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January 6 to 10, 2003
Troy and Nora celebrated their engagement. Lindsay tried to seduce Troy, but he threw her out of his apartment. Todd tried to strangle Mitch, but Jessica made him let go. Mitch refused to give Natalie an annulment. Jessica decided to leave town for a while. Cristian was arrested for beating up Mitch. Mitch visited Allison at St. Ann's. Antonio learned he was the father of Liz's child. Jen let the judge overhear her lying about Cristian's temper to help Mitch. Sam made a plan to get Blair out of town.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Natalie was upset when Cristian was placed in jail for hitting Mitch. Alison followed Mitch's strategy, and was let go from Saint Ann's after convincing them that she was no longer insane. Jessica decided to leave Llanview for good, and she and Viki said their tearful goodbyes. Antonio was outraged with Liz for not telling him that he was the true father of the baby. Max was impressed when Roxy defended Jessica and Natalie from Mitch, and he decided he wouldn't divorce her. Todd and Blair's emotional argument led to a kiss.
January 20 to 24, 2003
R.J. and Liz made love, but later R.J. was suspicious when Liz told him she was leaving town when the baby was born. Allison gave Carlotta food poisoning by sprinkling an unknown substance on her food, though it was intended for Cristian. Mitch agreed to give Natalie a divorce- on the condition that she allow the marriage to be consummated first. Blair admitted to Sam that she was still in love with Todd, and later she and Todd reconciled.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Troy wondered if the only way to be free of Lindsay would be to kill her. Cristian stopped Natalie from sleeping with a blackmailing Mitch. Afterwards, he took her out of town to hide. R.J. discovered the truth about Liz's affair with Antonio. Todd paid off a man to pretend to be the mob man following Blair so he could rescue her. Later, an unknowing Blair agreed to marry Todd.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Cristian and Natalie made love for the first time. Blair was shocked when supposedly "dead" Suzanne showed up during her wedding ceremony to Todd. Once she learned that Todd set up the whole "mob scare", Blair promised Todd that she could never forgive him. Nora was outraged to find Lindsay and Troy in bed together, and refused to hear Troy's excuses. Jessica returned to Llanview and ran into Antonio. Later, Viki was thrilled when Joey came home and they were both reunited with Jessica.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Keri gave birth to her baby, but refused to talk to anyone except R.J. Joey and Jessica offered their help to some less-fortunate teenagers. Nora refused to listen to Troy's excuses when he tried to get her back. Jen admitted to Al that she was still trying to get Cristian back, and Al told her that he was done caring about her for good. Mitch kidnapped Blair to blackmail Todd into finding Natalie. Once Todd tracked down Natalie, he prepared to bring her to Mitch as ordered. The citizens of Lanview had Valentines Day fantasies.
February 17 to 21, 2003
In the dark, Todd mistook Cristian for Mitch and shot him. Mitch knocked Todd out and managed to grab Natalie. Cristian later escaped from the hospital so he could search for Natalie. Blair told Todd that she couldn't be with him anymore. Mitch drugged Natalie, dyed her hair, and placed a "J" pendant around her neck. He introduced her to Victor Lord as Jessica. Mitch prepared to transplant Natalie's heart into Victor. Jessica and Viki were shocked when they realized that Victor Lord was really alive. Nora returned Troy's engagement ring. Llanview had a fan fantasy movie night, and Llanview residents starred in the movies.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Al bought drugs to keep him awake to study for exams. Keri learned the baby she carried was really hers and Antonio's. Mitch was arrested before attempting to transplant Natalie's heart into Victor Lord, but later was released on bail. Natalie decided to move in with Cristian, but Viki begged her to return home.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Viki and Todd shared some tender moments after Victor Lord died. Mitch Laurence was named as beneficiary of all of Victor's holdings, but Viki and her family contested the will. Al Holden was revealed to be the Voice of the Night. Carlotta tried to break up Cristian and Natalie. Jen slept with Rex.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Jen got drunk and slept with Rex. R.J. was devastated when he received news that Keri, Liz, and the baby died in a plane crash. Natalie planned to testify that she slept with Mitch, to get a divorce instead of an annulment, and receive a portion of Mitch's new fortune. A jealous Lindsay shot Sam, believing he was Troy. Later, Sam was pronounced dead, and Lindsay was horrified to find out what she had really done.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Natalie had no choice but to agree to an annulment of her marriage to Mitch. Bo and Nora were determined to learn the identity of Sam's killer. Lindsay was overwhelmed with grief over Sam's death. R.J. continued to hide Keri. Todd appeared to be missing.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Will returned to Lanview to attend Sam's funeral. Antonio remained in the dark that Keri was still alive. Natalie planned a special dinner to get closer to Carlotta. Blair was arrested for Sam's murder, but then Bo became suspicious that Lindsay was the real killer. Mitch blackmailed the judge and was awarded Victor Lord's estate, including Llanfair. Gabrielle learned that Bo was really Matthew's father.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
A grief-stricken Lindsay confessed that she had killed Sam. Marcie continued to pursue Al, who didn't notice. Carlotta warmed up to Natalie. Roxy and Nigel were hypnotized into falling for each other. Blair wanted to kill Mitch, but Dorian teamed up with him.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Mitch threw a party, and Dorian revealed to her family that she planned to destroy Mitch. Dorian married Mitch as part of her plan. Gabrielle told Bo that he was Matthew's real father. Mitch dug up a box in the basement of Llanfair. Cristian proposed to Natalie. Jen teamed up with Rex to steal from guests at the Palace Hotel.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Viki threatened Roxy over Roxy's poor treatment of Natalie. Mitch told Jessica about his childhood. His request for a hug from Jessica turned into a trip to the hospital. The Badra diamond caused chaos for Blair and Dorian. Al continued his downward spiral. Carlotta tried to break up Natalie and Cristian.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Marcie kidnapped Al in order to end his drug dependency. Jen was arrested after breaking into a room at the Palace Hotel. Flash performed with her group at Capricorn. Jessica continued to care for Mitch as she tried to find something to use against him. Dorian looked on in horror as Mitch stabbed Craig.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Troy informed Flash that she was seriously ill; but she refused to listen to him after learning that it might affect her singing. After Jen came onto Joey, he told her that he was not interested in being anything more than friends with her. A blind Mitch began to break down after Dorian led him to believe he was going insane. Blair was shocked and confused when Dorian told her that she could not find Mitch (or the diamond) anywhere.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Mitch shot Dorian for her disloyalty, while Jessica continued to pretend loyalty to her father. Viki encountered disturbing contents in Llanfair's secret room. Jen vied with Flash for Joey's affections. Cristian tried to infiltrate R.J.'s gang.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Asa fired Nigel after seing he and Renee in a romantic moment. Dorian tricked Mitch into falling off the docks into a river. After he was pronounced dead, she was furious to learn that he changed his will to make Jessica his sole beneficiary. Later, Blair was thrilled to find the Badrha diamond in Mitch's jacket. Natalie told Antonio that Cristian was working undercover to get R.J. Marcie got a job at the police station. Flash moved into Nora's house. Antonio arrested Rex on false charges to teach him a lesson.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Cole pointed a gun as he robbed customers and held them hostage at the diner. Carlotta suffered a heart attack. Matthew wondered if his father would have been proud to hear about Matthew's good grades; Bo wished he were able to tell Matthew the truth. Dorian added her own touch to Llanfair and met Mitch's presumed-dead brother, Walker. Hank presented Dorian with Mitch's death certificate, and Dorian did her best to hide her smile. Walker tended to his injured brother. R.J. attempted to balance his budget in order to open Ultraviolet. Mitch vowed to teach Jessica a lesson.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Several Llanview citizens met Mitch's brother, Walker. He announced that Mitch was still alive and planning a vendetta against several of them. Jessica and Antonio grew closer. Victor's will was overturned, and Viki regained possession of Llanfair.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
Dorian was forced to vacate Llanfair and Viki moved back in. Natalie became suspicious that Keri and the baby were alive. Cristian's opening at the art gallery went well. R.J. and Evangeline agreed to open a new club, Ultra Violet. Rex and Jen made love at the abandoned theater. Mitch found Jen at the theater, but Joey rescued her. Gabrielle wasn't sure Marcie was the right girl for Al. Brad admitted to framing Al by putting drugs in his room. Walker took Blair to his family lake house, Mitch shot Walker and the house exploded.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Troy was crushed when Blair told him that she couldn't focus on a relationship with him at this point. After Mitch nearly killed Walker and Blair, Bo decided to con Mitch into thinking Walker really was dead. Mitch kidnapped Viki, demanding that Jessica and he leave Llanview together, or Viki would be killed. But before the two could get anywhere, the cops showed up, causing both he and Jessica to fall into the river. Asa threatened to demolish the Hair Haven. Max won the lottery and bought Capricorn from R.J. Natalie found Keri in Toronto and Keri and the baby returned to Llanview. Jen found out Flash's real name...Sarah Roberts.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Mitch kidnapped Jessica and took her to Lion's Heart. Natalie told Cristian that Keri and the baby were alive. When Joey confronted her, Flash admitted to being Sarah Roberts. Starr ran away from Cassie and returned home. R.J. had Antonio knocked out and sent out of town to try to keep him from finding out about Keri. Asa broke up Nigel and Renee's wedding. Brian delivered notes and yellow roses to Antonio and Viki from Jessica. Antonio and Keri came face to face and he learned Jamie was his and Keri's baby.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Mitch shot his follow, Brian, when he tried to help Jessica escape from Lion's Heart. Flash apologized to Joey for not telling him she is his cousin Sarah. Antonio and Walker saved Jessica and Viki from Mitch. Jessica had trouble recovering from her ordeal with Mitch and pushed Antonio away. Marcie and Al told each other "I love you." Rex and Jen got married. Viki became president of Llanview University. Kevin Buchanan returned to Llanview.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Joey worried about Jen and her new marriage to Rex. Keri revealed to R.J. that she was determined to reconcile with Antonio. Gabrielle told Max that she didn't view Nora as a threat to her relationship with Bo. Flash came across a dead Mitch Lawrence on the docks. Bo conducted an autopsy, proving that Mitch was poisoned with arsenic. Llanview was shocked to learn that Mitch (along with a police guard) had been murdered. Jen wondered if Lindsay could've killed Mitch, while Antonio was suspicious of Jessica's involvement. The special 4th of July episode featured fairy tales.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Jessica told Antonio that she didn't want to see him anymore. Marcie decided that she was ready to sleep with Al. Gabrielle kissed Troy after having a fight with Bo. Troy switched Lindsay's medication with drugs that made her delusional. Later, Lindsay escaped from Saint Ann's after seeing a tape (which Jen recorded) of Troy with other women. Joey and Jen made love, and Rex walked in on them in bed together. Joey decided that he would leave the ministry to be with Jen if necessary. Carlotta told River to stay away from Adriana. Dorian was arrested for Mitch's murder.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Dorian was arrested for Mitch's murder, but Walker provided evidence that implicated Lindsay, so Dorian was released. Troy was upset to learn Jen had been secretly taping him. Starr helped Matthew try to get Bo and Nora back together. Walker told Dorian and Blair he was the one who had killed Mitch. Clint paid a visit to Llanview. For OLTL's 35th anniversary, Natalie and Cristian dreamed about their upcoming wedding. Troy had Lindsay locked up in a mental institution. Jessica admitted hitting Mitch in the head in self-defense.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Marcie's dorm was broken into and trashed after she hung a peace sign out the window. Jessica struggled to keep from confessing to killing Mitch. River and Adriana lost control of the car and ended up in a ditch. Bo came across Claire's body and became suspicious of Troy's involvement. Troy showed up at Jen's demanding the tape she recorded. When Jen told him where it was, he took her to Lindsay, and locked them together in a room at the insane asylum.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Joey and Bo found and rescued Lindsay and Jen. Antonio told Keri that he saw no future for the two of them. Troy insisted that both he and Nora drink poisoned wine, so they would die together. Nora refused and cut her wrist on the glass attempting to free herself from Troy's grasp. Troy ran out, but later returned and brought Nora to the hospital. Bo uncovered a barely alive Gabrielle in the morgue and the ambulance rushed to the scene. Later, Bo found and tore up Jessica's confession, declaring that the Mitch Laurence murder investigation was over.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Marcie's brother Ron visited to tell her that her peace protests were causing problems back home. Asa sent Flash to London for treatment and she came back able to sing. Rex agreed to give Jen a divorce, after Kevin bought him the controlling shares for UltraViolet. Walker outbid Asa and bought The Sun. Andrew suspended Joey from the ministry. A strange man showed up looking for the Badrha diamond. Gabrielle told Bo the truth about her involvement with Troy. Marcie was harrassed in Angel Square and later was asked to join a sorority. Kelly figured out that Blair was the woman Kevin was interested in. Antonio and Jessica made love.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Jen agreed to undress for Rex one last time, after he promised to give her Sam's house and an immediate divorce. Keri was upset when she stumbled upon a half dressed Jessica in Antonio's apartment. Walker collapsed after saving Starr from drowning in the river. Panicked, Starr then blurted out that they must save Walker, since he was the only one who knew where Todd was. Deke drugged Marcie's drink at Ultraviolet. Natalie revealed her hidden talent as a pool player. Jen and Joey announced they were getting married immediately. Bo and Nora told Matthew that Bo was his father.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Dorian learned that David Vickers was holding her captive to get the Bahdra diamond. Max coached Natalie to become a professional pool player. Maddie invited Marcie to join their soroity, but it was all a set-up to embarrass and humiliate her. Daniel didn't like Riley's girlfriend, until he found out that Flash was related to Asa Buchanan. Hank decided not to run for district attorney again. Antonio was fired from the police department and banned from seeing Jamie. Joey and Jen got married. Blair warned Kevin to stop investigating Walker.
August 25 to 29, 2003
Dorian stole the Bahdra diamond necklace from Walker. Keri made Antonio look bad to keep him away from Jamie and to break up his relationship with Jessica. Dorian learned Kelly could die if she got pregnant. Nora announced she was running for DA. Walker admitted to Starr that he was really Todd. Maddie and her soroity sisters were expelled thanks to Jen's help. Deke and Maddie attacked Marcie and threw her in a dumpster, where Al later found her.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Deke and Madison were arrested for attacking Marcie. Al vowed to keep Marcie safe, and they made love for the first time. Kelly was thrilled to learn that Kevin wanted to have a baby with her. R.J. and Keri got into a minor car accident. R.J. then decided to use it to his advantage by claiming to Bo that Antonio had tried to kill them. Jen attempted to convince Lindsay that Rex was up to no good. Kelly tried to warn Blair about Walker, but she refused to listen. Dorian and David plotted to "steal" the necklace to get the insurance money. Natalie won the pool tournament, but Cristian lost $5000 on a bet.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Cristian pushed Kelly out of the way of a falling chandelier. Kevin is named Lt. Governor. Dorian claimed her diamond necklace was stolen. Marcie and Al both became ill with a virus Marcie picked up in the dumpster. Blair was confused when she saw Flynn for the first time. Al needed a liver transplant. Antonio won joint custody of Jaime. Kelly found out she has a brother. Cristian went to work for Kevin. Cristian helped Asa set up Dawes to blackmail him.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Kelly was upset to learn that she wasn't pregnant. Kevin warned Blair about Walker. Later, Walker told Blair that he loves her. Renee was shocked to discover Keri's lifeless body. R.J. insisted that Antonio must be the murderer, but Antonio swore that he wasn't involved. Antonio gained custody of Jamie, but later was arrested for Keri's murder. Gabrielle succeeded in convincing Al to allow her to be his liver donor. Gabrielle made it through the surgery, but with complications. Al appeared to come through the surgery fine, but later Marcie found him flatlined.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Kevin told Blair that his marriage to Kelly had been strained because Kelly had an affair. Evangeline offered her legal services to Antonio when he was arrested for the murder of Keri. R.J. was awarded custody of Jamie. At Antonio's hearing, Daniel tricked Jessica into admitting that she was afraid of his temper. Al's friends and family were shocked and devestated when Al flatlined and died. River decided to hold a candlelight vigil for Al in Angel Square. Luna appeared to Max to comfort him.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Marcie saw a vision of Al during his funeral service at St. James. R.J. and Antonio came face to face at Keri's grave. Carlotta caught Adriana with River and sent her back to Puerto Rico. Max and Gabrielle took Al's body to Argentina for burial. John McBain arrived in Llanview to see Natalie. Blair turned down Walker's marriage proposal at first, but later agreed to marry him. Jessica found a witness who might be able to clear Antonio of Keri's death.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Blair and Walker decided to wait a few more weeks before marrying. A grieving Gabrielle broke off her engagement to Bo. Marcie and Gabrielle cleaned out Al's dorm room and found a photo album he'd started. Viki visited the still comotose Ben and tearfully expressed that she was ready to try to move on with her life. Kelly's half-brother, Paul, paid her a visit. Jen discovered that she was pregnant. Jessica found a letter proving that Keri planned to commit suicide. However, Daniel rejected it as evidence. R.J. came to the police station to make a statement.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Al's spirit visited Marcie and Gabrielle. Jen suffered a miscarriage, and later vowed never to tell Joey that she was pregnant. Nora was stunned to realize that Daniel intended to convict both R.J. and Antonio in Keri's murder case. Natalie and Cristian held their wedding ceremony. Blair backed out of marrying Walker at the last minute and Walker worried about Blair discovering his true identity.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Max decided to leave Llanview to spend more time with Frank and Leslie. Gabrielle reconsidered her rash decision to leave Bo. Natalie allowed herself to win the tournament, despite John's threat. Flynn took Natalie as his hostage, demanding two million dollars ransom. Arthur called Flynn to tell he and Natalie that Cristian, Walker, and John were dead.
October 27 to 31, 2003
Kevin figured out that Walker was really Todd. Max left Llanview and went to N. Carolina to be with his kids. Cristian was killed after Flynn took him hostage. Rex made sure Joey found out about Jen's miscarriage. Natalie blamed John for Cristian's death. Gabrielle gave River Al's jacket. Jen learned Matthew is not her biological brother. With Al's help, Marcie prevents Matthew from being hit by a truck. Elyssa is grabbed from behind and dragged away.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
River refused to forget about Adriana and move on. Kelly became even more desperate to adopt a child when Kevin told her he wanted a divorce. Kevin agreed to keep Walker's secret to prevent hurting Blair. Marcie revived an unconscious Michael, unaware that Al's soul had now entered him. Luna told Al that he only had until Valentine's Day to make Marcie to recognize him. Rex stopped by to see Jen while Joey was away, and they began to make love. Walker and Flynn ended up in the penthouse elevator when it crashed to the first floor.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Flynn was killed when the elevator crashed. Al had a hard time dealing with the fact everyone else sees him as Michael. Elyssa was found murdered by the Music Box Killer. Viki felt guilty when Harrison kissed her. Aunt Betsy arrived in Llanview and announced she was leaving $30 million to one of the Cramers. Viki figured out that Walker was really her brother, Todd. John tried to comfort Natalie, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Blair and Walker got married.
November 17 to 21, 2003
Kelly provided a fake alibi for Walker when he was questioned for the murder of Elyssa. Dorian managed to sneak her way onto Viki's plane to Lake Champlain. Kevin and Blair were shocked to learn that Viki's plane had crashed and they set out to find her. In a rush to get to Blair, Walker lost control of the car. A drunken Jen panicked upon her discovery of Karen's dead body and called Rex for help.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Viki broke her arm in the plane wreckage. Dorian found Walker in the snow and left him to die, but then went back and saved him. Rex helped Jen hide the fact she'd been there when Karen was killed. Ron became a suspect in the Music Box Killings. River continued to try to find Adriana. Flash was upset when Riley wanted to go back to college instead of going on tour with the band. Todd found Blair and Kevin together at a cabin. An avalanche trapped Viki and Dorian in the cave.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Walker and Kevin decided to stay behind at Lake Champlain to aid in the search for Viki and Dorian, while Kelly and Blair chose to return home. While trapped in the cave, Dorian and Viki confided in each other about their pasts and hopes for the future. Kevin and Walker were thrilled to finally find Viki and Dorian alive and well. Once home, Walker blew up at Blair, demanding to know what had gone on between her and Kevin in the cabin back at Lake Champlain. Jen admitted to John that she had been there when Karen was murdered. Aunt Betsy decided to leave her $30 million to Paul.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Jessica reported another student's accusations of sexual harassment by a professor. Gabrielle was shocked when Troy confronted her at a bar. The residents of Llanview were shaken to learn that Madison was murdered by the "Music Box Killer." Blair's suspicions were confirmed when Dorian admitted that Walker was really Todd. In a plan to get back at Walker, Blair set up a romantic dinner with Kevin.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Dorian and David plotted to find a woman to marry Paul, so that he would no longer be eligible to receive Betsy's inheritance. After returning from Puerto Rico, Carlotta informed Dorian of Adriana's disappearance. When Marcie learned of Michael's past relationship with Madison, she turned him down when he asked her on a date. Later, Michael/Al worried when Marcie seemed interested in Greg, a guest on her radio show. Nora paid a visit to Troy in Statesville. Flash freaked out when she received a phone call with the sound of a music box playing.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Kelly took a little lost boy home, hoping to keep him and save her marriage with Kevin. Al was able to get Michael to commit three good deeds. Dorian and David kissed. Natalie opened the Christmas gift Cristian left for her. Joey left Llanview and moved to London with Clint. Nigel bought a hotel in Angel Square. Marcie agreed to go out with Greg. Dorian and David set Paul up to make it look like he got married so he would lose Aunt Betsy's fortune. John saved Natalie from a robber.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Kevin was upset to learn that Kelly faked a threatening note from the "Music Box Killer." Natalie accepted John's invitation to a party at Ultra Violet on New Year's Eve. Jen refused Rex's advances at the party. Nora was stunned to find Troy waiting for her in the ladies room at the Palace, and begged Troy to turn himself in. Troy refused, and took off. After another fight with Walker/Todd, Blair and Kevin made love. Gabrielle was the next victim of the Music Box Killer.
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