Rose was elated when Holden kissed her. Holden and Chris teamed up to find out Henry's connection to Winston Lowe. Katie faked being pregnant to Simon. Julia miscarried after seeing Jack and Carly together.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Vicky's ghost appeared to Molly during her newscast. Lucinda discovered a debt-ridden Craig had used Bryant's trust fund as collateral. Holden made love to Rose. Bryant dug up the grave of Gabriel Frank and found only a fake skull. Jake discovered that a woman's body had been found in Canada shortly after Vicky's plane crashed.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Carly turned down Lucinda's offer to betray Craig in exchange for retrieving Winston's fortune. The police commissioner ordered Hal to stay away from Craig. Denise agreed to go out on a date with Isaac. Jake identified the body in Canada as being Vicky's and learned she hadn't died until three days after the plane crash. Jack told Carly he had decided to end his marriage to Julia.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Jake and Molly learned Vicky had given birth to twin girls. Hal decided not to press charges against Bryant for the break-in at the mausoleum. Barbara asked Hal for a divorce. A bitter Simon vowed revenge against Lucinda after Lily told him she was ending their relationship. Julia discovered Jack planned to divorce her and be with Carly.
February 12 to 16, 2001
A drunken Simon rammed his car into Lucinda's house. Hal moved out of Barbara's house despite Jennifer's pleas to stay. Joe was shot when he refused to turn Flashdance over to Mei-Lin. Mei-Lin told Hal that Craig had killed Winston. Molly realized Vicky's babies were still alive, and when she and Jake rushed to the Cloches' house, they heard a baby crying.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Jake was reunited with his twin daughters, Bridget and Michelle, and Vicky said her final goodbyes. Julia stole some blank sheets from Dr. Michael's prescription pad. Katie confirmed to Simon that her pregnancy was a lie, but he decided not to make her move out. Joe recuperated at the Snyder farm. When Hal fumed about Parker getting into an accident, Cass agreed to represent Carly.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Flashdance and Mei-Lin were both found dead. Hal flew to the Dominican Republic, where Barbara was getting a divorce, to warn her about Craig. Ben learned Isaac had tried to adopt Curtis years before. Simon was grateful when Katie got Lucinda to drop the charges against him. Jake proposed to Molly.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Barbara refused to believe Hal's accusations about Craig but later turned down Craig's marriage proposal. Lien accepted Tom's offer to be his partner in the law firm. Carly agreed to snoop through Craig's files for Lucinda in exchange for $100,000 and a job at the City Times. Chris surprised Emily with the news that he was returning to college in New York and wanted to be a doctor after all. Gabriel offered to return to Bryant the money from his trust fund if he'd convince Ruby the two of them could never be a couple.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Bryant accepted money from Gabriel in exchange for staying away from Ruby. Simon refused to help Craig get his papers back from Lucinda. Lien took over Ben's adoption of Curtis. Jack searched for Julia, who was forced to hitchhike after her car broke down. Craig panicked when he saw his hotel suite had been ransacked.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Julia admitted to Jack that she had killed Flashdance and agreed to have herself committed. Lily returned to Oakdale and informed Holden that she wanted to start over with him. Barbara slapped Jennifer after her daughter doubted Craig's motives. Craig confided to Margo that he had a week to repay the syndicate or else his family would be harmed. Barbara finally agreed to marry Craig but insisted on a prenuptial agreement.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Carly gave Craig her insurance money to pay off his debts. Julia was admitted to the psychiatric ward, where she goaded Carly into attacking her. Jake and Molly planned their wedding. Holden and Lily ended up making love after Holden drove his car off the road. Rose put a love letter Holden had written to her in Lily's purse for her sister to find.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
Holden burned his love letter to Rose and reunited with Lily. Katie convinced Simon to delay getting an annulment and leaving town. Carly was upset when she saw Craig give Barbara an engagement ring. Lien visited Curtis' father in jail. Jack learned Julia had gotten pregnant on purpose.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Jack told Julia he was going to get a divorce. Adam and Abigail decided to go to their senior proms together. Craig caught Ruby trying to trap him and enlisted Simon's help in discovering her motive. Henry stunned Katie with the news that Simon had been married five times before. Denise left Oakdale to take a job with a dance troupe in Chicago.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Holden and Lily made love to celebrate their reconciling. Katie found Simon flirting with Ruby. Carly and Jack made love, and later Julia offered to give Jack his divorce if he'd take her to Craig and Barbara's wedding. Sierra reluctantly signed her divorce papers. Lien was unable to hide her pains from everyone.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Lien admitted to Margo she had a heart murmur, but John feared her problems could be something more. Lucinda was suspicious when Mathew suddenly packed and left. Jennifer agreed to participate in Barbara's wedding, despite her reservations about Craig. Simon forced Ruby to confess she and Gabe were planning to scam Lucinda. Craig surprised Barbara when he broke up with her.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Simon confessed to Lily that he had several ex-wives. Barbara told Craig their wedding was back on. Emily took a photo of Jack and Carly kissing and showed it to Julia. Craig and Gabe schemed to drug Lucinda. Jake and Molly investigated Mathew's disappearance.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Lucinda started to feel the effects after Ruby drugged her tea. Katie and Henry plotted to recover Simon's lost diamond from the bottom of the ocean after Katie revealed she had a nest egg. Julia agreed to give Jack the divorce if he gave her the land he had bought for Carly. Curtis' biological father agreed to drop his resistance to Ben's custody suit. Lily and Holden were shocked when Damian visited and revealed he was going back to Malta to reclaim his fortune.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Damian asked Rose for help in convincing Lily to let Luke go with him to Malta. The police commissioner ordered Jack to stay away from Carly. Craig kissed Carly on his wedding day. A drugged Lucinda collapsed before she could show Barbara the photos. Jack forced Julia to sign divorce papers after learning she had decimated the piece of land he had bought for Carly.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Craig and Barbara wed, but not without a few glitches. Hal gave Craig a donkey for a gift while Jen decided to speak her peace about the wedding. Hal punched Craig and was hauled into the police station. He was later booted from the force. Ruby and Gabe were arrested when Jake and Molly figured out they were behind Matthew's disappearance and Lucinda's drugged tea. Damian tried to drag Rose into his idea of getting Luke for a vacation. Katie and Henry's island adventure hit a crashing halt when Katie failed to note that the island did not have a runway.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Craig put Simon up to getting arrested to give Gabe a message, but he didn't want to hear anything from Craig. Damian decided to enlist Rose into helping him take Luke to Malta, but he later decided to take matters into his own hands. Damian caused a shootout at Lily's and took Luke by himself. Katie and Henry finally got on the island after a crash landing, only to find out the cave where Lily and Simon had stayed had been flooded. Carly decided to enlist Barbara into helping a down-on-his-luck Hal while Carly wanted Craig to get Hal his job back. Jack went to visit Julia after he received divorce papers from her mother, only to be mocked by Julia's new friends. Lucinda lost the trust of stockholders when she had another seizure, this time from candy.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Tom and Margo found out Lien had a potentially fatal disease due to prolonged exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Ben and Lien agreed to date; however, Lien didn't want Ben to be her doctor then. Ben and John agreed to work together without Lien knowing. While mourning the loss of Damian, Luke, and Holden, Lily was faced with a possible hostile takeover of Worldwide and decided to let Tom draw up proxy papers for Rose to handle the business. Barbara found Craig kissing Carly, which occurred after he lied to Barbara about fashion designs.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Craig's financial situation continued to take a turn for the worse. Jake and Simon paired up on a new investigation. Julia slashed her wrists in a desperate attempt to win back Jack. Katie raced against Henry to find the diamond. Barbara was lured to the boathouse where someone had set up an explosive device.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Margo was caught in the middle of Barbara's situation, with Hal and Jack both thinking it was Craig; however, there wasn't any evidence to prove it. Emily decided to step in and help Adam and Jen deal with Barbara's condition. Luke and Holden figured out where they were, and Holden assured Luke it was just a game, and Lily, still believing they were alive, would find them. Katie wanted to play games with Cooley, but he was less than receptive. He only wanted one thing from Katie, and she didn't want any part of it.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Lily discovered a new clue about the boat explosion that gave her a reason to be hopeful. Katie and Henry were pleased that their plans were starting to fall into place. One of Craig's friends ended up putting him in jail -- while an enemy was trying to help him get out. Ben realized that he could cure Lien.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Tom administered the alternative -- and unapproved -- drug to Lien. Lien wound up making a complete recovery. Hal believed that Craig hadn't set the explosion -- until his fingerprints were found at the scene. Emily was not so sure and convinced Hal to keep an open mind. Simon headed for the island to rescue a marooned Katie. He succeeded in making it to the island, but there was no room for Henry on the plane -- plus Katie refused to leave until she found the lost diamond. Katie ended up leaving with Simon, while Henry wound up finding the diamond. Craig discovered that all of his assets had been frozen -- he couldn't repay the money he had taken from Bryant's trust fund. Lily, convinced Holden and Luke were alive, decided to go to Malta to find them. She was encouraged when she received a package containing a bottle with Holden and Luke's handwritten note. Craig offered Carly a job at BRO.
July 9 to 13, 2001
Lily was determined to stay focused on reclaiming what was hers. Paul returned to Oakdale to be with his mother, Barbara. Craig weighed coming clean. Katie went to great lengths to be with Simon.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Barbara woke up from her coma but only managed to get out "Where's Hal?" before collapsing. Tom convinced Margo not to resign as chief, since she hadn't done anything out of character. Lien started asking questions about Ben needing to give her the shots, so Tom had to tell her Ben had done something illegal and so had he. Jake and Molly tried to get Margo to get to the bottom of the person obsessed with her past. Katie got arrested while Lily and Simon trusted no one, and Luke faked ill in order to stay with Holden.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Barbara was devastated when she was given a mirror and allowed to view the damage done to her face. Paul coerced her into fingering Craig as the one who'd caused the explosion. A masked person tried to smother Barbara with a pillow. Sierra made love to Craig and later offered to be his alibi for the time of Barbara's second attack. Emily nosed around for records that might have shown who created the bomb, but a mystery person nearly attacked her. Holden and Luke escaped their captors and hid in a bell tower. Damian's half-brother, Dante, tried to strangle Lily.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Damian sent Luke's passport to Lily along with a note asking that she meet him. Bryant asked Jennifer to move in with him. Ben asked Lien to marry him. After some hesitation, she accepted, even though Tom was concerned. Rose showed Paul photos of Craig and Carly kissing on Craig and Barbara's wedding day. Craig attempted to convince Carly that she needed to be cagey and vague with her responses when on the witness stand. A masked intruder nearly attacked Emily. Hal rescued her and asked that she stay with him.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
While on the witness stand, Barbara became frazzled and revealed the damage done to her face beneath the bandages. Craig demanded that Cass back off of Barbara. Paul had the picture of Carly and Craig kissing shown to Barbara. Molly found out that her ex-boyfriend, Nick Scudder, was working at WOAK. Dante gave Lily a one-week deadline to find Damian. Lien left for Washington, thereby turning down Ben's proposal.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Photos of Craig and Carly's kiss were shown in court. A furious Jack called off his relationship with Carly. Carly was arrested as an accessory to the boathouse explosion. Craig took the stand and denied having caused the explosion. Lucinda and Sierra agreed to call a truce for Bryant's sake. Molly's old boyfriend, Nick Scudder, showed up in town at around the same time someone started stalking Molly. Hal and Emily found a shrine to Julia in Owen's house. Emily coaxed Owen into going to court, where he testified that he and Julia had set the bomb for Carly and Jack -- not Barbara. Julia slipped out of the sanitarium and kidnapped Carly.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Jack showed up just in the nick of time and rescued a sinking Carly from the quicksand. Julia was carted back to the hospital. Craig professed his love for Carly, but Carly rebuked his advances. Barbara was not pleased to learn that Paul had sent flowers to Rose. Bonnie McKechnie showed up in town, but her credit was cut off, and Duncan and Jessica told her that she'd have to get a job like "regular people." Simon and Katie were forced to leave Malta, but Simon remained behind to help Lily.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Barbara continued to shut Jen out despite Jen's displays of compassion. Carly, however, decided to leave town, thinking a new start would be better. Hal and Emily decided to go on a first date. Damian's brother, Dante, held Simon, Lily, Holden, and Luke captive. Lucinda showed up and held a gun to Dante's head. Rose and Paul went on their first date, and Mitzi showed up with her Atlantic City friends for her birthday. Molly and Jake figured out it was Mary sending the pictures of Molly, thanks to Nick, who later got an apology from Molly, who asked him to stay with WOAK.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Lucinda fired the gun she was toting, and shot and killed Dante. Holden and Lily were reunited, but Damian escaped with Luke. Hal and Emily's first date went anything but smoothly. However, Hal surprisingly asked for a second date. Jennifer blew her top when she learned that Bryant still had his trust fund.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Katie left Simon at the airport. Jen slept with Billy and confided in Emily. Hal and Emily's second date went great until Paul and Carly showed up and ruined it. Carly and Paul compared notes on Emily to realize she had lied. Lily and Holden heard of a car accident and found out Luke was dead, but they did not believe it. Lily found a message on the death certificate that could be a clue to the lie. Nick helped Adam and Abigail with a school project that made Molly nervous.
September 24 to 28, 2001
As hard as they tried to stay away from each other, Jennifer and Billy gave in to temptation and made love. Bryant informed Jennifer that he had chosen her over his trust fund. Damian had a chance to kill Dante, but he opted not to do the deed. Dante was convinced that Luke was still alive. Luke and Lily reunited, unaware that Dante was watching them. Bruno bailed Katie out of jail. Jake's bachelor party proved to be a bit of a "drag."
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Carly's refusal to escort him to Jake and Molly's wedding didn't deter Craig; he still showed up -- and just in time to catch the garter belt. Carly, on the other hand, caught the bouquet. Rose caught Dante with Luke and managed to stage a distraction to let Luke escape. Later, Dante held a knife to Rose's throat. Dante was later shot and killed. Simon caught Katie and Bruno kissing.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Jake and Molly went on their honeymoon to Hawaii. Simon was confused by Katie's behavior at the wedding. He asked Margo to check out Bruno. A dangerous thunderstorm hit Oakdale and drew Craig and Carly closer. Paul argued with Carly about whether she could follow through with her agreement to complete Barbara's designs and save BRO. Barbara's reunion with her children was a disaster. James showed himself to Barbara and convinced her that he wanted to help her save her company. Jack got closer to Mitzie. Jennifer almost told Bryant about Billy. Jennifer and Billy wound up in bed again. Abigail and Nick were stuck together at the television station when the lights went out.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Margo told Simon where to find Katie. Simon told Margo he loved Katie and wanted to stay married to her. Hal told Jack that James Stenbeck was no longer a wanted man. Paul told Carly he had changed his mind about telling Barbara that Carly was the head designer for BRO. Holden decided to legally adopt Luke. Ben introduced Isaac to a beautiful woman. Barbara told Paul that Rose was just using him to get Barbara's Worldwide stock. Hal found out Emily had taken Jen to see a gynecologist. Lucinda interrupted Paul and Rose's romantic dinner. Bonnie organized a revolt of the Java Underground waitresses over poor tips; Isaac resented the way Bonnie went about it and fired her. Barbara thought Paul, Rose, and Lucinda were conspiring against her. She refused to vote her Worldwide stock to help Lucinda. Molly and Jake decided to go home. Rose went to see Barbara after Paul told her about Barbara's refusal. Barbara agreed to vote with Lucinda if Rose would quit seeing Paul. Hal and Emily wound up in bed. Bryant saw Jen and Billy leaving Al's, and he followed them. James tricked Carly into going to Fairwinds, where she ran into Jack. Bryant saw Jen and Billy getting romantic. Jack found the photographs of Carly and Paul that James had left for Barbara. Bryant went on a rampage and destroyed the deck Billy had built. Barbara arrived at the Worldwide meeting just in time to prevent Craig from becoming the new CEO. Jack told Carly she was in danger from James, but she thought Craig was the one trying to cause trouble. Rose refused to keep her agreement with Barbara. Jack warned Paul that his father might be back in town.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Craig tried to get Carly to renege on her contract with BRO by offering her a million dollars to design her own line. Barbara lied to Paul about both James and Rose. Bryant had an automobile accident and died in surgery. Craig was shattered by his son's death. Adam and Jennifer both blamed themselves for Bryant's death. Barbara refused to go to the hospital to comfort Jennifer. Bryant's loved ones reacted to his death. Hal bid Bryant a touching farewell. Barbara came to her senses and went to comfort Jen, but had no sympathy for Craig. Adam and Billy came to blows over Bryant. Jennifer remembered good times with Bryant. Lucinda vowed to find out why Bryant had died. Craig's grief over his son led to a passionate interlude with Carly. James continued to prey on Barbara's insecurities. Rose told Paul about her deal with Barbara, and they grew closer. James gave Barbara information on Rose. Sierra went to Craig after learning of Bryant's death. Carly and Emily began to form a friendship. Paul told Barbara that he might love Rose and warned her to stop trying to interfere in their relationship. Lucinda offered Rose a vice presidency at Worldwide.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Billy, Adam, Abigail, and Jennifer argued about Bryant. Bonnie showed her vulnerable side and apologized to Isaac. Jen discovered Bryant had left his trust fund to her. Sierra and Craig asked Billy to give Bryant's eulogy; when he refused, Craig grew suspicious. Barbara interrupted Paul and Rose before they could make love. Barbara blackmailed Rose into ending her relationship with Paul. Jack saw Carly embracing Craig. James told Barbara there was another woman in Paul's life. Jennifer told Craig the truth about Billy and Bryant. Simon warned Margo they needed to find Katie before Bruno did. Rose told Mitzie about Barbara's blackmail scheme, and they turned to Jack for help. Katie reappeared; she and Simon shared a reunion just before Bruno showed up. Craig promised Bryant he would take care of everything. He then went to Hal and told him about Jennifer and Billy; Craig asked Hal to help keep the couple apart. Nick continued to try to manipulate his way into Abigail's affections. Jack confronted Stenbeck and told him to leave town. Simon punched out Bruno, who gave up and left town. Katie told Simon she couldn't make love to him because she wanted to wait until their anniversary. She manipulated Simon into agreeing to wait. Abigail confronted Molly about Nick. Paul told Carly he was going to tell Barbara everything. Jennifer prepared to say goodbye to Bryant.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Simon and Katie argued on the way to Lucinda's house after Bryant's funeral. Billy showed up at Lucinda's and went for a walk with Craig. Craig asked him to keep quiet about his relationship with Jennifer out of respect for Bryant. Bonnie offered to be Isaac's escort to Lucinda's. Craig and Sierra argued over how to tell Lucy about Bryant's death. Paul told Rose he was falling in love with her. Billy broke up with Jennifer after his talk with Uncle Craig. Sierra and Craig continued to argue, while Carly and Craig got closer. Simon and Katie borrowed Nancy's convertible and finally consummated their marriage. Jack warned Paul that James was in town. Bryant's friends and loved ones reflected on the importance of love and family in the aftermath of his death. Rose told Paul about her past, and he was very understanding, but suspicious about Barbara's involvement. Simon and Katie began to face the reality of being married to each other, with some humorous results. Barbara told James to go away, but he warned her she was still in danger of losing BRO and Paul -- and needed him more than ever. Rose warned Barbara she planned to give her a fight for Paul. Paul and Carly agreed to hire Jen to model for BRO, but only after they told her the truth. The "real" Nick Scudder began to show himself. Rose faced off with Barbara and then made another date with Paul for a night at the Lakeview. Jennifer gave Bryant's trust fund money back to Barbara. Barbara visited Craig to gloat about having the trust fund. James left the sample dress Carly had designed in the gazebo so that Barbara would find it.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Craig tried to convince Carly that she needed him to go with her to New York. Paul talked to Isaac and realized James had been at Java when the design dress disappeared. Lucinda gave Rose a large back paycheck and told her to go shopping. Barbara and Paul argued about his making decisions behind her back. Billy told Jen he had changed his mind about them, but she resisted him. Barbara decided to go to New York. Paul barely managed to persuade Barbara she should not go to New York. Tom warned Hal about Emily. Billy lied to Craig about Bryant's feelings to ease Craig's guilt. Bonnie kissed Isaac for helping her persuade Jessica to let her take the modeling job. Jack tried to persuade Paul to cancel the BRO show. Adam and Abigail argued about Nick, and she later shared a kiss with Nick. James told Barbara what Paul and Carly had been up to, which sent Barbara to Craig for confirmation. Simon and Rose had an affectionate encounter at Java. Simon proposed to Katie. Rose and Isaac decided to go to New York to surprise Paul and Bonnie. Katie agreed to marry Simon for real, providing the astrological signs were right. In New York, Barbara confronted Carly, while Craig, Jack, and Paul arrived and got involved. Simon insisted that Katie let him handle everything about the wedding. Paul finally told his mother the truth, which really hurt and angered her. Jack took Barbara to the airport so she could return to Oakdale, but she didn't leave. Craig gave Carly an expensive diamond necklace to celebrate her anticipated success.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Barbara returned to the fashion show. Rose was so angry with Paul that she broke up with him. Both Jack and Craig pressured Paul to tell the media that the new designs were Carly's creations rather than Barbara's. Craig caught Barbara going through the dresses backstage. Isaac gave Bonnie a bouquet and told her she was terrific. Barbara returned with the intention of destroying Carly's designs, but Jennifer interrupted her. Abigail caught Adam in a compromising position. When Jen went onstage, she warned Paul and Jack that Barbara was backstage. Abigail was very hurt when she realized Adam had had sex with Brandy. Adam lashed out at Abigail and blamed Nick for all their problems. Barbara tried to attack Carly with scissors, but Jack rescued her. A reporter crashed the scene, so Paul decided to give Carly the credit she deserved. Rose forgave Paul by giving him a kiss and offering to repair the damaged dresses. Carly was a great success and very tactfully handled questions from the press about Barbara. Brandy met Nick at Java to get paid for causing trouble between Abigail and Adam. Barbara refused to press charges against James, so he was released. Barbara tried to reconcile with Hal, but he chose Emily. Bonnie and Isaac argued after she ran into two of her snobbish friends. Billy and Jen made a date, but she wanted to drop by the BRO party first. Paul offered Jen a five-year contract with BRO. She got angry with Paul for his lack of concern about Barbara and wound up making Billy angry, so he left the party without her. Rose consoled Paul, and they grew closer. Jack told Margo he was okay about Carly being with Craig. Carly gave in to her attraction to Craig. James offered Barbara his support when she had no one else to turn to.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Hal asked Emily to move in with him, and she said yes. Craig woke up in bed with Carly and told her he thought she loved him. Paul asked Rose to move to New York, but she told him he only wanted to move to avoid facing his problems with his mother. Barbara was infuriated by the fabulous reviews of the fashion show and plotted revenge against Carly, Emily, and Rose. Jennifer got an offer to do some photo shoots in Europe, which made Billy unhappy. Barbara learned that she would have permanent scars from the boathouse accident. Paul and Rose told Barbara they planned to live together. Barbara and James began to plot against Rose, Emily, and Carly. Rose told Paul she was not ready for them to move in together. Lily found out Rose was looking for a place to live and gave her Cal's old place. Simon asked Lily to help him plan Katie's dream wedding. Craig really began to apply pressure to keep Carly from signing with BRO. Carly told Paul she would sign with BRO only if Barbara was completely in agreement. Nick pulled Abigail further into his plot by telling her he loved her. Jake found out some damaging information about Nick as Molly vowed to stop Nick at any cost. Molly tried to tell Abigail the truth about Nick, but she refused to listen. Tom continued to find fault with Emily and questioned her ability to parent Daniel. Molly called Holden for help as Abigail ran to Nick for comfort. Tom threatened to sue for full custody of Daniel if Emily moved in with Hal.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Molly threatened to kill Nick if he refused to stay away from Abigail. Kim fired Nick after hearing Molly's story. Carly went to Jack for help in making a decision about a job offer in Paris. Adam saw Brandy speaking with Nick and figured out that Nick had used her to set him up and ruin his relationship with Abigail. Jack helped Carly decide to take the design job in Paris. Carly told Craig he could not go with her to live in Paris, but later changed her mind. Abigail refused to believe anything negative about Nick. Simon continued to plan Katie's "dream" wedding. A man from Rose's past sent her flowers, causing Paul to feel threatened.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Adam and Billy teamed up to get the truth about Nick. Simon and Katie renewed their wedding vows. Jack and Carly finally expressed their real feelings to each other. Carly decided she didn't want Craig to go to Paris with her. When Craig refused to take no for an answer, Carly told him that she would not be returning from Paris to a relationship with him. The animosity between Tom and Emily over Daniel escalated, and Tom again threatened Emily with a change of custody suit. When Daniel mysteriously disappeared from Al's and reappeared on the steps of the police station, Tom took action. Vince O'Malley's attentions to Rose really began to take a toll on her relationship with Paul. A chauffeur picked Carly up at the airport and took her out of Paris, just as James promised Barbara that Carly was no longer a threat to her.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Paul believed that Rose was carrying on with Vince after finding Vince's room set up for a night of romance. Rose confronted Barbara, accusing her of setting her up. Sierra denied Lucy's request to stay in Oakdale and blamed Craig for trying to use his daughter as a tool to get over Bryant's death. Lucy canceled her school registration. Tom and Margo accused Emily of kidnapping Daniel, a charge Emily denied. Later, two tickets to Mexico were found in Emily's house. A mysterious caller promised to help Emily find out who had taken her son.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Nick demanded $500,000 from Molly and Jake to leave Abigail alone and told Molly if she didn't pay him, he would take Abigail out of town and ruin her life. Bonnie was very negative about a Christmas gift, not knowing that Isaac had given it to her. Adam had a heart-to-heart talk with Abigail, causing her to have second thoughts about leaving town with Nick. Simon told Katie she had trouble keeping a job, which she took as a personal challenge. Lily agreed to pretend to be Rose so that Rose could meet "Vince" as Al's, but Paul immediately knew it was Lily. Rose enlisted Lucinda's help in finding out who was trying to cause trouble. Hal had Emily's note examined by forensics experts, and the results made him more suspicious than ever that Emily had not left of her own free will. Jack and Parker went to the airport to meet Carly's plane, but she was a no-show. Rose recognized James Stenbeck at Al's and realized he was behind the "Vince O'Malley" scam. James still succeeded in kidnapping her anyway.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
After Abigail discovered a music box in Nick's room, they had an argument, which ended when he hit her. Paul found the letters James had left behind at Rose's and refused to believe Lily's explanations defending Rose. Lily went to Simon, asking for help finding Rose. Abigail woke up in Jake and Molly's apartment with no memory of what had happened after Nick hit her. Molly arrived at Nick's and found him dead. She told the police she had killed Nick in self-defense. Bonnie and Isaac shared a passionate kiss while dancing. Lucy manipulated Sierra and Craig into allowing her to stay in Oakdale. Hal and Jack began to suspect that Carly and Emily were in grave danger. Lucinda and Lily eventually realized James was behind Rose's problems.
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/* **** Y&R | CHRISTIAN LEBLANC OPENS UP ABOUT HIS BATTLE WITH CANCER AND HIS GRATITUDE FOR OBSERVANT FANS **** */ if (date("ymd") <= 999999) { $sub = $sub+1; $sub="0".$sub; if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } else { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } else { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer and his gratitude for observant fans"; } else { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Life imitates art: Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer"; } $christian_leblanc_opens_up_about_his_battle_with_cancer_and_his_gratitude_for_observant_fans_1025="yes"; }


The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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