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January 4 to 8, 1999
Leaving out her involvement, Drew told Danny that Michelle had killed Mick. Susan tried to manipulate Harley into letting her stay by ingesting an entire bottle of cough syrup. The plan worked too well; Susan got very sick. Harley found out she was pregnant. Frank found the vial of drugs in Alan's safe. Thanks to Reva and Josh, Frank finally became suspicious of Teri. Hart broke things off completely with Dinah. Alan figured out Teri's true identity, and the two ended up making love. Danny and Michelle married, and she confessed her part in Mick's death to his mother, Carmen.
January 11 to 15, 1999
Josh and Reva found the real Teri DeMarco comatose at a clinic. However, later, thanks to Alan, no one at the clinic would confirm their story. Danny reminded his mother that because of the "family code," she could not harm Michelle. Jesse found Michelle and wanted to go to the police, but fearing for his safety, Michelle told him that she was in love with Danny and married Danny in a church ceremony. Sean left town to return to the island. Beth continued to annoy Vanessa and got closer to Matt. Susan accidentally found out about Harley's pregnancy and blasted her for not telling her. Though Alan hid her, Alexandra met face-to-face with Annie.
January 18 to 22, 1999
Michelle realized Danny was in love with her but told him there would never be anything between them. The real Teri began to emerge from her coma. Upon learning that Teri had woken up, Annie sneaked out to silence her, but Reva stopped her. Alexandra agreed to keep Annie's whereabouts a secret. Vanessa and Ross tried to convince Dinah to let go of her obsession with Hart. Cassie and Hart reunited, and he asked her to marry him. After catching her mother slashing her clothes, Blake realized that Holly was the Nursery Rhyme Stalker.
January 25 to 29, 1999
Ben walked in on Blake arguing with her mother, and Blake informed him that Holly was the stalker. Blake convinced Holly to check herself into a mental health facility; unaware that Ben was arranging to make her stay a permanent one, Frank arrested Teri. Carmen hired Jesse to break up Danny and Michelle. However, Danny was falling for Michelle and warned Jesse to quit his new job or he'd have him killed. Michelle drove Jesse away by setting it up for him to find her and Danny in bed together. Hart told Dinah she was never to go to the farm ever again. Cassie learned that the baby Dinah had lost was not Hart's and told Dinah she intended to tell Hart. Desperate, Dinah grabbed a gun, intending to use it on Cassie; however, Hart took the bullet instead.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
Dinah shot Hart by mistake; her plan had been to shoot Cassie. Cassie went straight to Vanessa. Vanessa hid her while Matt was there. Michelle swore that she would take down Carmen and her family. Reva jeopardized the case by speaking out at Annie's trial.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Jim arrived at the bus station just in time to save Harley from an attacker. Phillip offered Jim a job with Spaulding. Vanessa refused to tell the police Dinah's whereabouts; she was arrested and put in jail. Michelle called the FBI and offered to be their informant. Holly kidnapped the children from the families close to her and took them out of town. Hart remained in critical condition. Jim recognized Cassie.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Michelle and Danny were married, but Michelle wouldn't make love on their wedding night. Annie escaped from jail and while trying to get out of the area, stumbled on the cabin where Holly was holding the children. Reva got a call from Annie. Drew plotted with Danny's cousin to pass him off as her new boyfriend, unaware that he was a priest. The FBI raided the Santos home and specifically Danny and Michelle's bedroom.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Josh rescued Holly from the bridge. Billy bailed Vanessa out of jail; later he convinced her to give her marriage another chance. There was a misunderstanding about the time that Matt and Vanessa were to meet. They both thought that they had been stood up. Hart had surgery. Vicky learned that David had used her company ID to get information that would help Reva.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Hart was dead. David, Josh, and Reva discovered during a confrontation with Alan that the tape was erased. Vanessa left town; Matt turned to Beth for comfort. Susan and Lizzie played matchmaker. Jesse made advances on Drew, and she rejected him. Danny tested Michelle's loyalty.
March 8 to 12, 1999
Carmen had Deitz have his girlfriend call the FBI and tell them about the shipment of Cuban cigars; she hoped that Michelle would be blamed. Michelle changed her mind, but Drew had already called the FBI. Johnnie Cochran helped Ben in his defense of Annie. Eleni was shocked by Frank's testimony. Reva discovered that Ben knew about the cloning. Lizzie and Susan planned to get their parents together.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Michelle confessed to Danny that she had turned him in to the FBI. Danny got drunk and slept with Drew, who was drinking her sorrow away at being adopted. Annie was sentenced. Alan disappointed Annie by saying he would not marry her. Phillip decided to keep Lewis Oil but offered to let Josh stay on as a consultant. Vanessa tried to find Matt in the chat room but when she couldn't, she wrote him a goodbye note. Fletcher showed up in court just in time to testify in Holly's behalf.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Annie worked on the psychiatric floor and tried to help Holly. Beth was the one there to share with Susan when she got her first period. Holly had a surprise visitor just when she was at her lowest. Jesse learned that Drew had spent the night with someone.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Matt and Vanessa reaffirmed their love. Ross rejected Blake, so she turned to Ben again. Danny decided to get an annulment, but Michelle hesitated. Josh offered Jim a job, and he accepted. David decided to join the police force. Harley had early contractions and landed in the hospital. Phillip overheard Susan asking Beth if Harley could still lose the baby. Beth warned Jim concerning the "negative" influence Harley had on Susan. Ben thought about Carmen's job offer.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Drew told Jesse to make a choice: her or Michelle. Jesse told Michelle that they needed to reevaluate their relationship. Vanessa told the police where Dinah was, but when the police arrived at the convent, she had disappeared. Susan overheard Phillip blasting her father and screamed at him just as Jim and Beth arrived. Blake had possibly ruined the deal between Ben and Carmen.
April 12 to 16, 1999
After helping Rick deliver a baby in the Emergency Room, Annie contemplated taking it. Ross and India made love after Blake showed up and threw herself at Ross. Fletcher took Holly for a day trip to Laurel Falls, and she found a picture of another woman in his wallet. Ben accepted Carmen's offer and defended Danny after he was arrested for transporting stolen goods. Pilar learned about her family's business. Jesse and Drew kissed, and he decided not to move out of the apartment. Jesse agreed to keep Selena's secret.
April 19 to 23, 1999
Blake locked Ben out of the house, ending their relationship. Max continued to take advantage of Drew and her need for a family. Pilar learned the truth about her family and left the family home. Holly showed up at the police station with Meg; she was surprised to hear from Fletcher that he was staying in Springfield. Michelle begged Danny to give up the family and build a life with her. One of Carmen's hoods mugged Bill. Beth used Susan to get information about her mother.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Danny and Carmen made an arrangement, but it was unclear if Carmen would keep her word. Susan tried to impress Max. When nothing else worked, she invited him to the diner after it was closed with the promise of making him supper. Disaster struck inside the locked pantry of the diner. Selena was ready to tell Drew the truth, but Jesse had a change of heart. Reva got a letter from her mother two years after she had died.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Cassie saved Susan and Max from the burning diner at great risk to herself. Jim was grateful to her, which made Beth jealous. Buzz refused Phillip's offer of help when the insurance company told him that there wasn't enough insurance to build back. Later, Selena found the winning lottery ticket that Jenna had bought, but they only had three hours to get to London to claim it. Drew got custody of Max. Fletcher agreed to take MegPie back to Europe, but only until Holly was well. Danny awoke in the hospital with amnesia; later he remembered Michelle but not why he had been in a rush. To keep him out of Carmen's hands, Michelle "kidnapped" Danny and took him to the lighthouse. Pilar inadvertently told Carmen where Michelle and Danny were hiding.
May 10 to 14, 1999
Buzz and Selena rushed to Chicago to get the million-dollar prize money Jenna had won. Danny started to remember what had happened and confronted his mother about ordering Michelle's death. Furious, Carmen told Michelle that Danny had slept with Drew. Carmen decided to set up a phony attempt on her life in order to win back their love and affection. However, when it was time for the shots to be fired into the house, Pilar and Bill arrived moments before and faced the deadly bullets. Jesse begged Frank not to tell Drew she was not related to Max, telling him about Buzz's role in forging the birth certificate. Reva and Rick tried to convince Abby to have the cochlear implant surgery that would enable her to hear. While preparing for her wedding, Reva continued to be preoccupied with her mysterious connection to San Cristobel.
May 17 to 21, 1999
Reva continued to have dreams of her and a mysterious baby. Blake and Ross started to bond in their effort to help Holly. Abby weighed her options about having the implant surgery. Bill and Pilar survived the shooting, which got Carmen what she wanted -- her family back. Selena discouraged Drew from locating her daughter. Despite Selena's objection, Drew did some snooping around and discovered that she was Selena's daughter. The Shaynes and Lewises gathered to witness Reva and Josh marry. Susan finally met her father, Dylan.
May 24 to 28, 1999
Selena was forced to admit to Drew that she was Drew's mother, and Drew later learned that Jesse had known about it as well. Michelle told Danny her suspicion that Carmen had been behind the shooting. Abby's operation was a success. Carmen tried to frame Ben for the shooting after he told her that he quit.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Buzz bought Company and asked Selena to be the manager. Drew decided to find out who her biological father was, but Selena warned her that it could lead to Max learning they were not related. Susan was jealous of Jim's preoccupation with Beth. Michelle tried to reconstruct the timeline of Carmen's shooting. Harley was rushed to the hospital after experiencing sharp pain and dizziness at Susan's birthday party. .
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Harley was hospitalized, but was released and ordered to rest. Beth and Jim got closer, much to Susan's dismay. Ross and Blake delighted as Holly was granted her freedom -- with some unexpected help from Ben. Abby's hearing was restored. Michelle and Danny planned their secret wedding as the Santos family prepared to attend Ray's first mass. Carmen agreed to make the business legitimate for her children's benefit, but confided to Ben that she had other plans. Deitz planned the hit on the Santos clan. Josh and Reva enjoyed a very relaxing and romantic honeymoon. Vicky and David shared a romantic evening together after a misunderstanding. Alan and Vicky reached an agreement about Spaulding. Annie made a big decision regarding her future. Drew and Selena reconciled after Drew overheard Selena's conversation with Buzz.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Jim and Beth made love. Susan's apology to Beth ended up in a showdown. Susan pretended to approve of Jim and Beth's relationship. Drew finally called Selena "mom," but they agreed to keep their secret to protect Max. Harley caught Buzz and Selena kissing. Buzz opened "Petula's," but Frank questioned Buzz's obsession with "Jenna." Selena and Billy went on a date. Abby discovered a bomb at Ray's mass, but Bill and Danny defused it and saved everyone. Carmen swore revenge as the police investigated. Michelle revealed that Carmen had set up the shooting at the Santos house. Carmen admitted it, but explained she had done it for her children. Danny couldn't forgive Carmen. The Bauers feared for Michelle's life. Danny planned a safe getaway for Michelle, as Rick and Phillip had their own plan to keep Michelle safe. Phillip nixed Annie's friendship with Lizzie. Holly enjoyed her homecoming with Blake. Ross and Blake had a "friendly" visit. Blake thanked Ben for helping Holly and her reach a friendly understanding. India broke it off with Ross. Reva's flashbacks became more meaningful as she continued her hypnosis.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Carmen and Ben got close. Ben's new job gave him what he needed to get revenge on Alan Spaulding. Rick kidnapped Michelle and placed her under psychiatric watch to keep her safe. Michelle, Danny, and Abby protested Rick's actions. Ross served Blake with divorce papers, and they made it official. Ross and Ben reached an agreement about Blake. Jim and Beth's vacation plans were cancelled as a result of Susan' stunt to drug Beth backfiring. Max took the heat for Susan's actions, though he was the unrecognized hero. Jim and Drew went head-to-head regarding her maintaining custody of Max. Harley and Jim decided to send Susan to a "special" camp. Buzz vented to Reva about Selena. Selena leveled with Buzz about her feelings for him and Billy. Buzz fired Selena as he continued to fight his real feelings for her. Josh and Reva discussed her flashbacks. Marah gave Reva a "special" bracelet. Reva and Josh prepared to leave for San Cristobel.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
Cassie and Jim discussed their problems -- selling her farm, and how he should handle Susan's behavior problems. Beth broke it off with Jim. Max was devastated to learn that he was not Drew's biological brother. Drew decided to become Max's legal guardian, as Max planned to leave Springfield. Drew accepted Jesse's marriage proposal. Buzz and Selena worked out most of their differences as well as their feelings for each other. Abby and Danny tricked Rick into thinking she had been kidnapped. Carmen's visit to Michelle complicated matters. Bill got a summer job at Sancorp. Phillip and Abby convinced Rick to release Michelle, but hospital rules sidetracked the plan. Danny took matters into his own hands and rescued Michelle. Josh and Reva arrived in San Cristobel and received a "royal" welcome, unbeknownst to them.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Rick was suspended from the hospital. Abby and Rick took a trip to try to resolve their problems. Danny and Michelle renewed their wedding vows, and then left for San Cristobel for their honeymoon. Carmen gave Danny and Michelle their San Cristobel home as a wedding gift, but the newlyweds did not know that there were strings attached. Michelle met Prince Edmund. The residents of San Cristobel recognized Reva. Olivia broke into Josh and Reva's hotel room. Josh and Reva took the ring to a local jeweler for answers, but he called the authorities. Pilar and Bill's dinner with Matt and Vanessa was a disaster when Vanessa learned about Bill's involvement with the Santos family. Vanessa threatened Carmen. Ben had Bill fired from Sancorp. Susan arrived at camp and blamed Jim for abandoning her. Drew visited Susan, and they agreed to find Max. Buzz and Selena went on a "wild" date. Ross and Blake made love. Blake saw Ross with India and misunderstood. Blake turned to Ben, who got her to admit that she had slept with Ross. Beth also confided in Ben about her problems with Jim, but the two later reconciled. Ben and Carmen moved forward with their relationship. Lizzie turned to Annie for comfort.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Cassie, concerned for Josh and Reva's safety, set off for San Cristobel with Blake's help and a fake passport. Cassie and Blake were arrested at the airport. Anxious to flee the country for fear of their lives, Josh and Reva were arrested, separated, and interrogated by local and royal officials. Danny and Michelle asked their friend, Prince Edmund, to intervene on Josh and Reva's behalf. Olivia and Edmund believed Reva had no memory of her past life in San Cristobel. Reva tried to escape and hook up with Josh, who has been released, but met face-to-face with Prince Richard and her apparent disturbing past with him and his family. Phillip pressed Alan to choose between Annie and the family. Alan ended his relationship with Annie. Lizzie overheard Beth and Phillip's plan for Annie. Lizzie and Annie planned to leave Springfield together. Phillip offered to help Rick get reinstated at the hospital. Drew enthusiastically accepted Jesse's bungled, but heartwarming, formal marriage proposal. Selena and Buzz continued "dating." Ben and Carmen made love and moved on with their relationship. David got friendly with Pilar to get information on the Santos family. Ben rehired Bill at Sancorp.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Josh learned that Reva was being charged with treason for the abduction of Prince Richard's son, a crime punishable by death. Danny agreed to help Josh rescue Reva. In San Cristobel, Reva fainted upon seeing a portrait of herself. Prince Richard told her that he had nursed her back to health after her dive off the bridge, and she had taken on the identity of Catherine. Eventually they had fallen in love, and she had given birth to a son, Jonathan. She had then hidden the child away from him, and he wanted her to take him to his son. Although Reva initially refused to believe it, her memory finally returned, and she remembered having a son but not what had happened to him. Richard angered Olivia by postponing their engagement announcement until the Reva/Catherine situation was settled. When Lizzie called home, Alan and India were able to trace the call, and Lizzie was returned home safely. However, Annie escaped. Jesse asked Drew to marry him. She accepted but was conflicted, since she was Jewish and he was not. As part of an undercover operation, Frank arrested David for fraud and conspiracy. Holly met a mysterious farmhand named Sam. Alan had a heart attack
July 26 to 30, 1999
Josh was devastated to learn that Reva and Richard were married and had a son together. Josh agreed to stay in San Cristobel with Reva while she tried to remember her past, but Richard warned Josh that Reva's life was in danger if he stayed in town. Edmund continued to manipulate Olivia and convinced her that Richard would forget Reva and marry Olivia. Edmund sabotaged Richard and Reva's fencing match, with a serious outcome. Josh, Billy, Cassie, Danny, and Michelle worked on a plan to free Reva. Alan had a major heart attack at Towers. Rick saved Alan's life and was reinstated to the hospital. Susan sneaked Lizzie into to the hospital to see Grampa Alan. Alan expressed remorse to his family for his past mistakes and vowed to change if he lived. India kept a vigil at his side. Alan had another setback after receiving a good prognosis. David and Vicky made love, but he purposely pushed Vicky away after refusing to fire Ben as his attorney. Bill's computer software got the green light. Jesse got a marriage license, but Drew kept stalling. Drew finally opened up to Jesse about her Judaism and how it might affect their relationship. Cassie hired Sam to work at the farm. Holly tried to find out more about Sam's past. Carmen plotted with Edmund to ruin Danny and Michelle's marriage and to support Edmund with his plan to remove Reva from Richard's life for the sake of the country.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Alan went into cardiac arrest as Harley went into labor. Harley and Phillip's son gave Alan's life new meaning. Alan summoned the family and press to announce his retirement from Spaulding and to name Phillip as the new CEO. Vicky felt left out. David tried to help, but Vicky thought he and Pilar were seeing each other, when in fact, David was trying to get info on the Santos family. Ross advised Holly regarding the sale of the Journal. Blake talked to Cassie about Holly and Ross's past together. Selena and Buzz had words over their "relationship." Jessie decided to move out. Max gave Susan the cold shoulder, but later apologized. Buzz helped Jessie, while Selena comforted Drew. Cassie put her plan in motion to save Reva with Michelle and Blake's help, and was admitted to the hospital in the hopes that Reva would return home. Josh was furious when he found out and told her not to interfere, as it might endanger Reva's life. Edmund set up Olivia to take the blame for a fencing accident that injured Reva. Edmund allowed Reva to contact her family. Richard and Reva reached an understanding and agreed to search for their son together. Danny and Michelle argued about her involvement in the Lewis' dilemma, and Cassie and Michelle were determined to help Reva. Josh enlisted Jim's help to get Reva out of San Cristobel. Olivia discovered Edmund's lies as he continued to manipulate her with his plan to eliminate Reva and get his country back on track. Blake learned she was pregnant.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Edmund told Olivia of his plot to kill Reva, but the plan failed. Josh put a team together to rescue Reva. Reva remembered that she had given her baby to Olivia and confronted her. Olivia told Reva that the baby had died. After Reva told a devastated Richard, he told her she was free to go. However, Reva had suspicions about her baby's death and decided to uncover the truth. Blake learned she was pregnant but decided to keep it from Ross so he wouldn't think she had planned it. Later, she stayed quiet under a mistaken impression that Holly was seeing Ross. Sam asked Holly out on a date, but she declined. Both Blake and Ross separately tried to get information on Sam. Holly made plans for selling the newspaper but changed her mind. Drew and Jesse's relationship remained strained, and he set out for New York City to focus on his art career. Carmen tried to set up Michelle for smuggling.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Richard and Reva learned Jonathan was still alive and in Olivia's care. Olivia was drawn deeper into Edmund's evil plan in exchange for her and her family's refuge from San Cristobel. Edmund shot and wounded Richard. Olivia assisted with the rescue, but Reva and Richard thought she was the culprit. Michelle, Danny, Josh, and company left for San Cristobel to rescue Reva after Reva was a no-show at the airport in Springfield. Josh found Cassie "the stowaway" and was furious that she had put his plan in jeopardy. Just as things worked out, the authorities were in hot pursuit of the Santos yacht. Edmund continued to deceive Richard and Reva. Blake continued to misunderstand Holly and Ross's relationship. Ross accused Blake of meddling in Holly and Sam's personal business, and with that, she decided not to tell Ross about the baby. Harley stood by Blake as she considered an abortion for all the wrong reasons. David and Vicky both considered careers with the Santos family. Drew proceeded with Max's adoption, and decided to search for her birth father. Ben confided to Carmen about his own childhood abuse, his adoption, and his attachment to Max's case. Buzz admitted his feelings for Selena. Susan taunted Beth about Jim's trip and informed her that Cassie was also out of town.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Josh and company arrived in San Cristobel safely after a scare from the authorities. Cassie misunderstood Jim's intentions, then met Prince Richard and made matters worse. She said she was Mrs. Lemay to throw him off track. Beth arrived in San Cristobel in a frantic state, thinking Jim had married Cassie, and almost blew their cover. Meanwhile, Reva remembered Edmund was the culprit and joined forces with Olivia to expose his evil deeds to Richard. Josh's plan got the green light, but he was unaware that Reva had her own plan. Olivia intercepted Josh and told him of Edmund's plan to kill Reva. Reva was kidnapped. Michelle learned Danny's secret. Blake still kept her pregnancy a secret from Ross and continued to lie to him after she thought he had dumped Holly. Ross warned Holly about Sam, as she continued to press him for answers to his past. Blake confided everything to Ben. Alan's happy homecoming was short-lived when he blasted Phillip for losing a big deal to Sancorp, masterminded by the vengeful Vicky. Ben and Carmen delighted in their victory as Phillip vowed to get even. David protected Vicky from afar. Drew proceeded to search for her biological father with the help of Selena's black book, as Buzz struggled with the information about Selena's past.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Jim sent Beth back to Springfield after the explosion in San Cristobel. Danny and Michelle unknowingly foiled Carmen's plan to have Michelle arrested. Michelle gave Danny an ultimatum: her or his family. Pilar propositioned Ben to anger Carmen and interfere in her mother's growing relationship with him. Carmen and Pilar later resolved their differences. Bill and Pilar also reconciled. Ben and Carmen had an honest, loving conversation about their past sexual experiences. Ben agreed to keep Blake's pregnancy a secret, but Carmen learned the truth and assumed Ben was the father. After Holly's release, she and Sam drew closer as she continued to probe his past. Edmund kidnapped Reva and left her to drown in the caves. Josh, Richard, and company were hot on their trail. Edmund was killed, and Josh and Richard found Reva underwater. Cassie stopped Olivia from taking Jonathan out of the country. Blake continued to believe Ross and Holly were a couple. Drew and Jesse just couldn't seem to be honest about their feelings for each other.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Richard and Josh rescued Reva, as they continued the search for Jonathan. Cassie convinced Olivia to return Jonathan to Richard and Reva. Richard saved Jim, Matt, Danny, and Michelle from the San Cristobel firing squad. With their loved ones, the rescue party reflected on their near-death experience. Cassie felt left out. An emotional Reva and Richard met Jonathan for the first time. Blake continued to misunderstand Holly and Ross's relationship and told a heartbroken Ross that she was leaving town with her "fantasy" boyfriend. Selena's past life as a prostitute got between her and Buzz. Drew and Selena continued to search for Drew's biological father in Chicago, which dredged up disturbing memories for Selena. Buzz and Jesse surprised their women in style and made things right with each other. Carmen admitted she loved Ben and believed him about Blake's pregnancy, but Pilar disapproved of Ben and formed a plan to remove Ben from the picture. Olivia gave Josh a glimpse of Reva's past life and strong bond with Richard. Reva was torn between her present life with Josh and the children, and her past and once-again present life with Richard and Jonathan in San Cristobel.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Richard blamed Cassie for plotting with Reva in Jonathan's disappearance. Reva was remorseful for taking Jonathan away from Richard again, but justified her actions for Jonathan's safety. Reva and Cassie had it out over her cruelty toward Richard, but later reached a sisterly understanding. Blake arrived at her hideaway, where she planned to stay until Ross's baby was born. Buzz and Selena argued over Ben's possible involvement in their lives if he really were Drew's father. Ben and Drew took DNA tests, but Drew was still in the dark about Ben. Ben confided in Carmen that Drew might be his daughter. Ben and Selena bonded. Buzz was determined to get Ben out of their lives and tampered with the results of Ben's paternity test. Phillip, Danny, Frank, and David all put their plan in motion to nail Ben and other Santos family members, but the plan backfired, and Bill and Vicky ended up the victims. Phillip had to eat crow. Pilar told Danny that she was the one responsible for Selena's accident. Michelle and Danny found a way to make their marriage work in spite of Carmen's interference. Selena got some feeling back in her legs. Matt, Vanessa, Billy, and Pilar all worked to get Bill out of jail and exact revenge on Ben.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Harley helped Blake settle into the Spaulding cabin and suggested Blake use her time by writing a romance novel. With nothing else to do, Blake started writing. Ben told Selena and Buzz that he had scheduled a DNA test to see if Drew was his daughter. Unnerved at the idea of Ben being a part of their lives, Buzz altered the test. Phillip gave Vicky a new project at Spaulding and later accused her of leaking information to Ben. David later confessed to Vicky that he had leaked the information as part of his investigation. Pilar told Danny about her part in Selena's accident. Cassie and Reva argued over her decision to hide Jonathan away, and Richard turned his back on Olivia for her part of it. Ben set it up for Bill to be caught computer hacking at SanCorp.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
Buzz was outraged that Ben had lied to Selena and Drew that his DNA test was positive -- Buzz had changed the test to negative -- but Harley convinced Buzz that he had been wrong to keep Drew from her father. Harley said Buzz needed to do the right thing and accept Ben. Ben, Selena, and Drew celebrated at their good news. Blake fantasized about Ross and Holly's relationship in "romance novel" style while at the cabin. Beth's well-intended apology to Cassie went awry, and Cassie was reminded that she was alone and broke, and that she had Richard on her mind. Jim finally convinced Beth that their relationship was secure. Olivia and Reva were melancholy over Richard. Richard was determined to find Reva and ended up at the farm. Cassie inadvertently told Richard that Reva was at Cross Creek. Billy threatened Ben. Bill was roughed up in jail, and later pleaded guilty and accepted a plea bargain in exchange for his freedom. Vanessa's health problems resurfaced. Olivia gave up on Richard, but warned Josh that Reva was not free of Richard. Ben threatened David via Vicky. Carmen disowned Danny after he told her that he wanted out of the family business.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Michelle and Carmen reconciled and reached an understanding about Danny. Richard arrived at Cross Creek, and he and Reva shared loving memories and passion as Josh and Cassie walked in on their comprising situation. Richard explained that they had been in a heated conversation about unfinished business with Jonathan, to no avail. Reva and Cassie daydreamed about Richard. Josh was uncertain of his future with Reva. Drew planned a family dinner with new dad, Ben. Drew confided in Ben about Jesse's lies, but Jesse talked his way out of it. However, he couldn't fool Michelle. Ben and Danny had words; Ben was out for revenge and enlisted Theresa to help him. Bill was detained in jail for striking the guard, but before he was sent to trial, Pilar used her Santos clout and got Bill off. The price was that she ended her relationship with Bill. Harley befriended Olivia, not realizing Reva was the other woman. Harley convinced Buzz to tell Ben he was really Drew's father. Ben planned to get even with Buzz and discredit him in Selena's eyes. Unaware that Buzz had really tampered with Ben's paternity results, Carmen told Selena that Ben was not Drew's father, to Ben's displeasure. Danny embarked on a career in the music business with Drew and Theresa's help. Richard decided to stay on in Springfield with his own agenda for Reva, as Edmund and his subjects in San Cristobel rebelled. Reva continued to cover her feelings for Richard to Josh, Cassie, and even herself.
October 11 to 15, 1999
Danny left for Los Angeles, with Theresa in hot pursuit. Selena and Drew learned of Buzz's betrayal regarding Ben. Josh and Reva tried to get back to normal, but learned Richard was still in town. Phillip and Richard met about business. Olivia and Josh commiserated about the loves of their lives and almost did something they would regret. Buzz and Ben had it out over Selena. Blake continued her novel at the cabin about Holly and Ross's "fantasy" love affair. Carmen just couldn't stay away from Ben. Reva and Cassie were shocked to see each other at Richard's hotel room. Cassie forced Reva to leave with her, for the sake of Reva's marriage, but Reva told Cassie to mind her own business. Pilar confessed to Father Ray about her misdeeds and later called it off for good with Bill. Reva confided in Billy about her feelings for Richard. Richard shared his happiest moments about Reva with Cassie. Richard and Cassie broke up a romantic moment for Josh and Reva to tell them that Edmund was on the loose. Cassie, trying to empathize with Reva, admitted that she felt something for Richard, but Reva's reaction was jealousy that was plainly obvious to Josh. Reva lied to Josh about her feelings for Richard so as not to hurt Josh, but Cassie knew the truth and warned Reva again that she was headed for trouble. Marah and Shane returned from Paris and were startled to hear the news about their mother's former life with Richard. Richard learned of Cassie's financial predicament and anonymously covered her loan. Harley helped Blake visit the twins and encouraged Blake to find out the real truth about Ross and Holly. Selena made a decision and accepted Buzz's offer with no strings attached. Drew was convinced Jesse was having an affair.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Josh and Reva told Marah and Shane about Reva's past life with Prince Richard and Jonathan. Josh and Marah were hurt and disappointed to find Reva at Richard's cocktail party at the country club, even though Reva told them she had gone there to finish things with Richard and convince him to return to San Cristobel. Cassie admitted to Blake that she had feelings for Richard. Blake still had the wrong idea about Ross and Holly, who accidentally found the manuscript to Blake's novel. Reva finally told Josh what had happened at Cross Creek with Richard. Drew learned Jesse's plan to convert to Judaism, and they made plans to marry. Olivia and Richard said goodbye, and she warned Cassie not to be caught in Richard's charm. Ben made Jesse feel inadequate for Drew. Selena started her therapy at Buzz's place. Susan was lovestruck over Max and begged Harley to send her to Paris. Cassie felt Reva's anger when Reva learned Richard had covered her loan. Reva told Cassie to stop interfering with Josh, Marah, and Richard. Unaware of what was going on, Cassie went to Richard for answers. Instead, she was on a jet to San Cristobel in what appeared to a "romantic fantasy." Ross, Billy, and Matt quit Lewis Oil for Reva. Vanessa's' illness returned. Michelle and Theresa went head-to-head over Danny. Pilar had Ben where she wanted him. After painful and soulful discussions, Josh and Reva tried to put their marriage back together.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Reva took Cassie's kids and tried to convince herself and Josh that Cassie had run off with Richard. Reva was rude to Olivia and challenged Josh to be with her if he wanted to even the score. Cassie followed Richard to the plane to refuse the loan, and ended up in San Cristobel in the middle of an uprising, but saved the day with a heartfelt plea to his people. Cassie returned home, and she and Reva "agreed to disagree" about Richard and get on with their lives. Reva admitted to Marah that she was having problems dealing with her past and didn't mean to hurt the people she loved. Cassie was robbed of all her valuables, and Sam was the likely suspect. Holly offered help, but Cassie refused and reverted to her own ways to save the farm and get out of debt. Danny told Theresa that Michelle was the love of his life. Ben and Carmen continued to plot to split up Danny and Michelle. Ben suggested Theresa drug Danny, and she did at Millennium. Drew learned of Ben's manipulation of Jesse and was devastated. However, after Selena's warning to Ben, he apologized to Jesse and Drew, and all was well. Phillip offered Beth a promotion, to Jim's displeasure. After talking, Jim and Beth agreed to live together; she thought the mansion, he thought his house. Susan agreed to help Beth convince Jim to move into the mansion after Beth covered for Susan and Max. Max told Susan they were only friends. Pilar and her grandmother plotted to trap Ben. Ben caught Pilar in his apartment, but she talked her way out of it and managed to leave incriminating evidence behind. Richard and Edmund finally appeared to call a truce until old memories pushed Edmund to the breaking point. Ross and Blake finally met face-to-face.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Edmund threatened Richard, but Richard got the upper hand and control of San Cristobel. Richard and Spaulding held a press conference to announce plans for the new factory. Dax convinced Richard to use the occasion to announce his plans to remarry. Olivia and Cassie heard the news and wondered who would be the new princess. At Cross Creek, Reva and Josh remembered all they had been through to be together and made love. After second thoughts, Cassie started her old job as a stripper and held back on asking Harley for the loan. Danny almost died after Theresa drugged him. A hysterical Theresa confessed to Michelle that Ben Warren was responsible. Carmen learned of Pilar's so-called passion for Ben and accused him of seducing her daughter. After an ugly fight, Ben threatened to move out, but Carmen begged him to stay and demanded Pilar seek professional help. Pilar was stunned when Carmen chose Ben over her. Pilar comforted Bill about Vanessa's illness, but he later learned of her relationship with Ben and interpreted her motives and intentions as another betrayal. Bill and Michelle discussed their hatred for Ben. Drew and Ben shared an emotional and heartwarming visit as they discussed family, love, and happiness. Michelle threatened Ben. Beth asked Jim to marry her before they moved in together, and he refused. Buzz and Selena made up. Bill lied to Vanessa about school, and she later collapsed. Blake's manuscript revealed more about her real identity than she realized. Holly and Ross commiserated over their love life -- or lack of it. Blake's book was a hit in the Journal. Blake emailed information to Holly and accidentally used her real name.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Reva's apology to Cassie backfired when she thought Cassie was Richard's new bride-to-be. Richard refused Olivia's marriage proposal. Reva flew to San Cristobel to protect Cassie from Richard, and returned home to blame Cassie again for her marriage woes because Reva was trying to protect Cassie. Josh overheard the conversation and walked out on Reva. Cassie asked Reva if that was really what she thought, and ordered Reva to leave and get out of her life. Cassie's friend made her think twice about having Richard in her future. Josh packed his bags and left Reva, but had an emotional moment with Marah, who later blamed Reva, called her mother a tramp, and ran off. Richard and Dax arrived in Springfield to talk to Cassie about marriage, but instead discovered that she was working as a stripper to pay the bills. Cassie's boss wanted more from her than dancing after she decided to quit. Danny learned Ben had been behind Theresa's actions to drug him. Ben convinced Drew he was innocent. Michelle's forced, but damaging, testimony at Max's custody hearing, and Drew's revelation to the court that Ben was her father, almost ruined her chances to adopt Max. Ben's unselfish act and Ross's moving testimony convinced the judge to approve the adoption. Pilar and Carmen faced off over Ben. Pilar confessed to Ray about her plan to get Ben. Vanessa was hospitalized after a confrontation with Carmen. Pilar vowed to Vanessa that she would get Ben. Pilar and grandma Santos set up Carmen and Ben for the finale. Blake broke into the house and stole Holly's laptop to keep her identity a secret. Holly and Ross got closer. Jim and Beth struggled with the status of their relationship.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Richard saved Cassie from Earl at the strip club. Cassie was both grateful and humiliated by Richard's heroics. Richard asked Cassie to marry him. Cassie sought Harley's advice regarding Richard's proposal. After careful thought, and for different reasons, Cassie and Richard decided not to marry -- then after more thought, decided they should reconsider. Reva tricked Josh into moving back in with her and the kids. Josh canceled his dinner date with Olivia, who took that final rejection a step too far. Reva reacted as predicted to Richard's marriage proposal to Cassie. Max's adoption celebration party was saddened by the news of Ben's murder. Thinking she had murdered Ben, and then learning the depth of Pilar's plans to get rid of Ben, Carmen skillfully played the role of the wounded and turned the police investigation away from her and Pilar. Danny became suspicious of Pilar's guilt and emotional state over Ben's death. Danny was concerned that Michelle had no alibi for the timeframe of the murder. Vanessa's role in Ben's murder was overshadowed by her relapse into a coma. Drew and family mourned Ben's death. Blake learned of Ben's death from Ross. Ross learned positive and surprising details about Ben's life.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Drew sought out Carmen's help to find out who had murdered Ben. Carmen convinced an emotional Pilar to set up Michelle for Ben's murder, and planted incriminating evidence and a witness to seal Michelle's fate. Michelle then became a major suspect in Ben's murder. Family and friends gathered at Ben's memorial as Drew was overcome with grief. Danny was offered a job in Los Angeles. Reva alienated most of her family and friends, and she and Josh continued to argue over her obsession that Richard couldn't go on without her. Josh saved Olivia from a suicide attempt. Reva, unaware of Olivia's situation, suspected the worst of both of them, but then reluctantly invited Olivia to Thanksgiving dinner to apologize for her suspicions. Cassie accepted Richard's marriage proposal, and they made plans for the announcement of the royal nuptials in San Cristobel, with Phillip and Harley to join the festivities. In Springfield, Reva seethed over Cassie's engagement. Holly and Ross finally learned that Blake was pregnant.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Frank arrested Michelle for Ben's murder, based on DNA evidence inside Michelle's gloves, and Danny vowed to take care of whoever was setting Michelle up. Michelle figured it had to be Carmen, who Pilar and Maria would lie to protect. Drew struggled with the idea that Michelle was the culprit, and Pilar contemplated revealing her and Carmen's guilt in Ben's death. Danny tried to convince Michelle to say she had been with him the night of the murder. Phillip, Beth, and Jim's plane went down in a mountain blizzard in San Cristobel. Jim sought help while Beth cared for an injured Phillip. Upon discovering Jim out in the snow, Edmund promised to help find Phillip and Beth. Edmund then realized that Phillip's disappearance could help the coup and chose not to help anyone but himself. Alan arrived on the island, and Cassie convinced Richard to take everyone up in a plane to look for the crashed jet. They had no idea that an avalanche had completely covered the wreckage. Ross and Holly were shocked to discover that Blake was carrying Joe's baby. Though Holly and Ross insisted that Blake return home with them, they weren't sure what it meant for their rekindled romance. Assuming that Olivia was after Josh, Reva asked Billy to get rid of the woman. Josh hired Olivia for work for his new company, but she wondered if he could handle the growing attraction between them. An argument ensued between Josh and Reva when she learned of Olivia's new job, and Reva asserted that he was punishing her by being with Olivia. Josh claimed that he was tired of forgiving Reva, who'd never change.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Michelle's bail was denied. Michelle confided in Jesse and told him that she didn't have an alibi for the night Ben had been murdered, but that she was innocent. Drew wanted revenge and was hurt and angry that Jesse believed Michelle. Selena tried to level off Drew's emotions. Pilar confessed to Ray. Rick and Danny playacted at the police station to find out the name of the eyewitness. Meanwhile, Carmen worked on Ruth to make sure she stuck to her story. Just as Danny found Ruth, Carmen knocked Danny unconscious to keep him from finding out the truth. Danny was arrested. It was possible Carmen might have seen the light, as she appeared to bond with Michelle in jail, blaming herself for all their problems. Reva and Josh continued to fight over just about everything -- specifically Olivia, Richard, and Cassie's engagement to Richard. Reva confided in Selena about herself and Josh, and was surprised that even Selena felt Reva was at fault. Josh and Reva had a long talk about their relationship and reached the sad conclusion that their future might be without each other. Alan arrived in San Cristobel to jumpstart the search for Phillip, Beth, and Jim. Buzz also agreed to help Harley, but as his plan went awry, Harley learned from one of Edmund's deserters that Jim was alive and that the plane had crashed on the other side of Mt. Winslow. The search plane triggered an avalanche and trapped Beth and Phillip inside the plane. The search was called off, and Beth and Phillip realized that time was running out. They decided to record a farewell message to their family and friends on the camcorder in the plane. As emotions ran high, Phillip and Beth drifted back to the past and a time of happiness. In a moment of despair, thinking that they might not make it, they comforted each other and began to make love -- and the record button was still activated. Jim escaped from Edmund's camp and was determined to find Beth and Jim. Edmund found him, but Jim offered Edmund a deal he couldn't refuse, and they set off to rescue Phillip and Beth. Cassie was homesick and lonely for her family, especially Reva. Richard encouraged her to call Reva. As they talked about Reva, Cassie realized that Richard still cared very deeply for Reva, and she began to question her decision to marry Richard. Ross, Holly, and Blake continued their odd living arrangement.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Michelle's defense began as she was forced to consider a plea bargain. Father Ray tried to convince Michelle to continue to plead innocent and trust in justice without breaking Pilar's confidence regarding Ben's murder. Carmen, distraught over Pilar's emotional state, decided to confess, but had a change of heart after Danny's release from jail. He told her that it was a second bullet that had killed Ben. Pilar didn't want to hear it, and, unable to live with Carmen or her guilt, packed her bags and left. Drew and family celebrated Chanukah. Holly walked in on a special moment between Ross and Blake as they reminisced about the past. Ross almost discovered that Blake was Darlena. Blake then learned the truth about Ross and Holly's recent relationship, and that she was the one that had actually pushed them together. Blake decided to leave town with the boys. Thinking they were going to die, Phillip and Beth made love on the plane. Shortly thereafter, Jim, Phillip, and Beth were rescued. Harley thanked Beth for taking care of Phillip, unaware of their "romantic tryst." Beth couldn't seem to forget about Phillip. Phillip realized that their lovemaking had been recorded, and the videotape was missing. After questioning the guards, Phillip tried to convince himself and Beth that the tape had been lost or destroyed, and not to worry. Jim proposed to Beth, and she accepted, but with less enthusiasm than even she expected. Cassie employed Phillip's help to spare Edmund's life as a way to relieve Richard's conscience, but still permitted him to execute his duties as ruler of San Cristobel. Richard was grateful to Cassie and gave her an engagement ring. Josh and Reva told Maura and Shane that they were separating. Angry and hurt, Marah blamed Reva and wanted to move in with Josh; Shane sympathized with Reva. Josh and Reva were reminded of past holidays and happier times as they both struggled with their decision to live apart. Buzz told Reva about the plane crash and filled her in about Richard and Cassie. Reva couldn't seem to think about anything else except her unresolved feelings for Richard. Reva admitted she was confused, and was angry that everyone blamed her for loving and caring about two wonderful men and the life and happiness she had shared with each of them. Buzz advised Reva to think carefully about her future, but to act quickly -- whatever her decision -- before it was too late for everyone. Reva called Richard and told him that she had left Joshua. As Phillip, Harley, and Richard were about to enter Edmund's room and tell him the good news about the exile plan, and his position at Spaulding, Edmund was viewing the videotape from the crash, and learned that Beth and Phillip had made love.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Friends and family learned of Josh and Reva's separation. Marah had some quality time with Reva and better understood the situation about her parents' relationship. Cassie and Reva faced off over Richard and their respective feelings for him. They attempted a truce for the holidays. Edmund accepted Phillip's offer and returned to Springfield to begin his new life. Beth and Edmund struck up a friendship, as his plan to use the "videotape" for his own merits took shape. Blake, a.k.a Darlena, finished her novel. Harley visited Blake and urged her to call Ross and tell him the truth once and for all. A disgusted Ross told Holly that Blake was Darlena and that she had left town with the boys. Ross learned from Harley that Blake was at the Bauer cabin. Holly, who had read the end of the novel, put the pieces together and told Ross that he was the baby's father, and explained why Blake had been acting so strangely for all those months. Ross arrived at the cabin as Blake went into labor. Vanessa responded to Carmen's visit. Carmen suspected that Vanessa might have murdered Ben. Olivia and Josh's friendship grew stronger. Jesse and Drew tried to forget about Michelle's trial, and enjoy some time together. Michelle made a decision about her defense. Danny convinced Ross to defend Michelle. Buzz pushed Selena in her therapy and challenged her to dance with him on New Year's Eve. Selena had feeling in her legs, but held back so as not to disappoint Buzz. Buzz hosted Christmas Eve for his family and friends. Many residents of Springfield received some very special gifts: Blake gave birth to a beautiful daughter, with Ross by her side; Selena gave Drew a special birthday/Christmas wish: she would walk down the aisle on Drew's wedding day; Frank arranged a special night for Danny and Michelle; Josh and Cassie surprised Reva and spent the holidays as real family; Reva received word of Jonathan.
December 27 to 31, 1999
Blake learned that nothing had ever developed between Ross and Holly. Ross, Blake, and baby Clarissa went home to pick up the pieces of their lives again. Marah acted out when she saw Josh and Olivia having breakfast. Josh told Olivia that he'd make Marah understand that there was nothing between him and Olivia. Marah meet a guy named Chad and agreed to go to a party with him; however, he attempted to sexually assault her in the Tower's garage. Olivia chased Chad off, and missed an important Lewis Construction meeting to comfort Marah. Josh demanded to know why Olivia had blown off the meeting. Per Marah's request, Olivia didn't reveal the truth behind her absence, and Josh left disillusioned. Carmen set out to comfort Matt as he kept vigil at Vanessa's bedside. Carmen secretly warned Vanessa not to wake from the coma, or Carmen would have to kill her. Phillip and Harley berated Edmond for taking advantage of the job perks at Spaulding, and Beth told him that his behavior toward her would be considered sexual harassment in his new country, the United States. Richard hid his true feelings about Reva from Cassie, and Reva decided to find Jonathan, so Richard wouldn't require Cassie to produce an heir to the throne of San Cristobel. Phillip revealed to Rick that a video recorder might have caught Phillip and Beth's desperate act after the plane crash, but the videotape was missing from the crash site. Phillip desired to confess to Harley, but Rick advised against it. For New Year's Eve, Drew threw a party at her club and invited Artee, the magician, who spent the evening spinning fantasies in the minds of the guests.
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