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January 4 to 8, 2010
After a tow truck rescued Carly, Jack, and Craig, Jack decided to make up with Janet. Guilt-ridden over having sex with Dusty, Janet shunned Jack's attempts at reconciliation. Sage pretended that she was "dying" to win the Miss Snowflake America contest in Michigan. Sage hoped to reunite her parents during the trip, but a contestant's rivaling mother distracted Carly. Craig followed the Snyders to Detroit, where, to his disappointment, Carly said she'd decided to pursue Jack. Dusty convinced Janet to fight for what she wanted, and Janet left for Detroit. Simon got a job at Al's, and Katie worked on a segment about single mothers for Oakdale Now. Simon declined to run a scam with Clarissa, and while on a date with Katie at Al's, he remembered that being poor with Katie had been fun. Meg played the role of the model patient, but once alone with Damian, she threatened to kill him upon her release. After learning that Lily might be pregnant with Damian's child, Holden made love to Molly. Lily wasn't pregnant after all, and she seemed unenthusiastic about Damian's suggestion that they expand the family. Mick continued his bizarre interest in Barbara and Alison. Emily confronted Mick with her suspicions about him, and he knocked her unconscious with his penlight. Paul sought to apologize to his wife, but he wound up rushing her to the hospital. When Luke announced that he'd completed Noah's film and it had won first place at the student festival, Noah rebuked Luke's controlling nature.
January 11 to 15, 2010
Sage admitted that she'd only entered the pageant to get her parents on a trip together, and Jack and Carly realized that they were giving their kids false hope for a family reunion. Janet arrived in Detroit to save her marriage, and Parker and Liberty got lost on a trek in the woods. Janet called Dusty, and he showed up in Detroit with a search helicopter. The teens found their way back to the hotel. When Liberty got checked out at Memorial, she learned that she had leukemia. As Jack moved out of Carly's house, he passionately kissed her goodbye. Henry convinced Clarissa that he could substitute for Simon in her real estate scam. However, Barbara inadvertently foiled the scheme, and Katie and Simon, pretending to be undercover officers, "arrested" Henry and Clarissa to save them from real jail time. Katie decided that she needed to start her life over in New York, and she asked Simon to go with her. Henry told Margo about it, and the two decided to work together to make Katie stay in town. Susan, Paul, and Alison bickered about how Emily had wound up in a coma. Paul pressured Mick to agree to give Susan a sample of Mick's serum for testing. Damian foiled Meg's "recovery" scam after Sharkey informed him that she'd been hiding her pills. Holden and Molly spotted Sharkey spending money that he couldn't possibly have made on an orderly's salary.
January 18 to 22, 2010
Katie grew furious at her loved ones for ganging up on her at her going away party. They failed to convince her to stay in town, but after receiving a family tree bible from Emma, Katie decided not to raise Jacob as a drifter. She opted to stay in Oakdale, but Simon left town at Katie's request. Jack kissed Carly before moving out. When they reminisced the near the boathouse site, Jack revealed that he still loved Carly, and he agreed to leave Janet. Before Jack could end his marriage, Janet informed him of Liberty's illness, and Jack told Carly that he couldn't abandon Liberty and Janet. Upon investigating Sharkey, Molly and Holden started to believe Meg's story. Molly got Officer Grady to admit that Damian had blackmailed him; however, Damian warned her that her newfound information would only serve to reunite Holden and Lily, and Molly kept quiet about what she'd learned. At Damian's suggestion, Luke coerced Dr. Oliver to travel to Oakdale to perform a risky, sight-restoring procedure on Noah. Dr. Oliver realized that the process would take too long, and he refused to take Noah's case. Mick called Alison for help battling his dark side. Alison declined to help, because she was trying on wedding dresses, and Mick subsequently shot Emily's I.V. with more coma inducing liquid. Alison saw Mick on the street and ran out in a wedding dress to confront him, just like in her bizarre dreams. She later insisted that Mick never call her again.
January 25 to 29, 2010
Dr. Oliver was arrested after the fender bender, but a judge released him into Dr. Hughes's custody pending a trial. Dr. Oliver agreed to work with Noah only if Luke kept his distance. Henry wanted to move in with Katie, but she'd already asked Dr. Oliver to be her new roommate. Craig caught Carly drinking a beer by the lake, and they agreed to make a genuine go of Monte Carlo, as long as Carly didn't drink. Carly hired Liberty to distract Liberty from her leukemia. When Janet vetoed the deal, Liberty asked Janet not to ruin Liberty's chance to have a life outside of the cancer. Alison moved into the Hughes house with Casey. Though she ordered Mick to cease communications with her, he still stalked her. Paul discovered his old family photos in Mick's hotel room, but before he could confront Mick, Emily awakened. Mick cast some sort of spell on Emily, and she insisted that Mick move to Fairwinds to continue her treatment. Molly confessed to Holden that Officer Grady actually had revealed Damian's blackmail. Meg crashed Damian and Lily's vacation, and as Meg and Damian fought over a syringe, Damian inadvertently choked Meg with her scarf. Lily discovered Meg's body in a trunk, and when Holden showed up, Lily told him everything. A revived Meg popped out of the trunk, and Damian fled. Luke informed Holden that Damian went on the run, and Holden confronted Damian at the docks.
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February 1 to 5, 2010
After a brawl with Damian at the docks, Holden assured the family that Damian would never bother them again. Molly went to the docks and found a little boy who'd witnessed two men fighting. A dockworker gave Damian's waterlogged wallet to Lily, and, worried that Meg had killed Damian, Luke and Lily called the police. Henry couldn't convince Katie to throw Reid out and let Henry move in. When Reid made a pass at Katie to rile Henry, Henry vowed to get rid of Reid. In New York, a palm reader told Liberty that she had a short lifeline. Carly took Liberty to her hotel room, and Jack privately told Carly that he felt like he was cheating on her with Janet. Janet asked Carly to help support Liberty through her treatment, and Carly and Jack decided to bury their feelings for each other. As Barbara defended Mick to Paul, Mick and Alison's unhealthy obsessions with each other bubbled out of control, and they had sex in the bell tower. Barbara confronted Mick about his empty promises, but Mick insisted that Barbara was the only love of his life. Mick brainwashed Emily into having her eggs harvested, and she told Paul that if he wouldn't father her baby, Mick would. Emily suddenly screamed to Paul that Mick was somehow controlling her. Paul and Emily lured Mick to the house, and Paul threw Mick against a wall. Barbara cried out that Mick was Paul's father.
February 8 to 12, 2010
At Alison's request, Susan prescribed her daughter the morning-after pill, but said Alison wasn't ready to get married. Paul snagged a lock of Mick's hair and had Mick arrested. When the hair's DNA matched James Stenbeck, Paul confronted Mick at the police station. While battling his personalities, Mick experienced a nosebleed, and Paul took him to the hospital. Once there, Mick knocked out a police guard and whisked Alison away to explain that James had brainwashed Mick to do James's bidding. Alison went home to Casey, and Mick succumbed to James's wishes to destroy James's family. Janet continued to fret over Liberty and lean on Jack for support. Janet and Dusty bonded during bone marrow testing, and Carly awkwardly helped Jack pick out a Valentine's Day gift for Janet. Meg broke into Lily's house to plead her case, but Lily called the police. After Molly helped Meg escape, Molly convinced Meg to turn herself in. Luke met with a sailor from Damian's freighter, who reported that a body might have washed off the ship. Luke suspected that Holden had something to do with it, but Lily didn't want to believe it. Just as Holden and Molly made up, WOAK assigned Molly to cover Damian's disappearance. When Reid discovered that Henry was snooping into Reid's past, Reid quarantined Henry at the hospital. Henry escaped and later assured Barbara that she was still a vibrant woman. Luke unsuccessfully appealed to Reid to let Luke see Noah, and Noah and Maddie decided to move in together.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Casey and Alison's relationship fell apart when Mick, under James's control, crashed Alison's wedding. Mick took the guests hostage and revealed that he'd slept with Alison. Alison convinced Mick to flee with her, but once he returned to himself, he asked that she go with him only of her own volition. Mick trained a gun on Casey, and Margo drew her weapon on Mick, who suddenly flung himself in front of a passing car. While Mick lay in intensive care, Paul decided against pulling Mick's plug, because Paul didn't want to lose the life he'd built with Emily. Mick flat-lined, but Alison restarted his heart with a kiss. Liberty's chemotherapy was sidetracked by her low blood cell count, and, desperate to locate a bone marrow donor, Dusty convinced Janet's father, Rocco, to get tested. After Rocco arrived in Oakdale for a rocky Ciccone family reunion, he learned that his heart condition disqualified him as a donor. Janet desperately asked Jack to consider having a baby to save Liberty. An investor for Monte Carlo backed out after learning of Carly's history; however, Craig lied to Carly that the investor was onboard. Carly saw Janet and Dusty kissing, and Carly tricked Teri into confirming Janet and Dusty's affair. Lily began to doubt Holden's story, but she was thrown off when a replica of Damian's ring and a goodbye note showed up on her doorstep. Authorities in Malta informed the Oakdale police that Damian's body had washed ashore.
February 22 to 26, 2010
Upon finding the child witness at the docks, Margo arrested Holden for Damian's murder. Luke showed Damian's autopsy photos to Reid, who figured that the body couldn't possibly be Damian's, because the victim had advanced Huntington's disease. Even so, Maltese authorities demanded Holden's extradition. They backed down after Molly publicly accused them of colluding with the Grimaldi crime family. Upon hearing the outcome, Damian slammed his fist on a desk. Craig decided to pour all of his money into Monte Carlo, but Ellis said Craig couldn't afford even a sock line. After Carly learned about Janet's baby plan, Carly confronted Janet about her infidelity. Janet insisted that she still loved Jack. Hoping to prevent Janet's pregnancy, Dusty found Liberty an out-of-town cancer study, and he tailed Janet and Liberty to the facility. Jack almost undressed Carly, but when he refused to betray Janet by sleeping with Carly, Carly rebutted that Janet had already betrayed him with Dusty. Mick regained consciousness and claimed to Alison that she'd exorcized his James demon. Alison wheeled him to the hospital roof for fresh air, but Casey accused them of escaping. After a dangerous confrontation with Casey, Mick fled, but later turned himself in. Paul heaped the cursed Stenbeck fortune on Henry's shoulders, and Henry and Barbara wound up in bed again. Reid got roped into staying in Oakdale longer than he expected, and Katie admitted to Henry that she liked Reid, because he wasn't linked to Brad.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Damian intervened at Faith's school when drugs were found in her locker, and he used the incident as leverage to manipulate Faith into doing his bidding. As Molly, Lily, and Holden set out to prove that Damian was alive, Molly called Faith's school to learn that Faith's "father" had checked her out of boarding school. Jack flew to Minneapolis to confront Dusty and Janet about their affair. Carly tricked Craig into taking her there, too, and though Janet refused to beg for forgiveness, she finally learned that Jack loved Carly. Despite a crumbling marriage, Janet still wanted to make a baby with Jack. Carly suggested in vitro fertilization. Janet worried about what would happen to the unmatchable embryos, and Jack struggled to commit to a new pregnancy. Liberty insisted that Jack not go through with it, regardless of Janet's feelings. Jack told Janet that he couldn't conceive a child with her, and he returned to Carly's awaiting arms. Janet fainted when Dusty proposed to her, and a doctor pronounced Janet pregnant. Unbeknownst to Parker, Craig liquidated Parker's trust fund to finance Monte Carlo. Henry and Barbara started a secret, "commitment free" fling, but Henry still wanted Reid away from Katie. In court, Henry tried to get Reid locked away, but thanks to testimony from the Hugheses and Luke, the judge released Reid. Luke was shocked when Noah decided to accompany Reid to Texas, where Noah would remain for the surgery. Katie asked Henry to donate to the hospital so that Reid will would stay in town.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Janet insisted that Jack was her baby's father, but Dusty urged her to accept his ring and the possibility that it could be his child. A sonogram concluded that Jack was indeed the father. Janet returned Dusty's ring, and though Jack still insisted upon being with Carly, he seemed flabbergasted at Dusty's suggestion that Dusty raise the new baby with Janet. Faith tried to trick Lily into unwittingly meeting Damian, but under Lily's interrogation, Faith revealed that Damian was alive. Molly informed Holden that Damian had checked Faith out of her school. Holden escaped police custody, and Molly and he arrived at Damian's rendezvous spot to find Damian tying up Faith. Damian knocked Holden out and absconded to a warehouse with Lily. Molly trailed them, and Holden arrived after Damian had locked Molly in a closet. Following an intense confrontation, police hauled Damian off to jail. Henry and Barbara deliberated making their relationship public. Vienna arrived in town at Katie's request, and Vienna revealed to a surprised Henry that she still longed for him. Henry agreed to donate to the hospital, since Katie had told Vienna that he'd already done so. Barbara spied Vienna planting a kiss on Henry. Chris Hughes arrived in town and told Henry that the loathsome Reid Oliver was gay. Luke accused Reid of being homophobic, and Reid retorted that Reid was gay. Katie informed Reid about Henry's donation, but Reid still couldn't wait to get out of Oakdale. Meg asked Emily to mother Eliza while Meg got her life back together.
March 15 to 19, 2010
Molly trusted Faith to tell her parents that she'd been suspended from boarding school for pot possession. Faith reneged on the deal, and Molly told Lily and Holden the truth. Though Noah was staying in town, he still wanted distance from Luke, and Luke decided to end their relationship. Luke watched a mourning father take his grief out on Reid. Luke thought that Reid had let the father hit Reid because Reid felt guilty for failing the man's child. Luke revealed to Reid that the relationship with Noah had ended. Meg's doctor pushed her into taking an outing, and Meg spent time with Eliza and Paul. Meg told her doctor that she was ready for a one-on-one visit with her daughter. Paul didn't want Eliza to get confused by having two mothers in her life, but Emily said that she didn't know how to mother Eliza without giving the baby her all. Liberty forged ahead with her treatment, but she was unhappy about Janet's pregnancy. Upon hearing Dusty's declaration of love for her mother, Liberty urged Janet to marry Dusty. Jack insisted that he, not Dusty, would be the father to the unborn child. Barbara caught Henry with Vienna but decided to stay quiet about Barbara's relationship with him. Struggling with his feelings for Vienna and Barbara, Henry donated the money to the hospital. He and Barbara finally admitted their feelings for each other, but Barbara refused to be with Henry until he broke things off with Vienna.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Jack squashed Janet and Dusty's attempt to fly off for a quickie divorce, which left Carly miffed about Jack and Dusty's contention over Janet. With Jack's help, Dusty secured the home of Janet's dreams. Janet reunited with her father, but failed to tell him about her divorce. Dusty did it for her. Rocco badmouthed Janet to Dusty, and Dusty threatened to expose Rocco's ties to Ralph. Rocco sent an armed man after Dusty, and after the man and Dusty tussled, Jack found Dusty bleeding behind the Metro bar. Faith tried to hide in Parker's room, but Parker turned her in to her parents. Faith stole a dress from Fashions with the help of newcomer, Gabriel, who also took responsibility for the drugs that Faith had stashed in Parker's room. Luke revealed Faith's pill problem to Lily. Lily suggested that Faith, who had problems fitting in at school, go with Parker to visit Liberty. Craig panicked when incriminating paperwork disappeared from his room. He suspected Barbara, who'd taken an uncanny interest in him, but he soon learned that Barbara was using him to make Henry jealous. Even though Henry couldn't perform in bed with Vienna, he had no problem being with Barbara. At the Monte Carlo open house, Craig found a threatening note. Carly suspected that it was a hoax sent by their competition, but Craig wasn't so sure. When the hospital fell short of funding to create the wing that Reid had envisioned, Reid got Luke to put up the extra money on the condition that Noah not know about it.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Craig told Margo that he had a stalker, and Johnny revealed that a stranger had questioned him at school. Thanks to Faith and Molly, Carly hired Gabriel, who later stalked Craig at Johnny's school. Carly figured out that Monte Carlo didn't have an outside investor, and Craig lied that he was personally financing the venture. Though Craig fired Gabriel, Carly rehired him to keep an eye on Craig. Dr. Oliver saved Dusty from a gunshot wound to the head. As Dusty lay unconscious, Carly maintained a cool façade about Jack asking Janet to stay with them again, but Jack and Janet's closeness almost drove Carly to drink. Rocco told Ralph that he wanted to shake Dusty up, not kill him. Jack seemed suspicious of Rocco hanging around in Dusty's hospital room. Liberty's treatment was working, but Parker wouldn't help her leave the clinic. Faith stole money from Lily to help Liberty return to town, and Lily relented to letting Molly try to get through to Faith. As family and friends planned a surprise 25th wedding anniversary for Kim and Bob, the couple argued over Bob's workload. It was enough to make Kim seriously doubt the marriage. While planning a special surprise for Bob and Kim, Tom and Margo discovered that Bob and Kim weren't legally married. The family proposed holding a quickie ceremony the following day, but Kim revealed that she might not want to marry Bob at all.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
When Kim walked out on Bob, their family rallied to reunite the couple and get them legally married. Frannie arrived after the wedding to toast her parents. Dusty awakened with no memory of the shooting, but Jack and Reid hinted that Dusty knew more than he let on. Jack suspected involvement from Rocco, who swore to Janet that Jack had it all wrong. After figuring out that something was up with Barbara and Henry, Katie urged Henry to reunite with Vienna and warned Barbara to stay away. Vienna stunned Henry by proposing to him, and they made love. Henry told Barbara about it, and she dumped him. Henry bought Vienna a ring and accepted her proposal. Noah's eyes reacted to light, and Luke found out that Noah had a date. The hospital suspended Reid pending an investigation into Judd's case, and Reid implored Luke for help. Luke got Lucinda to arrange a hearing in Texas, and Luke observed Noah with his date before Reid and Luke met at the jet. When Faith got caught with pills at school, Lily lied for Faith, and then Lily and Holden took Faith to the cabin for an intervention. Faith got drunk at the cabin, and after Faith threw a tantrum, Lily finally got through to her daughter. Out on a breaking news story, Molly was shocked to discover that her cheating congressman had beaten his attempted murder charges. The congressman vowed to win Molly back.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Gabriel blackmailed Craig in exchange for Gabriel's silence about Craig's misuse of Parker's trust fund -- and Bryant's, too. Liberty hung out with Gabriel to avoid a hovering Parker. Parker professed his love for Liberty, who only wanted to be friends. Dusty used himself as bait to catch his shooter. Rocco wrenched a gun from the shooter, who'd targeted Dusty again, but when Rocco entered Metro with the gun, Dusty grabbed it, and pressed it to Rocco's head. Rocco had a heart attack, and Janet was livid that Dusty had suspected her father of hiring a hit man. Rocco left the hospital to track down the shooter, and he suffered another heart attack as Dusty wrestled with the hit man. A drunken Barbara left Vienna and Henry's engagement party before almost revealing her relationship with Henry. Henry chased after her, and she declared that they were finished. Paul let Meg spend her night away from the hospital, at Fairwinds. Emily smoldered when she found Meg and Eliza sleeping in bed beside Paul. Meg played innocent about it, and Paul asked her never to do that again. Lily and Holden decided that Faith should live at the farm for a while. Holden and Lily bonded through parenting, and Faith warned Molly that Lily was after Holden. Molly agreed to interview Silas. Luke and Reid bonded as Luke coached Reid on how to appear sensitive in court. Reid avoided defining his relationship to Luke. Alison contemplated leaving town, and Chris admitted to having feelings for her.
April 19 to 23, 2010
Upon learning how her father died, Janet couldn't bear to be around Dusty. To Carly's disappointment, Jack escorted Janet to Melrose Park for Rocco's funeral. Liberty learned that her cancer was in remission and hung out more with Gabriel. She asked Parker not to show up at Rocco's funeral, but smiled when Gabriel did. Parker witnessed Craig giving Gabriel a wad of twenties. Craig called Ellis' office and discovered that Ellis had cleaned out his desk and disappeared. While Emily and Paul bickered about Meg, Emma checked Meg out of the hospital and took Eliza to the farm without consulting Paul. Emma berated Paul for his treatment of her daughter and granddaughter. When Vienna wanted a BRO original wedding gown, Henry told her that Barbara had turned down the design commission. Vienna convinced Barbara to do it, and as Barbara took measurements, Vienna announced her plan to walk down the aisle pregnant. Barbara told Henry, who then told Vienna that they shouldn't have sex again until their wedding night. As Holden and Lily filled in for Luke at a fundraiser, Molly went to Silas' hotel room for the interview. Holden tried to rescue Molly, but she wanted to do the interview to prove that she'd moved on. After Reid learned that he'd been reinstated, he kissed Luke, which was something Reid had desired to do for a long time. Though Chris expressed his feelings to Alison, she felt that she'd messed up too many times to get involved again.
April 26 to 30, 2010
Craig caught up to Ellis, who said that all the money was gone. Ellis gave Craig the slip, and Craig set Monte Carlo on fire for the insurance money. Parker learned that a jet charter was purchased with his trust fund debit card, and he confronted Gabriel, who'd jetted Liberty home from Melrose. Parker punched Gabriel and left him unconscious in Carly's office just as Craig was secretly starting the fire. Firefighters found Gabriel in critical condition among rubble, and Parker confided in Faith and Carly about his stolen trust fund and his fight with Gabriel; however, Parker insisted that he hadn't started the blaze. Suspecting arson, Margo put Jack on the case. When Lily spotted Gabriel in town, she told Sierra and Lucinda that the secret about Craig's love child might be out. Against Lucinda's advice, Lily told Craig that Gabriel was Craig's son, and Craig tried to choke Lucinda for keeping the secret. Before Eliza's custody hearing, Emma urged Meg to fight and fight dirty. Meg lured Emily away from the hearing with a fake call about a news story, and the judge decided to reevaluate the custody situation in 30 days. Dusty followed Janet to Melrose Place, where she returned his ring, but said she still loved him. Reid told Luke that he wasn't playing games, and Luke was flattered that someone like Reid was interested. Vulnerable on the eve of surgery, Noah reached out to Luke, who agreed to be there throughout the procedure.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
Vienna handcuffed Henry to the bed, but Barbara interrupted, foiling Vienna's plan to get pregnant. Desperate to conceive, Vienna seduced an unsuspecting Casey Hughes. Vienna felt guilty and returned Henry's ring; however, she was sure that she'd wear it again. Katie set Barbara up with a jerk, but a dashing pilot rescued Barbara from the date. Henry sent the pilot packing, but to make it up to Barbara, he took her disco dancing. Reid halted Noah's surgery due to unforeseen brain damage. Luke accused Reid of allowing his feelings to interfere with his work. Luke worried for Noah, and Reid's comforting kiss almost exploded into sex, until a guilty Luke walked out on Reid. Instead of smothering a passed-out Craig, Carly set out clues to help Margo figure out that Craig had stolen from Parker's trust fund. Margo arrested Craig, who claimed that Ellis was the real criminal. Parker worried about his fight with Gabriel, but Carly said they'd let Craig pay for Gabriel's incident. Craig declared his innocence, and strangely, Jack believed Craig, which made Parker nervous. When Janet quit her Metro job and refused to take Dusty's house, Dusty made it look as if Rocco had left her an inheritance. Jack kept hovering over Janet, and when he balked about her moving to a nearby apartment, Carly told him to move out. Holden worried about keeping Lily safe from Craig, and a jealous Molly made sure that Holden caught her with Silas. Holden assured Molly that she didn't have to worry about Lily.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Dusty and Janet decided to start their relationship over, and Carly forced Jack to move out until Janet's baby was born. Margo talked Tom into representing Craig, and Parker's nervousness convinced Craig that Parker had fought with Gabriel before the fire. Craig failed to persuade Carly to help get both Craig and Parker out of trouble. While investigating the fire, Jack and Margo found a file on Craig in Gabriel's room. Instead of providing Craig his requested alibi, Lily blurted out to Margo that Gabriel was Craig's son. Jack coaxed Parker to admit that he'd fought with Gabriel, but hadn't set the fire. While chasing a story lead with Eliza in her car, Emily was accosted by a criminal. Emily got away, but Eliza disappeared. Paul, Emily, and Meg discovered that a patrolling police officer had taken Eliza to the police station. Emma thought it was perfect ammunition in the custody case, and Paul blasted Emily because he could lose Eliza. Noah awakened to discover that he could see, but he sensed that something had changed between him and Luke. Reid told Luke that they should forget about Texas, and Noah saw Reid touch Luke's face. Casey was smitten with Vienna, but she continued to use him to get pregnant. Henry played strip poker with Barbara, who threw him into the hallway naked. Holden decided that Lily shouldn't rely on him so much, but Silas wouldn't give up on Molly. Katie told Chris that it'd be nice to find a man like him.
May 17 to 21, 2010
Carly and Jack's relationship was strained when he learned that she had advised Parker to keep his role in Gabriel's incident quiet. Jack tried to strike a deal with Craig to help save Parker, but Craig wouldn't go for it. The guilt over ruining his parents' relationship and injuring Gabriel got to Parker, and he confessed to Margo. Jack and Carly told Parker that they'd handle it as a united front, but in private, the couple vehemently tossed around the blame for Parker's predicament. Gabriel awakened, and after a visit from Lucinda, he accused Craig of hitting him following the scuffle with Parker at Monte Carlo. After warning Vienna not to use Casey, Alison told him that seeing Vienna was a mistake. When Barbara heard that she was cancer-free, Henry kissed her. Vienna witnessed the kiss and announced that she was pregnant. Later, Barbara suggested that Henry get a paternity test. While trying to trap Alison and Chris in a room together, Katie wound up locked in with Chris instead. She shared her grief over Brad and said she never wanted to experience a loss like that again. Luke wanted to tell the recovering Noah about Luke and Reid, but Reid said that Noah needed comfort, not a confession. Luke and Noah discussed their separation, and though he loved Luke, Noah decided that he'd hurt Luke too much to ask him to stick around. For Lisa's 50th anniversary in Oakdale, her loved ones gave her a tribute featuring reenactments of her love life.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Gabriel's lie that Craig had hit Gabriel landed Craig in jail, and Lucinda congratulated Gabriel on a job well done. Lily let Gabriel live with her, but a livid Faith suggested that he leave town in Lily's car. Gabriel picked up Liberty, and a cop busted them for driving a stolen vehicle. Gabriel pretended that Craig had attacked him in the jail cell. Lily covered for Gabriel about the car, and Craig employed Johnny's help to lay a guilt trip on Gabriel. Upon Noah's discharge from the hospital, his vision cleared. He peered into a window at Luke's house and saw Reid and Luke kissing. Vienna tried unsuccessfully to lure Henry into bed. She met up with Casey for more sex; however, Henry unexpectedly arrived with the proposal of her dreams. Vienna met Henry in the Lakeview lobby, where Barbara witnessed his ostentatious proposal. Casey found Vienna's stash of pregnancy tests, but she insisted that she'd been pregnant before bedding Casey. When Katie became rattled by what she thought was Chris and Alison kissing in a parking lot, Katie accidentally hit Chris with her car. As Chris recovered at her place, she opened up to him about her feelings. Katie clammed up upon glancing at a picture of Brad. Emma and Barbara's attempt to plan Eliza's christening erupted into a bickering match at Wildwind. Holden helped Molly make a clean break from Silas, who still didn't seem to want to let Molly go.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
Vienna finally got Henry into bed, but when he defended Barbara at Eliza's party, Vienna forced him to admit that he had feelings for Barbara. After a confrontation with Casey about the fake doctor, a panicking Vienna confided in Katie about Casey and the fake pregnancy. Katie urged her to confess, but instead, Vienna tried to move the wedding up. Meg had a psychotic episode, which landed her back in the hospital. Suspecting foul play, Barbara suggested that the doctor run a toxicology scan. Lily kissed Holden, but insisted that it meant nothing. She dreamed about marrying him and decided to talk to him about reconciliation. Silas coerced Molly to meet him at the Old Mill, where he got high and tried to rape her on videotape. Holden arrived in time to save her, but when Holden went to call authorities, Silas taunted Molly until she shot him dead. They told the cops it was self-defense, and Holden asked Molly to marry him. Jack annoyed Carly by incessantly questioning Gabriel's story. After Jack mentioned that the assault weapon didn't fit the crime, he caught Carly trying to steal it from police evidence. Mistaking her for Katie, a drugged-up Chris told Alison that he had feelings for her. Alison asked Katie to stop matchmaking, because Chris wanted Katie, not Alison. Noah was shocked to hear Luke say that he wanted to reunite. Noah refused and revealed that he'd seen the kiss between Reid and Luke. Luke turned to Reid, who declined being second. Craig used Johnny to lay a guilt trip on Gabriel.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
After some introspection, Molly agreed to marry Holden. Carly and Jack's relationship splintered after she destroyed evidence in Craig's case. The divide worsened when Jack covered for Molly and got a sheriff not to admit a recovered sex tape into evidence. Lily gave up on Holden, despite Lucinda's insistence that something fishy was going on with the proposal; however, Lily was later intrigued when she saw Holden and Molly burning something. Katie tried to avoid Chris's professions of love, and upon accusing her of being afraid to let Brad go, Chris quit the television show and said they never had to see each other again. Vienna looked into IVF, but Katie warned her not to do it. Barbara helped Henry make peace with losing his first baby, and he fell into bed with Vienna. Paul and Barbara suspected Emily of drugging Meg, and to prove her innocence, Emily researched the matter to learn that Barbara had requested the rare toxicology screen for methadone. Alison and Casey peeked into Vienna's medical records to discover that she hadn't even seen a doctor since the miscarriage. Reid goaded Noah into firing Reid as his doctor, and Noah socked Reid in front of a prospective buyer for the hospital. Bob advised Reid to choose between the hospital wing and Luke. Suspecting that Lucinda was influencing Gabriel, Craig escaped police custody and tried to threaten her to undo the damage she'd done. Gabriel and Parker brawled at Liberty's graduation reception, and when Janet searched for Liberty, she unwittingly left Dusty holding the engagement ring that he wished to return to her.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Hoping to impress Liberty, Gabriel told the police the truth about Craig, who Margo had quickly remanded into police custody after he'd escaped to threaten Lucinda. Liberty told Gabriel that she couldn't be with him until he let go of his hostility toward Craig. As Lucinda and Craig's battle waged on, Craig revealed to Lily the truth about Lucinda's manipulations. He got released into Lily's custody, and he begged Gabriel to remain in town. Margo dropped the charges against Parker. In anger, Carly questioned Jack's fatherly devotion to Parker, and Dusty inadvertently revealed that Jack was having a son before Janet could. Janet confronted Dusty about the inheritance after overhearing him and Jack bicker about it. Meg sneaked into Fairwinds to plant evidence against Emily. Paul discovered methadone in Emily's briefcase and ordered her to move out. Believing that Casey was onto her and that she could lose Henry, Vienna asked Katie to help her alter her patient file at Memorial. Katie asked for Chris's help; however, he refused to falsify medical records for her. Katie stole his medical pass code and did it herself. A hospital alarm sounded, and Chris wound up lying to Bob about what had transpired in the records room. Bob revealed to Luke that he'd given Reid an ultimatum about his private and professional lives. Reid asked Luke to be patient, because Reid didn't intend to let his job or Luke go. Luke, however, refused to wait on the backburner until their romance became convenient for Reid.
June 21 to 25, 2010
A disillusioned Janet moved to the farm, along with Jack, after learning that Dusty had financed her "inheritance." Holden urged Molly to marry him immediately, but when Molly discovered that Lily and Lucinda had inside information about Silas' death, Molly chose to get out of town rather than get married. Holden and Lily hashed things out about Molly, and Lily professed her love for him. He told her that it was over between them, and she needed to let him go. Lily ripped up the report on Silas' murder and told Molly that she was free to marry Holden. Carly and Craig agreed to blame the fire on faulty electrical wiring, and the insurance company paid out over $20 million dollars. Craig, however, only gave Carly $5 million, which he claimed was half the settlement. Craig talked Lily into going into the perfume business with Carly, who could never know that Craig was financing the venture. Reid grappled with Bob's ultimatum, but following a poignant talk with Katie, who still couldn't let Brad go, Reid turned in his resignation. Reid saw Luke and Noah together, and he decided that he'd leave town. Luke rushed to catch Reid before he slipped away. After Susan bailed Emily out of jail, Emily cornered Meg alone at Fairwinds, where Paul had granted Meg permission to live. Emily tried to get to the truth behind the drugging, but wound up in a brawl with the gun-slinging Meg.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
Chris learned about Casey and Vienna's affair, and Katie reluctantly revealed that Vienna wasn't even really pregnant. Katie offered to have sex with Chris in exchange for his silence. When, he called her bluff, she was unable to go through with it. Chris reassured Casey that he wasn't the father of Vienna's baby. Katie realized that she couldn't salvage Vienna's relationship, and Brad was really gone forever. An insecure Vienna moved up her wedding date, and Barbara, who'd overheard Casey and Vienna talking, confronted Vienna about cheating on Henry. Some creative investigating by Barbara revealed that Vienna wasn't really pregnant at all. Barbara threatened to tell Henry the truth; however before she could act, someone chloroformed her and left her in a warehouse. Henry admitted to Paul that he loved Barbara, but he still intended to stand by Vienna. At the altar, Vienna realized that Barbara hadn't gotten to Henry, and the wedding ceremony commenced. Meg almost shot Emily, but Paul burst in, claiming that he'd known that Meg was self-medicating all along. He revealed that he'd set Meg up to prove Emily's innocence. Emily threatened to leave Paul over his reckless plan, but the couple soon reconciled. When the buyer for the hospital lost interest over Reid's departure, Luke resigned from his position, so that Bob could rehire Reid. Luke explained to Reid that Luke and Noah were just close friends, and Luke and Reid decided to figure out where they stood with each other. Alison received a letter from Mick, and burning it turned out to be cathartic for her.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Almost everyone was surprised that Barbara didn't interrupt Vienna and Henry's wedding. Emily, who deterred loved ones from searching for Barbara, presented Paul a cruise postcard supposedly sent from Barbara. When Will, Gwen, and Hallie arrived in town, Paul explained that a lovelorn Barbara had gone away; however, Will didn't buy it. Barbara awakened in a party supply warehouse, and she deduced that her captor was Vienna, Katie, or Emily. As she tried to escape, the red-gloved captor chloroformed her again and tied her up. After catching the wedding bouquet, Katie realized that she was single, and she tried unsuccessfully to remove her wedding ring. Chris asked Katie for a reason to decline a mission in Haiti, and she persuaded him to stay in town, even though she still wasn't ready to progress their relationship. Vienna awakened with a rash from the fertility potions. Katie pressured her to tell Henry the truth, but instead, Vienna claimed that she'd lost the baby. As Henry toiled about it, a guilt ridden Katie finally revealed that Vienna had never been pregnant. Craig teamed up with Blackthorn to buy into Worldwide, and when Gabriel was arrested for gambling, Craig bailed him out. Lucinda set Lily and Carly up to buy a nonexistent perfume factory for Carlisle, and Lily suspected that Craig was using her to get to Lucinda and Carly. Dusty, Carly, and Parker felt disconcerted about their love lives when Jack offered Janet a cabin and hired Gabriel to fix it up.
July 12 to 16, 2010
After Katie revealed Vienna's secret to Henry, he demanded an annulment from Vienna. He longed for Barbara's comfort, but she was still wasting away in the warehouse. Will and Gwen found Barbara's passport and cell phone, and Margo officially deemed Barbara a missing person. As Katie complied with Margo's investigation, Henry located Vienna, snatched her by the neck, and demanded to know where Barbara was. Carly canceled a business trip with Lily to attend Parker's commercial shoot. Upon hearing about Jack's cabin offer to Janet, Carly realized that she and Jack had a long way to go to mend their relationship. Lucinda dismissed Dusty's hunch that Blackthorn was pulling a scam on Worldwide. Later, she warned Blackthorn that Dusty might investigate him. Lily convinced Craig to accompany her to New York, and she wound up stuck in a dive motel room with a flirtatious Craig after an airport strike grounded flights. Lily tried to cancel the perfume factory deal when she learned that bribery might be required to get the building up to code. Craig talked her into going through with it and later asked Blackthorn for more money. Françoise called Lucinda, who celebrated the ruination of Craig; however, she coaxed an unknown person to return to town after seeing Françoise's photo of the semi-clothed Lily and Craig in their hotel room. Upon deducing that Invicta had a problem with Reid's sexuality, Bob canceled the hospital sale. Bob rehired Reid and asked Reid to succeed him as chief of staff upon his retirement.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Vienna vanished before anyone could learn if she had a hand in Barbara's disappearance. Iris arrived in town and claimed that she wanted to make amends with her family. She agreed to leave town, but Will and Gwen moved to Fairwinds for more security. Tensions flared between Holden and Craig over the New York trip, and Carly accused Craig of using Lily to make Carly jealous. To mask Craig's involvement in the perfume business, Lily kissed him in front of Carly, and the pair pretended that they might be attracted to each other. After overhearing Lucinda discuss the ruination of Craig, Gabriel contemplated blackmailing her. Lucinda summoned Lucy to town, but Sierra showed up first to ensure that Lucinda wouldn't use Lucy as a pawn against Craig. Seeing Lucy with Dusty and Johnny made Janet uneasy. When Lucinda discounted Dusty's investigation linking Blackthorn and Craig, Dusty joined forces with Jack, who discovered that Blackthorn was bankrolling Craig. Lucinda cranked up her plan, which caused Craig to ask Blackthorn for more money. She instructed Blackthorn to press Craig for a return on Blackthorn's investment. Holden and Molly attended pre-marriage counseling, and Molly was shaken when she saw Holden checking old wedding vows to Lily to make sure he wouldn't repeat them to Molly. Lily showed up at Molly's bridal shower; however, the realization of Holden's new life got to her, and she asked Craig to get her out of town. Distraught over the finality of her parents' breakup, Faith wound up making out with Parker.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Chris asserted his interest in taking over as chief of staff, and Bob decided to submit both Chris and Reid's names to the board for consideration. Katie struggled to deal with her feelings for Chris and to mend her relationship with Henry. At Katie's suggestion, Henry made a television appeal to Barbara, in which he expressed his love for her. Iris covertly walked around town dressed like Barbara. Lisa, Henry, and Katie viewed a hotel surveillance video of "Barbara," but Henry was certain that it wasn't really her. A lingerie clerk discovered a lost bracelet and turned it over to Emily. After Paul caught Emily throwing it in the trash, their family identified it as Barbara's bracelet. In the warehouse, the malnourished Barbara hallucinated about James. Iris arrived, demanded bank codes from Barbara, and forced her to write a short note to ask her family to give her time alone. Upon seeing the note, Henry became convinced that Barbara had been kidnapped. Barbara discovered a walkie-talkie and somehow tuned the frequency to Jacob's baby monitor. Henry thought he'd heard Barbara while babysitting Jacob, but Katie was sure he'd imagined it. Blackthorn revealed his feelings to Janet, but she sent him away brokenhearted. After seeing Blackthorn with Janet, Dusty made out with Lucy in his hotel room. Lucinda concocted another financial emergency for the perfume company, and as Lily and Craig took off for France to deal with it on the eve of Holden's wedding, Lucinda convinced Holden to follow Lily.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
Holden convinced Lily to fly home from France, but bad weather grounded them in Montreal. He finally made it home, but Molly had already canceled the wedding. Molly left town, and Lucinda said that Lily could thank her mother when Holden returned to her. Craig confronted Lucinda about masterminding the perfume factory scam. Lucinda feigned innocence, and Blackthorn threatened to harm Johnny if Craig didn't repay the loaned money within 24 hours. Iris got kicked out of her hotel, and Gwen convinced Paul to let her mother stay at Fairwinds. Will was the only one who believed that Henry had heard Barbara on the baby monitor. Henry donned a maid's costume to stake out Barbara's room, and he found a party warehouse pen, which Barbara had planted on Iris. Will and Henry located the warehouse, but found only a lipstick-smeared Chuckles there. Margo, Paul, and Will thought it was a dead end; however, Henry called a psychic to evaluate the warehouse for "bad juju." Iris relocated Barbara to Paul's wine cellar and forced her to write a $25,000 check. Before Iris could leave, Emily caught her in the wine cellar. Katie was skittish when Margo and Tom invited Katie and Chris to the Hughes cabin. Tom and Margo canceled, but Katie didn't tell Chris that until they'd arrived. As Katie and Chris made out, he experienced chest pains. Though Chris downplayed his sickness, Reid caught Chris at Memorial testing his own blood samples for a rare disease.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Reid helped Chris cover up his rare illness and get access to medication. Chris's illness distracted him from a hospital union meeting and again during a double date with Katie, Alison, and Casey. Bob doubted Chris's commitment to the hospital, and Katie concluded that Chris wasn't interested in her. Reid got fed up with Luke always mentioning Noah, but Luke said Reid had nothing to worry about, since Noah was moving away. After the psychic said Chuckles was the key to Barbara's disappearance, Henry found an S.O.S. note from Barbara up the clown's sleeve. Emily stumbled upon Barbara in the wine cellar. Iris tied Emily up and insinuated to Will and Gwen that Emily was behind Barbara's disappearance. When Janet surprised Dusty with lasagna, she found him in bed with Lucy. He urged Janet to get beyond it, because he truly wanted to be with her; however, Janet couldn't erase the image from her mind. Lucy met Gabriel and bonded over Lydia. After realizing that Dusty loved Janet, and Lucinda had lured her to town to distract Craig, Lucy left town with Sierra. Carly was livid to learn that Craig had invested in Carlisle, and she teamed up with Jack to take Craig and Blackthorn down. Lily was sick of everyone in town warning her away from Craig. As Blackthorn pressured him, Craig offered to prove himself to Lily by helping her rebound from the Carlisle scam; however, he said she'd have to put up her own money that time.
August 16 to 20, 2010
After unwittingly foiling Carly and Jack's undercover operation, Janet accused them of meddling in her life and hounding Blackthorn. Janet accepted Blackthorn's invitation to Avalon Castle. Discovering that Blackthorn belonged to a group with mob ties, Jack and Dusty tailed Janet and Blackthorn to the castle. Jack arrived at the castle and groaned to see that Carly had followed him there. Unbeknownst to Carly and Jack, some thugs abducted Dusty from the parking lot. Upon learning about Lucinda's misdeeds, an enraged Lily disavowed her mother and went to Avalon Castle with Craig. Noah witnessed Reid heading to a hotel room with Chris and told Luke that Reid was cheating. Luke confronted Reid about Noah's accusation, and questioned Reid's decision to cover for Chris at a hospital board party. Reid confided in Luke about Chris's illness. After Chris and Katie made love for the first time, his condition worsened. Worried that Iris would leave them to rot after getting a bank pass code, Emily and Barbara rocked a cellar support beam. It collapsed on a circuit box, which erupted with sparks. Henry caught Iris strutting around in Barbara's clothes and deduced that Iris had kidnapped Barbara and Emily. The family smelled smoke at Fairwinds and rescued Emily and Barbara from the cellar. Gwen detained Iris at the Lakeview bar, and the police arrested Iris. Barbara suddenly wanted nothing to do with Henry, who'd chosen Vienna over her, but after a poignant talk with Katie, Barbara accepted Henry's marriage proposal.
August 23 to 27, 2010
When Lucinda arrived at Avalon Castle, Lily moved into Craig's room. Craig kissed Lily, but declaring that they'd never be more than friends, Lily ended their partnership and returned to Oakdale. Lucinda called the governor on Manzo's behalf, and Manzo, who'd known her as Mary Ellen Walters, showed up at the castle. At her request, Manzo called Blackthorn off. Manzo wanted Lucinda to run away with him, but she said she'd left the criminal world behind her. Janet caught Blackthorn holding Dusty hostage at the castle, and Dusty brawled for his freedom. While chasing Blackthorn, Jack encountered Ralph. After a confrontation, Jack opted not to shoot Ralph, who was later arrested. Jack claimed that he'd finally stopped blaming himself for Brad's death, and Dusty and Janet reconciled. Henry and Barbara received the cold shoulder when they announced their engagement to her sons, who were opposed to her marrying James Stenbeck's son. Henry withdrew his proposal, but Barbara insisted that genes wouldn't hold them back. When Paul learned that his mother had planned an impromptu wedding, he surprised the couple by gathering the family to witness the union. During the ceremony, Barbara, Henry, and Paul hallucinated about James. After the nuptials, they rushed back to Fairwinds for a Stenbeck exorcism. Chris was livid that Reid had told Luke about the illness, but when moving a bench caused Chris to grab an oxygen mask, Reid called John Dixon to town. Inspired by the Coleman wedding, Chris finally revealed his illness to Katie.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
Noah still couldn't get over Luke, but Luke declared his love for Reid. Reid seemed moved when Luke admitted that he loved Reid. John Dixon discovered that Chris Hughes was his new patient, and Chris's prognosis was grim. Before Chris could tell his family about his illness, Nancy Hughes passed away. After a quiet memorial service, family and friends performed good deeds in Nancy's honor. Chris refused to tell his grieving family about his condition. He continued to ignore doctor's orders until John and Reid dragged him from a golfing outing to the hospital. Chris's family and friends finally learned of Chris's condition, and Kim ordered Katie to stay away if she weren't ready to stand by Chris. Katie feared facing the death of another lover, but advice from Reid and Henry empowered her to be there for Chris. Bob, John, and Reid revived Chris when he suffered a cardiac arrest, but Chris desperately needed a new heart. Tom located one in Bay City; however, another doctor commandeered it for his own patient. Reid decided to reclaim the organ, and before going to Bay City, he professed his love for Luke. On the drive, Reid's car stalled at a railway crossing just as a train barreled toward the intersection. Casey proposed to Alison and asked her to move to Carbondale, where he intended to enroll in law school. The couple held off telling the family due to Nancy's death and Chris's condition. Kim and Bob spotted Nancy's ring on Alison's finger and congratulated the couple.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
As Luke awaited Reid's triumphant return from Bay City, Margo and Tom informed Bob that Reid had been in a terrible train accident. Reid arrived at Memorial, but his injuries were beyond repair. With great difficulty, Reid indicated that he wanted Luke to have his power of attorney and Chris to have his heart. Though Luke found it almost impossible to accept, he followed through with Reid's dying wishes. Lily and Holden traveled to New York on Luke's behalf to get Reid's Uncle Angus' permission to bury his nephew. At Alison's suggestion, Noah helped Luke cope with Reid's death, and by the pond, Luke, Noah, Lily, and Holden gathered to spread Reid's ashes. Chris awakened, anxious to see Reid. Upon overhearing someone in the hall discussing Reid's death with Luke, Chris confronted Katie about the donated heart. Katie revealed that he'd received Reid's heart during the transplant operation. A guilt-ridden Chris refused to accept that Reid had died because of him, but Katie demanded that Chris repay Reid with life-long joy and happiness. Lily shunned Lucinda's attempt to console Luke and the family, and John caught Lucinda planning a preemptive strike against Lily, who'd acquired an uncomfortable number of Worldwide shares. He implored Lucinda change the direction of the combative relationship with her daughter, and Lucinda anonymously left flowers on Lily's doorstep.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Liberty planned to decline her acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology until Faith ratted her out to Janet, who insisted that Liberty follow her dreams. To ease Dusty's suspicions about Janet's baby, John secretly ordered a paternity test. After a long debate about marriage with Carly, Jack proposed. Jack and Carly assured their kids that it would work that time. Molly, Rosanna, Gwen, and Will arrived for the impromptu Snyder wedding. During the reception, Craig wished the couple well, and Parker announced his decision to become a police officer. Gabriel called Craig "Dad," but announced his plans to return to Montega to work for Sierra. Rosanna told the lonely Craig that she was staying in town. The newlyweds arrived at their honeymoon cabin to find Janet in labor. Carly got nauseous as Dusty delivered baby Lorenzo. At the hospital, John announced that Dusty was really Lorenzo's father, and Carly learned that she was pregnant. Though Noah offered to stay in Oakdale, Luke urged him to make his movie in Los Angeles. Noah invited Luke to visit him in L.A. Lucinda hoped for forgiveness from Lily, but instead, Lily asked for time apart. Lucinda and John jetted off to Amsterdam for a month, and in that time, Holden and Lily grew closer. Lucinda returned in love with John, who became the interim chief of staff at Memorial upon Bob's retirement. Lucinda left it up to Lily to decide if she wanted to run Worldwide and rebuild her relationship with her mother. A still-healing Chris proposed to Katie, and after Alison and Casey left for Carbondale, Margo and Tom switched houses with Chris and Katie. Barbara and Paul dissolved their business partnership to spend more time with their families, and Henry bought Metro back from Dusty. This marked the final broadcast week for As the World Turns.
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