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January 2 to 6, 2006
Carly fussed over a wounded Jack, while possibly fighting attraction to Nick. Emily shot Paul, and while covering her tracks, lost an earring. A disgusted Dusty left Meg for a life with Jennifer and Johnny. After losing her job, Meg agreed to secretly nurse Paul back to health. Luke confronted Keith with a knife; afterwards, Holden signed divorce papers.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Lily chose her family over the promise she made to Keith, and Lily and Holden decided to renew their vows. Gwen learned she was unable to conceive - and couldn't find a job. Casey stood up to his parents about his relationship with Gwen. Meg lost her job and her nursing license. Emily saw Paul in the cabin in the woods. Jack got a part-time job on the police force. Jennifer and Dusty decided to take their relationship slowly. Emily became overwhelmed thinking of the passion she and Paul shared. Paul's condition worsened as he began to hallucinate.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Mike and Katie got engaged. Maddie confessed about BJ. Will and Gwen became homeless. Holden worried about Luke's relationship with Kevin. Paul's health continued to decline. Emily and Henry became allies.
January 23 to 27, 2006
With help from Meg, Paul plants evidence of suicide. Paul's family begins planning a memorial service. Everyone is convinced of his death, except for Jack. Dusty catches Meg buying drugs, but she tells him it's none of his business. Jack doesn't like Nick, but he'll have to get over it; because Hal has assigned the two to work together. Holden questions Luke about drinking and his friendship with Kevin. When Luke won't come clean, Holden takes away his freedom. Maddie fights her attraction for Casey after he tells his mom, she's like a sister. Will and Gwen find separate homes. Emily nearly confesses to Hal about her role in Paul's death, but Susan announces Paul committed suicide. Meanwhile, Paul's memorial service is full of mourning people, including Paul.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
At Mike and Katie's engagement celebration, Jack and Nick had a fist fight. Emily was convinced Paul was still alive. She and Henry ransacked Meg's room for clues about Paul. After hearing Paul's voice over a cell phone, Emily was sure Paul she hadn't killed Paul. As Jennifer grieved for her brother, she warned Dusty not to try to control her. Maddie and Casey continued to keep their feels secret from one another. Barbara hid a 'stolen necklace', which lead to Gwen getting fired. Will decided to steal money from his mother, but she caught them. When Babs threatened to call the cops, Will shoved her and she fell to the floor and hit her head. Holden read Luke's computer, and Luke freaked. He made up with his father, went to a party and hit a woman with his car on his way home.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
The girl that Luke hit with his car was Jade, a young woman who claimed that Rose was her mother. Lily called the orphanage to confirm Jade's claims and learned that Rose had a biracial daughter. Gwen and Will were on the run. Barbara pressed charges against Gwen for attacking her. However, Gwen and Will found an ally in Maddie. Jack didn't know about Carly's job at the strip club, but Nick did. Carly and Barbara had a fight about Gwen and Will. Jack caught Carly and Nick together. Emily was convinced Paul was alive and still loved her. Margo searched Paul's room but didn't recognize him. Jennifer met a "psychic" who talked to her about Paul. The psychic was working for Paul.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Lily was happy to have a new niece, but Holden and Lucinda didn't believe Jade was Rose's child. Lily learned she was pregnant. Mike and Katie will be separated for a while. Nick will stay with Katie while Mike is away. Jack saw Carly with Nick, and she told more lies to cover. Casey started to believe Gwen and Will were innocent. He and Maddie enlisted Lisa's help. Before Casey could prove they were innocent, Margo found the Will and Gwen. Meg returned to Oakdale. Emily was more convinced than ever that Paul was alive. She believed he is in Oakdale because he still loved her. Then, she saw Paul and Meg kissing. The psychic, hired by Paul, convinced Jen that Paul was still alive. Dusty saw Meg and the "psychic" together. He was convinced; Meg hired the psychic to destroy his relationship with Jennifer. When Dusty told Jen, she realized Paul was dead.
February 20 to 24, 2006
Even though the charges against them were dropped, Will and Gwen still have no place to live. Will said he loved Gwen and he proposed. Gwen accepted. Katie became suspicious of Nick and Carly, when Katie discovered Nick had Carly's wedding ring. Jack nearly discovered Carly at the Galaxy Club. This close encounter appeared to have made Carly want to stop working there. Margo was disgusted with Maddie and Casey's behavior. She made it clear Casey and Maddie would be spending less time together. This meant the new couple had to hide their relationship. Lily was pleased with her new niece. Lucinda and Holden were not convinced Jade was Rose's daughter. Luke got Jade's help to spend time with Kevin. Emily told Dusty, Paul was still alive. She also told him, Jennifer and Paul have an unbreakable bond. Jennifer spoke to Paul on the phone. Jennifer and was on her way to see Paul, when she ran into Meg. The two ladies had a heated meeting. Dusty went to see Paul and the two had a fight. Dusty left to call the cops.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Gwen and Will wanted to get married, but were having difficulty because of their age. Will got the name of a judge who might help them. Will and Maddie drove Gwen and Will to Springfield to see the judge. Mike informed Katie he would be gone much longer than planned. Katie told Nick, there was no way Carly would work at the Galaxy Club for money. Nick confronted Carly. He realized she had no feels for him and was only trying to get Jack his job back. Nick got Carly fired from her the club. Carly asked a dancer at the club to help her. Barbara believed James was somehow involved in Paul's situation. Paul was taken to the hospital. Emily visited Paul and wanted a second chance at their relationship, but Paul said no. Jessica told Paul she wasn't buying his story about nursing himself back to health. Dusty went missing. His blood was found on Paul's cane. After Henry found Dusty's bloody wallet in Meg's room, Emily thought Meg was responsible for Dusty's disappearance. Meg threw Dusty's wallet off the bridge and arrived at the police station in time to hear Paul confess to killing Dusty. Holden spent some time with Kevin and frightened him into ending his relationship with Luke. Holden told Jack he feared Luke was gay. Luke confessed to Jade his true feels for Kevin. Jade told Luke to tell Kevin how he felt about him.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Carly asked Chardonnay to get into bed with Nick and take pictures. Chardonnay agreed but secretly hatched a plan with Anatoly. Anatoly drugged Nick and planted drugs and money on him. Nick got arrested and suspended from the force. Carly went to see Nick in jail, and said she knew he was innocent. To Katie's dismay Nick refused to implicate Carly. Jade stole Lily's bracelet and Luke covered for her. To make things right, Jade arranged for Luke to meet Kevin. Lily became suspicious of Jade. Lily went to the orphanage and discovered that Rose's daughter's name was Theresa. Jade was a girl from the orphanage who stole from them. Casey helped Gwen and Will get married. He also got them the honeymoon suite at the Lake View. Margo discovered Maddie and Casey's secret relationship. Paul told the police he murdered Dusty. Emily believed Meg killed Dusty. Emily could not figure out why Paul would cover for Meg. Emily thought Paul was still in love with her. Emily and Henry told Hal about the bloody wallet in Meg's room.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Katie told Jack about Carly's recent activities. Jack was furious and confronted Carly. Carly admitted to working at the club but denied setting Nick up. Nick blasted Katie for interfering. Nick told Carly, he intended to find out who set him up. Gwen and Will told Hal they got married. Surprisingly, Hal smiled and invited them to live with him. Margo found out Maddie and Casey helped Gwen and Will get married. Margo took Maddie to live with Henry. Neither Paul nor Meg would tell Jennifer where Dusty's body was. Emily's interference helped Meg 'got off' on a technicality. Emily asked Henry to kill somebody. Dusty is chained and blindfolded in a room. Lily discovered the truth about Jade, and then she discovered Jade in bed with her son.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Tom made Margo realize it was not a good idea for Maddie to live in a hotel with Henry (and little supervision.) Lisa agreed to let Maddie live with her. Luke told his parents he and Jade were involved. Holden was relieved, but Lily and Lucinda questioned Luke's feels for Jade. Will landed a job at the hospital. Hal told Gwen, she and Will could live with them and he'd try to talk Barbara into giving Will his trust fund. Barbara agreed. Will was furious at Gwen's chat with his father. Gwen told Hal, she and Will would get jobs and move out. Meg and Paul realized Emily had Dusty. Paul begged Emily for forgiveness. Emily told him if he was really sorry, he would marry her. After making love, Jack still couldn't forgive his wife. Chardonnay went to Carly for money. Katie helped Nick realize Chardonnay was with him in the hotel, not Carly. Nick and Katie found Chardonnay. As she tried to give them the slip, she was "abducted" by a man. Carly arrived home and saw Jack talking to Chardonnay.
March 27 to 31, 2006
All of Carly's lies were finally revealed. She fought to hold on to her marriage, but in the end, Jack went to live on the farm. Holden agreed to support Lily in her decision about Jade. Jade was going to tell Luke's secret, when he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a kidney infection. Lily decided to let Jade stay. Will hated living at home with his father, but he put his feelings aside. He decided to say because his wife was happy. Maddie started tutoring Will, and Casey started tutoring Gwen. Maddie became jealous. To prove his love, Paul married Emily. Jennifer received a letter and a photo of Dusty holding a newspaper. The photo was proven authentic. Paul recanted his confession. For a school project, Maddie put the families and citizens of Oakdale into situation comedies. The parodies included nearly the entire cast. The shows were titled: 'The Snyder Hillbillies', 'I Dream of Carly', The Munsonsters', 'I Love Katie', and 'Happy Oakdale Days.'
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Carly literally begged Jack to forgive her, but he refused. Nick tried to comfort Carly, but she blamed him for her marital problems. Adding insult to injury, Hal wanted Parker to live with him. Mike returned home and wanted to pick up where he left off. He asked Katie to marry him as soon as possible. His enthusiasm lifted quickly, when he learned he was mentioned in a book called, "Oakdale Confidential." Lily allowed Jade to live at Cal's. Luke told Jade when his health improves, he will tell his parents about his sexuality. Jennifer decided not to cooperate with the charges against Paul. Paul was free to go home with his wife. Dusty used a fork to free himself from the chains. Barbara began to scheme to get Gwen and Casey together.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Lily, tired of Jade's freeloading, found Jade a job. Jade thought maybe Holden could help her, but Luke told her, his father wouldn't side with her over Lily. Jack served Carly with separation papers. She broke a valve on the hot water heater. Jack came to help, and things heated up, until he discovered she tamped with the hot water heater. The town of Oakdale was intrigued about the author of the book "Oakdale Confidential." Mike became extremely nervous. Nervousness turned to anger when he discovered Katie wrote the book. He was forced to tell her that he once buried stolen rubies, in what is now Carly's house. Katie distracted Mike so he could search for the jewels, but all he finds is a body. Will and Gwen discovered Barbara arranged for her to get a job at Lisa's club. Will told his wife to take the job; because he know how much she really wanted it. Dusty got out of the cabin, but got caught in an animal trap. Emily arrived and returned him to the cabin. Emily saw Paul and Meg together. She and Paul had a terrible fight, but the made love. Later Paul told Meg, it was just sex. Paul and Meg almost make love, but she resisted. They admitted having feels for one another. Emily decided to 'take care' of Meg. Emily took Dusty's bloody clothes, put them in a bag, and gave them to Henry. He didn't know what was in the bag, but he followed Emily's instructions and put them in Meg's car. Meg was pulled over and when the offer saw the bloody clothes he arrested her.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Jade tried to leave money for Lily. When Lily found out, she told Jade to use the money to find an apartment. Jade kissed Luke. He pushed her away, and Holden saw him. Luke was trying to tell his father he was gay, when Lily became ill. Lily was taken to the hospital. Katie and Mike come clean about the jewels and skeleton, to Jack. The three went to Carly's to dig up the skeleton. Carly arrived, saw the skeleton and fainted. Nancy Hughes took credit for the book "Oakdale Confidential." Lisa read Nancy the riot act for how she was portrayed in the book. Kim realized Nancy didn't write the book, but Nancy refused to discuss it. Paul told Jennifer about Emily's involvement with Dusty's kidnapping. Jennifer told Emily she heard from Dusty. Emily hit Paul over the head, rendering him unconscious. She left for Dusty, and was followed by Jennifer. She took Dusty to the basement, and told him, if he made a sound, she would kill him and Jennifer.
April 24 to 28, 2006
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
After having jumped from the cliff, Emily received CPR from Paul, Hal, Meg and Dusty. Emily was rushed to the hospital. Emily awoke to find Paul at her bedside, but quickly sent him away after seeing Meg. Meg and Paul decided they belong together. Later, Paul discovered Emily was pregnant. Carly went to Crash to hear her sister sing. She became intoxicated and Nick took her home. Later, they returned to Crash, and they walked into Jack. Jack and Nick began to argue. Carly accused Jack of being jealous and danced with Nick. Jack watched as the two danced before he angrily left. Lily was released from the hospital. She promised Luke she would try to accept Jade. Luke felt guilty for the amount of stress he had put on his mother. Holden didn't want to ask Jade to leave because he felt Luke would go with her. Emma told Holden he might be surprised how Luke actually felt about Jade. Luke told Jade he was going to tell his parents he's gay. Jade felt pressured and laid a guilt trip on Holden; she then kissed him. Gwen's big night was a smash. Barbara mentioned, to Will, Gwen and Casey's business trip. Will told her Gwen wasn't going. Barbara manipulated Casey into pressing Gwen to go on the trip. Henry performed Mike and Katie's wedding ceremony. Just after they said 'I do." Jack placed Mike under arrest.......for murder.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Nick vowed to help Mike get out of trouble. When Mike went to court, it was discovered that the medallion containing his DNA was missing. Without the evidence, Jack was forced set Mike free. Jack was convinced Nick got rid of the evidence, but Carly was sure Nick would never do anything like that. Later, Carly found the medallion in Nick's pocket. Jade's kiss to Holden didn't go as she planned. He ordered her to leave. Luke finally told his parents the secret about his sexuality. Lily hoped he was just confused. Luke tells his parents he won't live a lie, and if they won't accept him, he will leave. Lily worried that she should've been more supportive. Will found out that Gwen went to Chicago with Casey. Things went from bad to worse when he discovered they would be spending the night there. Maddie and Will wondered what really happened between Casey and Gwen. Casey and Gwen each denied anything happened while in Chicago. Moments before Henry could get his hands on his money, it was taken by the cops. It was to be used as evidence in the case against Emily. Emily discovered she was pregnant and decided to get an abortion. After speaking with Jennifer, she changed her mind. Meg had accepted Paul's request to live together, but when she discovered Emily planned to keep the baby, she ended her relationship with Paul.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Henry informed Emily the only way to get out of her trouble was to be crazy. Emily entered an insanity plea, which halted the criminal proceedings. Dusty was infuriated by the events. Jennifer told him she would have no further contact with Paul if Dusty stopped his ranting. Dusty agreed and proposed. Paul tried to convince Meg his future was with her. She went to deliver divorce papers and papers relinquishing his rights to the baby, but all he found was the sonogram. Lily told Lucinda that Luke was gay. Lucinda wasn't shocked but relieved that her grandson's life would be back in order. Maddie tried to seduce Casey, but he cared too much for her to sleep with her. Gwen and Will fought about their future and how to handle it. Jade convinced Will to buy a school paper off the Internet. Nobody believed Carly when she thought Nick had killed the girl in the wall. Katie found the medallion and soon realized Carly was right about Nick.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Jennifer kept her promise to Dusty. Meg blasted Paul for his deception. Katie was able to find evidence to use against Nick. Damian returned to Oakdale. Will has a hard time dealing with the pressure being put on him by Gwen. Paul crashed Jennifer and Dusty's engagement party.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Gwen and Will's relationship started to unravel. While Gwen performed at the graduation party, a banned Will was off being consoled by Jade -- and things took a very passionate turn. Holden and Damian came to blows over Luke. When forced to choose between his father and his biological father, Luke chose Luke. Later, Damian hinted to Lily about a way to possibly "deal with" Luke's homosexuality. Emily overheard Paul and Meg talking about Meg's job at the hospital, where she said that she could keep a better eye on Emily. Carly was overjoyed when Jack came home.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Damian and Lily agreed to have Luke talk to a therapist about his sexuality and to determine if Luke was really gay. The therapist, Ross, however, turned out to be a "deprogrammer," who wanted Luke to go to a summer camp that would hopefully "cure" him of his homosexual feelings. Later, during a confrontation with his mother at the top of a staircase, Luke pushed Lily and she tumbled down the stairs. Dusty and Jennifer were floored to learn that Johnny suffered from a serious ailment. Emily offered to undergo special testing to see if her unborn child could help save Johnny, but it could put Emily and the child at risk. Jade urged Will not to feel guilty about sleeping together. Lucinda showed up to give Carly a royalties check for writing "Oakdale Confidential" just as Carly believed Jack was going to propose to her.
June 19 to 23, 2006
June 26 to 30, 2006
Dallas, Jessica's nephew, caused troubled for Maddie and Casey. Holden asked Jack for help in proving that Damian was behind the attempt to get Luke "deprogrammed" of his homosexuality. Ross and Damian had words. Jack challenged Carly to leave five kids in his care - and a family food fight erupts. Simon apologized to Katie for the trouble and pain he's caused her, but Katie refused to fall for his romantic overtures. Johnny was released from the hospital, but Jennifer fell very ill. It was later learned that Jennifer would probably not recover from her illness.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Maddie fears Casey will uncover her past as Margo begins to figure out her secret. Despite their love for each other Carly and Jack continue with their divorce proceedings. Damian attempts to buy Luke's love with a car. Katie and Simon end up on a deserted island together and Simon uses it as an opportunity to get closer to Katie. In Katie and Simon's absence, Vienna decides to make a play for Mike. Distraught over her daughter's illness, Barbara becomes human again bonding with Gwen and reconnecting with Hal. Dusty and Jennifer have a tearful wedding in the hospital. Enemies, friends and family come together as Jennifer says her goodbyes and later dies peacefully in Dusty's arms.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Paul finally convinces Dusty to accept Jen's death. Gwen sings at Jen's memorial service and Hal shares a touching story about how Jen wanted to be and angel when she was a little girl. When Lucy shows up at the service, Dusty throws her out, blaming her for Jen's death. Always on the lookout for damsel in distress, Damian attempts to comfort Lucy later. Realizing that her marriage is about to end, Carly sets new rules for Jack. Finally supporting her son's marriage to Gwen, Barbara releases Will's trust fund. Going against his sister's dying request, Paul decides to fight for full parental custody. Just when it looks like there is no hope left for Emily, Dusty shows up in her defense. The golfer leads Mike to Katie and Simon, when they return safely home Mike gives Katie a replica of her lost wedding ring. Meanwhile at Crash, Maddie gets jealous when she sees Casey with Lia and accidentally starts a fire at the club. She tries to cover it up, but a few Oakdale residents are suspicious.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Honoring Jen's dying request, Dusty refuses to testify against Emily. In a desperate attempt to keep her locked up, Paul reveals that she shot him. However his plan fails and all charges against Emily are dropped. Meg begs Paul to stop obsessing about Emily and start concentrating on their relationship instead. Maddie gets arrested for slashing Lia's car and finally confesses to Margo that she was raped. Though she is struggling, Carly is determined to make it on her on, refusing both Jack and Simon's offers of financial help. Simon informs Mike and Katie of his acquired wealth and his intentions of remaining in Oakdale. Gwen is upset that Will decided to give money to Jade for an apartment without informing her first. Holden is forced to concentrate on Lily when complications develop with the baby. Feeling neglected and misunderstood, Luke gets drunk, crashes his car and gets a DUI. Damian comes to Luke's rescue. When Luke tells Damian he wishes he could start his life all over again a thousand miles away , Damian seizes the opportunity to tempt his son to move to Malta with him.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Desperate for money, Carly takes Simon up on his job offer. Katie is upset when Mike decides to work with Simon as well, but Mike assures her that he has a plan. Tired of all the drama with Emily, Meg rejects Paul's marriage proposal. An emergency c-section is performed on a comatose Lily and she has a healthy baby boy. Holden and Luke bond and Luke is about to move home until he finds out Damian is very ill. Casey finds Lia's body in the shower and many suspect Maddie. At the police station Henry tries to protect his little sister by saying she was with him the night Lia was murdered. When they are alone, Maddie admits that she doesn't remember where she was the night Lia died. Jade spies Maddie on a bridge throwing something in the water and thinks it's the murder weapon. After Lia's memorial, Maddie gets upset with Nate when he tries to make a move on her. She runs away from him, a few minutes later Nate thinks he hears her coming back. When he turns around to greet her, he is brutally attacked with a knife.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
When Gwen stumbles on Nate's body outside of Crash, Jade tries to make it look like Maddie is the killer. Looking guilty, Maddie returns home to Henry and her sister with blood on her hands. Barbara warns Gwen to keep and eye on Jade and not let her get too close to Will. Soon after, Maddie discovers Will and Jade's secret and is attacked by the killer. Gwen saves her from drowning, but never sees the killer. Later at the police station Margo suspects Maddie staged her attack. Fearing that either Will or Jade is the serial killer, Maddie tells Gwen one of them must have attacked her because she found out about their one-night stand. Holden brings the baby home and is disappointed to learn that Luke is planning on staying with Damian. When Holden finds out why Luke is staying with Damien, he is determined to prove that Damian is lying about being deathly ill. Lucy agrees to help him uncover the truth. Dusty is annoyed to see Lucy spending so much time with Damian. A mysterious threatening call makes Damian, more anxious about getting Luke to Malta. Carly and Simon head to New York on a business trip and Katie and Jack start growing concerned about their blossoming friendship. Not feeling well, Emily is taken to the hospital and Paul rushes to be by her side as a jealous Meg continues to wait on the sidelines.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Dusty worries that Lucy is getting in over her head when he finds out she is working undercover to expose Damian's secrets. When Damian realizes what she is up to he drugs her and locks her in the wine cellar. Dusty is captured when he attempts to rescue her. Determined to get his son to Malta, Damian hurries Luke to the airport, but Jack and Holden are hot on his tail. Carly and Simon have a blast in New York on their business trip and end up sharing a room. At first Katie is jealous to find out about their business trip, but then she decides to forget about it and focus on building a family with Mike. At the police station, Margo suspects Maddie's wounds from her attack were self-inflicted. Doubting her sanity, Maddie fears she might be the killer and warns Casey to stay away from her. Gwen leaves Will after she finds out he slept with Jade. In an attempt to save her son's marriage, Barbara tries to convince Gwen that the affair was all Jade's fault. Gwen confronts Jade and ends up slapping her. Gwen and Casey grow closer while commiserating about their broken relationships. Maddie gets jealous when she finds out Gwen is moving in with Casey and tells Gwen she better stay away from Casey or she may end up dead like Lia. Later Gwen is attacked by the killer.
August 14 to 18, 2006
After Will saves Gwen from the slasher it looks like they may reconcile until Gwen finds out he is living with Jade. Barbara pressures Gwen to give Will another chance, but later she's disgusted when she finds out her son and Jade are having sex. After he and Gwen's attack, Casey begins to doubt Maddie's innocence. Margo discovers that Maddie lied about being attacked in Chicago and goes to question her further. Before Margo arrives Louis makes sexual advances toward Maddie, finally causing her to remember that he was the one who raped her. When Margo gets there she demands Maddie tell the true identity of the rapist. At the airport Jack gets shot when he's trying to stop Damian from taking Luke to Malta. When Carly realizes Jack's been hurt, she rushes to his side but he gives her the cold shoulder when he sees she is with Simon. Later Carly gets jealous when she sees Eve comforting him. Lucy and Dusty bond after narrowly escaping being blown up in Damian's trap. Later Dusty tells her he no longer blames her for Jen's death. Once Luke realizes what Damian has been up to, he signs all of his shares of the Grimaldi inheritance over to him, then turns his back on Damian and his Italian heritage forever. Simon accidentally sees Katie and Mike in a compromising position. Carly cheers Simon up by taking him to the drive-in movies with the kids. Emily uses the baby to reel Paul in further, while Meg patiently waits on the side.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Meg gets her job back at Memorial after saving Lucy's life. Lucy's near brush with death brings Dusty closer. Emily continues using her pregnancy to drive a wedge between Paul and Meg. Paul warns Will to stay away from Jade if he wants to reconcile with Gwen. Louis threatens to hurt Eve and Henry if Maddie exposes him as her rapist. However, Henry figures it our on his own, and later convinces Maddie to tell the police the truth. While looking through a scrapbook, Gwen realizes a mask that Casey is wearing in one of the pictures is the same mask that the killer wears. Casey tells her the mask belongs to Maddie. When Henry finds a dark-hooded sweater in Louis's suitcase he suspects Louis might be the slasher. Ready for some fun, all the kids head to the lake for the weekend, not realizing the killer is hot on their trail. Just when it seems like Carly and Jack may reconnect, Eve comes between them. Carly doesn't waste anytime, and shares a kiss with Simon, later she accidentally walks in on him when he is naked, and likes what she sees. Mike quits working for Simon after finding out that Simon bribed the building inspector. With no likely change coming soon in Lily's condition, Holden decides it's time to name the baby.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
At Raven Lake, Gwen refused to talk to Will after Luke showed up with Jade. Luke came out to Kevin, but Kevin scorned him, and called him a faggot in front of the other teens. Later Luke saved Kevin from drowning when Liv accidentally knocked him out with an oar. Kevin apologized and thanked Luke for saving his life. The slasher killed Alex and then Ann, Zach, and Geneva. Maddie finally told Casey about Louis raping her and that Louis was the slasher. After they discovered Zach's body, Casey was the slasher's next victim. Maddie ran into the main group of teens with blood on her hands, which convinced them she was the slasher. Gwen and Will left the camp on foot to get to a phone, only to be attacked by the slasher. Will saved Gwen, but she couldn't walk because of a big gash on her leg. Gwen and Will had a heart-to-heart talk and made up while hiding in a maintenance shed. The other teens took the bus and left Maddie at the camp. Ian came back and tried to kill Maddie, but the slasher killed him instead. Louis grabbed Maddie and the slasher killed him. In Oakdale, Carly protested too much to Mike and Katie that nothing was going on between her and Simon. Katie concluded that something was indeed going on and lost all interest in trying to make a baby with Mike. Carly told Jack it was time for them to file their divorce. Meg and Dusty were both upset that Paul asked Lucy for help in buying the newspaper from Craig. Holden told Emma that Luke was gay and she was upset that she seemed to be the last to know. Henry thanked Dallas for helping Maddie and Jessica assured Dallas that he was a good cop. Henry called Eve and learned that Maddie wasn't in Chicago. Tom, Margo, and Jack realized that Maddie must be at Raven Lake just as Dallas received a phone call saying someone was killing kids at the lake.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
In Oakdale, Luke told Holden that he was worried how the other kids were going to treat him now that they knew he's gay, but said he didn't want to run away. He asked Holden to stay with Kevin and headed back to Raven Lake to pick up Jade. Dallas informed Tom, Margo, Jack, and Henry that there were multiple stabbings at Raven Lake and the teens thought Maddie was the slasher. They discovered that Casey, Will, and Gwen were not on the bus from Raven Lake. After Dallas called the local police at Raven Lake and learned they had ignored the call from the teens, Tom forcefully demanded they get some help out to Raven Lake. Tom, Margo, Jack, and Henry all headed for the lake themselves. At Raven Lake, the lone officer finally sent by local authorities was about to arrest Will and Gwen when the group from Oakdale arrived. Will and Gwen told them all that at least two kids were dead, plus Maddie had said Casey was dead also and she had blood on her hands. Gwen and Will said they didn't believe Maddie was the slasher, but that she seemed to be telling the truth about Casey. Luke arrived, followed shortly by Jade who claimed she had been out walking and knew nothing about the killings. Gwen accused her of being the slasher. Will admitted that he had lied about Jade being with him the night Gwen and Casey were attacked. Jack and Henry found the bodies of the teens and Louis, realizing that Louis was not the killer after all. Jack told Henry he believed the killer was a woman because of a small bloody glove print. Maddie struggled frantically with the killer and was saved by Casey, who knocked the slasher out, and then collapsed from his injuries. Maddie was overjoyed to see that Casey was alive. Knife in hand, Maddie unmasked the killer and was shocked that it was her sister Eve. With hate in her voice, Eve told Maddie all of the deaths were Maddie's fault for tempting Eve's husband into raping Maddie. Eve escaped while Maddie was trying to revive Casey. Tom and Margo found them and were overjoyed that Casey was alive. Eve ran into Jack, who arrested her. Gwen and Casey were taken to the hospital where Casey underwent surgery. Will suggested a memorial service for the murdered teens. Paul met with Emily and told her he was going to buy the Intruder from Craig for her. Meanwhile, Emma decided to celebrate Meg's engagement to Paul at the Lakeview, but changed her mind when she saw his business meeting was with Emily. Paul convinced Meg to hide the news of their engagement from Emily because he didn't want to upset her. Under the pretense of a job offer, Katie again interrogated Carly about the incident when Simon was wearing only spackle, and warned Carly not to get involved with Simon. Jack and Carly discussed their pending divorce and later Simon convinced Carly to fly to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Jade is hurt when Holden refuses her help with Baby Ethan and then throws her out of his house. Katie is sad to learn she isn't pregnant. After getting a quickie divorce Carly shares a passionate kiss with Simon. Will, Gwen and Casey make up with Maddie and apologize for ever believing she could have been the killer. Later, Casey professes his love to Maddie, but she is afraid to let him get too close. Margo reaches out to Maddie and tries to help her work through all of her family issues. Will is excited about his reconciliation with Gwen until he learns that Jade is pregnant. Paul's attempt to use Lucy in his plot to buy Craig's paper fails. Meg begins to get fed up with Paul's constant coddling of Emily. Lucy attempts to stay away from Dusty, but somehow they keep bumping into each other.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Barbara warns Dusty not to get involved with Lucy since she is Craig's daughter. Later Lucy admits to Lucinda that she is still in love with him. Emily and Henry break into Paul's apartment and interrupt Paul's romantic evening with Meg. When Emily discovers that they are engaged, she vows to keep Paul out of her baby's life forever. Then she urges Henry to help her kidnap Daniel and leave the country. Simon and Carly almost make love but decide to wait until they've finished their building project. Determined to keep them from reconciling, Simon ruins Jack's romantic surprise for Carly. Maddie moves back in with Tom and Margo and Casey moves into a dorm. Gwen leaves Will after finding out Jade is pregnant and decides to move in with Casey. Luke and Jade commiserate about being the town outcasts. Lily's spirit visits Holden and encourages him not to give up on her recovery.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Carly is touched when Simon writes Gwen a check to pay for her college expenses. During the ice storm things heat up between Carly and Simon. Worried about the baby's health, Will reluctantly agrees to let Jade move in with him. Later Will rescues Gwen after her car gets stuck in the snowstorm. Gwen ends up spending the night and they make love. Jade is in an accident and when she is taken to the hospital is forced to admit to Dallas that she is pregnant. Maddie and Casey begin to reconnect. Lucy sneaks Johnny out into the storm and rushes to the hospital, but gets in an accident, A mysterious, masked stranger keeps Lucy and Johnny from being struck by a falling tree, but then gets trapped himself. At the hospital, Dusty appreciates Lucy's concern for Johnny and they grow closer. Lucy tries to get help for the stranger who saved her. Katie panics about Mike after finding his abandoned car in the snowstorm; later she finds him. Lily regains consciousness Meg and Paul deliver Emily's baby girl, "Jennifer."
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Carly and Simon are kept from making love when a electrical tower crashes on them, destroying their model apartment. When Jack rushes to Carly's rescue, he is upset to find her cuddling on the couch with Simon, and assumes they did more. After an angry Jack leaves, Carly vows that she and Simon will not be defeated; instead they will show the world by finding money to start a new project. Emily blames Meg for her baby being stillborn. Later she and Paul hold a private memorial service for little Jen, and Emily refuses to let Meg or anyone else attend. Lily suffers memory loss and is haunted by Rose. By the end of the week she remembers everything and begs Luke to forgive her for not accepting the fact that he's gay. Lily believes Rose's ghost wants her to find Rose's daughter and she decides to start looking for her. Everyone is disturbed that Craig is back in town, but he maintains that all he wants to do is make amends. However his presence continues to put a wedge between Dusty and Lucy. Gwen prevents Will from telling Jade that they slept together. Gwen feels they have no chance of getting back together as long as Jade is pregnant with his child. Despite what Gwen says, Will is still determined to win her back and gets Jade an apartment so they won't be living together. Maddie grows suspicious of Jade's pregnancy and unsuccessfully tries to play private eye. She tells Will and Gwen that she thinks Jade is lying, but Will refuses to believe Jade would do that.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Jade takes a pregnancy test to prove to Will and Gwen that she's pregnant. Will still thinks Jade is faking it and unsuccessfully tries to convince Gwen. Later when Luke discovers the truth, Jade finally admits that she isn't really pregnant. Holden enlists Jade's help in locating Rose's daughter, Teresa. After Lucinda backs out on their deal, Simon keeps the news from Carly. Not wanting to disappoint her, Simon continues to deceive Carly, and is forced to borrow money from a dangerous loan shark in order to pay her. When Carly discovers the truth she is furious with Simon. Once Lucy realizes that Craig faked his heart attack, she has him booted from the Lakeview. This helps Dusty to regain trust in Lucy and they become closer. Craig and Emily join forces after she accepts his offer to become his partner at "The Intruder."
October 16 to 20, 2006
After much opposition, Craig decides not to set up a foundation in Jennifer's name. Lucy promises to support Dusty if there is ever a custody hearing. Paul is threatened by Craig's growing fascination towards Meg. Casey records one of Gwen's performances to give to Adam. Katie and Mike find out that they can have a baby. After releasing Carly from their business partnership, Simon is attacked by the goon he borrowed money from. Carly and Simon make up while she's nursing his wounds. Katie and Jack get jealous when they spy Carly and Simon hugging. Later, Carly lies to Jack in order to protect Simon. Luke threatens to expose Jade's secret if she doesn't tell the truth. Later, Jade is in an accident and Gwen and Will discover she's not really pregnant. Rose's supposed daughter comes to town and reveals that Jade is the real daughter. Lily is devastated, but Holden is suspicious until Lucy confirms it's true. Lily convinces Will not to press charges against Jade since he is responsible for her mother's death. Gwen and Will get back together and Jade moves in with Lily and Holden. Just when it looks like everything is getting better Will receives some heartbreaking news that will change the world forever.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Oakdale was devastated to lose one of its most beloved residents when Detective Hal Munson died in the line of duty. The tragedy drew some couples closer together, including Gwen and Will, and Carly and Jack. Margo decided to hold a memorial service at Yo's, since Hal would have wanted everyone to have a good time and not be sad and mourning him. Many shared their wonderful memories of Hal and talked about how he had touched their lives. Later, Jack and Carly broke the news to Parker at the police station and gave him Hal's badge. Meanwhile, Simon feared for Carly's life after Spiro threatened to harm her if his loan wasn't paid up. When he couldn't find Carly, Simon rushed to the police station and was jealous to see her there with Jack and Parker. Katie fought her growing feelings for Simon, and Margo encouraged her to stick with Mike. Carly and Simon plotted to steal Vienna's crown jewels in order to pay Spiro back, but Jack put a damper on their plans. Adam arrived in town because of his father's death and decided to stay. When he bumped into Jade, not realizing who she was, he invited her to go with him to the ball. Even though Lily warned her not to, Jade couldn't resist the offer. Tom decided to accept Craig's job offer so he could keep an eye on his brother-in-law. Paul hired a private detective to follow Craig, and continued to be jealous of Craig's obvious attraction to Meg. Emily agreed to spy on Craig for Dusty. At the ball, everyone was convinced that Craig was up to something, then a magician made him disappear.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Adam brings Jade to the gala and when Lucinda finds out she races to tell Lily the news. Will enlists Adam's help to get a demo made for Gwen. At first Gwen doesn't want to work with Adam, because of his friendship with Jade, however she reconsiders in order to get a chance at a music career. Casey attacks a guy who is dressed like the slasher, trying to scare Maddie. After his disappearing act, Craig seizes a moment to force Meg into a kiss. In an attempt to send a message to Craig and prove his love for Meg, Paul proposes to Meg at the ball and she accepts. Emily and Craig continue to plot to break them up. When Craig obtains temporary visitations rights, Dusty is forced to allow Craig to spend some time with Johnny. Barbara continues to bad mouth Lucy until Dusty warns her to stop if she wants to be a part of Johnny's life. Proving her loyalty to Dusty, Lucy threatens to file charges against Craig for kidnapping if he doesn't give up his plans for getting custody of Johnny. After he acquires the Prince's jewels, Carly and Simon finally make love and Simon admits his love for her. Katy is devastated when she finds out, but later decides it's time to let Simon go. Carly tries to minimize her feelings for Simon to Jack, but in the end realizes she truly cares for him and wants to see where the relationship will go.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Casey quits his job at Crash so he can work with Adam on making Gwen a star. Adam isn't happy to find out about Casey and Gwen's past involvement and hopes it won't complicate things with the demo. Will doesn't like the hard line that Adam takes with Gwen, but Gwen is determined to keep working with him. When Craig refuses to give up his custody battle for little Johnny, Lucy has Margo arrest him for kidnapping. Showing his support for Margo, Tom quits working for Craig. Dusty is touched by Lucy's sacrifice and things heat up between them. However Barbara convinces them it would be best for them to stop seeing each other until after Craig's trial. Feeling betrayed by his family, Craig plots with Emily to get revenge. Paul warns Meg to stay away from Craig. Later, following Craig's orders, Emily drugs Meg. After Jack overhears Carly leaving a tender message for Simon he tries to win her back, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Simon and Katie argue and then hit the sheets. When Simon gets back to his hotel room Carly is waiting for him and he tells her he's had a change of heart about them. Hurt and confused, Carly wants to end their partnership. Katie almost tells Mike the truth, but in the end can't go through with it. Instead she writes about her romp with Simon on her laptop. Simon meets up with Katie and tells her it's over between them and no one needs to know about what happened. Later he makes up with Carly, they celebrate the success of their partnership, and make love. When Katie gets home, she's horrified to find Mike at her laptop, reading about her night with Simon.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Gwen is not happy when her mom comes back to town. Iris pretends she only came to make amends, however she secretly hopes she will be able to cash in when Gwen makes it big in the music industry. Later Will gives Iris money and orders her to leave town and stay out of their lives for good. While Holden continues hanging out with his mysterious new blonde friend, Lily worries about her weight. After Jade has to cover for Holden several times she becomes suspicious that he is having an affair. Simon tries to convince Mike to go back to Katie, but he wants nothing to do with her and he thinks Carly is crazy to stay with Simon. Katie finishes her second book hoping it will wreak havoc on Carly and Simon's lives. She regrets her decision later, but it's too late to stop the publication. Much to Emma's surprise, Meg plans to marry Paul in a week. Dusty is furious with Lucy when she chooses not to testify against her father. After he gets a gun, he vows to take care of Craig in his own way. When Lucy finds out about Dusty's plan she warns her father to drop the custody suit because Dusty will try to kill him otherwise. Craig ignores his daughter's advice, sets up a time to meet Dusty in the garage, and then instructs Emily to remove the bullets from Dusty's gun. Suspicious of Emily, Paul follows her and watches her break into Dusty's car and empty the bullets. After she has left Paul replaces the bullets.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Adam reassures Maddie about Casey's feelings, then later encourages Casey to be good to his girlfriend. Gwen is upset when her mother stops by the studio an interrupts her rehearsal. After Iris leaves, Adam tells Gwen she should go home for a while. Later he and Jade end up having sex there, and Gwen walks in on them when they are going for round two. Jade is upset when Adam confesses that they slept together and fears Will will think she is a slut. Carly and Simon are furious with Katie for exposing their jewel theft in her book. Their reaction makes Katie suspicious that they really did steal the jewels. Later she persuades Jack to phone Vienna, but Vienna covers for Simon, claiming the jewels were checked for their authenticity before they were returned. Jack is satisfied, but Katie is still not convinced. Later Simon receives a note from Vienna saying she knows what he did. Lily continues to be suspicious of Holden and insecure about her weight. Even though he keeps sneaking around with the mysterious blonde, Holden tries to convince Lily that he loves her more than ever. To Lucy's horror, Dusty shoots her father then walks away. He bumps into Emily while he is having a drink and shocks her by telling her he just shot Craig. When the police arrive Lucy confesses that Dusty shot Craig. Tired of being caught in the middle, Lucy decides to end things with Dusty. At first Craig suspects that Emily tried to kill him, but later realizes someone else must have put the bullets back in the gun. While Craig is unconscious, Paul tries to suffocate him, but Emily walks in and stops him.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
In court, Lucy admitted to having been kidnapped but said that she could offer no proof that Craig had arranged it. The case against Craig was later dismissed. Katie's new edition of Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed sent shockwaves through Oakdale. Will worried that Gwen would forget all about him as she strives towards a career as a singer. Lily found lipstick on Holden's collar and confronted him with what she thought was his affair with another woman. Knowing that Dusty was out to kill him, Craig had Emily put blanks in Dusty's gun. Craig was stunned when Dusty confronted him later and pulled the trigger - and the gun was loaded with live ammunition. Later, Paul visited Craig in the hospital and tried to smother him with a pillow.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
After bumping into Vienna, Katie becomes more convinced than ever that Simon and Carly stole the jewels. Vienna blackmails Simon, forcing him to dump Carly and get back together with her. In an attempt to destroy the evidence, Simon and Carly throw her diamond necklace into a river, but it ends up landing on a branch. Later unbeknownst to them, a homeless woman finds it and gives to Carly's daughter, Sage. Once he thinks they are in the clear, Simon dumps Vienna. Afterwards, a bitter Vienne goes straight to the police department and tells Jack that she thinks Simon and Carly stole the jewels. Jack questions Carly about her necklace and warns her that Katie is out for blood. In the meantime, Simon gets a fake replica made of Carly's necklace. After Vienne confirms her suspicions, Katie plans to steal Carly's necklace in order to prove Simon's guilt. Paul and Meg decide to have their wedding a day early to keep Craig and Emily from interfering. When Emily finds out she rushes over and sabotages their plans by telling Meg of Paul's attempts to kill Craig. After she leaves Meg calls the wedding off and tells Paul she never wants to see him again. Paul is furious with Emily and tells her she has made an enemy for life. When Lucy discovers that her father set Dusty up in order to get custody of Johnny, she vows to Dusty that she will make him pay. Later she agrees to move in with Craig and Johnny and begins to plot her revenge. Even though they have a court order, Barbara refuses to allow Lucy and Craig's lawyer to take Johnny home with them. Adam is concerned for his brother when he finds out that Casey is in over his head with computer gambling debts. Will encourages Gwen to forget about Adam and Jade's relationship and just concentrate on finishing her demo.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Katie and Henry broke into Carly's house, stole the fake diamond and took it to the police station. When Carly realized that her diamond was missing she became really nervous and suspected that Katie had stolen it. Simon said they had nothing to worry about since it was a fake, but promised to be the fall guy if they did get caught. When Carly and Simon discovered that Sage had the real diamond as the sun on her science project, Simon managed to grab it and throw it into a biohazard container -- just before Jack saw it. Jack tried to help Sage find her missing sun and became suspicious when Sage insisted that it looks exactly like Carly's diamond necklace. Later a custodian found the diamond when he was emptying the container. Casey continued to hide his gambling problems from Maddie. Gwen felt sorry for Iris when she found out that Iris's sister just died and allowed her to move in. When Will found Iris going through his bank statements he kicked her out. Gwen and Adam headed to LA to make the cover for her CD, leaving Will and a sulky Jade behind. Lily discovered that the mysterious blonde in Holden's life was his dancing teacher. Once Dusty found out that Craig was planning on getting full custody of Johnny, he asked Lucy to help him escape from prison so he could kill her father. Realizing that it was a no-win situation for Johnny, Lucy decided to take control of the situation by kidnapping Johnny and leaving Oakdale forever.
December 18 to 22, 2006
Despite Iris's drunken attempt to sabotage it, Gwen's performance in LA is a big hit. After seeing Gwen and Adam kissing, Iris tries to cause problems for her daughter's marriage. Adam pays Casey's gambling debts and tells his brother he'll have to fess up to Margo and Tom after Christmas. Holden reassures Faith that he is not leaving Lily. When the Prince comes to town looking for his stolen jewels, Jack warns Carly if she doesn't stay away from Simon she could land in jail. Carly decides to take Jack's advice and breaks things off with Simon. Much to Katie's annoyance, Vienna makes a play for Mike then they both decide to gang up on Carly. Carly and Jack spend Christmas together, while Henry tries to convince Simon not to give up her. Craig continues to plot revenge on all those who have wronged him and Dusty keeps on brooding about Johnny. Meg finds Paul after he has been in a serious car accident and frantically tries to help him.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Iris continues to try to make Will jealous of Gwen and Adam's relationship. After Jade finds out about the kiss, Gwen decides to 'fess up to Will. Even though he forgives Gwen after she explains that it didn't mean anything, he remains leery of Adam. When Paul awakes in the hospital he unsuccessfully attempts to win Meg back. Barbara thinks Craig is responsible for Paul's accident. Meg and Emily join forces in order to frame Craig and free Dusty. Mike informs Katie that he wants to start divorce proceedings. While Simon and Carly are starting the year off with a bang, Jack discovers the missing diamond.
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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