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January 1 to 5, 2001
The Crystal Ball began. David and Dixie kissed for the third time. Dixie admitted that she loved David, but couldn't act on her feelings because she was married to Tad. Later, Dixie spotted a lipstick smear on Tad's collar. Tad admitted that it was Leslie's and that she had been in love with him for a long time, but he stressed that the feelings weren't mutual. Dixie still had her doubts, and when she heard that Leslie was having an affair with a married man, she grew even more suspicious of Tad. Liza and Tad schemed to get Leslie out of the country. Donald Steele harassed Bianca about being a lesbian and forced her into admitting it. Erica was mortified, but Dimitri was a great help to her. Greenlee nearly froze to death while trying to win Leo back. Greenlee pretended that she was going to kill herself. Laura admitted that she liked Leo.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Dixie broke into Leslie's room, where she found Tad's wedding ring, shirts, pen, and other personal items. Dixie confronted Tad, who admitted that he had slept with Leslie. Before Tad could explain the circumstances, Dixie stormed out on him and went to David's place. After she declared that her marriage to Tad was over, Dixie and David started to make love. Tad went to Leslie's place, where he found all of his stuff. Tad started strangling Leslie and forced her into helping him save his marriage. Leo and Laura kissed. Leo stood up to Greenlee's dad, Roger Smythe. Erica found a new Miss Enchantment in Bianca's enemy, Shannon. Liza and Adam's wedding was cut short when Stuart suspected that Arlene was back. Later, Liza and Adam's wedding cake was smashed. Hayley and Mateo's condo was ransacked, but Arlene's flask was left behind.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Tad learned that Dixie had slept with David, and she admitted that she had feelings for David. Tad called the police on Leslie, but when they got there, she claimed that she had been assaulted. Erica hired a therapist for Bianca, but didn't agree with the therapist's techniques. Gillian took a job as a waitress at the Valley Inn. Adam warned that he'd boot Ryan out of Incredible Dreams if Ryan failed to turn a profit before the end of March. Ryan and Leo invested a chunk of cash in a real estate deal. As "Arlene" continued to wreak havoc on the Santoses and Chandlers, it turned out that Hayley was actually the person who was behind everything.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Tad and the boys went on a ski trip without Dixie. Palmer and Vanessa witnessed Tad and Leslie, who was in some skimpy lingerie, having a lovers' quarrel. Palmer and Vanessa told Dixie about the incident, leading Dixie to suspect that Tad was still having an affair with Leslie. Everyone who had been involved with Arlene's murder received an invitation to gather at the yacht. Adam paid his goon some extra cash to kill Arlene. Gillian fainted and was taken to the hospital, where a nurse suggested that Gillian might be pregnant. Gillian refused a pregnancy test, but Jake secretly ordered one anyway.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Dixie and David were snowbound at the Sleepy Hollow Inn, where they had sex again. Jake alerted Tad that Dixie was with David. Adam's private investigator accidentally shot Vanessa instead of the intended target, "Arlene." Mateo showed up at the Pit, where he found Hayley masquerading as Arlene. Erica paid Rain ten thousand dollars to leave town and never go near Bianca again. Leslie threatened to expose David if he didn't give her more Libidozone.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Leslie slipped Tad some Libidozone, but he refused her advances and went to Dixie instead. Tad violently tried to make Dixie kiss him, frightening her in the process. As Bianca was mulling the idea of running away, Sarah left Ian and fled to Erica's house. Bianca realized that Sarah had once again stopped eating. Erica followed Bianca and Sarah to the turret in Wildwind. Jake told Ryan that Gillian was pregnant with his child. Hayley returned to her old self again and admitted to Derek that she had killed her mother. Hayley and Adam were both jailed. Arlene was revealed to be alive and well on a tropical island.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Junior learned of Tad and Dixie's betrayals. Leslie tried to kill Dixie after shocking her with a tarantula. Gillian and Ryan headed for the mountains, but were delayed when Gillian fell ill. Leo admitted to Vanessa that he loved Greenlee. Mateo hauled Arlene back from the Caribbean, and all charges against Hayley were dropped. Adam offered to pay off Arlene's debt for stealing Vanessa's necklace, but only if she left Pine Valley for good. Roger told Greenlee that her birth had not been planned and had been a mistake.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Tad rescued JR, a.k.a. Junior. Leslie lured Dixie to the Chandler Enterprises Tower and pushed her off of the balcony in an attempt to kill her. David heroically rescued Dixie. Leslie stabbed David and tried to escape, but she lost her footing in the process and fell to the ground before he could save her. Leslie was rushed to the hospital, where, surprisingly, she was still alive. Gillian lost her baby, and her chances of conceiving another child were reduced. Jake granted Gillian a divorce. Alex called Wildwind again, but this time her number could be traced. Roger and Erica enjoyed each other's company.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Edmund and Dimitri headed to Cabin, disregarding Alex's request to refrain from tracking her down. There, Dimitri and Edmund were shocked to find two Alexes instead of one. Tad tracked down Leslie's sister, Pam, and learned that Leslie had sent Pam a letter that was only supposed to be opened in the event of Leslie's death. After Skye rejected him, Adam left Llanview and returned to Pine Valley. Mateo and Hayley each privately worried about being a bad parent. Leo determined that David hadn't really tried to save Leslie. David broke into Leslie's office and found an affidavit from Gordon that implicated David in the Libidozone debacle.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Leo gave David the Wave video that proved that David had dumped Libidozone into the punch bowl at the yacht party. David accused Leo of trying to use the video to blackmail him. Laura told Bianca that Shannon had been taking the rave drug ecstasy. Dixie informed Tad that she wanted a legal separation. Greenlee was released from the hospital, and Jake took her to his parents' house to recover. Roger set his sights on Opal. Alex revealed that she had been caring for her twin sister, Anna Devane, who had previously been presumed dead.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Greenlee talked Jake into buying her loft so that she could move into a penthouse. Bianca told Erica that Shannon was abusing drugs, and Erica promptly dismissed Shannon from her Enchantment duties. Later, Shannon, Mindy, and Heather decided that Bianca had to pay for what she had done. Adam and Liza got married, but when he tried to bribe a guard into letting him switch places with Stuart, he was placed under arrest. Liza was also arrested after slapping an officer. David tried to talk Pam into pulling the plug on Leslie, but Jake convinced her to ignore David's advice. Dixie met with an attorney to work on a legal separation from Tad. High on ecstasy, Laura tried to seduce three college boys and Leo.
March 19 to 23, 2001
David was accused of kidnapping Leslie, but Dixie provided him with an alibi. Leslie was revealed to be alive and well. Dixie found Leslie's hospital identification badge in Tad's car. Leo hired a loan shark, who turned out to be a drug dealer, to pay a debt to Ryan. Greenlee moved in with Jake temporarily while her penthouse underwent renovations. Shannon secretly plotted revenge against Bianca, whom she asked to be her sponsor.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Adam tried to bond with JR after he cut school. Tad and Liza confronted Leo about the missing video of David at the yacht party. Leo feigned innocence, but Tad later found the video hidden at the boathouse. Gordon held Leslie captive in an effort to form an alliance with her so that they could take down David together. Gordon later sought help from Tad and revealed Leslie's whereabouts to him. Dixie and David's work won a prestigious medical award. Greenlee reported Vince to the police, and they managed to nab him moments after he tried to rape Laura.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
In the wake of Leslie's disappearance, an audit of the hospital was ordered, prompting Joe to suggest that it might be time to move Anna to a different location. Laura alerted Dimitri to Ryan and Gillian's plan to elope at Town Hall, and he and Alex quickly put together a dream wedding for the couple. Tad freed Leslie and took her to the hospital. Derek arrested David at an awards dinner. David later asked a judge to refuse his bail request. Dixie finally admitted that David had played her for a fool.
April 9 to April 13, 2001
Ryan and Gillian got married and happily locked themselves away in the turret for their honeymoon. Brooke saw Edmund and Anna headed to his room and mistakenly assumed that he and Alex were having an affair. David attributed all of his crimes to his love for Dixie. Dixie visited David in jail, where he punched his hand against the wall in frustration. David was taken to the hospital, where Leslie sneaked into his room and laced his I.V. drip with an overdose of medication. A mysterious figure skulked around Wildwind and stole a photograph of Alex. Shannon tried to steal Bianca's journal, but Laura caught her in the act of snooping. Tad commented that he and Dixie needed to consider getting a divorce. Greenlee caught Roger and Erica having lunch together and announced that she was Roger's daughter. Erica overheard Donald Steele and Greenlee discussing the fact that Bianca's homosexuality had been leaked to the media.
April 16 to 20, 2001
David hovered near the brink of death, but Dixie's love for him willed him back to life. Tad honored Dixie's request to hold off on filing for divorce. Roger threatened to expose Vanessa's scheme to scam Palmer and Greenlee unless Vanessa agreed to pay Roger to keep his mouth shut. David plotted to find a way to stay in the hospital and out of jail. Laura had a bad ecstasy trip. Shannon sneaked into Erica's house, stole Bianca's journal, and had a tech friend post it online. Gillian found Bart dead in the turret. A young drifter at BJ's turned out to be the same person who had been skulking about Wildwind.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Leo was shocked when Greenlee asked him to marry her, but he reluctantly accepted her proposal. Vanessa and Roger both plotted to get their hands on Greenlee's fortune, but Leo told them that the money was off-limits. Roger blackmailed Vanessa with an unseen newspaper article. Laura was rushed to the hospital after another bad ecstasy trip. Jake was determined to prove that David had rigged his heart problems. Opal arranged for Tad and Dixie to bump into each other at the hospital. Bianca got her journal back. Leslie opened canisters of laughing gas and knocked out everyone in the emergency room before escaping.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Leo talked Greenlee into a secret prenuptial agreement that would block him from accessing her money. Millicent scoffed at Greenlee's insistence that Leo loved her. Roger backed down from his blackmailing of Leo after Leo pointed out that Roger would get nothing if he exposed Leo. Brooke learned that the damage that had been done to Laura's heart was irreversible. Erica offered Brooke her comfort and support. Ryan and Gillian agreed to host a reality show aboard the Fidelity. Maddie found a "magic man," Gabriel, lurking in the hunting lodge.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Laura "escaped" from the hospital to attend Leo and Greenlee's engagement party. Leo's ex-wife, Katarina, showed up and told Greenlee that he was a con artist. Laura was taken back to the hospital, where Brooke and Erica tried to devise a plan to get David to operate on her. Ryan and Gillian hosted a reality television show on the yacht. The participants included Leo, Greenlee, Liza, Adam, Ryan, and Gillian. Gabriel attacked Anna. JR was arrested for fighting with a cop.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Laura eavesdropped on Brooke as Brooke was discussing Laura's fatal condition with the doctors. David successfully performed a heart catheterization on Laura. After JR heard Dixie defend David, he stole Adam's car and joined his friends at the boathouse, where he got high on ecstasy. JR later crashed the car while Hayley was in the passenger seat. JR and Hayley initially seemed to be okay, but when they arrived at the hospital later that night, Hayley started to have problems with her unborn baby. Leo begged Greenlee to forgive him.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Laura was released from the hospital, and Leo took her to a school dance. Erica hired Greenlee as an Enchantment employee under a contract that virtually allowed Erica to own Greenlee. Gabriel spoke for the first time. Anna realized that she and Gabriel could be siblings. Gillian continued to work with Ilene on her documentary without Ryan's permission.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Laura was prepped for heart surgery, but she later learned that the donor had been treated for cancer before his death, rendering his heart unusable. Robin Scorpio visited Edmund at Wildwind, and Anna was unable to resist the chance to talk to her daughter. Gabriel turned out to be Anna and Alex's half-brother. Greenlee was displeased with her job as a gopher for Erica. Gillian pressed on with Ilene's plans for a documentary about her life, unaware that Ilene was a fraud.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Erica heard Greenlee's nasty resignation voicemail, but she later accepted Greenlee's plea to be given a second chance. Robin told Anna that she was HIV-positive and later left town when Anna started to sense danger. Gabriel found Bianca sobbing at Wildwind and followed her to the boathouse, where he had a run-in with the high school crowd. JR and his friends broke into David's hotel room and stole medicine from his medical bag. Ken overdosed on the drugs, and JR and his friends dumped Ken's body outside the emergency room. Laura was moved to the top of the donor list as her condition deteriorated further.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Rosa Santos returned to town and grumbled about her mother's strict rules. Adam confronted David about supplying JR with drugs, but Adam soon realized that JR had stolen the drugs from David's locked hotel room. Liza forced Adam to tell Dixie and Tad that JR was using drugs. Laura admitted to Jamie that she was afraid of dying. After a whimsical outing in the park with Leo, Laura checked herself in to the hospital. With her condition worsening, Leo asked Laura to marry him. Ilene shot Gabriel with a tranquilizer and used him as a ploy to get Anna to the turret. Looking for things to take on her honeymoon, Gillian showed up at the turret and unwittingly found herself in serious danger.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Ilene shot Gillian, mistaking her for Anna. Ryan found Gillian in the turret and quickly realized that she had been shot. After being rushed to the hospital, Gillian was placed on life support. Ryan was told that Gillian would not recover and that only the machines were keeping her body alive. Laura's heart failed, and it was determined that receiving Gillian's heart would be Laura's only hope for survival.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Ryan made the painful decision to give Gillian's heart to Laura. The heart transplant was a success. Ryan was in denial over Gillian's death and refused to go to her funeral. Laura's family claimed that they didn't know whose heart Laura had received, but she later figured out the truth when she woke up and found Ryan's head resting on her chest. Greenlee and Jake had sex. Erica met Enchantment's janitor, Chris Stamp, who aggravated her immensely. The Chandler and Santos families turned a family picnic into a squabbling match because of JR's drug use. Gabriel grew smitten with Rosa. Mourners at Gillian's funeral were shocked to see Ryan in attendance, but he was even more shocked when he found himself face-to-face with Gillian.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Gillian met other deceased Pine Valley residents, including Jesse, Travis, Jeremy, Cindy, Natalie, and Harold the dog. Natalie granted Gillian a chance to see Ryan again, but Gillian was asked to complete a task on earth in exchange for the favor. On earth, Gillian discovered that no one could hear or see her. Gillian was stunned to learn that her heart had been given to Laura. Laura was released from the hospital, and she and Leo moved in to their new condo. Ryan visited Laura, who was very grateful to both him and Gillian. JR purchased some more drugs from Sweeney. JR accidentally placed the drugs in Jamie's backpack. Jamie, Petey, and Dixie almost unwittingly consumed the drugs, but JR stopped them and reluctantly admitted that the drugs belonged to him. JR's admission stunned and angered Tad and Dixie. Gabriel slugged Marcus in an effort to defend Bianca's honor. Marcus reported Gabriel to the police, but Gabriel resisted arrest and fled the scene. Gabriel went to SOS, where Bianca followed him. Gabriel and Bianca found themselves in a locked room that started to fill with smoke after a short circuit ignited a fire.
July 9 to July 13, 2001
Greenlee suffered from dizziness and went to the hospital to get checked out. Leo awkwardly tried to thank Ryan for donating Gillian's heart to Laura. Marian unsuccessfully tried to bake muffins. A dog attacked Erica during a photo shoot. Erica later ran into Enchantment's janitor, Chris Stamp. BBMak performed at SOS. Dixie arranged for Tad to secretly meet her at the Pine Cone Motel.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Erica and Chris continued to clash. Chris placed a bug in Erica's home and later set off a false alarm at Enchantment so that he could snoop around Erica's secret shipment from Asia. Brooke and Laura walked in on Leo and Greenlee together at SOS. Jake posed as Greenlee's love interest at Leo and Laura's wedding reception and later took Greenlee on a romantic camping trip. Liza gave Ryan his old job back at WRCW. Mia made her debut at a poker game. Tad was hauled in for questioning about Sweeney's death. Tad was eventually released, but he was later taken back to the police station after his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Marian told Ryan that Mia was the person whom she wanted him to get rid of. Mia blackmailed Marian for more money and refused to leave town. Gillian contacted Opal and asked her to deliver a message to Ryan. Tad assaulted Officer Sweeney, escaped from jail, and went on the run, with a little help from Mateo. Marcus threatened Gabriel after Gabriel figured out that Marcus had attacked Shannon. Gabriel covered for Rosa's mistake at SOS. Adam slept with Kaye Campobello to get her to find David not guilty during the trial.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Greenlee and Leo nearly made love after realizing that they were still in love with each other, but they ultimately agreed that it would not be possible for them to get back together. Leo and Laura consummated their marriage. Erica's investigation into Chris's past got him fired from his janitorial position. Myrtle pressured Erica into taking Chris on as her personal assistant. Mateo and Tad were suspicious of Chris and decided to ambush him. Gillian took control of Opal's body so that she could talk to Ryan. Ryan was initially skeptical, but he eventually realized that he really was talking to Gillian. Gabriel and Bianca kissed. Shannon lied for Marcus and said that her dad had attacked her.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
Liza overheard Adam telling Kaye that their sexual encounter had been a one-time thing. A devastated Liza got in her car and drove off to clear her mind. Jesse put the kibosh on Gillian's ability to visit with Opal and Ryan. Marcus lied to Rosa about his beach fling with Shannon and later attempted to rape Rosa. Gabriel questioned Rosa about what Marcus had done to her, but the line of questioning upset Mateo, who fired Gabriel. JR felt guilty about being the reason that David had been set free. Ryan headed to the turret and accidentally started a fire after he was unable to connect with Gillian. Ryan narrowly escaped the fire and bumped into Liza, who was also on the Wildwind grounds. Ryan and Liza bonded over their common grief and shared a passionate kiss.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Gabriel claimed responsibility for clobbering Marcus. Rosa admitted to Mateo that Marcus had tried to rape her. JR told Tad and Dixie that David had been blackmailing him and Adam. Tad sneaked out to confront David. From the street, Leo looked through the window to Jake's apartment and saw him and Greenlee having sex. Marian accidentally told Liza that Mia was really her half-sister. Chris found drugs in a shipment of Enchantment bubble bath from the Orient. Brooke gave Leo a job at Tempo. Jesse hinted to Gillian that Chris and Erica figured into her task. Liza and Ryan had sex and later tried to deal with the awkward aftermath.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Anna kept Gabriel and Rosa's whereabouts hidden from the police. Gabriel and Rosa fled to Erica's house, where Bianca helped them escape to the Pine Cone. A man whom Warren Dunn had hired found Rosa and Gabriel huddled in bed together in their motel room. Edmund and Anna tricked Shannon into revealing that she had clobbered Marcus, but Warren threatened to destroy Shannon's family if she opened her mouth again. A devastated Laura ran away after finding Leo and Greenlee together. Liza ordered Mia to take a blood test to prove that they were really half-sisters. Mia asked Marian questions about Larry Colby. Adam caught Liza in bed with Ryan. Liza later collapsed as Adam and Ryan fought.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Laura was rushed back to the hospital after forgetting a dose of her medication. Tad and Dixie went on a second honeymoon, unaware that Officer Sweeney was following them. Sweeney surprised Tad and Dixie and aimed a gun at Tad. A struggle ensued, and Sweeney ended up dead. After a difficult labor, Hayley eventually had a healthy baby boy. Adam called the best neonatal expert to make sure that the baby was okay. Chris told Erica that he was in love with her. Liza issued Adam an ultimatum. Gabriel and Rosa were released after Shannon mustered up the courage to admit that she had clobbered Marcus.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
After making love to Leo, an emboldened Laura showed up at Greenlee's office and ordered her to steer clear of him. Later, Laura overheard Leo and Greenlee talking and assumed that they were making fun of her. The Pine Valley Hospital board decided to give David his job back after he threatened to sue the hospital for thirty million dollars. Arlene secretly showed up and sneaked into Baby Santos' room. Arlene was later forced out of town, but she promised to return to see "her" baby soon.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was preempted for every day except for Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Tad suspected that David had been harming Joe, but David had actually been saving Joe's life. Leo thought of Greenlee while he and Laura were having sex. Roger was caught snooping through Erica's office, which prompted Chris to reveal to Erica that he was really an FBI agent. Liza blackmailed Julian into dropping assault charges against Ryan. Anna sneaked around David's hotel room, and she and David ended up sharing an unexpected kiss.
September 24 to 28, 2001
In a fit of rage, Laura threw out her heart medication. Laura later concocted a bogus excuse to get Jake to issue her an emergency refill. Gillian took control of Opal's body in order to arrange a meeting between Ryan and Chris. Ryan and Chris failed to recognize each other, but Chris was fixated on a photograph of Ryan's parents. Mateo received mysterious phone calls from someone who wanted him to allow the sale of drugs at SOS. Erica's car grazed a young woman, whom Erica accused of staging the accident. Laura grew violent when Greenlee's face was launched on an Enchantment ad campaign.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Laura was rushed to the hospital after suffering a panic attack. Brooke found a letter from Leo to Laura that said that he wanted out of their marriage. Leo went to New York and flirted with a dancer there. Proteus continued to harass Mateo. Roger turned out to be working for Proteus. Chris agreed to do a background check on Frankie after Erica expressed concerns about Bianca's friendship with Frankie. Gillian and Ryan shared a last dance before she left for heaven.
October 8 to 12, 2001
A mysterious figure accosted Mateo in the park. Mateo managed to stab the man, who planted money in Mateo's back pocket. Mateo's newly hired waitress, Simone, helped him recover and revealed that Edmund had hired her to help Mateo investigate the situation. Hayley feared that Mateo was keeping secrets from her. Erica did everything that she could possibly do to convince Frankie to leave town, but Bianca remained friendly with Frankie. Greenlee found the letter that Leo had left for Laura, but when she confronted him about it, he claimed that it was a mistake. Laura pretended to visit a psychiatrist and assured her family and friends that the psychiatrist had determined that her strange behavior could be attributed to her medication. Laura later privately pieced together bits of Leo's letter. Adam told Mia that the DNA test results had confirmed that she was Liza's sister. Adam said that he would help Mia get acquainted with her family if she tried to seduce Ryan. Adam's offer confused Mia, but she ended up sleeping with Ryan anyway. David was attracted to Anna, although he suspected that she might be investigating him on behalf of the WSB.
October 15 to 19, 2001
After sleeping with Ryan, Mia hid to prevent Liza from figuring out what had happened. Mia also poked around Ryan's motel room. Liza decided to pretend that Adam was the father of the baby that she was carrying. Erica learned that Frankie was really Vanessa's niece. Vanessa denied knowing that Frankie was in town. Proteus had expensive jewelry delivered to Hayley on Mateo's behalf. Laura learned that Greenlee had pretended to be her during a session with Dr. McMillan. Greenlee used Laura's keys to snoop through Laura and Leo's house, but Jake caught her and ordered her to leave. Frankie reacted strangely when Bianca tried to get closer to her. Anna threatened to expose Chris's cover. Anna learned that David was in possession of a statue that she had stolen years earlier. Leslie Coulson phoned Tad and was furious to learn that he and Dixie had gotten back together. Leo asked Jack to have Greenlee arrested.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Adam and Liza learned that Mia and Ryan had been sleeping together. Laura planted evidence around her condo to indicate that Greenlee had broken in. Leo and Brooke involved the police in an attempt to keep Greenlee away from Laura. After Laura lured her to the condo, Greenlee was arrested for trespassing. In court, however, Leo dropped the charges against his ex-fiancée. Jake reviewed Laura's chart and pieced together her deceptive behavior. Jake warned Laura to stop her dangerous actions. Proteus contacted Mateo again, and Mateo ordered a meeting with Proteus. Roger met Mateo in the alley behind SOS, where Mateo pulled a gun on him. Roger assured Mateo that he was not Proteus and urged him to go home. Mateo found Hayley unconscious in their house. Roger contacted Chris Stamp and was told that he would be back at Enchantment soon. Anna continued to follow David, but he was also secretly keeping an eye on her.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Greenlee and Jake believed that Leo was beginning to recognize Laura's deception. Laura, however, continued her nefarious scheming. David and Anna argued about her detective work. Anna was in a mysterious car accident. Mia told Ryan about Adam's file on him. Liza left Adam after learning the truth about his deception. Ryan was heartbroken to discover that his father had been a drug dealer. Erica confronted Chris about working with Roger. Chris revealed that he had murdered Ryan's father years earlier. Bianca talked to a lawyer about emancipating herself from Erica. Dixie covered for Liza when Adam found them at Seaview Hospital.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Anna woke up in the hospital and refused to let David treat her. Anna later escaped from her room and confronted David at his cabin in the woods, where they argued about whether he was really Proteus. Mateo adopted a callous attitude about Hayley, Simone, and the drug ring. Mateo offered Roger more money than Proteus had sought for the trafficking. Roger contacted David. Laura trapped Greenlee again, luring her to SOS. Brooke contacted the police, and Greenlee was arrested. When Greenlee called Jake, he politely dumped her. Roger bailed Greenlee out of jail. Erica pretended to be nice to Frankie while secretly plotting with Chris to send her far away from Pine Valley. Frankie called someone and assured the person that everything was proceeding as planned. Liza left Adam after discovering that he had been prying into Ryan's past. Hayley and Stuart had doubts about helping Liza with her plan to get back at Adam. Ryan was confused when Chris told him that his father was dead. Leslie returned to town, clobbered Tad, and put him on a boat at the boathouse.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Roger suffered an apparent heart attack at Enchantment and urged Greenlee to find David. Leo could not go through with the wedding and did not say his vows. Laura trapped Greenlee outside the ceremony. Leo was furious when he discovered that Roger might be dying. Roger was missing when David, Anna, Greenlee, and Leo arrived at Enchantment. The results of a paternity test revealed that Ryan was the father of Liza's baby. Ryan lashed out at Adam, but Hayley managed to quiet him. Adam convinced Liza to go home with him. Edmund, Mateo, and Simone disagreed about the best way to handle Proteus. Erica accused Frankie of being a drug user. Frankie cradled a gun.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Mateo struck a deal to help Proteus in return for his family's safety. Laura collapsed at Jake's loft but was able to make an emergency call to Brooke to ask for help. Brooke and Edmund both wanted to make love. At the hospital, Brooke blamed Leo for Laura's condition and wished that he had never gotten involved with her. Leo wrote Brooke a check for some of the money that she had given him to romance Laura. Bianca's declaration of love for Frankie moved Frankie to tears. Erica offered to help Frankie get some drug counseling. Roger turned up at the hospital, and David took responsibility for his care. A large Thanksgiving gathering was held in the courtyard outside of Mateo and Hayley's condo.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Dixie told JR that she and Tad were separating again. After claiming to be in love with Bianca, Frankie approached JR romantically. Bianca caught Frankie and JR in bed together and fled. Later, Chris found a distraught Erica standing over Frankie's dead body with a gun in her hand. Leo found Bianca unconscious in the woods. Jackson would not permit Erica to visit Bianca because they were both potential witnesses to Frankie's murder. Erica suspiciously confessed to Chris that she had killed Frankie. Hayley promised to help Mateo after he finally confided in her about Proteus. Adam and Liza continued to have difficulty with their relationship. Opal confronted Vanessa about her lack of sincerity regarding Frankie. After Laura assured him that she was fine with his decision, Leo proposed to Greenlee. At the hospital, Laura overheard Greenlee telling Jake that she still had feelings for him.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Erica was arrested for Frankie's murder. Unable to remember what had happened after she had found Frankie in bed with JR, Bianca believed that Erica was guilty. Erica recalled discovering Frankie's dead body and assuming that Bianca had been responsible for the girl's death. David stole a vial of Dixie's blood, which angered Dixie. Vanessa lashed out at Dixie when she overheard Dixie confronting David. JR did not enjoy his first therapy session and yelled at his parents. Mateo and Hayley pretended to be splitting up in an effort to trick Proteus. Adam and Hayley walked in on Mateo with a half-dressed Simone. Anna spied David giving money to Roger. Mia revealed to Liza that she had once given a child up for adoption. Liza secretly plotted to gain full custody of Colby. Hank introduced himself to Opal and later rescued her when Palmer confronted her.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Erica revealed to Opal that she was playing right into Jack's hands in order to protect Bianca. Bianca trashed Erica's office because she believed that Erica had killed Frankie. Laura moved into a loft several floors below Jake. Laura, Greenlee, Jake, and Leo were trapped in an elevator together. Jake and Leo each professed their love for Greenlee, forcing her to decide which man she truly wanted to be with. Erica gave Greenlee her job back at Enchantment. After spying on David, Anna told Chris that David was not Proteus. Anna later changed her mind when she saw Roger begging David for forgiveness and promising that he wouldn't mess up again. Ryan and Mia spied Mateo and Simone kissing at a bar. Mateo pretended not to care about Hayley and cautioned Ryan to stay out of her business. Opal enjoyed the company of her new boyfriend, unaware that Erica had hired him to flatter her.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Chris brazenly admitted to Ryan that he had killed Ryan's father and would do it again if he were even given the opportunity. Chris tearfully confessed to Erica that he had set up Patrick Curry because Patrick had killed Linda, Chris's fiancée. Someone tampered with the brakes on Dixie's car, but she managed to glide the car to safety along a guardrail. Hayley dug up dirt on Proteus, and Mateo wondered if Proteus might be a woman. Stuart found a mysterious package at the tree lot. Bianca opened Frankie's gift and later allowed Erica to read Frankie's letter. Mia asked Jake out on a date after he helped her when a Christmas tree fell on her. Greenlee and Leo each continued to believe that the other person was madly in love with them. A mysterious figure stole the book of poems that Frankie had given to Bianca. The figure later broke into David's office and set one of the book's pages ablaze.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Jesse left Pine Valley on Christmas Eve after completing his mission to get Tad back to being the man whom Dixie had fallen in love with. Stuart's mystery box made the rounds, and his family and friends wished for what they wanted for other people. Adam wished that JR would forgive Tad. Leo and Greenlee reunited, and she made him propose to her again. Chris and Erica celebrated the Crystal Ball at her house. Erica made a phone call to someone and told the person that they had to return to Pine Valley. David caught Vanessa and her chauffeur having an affair in his hotel room. Mateo and Hayley went undercover at the ball. An anonymous donor put a Proteus sculpture up for silent auction. David clobbered Roger when he threatened to reveal one of David's secrets.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Erica's trial started. When Chris insisted on questioning Bianca, Erica fired him and declared that she would represent herself. After the Crystal Ball, Brooke and Edmund professed their love for each other. Jake and Mia hit it off, which did not escape Greenlee's attention. A call from Proteus interrupted Hayley and Mateo's private moment. Vanessa was revealed to be Proteus. David injected himself with a test drug that prompted him to confess to Anna that he was testing medication that could cure the heart disease that had killed Dixie's mother. Liza's lawyer presented Adam with divorce papers, which surprised both parties. A mysterious woman stalked Bianca and Leo while they were at Wildwind.
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