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January 1 to 5, 2007
Lizzie boned up on acting like she had postpartum depression as a way that she thought would keep Jonathan close, but his heart was still with Tammy. Cassie helped Josh and Reva out of a jam. Dinah set in motion a string of good deeds as she urged all of Springfield to "find a light" in their lives. Mel arranged for Jeffrey and Ava to talk and find a way to help each other. Alex gave Alan some bad news that put Reva in the line of fire. Meanwhile, Marina was frustrated with Dinah's jealousy, and Harley and Gus were having their own difficulties in court trying to get custody of Sydney. Beth and Tammy went at it over Jonathan, then Lizzie tricked and drugged Jonathan, and attempted to convince him to have sex with her. She made sure that Tammy might witness their sexual escapades.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Jonathan found out that Lizzie drugged him, and left to find Tammy to explain what she thought she saw going on between him and Lizzie. Tammy asked Rick to help her get back Jonathan. Tammy told Lizzie that she would fight for Jonathan until the end. Marina and Dinah had it out about Dinah's jealousy between her and Mallet. Susan, apparently upset and disturbed for some time about her lack of relationship with Harley, teamed up with a friend and set a dangerous plan into motion that would ensure that Gus and Harley's attempt to adopt Sydney failed. Alan-Michael continued to manipulate Ava, and the trip to Paris made her even more vulnerable. Coop and Jeffrey's efforts to save her didn't seem to impress Ava. Olivia considered offering advice to Ava, but then changed her mind. Billy learned Sheila's scam before Josh and Reva had a chance to prove it to him. Cassie offered advice to Tammy on how to hold on to your man, and then ran out to make sure she took her own advice. Reva was thinking about fighting for Josh, after all.
January 15 to 19TH    
Josh planned a surprise for Cassie that was temporarily interrupted by other events. Jonathan and Tammy married after Jonathan obtained an annulment from Lizzie. Alan and Reva made amends, but Alan warned Reva that he would do anything necessary to protect Sarah, Lizzie, and his family. Reva's friend Cal passed away just before Reva's appointment at Cedars. Josh was by Reva's side for her three-month checkup that, after a scare, turned out well as Reva received a clean bill of health. Lizzie went out of control after Jonathan married Tammy, and asked Alan to help her stop Jonathan in any way possible-and make sure that he and Tammy would never get custody of Sarah. After Jonathan was awarded temporary custody of Sarah and went to meet Lizzie to bring Sarah home, Tammy overheard Alan's hit man confirm a plan to eliminate Jonathan. Tammy contacted Remy, but he rejected her plea for help. Tammy rushed to the scene and pushed Jonathan from harm's way.

22 to 26, 2007
Josh and Reva bonded after she learned she was cancer-free. Jonathan won temporary custody of Sarah with Beth's help, but then returned to the hospital to learn that Tammy was not going to make it. Jonathan, Cassie, and family were overcome at Tammy's tragic death after she tried to save Jonathan's life from Alan's hit man, Gillespie, Daisy's so-called boyfriend. Gus covered for Daisy until he could uncover her connection to Gillespie to prove that she was also a victim. Remy and Mallet questioned Alan about Tammy's untimely accident and death and Dinah found a clue that could help incriminate Alan. Remy confronted Gillespie at the church. Meanwhile, Jonathan took matters into his own hands at the Spaulding mansion.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Gus continued to protect Daisy and kept Harley in the dark about her connection to Gillespie, and her connection and indirect involvement in Tammy's death. Coop and Ava connected after hearing of Tammy's death. Springfield was devastated twice over when everyone thought that Jonathan and Sarah had been killed in a car crash. Jonathan confided in Reva that he had faked his death and bid farewell to Springfield so that he could raise Sarah in peace, and mourn Tammy in his own way. Cassie went off the deep end and went after Alan. Billy comforted Josh, who felt helpless over the tragedy in Cassie and Reva's lives. Buzz made Alan see his "light." Doris used Gillespie's "confession" to manipulate Alan.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Doris forced Alan to propose to her in return for his freedom, an event that floored Beth, Lizzie, and all the Spauldings. Lizzie told Reva and Cassie that Jonathan and Sarah were alive and Reva, guilt-ridden about hiding the truth from her family, had to do damage control in order to save the Spauldings from finding Jonathan and Sarah. Cassie was guided by "Tammy's spirit" and sought revenge on Alan. Mallet found Dinah and Remy too close for comfort. Beth warned Doris that "once a Spaulding, always a Spaulding," and not to get too comfortable at the mansion. Daisy's testimony devastated Harley, especially after she learned Gus knew that Daisy and G were lovers, and that Daisy was in the car that killed Tammy.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Daisy was the cause of Gus and Harley losing custody of Sydney, and her attempts to make things right only made matter worse. Mallet had to go buff to pay up when Dinah's credit mysteriously went awry. Doris blackmailed Alan into marriage, or else he would have to submit to jail time for Tammy's murder and death. Ashlee was overcome with the thought of becoming a Spaulding, while Beth was out for revenge and looking for a way to outwit Doris. Coop and Alan-Michael had it out over Ava, but Alan-Michael ended up in the hospital needing surgery. Cassie's behavior concerned Josh as she continued to talk to "Tammy" and was determined to get her revenge, as was Remy, who was inconsolable and not listening to reason. Alan and Doris barely said, "I do," when someone decided to shoot the groom!
February 19 to 23, 2007
Doris was more concerned about the goings-on in the Spaulding mansion than her new husband, who was in a coma. Billy quizzed Reva and asked her outright if she had shot Alan. Josh covered evidence for fear that Cassie was the one who had shot Alan while under the influence of antidepressants. Marina and Mallet found what appeared to be the weapon in Alan's shooting, and Lizzie was right there in the middle of it all, looking quite guilty. Harley was totally over her head in how to deal with Daisy, the teenager. Coop and Ava had a falling-out after he warned her that Alan-Michael was a user and to be wary. Alan-Michael faked his paralysis for the ultimate control factor of family, employees, and friends.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
he stream of visitors continued to haunt Alan while he remained in a coma. Beth finally admitted that she was not pregnant and then revealed that Alan-Michael was faking his paralysis to gain leverage over her Spaulding rights by threatening to tell Ava. Coop finally let go of Ava and went on with his life, but she wasn't too happy being on the other side since she had lost Coop's affection. Olivia disappointed Buzz, and Daisy was falling for Gus right under Harley's nose. Harley accused Reva of interfering with Daisy, and Dylan returned to Springfield to help Harley with Daisy's teen years. Josh proposed to Cassie and she said yes, but their joy was short-lived when Cassie was implicated in Alan's murder and was caught on videotape holding Josh's gun in the hotel garage minutes before Alan was shot. Reva was devastated at the news that Josh and Cassie were to be married, but she hid her true feelings from Bud: anger and sadness.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Dinah hired Remy to help her deal with her past imperfect life so that Mallet would not be dragged into another one of her dramas. To save Cassie, Josh confessed to killing Alan, but Alan-Michael was out for blood. Meanwhile, Ava moved into the Spaulding mansion to help Alan-Michael, unaware that he was lying to her about not being able to walk. Harley and Reva had words over how to raise Daisy after taking tough love to the limits. Olivia and Jeffrey united to try to save Ava, while Buzz, disappointed by Olivia's actions, decided to call off the wedding. Rick pushed Beth to make a commitment to him since neither of them had much going in the romance department. Reva bailed Josh out of jail, only for him to get arrested again thanks to Alan-Michael, who set up Cassie so Josh would follow her out of the country.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Josh decided to take a deal from Doris, but Cassie was furious and begged Josh to take the case to trial or admit that he was making up the entire story. Rick and Mel decided to end their marriage as Rick decided that he wanted to hook back up with Beth, after all. Ava saw the lying and manipulative side of Alan-Michael and ran back to Coop to ask for forgiveness, but Coop rebuffed her. Ava headed right back to Alan-Michael and decided to forgive him and remain at the mansion. Buzz was not happy about Olivia's deceit regarding her pact with Jeffrey to help Ava. Beth found the gun that had shot Alan, hidden at the mansion. Coop made good on Ashley's 18th birthday, even though Lizzie did all she could to sabotage the event. Beth's warning and pledge at Alan's bedside brought Alan to his "senses."
March 19 to 23, 2007
Josh found himself facing more prison time thanks to Doris, and secretly asked Reva and family to make him look guilty so that Cassie would not be implicated in Alan's attempted murder. Beth tried to seduce Alan-Michael, but he tried to save himself for the misguided Ava. Harley was amazed at Rick's lack of interest in saving his marriage, and his passion for trying to get Beth back into his life. Reva dragged a comatose Alan home so she could try to find Josh's gun in the Spaulding mansion after a tip from Lizzie. Dinah, Vanessa, and Matt tried to rid themselves of Cyrus, who had manipulated his way into Springfield life. Gus was unaware of Daisy's attraction to him and led her on without realizing the potential consequences. Reva was asked to take the stand at Josh's trial and lie. Josh had asked her to save her sister and make the sacrifice for him because she still loved him.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Dinah and Mallet married, but Dinah's happiness was short-lived with Cyrus hanging out in the shadows at the church and warning her to steal the cash he needed from Matt and Vanessa or see Mallet's past exposed. Cassie tried to shock Alan out of his coma by injecting him with a powerful drug after she overheard Rick's hesitation to keep Alan comatose because he wanted Beth all to himself. Ava got a dose of Spaulding reality when she learned that Alan-Michael was faking his paralysis to win her over, so she moved back to the Beacon. Daisy's crush on Gus continued and then she and Harley got into a fight and Harley slapped her. Josh's sentencing took a turn for the worse as he got 15 years in maximum security after it was revealed that Alan might die, and after Doris' soapbox testimony. Ashlee and Coop's friendship blossomed.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Reva was furious with Cassie over Josh's conviction and she said Cassie was just as much to blame as Josh was for covering for her. Harley took drastic steps in parenting and sent Daisy off to a special program after she endangered Zach and her life by driving without a license. Marina knew Cyrus was a suspicious character but was attracted to him nonetheless. Cyrus threatened Dinah to either steal from her mother or take the risk of having her new husband Mallet's past exposed, which could ruin his future. Alan awoke from his coma and remembered that Ashlee was the person who shot him. Ashlee told a shocked Doris that she was the one that shot Alan. Alan-Michael, as well as other members of the Spaulding family, were pleasantly confused regarding Alan's new behavior. Josh took a beating his first week in jail.
April 9 to 13, 2007
April 16 to 20, 2007
April 23 to 27, 2007
Thinking there was hope for Josh to be set free, and before he was sent into solitary confinement, Reva and Josh reverted back to the old days and ended up in a comfortable place with each other, making love out of loneliness. Cryrus continued to taunt Marina, and Mallet learned the truth behind Dinah and Cyrus' relationship. He promised to protect Dinah as she was trying to protect his career and reputation. Dylan and Gus wrangled over Daisy's crush on Gus and why he didn't do anything to stop it before things got out of hand. Daisy tracked down one of Gus's (Nick's) old loves to distract him and get Harley out of the way. Ashlee finally confessed to shooting Alan, and Doris' worst nightmare coming to light, so that Josh could be freed to return to his family and friends. Cassie's excitement over getting married and asking Reva to be her matron of honor didn't sit too well with Reva. Sparks started to fly between Jeffrey and Olivia in pretense for Ava's sake, but Buzz could be headed for another big disappointment in the romance department.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Daisy arranged for Gus to revisit his past love. Olivia helped Ava try to win over Coop's affections by asking her to be her maid of honor in the wedding and convincing to Buzz to ask Coop to be his best man. Frank told Buzz that he thought Olivia was not ready to get married. Sparks continued to fly between Jeffrey and Olivia, but everyone continued to ignore the obvious. Cyrus and Marina played a dangerous cat and mouse game. Blake finally came out of her coma. After Josh's release from prison, Reva shocked Cassie by finally coming clean with her, and confessed that she loved Josh, always did, and always would-and wasn't sure what she was going to do about it. Cassie had another visit from Tammy. Alan baited Reva to win back Josh and start behaving like the old Reva Shane. Ashlee paid her price for shooting Alan, but Josh's forgiveness lightened her sentence.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Buzz and Olivia prepared for their wedding, but Ava's plan to have Jeffrey and Olivia make peace beforehand turned the tables forever on Buzz and Olivia's future. Harley was introduced to Gus's long-lost love. Mallet was determined to keep Dinah's "crime" clean and get Cyrus out of everyone's hair. Dinah and Mallet reluctantly agreed to the newly "crazy" Blake's plan to live with them for fear she knew about Mallet's past. Alan showed tough love and told Alan-Michael to leave town. Cassie lured Beth to an isolated area so that she could finally tell her how she felt about Alan, but the conversation turned rough and Beth's baby's health might have been compromised. Olivia told Buzz that she couldn't and wouldn't marry him after Buzz witnessed Jeffrey and Olivia, on two different occasions, kissing and embracing. Buzz tracked down Jeffrey and asked him to leave Olivia alone if he really wanted to make amends for the past, but Olivia found Jeffrey before he left town.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Gus finally told Harley about Natalia and their "love story." Ava wanted Coop back, but he wasn't buying it. Marina couldn't resist Cyrus. Jeffrey prepared to leave Springfield, but Cassie's "baby crisis" delayed his exit and changed his mind. Josh struggled with telling Cassie the truth about his "affair" with Reva, while Reva made light of the matter, teasing that she would tell Cassie the truth if Josh didn't donate to her charity. Cassie was troubled by "visits" from Tammy. Mel offered to help a surprised Rick to win custody of his child if he was the father of Beth's baby. Cassie broke into the DNA lab and learned that Alan was actually the biological father, but she was determined to make sure that Rick was going to get good news instead.
May 21 to 25, 2007
Cassie was on a path to happiness after she changed the paternity tests at Cedar and made Rick the father of Beth's child. Dylan gave Daisy a new perspective about Harley after he told a few white lies regarding her adoption that might have made the difference in the future of a mother/daughter. Cyrus was roaming the streets of Springfield a free man and wondering if Marina was looking for romance. Blake was getting closer to Mallet's secret after Mallet tried to strangle Dinah in his sleep and Dinah went running to Cyrus for answers. Jeffrey and Olivia talked, as did Buzz and Olivia, about past mistakes and uncertain futures. Cassie asked Olivia to book her wedding at the Beacon. Josh considered the ministry and told Reva he was going to come clean to Cassie about their romp in the jailhouse. Reva saw Cassie looking distressed and thought Josh had told her about their affair, but blurted out the nasty truth to her anyway. Natalie's secret was revealed that Rafe was her son-and that he was also Gus's child.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Ava offered Coop a writing job at Spaulding as a last resort to win him back. Olivia resorted to old tricks after making sure Mel learned that Rick was the father of Beth's baby to get some alone time with Jeffrey. Remy almost told Gus that Rafe was his son with Natalia. Reva learned that Cassie had changed the paternity tests of Beth's baby, but agreed to keep silent. Marina still had a soft spot for Cyrus and then later had fun with Frank after a bet. Cassie forgave Josh for his moment of passion at the jail with Reva, but Reva told Cassie that she would never have the love -- or the history -- that Reva shared with Josh and, sooner or later, Josh would realize the truth. Josh planned a surprise wedding for Cassie, but not before Cassie asked Josh to spend the night with Reva after her talk with Reva earlier that day. Mallet finally confided in Dinah the terrible secret that he was a hit man for a brief and very dark time in his life, but Dinah was there to understand and share his pain. Mallet's past was about to haunt him courtesy of his "former employer."
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Cassie forced Josh and Reva to rehash their past and have one last time to make peace, put their memories in their place, and decide their futures, after which Josh committed to Cassie. Ashlee was overzealous in thanks to Coop and showed him her true feelings by kissing him passionately. Alan started to control Beth's whereabouts and was determined to get custody of the baby, unaware that he actually was the biological father. Mel agreed to help Rick fight for custody if necessary. Leah lashed out at Beth with a strong warning not to interfere with Rick's parental rights. Reva said goodbye to Josh just in time to do some of Jonathan's dirty work by temporarily kidnapping Lizzie, for reasons unknown. Harley told a shocked and bewildered Gus that Rafe was his son. Natalia filled Gus in on 16 years of Rafe's life and tried to explain the reasons why she kept the secret from him. Rafe was overwhelmed after learning about his real dad and turned to Daisy for support with his confusion. Daisy was unaware of how their lives were actually connected at that time and in the future.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Lizzie awoke from her two-day blackout unaware that Reva and Jonathan were responsible, and then she and her family tried to figure out how and why she lost two days of life. Jeffrey, Olivia, and Ava celebrated Father's Day together as Gus struggled with how he could be the best father to his newfound son, Rafe. Cassie struggled with her past indiscretions, and her longing for revenge against Alan, and wondered if she was the best person to be in Josh's life as he pursued his studies for the ministry. Remy's closeness to Natalia put a strain on his relationship with Gus as Natalia accepted help from Remy, but didn't want any financial help or advise from Gus regarding Rafe's schooling and everyday activities-even after being instrumental in Rafe's release from juvenile detention. Daisy fretted over Rafe's whereabouts. Mallet was in a quandary over pressure to eliminate Matt, yet keep him, Dinah, and her family safe, and get free of his past and Grigg's hold on him.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Natalie finally gave in and let Rafe live with Gus and Harley, and Gus started to make a little headway with Rafe as they shared some of their personal moments about parts of their lives that they both missed. Mallet and Matt's plan to fake Matt's death backfired with Griggs, and Dinah was seriously injured instead. Mallet decided to take out Griggs as payback for Dinah and everything else that went bad in his past life as a hit man. Cassie and Beth went head-to-head during Cassie's lunch meeting with the wives of the clergy. Josh was concerned over Cassie's reaction to Dinah's shooting and her new direction in life. Alan followed Reva to try to dig up the real scoop on her two-day binge with Lizzie, unaware that Reva was off to meet Jonathan and Sarah.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Daisy was released from juvenile detention and thrilled to learn that Rafe was part of the family; however, both kept their friendship a secret from their parents. Coop found a way to put pressure on Alan to release Ashlee; meanwhile, Coop, somewhat aware of Ashlee's feelings for him, asked Ava out on a date. Cyrus helped Dinah and Mallet by getting Griggs out of town alive and Marina urged Mallet to concentrate on Dinah's recovery. Vanessa told Matt that they were over as she blamed him for Dinah's condition. Jeffrey pieced together Reva's mystery adventure with Lizzie. He realized that Reva kidnapped Lizzie to obtain bone marrow for the very alive Sarah and Jonathan, who he realized never died in the crash. Alan had Jeffrey and Mel's office trashed when Jeffrey forced Doris to dismiss the charges against Reva. Rick was furious when Beth accepted Alan's marriage proposal. Natalie gave in to Remy and agreed to a first date. Dinah's condition faltered on and off, but eventually she regained consciousness.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Dinah awoke from her coma but was far from out of the woods. Beth and Rick married in an unplanned emotional moment at the Bauer barbecue. Alan was determined to win Beth and the baby back at any cost and used Rafe as means to an end. Josh forced Reva to give him the evidence that proved Cassie changed the results of the DNA tests and that Alan was actually the father of Beth's child. Dylan had a heart-to-heart talk with Billy. Jeffrey tried to protect Reva's secret that Jonathan and Sarah were alive, but Olivia kept after Reva to try to learn if their relationship was real or if something else was going on. Coop helped Ashlee get released from juvenile detention. Meanwhile, Gus, Harley, and Natalia realized that Rafe and Daisy knew each other and had feelings for each other since they were in juvenile detention together-a fact that could cause countless problems in both their families. Josh decided to talk to Alan about Cassie's actions.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Coop realized he was having real feelings for Ashlee, and Ava was ticked off as both ladies decided to fight for their man. Josh told Rick about the baby switch. Dinah returned home from the hospital and kept her memory problems a secret from Mallet, but confided in Matt, who helped her find a way to cope with her recovery. Cyrus faced deportation and, instead of confiding in Marina, he decided to pay off his ISA agent with a bribe by stealing from Alex or "doing the wrong thing for the right reason," which put his relationship with Marina in jeopardy once again. Jeffrey and Reva had a drinking party that got out of hand with some unexpected lovemaking that heightened the jealousy level in Olivia-and maybe even Josh, who wasn't admitting his true feelings to Reva. Harley and Gus struggled over the living arrangements for Rafe and Daisy that could cause a stumbling block on their marriage, but Alan found a way to get even with everyone, and offered to let Rafe live at the Spaulding mansion.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Josh's first shot at "ministering" went awry with lots of well-intentioned bad advice and lots of unhappy friends and family. Marina was furious went Frank went after Cyrus, but unfortunately Frank was right and Marina learned that Cyrus solved his immigration problem, married Alexandra, and never bothered to tell her. Gus went wild and beat Dylan to a pulp after he saw him put the moves on Harley. Daisy caused trouble for Natalia and Rafe's relationship as well as Natalia's relationship with Gus and Remy. Rafe learned that Daisy was responsible for Natalia losing her job. Olivia and Ava's plan to get sympathy from Coop by faking a mugging was about ready to backfire thanks to Reva's help to Ashlee. Olivia and Cassie were less than thrilled with Jeffrey and Reva's "budding friendship."
July 23 to 27, 2007
Coop's book gave Alan the ammunition to cash in on a drug that erased bad memories, only the experiment went sour when Cassie, Ava, Cyrus, Remy, Lizzie, Alan, Beth, and Coop all became victims of memory loss and enjoyed some wild moments with the most unlikely friends, foes, and residents of Springfield. Jeffrey was livid over Olivia's stunt for Ava to win back Coop. Olivia and Reva had it out over Jeffrey. Olivia was determined to get Reva away from him, broke into Reva's house, and found a DVD of Sarah, alive and well-just the information she needed to bring Reva down. Alan manipulated marriage problems for Harley and Gus as both struggled with their children and becoming a family unit with past loves to whom neither was married. Alex and Cyrus tied the knot in what was supposed to be a marriage of convenience to keep Cyrus in the US, but the deal meant way more to Alex than she let on. She told Cyrus other women were okay, but Marina was off-limits and then handed him a pre-nuptial deal that was hard to turn down.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Dylan came clean (sort of) to Harley and told her that Gus saw them in a compromising position. Gus and Natalia made love after Gus thought that Harley slept with Dylan, playing right into all of Alan's plans to separate Gus and Harley and manipulate Natalia and Rafe-and weave them all into real Spauldings. Alan saved Rafe and Daisy from another stint in juvenile hall. Ava continued to try to win over Coop but he was more enthused with Ashlee than ever. He kissed Ashlee and realized how he actually was feeling about her. Olivia threatened Reva to stay away from Jeffrey or else she would reveal to Alan that Jonathan and Sarah were alive, but Jeffrey and Reva just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Cassie helped out Dinah in a jam and Mallet vowed to help Dinah regain her past and normalcy for as long as it would take. Marina and Cyrus just couldn't seem to find time along together. Buzz and Lillian's second date was on the right track.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Reva and Olivia played a dangerous game with Jonathan, Lizzie, and Sarah's emotions and entire future, all over the attention of Springfield's stud, Jeffrey O'Neil, and who was going to win the blackmail challenge-a loss that could be devastating to either of these strong women. Billy and Lizzie joined business and personal forces against Alan and began a surprising friendship with lots of commonalities. Cassie learned that Rob Lane, her ex-husband, died, but the letter he left her stirred up some old memories and passions that were a surprise to Josh. Gus and Natalia were at odds with Alan's interference with Rafe's life. Natalia couldn't help her attraction to Gus in his time of need. Daisy told Gus that Harley was with Dylan and that she was very upset with his actions. Ashlee asked Coop to choose between her and Ava and then showed Coop that he was not the only game in town. Alexandra requested Dinah's help.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Alan manipulated Natalia and Rafe, and made sure that Harley and Gus stayed incommunicado. Blake made Cassie see the light regarding her relationship with Josh, and an impromptu wedding was planned. Alex insured Cyrus' loyalty to her and he broke it off with a devastated Marina. Doris inspired Buzz to challenge her for the race for mayor. Ashlee forced Coop to admit to Marina that he might have feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ava was determined to win back Coop. Reva grandstanded Josh and Cassie's nuptials before they were officially pronounced man and wife and killed two birds with one stone-she was happy that Josh and Cassie were not married and told Josh so, and she staged an accident, landing herself in the hospital to get leverage on Olivia so she would keep Jonathan and Sarah's secret. Cassie was on to Reva's antics, and Olivia couldn't get anyone to believe that this time she was really innocent of any wrongdoing-and that Reva was the guilty party.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Reva recovered and found solace with Jeffrey after learning that Cassie and Josh actually completed their marriage vows and were man and wife. Harley and Gus sort of reunited, despite Alan's meddling. Harley realized that she might have been drugged the night that Gus saw her with Dylan. Rafe told Alan that he thought his mother should be with Gus, and that was upsetting news for Daisy. Coop and Ashlee tried to come to terms with what could be a real romantic relationship. Cyrus was growing on Alex and Alan, who were unaware that Cyrus was actually playing everyone and was still the master of his game. Matt and Mallet convinced Dinah that she could not have seen Griggs in Springfield because he was in prison in Europe, but Dinah was not confused because Cyrus and Griggs had a gig going.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Dinah's visions, so to speak, of Griggs continued to drive her emotions, unaware that Cyrus and Griggs were really working together. Marina warned Alex of Cyrus' behavior patterns, giving Alex a feeling of insecurity. Dinah and Matt kissed, and Vanessa warned Mallet that Matt might be encouraging a needy Dinah. Harley and Gus learned of Alan's manipulations and went away together to try to rebuild their marriage. Natalia decided to leave Springfield with Rafe as a result of Alan's despicable actions, but then reconsidered and decided that Alan needed help parenting. Rafe and Daisy's romance was threatened by family woes. Buzz and Lillian moved forward in their relationship, as did Ashlee and Coop, but when the latter couple went on a double date with Marina and her blind date, it ended poorly for Ashlee, who had some decisions to make about Coop's intentions. Reva and Jeffrey moved in together and decided that they each meant more to the other than they cared to admit. Reva learned that she was still legally married to Josh, but decided not to tell him or Cassie, and re-filed for divorce.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Alan learned that Sarah and Jonathan were alive and told Reva he was on to them. Reva and Alan both mysteriously disappeared from Springfield. Josh and Cassie still could not formalize their marriage plans until Reva signed her divorce papers. Josh and Cassie were shocked that Jeffrey moved in with Reva. Gus and Harley's marriage was over when Gus bailed on renewing his vows to Harley because Alan manipulated him by telling him that Rafe was seriously ill, and Gus chose Rafe and Natalia over Harley-again. Cyrus filled in Marina on his plan to rob the Spauldings blind so he could have the life he always dreamed of and settle in a beautiful home in France. Dinah blackmailed Cyrus when she learned of his master plan and then tempted Mallet with her old wild and familiar lifestyle.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Sadly, Harley called it quits with Gus, but the couple just couldn't seem to say goodbye. Dinah and Matt connected while Cyrus wanted the best of both worlds that included a life with Marina. Harley caught Rafe and Daisy just after they made love at the Spaulding mansion, all of which caused more tension between Harley, Gus, and Natalia. Ashlee was hiding a big secret from Coop that Ava was determined to use to her advantage by getting tight with Doris via her mayoral campaign. Ava confiscated personal documents from Doris to get the goods on Ashlee as a dirty-handed way to get Coop back in her life. Josh was furious at Billy after Cassie agreed to take the fall for Billy's bad decision-making on behalf of Lewis. Cassie and Lizzie called Billy on his drinking problem and business decisions and made him promise to get back to rehab.
September 17 to 21, 2007
Reva and Alan continued their strange alliance over the events they shared in California; meanwhile, Jeffrey was on to the fact that something terrible must have forced Reva to not only agree with Alan, but to move into the Spaulding mansion. Ava was about to reveal Ashlee's past in hopes of winning back Coop. Ashlee was sad and happy as Daisy gushed over her lovemaking with Rafe. Marina was torn about her feelings for Cyrus after she caught wind of his plan to steal from the Spaulding charity fundraiser and then expected her to go with him and live life happily ever after. The Gus/Harley/Natalia conflict continued, and then was further complicated by Remy and Alan's interest in Natalia. Frank caught on to Mallet's temptation to lift evidence money to pay for Dinah's medical bills. Matt was furious that Vanessa and Billy were consoling each other. Dinah, overhearing that Mallet would be reprimanded and might lose his job over her, decided to hook up with a rebounding Matt and force Mallet out of her life, so that he would no longer have to worry about her.
September 24 to 28, 2007
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Daisy learned that she was pregnant. Natalia helped Remy elude Lola. Buzz discovered the "real" Springfield. Gus freed Harley from Cyrus' trap. Doris was caught spying on Ashlee and Coop. Reva confessed her Tourmaline secret to Jeffrey.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Alan figured out that Jeffrey knew what happened in Tourmaline. Gus saved Natalia and Remy from one of Alan's plots. Harley learned that Marina was in Springfield. Daisy suffered morning sickness. Ashlee learned the truth about Jack Summers. Cassie and Josh discussed having a baby.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Ashlee got closer to learning Marina's whereabouts. Josh told Cassie that he wanted to have a baby. Coop and Ava kissed. Harley broke down in Cyrus' arms. Mallet and Matt got into it. Daisy shared her painful experience with Reva. Lizzie attempted to play matchmaker.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Cassie and Josh fought for custody of Will. Daisy pretended to be Harley and called the school to remove herself from her classes. Mallet visited Dinah in the hospital. Marina was stripped of her rank for not stopping Cyrus' plot to steal from charity. Harley and Cyrus found themselves trapped. Gus told Natalia that he wanted to be a family with her and Rafe. Edmund Winslow returned.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Lizzie helped Dinah escape from Renewal. Olivia worried that Phillip might come after Emma. Will learned that he'd be going home with Cassie. Gus asked Harley for an annulment. Ashlee worried Doris would retaliate against Coop. Harley and Cyrus shared a kiss. Alonzo was murdered.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Harley signed off on annulment papers, ending her marriage to Gus. Dinah moved in with Lizzie. Will locked himself in a barn and blame it on R.J. Ashlee learned more about Doris' deceitful ways. Alan trashed Olivia's room. Frank had immigration officers arrest Cyrus. Marina asked Cyrus to marry her.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Edmund figured out that Beth's baby was Alan's and used it to his advantage. Ashlee thought Doris would rig the election, and asked Coop to help her. Jeffrey asked Reva to go to Montana with him for Thanksgiving, reminding her Jonathan and Sarah were there. Gus gave Natalia an engagement ring; she said she needed time. Bill Lewis was back in town-and he and Lizzie made love. Bill betrayed Lizzie. Bill and Dinah betrayed Billy.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Beth and Daisy were stuck in an elevator, and Alan came to their rescue. Edmund told Jeffrey that he was buying a house and staying in Springfield. Edmund mysteriously disappeared while getting a massage. Harley told Cyrus that she wanted to restart her detective agency, and Cyrus jumped on board. Harley invited Cyrus and Marina to her Thanksgiving dinner. Harley ran into Gus and invited him to the celebration, also. Harley went all out on Thanksgiving dinner. Rafe showed up drunk and Gus left. A fight between Frank and Cyrus ruined the Cooper Thanksgiving. Natalia accepted Gus's proposal. Rafe and Daisy talked about the abortion, and they kissed.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Frank apologized to Marina for his behavior on Thanksgiving. Harley received her first case, which was to find Phillip. Harley learned that Gus and Natalia were engaged. Harley had a panic attack, and Cyrus comforted her as Marina looked on. Jeffrey upset Reva by bringing Edmund into her home. Edmund told Rick that he knew the paternity of Beth's baby. Olivia found out that she had a condition that caused heart failure and sudden death, and she needed a heart transplant. Olivia confided in Gus about her condition, and they shared a kiss. Cassie agreed to let Edmund stay in Springfield for Will's sake.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Will had the lead in the school play. He and Edmund discussed Alonzo's death. Edmund fell from the church loft and landed at Josh's feet during his ordination. Mallet was suspicious of Edmund's fall, and questioned those who were at the ordination. Olivia found out her condition was worse than what she first thought. Natalia and Gus planned their wedding. Natalia confronted Olivia about her friendship with Gus. Harley had another panic attack and Cyrus helped her. Billy prepared to go to rehab. Mallet and Bill threw punches over Dinah. Bill used his charm to try to hook a client.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Billy headed off to rehab. Bill and Ava made love. Josh talked to Will about the "accidents" to both James and Edmund. Reva and Jeffrey came clean about their part in Edmund's fall. Remy admitted to Harley and Cyrus that he was working for Phillip. Bill found out the Ashlee had fixed the election so that Buzz would win. Bill told Buzz and blackmailed him with the information. Doris was arrested for assaulting Buzz, and he later had the charges dropped. Mel told Beth that she had moved on.
December 17 to 21, 2007
December 24 to 28, 2007
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
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