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January 4 to 8, 2010
Mitch continued to make demands of Dorian. Dorian announced that Bo's replacement would be Stanley Lowell. Blair and the kids felt betrayed by Dorian's decision to appoint the man, who had once tried to kill Cole, as the new police commissioner. Blair, Addie, and the kids packed their things and then moved in with Todd. Dorian received a visit from Mel's ghost. Shane was furious when he discovered Gigi and Schuyler together. Rex was deeply hurt when Gigi admitted that she wanted to be with Schuyler, not Rex. Rex considered seeking full custody of Shane. Elijah advised Rex against a custody battle. Stacy was thrilled to learn that Gigi had chosen Schuyler. Mitch made a move against Stacy. Stacy wanted to call the police, but Mitch reminded her that Lowell was in Mitch's back pocket. Stacy revealed to Mitch that Rex wasn't the father of her baby, but Mitch didn't believe her. Rex arrived before Mitch and his accomplice could to drag Stacy out of the loft. Rex decided to move in with Stacy, in order to protect the baby. Elijah and Blair embarked on a no-strings affair. Renee was forced to respond when hotel guests complained about the noise in Elijah's room. Charlie confessed to Viki that he had fallen off of the wagon. Viki was determined to stand by her husband. Téa decided to return to Tahiti with Danielle. Todd asked Téa to spend one more night with him before she left town. Téa promised to return to Llanview one day, even though she was certain that Todd would eventually reconcile with Blair. Matthew and Danielle kissed. Ross showed up in Tahiti alive and well.
January 11 to 15, 2010
Several Llanview residents confessed to the crime of stabbing Mitch. Langston and Starr moved in with Markko and Cole, but the new living arrangements didn't work out. Dorian was thrilled to discover that David was in town, but David made it clear that he did not appreciate Dorian firing his father from his job. David was appalled to discover an Internet video Ford had produced that featured characters named Tuc and Brittany who looked exactly like David and Langston, and he hired Elijah to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ford. Langston's thoughts continued to drift to Ford. Bo, Brody, and John joined forces against Mitch and Dorian. John realized that Mitch had threatened Dorian's family. Gigi learned that Rex had moved in with Stacy in order to protect Stacy from Mitch's diabolical clutches. Gigi worried that Mitch might target Shane. Ford moved in with Cris, Layla, and Oliver. Kyle discovered that Rex was not the father of Stacy's baby. Kim wrangled an invitation to move into the Buchanan mansion. Mitch proposed arranging a fatal accident for Cole in exchange for Todd's help. Mitch was furious when Todd turned down his offer, and he vowed that Todd would regret the decision.
January 18 to 22, 2010
Dorian encountered Charlie at a roadside bar. Dorian hatched a plan to rid herself of Mitch once and for all. Dorian wanted Charlie to kill Mitch. Initially, Charlie was reluctant to agree, but Dorian proved to be persuasive. Dorian provided Charlie with an untraceable gun. Charlie allowed Viki to jump to her own conclusions when Viki spotted him in the bar with Dorian's drink at his table. Jessica received a letter from Mitch, requesting that she meet him. Brody advised Jessica against it. Brody was certain that it was a trap. Jessica found herself confronted by a determined Nurse Charles, holding a syringe. Rex hired Oliver to protect Stacy. Kyle realized that Oliver could be the father of Stacy's baby after Oliver admitted that he had slept with Stacy on two occasions. Danielle and Téa returned to Llanview. Danielle decided to check the Internet for information about Todd. Danielle was shocked to discover that Todd had raped a woman. Todd turned to Marty for help with Danielle. Marty refused to become embroiled in Todd's problems. Matthew introduced Danielle to her sister, Starr. Ford showed up at Langston's party. Langston continued to fantasize about Ford. Ford and Langston kissed.
January 25 to 29, 2010
Bo and Nora took Shane and Bree to Texas for safekeeping until Mitch was no longer a threat to the children. In Texas, Bo and Nora made love. Jessica was horrified when Mitch explained that he wanted Jessica to raise Stacy's child as her own. Jessica realized that Mitch didn't intend for her to return home to Bree. Mitch decided to resort to electric shock treatment, in order to force Jessica's compliance. Stacy moved ahead with her plans to induce her labor. Schuyler was plagued with second thoughts, but Stacy managed to assure him that everything would work out. Schuyler insisted that he, not Kim, be named the baby's guardian if anything happened to Stacy. Kyle remained suspicious of the paternity of Stacy's baby. Oliver believed Stacy's claims that Schuyler was the baby's father. Danielle refused to have anything to do with Todd. Starr opened up her home to Danielle. Danielle was eager to start her first day of school at Llanview High. Langston was rattled after a passionate kiss with Ford. Blair suspected that Ford was nothing more than a playboy who wasn't truly interested in Langston. Blair warned Ford to stay away from Langston. Marty sensed that John and Natalie were growing closer. Desperate to find Jessica, Brody resorted to threatening to kill Lowell if Lowell didn't reveal where Mitch had taken Jessica. Brody fired the gun when Lowell maintained that he had no idea where Mitch was hiding out. Lowell ducked behind John as the shot rang out. John collapsed to the ground as a red stain spread across his chest.
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February 1 to 5, 2010
John and Brody carried out a daring escape with Natalie driving the getaway car. Lowell arrested Marty for aiding and abetting. Rex rushed Stacy to the hospital when she claimed to be in labor. Schuyler changed his mind about helping Stacy to induce labor. Schuyler decided to tell Gigi the truth. Gigi confessed to Rex that she had moved on with Schuyler. Rex was hurt when Gigi admitted that she was in love with Schuyler. Kyle revealed to Roxy that Stacy was not pregnant with Rex's baby. Mitch received word that Stacy had gone into labor, so he sent Nurse Charles to kidnap the young mother. Everyone converged on Llantano Mountain just as a blizzard moved in. The icy roads forced several cars off the road. Natalie was injured when her van skidded down an embankment. John stayed behind with Natalie, while Brody continued his search for Jessica. Mitch gave Jessica electroshock treatments. Jessica emerged from the procedure in a zombie-like state. Stacy told Mitch the truth about her baby's paternity. Mitch cast Stacy out into the blizzard. Stacy went into labor while trekking for help in the snow. Rex and Oliver found Schuyler's abandoned car on Llantano Mountain. Rex discovered Stacy's will, while searching for gloves in Schuyler's car. Gigi set out to find Schuyler when he failed to appear at Viki's cabin. Mitch turned to Jessica with evil intent as he informed her that he knew of a way to fulfill the prophecy for a new messiah.
February 8 to 12, 2010
Kelly and Adriana bumped into each other in Paris. Schuyler revealed that he was the father of Stacy's baby. Rex was furious when he realized that Stacy had duped him. Mitch forced Stacy out into the blizzard after Stacy revealed that Rex was not the father of the baby. Mitch decided that he would father the next messiah with Jessica. Brody arrived in time to save Jessica from being raped by her own father. Charlie caught up with Mitch. Mel helped Dorian see the error of her ways. Dorian raced to catch up with Charlie before Charlie could kill Mitch. Tragedy struck when Dorian tried to stop Charlie from hitting his target. The shot went wild and then struck Jessica. Jessica was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Mitch was taken into custody after the police arrived on the scene. Gigi found Stacy stranded in the show. Stacy went into labor once Gigi helped Stacy to the cabin. Gigi delivered Stacy's baby girl. Stacy named her daughter Sierra Rose. Gigi realized that there was something wrong with the baby. While trying to get the baby to a hospital, Gigi wandered onto a frozen lake. As the ice began to crack under Gigi's feet, Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver arrived at the lake.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver managed to rescue Gigi and Sierra Rose, after Gigi fell through the ice. Schuyler performed CPR on Gigi, who eventually regained consciousness. Tragedy struck when Stacy tried to cross the lake to get to Sierra Rose. Stacy plunged into the icy waters when the ice cracked and then gave way. Schuyler hustled Gigi to the car with Sierra Rose, so that Gigi could rush Sierra Rose to the hospital. Rex and Oliver tried valiantly to rescue Stacy, but she drowned in the frigid waters. Kim was heartbroken when she learned that her best friend had died. Sierra Rose was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, which required surgery to correct. Charlie told Viki the truth about his role in Jessica's shooting. Viki confronted Dorian. Dorian took responsibility for her actions. Jessica underwent surgery. Brody broke the news to Viki and Clint that Mitch had given Jessica electroshock treatments. Marty walked in on John and Natalie during a heated kiss. Natalie insisted that she had thought that John was Jared, so she had kissed him. Kelly was beside herself with worry after Adriana dropped out of sight with a man that Kelly suspected might be one of Mitch's disciples. Kelly enlisted David's help to track down her cousin. Kelly and David were shocked when they located Adriana in a hotel room playing sex games. Rex learned that Schuyler was Sierra Rose's father.
February 22 to 26, 2010
Snoop Dogg returned to Llanview for a concert. Gigi was devastated when she learned that Sierra Rose had to undergo surgery. Gigi was livid when Schuyler confessed that he had known for months that Sierra Rose was his child. Gigi wanted nothing to do with Schuyler, whom she blamed for Stacy's death. Gigi leaned on Rex in her time of need. Kyle was stunned when Olivier remained reluctant to take a paternity test to determine if Oliver was Sierra Rose's father. Oliver thought it would be best for Sierra Rose to be raised in a traditional family. Brody tried to help Jessica remember their past together. Jessica could only recall her life up until high school. Jessica's feelings for Cris were reawakened. Jessica pretended to know her daughter to avoid upsetting Bree. Ford took advantage of Langston being home alone. Langston and Ford made love. Todd turned to Blair after Téa moved out. Blair refused to allow history to repeat itself. Danielle wanted to make love to Matthew, but Matthew put a stop to things. Matthew realized that Danielle wanted to make love for the wrong reasons. Rachel found the vial of oxytocin in Schuyler's backpack. Schuyler was adamant that he didn't give Stacy the labor-inducing drug. Cassie, Kelly, and Adriana flew to Llanview. Dorian was eager to have her girls under one roof again. Andrew was the bearer of bad news. Roxy paid Mitch a visit in jail. Later, Allison Perkins, dressed as Roxy, showed up to see Mitch.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Dorian's joy at having all of her girls together turned to sorrow when Andrew and Cassie broke the news that Melinda had died. Kelly was devastated to learn that her mother had passed away in her sleep of an apparent heart attack. Dorian suspected that Mitch was responsible for Melinda's death. Allison Perkins paid Mitch a visit to update him about Melinda. Jessica saw herself as a teenager in high school, not a grown woman with a child. Jessica went to Cris's apartment; she was crushed to discover that Cris was living with Layla. Jessica signed up for the high school art class that Cris taught, in order to be closer to him. Allison shadowed Jessica. Marty advised Brody that Jessica needed time to adjust. Langston continued to be drawn to Ford. Ford managed to keep his true colors hidden from Langston. Langston and Ford made love again. Kim had a vision of Stacy, in which Stacy pleaded for Kim to raise Sierra Rose. Kim asked Clint to marry her, so that Kim and Clint could gain custody of Sierra Rose. Rex found the original Sierra and Rose dolls, which he gave to Gigi. Gigi introduced Sierra Rose to her namesakes. Gigi decided to seek custody of Sierra Rose. Kyle handed Oliver the results of the paternity test, which revealed whether or not Oliver was Sierra Rose's father. Kevin returned to Llanview. Kevin proposed marriage to Kelly. Kelly explained that she couldn't marry Kevin because she didn't think that Kevin had fully forgiven her for sleeping with Duke. Marty took a home pregnancy test. John couldn't stop thinking about Natalie. Viki decided to file for divorce. Viki was deeply hurt that Charlie had been willing to throw their marriage away to kill Mitch.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Marty feared that John wasn't ready for fatherhood. Roxy urged Marty to tell John about the pregnancy. John and Natalie continued to be drawn to each other. Natalie learned that Marty was expecting John's baby. Natalie unwittingly told John about the pregnancy. Clint was delighted when Kim signed the pre-nuptial agreement. Two of Kim's stripper friends agreed to be bridesmaids. Clint and Kim got married. Clint and Viki were concerned about Jessica's decision to enroll in high school. Marty assured Clint and Viki that Jessica needed time to adjust. Layla and Brody discussed Jessica's situation. Layla wasn't pleased with Jessica's interest in Cris. Gigi was forced to hand Sierra Rose over to Schuyler. Rex accused Schuyler of trying to use Sierra Rose in an attempt to win back Gigi. Allison Perkins suggested that Sierra Rose was Mitch's ticket out of jail. Dorian tried to play matchmaker between Charlie and Viki. Viki decided to put the divorce on hold while she took Bree to London. Charlie vowed that he wouldn't give up on Viki. Hannah cried on Cole's shoulder about being dumped on New Year's Eve. Todd suggested that Kelly have sex with him. After Kelly turned down Todd's proposition, Todd offered her a job at his newspaper.
March 15 to 19, 2010
Marty was furious when she learned that Natalie had told John about the pregnancy. Bo, John, and other Llanview police officers celebrated St. Patrick's Day at Rodi's. John opened up to Bo about Marty's pregnancy. John's thoughts continued to drift to Natalie. Cole found Hannah in a drug-induced slumber with an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand. Hannah admitted that she hadn't intended to kill herself; she had just wanted a brief escape from her broken heart. Cole urged Hannah to seek professional help. Starr was horrified to learn that Llanview High's musical was about her life with Cole. Starr felt betrayed by Langston, who had promised not to write about Starr and Cole. Todd was determined to persuade Kelly to accept a job with his newspaper. Kelly realized that Todd's job offer stemmed from a desire to get to Blair. Todd admitted that he resented Blair for ruining his life with Téa and for not telling him the truth about Danielle. Kelly agreed to accept the job, but she demanded to have Todd's office. Kelly received a cryptic call about her mother's death. Jessica refused to give up on Cris. Cris tried to explain that he and Jessica had moved on since high school. Jessica pleaded for a second chance, but Cris insisted that he didn't want to lose what he had with Layla. Rex promised to help Gigi in any way that he could. Gigi asked Rex to marry her. Allison posed as a social worker to get into Schuyler's apartment. Once inside, Allison pulled out a gun.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Jessica resorted to blackmail to force Cris to allow her to be part of the school musical's stage crew. Brody warned Cris that Allison was on the loose; he wanted Cris to keep an eye on Jessica. Cris reluctantly agreed to hire Jessica. Allison drugged Schuyler and then kidnapped Sierra Rose. Later, Allison kidnapped Roxy and then told her a heartbreaking secret about Rex. Allison instructed Schuyler to take over Kyle's shift at Statesville Prison. A mystery caller revealed to Kelly that Melinda had been murdered. Kelly confided to Todd about the phone calls. Kelly and Todd went to Statesville Prison to question Mitch about Melinda's death. Mitch suffered an apparent heart attack. Gigi proposed marriage to Rex. Rex promised to help Gigi get custody of Sierra Rose, but he refused to marry Gigi. Rex worried that he and Gigi would continue to hurt each other if they didn't resolve their issues. Langston confessed that she wasn't sure if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Markko. Starr wondered if Langston was in love with Ford. Markko overheard Hannah tell Cole that she had heard Langston and Ford having sex in Ford's office. Ford accused Hannah of being a liar and a stalker. Marty fainted.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Schuyler kept Mitch confined to the infirmary until Allison arrived with Sierra Rose. Schuyler refused to give Mitch the antidote to save Mitch's life until Allison handed over Sierra Rose. Allison told a shocking story about how she had switched Roxy's baby at birth with another infant. Schuyler was stunned to learn that he was actually Roxy and Mitch's son. Bo, Brody, and the police stormed into the infirmary the moment that Schuyler opened the door. Brody reluctantly gave Mitch the antidote. Mitch accused Allison of being a "Judas" for keeping the truth about his son from him. Schuyler learned that Oliver was Sierra Rose's father. Oliver took custody of his daughter. Schuyler tricked Gigi into going with him to Viki's cabin by claiming that Allison had taken Sierra Rose. Schuyler pulled out a gun to keep Gigi from leaving the cabin when she realized that Schuyler had lied to her. Roxy was heartbroken as she confessed to Natalie and Rex that she was not Rex's mother. Rex assured Roxy that she was his mother in all the ways that mattered. Kelly was determined to question Allison about Melinda's murder. David Vickers returned to Llanview to blackmail Kim into leaving Clint. Kim agreed to divorce Clint, but she vowed to return to destroy David.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
Tragedy struck when Bo and Rex arrived at the cabin to rescue Gigi. Schuyler intended to shoot Rex, but Bo jumped into the path of the bullet at the last minute. Schuyler was horrified when he realized what he had done. Roxy vowed to stand by Schuyler's side. Schuyler was determined to accept full responsibility for his actions. Rex was stunned to learn that Schuyler was Roxy's long-lost son. Oliver was overwhelmed with his new role as Sierra Rose's father, but Kyle assured him that they would figure things out together. Oliver and Kyle went to court for custody of Sierra Rose. Jessica remained a source of tension between Cris and Layla. Jessica became jealous when she saw Natalie and Cris together. Natalie opened up to Cris about John. Langston admitted that she loved Markko, but she no longer wanted to be his girlfriend. Starr urged Langston to reconsider ending things with Markko because everything would change. Langston realized that she would have to move. Starr warned Langston not to move in with Ford. Destiny was not happy to be cast as Langston while Danielle had been given the lead in the school musical. Greg successfully operated on Bo's gunshot wound. Clint reached out to his brother. Bo proposed marriage to Nora.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Viki returned home just as Dorian offered Charlie a job overseeing a new building project. Gigi decided to drop her request for custody of Sierra Rose when she realized that Oliver and Kyle were fully committed to raising the baby. Olivier and Kyle assured Gigi that she would always be welcome in their home. Rex was determined to learn the identity of his biological parents. Kyle confirmed that the stem cells that had saved Shane's life were taken from Mitch. Todd was furious when he discovered Cole with a scantily clad Hannah. Hannah and Cole told Starr about the incident with Todd after Starr walked in on Cole comforting Hannah. Cole and Starr argued because Starr understood why Todd had been mad. Ford continued to see Karen behind Langston's back. Cris agreed to be a chaperon at the prom. Jessica was disappointed when Cris made it clear that Layla would be his date. Danielle was rattled by Todd and Starr's history as she rehearsed for the school musical. Eli caught Téa when she fainted in the courtroom. Blair was shocked when Eli wondered if he could be the love of Blair's life. John and Kelly met a patient named Rodney, who might be the key to learning what had happened to Melinda. Marty and Natalie had an ugly confrontation during which Natalie suggested that John wouldn't be with Marty if it weren't for the baby. Todd went to talk to Marty about the situation with Cole. Marty and Todd argued bitterly. Todd cruelly ordered Marty to leave town with her children. Marty made it clear that she and her family would remain in Llanview and that there was nothing that Todd could do about it. Someone pushed Marty down a flight of stairs.
April 19 to 23, 2010
John discovered Marty unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell. Marty was devastated when she learned that she had lost the baby. She recalled arguing with Natalie before the fall, so she assumed that Natalie had pushed her. Natalie was hurt when John questioned her about Marty's fall. Cole was furious when he found Todd skulking outside of Marty's hospital room. Téa suspected that Todd had been responsible for Marty's fall, but Todd denied it. Brody questioned Marty about the events leading up to the fall, and Marty realized that Todd might have pushed her. Viki encouraged Charlie to accept Dorian's job offer but warned Dorian not to cause more trouble for Charlie. Clint learned that Bo and Nora were engaged. Markko nearly discovered Langston's affair with Ford. Danielle admitted to Nate that she and Matthew were more than friends. Nate suggested that he and Danielle practice their kissing scene, but Danielle was hesitant. Rodney surprised Kelly with a visit; he insisted that Kelly needed to know something about Melinda's murder. He refused to elaborate until he talked to John but died before he had the chance. Starr warned Hannah to stay away from Cole.
April 26 to 30, 2010
Kelly suggested that Rodney's killer might have followed Rodney to town, but John suspected that a killer might be stalking the streets of Llanview. John advised Kelly not to focus on the obvious because she might miss an important clue. A handsome man from England turned up at La Boulaie and was looking for Kelly. Natalie tried to reach out to Marty, but Marty wasn't interested in making peace. Marty began to suspect that Todd might have pushed her down the stairs. Nora agreed that Todd belonged at the top of the suspect list after Marty revealed the details of her argument with Todd before the fall. Hannah lied when she claimed that she had seen Todd push Marty. Starr questioned Hannah's story. Cole was in a rage when he caught up with Todd. Cole savagely attacked Todd in the high school gymnasium. Todd was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Todd faced his worst nightmares during the time that he was clinically dead. Cole was arrested for the attack on Todd. Marty went to confront Todd. Charlie tried to nudge Jessica towards Brody by suggesting that Jessica go to the prom with Brody. Cris arranged a romantic dinner for Layla at the café. Layla suspected that Cris wanted to propose marriage. Layla was disappointed when Cris didn't ask her to marry him. Téa met with Greg to review her test results.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
Hannah claimed that she had seen Todd push Marty down the steps, which had later resulted in Marty's miscarriage. Starr suspected that Hannah was lying. The judge rejected the plea bargain that Nora had extended to Cole. The judge insisted that Cole needed to face the consequences for nearly beating a man to death. Cole suspected that Todd had bribed the judge. John began to question Hannah's story. Reed and Kelly reminisced about their past. Reed refused to allow Kelly to walk away from him for a second time. Kelly agreed to go on a date with Reed. Téa was stunned to learn that she was dying from an inoperable brain tumor. Blair accidentally discovered Téa's secret. Téa was surprised by Blair's understanding and support. Téa revealed that a second opinion had confirmed Greg's diagnosis. Blair urged Téa to be honest with Todd, but Téa couldn't find the words to tell Todd that she was dying. Blair refused to allow Téa to deal with the illness alone. Rex continued his search for his biological parents. Gigi was determined to help Rex. Darren threatened to serenade Destiny with Michael Bolton tunes until she agreed to go to the prom with him. Danielle agreed to be Matthew's prom date when she realized that Nate had asked Whitney to go to the dance.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Hannah paid Todd a visit with the intention of making a deal, but Todd wasn't interested in dropping the charges against Cole. Cole was hurt that Starr wasn't at his hearing. Hannah tried her best to continue to drive a wedge between Starr and Cole by revealing that Starr had told Todd about the overdose. Starr reached the sickening conclusion that Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs, in order to frame Todd. Starr suspected that Hannah hoped that Marty's fall would cause a rift between Starr and Cole. Todd and Cole found themselves locked up in close proximity to each other. John began to question Hannah's story after Todd revealed that Hannah had offered to change her testimony. Otto recalled his father had made the special necklace that Rex had, but Otto insisted that he had no idea who had bought it. Rex and Gigi decided to break into the shop to search around. Rex and Gigi found Otto's locked box. They were surprised that the same symbol on the necklace was on the box. Blair pressured Téa to seek treatment for the brain tumor. Téa helped Danielle pick out a prom dress. Danielle confessed to Matthew that she had kissed Nate. Danielle promised Matthew that Nate meant nothing to her. Dorian hired Shaun to guard Kelly, even while she was on a date with Reed. Roxy worried that Natalie was trying to run away from John by moving to London. Natalie poured out her feelings for John in a letter. Roxy suggested that Natalie add a rendezvous point for John to meet Natalie if he returned her feelings. The school musical kicked off.
May 17 to 21, 2010
Markko was furious when he discovered that Langston and Ford had been sleeping together. Markko broke things off with Langston and then moved out. Matthew kissed Danielle and then declared his love for her. Matthew was disappointed when Danielle mumbled, "That's sweet," before fleeing into her suite. Starr was delighted when Cole was released from jail long enough to attend the prom with her. Layla walked out on the prom when it was announced that Cris and Jessica had been elected the prom king and queen. Cris followed Layla and then proposed marriage to her. Layla happily agreed to marry Cris. Jessica was crushed when she witnessed Cris's proposal. Brody revealed to Jessica that Mitch had tried to rape her. Jessica refused to believe Brody. Jessica went to Cris's place to make another attempt to convince him that they were destined to be together. Ford took advantage of Jessica's fragile state of mind. Jessica's memories rushed back while she was in bed with Ford. Marty realized that John was in love with Natalie, so she broke things off with him. Natalie misinterpreted John and Marty's goodbye kiss. Natalie waited at Rodi's for John to show up, but when he didn't arrive by midnight, she went to Brody's place to get a lift to the airport. Natalie and Brody used alcohol and sex to try to escape their broken hearts. Afterwards, Natalie went to the airport, where she encountered John. Brody's prayers were answered when Jessica turned up on his doorstep with news that her memories had returned.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Penny arranged to have the charges against Rex and Gigi dropped. Penny provided another clue to the identity of Rex's parents that led Rex and Gigi to Santa Fe. Rex and Gigi found a stack of letters written by his parents, Rick and Lili. Rex discovered that his parents had been star-crossed lovers who had been torn apart by jealousy and lies. Lili had died of a broken heart shortly after she had dropped her baby off at the hospital. Brody was stunned when Jessica showed up on his doorstep to tell him that all of her memories had returned. At the airport, John told Natalie that she belonged with him. He explained that he and Marty had been together for the sake of the baby. Brody and Natalie decided that it would be best to keep quiet about their night together. Jessica decided not to tell anyone about her encounter with Ford. Cris and Layla found Ford bludgeoned in his bed. Ford was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Markko was the prime suspect because Markko had turned up at the hospital with a sprained wrist shortly before Ford had been found. Téa agreed to represent Markko. Markko insisted that he had nothing to do with the attack on Ford. Brody arrested Markko for the attempt on Ford's life. Blair was by Téa's side as Téa underwent her first radiation treatment. Todd took steps to locate Hannah. Hannah found herself bound and gagged when she faced Todd.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
Destiny spotted Dani and Nate kissing. Nate tried to take full responsibility for the kiss, but Dani couldn't promise that it wouldn't happen again. Destiny gave Dani an ultimatum. Destiny wanted Dani to tell Matthew what was going on, or Destiny would do it herself. Rex and Gigi returned to Llanview in time for Bo and Nora's wedding. Rex decided to stop searching for his biological father. Bo and Nora's wedding day didn't go as planned. Nora injured her eye, chipped a tooth, sprained her ankle, and ended up with green hair. Meanwhile, Bo discovered that a skunk had slipped into the church and destroyed the flowers. Bo was on the receiving end of the skunk's fury. Bo and Nora's friends and family pulled together to help save the wedding. Bo and Nora ended up wearing the wedding finery that they had worn during their first wedding. Blair was furious when she discovered that she hadn't been invited to Bo and Nora's wedding. John was sent to ask Blair to sing at Nora's wedding when the scheduled singer had been unable to perform due of an allergic reaction. Blair eventually agreed to stand in for the wedding singer when Kelly expressed an interest in singing. Bo was horrified when he realized that he didn't have anyone to marry him and Nora. David announced that he could officiate the wedding. Todd suspected that Hannah was behind the attack on Ford, so he made sure that one of his minions kept an eye on her. Natalie and Brody were determined to keep their night together a secret, so that they could focus on moving forward with John and Jessica.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
David volunteered to marry Bo and Nora when they didn't have anyone to officiate the wedding. David explained that he was an ordained minister through the Church of Scientology because "someone had to marry Tom and Katie." Clint showed up the church with a shotgun aimed at David. Clint blamed David for forcing Kim to divorce Clint. Bo and Nora were eventually married. At the reception, Rex gave a toast. Rex revealed that he had stopped looking for his biological parents because Bo was the only father he would ever need. Lindsay sent Bo and Nora a personalized wedding gift from Statesville. Dani broke up with Matthew. Matthew realized that Dani wanted to be with Nate, despite Dani's denials. Brody and Natalie remained determined to keep quiet about their night together. Dorian was shaken after a violent encounter with Aurelia Rivera. Charlie reached out to Dorian to offer her comfort. Charlie was startled when Dorian almost kissed him. Jack snapped a picture of Charlie and Dorian together, which Todd sent to Viki. Todd told Marty that he was gathering information against Hannah to prove that she was crazy. Todd warned Marty that she might not have been Hannah's only victim. Marty was stunned to realize that Todd suspected Hannah of attacking Ford. Starr met a young man named James, who turned out to be Ford's brother. Hannah spotted Starr and James in the park together. Ford's eyes fluttered open as James confessed that Ford was the only one he could talk to. James went on the run and ended up taking Starr and Hope along for the ride. Todd questioned why Téa was taking medication, so he helped himself to her medical file.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Todd learned about Téa's terminal brain tumor. Todd refused to accept that Téa might die; he vowed that he would see Téa through her health crisis. Eli arranged for a new bail hearing to secure Cole's release from jail. Hannah feared that Cole was starting to believe the claims that she had pushed Marty, in order to frame Todd. Hannah was disappointed when Cole decided to go to Starr's graduation rather than celebrate his freedom with her. Hannah lashed out at Marty. After he witnessed the heated confrontation between Hannah and Marty, John questioned Hannah about Ford. Langston and Starr graduated from high school. James abducted Starr after her graduation when he realized that Bull was after her. James revealed that he had stolen fifty thousand dollars from his criminal father. Dani and Nate found the money that James had hidden. Nate decided to give the money to his mother to ease her financial burdens. David tried to help Matthew recover from a broken heart by hiring two prostitutes. Destiny was stunned when she walked in on Matthew and the ladies of the evening. Viki warned Charlie that Dorian had a long history of targeting the men in Viki's life. Charlie promised Viki that she didn't have anything to worry about. David and Charlie intervened before Dorian and Viki's argument erupted into a food fight. Jessica opened up to Kelly about her fears that Tess or Bess might have attacked Ford. Kelly assured Jessica that there hadn't been any sign of Jessica's alternate personalities. Jessica and Kelly went to talk to Ford to get some answers. Ford informed John that he recalled the attack.
June 21 to 25, 2010
Hannah was furious when she learned that Ford had accused her of attacking him. Hannah convinced Cole that Starr had slept with James and that they had run away together. Cole decided to track down Starr to get some answers. Cole kissed Hannah, but pulled away before things went any further. Hannah admitted to Cole that she was falling for him. James and Starr hid out at Viki's cabin until they could devise a plan to deal with Bull. James and Starr stole a car. Later, James contacted Bull to arrange a meeting. Matthew pointed Bull in Nate's direction when Bull went looking for the missing money. Bull held Nate hostage in one of the country club's cabanas. Shaun found Reed going through Kelly's desk. Reed claimed that he had been looking for a pen, so that he could leave Kelly a note. Reed broke a vase to provoke an emotional response from Kelly. Reed didn't realize that the vase had been the last thing that Kelly's mother had given her. Kelly broke things off with Reed. Kelly found a folded piece of paper, with the name Bennett Thompson scrawled across it, among the shattered pieces of the vase. Dani was stunned when she discovered her parents in bed together. Téa explained that she and Todd had reconciled.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
Bo and Nora returned from their honeymoon. Bo and Nora were impressed with how well David had handled everything while they were away, but their pleasure quickly turned to outrage when David's hooker stepped out of the bathroom and was looking for the boys. Bull held Nate hostage. Dani reached out to Todd for help. Bull decided to up the ransom price. Dani slipped into the trunk of Todd's car before he drove to meet Bull. Starr and James were involved in an accident that had totaled the car that they had intended to give to Bull as collateral. Starr and James escaped without injury, so they decided to steal another car. James surprised Starr with a kiss. Rex questioned Ford about the briefcase and business card that Rex had found. Ford made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with his father. Blair warned Ford to stay away from Langston. Blair was surprised when Elijah proposed marriage. Blair gently explained that she needed some time to think things over. It was revealed that Elijah had been blackmailing Ford. Hannah admitted that the police were after her because they suspected that she had bludgeoned Ford. Cole was furious when Hannah confessed that she had lied about Todd pushing Marty. Cole realized that Hannah had manipulated him about Starr and James. Hannah was arrested for the attack on Ford. Jessica followed Kelly's advice; she told Brody about her encounter with Ford after the prom.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Shots rang out when Todd faced off with Bull. Starr was horrified to realize that she had killed Bull. James was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Starr and Cole were reunited. Starr assured Cole that nothing had happened between her and James. Cole confessed that Hannah had lied and manipulated him. Dani was devastated when she learned that her mother was terminally ill with a brain tumor. Nate offered Dani some comfort and sage advice. Matthew felt guilty about endangering several lives. David urged Matthew not to tell anyone about Bull. Todd was shocked when Téa revealed that Ross was alive. Eli proposed marriage to Blair. Blair wasn't eager to rush into marriage, so she asked Eli to give her some time to think things over. Ford threatened to tell the police the truth, that Eli had attacked him, if Eli didn't back off. Hannah admitted that she had lied about Todd pushing Marty down the stairs. Eli arranged to represent Hannah after she was arrested. Eli warned Hannah to keep quiet about his role in Marty's miscarriage. Jessica told Brody about her encounter with Ford after the prom. Mrs. Williamson was surprised to find Layla and Cris in her living room. Layla blurted out that she was engaged to be married to Cris. Mrs. Williamson gave her daughter her blessing and then broke the news that Evangeline was in the hospital.
July 12 to 16, 2010
Viki and Charlie hatched a plan to seduce David and Dorian, in an effort to reunite them. David baked a batch of muffins for Bo, but Bo tossed David out. David offered the muffins to Natalie and Jessica when he showed up at Llanfair. Natalie and Jessica became violently ill after they ate the muffins. Layla and Cris learned that Evangeline was on life-support. The doctors informed the family that Evangeline wouldn't get better. Lisa refused to consider turning off the machines, but Layla wondered if Evangeline had left a living will. The charges against Todd were dropped. Todd asked Téa to marry him. Téa feared that Todd wanted to marry her out of pity, but Todd insisted that Téa was the love of his life. John, Marty, and Cole questioned the timing of Hannah's breakdown. John suspected that Eli was somehow behind the sudden change in Hannah. Blair happily accepted Eli's proposal. Jack was less than thrilled about his mother's decision to marry Eli. Eli was stunned to discover that Ross was alive. Téa explained that they had promised to keep Ross's secret because Ross was a fugitive. Starr couldn't get James out of her mind. Cole was hurt because Starr didn't turn to him for help when she had been in trouble. Inez decided to return the money that Nate had given her. Ford and James talked about their mother, who had abandoned them. Ford was stunned when he spotted his mother, Inez. Ford made it clear that he and James wanted nothing to do with Inez. Inez arranged to pay for her sons' medical bills. Langston was heartbroken when Markko announced that he had accepted a scholarship to UCLA.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Jessica and Natalie both learned that they were pregnant. Natalie feared that Brody might be the father of her baby, so she only shared her news with Gigi. Brody was overjoyed when Jessica told him about the pregnancy. Ford got tested for hepatitis C. Gigi learned that she had been accepted at Llanview University. Eli was startled when Lisa Williamson called him and asked for Bennett Thompson in regard to Evangeline. Lisa decided to honor Evangeline's wishes. Eli followed Rex to Boston and drugged him. Charlie and Viki decided to head out of town for a while. Ford was stunned to discover that he had another younger brother. Todd and Téa announced their engagement.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Eli took steps to stop the investigation. Rex and Kelly figured out that Bennett Thompson had drugged Rex. Kelly talked to John about what had transpired in Boston. Kelly discovered that John suspected that Eli was Bennett Thompson. Blair caught Eli in a lie, but he managed to throw her off track by showing her an engagement ring, which he claimed he had picked up in New York. Eli talked Blair into eloping. Jack was determined to stop his mother from marrying Eli. Evangeline was taken off of life-support and then died. Natalie contemplated terminating her pregnancy. Gigi urged Natalie to take her time before making a decision. Todd arranged for a justice of the peace to marry him and Téa. Téa and Todd told Starr about Téa's terminal illness. Todd surprised everyone when he spoke on Cole's behalf after Cole had pleaded guilty to the assault. The judge sentenced Cole to time served and community service. Cole and Starr had a bitter argument about Hannah after Cole admitted that he had almost slept with her. Cole revealed to John that Hannah had denied pushing Marty and attacking Ford. Hannah reached out to Ford for help. Ford advised Hannah to write a letter detailing everything, in the event that something happened to her. Eli decided to permanently silence Hannah. Inez explained to Ford why she had left. Ford realized that he and James had a brother.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
Natalie told John that she was pregnant. John and Kelly closed in on the truth about Bennett Thompson. John told Brody about his suspicions regarding Eli. Kelly accused Eli of being a murderer. Blair didn't believe Kelly's claims, but she did decide to postpone the wedding. Eli was frustrated when Blair suggested that they pick another day to get married instead of sharing the special day with Todd and Téa. Todd and Téa exchanged wedding vows. Téa admitted to Greg that she had experienced several episodes of forgetfulness and confusion. Greg broke the news that Téa's health was declining more quickly than he had anticipated, so he recommended that she go to a hospice. Téa told Todd and Dani that she didn't want them to see her in her final hours. Todd learned that Evangeline had died. Layla found a file among Evangeline's things with Bennett Thompson's name on it. Layla told John about Evangeline's passing. John was surprised when Layla mentioned Bennett Thompson's name. Eli overheard Layla and John's revealing conversation. Eli forced Hannah to take an overdose of pills. Cole found Hannah in the nick of time. Starr was certain that Hannah was still obsessed with Cole. Starr learned that James had decided to remain in Llanview. James wondered if there was a chance for him and Starr. Cole arrived home before Starr could answer James. James moved into Ford's apartment. Eli threatened to hurt James if Ford didn't keep quiet. Bo offered Inez a job. Dorian and David went to great lengths to prove that they weren't in love with each other. Clint agreed to play along with Dorian's ruse if she promised to accept his bid for a city project.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Téa explained that she only had weeks left to live, so she wanted to go to the hospice to die alone. Dani was upset by her mother's decision, but Todd agreed to honor Téa's wishes. Blair agreed to be Dani's legal guardian after Téa passed away. Kelly managed to slip into Eli's room to search for proof that he was Bennett Thompson. Kelly was forced to hide under the bed when Eli returned to his room. Kelly witnessed Eli shredding a file. Kelly reached out to Rex via text message for help. Rex suggested that Natalie might be able to piece the file back together. Natalie told Brody about her pregnancy. Gigi promised to keep Brody and Natalie's secret. Brody was determined to tell Jessica the truth about his one-night stand with Natalie. Jessica was stunned when Kelly told her that Ford had an STD test shortly after he'd been told that Jessica had hepatitis. Jessica decided to tell Ford about the baby, in an effort to get him to tell the truth about prom night. James wondered if he had a chance with Starr. Starr made it clear that she didn't have any intention of breaking up with Cole. Ford and Starr were surprised when James asked Langston out on a date. Langston agreed to go out with James to spite Ford. Cole went to visit Hannah. Hannah learned that Cole had saved her life. Hannah was on the verge of telling Cole about Eli when Eli entered her room. John met with Hannah alone to urge her to tell him what had really happened when she overdosed. Viki and Charlie returned to Llanview. Nate was shocked when Inez told him that he had two older brothers. Dani urged Nate to forgive his mother.
August 16 to 20, 2010
Ford admitted to Jessica that they'd had sex on prom night. Jessica made it clear that Brody would be her child's father. Ford didn't object to Jessica's plans. Greg and Eli were revealed to be in cahoots. Greg let Eli know that everything with Téa was going according to plan. Blair revealed that Kelly had suspicions about Eli. Eli tried to intimidate Kelly. Hannah opened up to John about the things that Eli had done to her. After his talk with Hannah, John decided to have a chat with Ford. Ford was arrested and then taken in for questioning. Ford admitted that Eli had attacked him. Ford was livid when Inez called Eli to represent him. Todd enlisted Shaun's help to track down Téa. Blair invited Dani to move in with her while Todd searched for Téa. Viki and Jessica were thrilled to learn that Natalie was also pregnant. Natalie managed to piece together Bennett Thompson's mug shot. Nora couldn't issue an arrest warrant simply because Eli had changed his name. Later, John went to La Boulaie to make an arrest. James continued to find reasons to be near Starr. Cole and Starr grew more distant because of James.
August 23 to 27, 2010
David found himself locked up in a Moroccan prison, thanks to Clint. Clint revealed that he had hired someone to forge a letter to Dorian and then hack into David's MyFace account to make it appear as if David were living the highlife after jilting Dorian. Clint wanted David to suffer for the next twenty years for his role in forcing Kim to leave Clint. An arrest warrant was issued for Eli, but he had managed to flee the country with Blair before the police caught up to him. John, Rex, and Kelly figured out that Eli and Blair had flown to Tahiti. Ross arrived in time to witness Eli and Blair's wedding. Marty was hurt when she learned that John and Natalie were expecting a baby. Jessica turned to Ford for answers when the doctor explained that they needed to know if Jessica's unborn child had the same RH disease as the baby that Jessica had lost. Ford readily showed Jessica his medical records, which confirmed his was RH negative. James agreed to stop dating Langston. Starr admitted to Langston that she couldn't stop thinking about James. Cole paid Hannah a visit to find out how Eli had forced her to take the overdose of pills. Cole was stunned when Hannah revealed that she had taken the pills to keep Eli from killing Cole. Todd realized that Shaun had helped Téa to the hospice. Shaun agreed to take Todd and Dani to St. Kitts to see Téa before she died. Greg broke the news to Todd and Dani that Téa had passed away the night before.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
John was furious when he realized that Ross had been arrested instead of Eli. Blair married Eli, but afterwards, she received a call from Kelly. Kelly told Blair that Eli's last two wives had been murdered. At gunpoint, Blair confronted Eli about Kelly's claims. Eli was forced to admit that he had killed his wives. A shot rang out while Blair and Eli struggled for the gun. Eli was shot, but Blair didn't have an opportunity to save Eli because a fire broke out. John managed to get Blair out of the burning building, but the roof collapsed before John could get to Eli. John and Blair learned that a body had been recovered from the burned-out building. Blair and John viewed the body, but it had been burned so badly that it could have been anyone. Ford admitted to Langston that he had lied about Hannah because Eli had threatened to hurt Langston. Langston softened toward Ford, but she remained determined to not get involved with him again. Langston admitted that she was hurt that Ford had slept with someone who might have given him an STD. Brody learned that Jessica feared that her unborn baby might have the same Rh disease as Chloe had. Brody didn't understand why Jessica insisted on going through with the test when his blood was compatible with Jessica's. Todd and Dani struggled to accept that Téa had died before they could get to her.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
Jessica's guilty conscience drove her to confess to Brody that he might not be the father of the baby. Brody quickly figured out that Ford had taken advantage of Jessica after the prom. Things turned violent when Brody confronted Ford about sleeping with Jessica. Langston was horrified to realize that Ford could be the father of Jessica's child. Natalie was tempted to tell John about her one-night stand with Brody, but changed her mind when Marty stopped by to talk to John about Eli's death. Marty admitted that she was happy that John had a chance to be a father again. Kelly was upset when John broke the news that Eli had died in a fire. Kelly wished that she could have had the opportunity to confront her mother's killer. Kelly broke the news to Blair that Téa had passed away. Blair immediately rushed to Dani's side. Greg let Todd know that Téa had changed her mind about not seeing Todd and Dani before she had died. Someone sent a text message to Greg, warning him to stop talking. Greg tried to confide to Marty about what he had done, but in the end he couldn't risk being found out for fear that those he cared about would pay the price. Greg was stunned to find someone waiting for him in Téa's room at the hospice. John warned Todd that Ross might make an appearance. Todd wondered if Eli and Ross were in cahoots. Todd and Dani were hit hard when they received an urn containing Téa's ashes. Starr and Cole continued to drift apart because of James, and because of Cole's decision to keep quiet about Eli. Clint asked Inez out on a date.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Greg was shocked to discover that Eli was alive. Eli revealed how he had faked his death and then fled Tahiti with Ross's help. Ross turned up on Todd's doorstep. Ross produced a will that was signed by Téa, which named Ross as Dani's primary guardian. Eli confessed to Greg that he had switched documents at the last moment, so that Téa would sign the altered will. Eli also arranged for the charges in Seattle to be dropped against Ross. Ross denied to everyone that he knew what his brother had been up to. John questioned if Eli had truly died in the fire. Natalie and John decided to collect DNA evidence from Eli's hotel room. John and Natalie were able to confirm that the body found in Tahiti was not Eli. Brody assured Jessica that he was still committed to her despite the uncertainty of the baby's paternity. Shaun was shocked when Vivian advised Destiny and Darren to practice safe sex. Layla suggested that she and Cris try having a long-distance relationship, so that they both could follow their dreams. Clint learned that Kelly had hired Rex to find David. Kelly believed that Dorian could find closure if Dorian had an opportunity to dump David. Langston pulled Ford into a passionate kiss. Ford was unaware that Langston had captured the kiss on camera. Langston arranged for the school to receive the pictures, which resulted in Ford's termination for inappropriate conduct with a student. Ford was shocked when Langston admitted what she had done. It was revealed that Greg had hidden Téa away where she appeared to be alive and undergoing treatment.
September 20 to 24, 2010
Eli told Ross an edited version about of how Téa had fallen ill. Ross was unaware that Eli had drugged Téa and then persuaded Greg to lie about the brain tumor. At the same moment, Greg confessed to an unconscious Téa that there had been nothing wrong with her until she had met him. Greg told her about the steps that he had taken to protect Téa and to keep Eli from hurting his family. Greg was stunned when Téa woke up. Téa wondered where Todd and Dani were. Natalie spotted Ross on the phone with Eli, so she snatched the phone out of Ross's hand. Eli quickly disconnected the call before Natalie realized who was on the other end of the line. Langston regretted sending the damaging pictures of Ford kissing her when she realized that James had also paid the price. James was upset when he realized that he would not be able to continue attending Llanview University. Starr tried to comfort James, but James gave in to temptation and kissed her. Starr made it clear that her heart belonged to Cole. Destiny and Dani slipped into the courtroom while the judge determined if the will that Ross had produced was valid. Matthew found Rex sneaking files out of Clint's office. Rex decided to confront Clint about the file on David that he had found in Clint's office. Clint persuaded Rex to lie to Kelly about David's whereabouts. Gigi questioned if Kelly was interested in Rex. Kelly promised that there was nothing going on between her and Rex. Marty testified on Hannah's behalf and then agreed to take custody of her if Hannah were released from St. Anne's.
September 27 to October 1, 2010
Todd was stunned when Greg testified that Téa had told him that she wanted Ross to raise Dani after she died. Destiny was certain that Greg had lied. The judge granted Ross custody of Dani. Ross wanted to return to Tahiti with Dani, so he played a damaging tape of Todd threatening to kill him. The judge agreed that Ross could leave the country with Dani. Dani was heartbroken by the ruling, especially after Nate left the courtroom. Dani assured Todd that she loved him and that she had chosen to live with him, not Ross. Todd reached out to Viki for help. Téa was desperate to see Todd and Dani, but no one would explain to her why they weren't with her. Téa got her hands on a cell phone and then called Todd. Inez questioned Clint's motive for offering to help her sons. Clint explained that he was a rich man with a lot of power, and that wasn't any fun unless he was able to utilize it occasionally. John and Natalie began to suspect that Greg might have helped Eli. Eli was furious when he realized that John had been asking questions. Eli bragged that he had arranged for everyone to learn the truth about Greg if anything happened to Eli. Greg decided that he had to stop Eli. Eli and Greg struggled over a syringe filled with a lethal dose of tranquilizers. Bo lamented to Rex that he regretted that he hadn't been a better influence on David. Bo was curious if Rex had found David. Rex was tempted to tell the truth, but in the end he claimed that he had tracked David down to a "foam party" in Ibiza. According to Rex, David was having too much fun to return home. Gigi grew flustered when she had to work with a nude model. Cris helped Gigi overcome her modesty. Charlie was stunned when he found Echo DiSavoy standing on his doorstep. Calling him "Chuckles," Echo embraced Charlie and squealed with delight.
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October 4 to 8, 2010
Todd was stunned when Téa called him, but the nurse snatched the phone out of Téa's hand before Téa could say anything beyond Todd's name. Todd called the number back, but the nurse claimed that she had misdialed. John found Greg on the brink of death after Eli had injected Greg with a deadly dose of morphine. The Evans family raced to Greg's side. Viki wasn't pleased when Echo DiSavoy turned up on her doorstep. Charlie was surprised to learn that Echo had engaged in an affair with Clint. Echo claimed that she was in town to see Charlie, who had once been her lover when they had lived in Las Vegas. Everyone was surprised to discover that Dani had disappeared. Starr warned James that Natalie had found his necklace at the house. Starr admitted that she had lied to everyone, except Cole, to explain the necklace's presence. Dani feared that Natalie would figure out that James was hiding her in his apartment. Starr decided to sneak Dani onto Todd's yacht until they could prove that Téa's will had been forged. Hannah and Cole kissed. Hannah was crushed when Cole admitted that his heart belonged to Starr. John warned Todd that Eli was alive. Ross met his brother on the docks. Eli shot Ross and then tossed Ross's body into the water before Todd showed up with a gun. Eli managed to gain the upper hand and fled. Todd started to follow Eli, but Ross reached up out of the water to beg for Todd's help. Dani jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw Todd standing over Ross's dead body. Dani ran to her sister's apartment before the authorities arrived at the docks. Starr arrived home to find that Eli had killed the babysitter. Eli took Dani, Starr, and Hope hostage.
October 11 to 15, 2010
Eli abducted Starr, Hope, and Dani. Eli took his hostages to Cherryvale Clinic to get some supplies to treat his gunshot wound. Starr managed to escape Eli's clutches with Hope. Eli let Todd and Blair believe that he still had Starr and Hope when he made a ransom demand. Starr called Cole, but he had left his phone behind at Marty's house. Hannah answered Starr's cry for help. Hannah pulled a gun on Starr and Hope. Hannah stashed her captives in the attic of her family's home. Hannah intended to leave Starr and Hope locked in the attic long enough for Cole to fall in love with her. Téa didn't trust the people around her, so she decided to escape the clinic. Téa was thrilled when she bumped into Eli at the bottom of the clinic's stairwell. Téa told Eli about her miracle recovery. Eli helped Téa to his car and then locked her in the trunk of the car moments before Dani returned with the first aid supplies. Eli forced Dani back into the car and then sped away. Dani broke free and then closed in on the room where Téa was held captive. Téa was horrified when Eli revealed that Greg had lied about the brain tumor. Téa and Dani were reunited. Natalie tried to question Greg as he drifted in and out of consciousness. Greg told Natalie that Téa was alive. Natalie went to Cherryvale Clinic to check, but discovered that the patient and nurse that she had been looking for had vanished. Greg's parents debated telling Greg's secret. Greg's mother felt that Destiny deserved to know the truth. Eli slipped into Greg's room with deadly intentions.
October 18 to 22, 2010
Rex learned that Echo had been in Llanview less than a year after she had agreed at her trial to never return. Rex wondered if Clint knew why, but Clint refused to answer Rex's questions. Rex slipped into Echo's room, where he found a half-heart pendant like the one that his mother had worn. Rex realized that Echo might know the true identity of his father. Destiny tried to celebrate her birthday, but her thoughts were on Greg. Vivian saved Greg's life after Eli injected something into Greg's I.V. Greg woke up and then asked to speak to the police. Greg confessed to Natalie that Eli had been blackmailing him and that Téa was at Cherryvale Clinic. Destiny was stunned to learn that Greg was her biological father. Eli held Téa and Dani captive in the warehouse as he made a sizeable ransom demand from Todd. Todd and Blair continued to believe that Eli had Starr and Hope as well as Dani. The police and SWAT team converged on the warehouse. Natalie arrived in time to let Brody know that Téa was alive and that Eli had her. Blair was shocked after she slipped into the warehouse and then stumbled onto Téa. An explosion ripped through the warehouse when Eli detonated the bomb. Starr's attempt to escape the attic failed. James, Ford, and Langston grew suspicious of Hannah, so they decided to stake out Marty's house to keep an eye on Hannah. Hannah tried to work her wiles on Cole, but Cole was too worried about Starr and Hope to focus on anything else. Langston grew concerned when she noticed that Ford had coughed up some blood.
October 25 to 29, 2010
John arrested Eli after an explosion ripped through the warehouse. Believing that Starr and Hope had perished in the explosion, Cole took his rage out on Eli, shooting Eli dead. Marty urged Cole to flee the scene then took responsibility for Eli's murder. Marty noticed that Brody and Natalie appeared to have a secret. Blair and Téa survived the blast; however, they were trapped in a storm drain. John and Todd tried to search for survivors, but the building crumbled around them. Todd and Téa were reunited. Hannah took James, Starr, and Hope hostage then forced James and Starr to dig their own graves. Starr was horrified when Hannah ordered her to bury James alive. James managed to escape the makeshift grave and to help Starr overpower Hannah. Cole was moved to tears when Starr and Hope walked through the door. Viki was shocked to hear that Echo might know something about Rex's birth father. Clint was surprised to discover that Echo was still in town. Echo showed Clint the necklace that had once belonged to Rex's father. Clint's private investigator gave Clint the half of the necklace that had once belonged to Rex's mother.
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November 1 to 5, 2010
Natalie was forced to tell John that Cole's fingerprints had been found on the gun that had been used to kill Elijah. Marty was furious and lashed out at Natalie. Marty vowed to make Natalie pay for not covering for Cole. Marty and Nora blamed themselves for their roles in making Hannah's reign of terror possible. Cole revealed to Starr that he had killed Eli. Starr offered to go on the run with Cole, but Cole decided to turn himself over to the police. Viki realized that the letters attributed to Rex's biological parents were from a book of love letters written by Blaize Pardee, Asa's grandmother. Clint continued to pretend that he didn't know the significance of the necklace or letters that Rex's parents had exchanged. Echo told Clint that Rex was their son. Echo opened up to Clint about the day that she had decided to leave her newborn son at the hospital with half of the necklace that Clint had given to her. Echo was stunned when she realized that Clint had forged the letters. Cris was offered an opportunity to fly to Paris for work. Gigi was thrilled when Cris insisted that he needed her help on the trip. Téa and Dani faced Greg before Greg was carted off to jail. Shaun was horrified to learn that Greg had covered up the accidental death of Destiny's mother. Brody gave Natalie a copy of his DNA profile and then urged her to get a paternity test, so that she could find out who the father of her baby was. Jessica and Brody went ahead with the paternity test. Jessica agreed to let Ford know the test results. Natalie decided to have an amniocentesis.
November 8 to 12, 2010
Téa, Todd, and Dani invited friends and loved ones to a celebration of their marriage and Téa's return. Viki was certain that Echo was Rex's mother and that Charlie was Rex's father. Charlie had his doubts, but Viki pointed out that the timing of Charlie's affair with Echo made it possible. Rex learned from Viki that the love letters written by Rick and Lili were from a book. Clint threatened to have Rex tossed in jail if Echo revealed that Rex was their son. Rex was shocked when he overheard Echo admit she was Rex's mother. Eddie made it clear that he expected James to repay the stolen money. Eddie decided to stay with his sons until the fifty thousand dollars had been returned to him. Eddie was reunited with Inez and Nate. Ford warned his mother that Eddie could cause problems for James if they weren't careful. Inez turned to Bo for help with Eddie. Dorian was determined to find a way to keep Langston and Ford apart. Cole was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing Eli. Cole was given time to put his affairs in order, so he decided to end things with Starr because he wanted her to move forward. Devastated, Starr turned to James for comfort. James put the brakes on things when Starr's kiss nearly ended in bed. In Paris, Adriana was stunned to learn that Gigi and Rex hadn't been intimate for some time. Cris was hurt when his time with Layla was cut short because she chose work over him. Gigi and Cris found themselves in a heated kiss. Cris invited Gigi to his room for "wild French sex." Rex and Kelly shared a passionate kiss, but they decided to remain friends. Kelly decided to reach out to Joey. Marty told John about Natalie's amniocentesis, but Natalie lied to keep John from finding out about the paternity test.
November 15 to 19, 2010
Rex was stunned by Echo's shocking confession that she was his biological mother. Echo claimed that Rex's father could be Clint or Charlie, so Viki demanded a paternity test. Clint took steps to make certain that Charlie was proven to be Rex's father. Dorian told Viki about her suspicions that Clint was really Rex's father. Viki was stunned when Clint admitted that he had the other half of the necklace that Echo had left with Rex as a newborn. Clint managed to spin a web of lies to make himself appear innocent to Viki. Destiny went to Greg's sentencing, but wasn't moved by her parents' impassioned pleas for understanding. Destiny's resentment flared when she learned the tragic circumstances of her biological mother's death. The judge sentenced Greg to six years in jail. Marty figured out why Natalie had undergone an amniocentesis. Marty gave Brody's revealing medical records to Jessica. According to Marty, she didn't want Brody's files to fall into the wrong hands during the investigation into her role in Hannah's release from the sanitarium. Marty was furious when Brody showed her that he had pictures of her breaking into Vivian's office to steal Natalie's file. Brody warned Marty that he would turn the pictures over to the authorities if she didn't leave Natalie, Jessica, John, and him alone. Kelly left some embarrassing messages for Joey after getting drunk and then kissing Rex. Kelly decided to talk to Joey in person to explain the messages, but she ran into Kevin instead. Nora reminded Inez that Bo was a married man. Inez denied that she was interested in Nora's husband, but Nora was certain that Inez had a crush on Bo. Bo paid Eddie a visit to warn him not to cause trouble for Inez, James, Robert, and Nate. Todd served Marty with a court order barring her from seeing Hope. All of the paternity results were in.
November 22 to 26, 2010
Rex received confirmation that Echo and Charlie were his biological parents. Dorian warned Viki to watch Echo carefully. Viki was confident that Charlie wouldn't fall for Echo's attempts to seduce him. Echo turned up at Llanfair after Roxy tossed Echo out. Kelly learned that Joey was on his way home. Dorian was adamant that Clint was hiding something, so she was determined to discover what it was. Matthew realized that Clint was up to something when Vimal refused to explain why Clint needed a hospital key. Vimal admitted to Clint that the paternity test had established that Clint was Rex's father. Vimal also revealed that he had followed Clint's instructions by switching the results of Clint's daughter's paternity test to read that Brody Lovett had fathered the child instead of "the other man."Vimal confessed that Marty had walked in on him after he had changed the tests. Jessica and Brody were overjoyed to learn that the baby was Brody's. Natalie lied to Brody about the results of her paternity test. Ford agreed to abstain from sex for six months to show Langston that he was a changed man. Things turned violent when Eddie showed up on the Cramer doorstep for Thanksgiving. Cris gave Blair the box that Eli had left for her. Destiny decided to divorce her parents. Nora and Matthew were annoyed to discover that Clint had invited Inez and Nate to spend Thanksgiving with them. Inez was stunned when Clint told her that he wanted her to sleep with Bo.
November 29 to December 3, 2010
Todd learned about the abuse that James and Ford had suffered because of Eddie. Todd was reminded of the torture that he had endured at the hands of Peter Manning. Ford turned to Clint for the money to pay off Eddie. Ford tried to force Clint's hand by threatening to reveal that Clint had recently put Ford in the hospital, but Clint wasn't intimidated. However, Clint agreed to give Ford the money for Inez's sake. Bo and Nora got into a heated argument about Inez. Nora was certain that Inez had a crush on Bo. Inez reluctantly agreed to seduce Bo in exchange for Clint's promise to get Eddie to leave town. Clint hired Eddie to kidnap Nora and then hold her hostage. Kelly struck up a friendship with a woman named Aubrey during the flight to Llanview. Joey picked up his new love, Aubrey, from the airport. Joey was eager to introduce Aubrey to his parents. Aubrey and Kelly continued to bump into each other, unaware that they were each in love with Joey. Marty blamed Starr for Cole's downfall. Marty had a change of heart about giving John the gift-wrapped box containing Natalie's paternity test results. Todd hired Rex to keep tabs on Marty. Dorian plied Echo with alcohol in an attempt to get Echo to confess that Clint was Rex's father. Dorian's plan fell apart when Viki and Charlie showed up at the restaurant. Nate and Dani decided to wait to have sex.
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December 6 to 10, 2010
Nora remained Eddie's hostage, while Eddie carried out Clint's orders. Rex closed in on Nora. Clint was stunned when Matthew revealed that he knew that Clint was Rex's father. Clint claimed that he didn't want Rex to be in the family fold because Rex was a con man. Clint took advantage of Matthew's insecurities by planting seeds of doubt about Bo's love for Matthew and the state of Bo and Nora's marriage. Marty wrote a prescription to help Inez sleep. Inez drugged Bo. Matthew saw Inez and Bo kissing. Rex found a copy of Natalie's paternity test at Marty's house. Natalie was distraught after she realized that Marty intended to give the test to John. Natalie decided to confront Marty. Natalie suggested that perhaps Marty should have been a better mother, so Cole wouldn't have felt justified to commit cold-blooded murder. Natalie was stunned when John proposed marriage to her. Ford was surprised when he bumped into his old flame, Aubrey. Kelly learned that Joey and Aubrey were engaged. Kelly tried to tell Joey how she felt about him, but then opted to lie. Kelly explained that she had flown to London to tell Joey that she and Kevin had reconciled. A confrontation between Eddie and Ford turned violent. James got his hands on Eddie's gun.
December 13 to 17, 2010
John wondered why Natalie wanted to keep their engagement a secret. Natalie explained that she just wanted to it to be "ours" for a while. Eddie's slain body was found in his motel room. There were several prime suspects including Eddie's sons and Todd. Starr questioned James about what he had been doing in Eddie's room the night of Eddie's murder. James insisted that the entire night had been a blur; however, he admitted that he had taken the gun from Eddie's duffel bag. James claimed that "it had just happened" and that someone like Eddie shouldn't have been carrying around a loaded gun. Matthew was distraught after finding his father in Inez's arms. Matthew drove recklessly in a fit of rage, forcing Rex's car off of the road shortly after Rex had rescued Nora from Eddie's room. Rex was injured and then rushed to the hospital. Inez lied by telling Bo that they'd had sex. Bo was desperate to find Nora; his concern mounted when Rex revealed that Nora had been in the car at the time of the accident. Bo discovered Nora's wedding ring at the crash site, but Nora was nowhere to be found. Bo's despair turned to jubilation when Nora stepped out of the woods, shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Nora recalled leaving the car to get help, but then she had blacked out. Matthew made it back to Llanview unscathed. Nate was stunned when Matthew revealed that Inez and Bo were having an affair. Blair questioned why Todd's cufflink had been found in Eddie's motel room. Todd was certain that someone had set him up.
December 20 to 24, 2010
Bo was on the verge of telling Nora about his infidelity with Inez when Clint stepped in to offer Bo some brotherly advice. Clint hinted to Inez that her sons had been seen near Eddie's room around the time of Eddie's murder. Natalie pleaded with Marty not to tell John about the baby's true paternity. Marty insisted that she wanted to start the year off with a clean slate, so she refused to keep Natalie's secret. Natalie argued that she was not responsible for Cole's fate because Cole had confessed to killing Eli. Natalie warned Marty that ruining Natalie's life would have repercussions for Marty, so Marty agreed to keep quiet. John gave Natalie his mother's engagement ring. Todd suspected that Marty had framed him for Eddie's murder. Todd decided to tell Dani about the cufflink in Eddie's room before she heard about it from someone else. Dani believed her father when he told her that he was not responsible for Eddie's death. Nate was arrested for Eddie's murder after a search of Inez and Nate's home yielded a gun. Viki was furious when she realized that Echo had intentionally kept quiet about Rex's accident. Viki's frustration mounted when Charlie revealed that he intended to help Echo through her alcohol recovery. Viki reached out to Dorian for help with Echo. Dorian lured Echo away on Christmas Eve with promises of a fat paycheck. Echo found herself locked out on Dorian's rooftop. Kelly began to wonder about Aubrey's past. A mystery person continued to call Aubrey.
December 27 to 31, 2010
Natalie was surprised when John suggested that they get married immediately instead of waiting. John promised that they could have a big reception later. John asked Brody to be his best man while Natalie asked Jessica to be the maid of honor. Marty learned of John and Natalie's wedding plans. Marty stopped the wedding before the judge could pronounce John and Natalie "man and wife." Clint tried to enlist Viki's help to keep Joey from marrying Aubrey. Viki warned Clint not to interfere because it could alienate Joey. Aubrey was horrified when she saw a picture of herself and another man in a French magazine. Rex managed to slip into Aubrey's room, but didn't find anything incriminating against Kelly's rival. Rex was forced to duck under the bed when Aubrey returned unexpectedly. Aubrey called a mystery person about the French magazine. Joey and Kelly spent New Year's Eve together. Aubrey returned to her hotel room on the pretense of being ill only to be reunited with a lover. Cris was upset when he saw pictures of Layla and her boss in a fashion magazine. Bo confessed to Nora that he'd had a one-night-stand with Inez. Nora was devastated that Bo had been sleeping with Inez while Nora had been at the mercy of Eddie's lecherous intentions. Nora asked Bo to leave. Bo vowed not to give up on their marriage. Dani was granted permission to spend New Year's Eve with Nate in jail. Langston decided to spend New Year's Eve with Starr instead of Ford. Later, Langston and Starr bumped into Ford and James when they went to visit Nate in jail.
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