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October 2 to 6, 1995
Liza returned to Pine Valley as WRCW's new manager, the job that Tad had been vying for. Dixie and Liza got off to a bad start. Mateo and Hayley made love after he found her wallowing in her troubles at the beach. Janet remained in prison, unaware that Laura had moved in with Myrtle. Edmund and Maria remained determined to conceive a child together. Vivienne realized that Taylor had faked a pregnancy to be with Derek. Taylor's second pregnancy test was negative.
October 9 to 13, 1995
After learning that Taylor had suffered a "miscarriage," Noah decided to take Julia to New York City for a romantic weekend getaway. Brooke told Adam that she liked how things were. After watching the videotape of Arlene and Alec, Hayley told a saddened Mateo that she had never loved him and had only been using him. Edmund and Maria looked into adoption. Erica collapsed after consuming too many pills. Stuart tried to arrange a date between Scott and Anita. Anita feared that she was too inexperienced for Bobby.
October 16 to 20, 1995
Tad took Erica's place on The Cutting Edge after she refused to host the show. Palmer offered Janet a stash of cash to leave Pine Valley. Opal forgave Palmer and was shocked to see that Janet was alive. Maria's request to adopt a baby was denied. A young, pregnant Kelsey confronted an oblivious Bobby for taking her virginity. Erica realized that it was time to make some changes after Bianca nearly consumed one of Erica's pills. Pierce took Janet to the cabin.
October 23 to 27, 1995
A flustered Janet admitted to Pierce that she loved him. Eager to help out, Anita introduced Maria and Edmund to Kelsey. Kelsey got reacquainted with her brother, Charlie. Taylor agreed to leave Noah and the apartment. Desperate for pills, Erica turned to her friend, Olga, for help. Alec's hearing began with Hayley's testimony.
October 30 to November 3, 1995
Kelsey agreed to let the Greys adopt her unborn baby. Julia got engaged to Noah, unaware that ex-con Louie Grecco was looking for her. Dixie was stunned to learn that Michael was gay. Louie assaulted Erica, who later went through an awful withdrawal process. Dimitri finally figured out that Erica was an addict. Taylor cleared out her desk at the police station.
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November 6 to 10, 1995
Julia was frightened to discover a clean-shaven Louie hiding in her closet. When Taylor showed up at Julia's place, Louie claimed that he had been invited in. Julia told Noah about her history with Louie, but neglected to mention that Louie had recently been found hiding in her closet. Edmund had doubts about the adoption because he feared that Kelsey wouldn't be able to stay away from the baby, but he agreed to sign the adoption papers anyway, which delighted Maria. Kelsey believed that her relationship with her father was making Tara feel uncomfortable. Dimitri was prepared to take Erica to rehab, but she denied that she had a problem. Dimitri told Erica that Dr. Kinder had revealed the truth about her addiction, but Dr. Kinder denied the claim in an attempt to drive a wedge between Dimitri and Erica. Dimitri enlisted Gloria's help to gather incriminating information to use against Dr. Kinder.
November 13 to 17, 1995
After a night of passion, Erica believed that her relationship with Dimitri was back on track, but he informed her that sex wasn't going to change the fact that she was an addict. Erica sought guidance at Mona's grave. Dr. Kinder drugged Erica and took advantage of her. Afterward, a distraught Erica crashed her car into Maria and Kelsey's vehicle, sending Kelsey into premature labor. Adam convinced Brooke to move in with him so that she could decide if she wanted to accept his marriage proposal. Brooke promised that she would marry Adam if he could convince her that he had changed. Brooke revealed to Edmund that Joe Martin was Kelsey's grandfather. Noah was furious when he spotted Louie flirting with Anita. Derek warned Louie to stay away from Julia and her family after Louie tried to get Noah charged with assault.
November 20 to 24, 1995
Jack supported Julia's decision to press charges against Louie for raping her. Because Julia had waited too long to report the crime, the district attorney declined to pursue the case. Louie learned that the rape had left Julia pregnant. Maria was horrified when Edmund suggested that it might be for the best if Kelsey's baby didn't survive. Jonathan and Erica tried to get their stories straight after the car accident. Laurel admitted to Michael that she hadn't told Trevor that Michael was gay because she was afraid that Trevor might not be happy about having a gay brother-in-law. Janet was crushed when Amanda referred to Laurel as "Mommy" and didn't recognize Janet.
November 27 to December 1, 1995
Anita was troubled when a box of raspberry truffles from her secret admirer suddenly appeared in her purse. Anita's sister learned that Louie had been stalking Anita. Noah decided to buy a gun. Liza was upset with Erica for continually missing tapings of The Cutting Edge. Erica demanded to know why Jonathan had been avoiding Liza. Jonathan claimed that he had spurned Liza's affections when they had met each other at a party once. Gloria questioned the large number of addictive narcotics that Jonathan had in his cabinet, but he threatened to reveal that she had been stealing medications unless she agreed to mind her own business. Gloria decided to call Dimitri. The tension between Trevor, Laurel, and Michael mounted when Trevor suggested that homosexual men were pedophiles. Tim's opinion about homosexuality differed from Trevor's. Hayley talked to Adam about the letter that her mother had sent.
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December 4 to 8, 1995
Maria decided to undergo a medical procedure that could increase her chances of getting pregnant. Bobby tried to seduce Anita, but she wasn't ready to have sex. In an effort to pressure Anita into changing her mind, Bobby questioned her true feelings for him. Kelsey bristled when Anita sought her advice about Bobby. Kelsey suspected that Bobby might have a fetish for virgins. Despite Trevor's objections about Michael's sexuality, Tim remained determined to have a relationship with Michael. Charlie and Cecily announced their engagement. Dixie overheard Tad and Liza talking about a mistake that they had made. Noah was arrested for attacking Louie during a taping of The Cutting Edge. Louie threatened to expose Erica's addiction to the tabloids, but Jonathan warned that Erica would accuse Louie of attempted rape if Louie didn't agree to leave her alone. Noah realized that Erica had the power to send Louie to jail. Adam was not pleased to learn that Brooke had commissioned a nude portrait of herself.
December 11 to 15, 1995
Bobby ended his relationship with Anita after she refused to have sex with him. Kelsey threatened to expose the truth about Bobby if he continued to hurt Anita. Louie slipped into Julia's room with a gun and ordered her to write a letter that would explain her sudden disappearance to Maria. Afterward, Louie knocked Julia out and took her to Noah's old apartment, where he continued to torment her. Trevor managed to get Noah released on bail. Noah realized that Louie was responsible for Julia's sudden disappearance. Dixie and Tad drifted further apart. Phoebe tried to play matchmaker between Brooke and Pierce. Brooke and Pierce bonded as they talked about losing loved ones. Gloria told Dimitri that Jonathan had given Erica a bottle of strong narcotics. Dimitri asked Gloria to make copies of Jonathan's patient files so that Dimitri could prove that Jonathan was guilty of malpractice.
December 18 to 22, 1995
Janet and Adam tried to convince each other that they weren't worried about Brooke and Pierce's blossoming relationship. Louie died after hitting his head on a railroad tie during a struggle with Noah for Louie's gun. After sending Noah to contact the police, Taylor hid Louie's gun in her purse. Taylor grew livid after seeing Noah comfort Julia. Noah was stunned when Derek revealed that Louie's gun had not been found. Edmund learned that Jonathan had reported an accident in Erica's car shortly after Maria's crash. Erica and Dimitri agreed to spend Christmas together. Trevor was disgusted when he saw Michael having dinner with another man. Michael figured out that Laura couldn't read, so he offered to tutor her a few times a week. Michael's students were shocked when he revealed that he was gay. Adam and Janet found Brooke and Pierce sleeping next to each other on a sofa. Brooke realized that Adam hadn't changed, which meant that she had won their bet. Opal warned Tad that Liza was manipulating him. The residents of Pine Valley celebrated Christmas.
December 25 to 29, 1995
Maria tried to offer Dimitri advice about Erica, reminding him that Erica was an addict who had felt compelled to protect her drug supplier. Erica managed to find a judge who was willing to grant Jonathan a special bail hearing. Hayley was reluctant to commit to Mateo. Dimitri served Erica with divorce papers. Laura found Mateo in the park and kissed him, but he pulled away from the kiss and gently explained that she was too young for him. Noah and Julia made plans to get married in the chapel at Wildwind. Taylor tried to blackmail Noah into running away with her. Noah rejected Taylor, so she told Derek and Jack that Noah had killed Louie in cold blood. Noah and Julia's wedding screeched to a halt when Derek showed up to arrest Noah. Jason attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting while intoxicated. Liza found a crumpled note from Jason that expressed his feelings for Dixie. Liza gave the note to Tad, who went home to confront Dixie. Adam was furious with Brooke for using her New Year's Eve party to honor Pierce as the premiere artist of the year.
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