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January 1 to 5, 2001
Olivia and Sam held out important news regarding Marah's whereabouts from Josh just as the wedding begins. Marah managed to disrupt the wedding, but not before Josh and Olivia said "I do." Josh humiliated Olivia and left his wedding, only to find Marah had "cried wolf" just to get back at Olivia. Reva tried to counsel Marah about the consequences of her behavior. She reflected on her own situation and realized her life with Josh was over, and it was time to move on. Josh's attempts to apologize to Sam and Olivia fell on deaf, angry ears, as did Marah's gestures to Sam, Tony, and the others. Noah devised a plan to make Reva sit up and take notice of him. Cassie agreed to help Richard uncover the mystery message his mother had inscribed on his christening cup, knowing the answer might have a major impact on the royal family's lineage -- and control over the kingdom of San Cristobel.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Josh and Olivia reached an understanding about his children and began their marriage on a romantic note. Marah apologized to Josh and Olivia, and got help trying to mend the gap between her and Tony. Richard was devastated to learn that he was the product of an extra-marital affair and not the legal heir to the throne, but Cassie was there to support him. Colonel Dax advised Richard to keep silent until he could investigate the authenticity of Princess Charlotte's letter. Reva's jealous streak emerged as Perdita, Noah's ex, arrived in Springfield and kept Reva's interest focused on Noah. The LeMay family arrived in San Cristobel, and Edmund was more than delighted to comfort Beth and the children in their time of need. Edmund blocked Phillip's calls to the palace; the incident ignited yet another fight between Harley and Phillip, signaling perhaps the end of their marriage.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Phillip's pleas for Harley to give their marriage another try were interrupted when he learned that Beth had taken the kids to San Cristobel. Phillip's decision to leave solidified Harley's decision to go ahead with the divorce. In San Cristobel, Phillip tried to convince Beth to leave, to no avail. Richard arranged for Cassie to go back to Springfield for her protection. Noah moved in with Reva temporarily to protect her against Perdita. Danny went to New York City to meet with a Johnny Merchado, a mob rival, to convince the other families to conduct business in a new way. Michelle followed him and tried to convince him to leave the life behind for good, but he resisted.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Michelle and Danny rekindled their love in New York. Sean's medical emergency bonded Josh and Reva, leaving Olivia and Noah as outsiders. Perdita was obsessed with Noah. Phillip reluctantly agreed to a temporary separation. Rourke finally told Richard the terrible truth that Edmund had masterminded the entire plot to gain control of the country by discrediting Cassie and trying to break up their marriage. Blake told Ross she feared their relationship would end like Phillip and Harley's. Buzz asked Holly on a date. Beth learned of Jim's gambling debt. Josh and Reva nixed a relationship with Marah and Tony, but were too late, as Marah was kidnapped as a warning to Tony. Meta was forced to eat crow after Alan sponsored the community lighthouse project and appointed Claire as chairperson.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Reva and Josh were frantic as a rival family kidnapped Marah to get to Danny. Richard kept Edmund in his good graces until he got the DNA results and decided what to do. Beth and Edmund drew closer romantically as Harley and Phillip went their separate ways. Edmund's gift to Beth, as well as a beautiful royal night to remember for Beth and her family, left her mesmerized by his royal highness' charm and goodness. Danny's plan to find Marah was working, and Sam was called on to be Marah's hero. Olivia accidentally found out, but was warned if the family or police were involved, Marah might not make it out alive. Holly learned of Blake's plan to get Ross to marry her. Phillip confided to Ross that he was ready to let Harley go. Beth and Edmund prepared for their long, scenic trip back to Springfield.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Against all odds and without police interference, Sam, Tony, Danny, and Father Ray rescued Marah. Danny took the Santos family out of the mob against Maria's wishes, and it seemed May was working for the other side. Buzz and Holly connected. Josh and Reva forbade Marah to see Tony; Marah had other thoughts. Richard interrupted Beth and Edmund's lovemaking to ensure Edmund was present for the press conference where Richard announced to the world that he was not the rightful heir to the throne, and that Edmund, the true prince, was unfit to rule San Cristobel. Edmund was devastated and vowed revenge against Richard. Though warned by family and friends, Beth and Susan seemed to be Edmund's only allies, unaware that their world was about to fall apart.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Marah got her parents to believe that she was over Tony. Josh learned about Noah and Reva's undercover operation. Richard and Edmund's argument with swords resulted in a serious injury to Edmund. Richard confided in Cassie about the incident as Beth rushed to Edmund's side and stood by him against Richard. Harley and Phillip officially ended their marriage on Valentine's Day, which also happened to be his anniversary date with Beth. Ross was shocked to find out Blake was an ordained minister, and considered saying "I do." Father Ray and Catalina gave Tony romantic advice. Noah's plans to make Reva jealous worked beautifully. Cassie returned to San Cristobel with a vengeance to expose Edmund's treachery and banish him forever. Danny disapproved of Michelle's put-down of Maria. Reva and Alan set up Perdita. Marah and Tony met at the lighthouse for their forbidden romantic rendezvous.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Olivia caught Tony and Marah red-handed at the lighthouse and used the situation to keep Marah in line and as a ticket to happiness forever with Josh. Edmund and Richard addressed the San Cristobel royal council members. Though Richard presented the facts unquestionably discrediting Edmund, Edmund managed to cast doubt in everyone's mind by putting his own spin on things with inspiration from Beth. Cassie was about to give Edmund a run for his money and crown. Reva proposed to Noah; Josh was none too thrilled, and she was stalling to tell the kids her good news. Maria was up to her old tricks and pulling the strings behind Danny's back, as Michelle was lobbying to get Danny back and out of the family business. Ross planned a surprise for Blake, but Blake had her own plans. Olivia got wind of yet another of Marah and Tony's plans to secretly see each other.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Marah and Shane accepted Noah into the family. Cassie asked Reva and Holly's help in exposing Edmund by planning a risky interview with Richard in San Cristobel to air on network television. Tony and Marah fought to stay together. Tony got the wrong idea about Sam and Marah. Richard almost got through to Beth about Edmund. Noah joined Reva in San Cristobel. Olivia continued to pull Marah's strings. May's FBI connection was revealed as she put the squeeze on Michelle, who then went into premature labor. Cassie and Reva were seriously injured trying to escape from Edmund's latest plot in his underhanded attempt to gain control of the throne.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
In the aftermath of the car accident, Beth asked Edmund to make love to her. At the hospital, tragedy followed as Reva was informed that her blindness might be permanent, and Cassie and Richard suffered a terrible loss: their son was stillborn. Holly arrived in San Cristobel to ensure the people and press knew of Edmund's recent wrongdoing. In Springfield, Michelle and Danny professed their love and welcomed their son, Robert Frederico Santos, with family and friends. Maria used the situation to reel in Tony to take Danny's place as head of the family, as Tony considered giving up Marah as the price. Josh and Olivia hit a stumbling block in their marriage over the incident concerning Marah and Tony. Josh told the kids about Reva's condition, and Sam was there to comfort Marah.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Beth stood by all of Edmund's unethical manipulations to get what he wanted most -- the throne -- at perhaps the cost of her family and friends. Cassie and Reva comforted each other and were determined to find a way to expose Edmund. Claire and Alan's relationship moved forward. Holly and Phillip might have more things in common than Edmund's demise. Tony was offered the job as head of the family. Danny asked Maria to plead his case to the other families and to leave him and his family alone. Tony struggled with love of family, and "the family," and then decided, with Maria's blessing, not to interfere with the scheduled hit on Danny. Michelle finally learned of the danger surrounding Danny.
March 19 to 23, 2001
After Tony confessed to Father Ray about the hit on Danny, Father Ray pleaded with Tony to do the right thing. Danny learned the May was a Fed, and not knowing their dilemma, went to Father Ray and Tony to help him plan his wedding -- part of a plan to keep Michelle and Robert safe and not turn in the "family." An unsuspecting Marah felt that Tony's angst was over their breakup. Susan left for school, and Harley and Phillip reached an understanding. Cassie and Reva got their day in court as they sneaked into the palace to testify to the royal council and give Edmund his due. Beth stood by Edmund at his darkest hour. The royal council turned the decision over to the people of San Cristobel for an election. Edmund abdicated the throne as a ploy to win back the crown. Reva prepared for an emotional return home with Noah at her side; Cassie and Richard awaited the election results and grieved for their lost son. Edmund and Phillip played a dangerous game in the name of "Beth."
March 26 to 30, 2001
Reva returned home to overzealous family and friends who unintentionally hinder, rather than help, her acclimate to her blindness. Reva decided to return to work and refused Noah's marriage plans until she was back on her feet. Olivia and Josh continued to argue over Reva. Rick and Frank were shocked about "May/Mary's" real identity. Danny and Michelle said, "I do," but their happiness was short-lived when Mary informed Danny that Tony and Maria were behind the hit on him. Tony struggled with his conscience. Father Ray's behavior revealed the truth to Danny, as he frantically searched for Tony. Phillip, Richard, and Cassie thought they had found a way to catch Edmund in the act and prevent him from ruling San Cristobel, but it seemed Beth betrayed Phillip's confidence and warned Edmund in enough time for him to cover his tracks and declare himself martial ruler.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
In San Cristobel, Richard, Cassie, Phillip, and Dax planned a counterattack to expose Edmund's ruthlessness. As anticipated, Richard was arrested, and Cassie was forced to return to Springfield. Dax feigned an ambush; Cassie escaped, and she and Phillip continued their plan. Edmund, however, suspicious of the events, put Phillip under surveillance. Beth and Edmund seemed to enjoy the power and chaos of their partnership. In Springfield, Maria left Danny and Tony to the hit men. Danny and Tony were shot; Claire and Rick pulled through for Michelle and saved Danny's life, and ironically, Marah became Tony's guardian angel and hid him at the Lewis home. Olivia told Josh that she had a business prospect that could give them power and wealth for a lifetime, but Josh warned her once again: no more secrets.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Beth played into Cassie's plan, and Phillip pulled off the switch to enable Richard to escape. Edmund arrested Phillip, but later deported him after he threatened to sue Beth for custody of Lizzie and James if she didn't return home. Beth reluctantly returned to Springfield with Phillip, and Edmund heightened the search for Richard and Cassie, who found some time for each other in the midst of chaos. Marah took the heat from Josh and Reva for unknowingly putting her family in danger to protect a wounded Tony from a hit. Noah blasted Josh to stop screwing up his life with Reva, and then showed Reva his style of tough love. FBI agents May and Gus took over the Santos mob investigation and put the squeeze on Danny and Tony to turn state's evidence. Danny gave Carlos and Maria an ultimatum that ensured his family's safety. Michelle hired Ross to represent Tony and Danny.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Michelle stole critical evidence right from under the feet of the FBI in order to have the charges dropped against Danny and Tony. Tony accepted a job at Lewis Construction, much to Marah's dismay. Reva and Noah mended their relationship, and Josh apologized to Noah. Josh eventually agreed to Olivia's "get rich deal," which included Josh's foes, Edmund and Alan Spaulding. Harley was assigned to work with Agent Aitoro, who made it perfectly clear that he was out to get Danny no matter what. Agent Murto left town. Edmund prepared for his coronation, and Beth tried to convince Phillip to allow the children to attend the historical event. Phillip planned to help Richard and Cassie leave San Cristobel, but Edmund caught on to Dax's betrayal and then located Cassie and Richard's hideaway.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Harley led Agent Aitoro to evidence that might incriminate Michelle. Olivia made an alliance with Beth, regarding Edmund and the San Cristobel project. Josh and Billy agreed to disagree about Olivia's business deal with Edmund and Alan. Springfield and San Cristobel residents prepared for Edmund's coronation. Buzz attacked Blake and Holly over the release of Blake's novel about Selena's love story with a mob boss. Tony got off to the wrong start at Lewis construction and with Josh. Marah was jealous of Catalina. Josh blamed Tony for taking advantage of Marah, unaware that it was Marah who had forced herself on Tony. Edmund had Richard and an injured Cassie on the run, but Mrs. Weymouth rescued them. Edmund and Beth only had eyes for each other.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Sam continued his plans for Marah's party. Reva got bad news from her doctor that she might never regain her sight. Tony seemed to stir up trouble on every level. Gus ordered a reluctant Harley to plant a "bug" at the Bauer house so he could secure evidence against Danny and Michelle. Harley was overwhelmed to learn that she was pregnant. Richard and Cassie managed to stay just a hair ahead of Edmund's palace guards. Olivia was very upset over Holly's direct interview style and media blitz to expose Edmund's "bad boy" nature for fear that the Harbor Project deal might fall through. Alan arranged for Beth and Phillip to be "locked up" together in the hopes of renewing their relationship, but Beth was even more committed to her love and devotion to Edmund. Noah arrived to assist Richard and Cassie with their escape from San Cristobel, but Edmund was closing in on their hiding place.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Noah took charge of Cassie and Richard's escape from San Cristobel. Marah's 18th birthday ended in confusion; she was arrested for underage drinking, and Noah found Josh and Reva in a compromising situation. Harley's "bug" at the Bauer house produced enough evidence for Agent Aitoro to warrant an investigation into Carmen's death and do DNA tests on her ashes. Danny and the Bauers blasted Harley for choosing her job over their friendship. Harley told Rick that she was pregnant. Edmund was proclaimed Prince of San Cristobel, and then proposed to Beth; she accepted. In the confusion and struggle to escape from San Cristobel, Richard thought he had killed Edmund, and Cassie was mistakenly left behind and captured. Edmund hid his ruthlessness from Beth. Lillian and Phillip were shocked at Beth's decision to marry Edmund as well as her cold, calculating behavior toward anyone in conflict with her or Edmund. Beth decided to keep the children in San Cristobel permanently. Richard, Noah, and the others prepared to find Cassie.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Rick temporarily kept Harley's pregnancy a secret from Phillip. Olivia agreed to spy for Edmund in Springfield. After eavesdropping on Shane's conversation with Josh about Noah's covert mission to rescue Cassie, Olivia leaked the plan to Edmund in order "to save the Harbor project." Reva realized that she had to choose between Josh and Noah. Gus interrogated Claire over her part in Carmen's death cover-up, and then received good news from the forensic report that could implicate Michelle. Beth continued her obsession with Edmund, power, and princess-to-be status, no matter how many people were hurt. Unbeknownst to Beth, Edmund revealed himself as Cassie's captor, and later, enraged by Cassie's determination to prove good or evil, collapsed at the palace.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Edmund suffered a stroke, and unbeknownst to Beth, Cassie was left imprisoned with no food, water, or a way out. Beth's power trip continued as she handled Edmund's duties like a pro. Vince Russo advised Claire to take Gus's deal: help him nail Danny, or she and Michelle would go to prison. Danny and Michele's suspicions of Claire escalated. Sam almost betrayed Olivia's confidence to Josh and Billy about her part-time job as Edmund's spy. Richard confided to Reva his fears that Cassie might not make it out of San Cristobel alive unless they could put their plan into action immediately. Reva comforted Cassie's children. In her San Cristobel prison, desperation consumed Cassie as she prayed for Richard to rescue her. Harley confirmed to Rick her worst fears: he, not Phillip, was the father of her baby. Phillip and Michelle were concerned over Rick's strange behavior.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
In a series of flashbacks, Harley and Rick described to Frank and Michelle respectively the unbelievable circumstances of how Rick was actually the father of Harley's baby. Edmund struggled to get well, knowing Cassie's time was running out. Sam and Catalina, and Tony and Marah prepared for the prom. Tony called Marah out on her jealously and poor treatment of Catalina. Phillip was more disillusioned about Beth's behavior and commitment to Edmund. Phillip was confused and suspicious as to why Rick and Harley would not confide in him. Rick and Harley, guilty and in emotional turmoil, postponed telling Phillip the truth, knowing it would ruin their friendship and affect their lives forever. Blake's book-signing party was a success. Gus learned Blake's connection to Ross. Claire wore the wire and betrayed Danny and Michelle. Gus hit paydirt and found a female body under the docks that could seal Danny's fate. Edmund found Cassie near death.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Edmund found Cassie close to death and took her water, food, and antibiotics, then returned to his ruthless ways and revealed his plan to her to get Richard once and for all. Beth almost found Cassie, but Edmund managed to sweet-talk her once again, implicating Richard and Cassie as the culprits. Lillian decided not to attend the wedding, and Beth vowed she could live through anything as long as she and Edmund always were truthful with each other. Michelle discovered Claire's betrayal and disowned her. Gus double-crossed Claire after she risked everything to keep herself and Michelle out of prison. Gus planted evidence at the Bauer house to make all the pieces fit in order to indict Danny for Carmen's murder. Blake and Gus traded information about Miguel Santos and his and Selena's child. Reva saw the light and shared the experience with Noah. After the prom, Marah's plan for a sexy night of love-making with Tony went sour after he explained that he respected her too much and thought they should wait until their wedding day.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Marah and Tony broke up over a series of misunderstandings about his good intentions. Josh fired Tony for punching out Vince Russo, which later led to his arrest. Later, Josh learned all the facts from Reva about prom night and regretted his actions. Beth had strong words with Phillip, but then said, "I do,'" to Edmund at her royal wedding, without incident. Gus arrested Danny for Carmen's murder on evidence no else knew the special agent had planted. Ross was angered at Gus's interest in Blake and their interest in Santos family history. Gus was livid when he learned Harley helped get Danny make bail, and then fired her, but Harley held her ground and gave Gus a taste of his own medicine. Aunt Meta realized that Rick was the father of Harley's baby. Phillip pressured Rick to tell him the truth about Harley's strange behavior. Richard tried to get through to Beth in San Cristobel, telling her he was there to rescue Cassie from Edmund, but she accused him of lying again. At the palace, in an attempt to stop Richard from attacking Edmund, Edmund was shocked when Dax stepped in and stabbed Richard, causing what appeared to be a mortal wound.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Dax and Beth handled the press regarding Richard's "accidental" death. Catalina blasted Maura about how she had treated Tony. Rick convinced Harley that they needed to tell Phillip that Rick was the baby's father. Sam agreed to help Maura make Tony jealous in the hopes that he might win her heart in the end and encouraged Catalina to also use the time to get close to Tony. Gus's obsession with nailing Danny was becoming obvious to some. Gus and Blake reached an understanding about her source. Springfield residents were shocked to hear of Richard's death. Reva tried to warn Josh not to go to Richard's funeral. Edmund duped Olivia about Cassie's whereabouts. Edmund over-sedated a distraught Cassie after he told her of Richard's death. Beth was horrified to learn that Edmund had been holding Cassie captive for weeks, and was convinced he was insane, and perhaps had even murdered her. A desperate Edmund locked Beth in the turret for fear she would reveal his "reign of terror." Edmund forced a weak and devastated Cassie to attend Richard's state funeral and go along with his plan, or else she would never see her children again.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Claire's testimony at the grand jury was detrimental to Danny's case. Cassie couldn't believe her eyes when Richard "came back to life" and let her in on his plan. Dax and Cassie managed to outsmart Edmund. Harley was furious that Gus had set up her up in front of the grand jury and was determined to find out why he was so obsessed with the Santos family and case. Harley realized that Rick wanted more of a relationship than she wanted to give. Blake and Gus traded information. Michelle disowned Claire, who turned to Alan for solace. Beth was severely injured in a fall while trying to escape from the tower and Edmund. Edmund was shocked and devastated to learn about Richard's new lease on life and Beth's injury and betrayal. Cassie was finally reunited with her family. Edmund temporarily eluded Richard and the mercenaries. Danny, Michelle, and Ross realized that Gus had framed Danny.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Phillip tended to Beth's recovery, while Edmund manipulated his way through the system to visit her in the hospital. In spite of everything, Beth still had a bit of a soft spot for Edmund. Rick and Harley attended Lamaze classes. Danny and Michelle made the best of their situation and rallied and prepared for the annual Bauer Barbecue. Marah was jealous that Catalina helped Tony move to Company. Danny reminded the families of their arrangement. Gus suspected Frank knew more about Blake's source, then later crashed the barbecue. Marah mooned over Tony but used Sam to try to make him jealous. Sam 's hopes were later put to rest by a "we're only friends" Marah. Michelle told Rick's secret to Danny. Phillip went ballistic at the Bauer bash when he learned Harley was pregnant, and then left in a rage, thinking the baby was his before Rick or Harley could tell him the truth. Richard surprised Cassie in Springfield with a wonderfully romantic reunion. Things looked positive for Noah and Reva. Reva had signs that her vision might return. Lillian and Phillip tried to comfort an injured and disillusioned Beth, who was determined to guide her own future regarding Edmund and life in general.
July 9 to 13, 2001
Beth apologized to Richard and Cassie, but they were disappointed when she refused to testify against Edmund. Richard and Cassie returned to San Cristobel and agreed they needed to help the country and people heal from Edmund's reign of terror. Edmund realized that he had been duped on the Harbor Project and was out of funds and friends. Olivia had to cover her tracks with Edmund, Alan, and Josh. Reva kept quiet about regaining her eyesight, and inadvertently became privy to Olivia's cover-up. Rick and Harley's plan to tell Phillip about the baby was postponed. In the meantime, Lizzie confided her secret to Edmund that Rick was the father of Harley's baby. Edmund manipulated his way into the Spaulding mansion to visit Beth and was shocked when Beth asked him for a divorce. Danny's trial took an interesting turn as Maria's testimony actually helped Danny. Gus outsmarted Blake when he caught her in his room, but she managed to get her hands on a valuable photo that could help Ross. Phillip's celebration of Beth's imminent divorce was short-lived, as Edmund was delighted to taunt Phillip with the news that he was not the proud daddy of Harley's baby.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Phillip reeled from the fallout of Rick and Harley's betrayal. Reva concealed the return of her eyesight so she could keep an eye on Olivia and try to catch her red-handed on the take with the San Cristobel finance minister. Cassie also suspected Olivia was in over her head. Noah was disappointed that Reva was more interested in saving Josh's reputation than celebrating her sight and working on their relationship. The Santos clan questioned Ross's defense tactics. Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands and warned Gus that she knew he was setting up Danny -- and she was out to prove it. Blake had to play up to Gus but was able to uncover valuable information about his past and connection to the Santos family that could prove essential to Danny's defense. Danny kept his cool under cross examination, but Tony exploded and decided to return to his bad boy image as he felt being a "good guy" just didn't cut it in love and in justice for all. Edmund sold out Olivia anonymously to Cassie and then offered Holly a deal to get his hands on some cash. Richard decided to run for president. Beth headed to Mexico for a quickie divorce from Edmund.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Bradley's death brought back bad memories and emotional turmoil for Beth and Lillian. Michelle, Harley, and Blake all uncovered damaging information as Ross systematically proved that the FBI and the prosecution had deliberately framed Danny for murder. A memory from Danny's childhood and Buzz's knowledge of Selena's past concluded that Gus Aitoro was really Miguel Santos Jr. With Alan's help, Olivia managed to keep her dirty dealing on the Harbor Project a secret from Josh. Reva, however, "saw" Olivia "pay off" Vreeland's stooge, and she and Cassie decided to go undercover to catch Olivia red-handed and get proof for Josh. Tony returned to crime life and was forced to deal with a new clan member, Edmund. Beth found out she had inherited a silver mine from Bradley's estate as she was leaving for Mexico for a "quickie" divorce; Edmund was determined to stop her. Phillip took joy in watching Edmund squirm. Marah and Sam decided to go to San Cristobel after Marah's attempt to reconcile with Tony failed. Richard was warned to evacuate San Cristobel as an earthquake was imminent.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Richard and Noah rescued Cassie and Reva from their undercover spy adventure. Josh was a bit suspicious of Olivia and Peter's meticulous bookkeeping. Peter forced Olivia into a deal with the mob when they realized Cassie was onto their scam. Olivia and Tony were both in over their heads with the mob. Edmund lost Phillip's tail, intercepted Beth in Mexico, and kidnapped her to halt the divorce, but Phillip was on his way to his "damsel in distress." Ross successfully discredited the prosecution's case against Danny when he proved that Gus Aitoro -- a.k.a. Nicholas Augustino -- had framed Danny because Miguel Santos had murdered his father and that Aitoro's motives were personal: get revenge against the Santos family. Danny's victory celebration was cut short when the judge did not grant a mistrial, and he realized that a jury would decide his fate. Claire tried to make amends to Danny and Michelle. Unbeknownst to Danny, Michelle decided to set Danny free by proving her theory that Carmen might still be alive. Harley befriended a somber and broken-hearted Agent Aitoro. Rick and Phillip were not happy with Harley's decision to leave Springfield for the birth of her baby. Just as Reva and Cassie were about to play the tape for Richard and Noah that proved Olivia was on the take, a major earthquake rattled San Cristobel.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
A strong earthquake left San Cristobel in ruins and Reva trapped, with Josh, Noah, and Richard frantic to find her in all the debris. Josh was enraged at Olivia's obsession with saving the Harbor Project over the lives of family and residents of San Cristobel. Working secretly and independent of each other, Danny and Michelle asked for help from the Springfield Police Department, the mob, and their friends to help them prove that Carmen was still alive. Blake told Ross that the passion was gone from their relationship. Maria encouraged Catalina to pursue Tony. Edmund pushed Beth to an emotional breaking point when he kidnapped her yet again in the name of love. Phillip was frantic to find Beth in Mexico, and Edmund's plan backfired, putting Beth in even more danger. Michelle and Carmen met face-to-face, while Danny, not far behind, was arrested at the airport for jumping bail.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Tony helped a "cozy" Sam and Marah get back to San Cristobel to help with Reva's rescue efforts. Blake's all-out effort to seduce Ross just wasn't working. Carmen kidnapped Michelle and taunted her with plans to murder her at the docks. Danny escaped police custody just in time to rescue Michelle. Gus, who had become a private citizen, was still interested in two things: a guilty verdict for Danny and Harley's whereabouts. Josh was angered over Olivia's obsession for the Harbor Project versus saving lives. Josh and Noah finally rescued Reva, but Noah and Olivia felt like outsiders yet again as Josh and Reva's past together resurfaced during her life-and-death trauma. Cassie was determined to expose Olivia's dirty deal. Noah sadly ended his relationship with Reva and realized she would always love Josh, and then left San Cristobel. Carmen escaped, and Danny and Michelle entered the courtroom, declaring that Carmen was alive, just before the jury was about to deliver their verdict. Phillip negotiated with the mob to help find Beth. While trying to get away from Edmund in the Mexican desert, Beth was swept away by a flash flood, and Edmund was unable to save her.
August 20 to 24, 2001
The images on Michelle's camcorder were sufficient evidence to prove that Carmen was alive, and all charges against Danny were dropped. Phillip was devastated to learn that Beth had not survived the flash flood in the Mexican desert and was certain Edmund was responsible. Olivia's problems worsened on a personal and professional level; Josh comforted Reva when Noah left after the rescue, and money and payoff problems forced Olivia to give in to Alan's sexual demands to keep her dirty deeds silent. Josh couldn't find anything incriminating on Olivia's business tape. Tony told Sam he could have Marah. Ross told Blake about his insecurities. Richard and Cassie were saddened by the news that she might never be able to have more children. Colonel Dax discovered that Prince William might still be alive somewhere. Danny was blacklisted from work because he was a Santos. Rick and Phillip shared a brief moment of friendship as they mourned for Beth.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Alan dumped Claire for Olivia and promised to help Olivia with her mob problems. Alan continued to fault Phillip regarding Beth's death. Sam learned that Olivia was tied to the mob and lots more. Edmund was a disturbing presence at Beth's memorial service. Danny played the Santos way and managed to snag a job at Spaulding as the director of corporate security. Carmen rattled Danny and Michelle when they found her in their home with Robby. Carmen was arrested and forced Gus to cut her a deal after she told him she knew he was still with the FBI undercover. Edmund coached Peter for the debate, pointing out Richard's hot spots and weaknesses. Reva and Cassie were sure they had the goods on Peter and Olivia, but during the debate when Peter insisted Richard prove that he was taking kickbacks, the evidence and photo incriminated Josh as the guilty party, thanks to Alan's handiwork.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Reva and Cassie's plan to nail Olivia backfired after Alan engineered a photo switch to frame Josh instead. Alan forced Peter to resign from the presidential race and concede to Richard. Josh blamed Richard, Reva, and Cassie for his predicament and was determined to get to the truth. Tony tried to comfort Marah about Josh. Sam was about to learn the terrible truth about Olivia. Gus tricked Carmen into handing over Danny along with the rest of the families, even though Carmen knew Gus was still undercover for the FBI. Danny had an unexpected family reunion. Phillip let Danny know that he would be taking a personal interest in his career at Spaulding. Edmund and Peter were at the mercy of the mob. Ross accepted the teaching job at the university. Rick had a run-in with Mel, the daughter of an old family friend and his new intern. Dr. Sedgewick informed Richard and Cassie that Cassie was unable to have more children. Dax found proof that Prince William was alive and had an heir. Cassie and Richard returned to San Cristobel to prepare for the presidency, and Cassie convinced Reva to tell Josh the truth about Olivia's dirty deeds.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Ross met one of his new students who was enamored with his style and knowledge. Tony took the heat off Josh, but Sam got all the credit. Alan kept taunting Olivia, and Sam's conscience was heavy with guilt for lying to Marah and Josh to protect Olivia. Buzz and Holly mocked Edmund when they found him playing piano for his supper in a Chicago bar. Reva just couldn't prove to Josh that Olivia was the real culprit, and Reva decided to leave town for some rest and relaxation. Colonel Dax arranged for Mrs. Mayhew to encourage Richard and Cassie to adopt Alonzo's child as their own so that the birth heir to the San Cristobel throne could eventually take his rightful place. Cassie was distraught and reluctant to consider adoption, even in the midst of Richard's victory on winning the presidency. Claire hired Gus to find out Olivia's connection to Alan. Claire's baby shower for Michelle turned ugly when Maria and Carmen were the only guests. Carlos delivered an ultimatum to Danny from the mob's highest echelon. Reva felt Sara's presence, and Edmund couldn't believe his eyes when he met Lorelei, a very familiar stranger who saved his life.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Edmund was stunned at Lorelei's resemblance to Beth and persuaded her to run a scam with him to impersonate Beth, claim her inheritance, and get rich quick. Dax and Mrs. Mayhew tricked Cassie and Richard into adopting Camille's baby for the greater good of San Cristobel. Alonzo returned to San Cristobel, not realizing he had become a father, and learned that Camille wanted out of the marriage and was on her way back to the states. Marah and Catalina ended up as college roommates from hell, and then went on dates that turned a romantic corner for both of these unlikely pairs: Marah and Sam, and Catalina and Tony. Maria was pleased with Catalina's progress with Tony. Michelle forced Danny to tell her about the mob's ultimatum for him to steal $25 million from Spaulding. Danny and Michelle worked Frank into their deal to keep things legal. Carmen assumed she had Danny where she wanted him, but he was onto her after she was cleared of all charges. Holly and Buzz hit it off romantically. Ross shocked Blair with a new Porsche and a night on the town. Josh was clueless about Olivia's extracurricular activities. Shane's mishap trying to clean Reva's new painting uncovered a mystery portrait of a woman bearing a strong resemblance to Olivia.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Ross and Blake solved Tory's financial problems so she could remain in law school; Blake hired her to be Ross's legal assistant. Billy was jealous of Holly's date with Buzz. Edmund transformed Lorelei into looking like Beth, but her memory and eating habits left much to be desired. Catalina and Tony, and Sam and Marah tried to be couples, but had others still on their mind. Rick and Mel called a truce. Harley decided to return to Springfield to have the baby. Carmen took a hit that confused Danny and made him wonder if she was still pulling all the strings to take him down. Gus and Carmen continued their unholy alliance. Olivia's plan with the Santos clan to rid Alan from the equation, and keep Josh in the dark, didn't go as well as she had planned. Alan was determined to win his woman and identify the new investors. Reva's portrait continued to haunt her and sparked an interest to revisit her past life. Colonrl Dax was annoyed that Alonzo decided to allow Richard and Cassie to raise his son, unaware that William had actually been adopted by his royal blood brother and sister-in-law.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Tory managed to ingratiate herself into Ross's life and good graces. Buzz impersonated Blake's agent and cut her a great movie deal. To get Carlos off her back, Olivia went to Tony to help her keep Sam safe, unaware that Tony had been ordered to eliminate Sam. Catalina and Olivia advised Sam not to tell Marah that he wasn't the real hero that had saved Josh's reputation. Danny and Michelle continued with their plan. Rick helped Mel out of a jam with an old boyfriend. Reva's painting returned as did her desire to learn more about her past. Reva stepped back in time and met familiar faces with different names in a different time who held the clue to the present. Thugs after Edmund attacked Phillip. Later, Phillip got the surprise of his life when he met Lorelei disguised as Beth, who seemed a little off her game. Olivia had to tell more lies to a suspicious Josh, who found Alan's billfold in their apartment. On her way back to Springfield, Harley was arrested for speeding, and then went into labor behind a locked cell with no keys. Gus and Rick arrived in the nick of time to help Harley deliver a healthy baby boy.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Rick was thrilled to be a daddy, but Phillip just couldn't bear to stay around for the festivities. Harley and Rick named their baby Jude. Gus reminded Harley of their feelings for each with a passionate kiss. A confused Harley quickly asked Rick to marry her, and a very confused Rick was just as surprised at her proposal. Mel reluctantly backed away from Rick to give him a chance at a life with Harley and Jude. Holly was out to get the goods on Tory. Lorelei fooled everyone, including Lillian and the kids, with her impersonation of Beth. Lorelei/Beth decided to live at the mansion and asked Phillip for control over her accounts. Marah was devastated to learn that Sam had lied to her about clearing Josh's name, and Tony was really her hero. Olivia tried to smooth things over with Sam, who wanted no part of her, and Tony hoped Sam would leave town before more drastic steps were taken. Felecia tried to help Reva sort out her past life in New Orleans that Reva was certain was very important to her future. Reva started to piece together that Alan's relationship with Olivia was indeed a betrayal of Josh. Catalina got advice on her love life from Maria, and Gus couldn't understand why Carmen was out to ruin her own flesh and blood.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Marah spotted Tony in bed with Catalina. Neither Buzz nor Gus agreed with Harley's decision to marry Rick. Edmund got jealous as Lorelei raved about Phillip. Lorelei announced to Edmund that she no longer needed him in her scam and vowed to move forward with the plan on her own. Alonzo agreed to sign over any rights to his son. Blake gave Tory a makeover, hoping she'd find an admirer and stay away from Ross. Reva learned that General Hudson had had Jack arrested for espionage and executed while his wife watched. Danny arranged to break into the Spaulding computer system. Though Phillip almost discovered the plot, Gus covered for Danny.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Tony was worried and furious that Sam had decided not to leave town and had accepted at job with Holly. Cassie and Alonzo connected while waiting to be rescued, and Richard was less than thrilled at their "island adventure." Rick refused Harley's marriage proposal, but decided to move in with her to be close to Jude. Harley's feelings for Gus lingered, as did Rick's for Mel, and vice versa. Danny and Michele took the bait to steal the $25 million at Beth's welcome home party, knowing that Gus was on their tail. Danny and Michele's replacements didn't buy them enough time to get the job done, but allowed them to escape the authorities, at least for the time being. Blake's business and Tory's glamour-girl makeover inadvertently put the law assistant right where she wanted to be -- in Ross's arms. Phillip was just mesmerized by Lorelei/Beth's new persona, while Edmund reminded her how much she still needed him to pull off the scam. Olivia tried to keep Josh from looking into Sam's secret, and Alan continued to pursue Olivia with intense passion. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, circa the Civil War, Regina framed Nurse Shane for treason, and Jack jumped to her defense. General Hudson ordered them arrested and sentenced to death at dawn by firing squad, while a Felicia look-alike slave, also in jail, encouraged them that the truth would prevail.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Ross apologized to Blake about Tory, but couldn't get Tory off his mind. Danny and Michelle teamed up with Tony and Romeo to keep Gus busy while they pulled off the heist at Spaulding. Mel and Rick shared a romantic moment but kept it secret from Harley, while Harley was unexpectedly wrapped up with Gus. Tony lashed out at Catalina for telling Sam about the hit that never really was, and Catalina's get-even plan backfired when she mistakenly emailed Marah's "non-sex life" essay to just about everybody in town. Sam turned the tables on the mob and accepted a job at the Springfield Journal. Marah asked Holly for advice on love and romance. Buzz and Holly decided to go away for the weekend. Richard and Alonzo reached an understanding about his present and future relationship with Cassie and Will. Josh was distraught as he began to piece together Olivia's illegal involvement in the Harbor Project. Josh found Reva in an agitated and emotional state, lying at the foot of Regina's portrait, which he thought was Olivia. Josh was even more confused and concerned as Reva recounted what seemed to be an unbelievable tale about a Jack's impending execution, Regina's betrayal with General Hudson, the New Orleans of 200 years before, and her insistence that she needed go back to save him. In the hospital, Josh kept a vigil at Reva's bedside while Olivia tried to do damage control with Claire. Gus caught a glimpse of Michelle's thievery in action and promised Phillip a Santos arrest.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Phillip fired Gus for his irresponsible behavior, totally unaware that he was right about Danny and Michelle really pulling off a heist at Spaulding. Michelle managed to copy all of Spaulding's off-shore holding files to use as leverage to buy their way out of the mob. Phillip, Beth, Rick, Harley, Holly, Buzz, and their respective kids all decided to get head up to Moon Lake for some romance and relaxation and ended up in the same cabin, unaware of each other's plans and making for a very uncomfortable reunion. Catalina's email exposed Marah's secret, but Marah soon put Catalina in her place, winning raves from her classmates. Sam made Tony think about his real feelings for Marah. Josh, Billy, and Felecia started to believe in Reva's unbelievable story about her journey into the past affecting their lives in the future. Josh learned the truth about Olivia and Alan's affairs, but made Reva think he didn't believe her so he could get more information about Olivia's activities. Cassie and Alonzo faced a medical emergency with Will while Richard was out of town on business. Ross couldn't get his mind off Tory and then was happy when Blake and Tory's dates both had other business, and they ended spending the rest of the day together working. Gus's chance meeting with Mel presented him with a way to get Harley away from Rick.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Moon Lake was getting a bad reputation as Phillip, Beth, Rick, Harley, Buzz, Holly, and all the kids were getting on each other's nerves. Marah got reacquainted with Ben Reade, unaware that he was part of a bet to score first with the "campus virgin," and Catalina was more than willing to help make it happen. Catalina set up Tony to read Marah's infamous email exposť about their non-sexual relationship, and then he lashed out at Marah before she had a chance to explain, unaware that his sweet Catalina was the real culprit. Danny despised Michelle's deal to ask for Carmen's help with the mob, totally clueless that she was the real kingpin and that Carmen and Gus were the ones out to nail him. Maria and Carmen welcomed Catalina to the Santos clan. Richard arrived at the hospital to once again find Alonzo, comforting Cassie while waiting for Will's test results. Unbeknownst to Reva, Josh and Billy set up Olivia to try to catch her and Alan red-handed. Remy discovered Clay's secret past as a jazz musician. Blake set up Tory to prove Ross's fidelity.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Josh let Reva in on his and Billy's plan to prove Olivia's infidelity and give Alan his due in payback. Reva went back to the past and encountered a different time and place, meeting more familiar friends and relatives from her future that she was determined would reveal the reason for her unusual journey. Richard and Cassie were grateful to Alonzo for saving Will's life, but were shocked to learn that Alonzo might not recover from the surgery. Richard was concerned over Cassie's emotional attachment to Alonzo as he struggled to stay alive and puzzled over Dax's preoccupation with the so-called "fisherman." Beth/Lorelei rescued Lizzie and James in the woods at Moon Lake, and Harley and Beth/Lorelei agreed to put the past behind them. Then, in an emotional showdown, Rick and Phillip confronted their demons and got down and dirty about their friendship of the previous 30 years. When all was said and done, the Coopers, Bauers, and Marlers shared a wonderful Thanksgiving at Moon Lake. Carmen and Gus finalized the plans to set up Danny and Michele's big heist in San Cristobel. Gus took advantage of Mel, making her think Rick was still interested, and then made sure Harley viewed the show. Later, Rick told Mel it was over, and Mel went to mom for moral support. Sam was injured while getting some inside information on Carmen's operation. Olivia and Alan took Josh's bait on the insider stock trading and were about to pay for their dirty deeds. Ross was furious when he learned that Blake had feigned a trip to a friend to spy on him and Tory.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Ben went after an unsuspecting Marah with Catalina's help. Cassie fussed over Alonzo as he recovered from his surgery. Camille showed up to be with Alonzo and visit Will, much to Cassie's dismay. Harley told Rick that Gus was hitting on her and the one that set up Mel with the flowers. After talking to Felicia and Harley, Mel decided to continue working in the emergency room with Rick. Ross was furious that Tory resigned after Blake told her that she didn't trust her motives with Ross. Sam's investigation of the mob landed him in the hospital. Josh got his bittersweet revenge on Olivia and Alan as they were both arrested for insider trading, and Josh told Olivia that the marriage was over. Alan tried to console a devastated Olivia. Phillip changed the asset control accounts, just as Danny and Michelle were trying to withdraw the purse in San Cristobel while Carmen waited patiently with Robby. The FBI gave Gus his walking papers, but he decided to take his deal with Carmen to nail Danny into his own hands. Reva returned to the past against Josh's warning.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Sam's condition worsened as he contracted symptoms of some unknown virus. Danny and Michelle pulled off the heist, but then learned Carmen had made a deal with the FBI to get the Sandovals and double-crossed, Gus who was furious that the Santos clan got away again. Danny disowned Carmen for putting his family's life in danger yet again. Olivia gave Alan the boot, and was foolishly convinced that she could win Josh back and implore his forgiveness. Ross made Blake apologize to Tory on their special date. Blake agreed, but then started an investigation of her own and stumbled onto some startling information about Tory's past. Dax manipulated Camille and let her in on Alonzo's "royal rights" and her potential future as a way to get her to reconcile with him and stay close to Will. Cassie was disturbed at Camille's sudden interest in Will. Catalina found out about Ben's seedy plan to score with Marah to win a bet. Tony and Marah reconciled, and Ben used Catalina's insecurities to keep her in line. Beth/Lorelei used Phillip to set up her divorce to Edmund, but plans didn't go as smoothly as everyone expected. Olivia blamed Josh's connection to Reva for ruining their marriage. Josh trusted his heart and magically joined Reva in her journey through time to a past life.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Danny resigned from Spaulding when he learned that Phillip was in on the FBI heist. Tony warned Ben not to mess with Marah, or he would answer to him. Cassie was disturbed that Camille was back in Alonzo's life and in no hurry to return to the states. Josh joined Reva in a past life, this time in Paris during World War II, and learned more about their future together. Harley admitted to Rick and Gus her feelings for Gus. Rick and Mel were troubled over Sam's illness. Alan dumped Olivia and gave her a taste of her own medicine. Phillip's feelings for Lorelei/Beth resurfaced. Lorelei/Beth taunted Edmund until he finally agreed to the divorce, but realized something very important in the process: Edmund really loved Beth and actually cared about Lorelei as Beth, and felt divorcing her was like losing Beth all over again. Holly got a glimpse of Edmund's human side. Blake's fact-finding mission about Tory's untruthful past marriage blew up in her face as Ross left her high and dry, and rushed off to the Bauer cabin to rescue his student/assistant. Holly and Buzz's night of passion kept getting interrupted by their adult children and their marital and family problems. Eleni returned to Springfield with news that Marina was missing.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Josh and Reva emotionally reconnected in the past and present and returned to Springfield to stop Alan from his latest revenge plot to destroy them and the Harbor Project. Olivia was depressed over losing Josh and over Sam's health problems. Mel and Rick found new clues to Sam's illness. Blake manipulated Ross back into her arms, and demonstrated to a bewildered Tory just how to handle a man. Blake warned Tory to stay out of her marriage and Ross's life. Cassie was opposed to Alonzo's plan to leave San Cristobel with Camille to thwart her plan to sue for custody of Will, but Richard urged Alonzo to leave the island and warned him not to tell Cassie. Beth/Lorelei turned on the charm to a vulnerable Phillip, who in turn started to question some of her behavior and memories. In the meantime, Edmund warned her to be careful, as Phillip would not be easily fooled, and re-evaluated his own feelings about Lorelei/Beth and Beth -- and the entire plan to scam Phillip.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
With Olivia's help, Josh and Reva were able to stop Alan's plan to destroy the Harbor Project. Josh asked Olivia for a divorce, while he and Reva tried to comes to grips with whether or not they were a couple again. Ben put the moves on Marah and grew closer to winning the bet, while Tony used a vacation with Catalina to watch over Marah. Catalina found a way to trap Tony for herself. Ross was disturbed and confused about his feelings for Tory; meanwhile, Romeo told a surprised Tory that Ross's feelings for her were more than friendship. Camille spilled the beans to Richard that Alonzo was his half-brother William and the real heir to the throne. Dax tried to do damage control, but Richard started to realize that the rumor might very well be the truth. Cassie was furious when she learned of Alonzo and Richard's plan for Alonzo and Camille to sail the world so she and Richard could keep custody of Will.
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