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January 6 to 10, 2003
Tony survived his hunting trip with Josh and Billy who also learned to eat a little crow after Marah put the Lewis men in their place. Reva and Josh suspected the Annie Dutton may be behind Reva's threatening phone calls and asked Harley to investigate. Gus was heartbroken that the facts pointed to his father being "on the take." Cassie's reality chat hit Alan hard as he checked himself out of the hospital to try to make things work with Olivia, but Beth and Alexandra managed to get him back to the hospital just in time. Meanwhile, Phillip and Olivia comforted each other over Alan's despicable manipulations and finally gave in to their feelings and made love. Michelle told Danny it was over, and Bill immediately jumped at the opportunity to invite Michelle on a ski weekend with friends. Buzz let Marina know that he accidentally found her birth control pills just as she was about to leave on her ski trip with Ben. Danny was determined to get back with Michelle and followed her to the Bauer cabin, confronted Bill and warned him to stay away from his wife.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Danny was devastated that Michelle ended their marriage, and then decided to begin a relationship with Bill. Olivia was overwhelmed and pressured by Phillip and Alan and decided to leave Springfield. Phillip warned Alan that he would fight for Olivia. Harley asked a favor from a loved one to help Gus get to the truth about his dad. Alexandra pulled out all the stops to make sure Roy didn't spill her and the Spaulding's dirty laundry. Lizzie told Beth and Phillip that she needed to get away, and wanted to attend boarding school. Frank and Buzz put a damper on Marina's ski trip with Ben that resulted in some real "truth and consequences" for all concerned. Cassie tried to be supportive to Danny in his time of need, as he was to her when she needed a friend. Tony and Marah tried to help find the person responsible for tormenting Reva. Reva and Josh were shocked at Annie's condition and realized that she was not Reva's "harasser" that created more questions and concerns regarding the disturbing phone calls.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Alexandra asked Edmund to intervene with Roy's blackmail and keep him quiet. Gus and Harley were slowly piecing together the mystery surrounding his birth parents, Joe and Roy's connection to Alexandra, and the identity a female murder victim of 30 years ago. Annie's twisted and eerie warning about Reva's stalker put the Lewis family on alert unaware that Marah was perhaps another target. Alan manipulated an unsuspecting Phillip to leave town with Beth and Lizzie and intercepted Olivia's letter to him asking Phillip to meet her at the Beacon. Michelle and Bill struggled through another date, while Danny and Cassie decided to move forward with their lives.
January 27 to 31, 2003
The mystery of Gus's parentage, Alexandra's connection to the Santos family, and Roy's involvement with Alexandra was slowly falling into place. Edmund managed to prevent Gus and Harley from learning Alexandra's secret, but Harley warned Alexandra that "war was on" and that she would find the truth and reveal her connection to Gus and his family. Once again, Alan manipulated Phillip and Olivia to get his way. Phillip washed his hands of Olivia when he learned of her romantic tryst with Alan and that she didn't trust in his love long enough to wait to talk to him in person. Beth tried to give Olivia some "friendly" advice about Spaulding men. Reva's stalker appeared to be apprehended, thanks to Cassie, and seemed to be relieved that it wasn't Jonathan, however, someone was still watching Reva. Cassie offered Danny a business deal to get his life back on track. Reva decided to tell Jonathan that she was his mother and why he was given up for adoption. Zack's life was in danger.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
The Spauldings and Coopers received good news regarding Zach's condition. Though Phillip agreed to return custody of Zach to Harley, and thanked Gus for saving Zach, he cautioned that he would be watching out for his son's best interests. Holly couldn't shake Michelle's lack of trust in her to watch Robby, nor for stirring up bad memories of her crimes of the past. Danny and Cassie officially became business partners much to the surprise of family and friends. Cassie confided to Blake that she couldn't seem to get Danny off her mind and out of her dreams. Olivia learned the truth about "the letter" and pleaded with Phillip to give their love a chance. Reva's stalker was still at large and ever present in their home. Alexandra whisked Roy off to a clinic in Switzerland to keep him quiet, but not before he whispered a warning and a clue to Mel and Harley about a secret and someone named Gina. Gus found more clues about his mother and her connection to the Santos family, but Harley was forced to lie to him about her news of Alexandra's connection to his past so as not to stir up trouble with the Spaulding's and risk losing custody of Zach.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Michelle's jealousy surfaced, as she seemed disturbed over Danny and Cassie's business and friendly relationship. Danny and Cassie started to wonder about their so-called "friendship" with each other. Friendships were strained, as Holly became the prime suspect in Reva's stalking case. Ross declared his affection and support to Holly. Phillip caught Alan at a business game, as Olivia was still in the dark about Alan's part in new founded role as "mother to be." Alexandra learned of another of Alan's deceitful games. Gus's research into his mother's death led him to believe that he may indeed be a Santos by birth. Harley continued to keep Gus in the dark for fear of losing Zach. Phillip re-evaluated his life.
February 17 to 21, 2003
Michelle and Danny admitted that they still loved each other, but weren't sure if it was enough to start over. Bill was furious when Michelle thought she was making love to Danny, not him. Though Phillip admitted that he would put aside his feelings for Olivia because it was the right thing to do, Rick suspected that romance might be in the works again for Phillip and Beth. Olivia set up Alan in true Spaulding style and ensured a cruel and just punishment as payback for tampering with her birth control pills, her life, and her happiness. Cassie and Danny's friends and family were starting to wonder whether their relationship was more than just business. As Alexandra continued to keep her "secrets" about Gus and his family connection to the Spauldings, Gus seemed certain that Miguel Santos could be his biological father.
February 24 to 28, 2003
The mystery surrounding Gus's mothers' death and his connection to the Santos clan created more questions than answers. Alexandra continued to keep her secrets and shared some of her concerns with Buzz. Olivia was determined to keep Alan out of her life. Alexandra informed Phillip of Olivia's pregnancy, and warned him not to make emotional decisions. Phillip explained his position to Olivia regarding the baby's paternity, but then agreed to help her keep Alan at bay regardless of which one of them turns out to be the father. Against the wishes of many friends and relatives, Reva went forward with her live call in talk show to attempt to flush out her stalker. Minutes before airtime, Tony spotted a backpack that turned out to be filled with explosives.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Olivia was arrested as Reva's stalker, but it seemed that even Reva herself wasn't sure if the right person was in custody. Olivia told Phillip that could be the father of her child, and he agreed to support her no matter what the outcome. Olivia was surprised that Alexandra was supportive of her predicament. Gus and Harley were off to Germany in an attempt to uncover the secret of his parentage as well as Alexandra's mystery connection to Gus. Eden returned to town with a new escort business and big plans to reel in some of Springfield's hottest male clients. Edmund's new appointment as San Cristobel's advisor to the states was confirmed. Danny proposed another venture to Cassie that involved plans for revitalizing Fifth Street. Danny started his own style of courtship to win back Michelle's favor. Alan's behavior concerned Alexandra and Phillip. Phillip found damaging evidence that could implicate a loved one. Mel told a surprised Rick that she wanted to end her medical career and return to Law school.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Gus told a stunned Danny that they might be brothers. Eden helped Gus learn more about his past that included more complications and mystery. Phillip tried to convince Olivia that he was still on her side, even though new evidence suggested the opposite. Alexandra manipulated the Spaulding men and Olivia to her advantage. Reva and Holly mended fences, as certain Springfield residents remained doubtful that Olivia was actually the "real" stalker. Ben was enticed, but uneasy with his new job at Eden's escort service, as Marina suspected something unusual about Ben's new position with his beautiful new boss. Cassie was outraged when she learned that Edmund's was appointed San Cristobel's Ambassador to the United States, and refused to attend the fundraiser he planned in Richard's name.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Michelle tried to convince Ed that she and Danny should reconcile. Cassie agreed to the Fifth Street project, Tony successfully pitched the project to Lewis construction. Danny convinced Cassie to attend the tribute to Richard for her family's sake, even if Edmund would benefit from the event. Tony told Marah not to trust Eden. Olivia told Alan to stop bullying her and to forget about being a part of her child's life. Phillip and Olivia found evidence that Alan could be Reva's stalker. Gus and Harley finally learned the shocking truth about Gus's parentage and the reason why Alexandra desperately tried to keep it all a secret. Alan Spaulding was his birth father and Lucia (a.k.a Gina and sister in convent) was his mother, who was very much alive. Marah and Tony (and their roommates) decided to renovate and move into the old museum building on Fifth Street. Ben continued to keep the sorted details of his new job a secret from Marina.
March 24 to 28, 2003
After a lengthy investigation, Gus finally learned that he was a Spaulding, i.e. Alan and Lucia were his biological parents. Alexandra's plan to drug Alan continued so that she could maintain control of the family. Much to their protests, Phillip proceeded with his plan to divest himself of the Spaulding name, etc. and surprised Olivia, in more ways than one, with a cozy little love nest all their own. Danny and Michelle finally gave in to their innermost feelings and realized that they will always be soul mates and consummated their love in a special place that would ultimately become their new home. With a little help from family and friends, Marah, Tony, Remy, Bill and Ben moved into their new apartment a.k.a "the haunted museum." Frank accepted a promotion as the new Chief of Police for the Springfield PD. Eden and Bill got better acquainted. Gus tried to bond with an unsuspecting Alan and then warned "Auntie Alex" that he, not her, was solely responsible for making future decisions that involved his past, present and future.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
Gus accidentally shot Harley while trying to rescue her from a hostage situation. Reva had premonitions about Harley's accident. Cassie was unnerved at Edmund's strange behavior toward her. Michelle and Danny announced their engagement to their friends. Phillip questioned Olivia's motives on wanting to work together with him at Spaulding when he wanted out of the business and his family to live a normal life with his family. Meanwhile, Alexandra's plan to incapacitate Alan and get Phillip to run Spaulding Enterprises seemed to be making headway as the entire family believed Alan was truly delusional. Eden and Marah strike up a friendship in the midst of tragedy, while Shayne comforted Marina while Ben was busy with Ramona. Harley teetered on the brink of life and death and reunited with a loving family member who explained her choices.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Frank was determined to make Gus pay for Harley's near fatal shooting. Harley slowly began her recovery but not before Gus informed her that he was suspended because he was the person that her. Phillip learned from a delirious Harley that Gus was his brother and Alan's long-lost son. Phillip questioned Olivia's loyalty to him after talking to Holly, and then started to piece together how Alexandra's actions and pressing need for him to take over the helm at Spaulding was somehow going to be very big news. Marah and the gang followed the tunnels underneath their new apartment and literally landed in the middle of Danny and Michelle's living room blocks away by falling through a secret door. Bill and Eden became better acquainted in the romance department.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Marina kept mum about her encounter with danger. Danny appeared to still be involved with the bad guys as a way to keep his hands clean and live up to his promises to Michelle and all of Springfield. Ed warned Michelle that Danny might still break her heart. Harley agreed to help Eden shake down an abusive "john" to protect her friend Ginger and as way to make sure that Gus didn't get involved while on suspension. Alan's competency hearing turned into a three-ring circus ending in Alan's disappearance, Alexandra's guilt, and Phillip's temporary appointment to acting CEO. Reva "had a feeling" that Alan was not her stalker. Meanwhile, Gus saved Alan, and then bonded with his a father that had no clue that his new best friend was actually his son. Cassie and Edmund, the most unlikely twosome in Springfield, found themselves comforting each other while reminiscing at Richard's gravesite.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Richard returned to Cassie in a dream sequence to help her move on with her past and by forgiving and forgetting. Cassie's strange attraction to Edmund grew stronger, and Edmund's evil and despicable behavior seemed to vanish when in Cassie's presence. Michelle learned that Danny's past was still haunting him and their friends, but she stayed true to her man and vowed to back him all the way. Ben continued his liaison with Ramona while unbeknownst to Ben, Shane saved his damsel in distress, Marina, from harm's way. Harley and Gus continued to harbor Alan from his family and the police until they could prove that Alexandra had drugged him so that she could manipulate the business and keep Alan from learning the truth about Gus. Gus told an incoherent Alan that they were father and son.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Alan told Gus that he believed that he was really his son. Harley reluctantly agreed to continue to help Alan and Gus take down Alexandra and clear Alan's name. Reva agreed to help Alan prove that Alexandra was the real stalker. Alexandra felt uneasy about Alan's whereabouts and asked Harley for her help. Danny and Tony had what they hoped was their final confrontation with the mob to remind them that they are out of the business. Lizzie returned to Springfield distraught over all the changes in her life. Ben continued his tempting arrangement with Ramona and bought Marina a car with the fruits of his labor. Reva was stunned at Cassie and Edmund's alliance, but later admitted to Cassie that she agreed that Edmund seemed to be sincere in his efforts to become a better man. As Edmund and Cassie prepared for Richard's gala, they were caught up in a "royal" moment of affection just as a stranger bearing a strong resemblance to Richard arrived at the Beacon.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Reva and Josh have a new obstacle interfering with their love life; Shayne's baseball career no doubt!!!! Lizzie's sweet and innocent act has everyone fooled except Olivia who has everything to lose, as her relationship with Phillip is shaky at best. The Beacon's tribute to Richard is a grand success, Cassie and Edmund share an intimate moment in the excitement of the evening, and Edmund is speechless when he meets the new DA who bears a striking resemblance to the late Richard Winslow. Harley, Gus, and Alan find almost everything they need to prove Alexandra's dirty deeds against Alan. Marina's curiosity almost reveals Ben and Ramona's true employee/employer liaison.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Some Springfield residents were shocked at the resemblance of new DA, Jeffrey O'Neill to the late Richard Winslow. Lizzie, Marina and Tammy were busted when they tried to steal Marina's car back from the impound lot. Frank struggled with his responsibilities and actions as both a parent and Police Chief. Olivia had Lizzie over a barrel. Harley decided not to tell Gus that it was Alan who managed to get him back on the force. Phillip learned the truth from Lucia that Gus was Alan's biological son and that there was more to their union than just another "affair." Alexandra admitted her dirty deeds to Reva, but Reva had no proof to prosecute. Meanwhile, Alan tried to get Gus and Harley to agree to his method of revenge against Alexandra. Reva and Josh finally came to an agreement over Shane's baseball career. Cassie admitted to Reva that she was starting to have feelings for Edmund. Edmund convinced Cassie to go to San Cristobel with him to select a site for Richard's library, but their romantic moment was interrupted by Frank's call advising Cassie that Tammy had been arrested. Edmund's worst fear was realized when Cassie came face-to-face with Richard look alike, Jeffrey O'Neill.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Cassie and Tammy's were unnerved by their encounter with Jeffrey O'Neil, a Richard look a like. Jeffrey chastised Cassie's parenting skills. Harley quit the force. Eden's dinner party with the Santos men and their dates went south after Gus's visit informing her that her "Garden of Eden" escort service was the common denominator in each of the murders. Danny was suspicious after Eden admitted her former involvement with the mob. Eden's hidden obsession with Tony was yet to be revealed to the group. Phillip tried to warn a leery Gus about Alan's unique ability to go to any extreme to manipulate his family to achieve his own agenda and objectives, regardless of the emotional damage to anyone in his way. Olivia knew Lizzie's game, but couldn't get anyone to believe her. Lizzie and Alexandra bonded to find a way to remove Olivia from their lives. Marina's 18th birthday was marred by a dead body, and a romantic encounter about to go south by a surprise visit from Frank, and Ben's discovery of a very dead, Ramon Henden.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Marina is devastated over Ben's double-life as Mrs. Hendon's escort/lover and then his arrest in connection to Mrs. Hendon's death. Shane put his professional baseball career on hold to comforted Marina in her time of need. Reva's premonitions about Ramona Henden's death being murder proved true. Reva told Cassie that her jealous streak may be surfacing over their mutual connection to Richard look a like, Jeffrey O'Neill. Phillip was crushed to learn that Alan was the biological father of Olivia's baby, unaware that those results were created by Alexandra to manipulate him. Phillip got more bad news when Alan disassociated himself from Phillip, Olivia and her baby. Lizzie's first therapy session had Felecia bewildered. Olivia was confused and hurt at Phillip's coldness toward her. Eden manipulated Tony, Marah, and the gang and had them buy into her "someone is trying to kill me" story to win Tony's affection. Gus implored Alan's help to solve his case, as Eden "employed" Blake to help her uncover the "Garden of Eden" murderer.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
Phillip thinking Olivia was carrying Alan's child just couldn't commit himself to their relationship. Lizzie manipulated Phillip and Beth into believing that Olivia was out to get her, when, in fact, Lizzie wanted Olivia's baby eliminated. Edmund was concerned over Cassie's need to find the good side of Jeffrey, and Reva warned Edmund not to take advantage of a still vulnerable Cassie. Marina blamed Eden for Ben's predicament, but was unforgiving of his betrayal. Ben was released on bail, while Gus assigned Alan to go undercover at the Garden of Eden to try to flush out the real killer. Gus was totally unaware of Blake and Harley's alliance with Eden to help find the killer. Eden continued to keep her obsession for Tony a secret from everyone. Danny and Tony came to an understanding about their partnership and keeping Springfield safe. Cassie convinced Reva to attend the psychic demonstration and surprisingly enough was the recipient of a "message" from Richard.
June 9 to 13, 2003
The Springfield serial killer claimed victim #4, and Harley and Blake's confession to Gus of their undercover work on his case caused problems on the job and at home. Alan discovered an important clue in the murder investigation. Shayne told Josh to stop pressuring him about his sports career. Reva's difference of opinion with Josh over Shayne's future prompted her to make an important decision regarding her new "gift." Marina and Eden had a major falling out over Ben. Cassie got a new look, and much to everyone's distaste, started a new life and moved forward with her relationship with Edmund. DA O'Neill couldn't help but notice Cassie's "sassy" new look and attitude. Phillip's indifference toward Olivia caused her to go forward with her own "legitimate" DNA test to determine the baby's paternity. Harley and Phillip helped each other with their love life problems. Harley apologized to Gus for her meddling and then helped him with a lead and possible theory about the identity of the killer. And Lizzie's manipulation of Olivia was short-lived when Phillip apologized to Olivia for his lack of interest in their relationship and asked her to go out of town with him for a few days to talk things over.
June 16 to 20, 2003
The Springfield PD and "Harley" continued to work on clues and theories to apprehend the serial killer. Jeffrey wooed Mel into becoming his legal assistant in the DA's office. Shayne surprised Marina with another happier 18th birthday bash that ended in them sharing "more than friendship" kiss. Jeffrey continued to be the thorn in Cassie and Edmund's budding relationship. Lizzie tried to ruin Phillip and Olivia's weekend, than turned green with jealousy when she learned that Marina and Shayne were getting closer. Phillip and Olivia seemed to come to a new understanding in their complicated relationship. Reva sought guidance from Chris with her "special gift", and Billy made Joshua re-think his parenting skills. Once again, unbeknownst to Phillip, Alexandra manipulated him into a position of strength geared to her advantage over Alan. Alan bonded with Gus and Harley and proceeded to make Gus his legal and sole heir. Joshua made a solo decision about Shayne's future.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Lizzie and Aunt Alex continued to manipulate Olivia and Phillip's life, but Beth tried to convince Phillip that Lizzie was in serious psychological trouble. Danny and Michelle each had the other believing that they didn't want to get married again. Olivia's world came crashing down around her when Phillip didn't believe the results of her "correct" paternity test proving he was the father. Phillip abruptly ended his relationship with Olivia thinking that she lied to him and unaware that Alexandra paid off the lab tech to fix the results of his original paternity test. Harley and Gus found the pin of one of the murder victims in Eden's things. Eden continued to romance Bill with her sites on Tony. Jeffrey kept interrupting Cassie and Edmund's romancing and get under Cassie's skin, but Edmund found a way to get Cassie all to himself. Josh lied to Shayne and Reva in order to further Shayne's baseball career.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
The Springfield prom had some exciting moments; Ben terrified Marina, Lizzie manipulated her friends to find time to be with Shayne, Josh tried to tell Reva that Shayne was drafted for by the Cubs, and the Springfield DA, and PD crashed the party to question Ben whose shady past was in question once again. Cassie and Edmund finally made love and appeared to be genuinely happy. Reva was hurt and disappointed that Josh took Shayne's future into his own hands. Phillip learned the twisted truth about the DNA tests and that he is the father of Olivia's child after all and his weak apology to Olivia was too little too late as far as she was concerned. Alexandra left town after she learned that Alan and Phillip uncovered her dirty deed of paying off the lab technician. Mel was offered a job with Jeffrey O'Neill. Marah and Tony planned a surprise wedding for Danny and Michele at the Bauer barbeque, but Reva thought that Tony and Marah were getting married.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Marah and Tony's surprise wedding plan for Danny and Michele took a detour, but ended on happy note with a romantic marriage ceremony for the duo after all. Frank was disappointed to learn of Darci's connection to Eden. The Bauer barbecue ended in a catastrophe when Ben was found stabbed and apparently fell victim to the Springfield serial killer. Gus grilled Eden about her connection to the murders as Harley and Blake found another major suspect in Mr. Hendon. Josh was uncomfortable with Reva's decision to attend a conference in Milan in the middle of their disagreement regarding Shayne's career. Marah's decision to join Reva pleased Eden. Phillip reflected on his past with Olivia as he awaited her response to his barrage of apologies. Surprisingly, Olivia found some truth to Cassie and Edmund's advice regarding romance and second chances. Shayne was troubled by Marina's change of heart toward Ben after his attack.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Shayne's dream of the big leagues was nearly ruined when it seemed Marina had chosen Ben over him, but she finally arrived at Shayne's last big game to cheer him on to victory. Cassie finally decided that she could no longer deal with Jeffrey O'Neill, and ordered him out of the Beacon and her life. Tammy had her first big date with Joey, while Lizzie continued to manipulate her friends to her advantage. Phillip arrived at Olivia's Lamaze class, unannounced and unwelcome. Edmund asked Alexandra's help in preparing a surprise for Cassie and the children to refurbish the Jessup farm. Gus and Frank questioned Mitch and Eden as prime suspects in the serial killer crimes. Tony fell for Eden's claim that she wanted a "friends only" relationship.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Jeffrey saved the day and Cassie's life during the attempted suicide and eventual apprehension of Mitch Hendon on the roof of the Beacon. Jeffrey's real identity as a high-level government operative was revealed. Gus and Harley were suspicious of Jeffrey's pull with the authorities. Cassie reluctantly agreed to be Olivia's birthing coach, while Phillip was relentless in his romantic and obligatory pursuit of Olivia's affections and welfare. Danny and Phillip cut a deal. Ben's hope for another chance with Marina and new found wealth took a downward spiral when he kidnapped Marina from the Bauer cabin after realizing that he lost her affection and good favor to his rival Shayne. Harley, Frank, Buzz and friends secretly pooled their resources to send Marina to Northwestern. Marah was so preoccupied with her parent's marriage woes that she ignored Tony and Eden's budding relationship.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Marina's kidnapping turned to tragedy for Ben after his guilt forced him to take his own life. The revelation of Ben's horrific and tortured past of sexual abuse explained the reasons that led him to become Springfield's serial killer followed by his deathbed confession. Holly, Ed, Ross, Blake and many of Ben's friends prepared to mourn his loss. Reva returned to a family in need. Jeffrey made a deal with Marcie to keep her secret from Frank. Tony and Marah's relationship encountered problems regarding his so-called "friendship" with Eden, and Marah's inability to understand his connection to a different world with different rules. Olivia seemed to soften toward Phillip's pursuit of her affections. Tammy revealed a disturbing secret to Olivia regarding Lizzie's role in Ben's suicide and Marina's kidnapping. Shayne was frustrated at this inability to comfort Marina over her relationship and guilt over Ben's death.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Shayne finally managed to get Marina to unleash her emotions and confide in him regarding her horrific kidnapping experience and past relationship with Ben. Holly's memorial to Ben touched the hearts of his family and friends, especially, Michelle, Bill and Marah who had difficulty saying goodbye to their troubled childhood friend. Harley convinced Blake and Mel to form "Harley's Angels," detective agency extraordinaire. Josh and Reva put their differences aside to mourn Ben's loss with family and friends. Marah couldn't seem to forget about Tony's violent past. Phillip and Olivia seemed to come to an understanding about their future, not necessarily together. Olivia tried to reason with Lizzie and begged her to get help before she was in over her head, and Lizzie continued to play with fire. Eden's past with Vinnie Salerno put a wedge between Marah and Tony's already shaky relationship ironically immediately following Eden's realization that she truly cared about Bill and sharing her life with him. Danny and Michelle told Tony and Bill respectively not to trust Eden. Cassie was touched by Edmund's gift of "living."
August 11 to 15, 2003
Reva decided, though somewhat reluctantly, to use her physic powers on her weekly TV show. Harley's angels was off and running with Blake, Mel, and extra helpers Bill and Michele. A heartbroken Marah felt compelled to call it quits with Tony for fear that his inner violent behavior would surface again. Eden was torn between her new-found love for Bill, and her on-going passion for Tony now that he was free again. Jeffrey was smitten with some of Springfield's first ladies, Beth and Reva. Cassie was determined to get to know Jeffrey better though romantically involved with Edmund, but Edmund wanted Cassie all to himself. Phillip and Alexandra mended their fences and shared their concerns over the extent of Lizzie's depression over losing Phillip to her soon to be new sister. Lizzie's jealousy and depression pushed her to the breaking point as she planned to harm Olivia and the baby by rigging a flaw in the carpeting on the Beacon staircase.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Marah called it quits with Tony, circumstances the pushed Tony and Eden together for a night of passionate lovemaking that they regretted immediately afterward. Reva had a major physic breakthrough and was able to assist the police in an unsolved missing person's case. Josh was concerned over Reva's involvement in this new endeavor as well as her growing "professional" relationship with Christopher. Marina was shocked to receive Ben's generous gift then asked Shayne to help her make one of the most important decisions of her life. Shayne told Marina that he loved her. Jeffrey romanced Beth and the interest was mutual. Lizzie, though somewhat remorseful, caused Olivia to have a very bad accident that put her and the baby in jeopardy. Lillian and Beth both received different sources of information that Lizzie was involved in Marina's kidnapping as well as Olivia's fall. Olivia begged Cassie to keep Phillip and Lizzie at a distance. Marah met a new friend.
August 25 to 29, 2003
After a teenage orphan under Fr. Ray's jurisdiction attacked Michelle, Michelle was angered by Danny's lack of compassion for the boy's troubled life caused by Carmen and the Santos family during their reign of terror on Fifth Street. Marina decided to accept Ben's financial gift and share the wealth for numerous good causes. Eden and Tony decided to keep their "affair" a secret, especially since Eden decided that Bill was really the right man for her after all. Cassie shared her "nightmare" about Jeffrey with Reva that could have been initiated when Cassie learned that Jeffrey took a liking to Beth. Olivia confided in Phillip about her concerns over Lizzie's part in her accident. Beth and Lillian's intervention with Lizzie ended disastrously when Lizzie made an attempt on her life, but thanks to Harley (sent by Phillip), Lizzie backed down and everyone headed back to Springfield to discuss the proper type of treatment for Lizzie's emotional problems. Phillip confided in Gus over his inability to understand the seriousness and depth of Lizzie's problems and then told Alan and Alexandra that he and Beth would make all decisions together regarding Lizzie's physical and psychological well being. Meanwhile, Lizzie forced Harley into a difficult situation on their return trip to Springfield.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Marah's interaction with Sandy made her realize that her relationship with Tony was worth saving, but her plea to Tony was too late when he decided to call it quits, after all, despite Reva's encouragement for him to fight for Marah. The Spaulding and Raines families continued their bickering and controversy as to the proper care for Lizzie's physical and mental welfare. Phillip finally realized that Olivia's concerns were justified. Eden could not accept Gus's apology, but was determined to make it work with Bill. Marah confided to Eden that it was over between her and Tony. Michelle left Springfield for her training, but left Danny the responsibility of their new charge. Rick confided to Harley that he and Mel were having difficulty conceiving a child. Cassie told a not very surprised Reva that she had mixed feelings about Jeffrey's intentions, but Edmund was determined that he would be the only man in Cassie's life.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Christopher was able to make some headway as he began his therapy sessions with Lizzie as the Spaulding family prayed that he would be able to help her through this very difficult time in her life. Olivia was moved at Cassie's generosity. Edmund couldn't seem to leave the past behind him as far as Cassie was concerned. Beth was mesmerized by the surprisingly and sophisticated, romantic and compassionate side to Mr. Jeffrey O'Neill that ended in a night of lovemaking. Danny and Rico bonded in Michelle's absence. In a drunken state, Tony was on the verge of destroying Eden and Bill's relationship by revealing his affair with Eden. Shayne decided to go to a concert with Marina, but at the same time not disappoint Josh who arranged a special meeting back in Springfield for Shayne to meet with an executive from the Cubs organization. Reva had a premonition of impending danger for Shayne's as he and Marina were driving back to Springfield.
September 15 to 19, 2003
The Lewis family and friends were devastated by Shayne's accident and frightening prognosis, and then were shocked to learn that Josh was the driver of the car that caused the accident. Marah almost learned of Tony's affair with Eden. Sandy and Tony were there for Marah. Beth was totally smitten with Jeffrey as their relationship seemed to blossom. Cassie convinced most of Springfield's ladies to put the past behind them to attend Olivia's baby shower. Olivia asked Alan to be a father to Phillip whose life seemed to spinning out of control as a result of all his family problems. Rick and Mel learned the good news that they were going to become parents. Christopher quickly realized the extent of Lizzie's disturbing behavior and very fragile emotional state as their sessions continued. Danny started to see a different and softer side of Nico. Marina blamed Josh for Shayne's accident and paralysis. Reva's anger toward Josh over Shayne's accident and Josh's obsession with Shayne's baseball career was pulling them apart when Shayne needed them most if he would expect to fully recover; physically and emotionally.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Contrary to the opinion of family members, Reva and Josh agreed that it would be best for their relationship that he temporarily move out of the house and into Company. Shane 's prognosis was uncertain as Reva, Josh, Marah and Marina tried to convince him to fight back by working hard at his therapy by using the power of love and prayer from family and friends to get well . Marina and Josh reached an understanding regarding Shane's therapy. Cassie tried make Reva realize that holding a grudge against Josh would only drive them further apart and negatively impact Shane's recovery. Beth surprised Jeffrey in more ways than one, and later Edmund observed Jeffrey in what appeared to be a comprising situation. Phillip considered marriage to Olivia. Dr. Langham felt it necessary to warn Olivia about Lizzie's intent and desire to physically harm her and the baby. Olivia's shower got off to a slow and uncomfortable start for all. Lizzie manipulated Tammy and Joey into a dangerous game. Marah was heartbroken when she saw Tony with another woman. Sandy and Marah consoled each other after she discovered that he was the "mole" but unaware that he was a hiding a great deal more about his past and that it was connected in some way to Reva. Danny and Nico tried to find common ground.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Olivia's baby shower turned deadly after Lizzie found yet another way to terrorize Olivia forcing her to leave town to protect herself and the baby. Dr. Langham help Reva deal with her feelings about Josh, but his humanitarian virtues seemed sometime questionable, as he appeared to have a higher source calling the shots. Nico helped Marina face her fears, as Shayne made some decisions of his own regarding his relationship with Marina. Bill tried to patch up the rift between Gus and Eden without much success. Harley and Blake got the inside track into the Greene investigation and heated up the competition between Harley and Gus. Marah was devastated over Tony's decision to leave Springfield even though they both would still love each other forever. Eden decided to be a good friend to Tony and Marah and keep her and Tony's secret about their one time affair. Sandy found new ways to get information about Reva and get closer to the Lewis family. The Spaulding and Raines families united and agreed with Dr. Langham's suggestion to hospitalize a very disturbed Lizzie if she was to have any hope of recovering mentally.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Harley and Gus's rivalry continued regarding their investigation into the Brad Green case. Blake's warning to Mel to be wary of DA's bearing gifts, and Jeffrey's willingness to assist Mel win her first court case should not have gone unnoticed. Shayne's family and friends prepared for his homecoming at the Museum. Billy blasted Reva for her lack of compassion and forgiveness towards Josh that pushed further away from Josh and closer to Christopher. Lizzie's commitment to turnaround her behavior and subsequent apology to Shayne and Marina was more difficult than she anticipated. Josh was overwhelmed with emotion when Shayne forgave him for his part in his accident and its devastating results. Eden and Marah's friendship moved to another level as did Marah's friendship with the ever-mysterious Sandy a.k.a "the mole."
October 13 to 17, 2003
Reva turned to Christopher for comfort while trying to deal with her trial separation from Josh and Shayne's recovery. Buzz, Ed. Josh and Billy all visited the cemetery for a visit to someone from their past. Edmund saved the day for Tammy and Joey after their brush with the law while on what was supposed to be a night of romance. Michelle returned home to a surprise party from family and friends. Nico decided to extend his stay at the Santos home. Reva told Marah that Tony may be starting his new life in Springfield, but held off telling her that it might be a life without her. Marah couldn't understand why Sandy was not interested in her romantically unaware that he has some kind of personal tie or relationship to Reva. Shayne was helpless to prevent what could be yet another tragedy at the Museum. Jeffrey's unorthodox listening device plated in the "Harley's angels" office gave him and the SPD (Gus) the edge to stay one step ahead of Harley in solving the Lori Jensen mystery.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Shayne's condition and therapy continued to improve when he managed to speak long enough to save Marina. Josh and Reva started to mend their differences. Marah prepared for the fashion show. Jeffrey and Beth found more interesting ways to keep their love life exciting, as Alan warned Beth that Jeffrey's intentions may not be all that honorable. Rick encouraged a very troubled Phillip to get help during this very difficult time in his life. Marah planned a casual dinner for Sandy to meet her parents that ended up making Reva question Sandy's actions as well as show the darker side of his personality. Gus, Harley's angels and Jeffrey solved the Lorie Jensen case. Jeffrey warned Brad that he would be watching him. Danny and Nico teased Michelle about her obsession that someone or something was moving objects in the house, but Michelle was determined to resolve the mystery at all costs. Sandy's true identity was revealed to be Jonathan, Reva and Richard's son. Reva caught Sandy in a compromising situation.
October 27 to 31, 2003
A shocked and emotional Reva finally learned that Sandy was her long lost son Jonathan from her liaison with Richard. Jeffrey's strange behavior confused Beth who was treated as both and a stranger and passionate lover all in the course of 24 hours. Cassie returned from her business trip to hear about Tammy's brush with the law and after her temper cooled was touched when she realized how well Edmund handled the situation in her absence. Nico was able to keep the gangs from ruining Marah's evening by working security with Danny, Gus, and Harley. Marah's fashion show with Springfield's very own models was a grand success for Cedar's hospital charity as well as an incredible showcase for her designs. Tony returned to Springfield as the silent auction bid on one of Marah's designs. Marah's hope that Sandy would process his feelings for her after the fashion turned to disaster when he revealed that his love for her was as a brother, specifically her half-brother, Jonathan.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
Marah's fashion show was a grand success, but Sandy/Jonathan's secret that he was her long lost brother devastated Marah. The news of Jonathan put somewhat of a wedge between Josh and Reva's already troubled relationship with the additional component of Reva's need to confide in Christopher. Phillip's stressed-out behavior had everyone, including Lizzie, very concerned. Cassie was upset that Edmund would not forgive himself for his sordid past, and the guilt and shame over his part in forcing Richard and Reva to give up Jonathan, for his part in Cassie miscarriage with Richard's child, and for the terrible life that Jonathan was forced to endure. Beth and Cassie just couldn't seem to figure out Jeffrey's motives; cold and indifferent, passionate, loving, caring?? Michelle and Marina were guided by a "spiritual visitor, Shayne's speech slowly returned, Bill played his trump card to stay "in charge" at Lewis, and Tony returned to Springfield with his own agenda. Alan, Ed, Buzz, Josh, and Billy were all connected to a mysterious woman who died many years ago.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Tony continued to push Marah away, and needled Eden that they were destined to be together and that her relationship with Bill was a substitute for her true desires. Reva's family dinner party to introduce Sandy/Jonathan to the Lewis clan went from bad to worse after Jeffrey's unexpected arrival and knack for saying all the wrong things at the wrong time sent the guest of honor bolting to Richard's gravesite. Jeffrey befriended Marah in her time of need, and Marah seemed to like the attention of Mr. Jeffrey O'Neil. Tammy beat Lizzie for the part of Juliet in the school play, but Lizzie, though congratulatory, seemed to be cooking up a way to put herself in the spotlight. Tammy blasted Cassie for not considering Edmund's feelings when she excluded him from Reva's dinner party for Sandy/Jonathan. Marina convinced Shayne that she was ready for an intimate relationship. Bill wanted Danny to run for Mayor, and Danny asked a reluctant Tony to help him succeed.
November 17 to 21, 2003
Shayne was determined to walk for Marina, and Marah was determined to make Jeffrey her next romantic interest. Beth and Alan find Phillip in a terrible physical and emotional distress. Billy and Josh crash Reva and Christopher's casual dinner that they thought was more than it appeared to be. Edmund's attempt to make amends with Sandy backfired as Sandy was definitely not ready to accept Edmund's apologies for ruining his life. The mysterious Carrie surprised Marah, Marina and Michelle with "wish rings" from Egypt, and it seemed that Michelle's wish was granted and already coming true, i.e. " for all of Springfield to accept the Santos name as one of goodness, honesty and integrity, a name that could be trusted by supporting the new candidate for Mayor, Danny Santos." The sparks started to fly between Cassie and Jeffrey over what was supposed to be a conversation on how Cassie could help Jeffrey realize that he was the wrong man for Marah.
November 24 to 28, 2003
With the help of Nadine's spirit, Harley pulled off a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. Reva was thrilled that Sandy/Jonathan agreed to attend Thanksgiving dinner with the Lewis clan, but disappointed that Marah was emotionally unsettled and in pursuit of Jeffrey O'Neill. Cassie and Edmund reached a new level of understanding in their relationship as they celebrated their first Thanksgiving together as a family with surprise guests, Jeffrey and Marah! Danny announced his candidacy for Mayor to the chagrin of Ed and other Springfield families who were concerned that an old secret would be revealed connecting them to the Caruthers family. Marina and Shayne came to an understanding about his recovery.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Carrie revealed more information to Marah, Michelle, and Marina regarding the life and times of MaryAnn Caruthers, while their fathers and grandfathers were consumed with the fear that their secret would be revealed. Cassie was finally able to tell Edmund that she loved him. Phillip's fragile condition and mental state became apparent, and he later agreed to accept psychological help via hospitalization. Olivia returned to Springfield and told Cassie the devastating news that her baby had not survived. Alan begged Olivia to keep the news from Phillip until after treatment and when he was more stable. Danny announced his candidacy for mayor on Reva's television program. Tony continued to pursue Eden, threatening to reveal their past together, while Eden maintained her stance that she was serious and sincere about her relationship with Bill. Beth tried to warn Marah about getting involved with Jeffrey. Harley received a strange and mysterious offer from Jeffrey.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Olivia was devastated to witness the state of Phillip's physical and mental state during her unauthorized visit to him at Cedars. Later, Lizzie and Olivia cleared the air and Lizzie made a sincere request for Olivia to stay in Springfield to help Phillip recover. Olivia and Sandy/Jonathan reunited. Marah, Marina and Michelle learned that Maryann met a strange and unexpected death, that the Spaulding's and Caruthers's families were part of the museum project, and that somehow their families were keeping a secret surrounding these events. Reva confided to Cassie her fears about Shayne's dangerous exercise regimen and then later confronted Josh about the situation. Thanks to Tammy, Sandy decided to give Edmund another chance to be his uncle. Harley agreed to Jeffrey's plan to go undercover to try to help and protect Phillip and Gus from Spaulding intrigue. Jeffrey pushed Marah away with much difficulty and directed his attention to helping Cassie to convince Reva that he may have another less invasive procedure to assist with Shayne's recovery.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Marah, Michelle and Marina were convinced that their fathers and grandfather were keeping a very big secret about Maryanne Caruthers. Rick was concerned over Ed's recent behavior and was sure that Michelle knew more than she admitted. Danny was confused as to why he was unable to get Ross in his corner to support him for Mayor. Harley continued her undercover work for Jeffrey while Gus settled in as a temporary executive at Spaulding much to Olivia's dissatisfaction. Christopher encouraged Olivia to tell Phillip about the death of their child, but Olivia was devastated at Phillip's reaction to the news and his fragile mental state. Christopher asked Cassie to be a friend to Olivia. Shayne agreed to his first acupuncture session.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Reva couldn't seem to apologize enough to Josh, unaware that the distance between them had everything to do with his secret about Maryann Caruthers. Shayne pushed his physical therapy beyond reasonable limits so that he could try to walk for Marina. Ross and Blake were married at a beautiful and spontaneous Christmas wedding at the Beacon attended by family, friends and about 10 Santa's. The ladies of Springfield rallied to bring the spirit of Christmas back to the children after Sandy's radio broadcast and his Bah Humbug attitude about the holiday made him quite the unpopular newcomer. Marah managed to find a little heart in Mr. Jeffrey O'Neill. Harley continued her undercover work and went after Brad Green in a big way.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Shayne required emergency surgery on New Year's Eve that could make a difference in his future. Ed's personal and professional life started to unravel over the pressure of the Maryanne Caruthers secret and later threatened the group that he was going to come clean to the police. Michelle decided to force Carrie to reveal the entire Maryanne secret as she could no longer torment her father over the past. Joey presented Tammy with his baseball ring, while Lizzie continued to haunt Olivia. Eden and Tony received a warning that Bill and Danny may be in danger, while Bill asked Eden to try to keep Tony out of the campaign. Harley continued her undercover work for Jeffrey to try to protect the Spaulding's. Phillip's "out of touch with reality" condition continued to worry Olivia and his family. Marah and Jeffrey made love, but Jeffrey was surprised at how difficult it was to walk away from Marah who he now realized had touched his heart in a very special way.
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