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January 2 to 6, 2006
While making out in the car on New Year's Eve, Rex pulled away from Adriana to protect her. After overhearing Adriana say she should be with Duke, Rex fell into another woman's arms and was caught by a hurt Adriana, who still managed to end things with Duke afterward. Kevin was rescued from the roadside, but he lingered in the hospital, suffering from a possibly sterility inducing virus. Spencer told a drugged Asa all about his plan to destroy the Buchanans and left a photo, but Asa did not remember what happened. Opening statements in Todd's trial were heard. John's therapist Dr. Crosby got under John's skin, and Bo told John he either had to deal with Dr. Crosby, or suffer suspension. Nash and Tess snuck off to make love and discuss their future, but Antonio learned about a restraining order against Nash and tracked them down. Cristian agreed to give Natalie a divorce, but he told her he intended to win her back. Clint kissed Niki to bring Viki back. David kissed Dorian on New Year's Eve, but the next day Dorian told Viki that she intended to date Clint.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Bo told Paige he felt uneasy about keeping her son a secret from Spencer, which prompted Paige to retract her request. Spencer forced David to break into Asa's and retrieve a photo, and although David found it and knew who the woman in the photo was, his theft was thwarted by a maid. Spencer bluntly told Kevin that sterility was a possible side effect, angering Michael who went to Paige about his behavior. Kevin asked Duke about his feelings for Kelly, and Duke denied it. Evangeline questioned Viki about her DID on the stand, and although she apologized later, Natalie threatened Evangeline to steer clear of her family in the future. After being forced into therapy, John was upset to read that his therapist concluded he had severe post traumatic stress disorder. Natalie told John that her divorce had nothing to do with him because she hates him and will not forgive what he did. Nash refused to tell Tess about his past, but after opening up to Clint, Nash told Tess the whole story about Claudia Reston giving him money and then turning to drugs after he left her. Tess took the paternity test. After Spencer testified on the stand that Todd told him that he tried to kill a pregnant Margaret after she stabbed him, a furious Blair punched his face. An already doubting Blair overheard the tail end of Denton blackmailing Todd to pay and keep him quiet and thought Todd was admitting that he killed Margaret. Todd told Rex that he believed Denton set him up, and asked Rex to keep watch over Denton while he pays him the hush money. Clint and Dorian went on a date, but he left her when she couldn't keep quiet about Viki. Marcie had dinner with Michael and he admitted he still loved her.
January 16 to 20, 2006
After seeing Michael and Marcie kiss, Hugh wishes them both good luck together. The therapist tricked Natalie into coming to see him to talk about John, but when John walked in and accused her of revenge, she explained what happened and they both stormed out on the therapist. Cristian tricked Natalie into having coffee with him and they talked about better times. After Blair asked Dorian and Adriana to run "Craze," Adriana begged Dorian to rehire David when he helped them clear up some of the mess at the magazine. Rex and Adriana continued to flirt, and seeing an opportunity, Rex maneuvered a "Craze" cover shoot so that Adriana would be the model. Clint offered a room for Nash to stay in at Asa's mansion. Tess smashed the amnio sample at the hospital and then went to visit Claudia Reston for answers. Claudia compared her situation to Tess to upset her, and when Nash arrived Jessica emerged and he took her home. Claudia appeared to be behind Nash's beating and not her father. Kevin testified that Todd had attempted to strangle Margaret in a hotel hallway, but that it was self-defense because she had a gun. Todd was the only witness for the defense and he fully explained the whole truth, including that he went to the lake with the intent to kill Margaret. Believing that Todd is guilty, Blair turned to Spencer for comfort and told him she could never love a baby killer.
January 23 to 27, 2006
Blair reluctantly let the kids visit Todd in jail, but afterward, she swore she would never let them near him again. The jury returned a guilty verdict against Todd. Evangeline asked John to help her find the real killer, but he declined until she found evidence showing that someone besides Todd was the killer. Viki convinced Todd to pursue an appeal. Upset at the news, Starr lashed out at Blair when she heard Blair's unkind words about her father. Duke hired Layla to work at BE. Rex accidentally told Paige he was the one looking for her son, and intentionally told Adriana that he enrolled in PI school thanks to her. Adriana yelled at Rex when she learned that he was to blame for getting rid of the model for the cover shoot, but she softened when he explained that he only wanted to make her dreams come true. Kevin learned his sperm is damaged and that it would be nearly impossible to impregnate Kelly at this time. R.J. visited Nora and told her he was going to propose to Lindsay, who overheard, but later, when Lindsay accepted his proposal, R.J. had to explain that he said that to Nora to shock her awake and did not mean it. After a junkie sprung on a technicality harassed Nat and took Michael hostage, John shot the junkie dead and was suspended for his actions. Nash cooked Jessica an omelet and they grew closer, while a resentful Viki later told him to let Tess go and stop trying to take her daughter from her.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Viki lashed out at Nash for taking advantage of Jessica, and turned into Niki after arguing with Clint over Nash. Niki convinced Tess that Nash had fallen for Jessica and after crashing their car, they holed up in an abandoned cabin. Tess called Nash pretending to be Jessica and hung up when he called Jessica "honey." Niki tried to convince Tess to return to Llanview to get money, but wanted to know Tess's secret for leverage. Clint and Dorian got tipsy together, and Bo and David found them in a Palace suite that night. Kevin told Kelly that the virus had left him sterile. Kelly told Duke about the sterility as a hurt and drunken Kevin overheard. Kelly wanted to be supportive but Kevin felt emasculated by the situation. David learned Spencer caused Kevin's sterility. Asa learned the woman in the photo died years ago, and Renee later found the picture and seemed to recognize the woman in it. John apologized to Michael but swore he would not have taken the shot if Michael could have been hurt. Natalie appeared jealous of Evangeline and Cristian's growing friendship. Todd was sentenced to the death penalty. Spencer met up with a still pregnant and very much alive Margaret, who was about to give birth.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
John and Natalie worked on their friendship, and John finally began to open up to Dr. Crosby while he was boxing. Cristian was offered a chance to box for a $1,000 prize, and Natalie begged him not to. R.J. proposed to Lindsay, but Lindsay said no. Niki convinced Jessica that Viki was to blame for what had happened to her because Niki had never been meant to be a mother. Clint, Antonio, and Nash found Niki and Tess's cabin, but they got there right after the women had hitched a ride with a passing truck. Upon Todd's sentencing, Blair flipped out in court and had a panic attack. Later, she fell into Spencer's arms and had sex with him. Margaret had a breach birth, causing Spencer to strong-arm Paige into assisting. Spencer shared evidence with Paige that implicated Paige and Bo in the framing of Todd and threatened to reveal it if she told anyone about Margaret. Rex threw Adriana a party for her first Craze issue. Dorian convinced Todd to drop his appeal. Denton hinted to David that Todd might not be guilty and that he would spill his info if David paid him.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Niki and Tess hitchhiked, but split up when Niki wanted to go to the "Hot Spot" where Jessica's trauma happened. Nash found Tess and convinced her he loved on her and that they had to return to Llanview. Antonio struggled to escape from a bear trap he stumbled into in the woods. Paige visited Todd at Statesville and informed him that he had definitely been framed and hinted that Spencer was the culprit. Margaret threatened to expose Spencer and he attacked her. Later, when Paige went to see Margaret, she found a bloody room and accidentally touched the murder weapon, while Spencer taunted her, rattling off all the evidence she had left at the crime scene. Natalie begged John not to get on the plane, and begged and schemed to get Cristian not to box. Todd frantically pleads his case of framing by Spencer to John. During the flight to Todd's new prison, he struggled with a guard, accidentally shooting the pilot. Starr fought with Blair because her mother believed Todd was guilty. Blair told Spencer she regretted sleeping with him because she would always love Todd. Michael proposed to Marcie and though terrified, she accepted.
February 20 to 24, 2006
After another misunderstanding, Rex cozied up to another girl, but later, Rex and Adriana straightened out all the past misunderstandings and decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Todd's plane crashed, but when John refused to unshackle Todd after the crash, Todd knocked him out and tried to break the handcuffs to escape. Natalie and Evangeline comforted one another as they waited for word about John. Kevin lashed out at Tess, Duke, and Clint for not keeping him in the loop on Viki. The PI gave Asa a heart attack when he mentioned that the girl in the photo had two illegitimate sons. A half-asleep Tess told Nash that she believed the baby was Antonio's, and later, Tess suffered from Braxton Hicks. Niki found "the hot spot" bar, but Clint soon found her there as well and gave a heartfelt speech to rally Viki back to consciousness. Blair struggled with her feelings for Todd and Spencer. A frustrated Hugh begged Blair to let him know if Todd got in touch with her and in private, he pulled out a gun from his desk drawer.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Paige discovered who her son is and that she knew him, but she failed to tell Bo about him. John was found at the crash site and after he was released from the hospital, Natalie took the drugged and drowsy John home where he kissed her and opened up about his Dad. Hugh found Todd but he escaped, found Paige, and threatened her to tell him what she knew or else she would be sorry. Blair told Spencer she was ready for a fresh start with him, but she changed her mind when she learned Todd was alive and on the run. Tess begged Viki to leave "the Hot Spot" to show that Viki loved her, and when Viki returned home, Tess blamed her existence on Viki's actions. Claudia found Nash at Rodi's and begged him to take her back but after he turned her down, she called her father. Clint saved Nash from Mr. Reston's goons, but Mr. Reston vowed he would get back at Nash for attacking his daughter at Rodi's. A drunken Duke told Kelly that she was the girl he wanted to be with. Adriana squared off with Dorian over her planned weekend in New York with Rex.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
After Viki turned him away, Todd was taken in by Evangeline to hide from the police. Bo found evidence that Todd had visited Paige and with other evidence, Bo and John deducted that Evangeline was harboring Todd. Restin implied to Nash that he would hurt Tess, and after Nash fought with Tess, he returned to California to lead Restin away and keep Tess strong. In New York, Adriana's modeling gig went well, and she and Rex decided to share a hotel room that night. Michael and Marcie bickered over wedding plans. Natalie received boxing lessons from Cristian, but she admitted to John that she felt like she was cheating no matter which guy she spent time with. Duke had forgotten his drunken professions of love for Kelly, but after he found a note from her, he remembered and the two had an awkward discussion about just being friends. David teased Spencer about knowing that he was involved in Margaret's murder.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Rex and Adriana decided to have dinner in their hotel room and just as they began to make love, hotel security but in and threw Rex out for possession of heroin. In the alleyway afterward, a man injected heroin into Rex, and although Adriana suspected Giovanni, Rex kept his suspicion of Dorian to himself. Dorian frantically tried to cover up her involvement with the Rex scheme since it went to far, and Lindsay warned her that she should give Rex a chance. Lindsay saw Todd at the warehouse and then R.J. used the info as leverage to get the smuggling charges against him dropped. Kelly tried to burn Duke's letter but Kevin found part of it. Tess flew to California and reunited with Nash, while Jessica told Tess she would step back so that she could reconnect with Nash. Nash sold his vineyard. Viki and Clint met a girl named Rose at "the Hot Spot" who promised to give them information on Jessica. Natalie supported Cristian at his boxing match. John tried to warn Evangeline to avoid the warehouse but Hugh found her and arrested her for not divulging the whereabouts of Todd. Evangeline filled Blair in on Todd's theory that Spencer framed Todd for the murder. Michael and Marcie continued to argue over wedding plans and Spencer. Todd broke into Spencer's office. Paige finally told David that Spencer had murdered Margaret after the baby was born, but David did not believe Spencer actually killed her. A very-much alive Margaret sipped drinks on a beach.
March 20 to 24, 2006
David and Paige discussed the cop they let die years ago as they scrubbed the warehouse clean where Margaret was living. Later, Evangeline and Todd found the warehouse through a lease dated the day before Margaret "died" and found Paige's pager at the scene. Evangeline confronted Paige, but Paige pleaded with Evangeline not to go to Bo for his own protection. Natalie pushed Bo to give her the job as a forensic technician in training, and he agreed. John refused Natalie's help on his father's case, and he told Crosby he felt responsible for the death because he never solved the murder. Dr. Crosby offered John's badge back to him on the condition that he would stay off of the Manning case. While discussing wedding plans, Marcie admitted she wanted to start a family right away but Michael balked at the thought. A drunken Kevin caused a scene over Kelly at Spencer's award ceremony. When Blair and the kids' car broke down, Starr called Spencer who left his ceremony to drive them up to the cabin. At the cabin, a grateful Blair began to make love to Spencer right as Todd showed up, saw them through the window, and left his wedding ring on the window sill before heading off to Lion's heart with Evangeline. Spencer found the ring and showed it to a freaked out Blair. Rex let Dorian know that he thought she caused the drug incident. Tess sabotaged the sale of the vineyard and learned from Reston the reason Nash was trying to sell it. Rose took Clint and Viki to a house where they found a box of tapes including one of Tess being assaulted.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Thanks to Roxy, Natalie met up with an Atlantic City informant during Cristian's fight, but when the informant became all hands, John roughed him up and distracted Cristian who suffered an injury to his hand. John learned a teenager may have been involved with the death of his father. After talking to Rex, Marcie agreed to compromise with Michael and wait for a little bit before having kids. Kevin accused Kelly of wanting to have a Buchanan baby via Duke, and despite warnings from Paige, Kevin begged Spencer to help reverse his condition. Duke kissed Kelly, but furious, she pushed him away. Tess deducted that Clint and Viki had seen the tape of her molestation and scared for her existence, Tess ran to Dorian to hide. Dorian snitched on Tess to Clint. Tess tracked down her molester and tried to suffocate him before Nash stopped her, and she in turn stopped him from killing the ailing man. Viki and Niki argued over who was to blame for Jessica's abuse. Nora opened her eyes while a hopeful Matthew sat by her bedside. Starr was tormented by some local teens before another teenage boy helped her out. David told Dorian that he was at fault for hurting her and that he would no longer attempt to win her back, but that he missed their friendship. Todd asked David to meet him, but hit David over the head and knocked him out when David showed up.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Todd offered David $2 million to find evidence against Spencer. David found evidence that Spencer had snuck off to Thailand recently, and when Blair found him in Spencer's room he warned her that Spencer was dangerous and had threatened his life. Blair let slip to Spencer that David had been by but told him that she trusted him. After Ricky fought for Starr, she offered to help him get his sister's medication, and when she went to see Spencer, found him and Blair in a compromising position. Tess agreed to the integration, and when Jessica remembered more of the trauma, Tess felt stronger. Cristian was told to lay off fighting for a month to avoid permanent damage but he told Roark he would fight anyway. Marcie asked Lindsay to be her maid of honor and she agreed with Michael to marry on May 4th, her mother's birthday. Michael and John tracked down their father's surgeon who hinted there was more to the story. Rex warned Natalie about her mob lead on John's case. Bo surrounded an armed Todd at Lion's Heart. Cristian prevented Evangeline from warning Todd about Bo. Margaret was hiding in Bangkok.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Todd turned himself in and made his case to Bo, who became suspicious and started to investigate Spencer. Paige refused to spill her Todd info to Bo. John told Dr. Crosby that he doubted Todd was guilty. Margaret was alive and kicking in Thailand. After Rex was arrested for his involvement with Todd, Bo swore he could never trust him again, and Adriana was upset that he was protecting Todd. Starr was furious to learn about her mother and Spencer but even more horrified to learn that Todd knew as well. Evangeline broke down and told Cristian that she was fighting for Todd because she symbolically felt like she was fighting for her father who died. Natalie met up with her mob contact but leery of police, he told her he could not help her. Kevin learned the damage to his reproductive system was permanent before overhearing Duke accuse Kelly of having feelings for him, and Kelly not denying it. Viki reached out to comfort Tess. Clint told Dorian they could have no future together because of their past. With Lindsay's help, Marcie found a wedding dress.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Cristian packed up his paintings of Natalie and sent them to her, before going to visit Todd and asking him to fire Evangeline in order to save her. Natalie met with Vince about the death of John's father. Blair visited Todd and asked him to make a goodbye DVD for his children, and Todd angrily ranted at Blair before sending her a DVD later. Matthew overheard the Doctor tell R.J. that Nora would either remain paralyzed on her left side or not recover at all. Nash proposed to Tess, but she declined because she did not legally exist. Tess went into labor after a fight with Jessica. Antonio met Claudia and deducted that she wanted Nash back. Claudia discovered Tess and Jessica were one person. Clint worried about Kevin's drinking, and Kevin continued to lash out at everyone. Paige resigned to tell her secret but Spencer told her she could not because the man she accidentally killed was John's father. Snyder told John that Paige was the doctor responsible for his father's death and after filling Bo in, they went to question Paige and Spencer. Rex learned Adriana had a stalker and began an investigation. David set off for Thailand to find Margaret's baby.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Paige admitted her part in the death of the McBain brothers' father, but did not divulge Spencer's part. Spencer denied involvement to most people, but he told Blair of his part and explained that he had promised not to lie to her, and made a short lived attempt to turn himself in before Blair stopped him. Blair watched Todd's DVD wherein he again maintained his innocence, and later, Jack accidentally watched part of it as well. Tess went into labor, and when complications arose, Viki talked her into letting Jessica help her through the process. After another night of drinking, Kevin punched Duke who then pressed charges against his father despite the fact that Kevin's sister was going into labor at that moment. Kelly talked Hugh into dismissing the charges against Kevin, and then swore to Kevin that he was what she wanted and that she would not let him push her away. Vincent took Natalie to an eyewitness who told her and John that a 16 year old boy shot McBain. David jetted to Thailand and found Margaret holed up in a hotel room there.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
With the help of Jessica, Tess gave birth to a baby girl and then she pushed to take the baby home as soon as possible. Antonio got a court order to prevent Tess from removing the baby from the hospital before the paternity test results came in. Paige moved out explaining to Bo that she was protecting Matthew and him. A surprised David was arrested in Thailand on Margaret's orders, but after she came to visit him and learned she had no memory of anything except a vivid dream of having a baby, Margaret sprung him from jail. Spencer sent Denton to Thailand to take care of David, and he later received a camera phone picture of David and Margaret together. Blair took the kids to see Todd in prison. After comparing an old photo of a teenage David to the sketch Cristian drew, Natalie concluded the shooter of Officer McBain was David, and told Evangeline and John. A worried Rex shuttled Adriana back to his place to protect her, but a shadowy figure broke into the apartment and snuck up behind her. Kevin suggested a sperm bank to Kelly but when she maintained she only wanted his child, a frustrated Kevin lashed out at her, ripped the engagement ring from her finger, and told her they were over. Duke found a shaken and crying Kelly and attempted to comfort her. Michael and Marcie's wedding stumbled along but the happy couple managed to wed in a beautiful, candlelit ceremony. While the other guests were at the reception, John, Natalie, Evangeline, and Cristian were sprayed with glass from the church windows as a storm raged outside.
May 8 to 12, 2006
John tended to Natalie's bleeding leg and promised to be partners with her on the case. Natalie pleaded with John not to go to Thailand after David, but she snuck out of the hospital and surprised him on the plane to Thailand. Evangeline discovered she was blinded by glass from the church. Duke and Kelly had sex in the rectory and were both injured severely when a second twister ripped through the building afterward. Faced with the possible death of one, Kevin was forced to choose whether Kelly or Duke would go into surgery first, and he chose Kelly. Duke flatlined with Kevin at his side. David told Spencer to keep quiet about his part in the McBain murder or else he would share Margaret with the world. Spencer told Denton to eliminate the threat of David. Clint got Tess, Nash, and Antonio to all agree to live at Asa's with the baby until the parentage was settled. After a car accident, Antonio was electrocuted by power lines, and Nash talked Tess out the car to safety. When Tess posed as Jessica to give Antonio a reason to live, the two later seemed to soften toward one another. The stalker got to Adriana at Rex's loft and nearly kidnapped her before being scared off. Rex and Adriana admitted they loved one another.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Duke died, and Kevin blamed himself and Kelly for Duke's death. Kelly awoke after surgery and learned that not only had Kevin found her and Duke together but that Duke had died from his injuries. Evangeline learned that her blindness was likely permanent, but she was more determined than ever to save Todd. She concluded that Spencer had likely had the autopsy evidence doctored. Starr was arrested with Ricky after stealing some spray paint to cover graffiti. Forced to name the baby for the birth certificate, Tess named her Brennan and put down Jessica as the mother for legal reasons. Tess let Kevin hold Brennan in order to help him deal with his grief. Reston made a vague threat against Brennan. Claudia begged Antonio for work as a singer at his club. Spencer called David to warn him that John was in Thailand and agreed to send hush money. David told John that Margaret was alive, and Natalie spotted Margaret at a restaurant.
May 22 to 26, 2006
John and Natalie tracked down Margaret and frantically tried to get in touch with the prison by phone and then plane to stop the execution. Kevin and Kelly tore into one another at Duke's memorial, but Kelly later admitted she only loved Duke as a friend. Tess helped Kevin with the press and managed to keep Jessica at bay. Spencer visited Todd in prison and taunted him about Blair. An emotional Blair took Starr and Jack to see Todd, but Todd would only talk to the kids and made Blair leave. Jack told Todd that he thought of Spencer as his dad now. Cristian admitted to Antonio that he had feelings for Evangeline. Evangeline scrambled to get the bodies exhumed, but she instead had to attend the execution when the governor refused her request. Viki argued with Dorian, believing that Dorian was only showing sympathy in order to snag Clint. The execution of Todd Manning began with a weeping Viki and Blair looking on.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
Antonio kisses Tess in the hopes of drawing Jessica out but his plan fails. John arrives too late with Margaret to stop Todd's execution. Blair pleads with Spencer to save Todd's life. Blair is devastated when Spencer's attempts appear to fail. Everyone receives a tremendous shock when Todd is suddenly rushed into the hospital and Spencer and his medical team manages to revive him. Kelly asks Adriana to buy her a home pregnancy test. Cris admits that he has feelings for Evangeline beyond mere friendship. Paige is admitted into the hospital in critical condition. Reston threatens to make Tess and Brennan pay if Nash doesn't leave them immediately. Marcie and Michael consider becoming foster parents after the family located by Child Protective Services decides not to take little Tommy.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Dorian refused to help David plan a jailbreak. Michael and Marcie decided that they wanted a baby. Margaret claimed that she could only remember bits and pieces of her past and agreed to undergo treatment to restore her lost memories. Bo and Rex started to patch up their strained relationship by devising a trap for Spencer. Kelly and Hugh consoled each other. Blair came up with a plot to avenge Todd's wrongful conviction. Nash was revealed to be Little Brennan's father.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Blair begins to realize that Spencer was behind Todd's frame up for Margaret's supposed murder that nearly resulted in Todd's execution. Todd is unable to forgive Blair for doubting him and getting romantically involved with Spencer. Margaret's memory returns but before she can talk to Bo the van she is in crashes. Margaret succumbs to her injuries without telling anyone about Spencer's role in her disappearance. Jess is back in control and determined to find out what happened to her as a child. Antonio tries to convince Jess to marry him and allow him to adopt the baby so that Nash can't get custody of Brennan. Nash and his "ex" business partner, Bruce, conspire to take Reston down personally and financially. Adriana continues to be terrorized by her stalker. Kelly hesitates to take a pregnancy test.
June 19 to 23, 2006
Adriana's stalker attacks Rex. Rex feels that it's time to notify the police but Adriana manages to convince him to delay telling them for just one more day because of how Dorian may react. David decides to take responsibility for killing Thomas McBain against Spencer's strenuous objections. John suspects that there is more to the story of his father's death. Bo is further implicated in the frame up of Todd that nearly led to his execution by a morgue attendant who falsely insists that Bo signed out the bodies that were later used to identify Margaret and her baby. Jessica views the tape that created her alter, Tess. Nash is concerned when he learns of the new development.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Todd decides to celebrate his freedom with a party at the country club where he invites his friends and family whom he wants to thank. Spencer follows Blair to the party. Antonio continues to try to persuade Jessica to take steps to secure custody of Brennan so that Nash can't take her. Adriana's stalker becomes bolder. Natalie gives John a possible lead on how to prove Bo's innocence. David tells John that he was the one who shot John's father.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Jessica is experiencing some of Tess's feelings. After hypnosis, Tess emerges. During a struggle with Nash, Claudia picks up a bottle and smashes it over her father's head. Nash and Claudia are horrified to realize that Reston is dead. Kelly finally takes the pregnancy test and learns that she is pregnant. Viki and Clint kiss. David decides to disappear rather than spend time in prison. Paige, meanwhile, decides to return to Atlantic City to face the punishment for her crimes. Evangeline agrees to represent Bo. Blair is not happy when she discovers that Todd has made arrangements for Star and Jack to return to the penthouse with him. Adriana and Rex make love.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Blair's plan to drug Spencer in order to uncover the truth backfires. Realizing he's been drugged, Spencer attacks Blair but passes out before any real harm comes to her. Todd happens along and manages to get a picture of Spencer passed out on the bed which he later runs on the front pages of his paper with a scandalous article that leads to the hospital reviewing his status as part of their staff. Michael and Marcie decide to have a child of their own but the loss of Tommy is too great for Marcie. Kelly confides to Hugh that she is pregnant with Duke's child. Natalie and John return to the alley where his father was shot after Natalie pays David a visit in jail. They find the gun that killed the senior McBain but John soon discovers that something is off with the evidence. Tess struggles to stay dominant after hypnosis. Nash recounts the events of Reston's death to the police but instead of saying that Claudia his him over the head with a bottle while he and Reston were struggling, Nash tells the police he's the one who hit Reston while he was attacking Claudia.
July 17 to 21, 2006
David admits to John that he thinks Spencer killed John's father. Adriana and Rex hope to escape the stalker by retreating to a secluded beach area. To Adriana's horror when she looks out the window of their cabin she sees her stalker. Clint and Dorian have their first fight. Nash returns to Llanview and visits his daughter. Things don't go well when Antonio shows up and orders Nash out of his home. Nash decides to make arrangements to kidnap Jessica and Brennan. He intends to take her somewhere private in the hopes of drawing Tess out. Evangeline can't catch a break. She lands back in the hospital, this time on a ventilator after suffering a life threatening spinal injury. Todd insists on having his doctor scrub in with the surgical team in order to save her eye sight while she is under anesthesia.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Nash kidnaps Jessica and Brennan in the hopes of drawing Tess out. Claudia gives Antonio enough clues to track them down in NYC. Natalie and John use forensics to examine the bullet that killed Thomas McBain. They conclude that the gun that David used did not fire the fatal shot. Later, David tracks down Spencer and with pleasure informs him that the police know that he did not kill Thomas McBain. He then adds that they do suspect Spencer of murdering the police officer. Evangeline wakes up from her surgery and discovers that while she was having her life saving surgery that she also had the surgery that may restore her sight. Initially she is upset with Todd's interference but it soon turns to gratitude as she realizes he had the best of intentions. Evangeline tells Cris that she is falling in love with him. As the week draws to a close the bandages are removed from Evangeline's eyes and Todd anxiously asks her if she can see. A man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with his face concealed, approaches Rex. Rex, expecting him, gives him some money while looking around to make sure Adriana is nowhere in sight.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Dorian learns of Kelly's pregnancy. After Dorian and Clint make love, Dorian decides to share the news with Clint. Kevin turns a corner. Hugh kisses Kelly. Adriana begins to suspect that Rex is in league with her stalker. As her terror mounts, Adriana takes drastic action to get away from Rex. Evangeline's sight is restored. Blair continues to try to find evidence to use against Spencer. She finds an incriminating picture moments before Spencer walks in and catches her. Starr is injured when she accepts a dangerous dare. She is rushed to the hospital.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Kelly has no choice but to tell Kevin about her pregnancy. Clint tells Vicky the news. He is shell shocked by the news. Adriana escapes Rex, believing he's in cahoots with her stalker. She ends up in a dangerous situation as a result. Marcy is furious when she sees Tommy with his new foster parents at Rodi's drinking beer and endangering the baby. Bo is reinstated as the police commissioner after it's revealed that his signatures were forged on the incriminating paperwork. Spencer's confidence wanes. Starr wakes up from her accident at the quarry with a compromised memory. She believes that Todd and Blair are still together. John thinks he knows where Spencer hid the gun used to killed John's father. Nash is not pleased when he hears his daughter referred to as "Bree" instead of Brennan. Antonio decides to become a police officer again.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Rex realized that Dorian had hired the person who had been stalking Adriana and had arranged it so that it looked like Rex was really the stalker. Bruce demanded a large ransom for Adriana's safe return. Viki tried to convince Todd to forgive Blair. Starr revealed to her friend that she was faking her amnesia. Antonio was reinstated as a police officer, and was told that he would be working in the vice squad. John, Blair, and Natalie were closer to getting the evidence that they needed in order to arrest Spencer for the death of Thomas McBain. Spencer proposed to Blair in front of everyone.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Blair accepts Spencer's proposal of marriage. Starr continues faking her amnesia in an effort to push Spencer out of their lives and reuniting her parents. John and Natalie search Spencer's safe deposit box. They don't find the gun that they are looking for but they do find a picture of Paige and Margaret shortly after the delivery. It proves that Paige, David and Todd were telling the truth when they said that Spencer knew Margaret was alive. Cris and Evangeline make love and afterwards discuss their relationship. Both want the same thing but Cris feels that first he needs to gain respect by winning the title fight otherwise he will always be seen as just an ex-con. Kelly goes to a clinic after she starts spotting. Bruce tells Adriana that Dorian hired him to "stalk" Adriana but she refuses to believe her mother would do that to her. Blair tells Todd why she's been continuing a relationship with Spencer. John was surprised to hear that Dr. Snyder (the same drunken doctor who was in the operating room when his father died) was also under investigation for child pornography. A search of Dr. Snyder's apartment reveals a tape labeled "Tess" and pictures of Jessica as a child on his computer.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Adriana continues to remain Bruce's captive as Rex and Dorian work to get her released. Blair and Todd make love. After, Todd informs Blair that despite the sex they just had nothing has changed between them. Although Todd doesn't rule out reconciliation, he reminds Blair that they just can't forget the time she spent with Spencer. Carlotta gives Cris and Evangeline her blessing when she learns of their relationship. Viki and Clint discuss Snyder's arrest for child pornography and Jessica's reaction. During a session, it appears that Jess and Tess are finally integrated. Kevin finds Kelly in the clinic where she is undergoing tests after fearing she might be losing the baby. They listen to the heartbeat together and are told that it's strong and healthy. John arrests Spencer. Spencer begs Blair to stand by him but Blair tells him that she has seen the evidence against him and that she is responsible for him being behind bars. She takes off her engagement ring before she leaves the jail.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Rex and Dorian come to Adriana's rescue but not without casualties. During a struggle over the gun Bruce dies and Rex is severely injured. Adriana wants Dorian to pay for her role in the stalking and kidnapping. Paige has life changing news for Hugh. Spencer taunts Todd about Blair. Michael and Marcie decide to adopt Tommy. Antonio and Jess start planning their lives now that Jess has integrated with Tess. Nash takes the news hard. The doctor tells Kelly that her baby is doing fine. Kevin wants Kelly to go home with him. Natalie tells Kevin about her suspicions concerning Spencer.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Hugh pays Spencer a visit to tell him that he is Spencer's son. Spencer initially thinks it's an attempt to manipulate him. Eventually Hugh convinces Spencer of the truth and then warns to him find anything that may link Spencer to Thomas's murder and get rid of it. Vince has an attack of remorse as he anticipates Cristian's demise in the ring. Nash sees Jessica at Capricorns. Later, Claudia tells him that Antonio intends to propose to Jessica. Nash reminisces about his past with Tess. Todd is hurt by Jack's continued rejection. Star can't forgive Blair for sleeping with Spencer. Rex and Adriana grow closer. Kevin accuses Spencer of intentionally sterilizing him. Marcy and Michael receive alarming news when they are told that another couple wishes to adopt Tommy. They have more money, a nice home and a back yard. Marcy is able to convince the judge to allow Tommy to stay with them as she considers which set of parents would be best for Tommy. Dorian is arrested.
September 18 to 22, 2006
The bait to trap Spencer with the gun that killed Thomas McBain is falls apart when Spencer manages to throw it into the river before John and Bo could stop him. Spencer is taken back into custody for jumping bail. Cris loses the fight when the opponent's boxing coach wipes the gloves with a drug. Tapes make it appear that Cris threw the fight as he struggles to stay conscious. Evangeline sees quickly that something was wrong with Cris so she believes him when he insists that he was somehow drugged. Dorian is released from jail when Clint calls in a favor with Bo. She quickly learns that everyone including Clint don't believe a word of her story. Jessica accepts Antonio's proposal. Natalie prepares a special homecoming for John. As she waits for him, John is making peace with the past in a poignant "discussion" with his father. As he's driving home to Natalie, he is anticipating a future with Natalie that includes marriage and kids. Momentarily distracted by his new dreams, John careens into the path of a truck. His life flashes before his eyes.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Michael confirms the identity of John's body found in the aftermath of a 16-car pile up on the highway. Bo breaks the news to Natalie who is completely devastated. Michael has the heart wrenching job of telling their mother that John was killed. Layla comforts her sister after she tells her about John's death. Cristian gives Evangeline the space she needs to deal the shocking news and decides to go see Natalie. A drunken Nash sleeps with Claudia. He regrets it immediately while Claudia secretly hopes it's the beginning of more. Jess has an unexpected reaction to Nash's night with Claudia. Nora and Paige learn that Hugh was also involved in the accident that killed John.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Asa is warmly welcomed home by his family. Kelly visits Hugh in the hospital. She assures Paige that Hugh will pull through. Vince tries to discourage Cristian from pursuing his case with the boxing commission. Blair proposes to Todd. Roxy quite literally slaps sense into Natalie when she refuses to attend John's funeral. Everyone gathers for John's funeral. In a very touching ceremony, John is buried.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Michael and Marcie decide to have Tommy baptized. They ask Natalie and Rex to stand up as his godparents. After witnessing a kiss between Nash and Jessica, Claudia turns to alcohol. Jessica explains to Antonio why more of Tess' personality is coming to the surface now that she's been integrated. Later, Jessica has an erotic daydream about Nash. Cole comes to Starr's rescue at a party. Britney becomes jealous over the attention Starr receives from Cole. Blair's attempt at seducing Todd fails but she's not discouraged because of Todd's admission of love. Evangeline decides to end things with Cris because of his anger issues but later has second thoughts. A drunken Nash throws a punch at Cristian, who begins to defend himself just as Evangeline walks in. Vincent's role in Cris's lost fight is exposed. Layla breaks off her relationship with Vincent as a result. Rex questions Spencer about Margaret's baby. David demands answers from Asa when he discovers that his mother was one of the loves of Asa's life.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Spencer shocks everyone with his announcement in open court that he is Asa Buchanan's son. Asa's loved ones gathered to break the news to Asa. Todd and Blair question Spencer about the whereabouts of Todd's son with Margaret. Spencer refuses to say anything, confident that the case against him is weak. Marcie and Michael decide to learn more about Tommy's birth parents only to learn that they too were his adoptive parents. Antonio surprises both Nash and Jessica when he asks Nash to be a member of his wedding party. Adriana decides to teach Dorian a lesson by locking her in a closet. She has a moment of charity when she hears Dorian having a complete meltdown but it is short lived. After she lets Dorian out, Adriana tells her that she will never forgive Dorian for terrorizing her for months.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Natalie tried to go back to work but realized quickly that there were too many reminders of John. She turned to her mother for advice. Viki and Natalie both took off their rings as a symbolic gesture to let go of their grief. Natalie kissed Vincent but later rebuffed him when he made a confession. Evangeline took over Nora's case at her request. Kelly went into premature labor. Spencer took responsibility for her premature labor and warned that he was the only one who could help her. Cole and Starr grew closer. Her parents were impressed with Cole when he defended Starr's honor. Todd and Blair drew close to kissing. Rex continued to search for Todd's son. Dorian told David that she was starting to fall in love with Clint. Renee took the news that Asa might have fathered a child with Emma badly.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Kelly's baby boy is born prematurely. She names him Zane. In critical condition, Zane shows slight improvement as Kevin begins talking to him. Vincent admits his guilt and is willing to face the consequences. Antonio charges Vincent with attempted murder. Nash is determined to stand by his decision to be a part of the wedding despite the reservations of several people including Clint. After a conversation with Antonio, Cris is open to the idea of marrying. Natalie's profound grief results in unexpected behavior including a kiss with Vincent. The paternity test is in on Spencer and Asa. Spencer is furious when he learns that he is NOT Asa's son. He as a violent outburst and grabs Viki but David manages to talk him down before he can harm Viki. The police quickly take Spencer back into custody and cart him off to jail. On the eve of his wedding, Antonio ends up at Nash's vineyard and helps with some construction. Antonio offers Nash the money to pay off Vincent so that Bree's father is not indebted to a loan shark. Nash accepts and they toast with a glass of water since Nash is still determined to stay sober. Evangeline is worried that Todd and Blair's campaign to expose everything about Spencer in the newspaper will result in a change of venue for the trial. Clint is worried about Nash prompting Antonio to place a call after having just left him. Nash does not answer. David talks to Spencer about their mother's lie that Asa got her pregnant, abandoned her and ruined her life. Neither can figure out why Eve lied nor why she begged Spencer on her deathbed to bring Asa down.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Antonio and Jessica marry but not without a few delays. Antonio overhears Jessica and Nash decide to keep what happened at Llanfair from Antonio. Adriana is not pleased to see Dorian at the wedding. She thinks it's just an excuse for her to get close to Clint. Britney does not take Cole's rejection well and decides to make both Cole and Starr pay. At the hospital, Kevin and Kelly reaffirm their commitment to each other and Zane but Kelly is skeptical that they can make a fresh start in Llanview. Kevin agrees and tells Kelly about Clint offer to transfer him to an opening at their Paris headquarters. When Evangeline associates Todd's catching of the garter with his eventual reconciliation with Blair, Todd suggests that maybe he is destined to be with someone else and reminds Evangeline that it was she who caught the wedding bouquet. Vincent realizes that it's not Hugh in the hospital bed. Hugh did not have blue eyes. He keeps his suspicions from Natalie. Later, Vincent returns to the hospital and asks the patient who he is. Vincent is stunned when he answers "I'm John."
November 13 to 17, 2006
Jessica and Antonio marry. Rex finds Todd's son with Margaret. He realizes that the news is not good for Michael and Marci. . Cole's steroid abuse has alarming side effects. Star tells Todd and Blair about what happened in the room with Cole. Cole Thornhart is brought into the police station with his mother, Marty Saybrooke. Vincent can't bring himself to tell Paige that the man in the hospital bed is really John McBain. Natalie is determined to find proof that John isn't dead. Spencer's trial draws to a close.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Todd was shocked when Cole's mother, Marty Saybrooke, arrived at the police station to pick her son up. Marty insisted that she had not known that Starr attended the same school as Cole. Rex was torn as to what he should do after finding out that Michael and Marcie's adopted son, Tommy, was Todd's biological child. Dorian had a hard time getting used to the idea that Kelly had moved to London with Kevin and the baby. Dorian tried to reach out to Clint. Natalie learned that John was alive. Blair fainted during Spencer's trial. Michael urged Blair to go to the hospital, concerned by her symptoms. Jess and Antonio enjoyed their honeymoon, but thoughts of Nash interrupted Jess's marital bliss.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
The bandages come off and it's confirmed that John McBain survived the crash. The body that was buried as John is exhumed and DNA tests reveal that it was Hugh who had perished in the crash. Spencer's trial takes a startling turn when Spencer's lawyer calls him to the witness stand and proceeds to push Spencer until he snaps. Evangeline and Nora are outraged that his lawyer suddenly declares Spencer to be insane and therefore not responsible for any of his actions including the murder of Thomas McBain. The judge orders an evaluation. Later, court resumes and the defense calls Dr, Marty Saybrooke to the stand to testify as to the state of Spencer's mental status. Blair postpones seeing a doctor about her symptoms. Jessica and Antonio return home from their honeymoon. Michael asks John if he still intends to marry Natalie. Rex struggles with his conscience about what to do with the truth of Tommy's paternity.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Marty Saybrooke testifies that Spencer has suffered a psychotic break and isn't fit to stand trial. Evangeline's doctor refutes the claims, stating that Spencer is highly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable and therefore perfectly capable of faking his condition. The judge decides to proceed with the trial. After closing arguments the judge makes a ruling. After learning of Spencer's incident in his jail cell the judge orders him to be institutionalized until such time that he is fit to stand trial. Todd stages a roadside ambush and kidnaps Spencer. Blair's headaches continue. Starr talks to Cole much to Langston's objections. Rex continues to be plagued by guilt over keeping Tommy's true paternity a secret. Todd is thrilled when Jack finally accepts him as his father again. John admits that he has changed his mind about the engagement. He doesn't feel that the time is right. Jessica's past as Tess catches up with her in a frightening way.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Todd kidnaps Spencer and holds him in the same room where Margaret gave birth to his son. Todd proceeds to torture Spencer in an effort to find out where his son is. Blair learns that she is pregnant. Later, she gets the news that she's been hoping for. Rex gives Michael and Marcie Tommy's medical records without telling them who his birth parents are. Viki and Clint prepare for Christmas with their family. Claudia confesses to Antonio that she has started drinking again.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Tragedy strikes when during a fight with Todd, Spencer tumbled over the edge of a building and pulled Blair over with him. Blair's life hangs in the balance as she is rushed to surgery. Sadly, she loses the baby. Todd takes the news hard. Spencer's claims of mental instability come back to haunt him when Bo points out that his claims of Todd kidnapping and torturing him are questionable. Cristian shows Lindsay his latest work but she is forced to be honest with him about its quality. Cristian is depressed until a chance encounter in Angel Square gives him new hope. Vincent is furious when the police fail to act on the fire that killed his friend. They initially believe it was an arson scam by Vincent to collect insurance money until he points out that he did not have insurance.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Claudia turns to alcohol once again. Nash comes to her rescue. He sends her home and hosts the New Year's Eve party in her stead. Dorian is less than pleased but very impressed with Adriana's ability to block her from covering the party. Evangeline sings in the New Year at the party. John tries to strangle Spencer with his bare hands but Marty intervenes and pulls him off of Spencer. Todd opens up to Blair about his feelings. Unbeknownst to him, Blair is awake and listening. Her head is just turned away from him. Clint pushes Viki for answers she isn't ready yet to give.
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