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January 6 to 10, 2003
Lucy wrestled with doubts about herself, Alison, and Aaron and later had a flashback of Alison's confession. Sierra returned to Montega. Mike tried to smooth things over with Rosanna. Molly blasted Rosanna for buying the penthouse. Carly delivered a heartfelt speech to Rosanna (written by Craig) designed to restore their positions at Monte Carlo. Carly told Molly that she slept with Craig the night before her wedding and promised Mike that she would smooth things over for him with Molly. Rosanna proposed to Craig. J.J. was returned to his biological parents and Jack and Carly watched an evil videotaped confession from Julia. Carly told Jack that she is pregnant and convinced him to keep it a secret from everyone else. Simon told Katie about his arrest warrant in Australia and she called Tom for help. Because of hemorrhaging from a nicked artery, Ben performed a second surgery on Marshall which raised questions about his competence.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Marshall made plans to sue Ben for malpractice and attempted murder. Lucy gave Craig her blessing regarding Rosanna and he purchased Fairwinds. Carly lied to Mike when he asked about her pregnancy. Carly took Emily's advice, told Rosanna about her pregnancy, and asked her to be involved in the child's life. When Carly told Molly about her pregnancy, Molly doubted that Jack is the father. Rosanna withdrew her proposal, gave Monte Carlo back to Craig, and accepted his marriage proposal. Carly denied Craig's request to return to Monte Carlo and he questioned the paternity of her baby. Jack and Molly were puzzled when Mike and Henry almost came to blows. Tom and Margo suggested that Simon become an American citizen. Rose and Paul shared an awkward reunion at the airport. Alison intercepted letters from Lucy and Aaron and insinuated herself further into his life. Barbara's outbursts continued to upset Will.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Ben intervened when Marshall began to experience side effects from his surgery. Impressed by his concern, Marshall dropped charges against Ben. Determined to help Marshall locate his daughter, Jessica called things off with Ben. Rose told everyone about her plans to open a beauty salon. Rosanna and Lucy bonded. Lucy and Aaron grew closer. Craig enlisted Alison's help to come between Lucy and Aaron. Katie and Simon encouraged Henry to back off from Carly. Emily told Hal the truth about Carly's baby and he set out to tell Jack. Carly's doctor inadvertently told Rosanna about Carly's baby's age and she confronted Craig who finally admitted the truth. Rosanna told Mike that he is the father of Carly's baby.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Jack learned the truth about the night before his wedding and Mike confessed to Molly. Jack and Molly confronted Carly and Mike and later comforted each other. Carly and Parker fled to Cancun and Mike declared his intention to be an integral part of the baby's life. Lily encouraged Mike not to give up on Molly. Rosanna accepted Craig's engagement ring. Marshall insisted on accompanying Jessica to Washington and was devastated when Lien informed them of Zara's death. Dr. Michaels asked that Alison not be allowed to visit with Will. Alison continued to worry that Will would remember her part in the fire and continued to plot against Aaron and Lucy. Barbara continued to obsess about her troubles. Rose refused to accept funding from Lily or Lucinda for her new salon.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Jack put the breaks on as he and Molly were about to make love. Mike incorrectly assumed they did make love and shared the news with Craig. After Molly and Jack led Craig to believe Mike's story, Craig made inquiries about Carly's whereabouts. Will promised Alison that he would not implicate her in the fire. Chris shared his theories about Will with Barbara. Per Craig's request, Alison told Lucy that Aaron made love with a girl in North Carolina. Lucy became very confused when Aaron denied Alison's story and admitted that they were the two people who had actually made love. Angry because Simon let him take the fall for their crimes eight years ago, Bartleby arrived in Oakdale and insisted that Simon return to their scam operation or else he would harm Katie. Simon was later terrified to discover that Katie went on an errand with him. Ben and Jessica tried to repair their relationship but Marshall was later released into Jessica's custody after being arrested for leaving town. Paul and Rose reconnected.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Simon rescued Katie from Bartleby but later agreed to convince Katie that their marriage is over and leave town with him. Paul refused to go into a partnership with Barbara. Mitzi returned to Oakdale. Disgusted by Marshall's presence in her home, Bonnie moved out. Carly became livid when Craig told her about Molly and Jack, and punched Molly as soon as she returned to Oakdale. Molly was devastated when Jack rejected her and more so when she learned that Mike offered to let Carly and Parker stay with him at the lake house. With Rosanna's help, Lucy remembered Alison's confession and confirmed it with Will. After a heartbroken Aaron passed out from drinking too much, Alison eagerly joined him on the sofa. Lucy was stunned to find them in each other's' arms when she arrived to confront Alison.
February 17 to 21, 2003
Molly and Jack began to reconsider their positions with Mike and Carly. Mike and Jack accompanied Carly to the baby's first ultrasound. Aaron finally realized how Alison had been manipulating him and tried to convince a very skeptical Lucy. Craig was upset that Rosanna helped Lucy regain some of her memory. Alison fled to Chicago, and charges were filed against her for the fire at the barn. Chris and Emily found Alison and took her back to Oakdale to face the consequences. Rose was not impressed when Dusty Donovan, who assumed she was Lily, kissed her on the neck. Katie confronted Simon after she found Henry filming him with another woman. Jessica was pleasantly surprised when Ben told her he understood why Marshall had to stay with her. Marshall taunted Ben.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Jack was devastated when he went to discuss baby names with Carly and found her discussing them with Mike. Carly agreed to return to Monte Carlo but rejected Jack's suggestion that they divorce. Alison confessed to Hal but Barbara arrived with a warrant for her arrest. Aaron testified on Alison's behalf after she promised to tell Lucy the truth. Alison was jailed after Barbara presented Will to the judge at her hearing. Will was evaluated and told the judge that he wants to live with Hal and Emily. Rose continued to be suspicious of Dusty but waffled in her decision to tell Paul when Dusty kissed her passionately. Molly reintroduced herself to Dusty with kisses. Simon told Katie that he was tired of her and their life as he left her for the last time. Katie convinced Margo to arrest Bartleby and he set out to kill her when he was released. Simon arrived in time to save her, killed and buried Bartleby, and left a note for her with Henry. Marshall interfered with Ben and Jessica's date.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Rose confronted Barbara. Chris and John resolved their differences. Jack began divorce proceedings. Carly asked Craig for advance so she could move out of Mike's house. Craig and Barbara made amends. Alison admitted the truth to Lucy. Aaron and Lucy reconciled. Craig was upset that Rosanna allowed Lucy to be out alone. Jessica accused Marshall of raping her, resigned as his attorney, and had him ejected from her home after he was granted a pre-trial release. Hal offered encouragement to Alison who later faked an illness after being denied a deal by the district attorney. Mike became skeptical when Molly suggested moving back in with him. Rose and Carly interrupted heated moments between Molly and Dusty, and Carly set out to enlighten Mike about Molly.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Molly told Carly that she did not have sex with Jack and they made up. Rosanna agreed to Carly's personal request for an advance. As Jack asked Carly to move back in with him, she experienced severe pains and was later diagnosed with preeclampsia. Katie was devastated to learn that Simon cleared out their bank account and left the country. Alison faked a panic attack and was released with the condition that she wear a tracking device on her ankle. Rose confided in Mitzi about Dusty's weird behavior. Dusty made a strange phone call after learning that Rose accepted Paul's marriage proposal. Jessica told Margo and Bonnie about the rape but Marshall's letter to Jessica confused Bonnie. Marshall was arrested after becoming aggressive with Jessica.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Carly made plans to recuperate at the Snyder Farm and secretly work with Craig. Rosanna asked Barbara to design for Monte Carlo which infuriated Craig. Barbara gloated to Carly about Rosanna's job offer. Lily convinced Rose to try to get along with Barbara. Barbara put more pressure on Dusty to break up Rose and Paul. Disappointed that Mike didn't ask her to move back in to the lake house, Molly suggested they get married. Katie and Alison bonded. Marshall continued to deny that he raped Jessica and threatened to use the videotape as Exhibit A if she pressed charges against him. Isaac and Bonnie continued to worry about Jessica's accusations. Ben asked to read the love letter Marshall wrote to Jessica.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Ben read and burned Marshall's letter to Jessica. Mike told Molly that he couldn't marry her and they broke up. Rosanna told Carly that until she produces her designs, Barbara is the designer for Monte Carlo. Carly convinced Craig to convince Rosanna they should be married immediately. Jack and Carly shared a kiss and he later tore up her design sketches. Tom plea-bargained a 6 month sentence for Alison. Rose sought help from Dusty which annoyed Paul. Molly saw Dusty and Barbara talking. Molly and Dusty made love and Molly later told Mike about it. Dusty agreed to help finance Rose's business but insisted on being a partner. Aaron helped Lucy take her first steps and they later wished Alison well, but told her they could no longer be her friends.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
Rose was elated when Dusty convinced Paul to support their arrangement. After being beaten up by thugs demanding cash, Dusty confided in Barbara who insisted that he continue to see Molly. Mike told Molly that he loves her but isn't happy with the person she's become, and added that he plans to leave Oakdale if Carly's baby isn't his. Molly again turned to Dusty. Mike and Katie became acquainted after he injured his finger. Alison and her family were devastated when she was sentenced to one year in a detention center. Upset that the judge wouldn't allow the videotape as evidence, Marshall taunted Ben with plans to submit the tape to the media. Carly temporarily resigned from Monte Carlo for the sake of the baby's health but Rosanna permanently replaced her with Barbara. Frustrated by Carly's creative block, Craig contemplated making Barbara disappear.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Mike offered to help Katie with her home repairs and built a wedding arbor for Rosanna. Jack admitted to Carly that he can't live without her. Craig arranged for Emily, Rose, and Henry to "detain" Barbara for a few days at a secluded cabin. Barbara became incensed when she realized what happened to her and vowed revenge. Hal, Paul, and Rosanna became suspicious of Craig when they realized Barbara was missing. Though Barbara's designs were good, Craig burned them and inspired Carly to begin designing a new collection. Lucy convinced Aaron to crash her father's wedding. Alison's cell mates bullied her into keeping a knife under her mattress. Jessica responded to the photo via a press conference but rushed to Marshall's side after he faked a collapse in front of a hired cameraman. Ben and Isaac withdrew their support for Jessica. After Rose expressed her gratitude for the loan, Dusty managed to get the money from Molly under false pretences.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Rosanna accepted Carly's designs and they bonded. Lucy walked down the aisle and Rosanna and Craig were married. Jack drove Barbara to the wedding after a neighbor alerted police to smoke and shouting coming from the boarded-up cabin. Barbara accused Craig of kidnapping her and became furious when she learned that Carly is going to be the designer for Monte Carlo. Rosanna questioned Craig's involvement in Barbara's disappearance and Craig became livid when he learned that Rosanna allowed Aaron and Lucy to spend time together. Although Marshall privately admitted to Jessica that he raped her, he did not change his plea. A mistrial was declared when Ben caused a scene in the courtroom. Bonnie swore revenge on Marshall and took Jessica's gun from the safe at Java Underground. Alison discovered the identity of the person her cellmates plan to attack. Mike apologized to Molly.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Craig walked out on Rosanna on their wedding night. Rosanna discovered papers regarding the cabin, which Carly later convinced her to destroy. Dusty provided Rose with an alibi as she was about to confess to Paul. Jack found a receipt which proved the watch was Emily's. Henry was arrested when he went to the cabin to check on Barbara. Emily admitted the truth to Carly and Hal. Carly tried to convince Jack to destroy the receipt. Barbara baited Henry until he admitted the truth about her kidnapping. After Isaac alerted her to Bonnie and the missing gun, Jessica rushed to Marshall's room and was accidentally shot by Bonnie who was furious about her unsuccessful attempt to get a taped confession from Marshall. Alison saved the guard's life and later kissed Chris. Susan returned from a conference, smitten by Dr. Rick Decker who later surprised her with a visit. Molly fled to Katie's to ask Mike for help after Dusty's disgruntled business partners upset her.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Paul became furious when Molly confirmed that Dusty and Rose were lying about her alibi. Rose confessed to her part in Barbara's abduction and later kissed Dusty. Jack and Hal convinced Barbara that the evidence against Emily, Henry, and Rose would not hold up. Paul questioned Dusty and Barbara about Rose's loan. Molly threatened to reveal Dusty's shady business and was later questioned about him by an FBI agent. Bonnie stuck to her mother's story when she gave her statement to the police. Jessica accepted Ben's marriage proposal. Rosanna flew into a rage when she discovered Carly and Craig talking on the telephone, and later attempted to seduce Mike. Susan was trilled when Alison was returned home and Dr. Decker was offered a position at Memorial. Bob mistakenly overmedicated a patient, who later died as a result.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Barbara convinced Evelyn to investigate the way Jack handled the kidnapping. Jack warned Henry to leave town. After finding Rose and Dusty kissing, Paul surprised everyone at the grand opening of the Roller Palace with evidence that Barbara had been financing Dusty before he came to Oakdale. Molly made plans to expose Dusty and the FBI agent, Brackett. Bonnie was placed on probation, fined, and ordered to perform community service. Bob was relieved to learn that his patient did not die from an overmedication, but continued to have problems with his memory. Alison was less than thrilled with Dr. Decker and the reaction from Aaron and Lucy about her freedom. Carly tried to convince Rosanna to continue Monte Carlo without Craig. Craig returned to Oakdale with Sierra who later tricked him into allowing Lucy to see Aaron. Rosanna walked out on Craig.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Dusty admitted that Barbara hired him to break up Rose and Paul, but Barbara denied it. Paul walked out on Rose and left town with James on his mind. Barbara refused to pay Dusty. Dusty found Brackett's card in Molly's purse. Mr. Big impersonated an FBI agent and met with Molly. Dusty devised a plan to get money from Molly. Jack agreed to let Henry stay in his house. Craig tried to keep Barbara from the fashion show, but she realized that the concept for her designs had been used by Carly. Jack arrested Emily, Rose, and Craig, and Carly blasted them for interfering in her life. All charges were dropped against Marshall. Bob made another mistake involving a patient who later died.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Hal overheard Rosanna tell Carly that she was going to make Carly vanish. Jack later searched for Carly and questioned Rosanna. Dusty orchestrated a grisly scene that forced Molly to get the money he owed Spangler. John expressed concern about Bob to Dr. Decker and was later incensed when, after preliminary testing, Dr. Decker advised Bob to continue his duties at Memorial. Barbara agreed to drop the kidnapping charges in exchange for purchasing Monte Carlo for one dollar. Rosanna agreed with the stipulation that Craig accept Lucy and Aaron's relationship. Hal informed Rose that the wreckage from Paul's plane was found off the coast of Canada. Dusty tried to console Rose. Barbara set out to find Paul and Jennifer. Katie was caught off-guard by a thank-you kiss from Mike. Bonnie was discouraged after her first day of community service.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Jack arrested Rosanna for Carly's disappearance as Parker tried to tell Hal that Carly is in "Mushy Bells" - Mussel Shell, Montana. Lucy was disgusted when Craig hired Marshall Travers to represent Rosanna. Barbara was devastated when Rose told her about Paul's plane crash. Bob was relieved to learn that he's experienced mini strokes instead of dementia, and vowed to get to the bottom of the Memorial Hospital deaths. Spangler insisted that Lucinda be Dusty's next mark. Molly thwarted Dusty's plans to extort money from Lucinda via Rose. Alison and Chris almost kissed. Katie and Mike discovered a dead body at the old mill. Evelyn nixed Jessica's suggestion to return to the D.A.'s office. Despite the restraining order, Marshall again approached Jessica and Ben.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
Margo, Jack, and Henry agreed to keep mum about the discovery of Bartleby Shears' body and Simon's involvement. Jessica was thrilled to represent Rosanna and get her released on bail but was unable to be intimate with Ben. Craig surmised that Parker was referring to Musselshell, Montana and informed Jack of Carly's location. Jack arranged for Rosanna to be released and shared a tender reunion with Carly in Montana. Spangler's associate attacked Rose and kidnapped Lily. Katie discovered an empty vial of medicine and later, Nurse Krebb's dead body. Bob brought a forensic pathologist onboard at Memorial and notified the police about the mysterious deaths. Craig and Rosanna celebrated the renewal of their wedding vows.
June 9 to 13, 2003
After crashing Jack and Carly's reunion in Musselshell, Katie created a diversion for Mike as Carly went into labor with Jack by her side. Nurse Krebb's death was found to be due to an overdose of potassium chloride. Dr. Gordon was arrested after Alison caught him disposing of an empty vial of potassium chloride. Rosanna was skeptical when Craig told her he's through lying to her. Rose was kidnapped and placed in an abandoned well with Lily, but remained convinced that Dusty would come to their rescue. Spangler insisted that Dusty deliver the $2 million dollars in ransom. Bonnie was elated after spending the day with Sarah.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Bob and Susan remained skeptical after learning Dr. Decker fits the profile of a serial killer. Alison and Chris grew closer. Chris offered a lame excuse when a vial of potassium chloride was found in his locker. Bob came to a startling realization after reading Nurse Krebb's journal. Carly gave birth to baby girl Sage and accepted Jack's marriage proposal. Jack and Mike gave blood samples for a paternity test. Lily and Rose remained in the well after both Spangler and McCann were murdered. Dusty questioned Barbara about James. Following a tip, Margo discovered McCann's body on Barbara's sofa. Sarah stole Dr. Daniels' PDA. Craig made plans to join Lucy and Aaron on their camping trip.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Bob slipped into a coma after confronting someone about Nurse Krebb's journal and Kim insisted that Ben be put in charge of his care. Dr. Decker was later found unconscious after telling Susan that he located the journal. Rosanna and Craig took Parker and documents for Carly and Jack's wedding to Montana. Rosanna, Jack, and Carly made amends. Mike invited Molly to the wedding. Sarah was returned to Troy's custody after Dr. Daniel's Palm Pilot was found in her possession. Rose and Lily struggled to stay alive as the well began to collapse. Another Spangler associate was found dead with a walkie-talkie. James admitted to masterminding Rose and Lily's disappearance and taunted Marshall about his daughter. Margo was shocked to learn FBI Agent Brackett is an imposter.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Following Jack and Carly's wedding, Jack was thrilled to learn that Sage is his daughter. Molly comforted a devastated Mike as Katie looked on. Dr. Daniels theorized that Dr. Decker injected himself with potassium chloride. Dr. Gordon assaulted Alison for sharing her suspicions about him with John. John relieved Chris of his duties and fired Dr. Gordon. After Rose climbed out of the well and Lucy deciphered James' clues to the twins' whereabouts, Dusty was stunned to find Rose in the adjacent cabin with a noose around her neck. Holden rescued Lily. After apologizing to Dr. Daniels, a feverish Sarah collapsed.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Rose was stunned when Paul freed her from the rope. Rose and Lily were reunited with their family. Incensed that James set up the kidnapping to lure him out of hiding, Paul confronted James and later revealed himself to Barbara and Jennifer. Molly realized she and Mike have no future. Katie was happy when Mike decided to stay in Oakdale. Tom accepted the job of District Attorney. Bonnie vowed to take care of Sarah. Emily became suspicious of Rick. Susan agreed to marry Rick. As she contemplated a future with Dusty, Rose received a wedding ring from Paul. Alison, Katie, Hal, and Dr. Daniels encountered the mysterious person in the wheelchair while Gordo and Rick were unaccounted-for.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Sarah admitted to Bonnie that she was from Brazil. Jessica accepted the job of assistant district attorney from Tom. Dr. Gordon's body was discovered in the mysterious wheelchair. Dr. Decker made several attempts to give Bob an injection after he began to wake up from the coma. Paul vowed to save Jennifer and Will from Barbara. Jennifer confronted Dusty and Rose about Paul's new attitude. Though stunned by Paul's reappearance and kiss, Rose made plans to consummate her relationship with Dusty. Although Craig and Rosanna initially crashed their camping trip, Aaron and Lucy made love again once Craig and Rosanna were gone.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Jennifer interrupted Dusty and Rose. Following Paul's guilt trip, Rose changed her mind about being with Dusty and he threw her out. Although he slipped back into a coma following an injection from Dr. Decker, Bob said the name "Rick" to Chris. On the day of his wedding to Susan, Dr. Decker murdered a reporter who was blackmailing him with startling information about his medical school antics. Henry produced Simon's letter which prompted Katie to go to Australia to search for him. Rosanna was stunned to discover that Craig put the penthouse on the market and Paul rented it. Jessica was upset to learn that Sarah may be Marshall's daughter.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Marshall discovered Bonnie in his hotel room, but she managed to take his toothbrush for the DNA test. Marshall confronted Jessica about Bonnie, and Jessica again warned Bonnie about Marshall. Dr. Decker lied about his whereabouts and went through with the wedding, despite hallucinating and fainting. Hal and Emily found the memory card from Jeffrey Starr's computer and learned the truth about Dr. Decker. Later, Dr. Decker drugged Susan. Dusty made plans to buy Java Underground when Isaac offered to sell it in an effort to spend more time with Bonnie and Sarah. Rose cut all ties with Paul and called on Dusty when Paul passed on the opportunity to admit his true feelings for her. Carly told Jack that she wants Mike to be Sage's godfather.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Katie left during Sage's christening to prevent Mike from accompanying her to Australia to search for Simon. Lily was disgusted when she found Rose and Dusty together after they made love and insisted that Dusty steer clear of her family. Paul paid Andre' to create a scene whereby Jennifer would assume Barbara was interfering in her life, which led to Jennifer asking to move in with Paul. Lucy and Aaron contemplated their futures. Craig and Dusty agreed to form a partnership to purchase Java Underground. Dr. Decker hired Marshall Travers to represent him and was stunned to learn that his access to Bob is severely restricted. Susan confronted Rick when she learned that he lied about his whereabouts.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Dr. Daniels and Jessica insisted that Bonnie tell Marshall and Sarah that they are father and daughter. Upon learning that Sarah is from Brazil, Marshall obtained a court order to have Zara's body exhumed. After Emily confronted Susan with Alison's news that Rick lied, Susan told Rick that she can't protect him any longer and Alison made plans to search the house for evidence. Aware that she has an agenda, Dusty agreed to let Jennifer help with the grand opening of the club. Barbara refused to allow Paul to spend time alone with Will. Craig was unnerved when he saw Paul comforting Rosanna and was later shocked when Rosanna told him she wants to adopt a baby.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Bob came out of the coma and let everyone know that Rick is the serial killer. Meanwhile, Alison discovered souvenirs from the murders in Rick's safety deposit box and was then shocked to come face to face with him. Dusty bribed a city official. Rose and Paul were furious to find Dusty and Jennifer flirting with each other. Rosanna was devastated when a social worker from the adoption agency informed her that Craig's past would preclude him from ever adopting a child. Mike was drugged and thrown into the cellar of the Frazier farm with Katie. Marshall was shocked to discover bags of sand in Zara's casket and more so later when Sarah was revealed to be his daughter.
August 25 to 29, 2003
Craig reported Dusty's betting operation to the Oakdale PD in an effort to thoroughly disqualify himself as an adoptive parent. Dusty assumed Jennifer turned him in. Mordecai assaulted Mike and Katie, and took Katie's necklace. Rick forced Alison from the bank and attempted to kill her. Chris later saved Susan and Alison from Rick, who later confessed and was arrested. Marshall was declared Sarah's legal guardian. Bonnie agonized about telling Sarah that Marshall raped Jessica. Depressed about her life, Molly confided in Lily.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Mike and Katie overheard Mordecai's conversations with Simon and Margo and tried to send messages to both of them. Jennifer admitted that she wanted a physical relationship with Dusty. Rose blasted Dusty for getting cozy with Jennifer and broke up with him. Paul confronted Craig about alerting the police to Dusty's illegal betting operation while Rosanna worried that either of them could be responsible. Molly felt slighted by Carly's attentiveness to Rosanna. Chris and Alison made love.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Susan confronted Rick who admitted that he chose her because she was lonely and desperate. Jessica convinced Sarah to give Marshall a chance but did not tell her about the rape. Katie phoned Margo in an effort to allay her fears and save Mike from Mordecai, and later left with Mordecai to meet Simon in Sydney. Rosanna was devastated when she overheard Jennifer confronting Craig about reporting the betting operation and later withdrew her financial support. Paul admitted to Jennifer that he paid Andre to come to Oakdale and later comforted Rosanna. Molly agreed to finance Craig and Dusty's night club to spite Carly.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Isaac left town. Ben and Jessica made love and set a wedding date. Carly told Rosanna about Molly, but Craig lied when Rosanna confronted him. Rosanna volunteered to be Sage's nanny. Jennifer forgave Paul and continued to pursue a seemingly uninterested Dusty. Paul and Rose kissed. Dusty punched Paul. Marshall arranged for the bookmaking charges to be dropped. Paul hired Henry to bug Java Underground and came up with a plan involving Molly. Craig refused to give up the club and suggested pursuing a less than ideal adoption arrangement. While Tom and Margo traveled to Australia, Mike rescued an ungrateful Katie from an explosion meant for Simon, as Simon was calling out to her.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Katie remained conflicted about her feelings for Mike after receiving confirmation that Simon died in the explosion. Mike admitted to Carly that he is in love with Katie. Aaron accepted Craig's offer to work at the Metro. Just as Molly and Dusty were about to have sex, Paul's plans fell apart. Rose admitted to Mitzi that she still has feelings for Paul and convinced Dusty not to press charges against him. Marshall took Bonnie's advice and told Sarah that he raped Jessica. Susan and Emily discovered Jeffrey Starr's suitcase.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Metro had its grand opening. Rose left the opening to aid Mitzi and met Paul instead. Paul declared his love for Rose and asked for another chance. Jennifer told Dusty that Rose and Paul were together. Dusty and Molly grew closer. Craig presented Rosanna with a new baby boy. Holden and Aaron argued about Aaron's job at Metro. Dusty refused to fire Aaron despite warnings from Holden and Jack. Dusty used Aaron as his runner for his bookmaking business. Katie was rushed to the hospital with a high fever. Bonnie and Marshall made amends to help Sarah. Ben was unsuccessful in getting Bonnie and Jessica together.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Rose accepted Paul's marriage proposal. Jessica didn't want Bonnie as her maid of honor after Bonnie lied to her about Marshall and Sarah. Carly helped Rosanna when Cabot became ill. Craig scrambled to get Cabot's medical records. Molly continued to pursue Dusty. Jack agreed to let Henry be Sage's nanny. Chris was angry with Alison after she lied to get time alone with him. Mike was in serious condition after being struck by a car driven by Katie.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Barbara had pictures taken of Dusty and Rose, which she later showed to Paul. Barbara and Rose argued in front of Will. Molly decided not to tell Rosanna about Cabot's adoption. Rosanna tried to make amends with Molly. Marley told Molly she couldn't see Jake's daughters anymore. A guilty Katie decided to take care of Mike while he recuperated. Aaron was arrested and left Lucy at the dance alone.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Katie had Henry get rid of Glenda the nurse so she could help Mike recuperate. Rose gave Paul proof that Jennifer is trying to break them up. Paul threw Jennifer out. Barbara and Paul visited James in prison. Jessica had Marshall arrested and offered him an ultimatum. Lucy broke up with Aaron after he was arrested. The charges against Aaron were dropped when Dusty came forward.
October 27 to 31, 2003
Marshall accepted Jessica's ultimatum and later met his death. Bonnie was arrested. Nancy was brought in for questioning. Katie made a confession to Mike. Chris broke up with Alison. Aaron and Alison slept together. Aaron and Lucy made up. Paul changed his plans about Paris because of Will. Rose vowed revenge. John found discrepancies in Cabot's medical records.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
Bonnie wanted to plead guilty to Marshall's murder. Hal slapped Barbara with a restraining order. Paul tried to make amends with Dusty. Barbara hired a hit man. Katie confessed all to Margo who agreed to bury Mike's hit and run case. Aaron found out that Holden had him arrested. John notified the Canadian authorities about Cabot's adoption. Miss Feddle blackmailed Craig. Chris made a decision about his future.
November 10 to 14, 2003
After pleading guilty Bonnie received a six-month sentence and bid a tearful goodbye to Jessica and Sarah. Dusty was out to prove that Paul is going to hurt Rose. Paul hired a bodyguard to protect Rose. Molly discovered incriminating evidence against Paul. Alison discovered she was pregnant and refused to tell Chris who left to take a job in Philadelphia. Katie ran out on Mike after they kissed. Carly pushed Craig into finding out if Cabot's adoption was really legal.
November 17 to 21, 2003
Paul admitted to Rosanna that he was the one who made the threatening phone call to Rose. After Rose gave Crater the slip, Paul fired him. Dusty hired Crater to get his job back and spy on Paul. After Rose's car was trashed, Crater found evidence incriminating Paul. Lucy broke up with Aaron after learning he slept with Alison. Alison's pregnancy was revealed after she was hurt in an argument with Lucy. Hal was furious with Barbara when he found out that she had set up a secret meeting with Will. Mike convinced Margo to talk to Katie about a memorial service for Simon. Ben and Jessica attended Marshall's service.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Susan, Emily, Holden and Lily agreed to work together to support Aaron and Alison. Aaron told Alison that he would stand by her and help with the baby. A private PI questioned Craig who later took Rosanna and Cabot away for a vacation. Molly told Hal about the gloves and bat in Paul's car but Hal came up empty when he searched the car. Dusty took the bat and gloves so he could prove to Rose that Paul is setting her up. Rose confronted Mitzi about the missing money. Later, Mitzi left town. Emily got an eerie feeling about the wedding when the pearls Paul gave Rose broke. Chris came home for good and went to see Alison. Ben and Jessica eloped. Thanksgiving was celebrated in Oakdale.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Katie decided it was time to move on and said goodbye to Simon. Chris returned home and found out Alison was pregnant. Dusty proved Paul was out to hurt Rose. Paul observed Dusty and Rose embracing. Paul visited James in prison. Rose forgave Paul and started preparing for her wedding. Molly's hatred of Rose continued to grow. Barbara arrived at the church, dressed as a nun and packing a gun.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Hal caught Barbara with a gun. Paul humiliated Rose at the altar and called off the wedding. Rose passed out after being poisoned and was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Aaron and Alison got married. Chris wanted Alison to have a sonogram to prove the baby wasn't his. Mike and Katie grew closer.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Lily grieved her sister's death in a bizarre way. Dusty was arrested for Rose's murder after Molly planted evidence. Craig went to see James and reported his visit to Jack. Alison faked her sonogram results. Lucy went to see Aaron. Emily and Carly decided to investigate Rose's murder.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Oakdale said goodbye to Rose. Lily continued to pretend she was Rose and disappeared. Alison told Aaron the truth about the baby. Molly was in trouble after Crater died. Paul found out Craig was out to get him. Barbara spent Christmas with Will.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Dusty saved Lily from drowning. Paul, Dusty, Molly, Mitzi and Barbara are all suspects in Rose's death. Paul was arrested after Craig set him up. Alison tried to tell Chris about the baby. Miss Feddle contacted Craig. Molly tried to make amends with Dusty.
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