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January 5 to 9, 1998
Michelle and Jesse "made vows" to each other. Phillip told Beth that he no longer loved her; he loved Harley. Michelle went to the Institute of the Blind. Blake told Reva of the bet she had made with Ben. Harley learned that Beth was staying in Springfield permanently. Diana tried to run down Cassie with her car in the parking garage. Kevin had a fall from a chair and was taken to the ER. Rick lashed out at Ross, accusing him of child abuse.
January 12 to 16, 1998
Kevin had an accident while in Ross' care. Blake was supposed to be at Harley's with friends. Ben stopped by Harley's to warn her off investigating him. He spoke with Abby alone and told her she would hurt Rick's chance to get Kevin in his life because she was a murderer. Blake followed Ben back to his hotel room. She pretended she was ready to make love to him and started taking off her jewelry. Her bracelets fell to the floor, and she didn't notice. She got him to the bed and handcuffed him to the bedpost. He made her angry, and she smashed his head with a vase. He was all right but bleeding. Blake stormed out of the room and left her bracelets. Jesse broke into the Bauer house to find information on Michelle. He located her number and gave her a call. Annie paid a visit to Lewis Oil to rub in the Lewises' faces the fact that she would soon be a board member of Lewis Oil. Reva knew she had to find a way to stop Annie. She got a tip from Phillip and paid a visit to Eddie Banks, a man from Annie's past. They had been involved in a drug operation, they had gotten caught, and Annie had faked her death. Eddie had taken the rap for everything. Cassie told Hart that Dinah had tried to run her down. He located her at a bridal shop where Annie was trying on wedding dresses. He warned Dinah to leave them alone, and she told him she would make their life miserable. Matt and Vanessa found out they would have a girl, but Vanessa's illness was recurring. Matt wanted her to have an emergency caesarian section, but she refused. Phillip learned that Beth had called Mallet, and they had an argument. Lizzie overheard them fighting; she got upset and ran away.
January 19 to 23, 1998
Lizzie ran away and fell into a well. Phillip and Beth comforted each other. Harley rescued Lizzie. Harley and Beth fought. Phillip bought a house for himself and Harley. Dinah stole and burned Reva's chance to ruin Annie's wedding. Abby's only hope to be cleared for murder -- the WSPR tape -- was in jeopardy. Dinah was gagged and put into a storage closet. Amanda got control of Spaulding West, and Roger wasn't happy. Fletcher still wanted to move to Canada, but Holly didn't want to go. Annie's husband crashed her wedding.
January 26 to 30, 1998
Annie's wedding was demolished when her husband arrived in town. Matt got Ross to draw up papers to have Vanessa declared mentally incompetent to make decisions about her medical problems. Matt wanted Vanessa to have an emergency caesarian section to save her life. Beth misunderstood an argument between Phillip and Harley and found herself in an embarrassing and possibly dangerous situation. Annie was thrown into jail and couldn't seem to manipulate anyone. She was devastated to find that her lawyer was an inexperienced 25-year-old female. Dinah made arrangements for Cassie's ex-husband to be contacted. Phillip declared his love for Harley. Vanessa went into early labor. Annie propositioned a guard.
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February 2 to 6, 1998
Lillian told Phillip that Beth had tried to commit suicide. Vanessa gave birth to Maureen. Maureen had kidney problems. Dinah got an address for Rob Layne from Tammy. Holly donated blood to Vanessa and was comforted by Roger afterward. Matt and Vanessa visited Maureen. Annie gave Ben an envelope of information about Ross in exchange for money. Judge Williams ruled to extradite Annie back to Ohio. Shane told Ben where the tape was hidden. Annie broke out of jail. Harley was uncertain about her future with Phillip. Vanessa's heart stopped. She was revived but was in a coma with possible brain damage. Annie went to see Ben after she broke out of jail; she demanded more money. He obliged her, and she went to visit Reva and tried to kill her.
February 9 to 13, 1998
Vanessa fell into a coma and met Maureen in "Heaven." Maureen showed Vanessa how life would be if she stayed "on this side." Diana located Rob, Cassie's ex, and persuaded him to return to Springfield with her to help break up Cassie and Hart. Lillian suspected that Beth had deliberately let the car hit her. Hart and Cassie's romantic getaway was interrupted with the news of Vanessa's condition.
February 16 to 20, 1998
Michelle heard Jesse and Drew making love. Vanessa woke up from her coma. When she learned of her baby's condition, she insisted on having the baby taken to her. The baby was better after she touched it. Rob insisted to Cassie that he had changed and wanted his family back. Ben offered Abby a deal: manslaughter instead of murder. Cassie offered Rob a large check to leave Springfield. Annie drugged and kidnapped Reva. Abby and Rick arrived at the minister's house and were married.
February 23 to 27, 1998
Annie donned a parachute and jumped out of the plane, leaving a bound Reva to fend her for herself in the pilotless plane. Josh searched for Reva, but his sailboat capsized in the storm; the Coast Guard rescued him. Josh found the last message from Reva, which she had left on the machine as the plane was going down. Holly was a match for donating a kidney to Maureen. Fletcher and Holly got into a major argument over Roger. Fletcher admitted that the reason he wanted to move so badly was because of Roger. Holly was furious and said she wouldn't let Roger manipulate her, and she wasn't going to let her husband either. Rob went to the cabin and "had" to stay because of car problems. Michael told Josh that he could have his Reva back.
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MARCH 1998
March 2 to 6, 1998
Jesse found the Institute and saw Michelle. He realized that she was blind. He posed as a Hispanic janitor to be with her. Fletcher demanded that Holly move to Canada with him and Meg. Rob's plan to break up Cassie and Hart failed. Josh tried to call off the cloning deal, but it was too late. Josh tried to tell the kids the truth, but Michael stopped him.
March 9 to 13, 1998
Michael introduced Josh to the infant Reva. Rick and Abby spent their last night together before she was taken to prison. Cassie would not believe Josh's explanation about Reva's disappearance. Fletcher saw Roger and Holly kissing. Misunderstanding, he took Meg and left the United States. Reva washed up on the shore of a deserted island in the Florida Keys. Phillip sided with Beth when he heard about Harley's investigation of Carl. Holly was devastated to learn her family was gone.
March 16 to 20, 1998
Holly searched for Fletcher and Meg. While helping her, Hart was arrested. Abby went to prison. Blake continued to put her marriage in jeopardy in order to save Abby. As Clone Reva continued to age, she became a handful for Josh and Michael. Clone Reva met Marah and Cassie at the park. Ben showed the tape to Blake, but didn't give it to her. Beth entered the elevator and found herself face-to-face with Carl.
March 23 to 27, 1998
Josh and Michael were in a panic when they found that Clone Reva had vanished. Clone Reva demanded to know who she was. Hart tried to convince Cassie to take a trip to Aruba with him, but she preferred to stay around town to find out about Reva. Reva made a temporary shelter, and was determined to find her way back to Josh. Carl, Beth's ex-boyfriend, accosted her in the elevator. Beth encouraged Harley to find Carl, knowing what Carl would do to her. Clone Reva would agree to the rules only if she was taken shopping for pretty clothes. Cassie accused Josh of having an affair. Buzz made plans to go to England to be with Jenna. Beth and Lillian had a violent confrontation with Carl. Carl and Harley had a confrontation. Someone watched as Reva took a moonlight dip in the ocean. Carl showed up at the Spaulding mansion and frightened Lizzie. Alan let Carl get away because Carl was in Alan's employ.
March 30 to April 3, 1998
Reva discovered that she was not alone on the island. Cassie had trouble dealing with Reva's death and the Reva clone. Blake confided her feelings for Ben to Holly; Holly gave her a way out. Ben objected to moving Abby to a minimal-security prison where she would be safe, and the judge agreed. Ben gave the tape to Blake, and Ross set the wheels in motion to get Abby released. Abby met her new cellmate. Ross went to confront Ben just as Blake, not knowing where Ross was headed, decided to visit Ben one last time. Reva built a raft. Clone Reva had another growth spurt.
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APRIL 1998
April 6 to 10, 1998
Clone Reva went through another aging process. Hart and Cassie spent the night together for the first time. Dinah and Rob planted the suspicion that Cassie and Josh were having an affair. Marah spoke to her mother and got a promise from her. Sean tried to save Reva's life after she was bitten by a Man-O-War. Beth and Phillip reached an understanding and "sealed the deal" in a very pleasant way. After Carl threatened Lizzie's life if he didn't get a large amount of money, Beth asked Harley to go ahead with the plan to trap Carl. Inadvertently, Phillip and Lizzie got in the way and made things dangerous. Carl lurked and watched as Lizzie's birthday party got started.
April 13 to 17, 1998
Dinah visited Cassie and, in front of Hart, accused her of having an affair with Josh. Reva persuaded Sean to help her get off the island; in return, she would not tell anyone she had seen him there. Sean helped her build a raft, but destroyed it before Reva could leave. Marah saw Clone Reva, and they shared secrets. A drunken Ben went looking for Blake; he let Holly know that he had a videotape of the two of them making love. Beth and Harley were ready to put their plan into effect, but someone had stolen Harley's gun. Carl ended up dead. Alan was arrested, but soon he was released. Phillip destroyed evidence against Beth. Alan blackmailed Lillian.
April 20 to 24, 1998
Billy threw one heck of a surprise party for Josh and Reva. Dinah was there to stir up her usual trouble. She was suspicious of the entire situation surrounding Reva. Buzz wondered, "Who's that 'pod person' sitting in my diner?" Real Reva and Sean finally set sail for the mainland. Hart asked Cassie and Tammy to move in with him. Beth and Phillip shared a kiss; Beth offered Phillip a seductive invitation. Abby continued to resist the guard's advances, even when he planted drugs in her cell. Rick told Abby that the tape had been found. Harley did her best to get past all the lies and discover who killed Carl. Beth made a confession.
April 27 to May 1, 1998
Josh regretted making love to Clone Reva. Beth was charged with murder. Clone Reva told Buzz that she was a clone, but he didn't believe her -- at first. Harley told Phillip that they were over. Dinah accused Cassie -- again -- of having an affair with Josh, and Cassie didn't deny it, for Josh and Michael's sake. Real Reva called home, and no one would talk to her. Michelle learned that Carlos was really Jesse. Hart welcomed Dinah back into his house.
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MAY 1998
May 4 to 8, 1998
Jess begged Michelle to understand why he had pretended to be Carlos. Harley agreed to investigate Carl's murder; she didn't believe that Beth had shot Carl. Dinah gained the upper hand with Cassie; Hart threw Cassie out of his house. Later, he got drunk and showed up at Dinah's door. Buzz went on the Internet and researched cloning. Clone Reva sang at the country club, and it angered Josh. Later, Clone Reva jumped into the fountain à la Reva. Real Reva returned home and confronted the clone while she was waiting for Josh to return and make love to her.
May 11 to 15, 1998
Dinah convinced Hart that they had made love. Reva was held captive in the basement of the old lighthouse. Josh discovered Reva's wedding ring. Rick delivered good news to Abigail, but she insisted on staying in jail just a little while longer. Dinah invited Rob to her room and had sex with him before he left town. Harley and Phillip learned more about Carl's death.
May 18 to 22, 1998
While trying to convince the clone to let her live, Reva tricked her into giving Josh a sign that she was still alive. Dru left Springfield to bury her father; Jessie went along to help her out. Jessie told Michelle that the world didn't revolve around Michelle Bauer. Ben and Beth slept together. Abby exacted her revenge on the prison guard. Abby returned home. Holly bonded with Maureen. Cassie and Hart decided to give their relationship another try while Dinah bought a pregnancy test kit. Phillip wanted Harley to go to England to visit Jenna.
May 25 to 29, 1998
Phillip learned that Beth had slept with Ben. While confronting Ben, the judge learned of the assignation, and Ben's career was put in jeopardy. Alan confronted Josh about Michael's experiments and said that he was going to have Michael do cloning for him. Lizzie had a tea party, and Carl was a welcome guest. Cassie and Hart mended things; Tammy stayed with Hart at the farm while Cassie was away on business. Dinah learned that she was pregnant. Matt overheard Holly call Maureen "my little Meg." Phillip and Harley heard a shocking admission.
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JUNE 1998
June 1 to 5, 1998
Just as Hart and Cassie were getting back together, Dinah told him that she was pregnant with his baby. Dinah begged Marcus not to tell Hart the truth. The murderer of Carl was revealed, and Beth and Phillip were pushed closer together. Matt and Ross both worried about Holly's strange behavior; Matt didn't want to leave Maureen with Holly any longer. Michelle was upset when she saw Jesse and Drew getting closer. Alan recruited Vicki. Josh and Reva made love. She tried to tell Josh the truth, but he wouldn't believe her. The clone once again imprisoned Reva.
June 8 to 12, 1998
The court questioned Beth's custodial rights. In order to keep Beth from losing Lizzie, Phillip agreed to maintain a residence with them. Harley tried to make it on her own. Josh began to believe that he had been with the real Reva; as he searched for her, he realized that he needed help, so he told Matt about the cloning. Josh convinced Michael that cloning was not a good thing, but Alan didn't want to hear that. He told Vicki to work on Michael. As Vanessa began her first meeting of the support group, Jenna went into labor. At the hospital, Buzz stood toe-to-toe with the chief of staff.
June 15 to 19, 1998
Jenna was in labor. Buzz and Jenna were married just before their son was born. Josh and the clone made wedding plans while secretly Josh and Matt tried to prove that Reva was alive. Sean received the letter Reva had written to him. Dinah had some spotting and ended up in the hospital. She used it to manipulate Hart, but he discovered what she was up to. Lizzie informed her parents what the kids were saying to her at school about her being a "killer." Vicki stole some of Michael's research. Michael found out what she was up to before she stole all the papers, but she got away with enough to duplicate the experiment. Harley and Cassie bonded.
June 22 to 26, 1998
After receiving Reva's letter, Sean broke out of jail. Clone Reva and Josh planned their wedding. The clone said goodbye and begged forgiveness as she left Reva in the sauna to die without food or water. Dinah informed Vanessa that she could have any man she wanted, including Matt. Alan and Vicky made plans to clone a human -- maybe Annie. Beth continued to try to get Phillip back. When Phillip took Lizzie to camp alone, on the advice of the therapist, Beth unexpectedly joined him, thus giving false hope to Lizzie that her parents were together again. Blake served Ben with a restraining order. Determined to get back the tape, Holly broke into Ben's apartment and was caught. Having the same idea as her mother, Blake went to Ben's place. Cassie informed Dinah that her pregnancy would not break up Cassie and Hart. As Josh and Reva left for Cross Creek, Sean showed up. He had a surprise confrontation.
June 29 to July 3, 1998
Jesse showed Michelle some of his drawings. Michelle was so impressed that she posed nude for Jesse. Blake was on her way out of Ben's hotel room with the videotape when Ross showed up. Josh walked into the poolhouse and found Reva and the clone. They had an emotional reunion. Cassie took "Cleva" to Harley's and told Harley about the clone. When he learned that Reva had survived the plane crash, Michael went to church and prayed for forgiveness. He received some good advice from the pastor. Rick found a drunken Holly and refused to leave the children with her. Buzz made a faux pas when he was introduced to Serena. Ross and Ben faced off in court. Beth was a surprise witness for Ben. The Bauer picnic got underway with a bang. Drew stole Jesse's painting of Michelle and secretly donated it to the Second Chances auction. "Cleva" showed up at the party after promising Cassie that she would stay home. Dinah played more games with Hart, but Cassie was there to run interference.
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JULY 1998
July 6 to 10, 1998
Reva dragged an unwilling clone from the Bauer barbecue. Later, she told Josh exactly what she thought of the cloning. Jesse told Drew that he was through with her after the last escapade; Drew continued to deny that she had stolen the pictures, and Bill defended her. Selena told Jenna that she wasn't after her man. Holly got a telegram from her brother. Phillip decided whom he wants to marry; he made one woman happy while another tried to commit suicide. Sean returned, and he was begged to stay with Josh and Reva. Cassie guessed that Sean was in love with Reva. Michael returned and begged Josh for another chance; he wanted to do good and he would even work for free. Blake was the designated punching bag, as both Ross and Rick attacked her. Blake watched the tape and then showed up at Ben's room. Dinah made a threat that had Hart seeing red. As they left for dinner, Dinah missed an important call, but the answering machine was on. Reva introduced her cousin, Dolly.
July 13 to 17, 1998
Ross told his brother about Blake's terrible childhood. Later, Ben stunned Ross, Blake, and Beth when he told them that he was leaving town. Dolly tried to seduce Sean as "Reva." Rob unknowingly gave Cassie ammunition against Dinah. Blake realized that she couldn't get Ben out of her head. Drew arranged for an art gallery to take a look at Jesse's work. At a dinner that Harley was "cooking," Harley and Phillip announced their wedding plans to Buzz and Jenna; after a lot of shouting, Buzz reluctantly gave his blessing. Hart demanded a paternity test, immediately. David accepted an offer from Josh to work for him as a spy at Spaulding. Alan wanted to get Annie back by cloning her. When she was caught breaking into Michael's place for the growth formula, Vicky learned that Michael had destroyed it. Dolly called the police about Sean, but later regretted it. Dolly and Reva sent Sean out the back door while they handled the police. Cassie was shocked to find Sean in her shower. Ben and Blake made love. As Ben was dressing to leave, Ross rushed in; seeing the two of them, Ross pulled out the gun and fired.
July 20 to 24, 1998
Dinah found a doctor to do the paternity test, then she bribed her to make the paternity test come out the way she wanted it to. Cassie helped Sean hide out, but when she mentioned Ben Warren's name, Sean was shocked. Blake underwent surgery. When she awakened, she was paralyzed. Blake thought a stranger had raped her, but when she learned that Ben was suspected, she said there was no way Ben would rape her. Ross was arrested for attempted murder. Ben was surprised when confronted by an angry Sean who said that he had nothing to lose. After Michelle convinced Jesse that Drew was setting him up, they left the gallery. The gallery owner told Drew that Jesse was the real thing. Phillip and Harley became engaged, but Harley let the ring slip down the drain. Dolly revealed herself to Alan. Vanessa was suspicious of Vicki. Michael blew up the lab.
July 27 to 31, 1998
Although Blake still could not remember what had happened, she told the police that Ben wouldn't rape her. Dinah told Blake that she had better lie to the police. Later she got the same advice from Holly. Rick saw Holly nipping from her flask. Hart warned Holly not to trust Rick with the twins. Michael blew up the Spaulding lab. Josh and Vanessa were concerned about their friend; they were there to say goodbye when he died. Alan, on the other hand, was only concerned with rescuing Michael's research. Alan promised Dolly the life of luxury, but Josh and Reva "rescued" her. Dolly was heartbroken to learn that Michael was dead. To help Josh and Reva, Dolly drank the remainder of the aging serum. Dinah and Sean struck a bargain. Serena gave Harley a duplicate of her engagement ring with a paste diamond.
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August 3 to 7, 1998
Blake was paralyzed from the waist down, but the doctor could find no medical reason for it. After Blake told the police that she had been raped, Ross was released from jail. Ben was arrested. Reva discovered that Dolly had overdosed on the aging serum and was aging rapidly. Joshua scoured Springfield for the antidote. Holly received a letter from Fletcher that sent her further into the bottle.
August 10 to 14, 1998
Wearing a nun's outfit, Harley kept the station manager occupied while Josh searched for the antidote. Josh went to Cross Creek with the antidote, but he was too late. Dolly was buried beside HB without a headstone. Holly denied that she had a drinking problem, but Rick saw it as his chance to get custody of Kevin. Ben secretly taped Blake's confession that she had lied, but later, he gave her the destroyed tape. Phillip and Beth explained the family situation to Lizzie; Harley was able to help Lizzie accept the bad news. Blake confessed to her mother that Ben hadn't raped her, but she insisted that Ben would not go to the police. Cassie and Sean were arrested but soon released. Sean and Dinah spent an evening together. Cassie told Hart about the clone, and he believed her. Phillip stood with Alan against Vicky, who wanted to be a part of Spaulding. Jesse had a meeting with the art dealer; later he lied to Michelle and Bill. Bill invited Jesse to another poker game. Ross promised Blake that he would not let anything else hurt her. After an argument with Holly, Ross rushed over to get his boys away from Rick. Alone at home, Abby was afraid to let Ross into the house in his mental state. Ben told Rick that Ross was the father of both the boys.
August 17 to 21, 1998
Rick realized that Ben had told the truth; he was not Kevin's father. Blake challenged Ben to prove that he hadn't raped her. Ben began his campaign to take Blake down. Ben gave Frank fair warning of his intentions. Reva blamed herself for Dolly's death and began to suffer identity crises. Drew and Mick began to set up Jesse. Vicky moved into the Spaulding mansion. Alan got a message from Annie.
August 24 to 28, 1998
Harley was depressed as Daisy's birthday approached. Phillip tried to comfort her. Lizzie walked in on a heated argument between Beth and Phillip; she overheard Beth say that Harley was trying to kidnap Lizzie. Ross took the sex video of Blake and Ben to the video store, unaware of what it really was. A frantic Blake tried to get it back, but found that the tape had not only been rented, it had been sold. Teri warned Eleni that Frank might be called to testify in Blake's case; later Frank blasted Teri for interfering in his marriage. Dolly convinced Reva to stop grieving and gave her the necklace that she had been buried in. Later, Reva thought it was a dream until she found the necklace around her neck. Abby wanted to start a family, but Rick said no. Ben and Blake were both called by someone who put the video up for bid. Harley broke her ties with her mystery client but still received a gift from him.
August 31 to September 4, 1998
Harley ate a poisoned apple, and she thought that Beth had done it. Something suspicious was found at the Spaulding mansion. Mick put the videotape up for auction with the bidding starting at $50,000. Holly's brother, Ken, returned into her life. When he overheard Blake telling Holly how the tape could ruin her life, he found Mick and got the tape back for Blake. Cassie watched as Dinah and Hart bonded in the Lamaze class. Hart told Cassie that the baby wouldn't get between them, but she wasn't sure that it hadn't already done so. Sean told her that she had to tell Hart about the baby. Holly continued to drink, especially after she got another note from Fletcher about Meg. Jesse played poker again and lost all his money to Mick. Mick made him a loan at ten percent interest per day.
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September 7 to 11, 1998
Cassie kept her pregnancy from Hart, hoping that she would be able to tell him while they were on their getaway. Holly received dead flowers and a strange note from Don Minyard. Beth was questioned about the poisoned fruit and the flowers. Lizzie received a bride doll from Annie. Ben discovered that Uncle Ken was the one who had beaten up Mick and stolen the videotape. Ken threatened to kill Ben if he didn't stay away from Blake. Ben told Ross about what was on the video, but Ross didn't believe him. Jesse and Michelle had a big night out.
September 14 to 18, 1998
Vanessa guessed Cassie's secret. Instead of keeping her secret, as requested, Vanessa decided she had to tell Dinah. Ben lost hope and decided to leave town, but Blake told Ross the truth. Ross walked out on Blake; later, he learned that Holly had also known the secret and kept it from him. Ross turned himself in to the police. Harley became more involved with the nursery rhyme case; she set herself up as bait. Cassie read her obituary in the paper and received a nursery rhyme. Dinah was suspected. Hart told Dinah that he was going away with Cassie; then he told Cassie that he should stay around for Dinah. Mick mugged Jesse after he borrowed money from Buzz to pay back the loan. Mick took the money then told Jesse that he could have an extension, but he would have to pay twenty percent interest.
September 21 to 25, 1998
Vanessa told Dinah about Cassie's pregnancy. Dinah went to the Lewis home to slip a note under the door, not knowing that only a few moments earlier, someone had attacked Hart outside in the bushes. Hearing someone on the porch, Hart hit the person, who happened to be Dinah, with the full force of the door. Dinah was taken to the hospital, where she lost the baby. Matt, who had been left at the country club alone -- again -- had a few drinks with Beth. After Beth got a little tipsy, he took her home, and she made a pass at him. He promised to sit beside her until she went to sleep -- then he fell asleep and didn't get home all night. Ross learned the truth, took the twins, and left Blake. Jesse finally told Michelle the truth about his finances.
September 28 to October 2, 1998
Teri and Reva joined forces to take Annie down; Reva told Teri that to catch Annie, they had to get into her head, and she could certainly do that. Blake took her children back from Ross. Ross and Ben thought that Uncle Ken was responsible for helping Blake, so they went to his house and accused him. Ben found the same poison in the basement that had been used in the apple that Harley had received. When Ross returned home, he found Blake there. She told him that she would not let him take her boys. Ross said that he would agree to share custody on one condition: she never let Ben anywhere near the boys again. Ben received a bottle of wine with a note from Blake, but it was really from the stalker. After drinking some of it, Ben felt strange. To wake himself, he got into the shower, where he passed out and hit his head. The stalker entered, put the plug in the drain so that the bathtub would fill up, and took the wine and note, leaving a nursery rhyme in its place. When she was unable to reach Ben by phone, Blake went to his hotel room. She found him just as he slipped beneath the water. Dinah found Vanessa's blood pressure medication and devised a plan for getting Hart back. Taking the blood pressure medicine, she grew worse medically. The doctors didn't know what was causing her relapse. The family, including Hart, stood vigil. Every chance she got, Dinah took another pill. Mick offered Drew drugs. She fired him, but he promised that he would not take them into her place again, so she let him keep his job. Michelle told Drew that she and Jesse were moving in together.
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October 5 to 9, 1998
Cassie was shocked to learn that Hart had married Dinah, but when he explained it to her, she told him that she would support him. Dinah realized she had won, but made a mistake when she was talking to Vanessa. Bill found the blood pressure medication and confronted Dinah. However, Dinah talked Bill into keeping her secret. Ben almost died, but Blake saved his life. To get to Ben in time, Blake had to walk. Ross swore that he would take Ben down, and he didn't care if Blake got caught in the middle. Uncle Ken was the chief suspect as the stalker. Harley was frightened when Ken forced his way into her house, but she was able to alert Phillip. After telling her that he wanted to hire her to find out who the stalker was, Harley believed Ken, but by then it was too late; the police burst in, and he took Harley captive. Selena took a second job, waitressing for Drew. Sean and Hart had a fight, and Sean blurted out that Cassie was pregnant, but Cassie said the baby was Sean's. There were hard feelings between Frank and Teri after she kissed him.
October 12 to 16, 1998
Annie got in touch with both Reva and Alan. Ken released Harley, but he was arrested. Harley told Frank that she believed Ken was innocent. Drew had a grand opening for her new club, Millennium. Jesse sold a painting. Cassie comforted Dinah. Bill tried to get Michele to see him as more than a childhood friend. Michele used Bill to make Jesse jealous. Dahlia caused problems between David and Vicky. Marcus talked Dahlia into one more chance. There was an explosion at the waterfront. Ross wanted to return home.
October 19 to 23, 1998
Alan blamed Reva and Josh for Annie's death, but Reva had trouble accepting that Annie was really dead. Ken was given an experimental truth serum, but the results were inconclusive. Ross couldn't make love to Blake. Marcus had a surprise visitor, and it was over between him and Dahlia. Vicky realized that there was no love lost between Vanessa and Beth. Cassie called Hart but couldn't get herself to speak, especially when she heard Dinah laughing in the background. Later, she and Hart shared an awkward moment. Cassie asked Sean to marry her. Vanessa tried to talk Dinah into telling Hart the truth, but Dinah was successful in having Vanessa keep quiet.
October 26 to 30, 1998
DNA tests proved that Annie was dead. Alan held a memorial service for his love. Reva threw a big Halloween party to celebrate the end of Annie. Cassie and Hart had an intimate talk and shared a kiss. When Dinah learned that Hart had seen Cassie, she stole more blood pressure medicine from Vanessa. When Hart went to the Lewis house to sign some important papers, Dinah set the bedroom on fire. The fire department arrived in time to save her life but not before she suffered burns. Ben refused to help Blake. Ross instructed his attorneys to file for complete custody of his boys. Teri got Josh alone and used the truth serum on him. She tried to get him to admit that he loved Annie, but he said that he only loved Reva. She told him who she really was.
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November 2 to 6, 1998
Teri continued to drug Josh and tell him to fall in love with Cassie. It pleased Teri that she would get her revenge on both Cassie and Reva at the same time. Mick attacked Michelle and Drew. To save each other, both Michelle and Drew hit him over the head with rocks. Later Mick's body washed up on the beach. Dinah's face was burned in the fire. Hart decided to stay with her, and he told Cassie. The nursery rhyme stalker struck again -- or did he? Holly was drinking again. Selena told David about the man who was possibly the father of her child.
November 9 to 13, 1998
The teens agreed to stick together so that no one would find out that Michelle and Drew were responsible for Mick's death. Mick's brother arrived in town and asked Drew for a job. Josh continued to chase Cassie; Cassie told Reva to spend more time with Josh. Teri continued her plan. Dinah offered Hart an out. The stalker paid a visit to Vanessa, and she was in trouble. Beth and Matt grew closer when they tried to help Holly.
November 16 to 20, 1998
Cassie claimed that Josh was making sexual advances to her. When she was not believed, she took Tammy and left. Later, Teri instructed Josh to admit to Reva that he had tried to have sex with Cassie. Vanessa recovered from the spider bite, but she accused Beth of being the stalker. Beth told Vanessa some things that Vanessa did not want to hear. Beth barely escaped a visit from the stalker. The stalker was revealed. Harley and Phillip found nothing but trouble when they arrived in New York to elope, but they had a big surprise in the end. Blake retained custody of the boys.
November 23 to 27, 1998
Harley and Phillip married in New York City. Teri drugged Josh, but Reva interrupted her. Dinah suspected that Teri could be Annie. Holly vowed to stop stalking bad mothers. Ross informed India that his marriage was over, and she suggested they become roommates. Michelle was convinced Danny knew the truth about Mick's death. Cassie prepared to leave Springfield, and Hart, behind.
November 30 to December 4, 1998
Ben opened up to Blake about his abusive childhood. Danny kissed Michelle. Harley received a visit from a teenaged girl claiming to be her daughter, Susan Lemay. Following a potentially deadly confrontation, Dinah agreed to keep Teri's secret. Reva told Teri that she believed Annie was still alive. Teri told a drugged Josh to dissuade Reva. Holly decided to teach Jenna a lesson for "losing" Lizzie and Marina. Jenna was horrified to learn that Jeffrey was being freed from jail on a technicality. Jenna finally realized that Holly was the stalker. While Jenna was confronting Holly, Jeffrey arrived and learned that Rocky was his son. He confronted Jenna and demanded to be taken to his son. Jenna agreed, only to crash the car in an effort to stop him. After bidding goodbye to Buzz, Jenna died.
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December 7 to 11, 1998
Jenna died in Buzz's arms. Reva went to Detroit to visit Teri's family. Teri continued to mess with Josh's mind. Harley met Susan's father and learned that some of the things Susan had told him weren't exactly the truth. Jenna "visited" everyone one last time to say goodbye. Teri gave Josh a knock on the head with her gun.
December 14 to 18, 1998
Alan and Reva arrived just as Teri had knocked Josh out, forcing her to cover and tell them that Josh had passed out. Josh was taken to Cedars while Teri considered getting rid of a suspicious Reva. Josh accused Teri of being in cahoots with Annie, but wound up getting arrested himself. Wracked with guilt over her part in Jenna's death, Holly almost confessed all to Buzz, but Ken stopped her. Vanessa and Matt's relationship continued to deteriorate, this time over a business deal. Hart learned that not only was he the father of Cassie's baby, but Dinah had known it all along. Selena realized that Drew was her long-lost daughter.
December 21 to 25, 1998
Cassie decided to return to town, but Dinah intercepted her. As they argued, Dinah lost control of the car on the snow-slicked road and skidded off the road, hitting an embankment. There, Cassie went into labor and, with Dinah's help, gave birth to a baby boy. Ben learned about India's financial troubles but agreed to keep quiet. Susan's presence created some tension in Harley and Phillip's marriage. Holly's mental state deteriorated even further. Selena confided in Buzz that Drew was her daughter, but kept quiet to Drew when she appeared to have no knowledge of being adopted.
December 28, 1998 to January 1, 1999
Danny tested to see if Jesse had a temper by kissing Michelle right in front of him. His plan worked, and he began to suspect that Jesse had killed Mick. Danny was later warned that he had 48 hours to wrap up his investigation, or Michelle, Drew, Bill, and Jesse would all die. Josh and Reva figured out that his shaving cream was drugged and believed Teri was responsible. In order to cover her tracks, Teri planted the drugs in Alan's safe. A drunken Holly blasted Blake for her relationship with Ben. Dinah admitted to Hart why she had met Cassie in Chicago.
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