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January 6 to 10, 2003
Bianca demanded to know if Maggie had feelings for her. After learning that her baby might have a heart defect, Anna arranged to fly to Zurich to meet with a specialist. Edmund found out that Aidan was wanted for murder. Jamie screamed at Edmund to stay away from his mom. Maria got upset when Edmund tried to hold her hostage in a locked room. Trey kissed Greenlee. Cops surrounded a bus stop where a disguised Aidan was attempting to escape.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Greenlee rejected Trey. Edmund tried to punch Aidan after discovering that Maria had been hiding him for weeks. The person who shot Aidan turned out to be a woman named Morgan. Morgan tracked down Aidan at the condo and bashed him over the head with a gun. Maria agreed to stay with Edmund at Wildwind for safety reasons. Edmund stole David's amnesia antidote and secretly placed the drug in Maria's drink. Erica hired a new employee named Leena, who liked to flirt and eavesdrop. JR and Laurie broke up, as did Jamie and Joni. Mia told Jake to slow things down. Trey consented to be a free lawyer for Reggie. Reggie agreed to live with Trey temporarily.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Maria got disoriented after taking the anti-amnesia drug. After gaining a "sudden" understanding of chemistry, Maria decided to study medicine again. Morgan held Aidan hostage while waiting for Julian to arrive and execute him. Aidan managed to convince Morgan to untie his hands. Jake cried to Tad that Mia apparently loved Fusion more than him. A pretty blonde doctor made a move on Jake. Kendall ran into an appalled Erica at a cosmetics convention in Aspen, Colorado. While in Aspen, Kendall met a businessman who wined and dined her, but also gave her a false name. Chris showed up in Aspen to surprise Erica. Boyd admitted that he was madly in love with Kendall. Henry fell asleep in Maggie's dorm room after a study session, and he mysteriously bolted the following day. Anna called from Zurich with the bad news that her doctor had recommended surgery. Reggie took a part-time job at Fusion. Jamie begged Joni for a second chance, but she refused his request. Laurie's dad got drunk and slapped her.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Maria called Isabella "mama" before suddenly losing consciousness. When Maria regained consciousness, she was sick and had an erratic heartbeat. Edmund panicked and confessed that he had secretly drugged Maria. Aidan told Morgan that Maria/Maureen was one of his scam victims. Jake had sex with the new resident, Alison, and Tad walked in on them. Mia attempted to seduce Jake, but he was overwhelmed with guilt and ran away. Janelle threw a fit when she learned of Trey's criminal activities, and she warned that Reggie would most likely be removed from his custody. Laurie refused to take JR back. JR accused Jamie of hitting on Laurie. The Chandler therapist got downright personal with Adam and Liza, asking them to reveal who was usually on top during their sexual encounters. Simone was arrested for plastering Fusion fliers all over town. A classmate cautioned Maggie about Henry. Greenlee worried that Fusion might go out of business. Erica and Jackson kissed.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Maria ran away with Aidan to the Bahamas to help him kill Julian, unaware that Julian was actually posing as a Scotland Yard agent at Wildwind. Michael, the Aspen mystery man, suddenly reappeared and took an impressed Kendall on a helicopter ride to New York City. Simone thought that Michael looked familiar. The Fusion girls created a new homemade lipstick and convinced Maxie to give them another chance. Kendall stormed into Enchantment and had a showdown with Erica. Jack's daughter recovered. A gorgeous maintenance man named Carlos had Simone wide-eyed and Greenlee cross-eyed. Greenlee heard mysterious noises at Fusion. Reggie blew off school, but later agreed to let Trey help him pass his history class. Anna needed immediate surgery because of her fetus' weak heart rate. Right before the operation, the surgeon had a stroke, and Dr. Joe persuaded a terrified and inexperienced David to take over. Maggie heard more cynical remarks about Henry, but he refused to talk about the comments. Still heartbroken about Laurie, JR started failing classes again. Adam secretly offered Laurie paid tuition at Harvard in exchange for getting back together with JR.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Kendall's mysterious Michael Kinsey turned out to be Michael Cambias, famous for taking over little companies like Fusion. After sweet-talking Kendall, Michael called an unknown person and asked about "the progress." Erica flirted with Michael. Chris spontaneously offered Erica a trip to Italy, but she refused, citing work and the cold weather as her reasons for not accepting the offer. Jack accused Erica of using him as an excuse to break up with Chris. Julian and Morgan showed up on Paradise Island, where they found Maureen and chained her to a bomb on the beach. Julian killed Kingman, the Bahamian who had been helping Aidan. Chris cleared Aidan of murder after figuring out Julian and Morgan's true identities. David miraculously pulled off the necessary surgery to save Anna and her baby, but there were still signs of trouble ahead. Carlos seemed to be eavesdropping on Fusion conversations. Maggie accused Henry of disrespecting her because she was white. Edmund said that he had accepted that his wife was essentially dead to him.
February 17 to 21, 2003
The Fusion ladies excitedly prepared for their official launch party. A secret admirer sent flowers and an email to Greenlee. Michael pleasantly surprised Kendall with a visit to Fusion, but Donald Steele later showed up with photographs of Erica and Michael together. While Simone was on her way to the Fusion party, a cop mistook her for a hooker and threw her in jail. Aidan and Maria made love in the Bahamas. Julian killed Morgan. Edmund told Maria that their marriage was over, but he agreed to give her unlimited access to their children. Henry kissed Maggie after admitting that he had originally thought that she was gay. Joni spotted Jamie and Laurie kissing and threatened to tell JR. Jack threatened to tell Chris about his fling with Erica. Luis threatened bodily harm to Reggie if he didn't surrender the key to Trey's apartment. Anna went into labor.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Simone discovered Jake and Allison having sex in a closet. Jake left a "Dear Jane" letter for Mia, admitting that he had cheated and that he was leaving her. The Fusion launch party was a big success. Boyd and Kendall almost kissed at the party. Kendall admitted that she was falling for Michael, and she later grew jealous when she caught Michael flirting with Erica. Erica told Chris that they needed to rethink their marriage plans. Greenlee put away Leo's necklace and promised to let go of him. Andrew pretended to be Greenlee's secret admirer and asked her to his hotel room. Anna's baby was born prematurely after a touch-and-go C-section. The baby was named Leora in honor of Leo. Reggie was arrested for assaulting Trey and burglarizing his apartment. Trey confessed to Reggie that he had burned down Erica's house. Aidan and Maria declared their love for each other. Bianca wondered if Lena was sexually attracted to her. Maggie and Henry kissed again at the Fusion party. Joni revealed to JR that she had caught Laurie and Jamie kissing. Jack asked Aidan to work for him.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
After Kendall and Michael slept together, he called his father and assured him that the "plan" was in motion. Palmer evicted Fusion from his building as a way of punishing Kendall for leaving Petey alone. Palmer later offered Kendall a bribe -- Fusion could have the building back only if she made peace with Erica. Boyd quit Enchantment and asked Fusion to hire him. Mia got drunk at a bar and asked Carlos to take her home. Tad and Liza kissed. Liza was terrified that Adam would find out about the kiss and that she had renewed feelings for Tad. Greenlee figured out that her admirer lived in Pine Valley. Jack ordered Aidan to file new charges against Chris. Chris's private investigator caught Erica in Jackson's arms. Jamie kissed Laurie again. Maria was shocked when Edmund invited Aidan to Maddie's recital. Bianca told Erica that she and Lena might soon be an item. Jackson revoked Reggie's bail because someone had once been shot with the gun that had been found in Trey's apartment. Reggie revealed to Jackson that Trey had set fire to Erica's house. Trey was sentenced to three to five years in state prison and was banished from Pine Valley forever. Henry shut down after Maggie asked about his parents. Doctors cautioned that baby Leora needed a pacemaker.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Simone got arrested again and quit her job at Fusion when Greenlee refused to bail her out. Joni got arrested for helping Simone, and Joni's mother purposely didn't post her daughter's bail. Greenlee was devastated after discovering that her secret email correspondent, Sidney Bergeron, was a woman. Carlos told Simone that he had his eyes on another woman. Michael was having sex with Lena when Kendall knocked on his door. Boyd was suspicious that Lena was playing Bianca. A private eye informed Chris that Erica was cheating. Jackson advised Chris to call off the wedding. Michael told his father that his old enemy, Chris Stamp, was in town. Laurie knocked out her drunken father after he swung at her. Jamie took the blame and was jailed. After Liza admitted to kissing Tad, Adam suggested ending their marriage. Allison told a horrified Mia that she and Jake had "done it" on his desk and that it had been the best sex of her life. Anna secretly had Dr. Joe examine baby Leora. David warned Maggie that Henry would stab her in the back. Maria disguised herself and secretly followed Aidan on his stakeout. Kendall fired Reggie for ratting out Trey.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Michael told Kendall that she was the only woman for him, but he later said the opposite behind her back. Michael was making a pass at Erica when Kendall and Chris burst in. Kendall vowed that she would kill Erica if Erica ever touched Michael. Erica threw her engagement ring at Chris and told him that their relationship was over. Chris demanded that Jack tell him who Erica was sleeping with. Lena kissed Boyd. Lena almost kissed Bianca. Both Bianca and Boyd separately asked Lena if she was gay, but Lena remained ambiguous about the matter. Erica said that she believed that if she had been around for Bianca's childhood, Bianca wouldn't be gay. Edmund asked Mia out on a date. Aidan secretly taped Chris's conversations in an effort to get some dirt on him. Chris sat at the bar alone and ordered many double scotches. Laurie's father dropped the charges against Jamie. JR left Pine Valley to board a ship that was headed to the Philippines. Jamie asked Laurie out on a date after learning that JR had left town. Adam told Liza that they were just afraid to admit that their marriage was over. At their therapy appointment, Adam punched Tad. Greenlee was distraught after discovering that Carlos was her secret email correspondent. Carlos called Greenlee a bitch and quit his job at Fusion. Simone got her Fusion job back after threatening to sue Greenlee. Henry's mother ordered Maggie to leave her son alone. Reggie won the fifty thousand dollar reward, but Jack placed it in a trust fund. Maureen decided to return to med school. Tad asked out Lysistrata again.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Tad told Ruth and Joe why Jake had abruptly decided to leave Pine Valley. Liza didn't think that her marriage to Adam would work out. Reggie watched in alarm as Luis accosted Joni and Maddie in the park.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
David was shaken up when a young patient was taken to the clinic with a pacemaker that had stopped working. Janelle used the situation to urge David to think about Leora's health. Anna grew suspicious when she stumbled on Aidan's surveillance equipment. Maggie celebrated an "A" on her chemistry exam, but Henry didn't share her enthusiasm. Edmund and Mia were scheduled for a date, but things were cut short when Maddie fell ill. Maddie later summoned Edmund back to Wildwind because Maria and Aidan were kissing. Greenlee opened up to Carlos and the two shared a dance. Laurie continued to rebuke Jamie's advances. Erica blamed Jack for her breakup with Chris. Jack warned Erica that Chris was spiraling out of control and could pose a threat to her.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Jack proposed to Erica and gave her a huge engagement ring. Liza asked Mia if Edmund and Maddie were a replacement for the son that she lost. Erica told Mona that her engagement to Chris was over.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Michael subtly gave Kendall the idea to seduce Boyd into giving her the secret formula for a new product that Boyd was working on. Greenlee talked to David about her feelings for Carlos. Maria visited Joe and David to discuss her unwelcome returning memories. Edmund found himself spending more time with Mia, much to Maddie's chagrin. Erica turned down Jackson's proposal, and he told her that he was done with her for good. Michael urged Lena to move on to a new target -- Bianca -- to accomplish their goal.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Kendall accused Michael of having another woman on the side. Palmer threatened to dissolve the financial deal that he had made with Kendall if she quit working at Fusion. Michael hired a private investigator to get information on all of Lena's loved ones. Bianca arrived at the airport before Lena could skip town. Lena agreed to stay in Pine Valley after she and Bianca shared tender words and a kiss. Chris accused Aidan of spying on him. Simone had a court date for her prostitution charges, which were ultimately dropped. Liza accused Erica of being behind the bogus lawsuit that had been filed against Fusion. Adam fired Tad from Chandler Enterprises.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Flanders ignored Chris's orders and trailed Jack to SOS. Jack was later shot once in the chest as he exited the club. Reggie helped Jack after fighting off Luis, who wanted to let Jack die in the alley behind the club. Anna threatened to tell the police about David's use of unapproved medicine on Maria unless he agreed to allow Leora to undergo heart surgery. Greenlee agreed to try to have a relationship with Carlos. Kendall learned of Michael's plot against Enchantment and duped him into believing that she wanted to help him topple Erica. Later, Kendall went to Erica and told her what Michael was up to. Jack flat-lined, but later pulled through. Erica told an unconscious Jack that she would marry him.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Reggie and Joni argued over the value of prayer. Simone, Carlos, and Tad were arrested following a Fusion publicity stunt that went awry at the WRCW studios. Kendall tried to convince Bianca that Lena was working for Michael, but Bianca accused Kendall of being in cahoots with Erica. Later, Bianca spotted Michael leaving Lena's hotel room. Lena stole the combination to Erica's safe from Bianca's purse. Jack awoke from his coma and learned that Erica really did want to marry him. Maria accepted Aidan's proposal. While playing hide-and-seek, Maddie saw Flanders shoot and kill Chris Stamp. Flanders later tried to kill Maddie.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Kendall agreed to help Michael get Erica to "flip out" in public as a way to help him gain control of the board. Joni told Jack that Luis had been in the alley on the night that Jack had been shot. Michael's sexual advances toward Kendall turned forceful, prompting concern from Erica. At Wildwind, Flanders knocked out Derek, attacked Mia and Edmund, and fled to the woods. Aboard the yacht, Maureen started to regain her memories of her life as Maria.
May 19 to 23, 2003
At a press conference, Michael announced that he had decided to let Enchantment fall apart instead of taking it over. Erica later took to the microphone and revealed that she had evidence that proved that Michael had stolen from Enchantment. Erica also revealed that the formula that Lena had stolen was a fake. Lena's mother, Paulina, arrived in Pine Valley. Jack agreed not to press charges against Lena in exchange for her testimony against Michael. Adam posted Michael's bail and asked for his help to take down Cambias Industries. Michael went to Enchantment to spook Erica. Liza, Kendall, Mia, and Greenlee gave Simone the green light to do her Sexiest Man Alive ad campaign. Maggie nixed her plans to reconcile with Henry after he once again declined to be honest with Professor Stevens. David agreed to let Anna move ahead with Leora's operation. Flanders tossed Maddie overboard, and Maria jumped in the water to save her. While in the water, "Maureen" recalled her entire life as Maria. The boat crashed, killing Flanders and injuring Aidan. Later, at Wildwind, Maria told Edmund that she had remembered every aspect of their life together.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Carlos rebuked Greenlee's attempt to start a relationship with him, saying that he could never truly be what she wanted him to be. Carlos later serenaded Greenlee at the Pit. Mia walked in on Edmund, Maria, and the kids in bed together. Edmund later told Mia that he truly had cared for her. Maria returned Aidan's engagement ring and told him that she was going to go back to Edmund. Maria told Isabella and the rest of her family that she was "back." Michael accused Kendall of assaulting and trying to kill him, and he also denied that he had harmed Erica. Erica was told that Chris had been killed, and she blamed herself for his death. Luis continued to taunt Reggie and Joni. David sneaked into the operating room where Leora's surgery was being performed, but he was forcibly ejected when he started barking orders. Later, David watched as Anna collapsed after hearing news about Leora's surgery.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
David accused Joe and Tad of causing Leora's death. David refused to talk to Anna, who ended up asking Jack to accompany her to the funeral home to plan Leora's service. David had hallucinations of Leora as a toddler. Bianca fought with Erica, who had alerted the INS of Lena's change in work status so that she would be deported. Eager to use Lena and Bianca's relationship as a way to make Erica miserable, Greenlee asked her grandfather to find a job for Lena. Carlos reminded Mary Smythe that she had tried to hit on him several years earlier. Edmund asked Maria to remarry him.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Anna was surprised when David showed up at Leora's funeral. After the service ended, Anna and David took turns blaming each other for the death of their daughter. Joni lied to her father and went to a beach party with Reggie, where Laurie and Jamie teased them about their apparent interest in each other. Simone and Kenny were arrested when they were caught on the beach together, wearing very little clothing. Erica confronted Greenlee after learning that Greenlee had helped Lena find a new job. Erica was surprised to find Mary in Jack's apartment. After collapsing during a fight with Erica, Jack found himself in need of a blood transfusion, and his rare blood type presented major complications.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Tad argued with Mia about his nonexistent love life, and the argument ended with a passionate kiss. Aidan trashed his room at the Pine Cone after learning that Maria and Edmund had been remarried. Maria told Joe that she wanted to return to work at the hospital. Henry packed his things and moved out after Alma forced him to choose between Maggie and his family. Greenlee and Carlos were trapped in Lacey's and nearly made love, but Diane Lacey's arrival interrupted them. Greenlee wondered if there was more to Carlos and Diane's relationship than he was letting on. Mia and Simone posed as Kendall and Greenlee during an interview, but their scheme was ultimately exposed. Erica determined that Greenlee was Jack's daughter via an affair with Mary Smythe, but she decided that he could never know the truth.
June 23 to 27, 2003
A discrepancy in the delivery logs had Joni suspecting that Reggie might be stealing supplies. Laurie, with Brooke, Tad, Jamie, and David at her side, ordered her father to assume responsibility for his drinking problem and seek treatment. Greenlee put the screws to Diane Lacey, hinting that she knew that something had transpired between her and Carlos, to get Fusion better counter space at Lacey's department stores. Mary visited Jack and revealed that she still cared about him, despite the fact that it had been years since they had been involved with each other. Mary later went to Erica and agreed to wait a week before telling Jack that he was Greenlee's father.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
As Michael started to get sexually aggressive with Mia, Aidan stormed into Michael's condo and pretended to be her boyfriend. Michael was later arrested after Aidan and Kendall tracked down Michael's partner in crime at Chandler Enterprises in the Cayman Islands. Lena was freed from jail, and Bianca quickly apologized for doubting her. The police arrived before Reggie fired at Luis. Both were arrested, but Reggie was eventually released after he agreed to testify against Luis. David held a handcuffed Tad prisoner in Tad's home and made veiled threats against Jamie. Liza stumbled upon Tad, but when he hinted that she might still have feelings for him, she decided that she wasn't going to free him. Tad later retaliated, tricking Liza into sitting in the dunking booth at the Fourth of July picnic. Carlos learned about Greenlee's antics with Diane Lacey and told her that their relationship was over. David and Anna made headway in repairing their relationship, freeing each other from any accusations that they had flung at each other regarding Leora's death.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Henry and Carlos fought after Henry caught Carlos flirting with Maggie. Edmund presented Maria with a locket that commemorated their two wedding dates. David assured Anna and Tad that he had given up on his vendetta against the Martin family. A thunderstorm and threats from Michael sent Erica back to the night of her 14th birthday, when Richard Fields had sexually assaulted her. Kendall took Erica home and managed to talk her through the horrific flashbacks, forming a new bond with her in the process. After getting bailed out of jail, Michael headed directly for Myrtle's, where he ran into Bianca and raped her.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Anna and David fumbled repeatedly in their attempts to reconcile. Anna went with Brooke to a support group meeting for parents who had lost children. David arrived just as Bianca nearly fell from the roof of the clinic. After being freed from the bathroom stall where Simone had imprisoned her, Maggie retaliated, cutting the power to the elevator that Simone was riding in. Kendall was suspicious of Erica's dislike of Mary, but Erica refused to tell Kendall exactly why Mary had the power to turn Erica's life upside-down. Erica asked Kendall to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Greenlee and Jack grew closer, much to Mary's pleasure. Mary wrote a letter to Jack, telling him that he was Greenlee's father. A mystery man endeared himself to Greenlee and later helped Kendall track down Bianca, who had gone missing and was found at the boathouse. Later, at Erica's penthouse, Bianca had another vision of Michael, but she soon realized that the vision was very real.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Juan Pablo rescued Simone from the elevator. Later, Simone, Kendall, and Greenlee set out to find the man whom they believed would help them win their personal "sexiest man" contest, unaware that they were all looking for the same man. The trio of women also had no idea that Mia had met Juan Pablo at the Pit. Each of the three women separately enlisted Tad's help to find their mystery man. Due to a revenge scheme of Liza's, Tad woke up and found Marian in his bed. Michael told Jack that he would leave Pine Valley if the charges against him were dropped. Erica lashed out at Lena for upsetting Bianca, but Bianca rushed to Lena's defense when Erica tried to have Lena thrown out of the penthouse. Privately, Bianca told Lena that she could no longer see her, but Lena refused to give up on their relationship. Later, Bianca went berserk when a man touched her, and she tried to clobber him with a pool cue.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Erica and Kendall grew closer as they got ready for the wedding. Kendall discovered Erica's secret about Jack and Greenlee. Greenlee confronted Mary after learning that Jackson was her father. Bianca admitted to Maggie that Michael had raped her. Myrtle walked Erica down the aisle. Greenlee announced her paternity at Jackson and Erica's wedding. Joe allowed Jack to see his medical records, which proved that Greenlee was his relative. Greenlee went to Roger's grave and yelled at him for not telling her the truth.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
A distraught Greenlee set her condo on fire. Erica questioned Bianca about her possible run-in with Michael. Erica had nightmares about Michael. To stop Lena from trying to repair their relationship, Bianca claimed that she and Maggie were dating. Erica told Myrtle her fear that Michael might have raped Bianca. Greenlee went to Atlantic City with Juan Pablo and later asked him to take her to Argentina. Jack arrived in Atlantic City, but Juan Pablo told him that Greenlee had left. Carlos was disturbed when he heard Juan Pablo's name. Adam flirted with Mary after learning of her recent shenanigans.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Kendall believed that her involvement with Michael Cambias had led to Bianca's rape. Erica comforted a sleeping Bianca and later convinced her to talk to the police about what had happened. Michael shared his plan to seize control of Chandler Enterprises with Palmer. Alexander Cambias told Ryan that he believed that his eldest son's death was on Michael's hands. Juan Pablo turned out to be Carlos' brother. Brooke urged Jackson not to give up on his love for Erica. New assistant district attorney Justin McCoy arrived in town. Kendall bought a "snake with an attitude" to kill Michael.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Bianca was rocked when she learned that Jack's attempt to make a plea bargain with Michael had fallen through and that a televised preliminary hearing would be held. Myrtle offered to lie under oath to help create more evidence to put Michael away. Aidan arrived at Michael's condo and found the snake that Kendall had planted. Palmer tracked down archenemy Adam on his camping trip and told him what Michael had done to Bianca. Simone resigned after Juan Pablo learned that accepting five hundred thousand dollars from Michael had made Michael the majority stockholder of Fusion. As Ryan watched the court hearing, he recognized the faces of people whom he had formerly rubbed shoulders with. During the hearing, it was revealed that Michael had also gained the majority of Enchantment's stock.
August 25 to 29, 2003
The judge dropped the rape charges against Michael, although the door was left open for Michael to be put back on trial if new evidence was uncovered. Michael announced that he had gained controlling interest in Chandler Enterprises. Alex suffered another heart attack that ultimately proved to be fatal. Alex left Ryan a pocket watch that was inscribed, "To My Son." Kendall sneaked away from Mia and Simone and ended up in Las Vegas, where she spotted Ryan across a crowded room. Opal tried to buy drugs to plant on Michael, but she ended up at the police station after some goons fingered her as a drug buyer. Nearly everyone in Pine Valley had some sort of weapon -- Jack, Reggie, Maggie, and Lena had guns; Erica and David made secret references to actions that they didn't regret; Palmer hinted to Opal that he had done something to stop Michael that he didn't want to discuss -- and everyone dropped hints that Michael wouldn't be bothering anyone again. Drugs were discovered in Michael's condo, but Michael was nowhere to be found.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Greenlee and Juan Pablo teamed up to find out if Mary had been telling the truth when she had claimed that Jack had known about her pregnancy years earlier. Kendall spied on Ryan in a Las Vegas hotel, and later, with a spot of blood on her shoe, she boarded the same plane back to Pine Valley that he had previously boarded. In Pine Valley, Kendall stunned a gathering of friends and acquaintances with the news that she had married Michael Cambias, whom she claimed was still in Las Vegas. Assorted townspeople seemed shocked, saying that there was no way that Kendall could have married Michael. Ryan watched as Kendall cleaned a stain from the floor of Michael's condo. Tad told Liza that Palmer and Opal had returned from a remote part of Canada, where Adam and Stuart were vacationing. Erica slapped Kendall when she learned that Kendall had married Michael.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Erica collapsed after hearing Bianca accidentally admit to Kendall that she was pregnant. Erica later composed herself and promised to help Bianca. Bianca agreed to see Lena, but she remained unwilling to start dating Lena again. Aidan found Erica's date book in Michael's condo and turned it over to Anna. Anna resigned from the police force and later told David that she was leaving him and heading to Paris to spend time with Robin. Liza and Tad made plans to travel to Tahiti together, but they later got cold feet. Greenlee confronted Mary and told her that Juan Pablo's interest in her had been part of a trap to see if she was truly interested in being a mother to Greenlee. Later, after stating that she supported Kendall's decision to marry Michael, Greenlee asked Kendall for control of Fusion.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Kendall and Erica squabbled after Kendall overheard Erica trying to persuade Bianca to get an abortion. Determined to make Erica regret her actions, Kendall later removed Erica as the CEO of Enchantment. Adam paid Kendall a surprise visit to try to talk her into giving control of Chandler Enterprises back to him, but she turned him down. Kendall and Boyd panicked when they learned that an old building was about to be razed. Greenlee and Jack bonded with each other. Greenlee and Reggie exchanged words. Bianca told David and Maggie that she wanted to have an abortion. Lena ingested rat poison after hearing Bianca talk about her pregnancy. Adam angrily confronted Jack and vowed to have Kendall arrested. Mary invited herself to stay at the Chandler mansion.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Erica and Mary sparred at the Chandler mansion. Erica refused to take Kendall down so that Adam could regain control of Chandler Enterprises. Greenlee halted her efforts to locate Ryan so that she could spend time with Juan Pablo instead. Simone showed up at Tad's home and asked him for "no strings attached" sex. Kendall went to the hospital and blasted Lena for trying to kill herself. Michael's body was found in a meat locker at the abandoned building that Kendall had purchased. Everyone seemed to be hiding something in the wake of the news that Michael had been murdered.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
The prominent residents of Pine Valley received invitations to the Valley Inn for the reading of the will of the late Alexander Cambias. There, everyone learned that Alexander had left his entire estate to Ryan Lavery. Ryan also learned that, depending on when Michael had died, there was a chance that his holdings could go to Ryan instead of Kendall. A codicil later revealed that Michael's child would have the rights to Alexander's estate, not Ryan. Ryan offered Erica and Liza their old CEO positions at Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises, respectively. After Maggie found prenatal vitamins in Bianca's bag, Bianca revealed that she had changed her mind about having an abortion. Jack met secretly with Kendall and offered her advice about protecting herself in the event that the police went after her as Michael's killer. Tad and Adam's bar fight was interrupted when JR greeted them.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Aidan took David's gun to be tested. Mary threatened to blackmail Adam. Maggie convinced Bianca to talk to Lena. Bianca decided not to tell Lena about her pregnancy. Bianca spoke out at the student union. Greenlee urged Kendall to accept Ryan's offer. Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan found themselves trapped in an elevator together. Greenlee hurt Juan Pablo's feelings. Jack intervened when Derek tried to trap David into a confession. Derek and Jack disagreed strongly about the case. David refused to tell Jack what he and Erica had done on the night that Michael had disappeared. Tad broke up a fight between Jack and David. Kendall needed Lena's help to defeat Ryan. Aidan questioned Maggie about Michael's disappearance. Maggie made a confession to Bianca. Kendall refused to tell Aidan who she was protecting. Aidan confronted Erica. Jack pulled Erica into a kiss. Mia, Simone, Kendall, and Greenlee each had a dream about the men in their respective lives. Opal and Mary fought. The winner of the Sexiest Man competition was announced.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Ryan reached out to Kendall. Despite the romance, Erica stalked off when Jack asked her about David. Despite Jack's urgings, Erica remained evasive. Erica embraced Kendall. The police questioned Erica and David. Derek arrested David as Erica tried to get him an alibi. Erica's story infuriated Jack. Bianca and Kendall made a pact. Aidan's motives disappointed Mia. With Ryan's support, Greenlee removed her wedding ring. Ryan turned over the evidence that he had recovered from Michael's place. Bianca overheard Ryan talking about the inheritance. Juan Pablo announced that he was planning to leave town. Greenlee and Carlos were taken to the hospital after being involved in a car crash. Maggie remembered details from the night of Michael's disappearance. Tad was convinced that Adam and Palmer were behind Michael's death. Jamie met a pretty girl at a beach party. Babe made an odd phone call. JR planned to disclose his future plans at a family party. Babe showed up at the party, and JR announced that they had gotten married earlier.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Adam was stunned to learn that JR and Babe were married. Jamie confronted Babe about the night that they had spent together. Babe was delighted when she realized how luxurious her new bedroom was. Jamie couldn't get Babe out of his mind. Adam tried to bribe Babe into leaving JR, but she refused the offer. JR asked Babe and Jamie about a cow that seemed significant to each of them. Juan Pablo begged Maria to save Carlos' life. Carlos survived surgery. Tad and Juan Pablo hid Carlos in an unused part of the hospital. Jack sat at Greenlee's bedside. Greenlee dreamed about Roger. Greenlee regained consciousness and initially believed that the year was 1999, but her memory later returned. Mary enlisted Adam's help with her plan to get revenge against Juan Pablo. Tad, Juan Pablo, and Simone were furious with Mary for tipping off a tabloid. Erica pulled David into a passionate kiss. Derek's suspicions were aroused when Erica went to the hospital to comfort Jack. Lena's gift touched Bianca. After telling Aidan that she had no romantic interest in Ryan, Kendall later kissed Ryan.
October 27 to 31, 2003
Kendall and Ryan discussed their breakup, and she later told him about her relationship with Michael. Ryan showed Kendall some bloodstains that he had found in Michael's condo. After taking Michael's pills, Ryan felt sick and collapsed. Aidan later found Ryan's unconscious body lying on the floor. Maria ordered a test on the pills as she struggled to save Ryan's life. Later, Ryan avoided Derek's questions. Aiden and Ryan talked about Kendall. Adam told Erica that he had seen her on the night of Michael's disappearance. Erica refused to confide in Adam. Maggie accused Aidan of implicating Lena in order to save Kendall. Juan Pablo pushed Greenlee away. Maggie accompanied Bianca to her first sonogram. Reggie told Erica to make up with Greenlee. Reggie punched David. Derek wanted to question Reggie, who assured Jack that he could handle the questions. Bianca admitted to Kendall that she was still pregnant. Erica read Bianca's chart at the clinic. Babe kissed Jamie and later hurled an accusation at JR. Tad questioned Adam and Palmer about some blood that he had found on Palmer's jet. Adam and Palmer admitted that they had plotted to kill Michael.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
Adam hired a private investigator to find Babe's family. Tad told Mary to stay away from Jamie. Babe and JR explored the secret passageways of the mansion. Babe found a cow bracelet, and Jamie later admitted that he had purchased it for her. Kendall's story shocked Erica, who insisted that Kendall was evil. Bianca lashed out at Erica. Derek arrested Kendall before she could escape with Aidan. Derek and Justin questioned Kendall. Bianca went to the police station and defended Kendall. An assassination attempt was made on Carlos. Babe eavesdropped on Erica and Adam. Juan Pablo kept pushing Greenlee away. Greenlee devised a plan to save Fusion. Bianca collapsed. Carlos regained consciousness. Lena confessed to putting the poison in Michael's pills. Lena denied shooting Michael, but she was later arrested anyway. Ryan tried to help and comfort Kendall. After insisting that she had really married Michael, Kendall fled to the roof of the Fusion building. Ryan saved Kendall from falling off of the roof.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Ryan and Kendall made love on the roof. Jack took Greenlee home. Reggie wanted Kendall and Bianca to help him convince Jack and Erica to reconcile with each other. Lena received separate visits from Bianca and Erica while in jail. Kendall told off Michael's corpse at the funeral home. The time of Michael's death was finally established. Erica furiously forbade a plan to bury Michael next to Mona. Tad, Boyd, and Aidan filled Michael's coffin with stones. Most of the town went to Michael's funeral service. Ryan asked Bianca if she was pregnant with Michael's child. Justin and Derek asked Jack about the missing property from the evidence room. Tad remained suspicious of Jamie and Babe. Ryan refused to believe that Kendall was carrying Michael's baby. Reggie took Greenlee's car keys. Greenlee took Mia's car and waited for Ryan at his suite. Mia stole Greenlee's car. Kendall and Bianca had an emotional discussion.
November 17 to 21, 2003
Greenlee told Erica about Kendall's claim to be pregnant with Michael's child. Kendall stuck to her story when Erica questioned her. Kendall asserted her claim to the Cambias fortune based on her pregnancy. Derek demanded to have Jack removed from the murder case. Mary tried to seduce Jamie. Ryan pressured Bianca for the truth. JR warned Adam to stay out of his marriage. Adam threatened to blackmail Babe unless she left town. Adam insisted that Babe was lying about being pregnant. Jamie worried that he could be the father of Babe's baby. Babe saw a man from her past. Police officers found a duffel bag in the water. Bianca asked Palmer to help Kendall. Ryan had doubts about keeping his promise to Alexander. Kendall assured Bianca that their plan would work, and they later staged a fight with each other. Ryan wanted Kendall to take a pregnancy test. Greenlee kissed Ryan.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Ryan told Juan Pablo to stay away from Greenlee. David pretended to be furious with Kendall. Ryan caught on to Juan Pablo's plans. Tad and Jamie talked about Babe's pregnancy. Ruth prepared the Martins' Thanksgiving dinner. Stuart assured JR that he would be a great father. Maria announced the results of Kendall's pregnancy test. Jack hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Inn, with Greenlee and Mary in attendance.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
During the Thanksgiving dinner at the Valley Inn, Jack warned everyone that the police were watching them. Derek issued search warrants to numerous residents. Justin arrived at Jack's dinner, prepared to make an arrest. Edmund noticed a male nurse's ring. Ryan defended Kendall when she was arrested. JR accused Jamie of wanting Babe. Jack insisted on being Kendall's lawyer. Ryan and Bianca worked together to free Kendall. Brooke warned Adam to leave JR and Babe alone. Bianca asked Erica and David if they had killed Michael. Ryan visited Kendall in jail and assured her that she would pass the DNA test. Aidan and Mia's lovemaking was interrupted with news of Kendall's arrest. Erica visited Kendall in jail. Greenlee woke up in Ryan's bed. Jack questioned Erica about the night that Michael had disappeared. Mia lied to Aidan. Carlos had a crisis. Kendall's bail was set. Simone told Greenlee about Carlos' death. Juan Pablo demanded answers from Maria. JR found out that Babe had lied about when she had arrived in Pine Valley.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Jamie told Tad that he wanted to raise Babe's child. Adam advised JR to take revenge. Juan Pablo blamed Maria for Carlos' death. Tad comforted Simone. Edmund was suspicious of a male nurse. JR set a trap for Babe and Jamie. Adam tried to make a deal with Kendall for Chandler Enterprises. Jamie told JR the truth. Juan Pablo and Greenlee were ambushed. Tad received a phone call from Babe's mother. Kendall and JR confided in each other. Adam told Babe and Jamie to run off together. Ryan and Juan Pablo fought off assassins. Ryan told Greenlee that her life was in danger. Adam told JR that Babe might be carrying Jamie's baby. Kendall confessed her love for Ryan. David told Greenlee that he would never love again. Reggie punched a cop. Kendall found out that Bianca and Reggie's fingerprints were on a gun. Mia admitted that she had schemed against Kendall to get Aidan. Babe threatened to leave. There was an explosion in Bianca's hallway. Tad found Krystal.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Bianca was hospitalized after the explosion. Edmund and Juan Pablo told Joe that they were suspicious of a male nurse. JR decided to believe Babe. Bianca left the hospital and stumbled into Babe, who took her to the Gatehouse. Aidan and Edmund got a confession from Carlos' killer. Ryan found Bianca's baby book and sonogram. Tad met Krystal and took her back to Pine Valley with him. Kendall helped Ryan decorate his Christmas tree. Greenlee begged Juan Pablo to refrain from seeking revenge. Ryan promised to help Kendall. Babe and Bianca bonded. The prosecutor demanded a DNA test on Kendall's unborn child. Adam convinced Dr. Parker to show him Babe's medical file, but Krystal interrupted and managed to change the doctor's mind.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Bianca and Myrtle discussed the rape. Juan Pablo's car was blown up. Jamie and JR fought. Bianca asked Mona for help. Babe wanted to win JR's love back. Babe convinced JR that he was the father of her baby. Bianca found a baby at an out-of-the-way church, but she was later mystified when the baby underwent a miraculous transformation. Adam devised a new plot to get Babe's medical records. Pine Valley celebrated Christmas. Greenlee decided that it was time to get on with her life. Greenlee received a note from Juan Pablo. Aidan wanted Boyd to reveal the location of a witness.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Ryan tied Greenlee to a post in his apartment. Mia followed Aidan. Tad and Krystal explored Adam's tunnels and later shared a kiss. Juan Pablo surprised Greenlee with a romantic evening. Babe was stunned when Dorian Lord and her nephew arrived at the mansion. A broken furnace led to trouble at the ski lodge. JR was suspicious of Babe and Paul. Greenlee vowed to keep Ryan away from Kendall. Juan Pablo's guard planted a bomb.
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