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January 3 to 7, 2005
Ryan accused Kendall of drugging Greenlee but Greenlee recalled Kendall saving her. Zach declared his love for Maria. Reggie surprised Dani with a romantic evening. Aidan challenged Anita to jump in the ice cold lake with him. Ryan urged Ethan to have another DNA test. Maria pulled back from Zach. Erica and Tad led Joe to a surprise party in honor of his 35th anniversary at the hospital. Bianca got a letter from Mona. Zach had bad news for David. Bianca wrestled with her conscience. Tad said he would accept any decision Bianca made. JR knew his son was alive and vowed to get him back. Adam tried to learn about Paul from Dorian Cramer. After questioning Kelly, JR wound up at Bianca's door.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Adam made Krystal a proposal. JR swore to Bianca that he would get his son back. JR's private investigator caught Babe and Jamie. Liza created a distraction which allowed Jamie and Babe to escape. Liza called Tad for information on JR's next move. Adam discovered Liza's whereabouts. Ethan got proof that he was Zach's son. Bobby was brought into the hospital. Bianca and Miranda were released from the hospital. Ryan reluctantly agreed to track down Ethan. Edmund asked Maria for another chance. Greenlee wondered if Jonathan may have poisoned her. Ethan held Zach at gunpoint and demanded answers. Kendall and Greenlee pursued their suspicions about Jonathan. Zach had a cryptic warning for Ryan. Reggie confronted Jonathan. Ryan told Kendall not to get involved with Ethan. Zach told Maria she would regret reconciling with Edmund. Jonathan caught Greenlee searching his apartment. Ryan signed over Cambias Industries. Kendall found Ethan on the beach.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Asa and Kevin Buchanan showed up to make a claim on Ace. Tad arrived in New Orleans. Bianca tried to talk sense to Maggie. Babe asked Tad to take Jamie home. Jamie convinced Babe he was staying with her because he loved her. Tad and Liza lamented their circumstances. JR vowed to make Babe pay and demanded David and Krystal turn over the DNA evidence. Erica tried to bribe Ethan to stay away from Kendall and Bianca. Zach fired Bobby. Ethan and Bianca signed the papers transferring Cambias to them. Babe and Jamie got engaged. Adam and JR headed to New Orleans. Erica and Zach sparred. Kendall and Greenlee broke into Jonathan's computer and Jonathan caught them. Babe and Jamie were leaving the country when JR and Adam showed up at the door.
January 24 to 28, 2005
As Jamie and Babe were leaving, Adam and JR arrived at Brooke's apartment and kicked in the door. Bobby took off. Greenlee asked Jonathan if he'd poisoned her. JR threatened Tad with a gun. Ryan defended Jonathan. JR and Adam tracked Babe and Jamie down again. Babe and Jamie refused to give James to JR. Tad tried to make peace. Bo and Kevin Buchanan prevented JR from leaving with James. Bianca was alarmed by Maggie's plan to elope with Jonathan. Jamie, Babe and Tad were held in the Pine Valley jail. Kendall convinced Greenlee not to discount Jonathan as a suspect. Ryan dismissed Ethan's suspicions about Jonathan. Bianca interrupted Maggie and Jonathan's fight. Zach listened to Erica's tirade about parenting and then went to see Ethan. Bianca begged Ryan to do something about Jonathan and stop him from eloping with Maggie. Ethan rejected Zach's attempts to be a father to him. Lily took it upon herself to question Jonathan. Greenlee and Kendall enjoyed an evening out.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
Ethan resisted Livia's defense strategy. Greenlee and Erica had words. Jonathan admitted to Ryan that he had hit Maggie. Bianca kissed Maggie. Ryan assumed Kendall acted alone in hiring Aidan to investigate Jonathan. Aidan told Greenlee that Jonathan had a history of abuse. Maggie rebuffed Bianca insisting that she loved Jonathan. Ryan confronted Kendall. Kevin Buchanan offered to help Babe but wanted something in return. Erica was stunned by Bianca's refusal to help JR. JR subpoenaed Bianca to testify against Babe. Kevin Buchanan warned JR to stay away from Ace. Kendall covered for Greenlee with Ryan but was hurt by his accusations. Bianca visited Babe. Lily disguised herself and followed Jonathan. Greenlee admitted to Ryan that she still did not trust Jonathan. Bianca took the witness stand. Babe revealed the results of the DNA test she had done on Ace. Jonathan went to Bianca's.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Ryan was devastated when Erica accidentally shared with him an entry in Chris Stamp's journal that revealed that Patrick Lavery was actually Ryan's biological father. Later, a furious Ryan got into a fistfight with Zach. Jonathan's ex-fiancée, Larraine, showed up in Pine Valley to help convince Maggie to break things off with Jonathan. After Maggie told Jonathan that she was calling it quits, an enraged Jonathan set off to take his anger out on Bianca. Babe sneaked to Llanview where she scored a few minutes alone with her son. A DNA test proved that JR was the biological father of Babe's baby. Edmund stunned Brooke by revealing that he did not plan to pull his divorce petition even after Maria dropped her petition. Lily continued her private investigation of Jonathan and found Jonathan and Bianca locked in a room at the not-yet-completed Miranda Montgomery Center. Lily ran into Babe and told her that Bianca needed help. Babe was able to save Bianca and Miranda from Jonathan's fury, but neither of the two woman realized that Jonathan was still stalking them.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Babe and Bianca talked unaware that Jonathan was nearby. Ryan confronted Jonathan about frightening Bianca. Derek questioned Jonathan in front of Ryan and Jack. Jamie offered JR a proposition. Jonathan admitted to Ryan that he wanted to scare Bianca. Ryan found out about Jonathan's past. Reggie and Greenlee searched for evidence that Jonathan had drugged her. Maggie and Bianca rebuilt their friendship. Erica offered to help JR. Krystal told Babe that she would throw herself on the mercy of the District Attorney. Jonathan continued to come between Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee was reluctant to accept Ryan's solution to the Jonathan problem. Edmund revealed a shocking secret. Bianca asked Maggie to move to France with her. Jack told Greenlee that Jonathan was dangerous. Babe made a startling confession during the custody hearing. Bianca's announcement stunned Kendall and Erica. Kelly Buchanan's testimony shocked everyone in the courtroom.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Maria and Zach kissed as Edmund spied on them. Bianca agonized over her decision. Ethan attempted to enlist Edmund's help in bringing Zach down. Bianca took the stand and accepted Krystal's plea agreement. The judge granted temporary custody to JR with weekly visitations for Babe. Krystal was taken into custody. Erica gave a going away party for Bianca. Ryan and Jonathan had their first therapy session. Maggie told Bianca she couldn't go to Paris with her but changed her mind. Bianca and Maggie left Pine Valley. Zach and Ethan prepared for a battle. Edmund revealed startling information. Kendall was unsettled by Ethan's behavior. Zach got ammunition to use against Edmund. Ethan questioned Zach's motives with Maria. Brooke witnessed Edmund's vengeance against Maria. Ethan knocked Zach out. Someone knocked Edmund over the head with a shovel and then set the stables on fire.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Zach and Ethan pulled Edmund from the burning barn. Jonathan looked for Maggie. Maria and Brooke talked about Maria's marriage to Edmund. Aidan rescued Lily. Maria and David were unable to rescue Edmund and had to come to terms with his death. Jamie wanted to marry Babe right away. Zach refused to defend himself against allegations that he had killed Edmund. Ryan became suspicious that Jonathan had poisoned Greenlee. David, Krystal, and Babe were sentenced. Maria said goodbye to Edmund. Ryan tried to get answers from Zach. Kendall and Greenlee demanded David's help. Brooke couldn't decide if she should tell Maria the truth about Edmund. Greenlee and Kendall planned to get the truth from Jonathan. Zach had an ominous warning for Erica. Ethan told Aidan that he had seen Zach kill Edmund. Erica tried to get through to Lily.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Erica and Jack suspected Lily had seen Edmund's murder. David told Ryan about the drug he'd given Kendall and Greenlee. Jonathan told Ryan what their father had done to him and admitted to drugging Greenlee. Aidan didn't believe Zach was guilty of everything he'd confessed to. Jonathan claimed Braden had poisoned Greenlee and shot Ryan. Zach was cruel to Maria hoping to push her away. Aidan tried to get through to Lily. Ethan offered JR a job. Derek found Braden's finger prints on the note and the scrapbook. Ryan, Greenlee and Maria wanted answers from Zach. Ethan told Kendall he loved her. JR arranged a major setback for Jamie. Simone confronted Jonathan. Jamie surprised Babe with their wedding but their families objected. Greenlee admitted she was hurt by Ryan's actions. Maddie blamed Maria for Edmund's death. Ryan explained to Greenlee the loyalty he felt toward his brothers. Jack had a warning for Jonathan. Maria grieved for Edmund.
March 14 to 18, 2005
Kendall wanted Jonathan punished. Lily could be in danger. Greenlee opposed Ryan's plan for luring Braden. Maria reached out to Sam. JR fired another nanny. Jamie got a job and an apartment and he and Babe cleared the air about marriage. Tad supported Jamie's wish to be with Babe. Krystal had a difficult time in jail. A note from Braden accused Jonathan of betrayal. Greenlee discovered Mary was the intruder. Ryan decided to act as a decoy. Sam and Isabella blamed Maria for Edmund's death. Ryan planned to meet Braden. At the stables, Lily remembered what had happened to Edmund. Aidan insisted on helping Ryan. Ryan was shot. Erica prevented Maria from questioning Lily. Ryan survived the attack and he and Aidan made a shocking discovery when they returned to Jonathan's suite. Edmund's funeral got under way.
March 21 to 25, 2005
Unaware of Braden's bomb, Tad gave the eulogy at Edmund's funeral. Sam publicly blamed Maria for Edmund's death. Ryan evacuated the chapel. David offered Adam a deal. Ryan went after Braden. Jonathan was relieved that the bomb did not go off. Erica insisted that Ethan was lying. Greenlee feared the worst when Ryan told her he would play Braden's game. Sam and Maddie wanted to leave home. Erica continued to insist Ethan was lying. Lily told Jack, Reggie, Erica and Greenlee that Edmund was walking on the night he was killed. Maria and Brooke refused to believe Erica's claims about Ethan and Edmund. Ryan reminisced about his childhood with Braden. Brooke prepared to tell Maria what she knew. Ryan survived the trap set for him as he figured out Braden's plan. Jonathan realized where Ryan had gone but refused to tell Greenlee. Lily inadvertently walked in on Jonathan during a confrontation he was having with Braden.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
Erica confronted Ethan about Kendall. Lily told Jack and Reggie that she had seen Braden kill Edmund. Jonathan surprised Greenlee at Fusion. Lt. Perry told Erica that Lily was not a credible witness. David tried to use Babe to find Liza and Colby. Kendall believed in Ethan and walked away from her family. Ryan, Aidan and Tad were shocked to find Greenlee at Braden's hiding place. Tad and Ryan convinced Greenlee to return to Pine Valley. Lily believed she had failed Jack. Babe and Jamie warned David not to go through with his plan. Ryan challenged Braden to meet him face to face. Zach told Maria he did not kill Edmund. Ethan lied to Maria about what was on the tape. Greenlee, Lily and their bodyguard have car trouble on the way to Lily's old school. Greenlee and Lily found themselves in a frightening situation when Jonathan held them at gun point. Ryan faced his personal demons. Tad reached out to Ryan. A messenger delivered a note to Ryan.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
David visited Di in prison to try to find out who she was. Jonathan caught Kendall and locked her up with Greenlee and Lily. Ethan went to JR for help. David called Di "Dixie." Jonathan contacted Ryan but did not tell him about Greenlee. Kendall helped Greenlee through a bout of claustrophobia. Braden accused Jonathan of double crossing him. Tad realized that Braden wanted to kill all the Lavery brothers. Ryan sensed that Greenlee was in trouble. Greenlee and Kendall disabled Jonathan temporarily. Maria learned that Edmund's estate would go to Sam and Maddie with Brooke as executor. Ryan took off on his own. Lily identified Jonathan as Edmund's killer. Simone warned Ethan that Kendall never forgave and forgot. JR's plan to frame David failed. Kendall was devastated by Jonathan's confession. Kendall and Greenlee moved against Jonathan. JR manipulated Ethan. Babe refused Adam's offer. Greenlee tried to calm an increasingly irrational Jonathan. Krystal warned David not to help Adam. Kendall, Greenlee and Lily faced a new danger.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Ryan showed up at the cave. Babe and Di ran into each other. Erica tried to convince David to go along with Adam. Ryan accused Jonathan of doing everything and blaming Braden. Braden's body was in the cave. Ryan was unable to convince Jonathan to let Greenlee, Kendall and Lily go. The cave was wired with explosives. Di went to David for help. Ryan shot Jonathan. Jack, Tad, Aidan, Reggie and Sam set out to rescue Greenlee and Lily. Jonathan blamed Ryan for what he had become leaving Ryan devastated by guilt. Kendall stopped Greenlee from going after Ryan as an explosion rocked the cave. Babe was furious with David for giving up Liza's phone number. Rescue crews worked to free Ryan. Tad was fascinated by Di. Tad tried to reconcile with JR. Erica calmed Lily. Tad accused David of selling out Lisa and Colby. Jonathan haunted a guilt-wracked Ryan. Despite her conflicted feelings about Ethan, Kendall came to a decision. Jack warned Zach to stay away from his family. Liza and Colby evaded Adam again. Ethan proposed to Kendall.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Ryan was wracked with guilt over Jonathan. Zach tried to deal with Erica. Kendall confronted Ethan about his lies. Maria told Zach how she felt. JR used Kendall's confusion about Ethan to his advantage. Greenlee was shocked when Erica took her side. The charges against Zach were dropped. Kendall told Derek that Ethan lied about what he saw. Brooke refused to use Tempo to help Krystal. David gave Di a rundown of his plan but she thought it was cruel. Kendall was shocked by Zach's outrageous suggestion. Greenlee refused to help Ethan get Kendall back. Zach explained the reason behind his proposal. Tad and Maria commiserated with each other. Ethan warned Zach not to hurt Kendall. Greenlee tried to convince Kendall not to align herself with Zach. JR and Adam tentatively reconciled. Di agreed to David's plan. Ryan was missing from his room.
April 25 to 29, 2005
Zach gave Kendall an engagement ring. Di went to the Chandler's to apply for the nanny position. Kendall and Greenlee found Ryan at the cave. Lily got in a fight at school. Kendall and Greenlee argue about Greenlee's plan to get through to Ryan. JR accused Tad of trying to come between him and Adam. Ethan told Kendall that he loved her. Kendall asked Ethan to sign Cambias over to Zach to prove his love. Sam and Lily forged a friendship. Ryan told Greenlee he loved her but never wanted to have children. Tad blackmailed the warden to protect Krystal from the other inmates. Adam did not accept Di as readily as JR did. Jamie questioned Tad about Dixie after a violent encounter with JR. Maria continued to drink at the awards ceremony. Kendall and Maria fought about Zach. Erica offered Maria unwanted but sensible advice.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
A drunken Maria refused Edmund's award. JR told Kendall he wanted her. Jack and Ryan argued. Adam comforted Brooke. Ethan realized Maria's mistake. Zach barged in on Maria and Ethan. JR told Kendall he liked her as she was. Ryan feared Jonathan had killed their sister. Adam agreed to go to the emergency room. Maria told Zach she loved him. JR and Kendall went to bed. Maria was mortified when she recalled the previous night. JR encouraged Kendall to marry Zach. Phoebe died. Ethan fired JR. Kendall promised to help JR regain control of Chandler Enterprises. There was a strange girl in JR's bed. Greenlee turned to Kendall for help with Ryan. Maria tried to make peace between Zach and Ethan. Kendall's advice stunned Greenlee. Maddie and Sam ran away. Ryan's response to Kendall relieved Greenlee's mind. Kendall defended her actions. Reggie tried to make peace between Jack and Erica. Ryan had a shocking suggestion for Greenlee.
May 9 to 13, 2005
Greenlee was stunned when Ryan insisted on a divorce. Erica told Kendall she was thinking of calling off the wedding. Maria did not believe Maddie's claims about Zach. JR berated Amanda. Ryan said he did not want to divorce Greenlee but needed to take control of his life. Tad continued to follow leads on "Jane Doe." Jack was irate when he learned that Erica had reservations. Ryan went to see a doctor about a vasectomy. Greenlee and Kendall accused each other of derailing Jack and Erica's wedding. The organizers of a surprise bridal shower interrupted an argument between Jack and Erica. Erica announced that the wedding was off. Family and friends gathered to remember Phoebe including Bennie, Linc, Kelly, Chuck and Tom. Lily explained her plans for Sam and Maddie's escape to Sam. Sam kissed Lily. Ryan let Kendall see the extent of his rage but asked her to keep it a secret. Greenlee and Lily wanted Jack to marry Erica. Lily gave Jack something to think about.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Jack kidnapped Erica and took her on a boat. Kendall told Ryan to tell Greenlee the truth or she would. Kendall was ready to marry Zach. Sam wanted to find his birth parents. Babe urged Jamie to consider Phoebe's offer. Erica and Jack confessed their love for each other. Maria and Zach said their goodbyes. JR encouraged Kendall's anger at Ethan. Greenlee and Ryan celebrated their anniversary. Erica and Jack docked at Boca Raton and decided to get married at the resort. Kendall, Greenlee, Reggie and Lily planned to attend the ceremony but Ryan told Greenlee he was unable to go. Kendall, Greenlee, Bianca, Miranda and Reggie arrived in Boca Raton for the wedding. Tad's search for "Jane Doe" came up with another lead. Jack and Erica tried to ease Lily's fears. Bianca and Miranda arrived. Ethan and Zach arrived in Boca Raton. Greenlee locked Zach in a storage room. Kendall wanted nothing to do with Ethan. Bianca tried to give Ethan insight into Kendall. Erica anticipated her wedding day.
May 23 to 27, 2005
JR wanted Amanda to seduce Jamie. Greenlee tried to hide Zach from Erica, Kendall and Lily. Simone offered Ryan support. Kendall, Greenlee, Erica and Bianca enjoyed the spa while Lily swam in the pool. Reggie, Lily, Greenlee, Kendall and Bianca paid tribute to Erica and Jack as the wedding began. Greenlee confronted Kendall about Zach. Erica gave Jack the yacht as a wedding gift. Greenlee urged Zach to end his feud with Ethan. Ethan told Kendall he had signed a document relinquishing his Cambias holdings but she had already married Zach. Tad and Aidan questioned Diana Cole. Ethan attacked Zach. Kendall begged Ethan to give their relationship another chance. Maria apologized to Ryan. Ryan was haunted by memories of Jonathan. Ryan battled the demons from his past. Greenlee was furious with Kendall and returned home to confront Ryan.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
Greenlee was stunned that Ryan had gone ahead with the vasectomy. Zach told Kendall he'd had a change of heart. Babe asked Amanda about Di. JR and Amanda tricked Babe. David told Di that Tad had fallen for all the phony clues he'd planted. Tad went to speak to Di. Tad questioned Di but she fainted. Greenlee confided in David. Joe refused Tad's request for a DNA test on Di without her consent. Jamie and Babe played into Amanda's hands. Diana landed in the hospital. Amanda continued to manipulate Jamie. Tad confronted Di who convinced him not to say anything in front of JR. Later, Tad voiced his suspicions to JR. David wondered if his lies might actually be the truth. JR became angry when Tad tried to convince him that Di might actually be Dixie. Babe told Krystal that Tad thought Dixie may actually be alive.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
JR was furious that Zach had decided to withdraw his lawsuit for Cambias. Greenlee demanded Ryan's sperm from the sperm bank. Kendall tried to explain why she had married Zach. Erica slapped Zach and demanded to know his intentions. Jack apologized to Ryan after they argued. JR was angry when he caught Amanda flirting with Aidan. Erica urged Maria to reunite with Zach. Kendall asked Zach if their marriage allowed him to avoid Maria. Babe was concerned about Krystal and Tad's future if Dixie was alive. Zach went to meet Maria but found Maddie instead. Maria refused to believe Maddie's lies. Maria had a surprising announcement for Sam and Maddie. Ryan and Greenlee had different visions of their future together. JR refused to believe that Di was really Dixie. Di had a shocking announcement for Tad, JR, and Adam. Kendall warned Ryan that Greenlee still wanted to have a child with him.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Jamie and Babe believed JR had drugged Amanda. JR thought someone had put Di up to pretending to be Dixie, but she stuck to her story. Erica interrupted Greenlee's plans. Palmer collapsed when Adam told him of Di's claim to be Dixie. Adam, JR, Di, and Jamie tended to Palmer. Krystal was skeptical when Tad said he wished he hadn't found Dixie. Erica tried to convince Ryan he had made a mistake. JR was furious when Di explained why she had kept her identity a secret. Palmer and Jamie accepted that Di was really Dixie. Kendall urged JR not to turn his back on Di. Di admitted to being unsure she wanted to reconcile with Tad. Kendall was swayed by Greenlee's passionate argument. Tad discussed Dixie with Maria. David was delighted with the success of his plan. Danielle's mother wanted her to go home to New York. Greenlee, Kendall, and Simone found themselves in a tight spot. Adam and Di accused each other of hurting JR. JR stopped Adam's attack and referred to Di as his mother. Tad insisted that he and Dixie would not be getting back together. Ryan and David argued.
June 20 to 24, 2005
JR was positive that Di was Dixie although Adam still wanted a DNA test. Amanda came on to Aidan. Erica interviewed candidates for supervising producer. Zach warned Ryan to treat Kendall with respect. Erica offered Kendall the job. David took the vials from Greenlee but only agreed to hold them for her. Maria was moving out west but Sam would be staying with the Martins. Josh tried to convince Erica to hire him. Greg confronted Greenlee about the missing vials. Erica hired Josh on a trial basis. Greenlee kept Greg from telling Ryan the truth. Kendall was shocked to hear what Zach had to say about Ryan. Lily and Sam went on a date. Kendall feared for Ryan's safety. David's attack on JR enraged Di and she asked for JR's forgiveness. Ryan had a nightmare. Amanda continued trying to seduce Jamie. Krystal called David after seeing a photo of Dixie. Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan had entered a dangerous world. Di defended herself to Tad and JR when they believed she had betrayed them. Jamie wanted Amanda to move out. David warned Krystal not to expose his scheme.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Greenlee was horrified to find how Ryan had been spending his time. Jack was furious when Sam brought Lily home late. David tried to convince Krystal to keep the truth about Di a secret. Di failed to make peace between JR and Jamie. Maria left Pine Valley. Greenlee refused to abandon her plan to have Ryan's baby. Kendall kept Greenlee's plan from Ryan. David refused to help Greenlee have Ryan's baby. Ethan and Simone grew \closer. Tad told Krystal there was no future for him with Dixie. Tad wanted Krystal to marry him. Babe had an idea of what to do about Di. Di told David that she would do things her way from then on. Di went to visit Krystal. Adam was displeased with JR's future plans. Di pled her case with Krystal. Babe had an interesting proposition for Adam. Greenlee insisted she was doing the right thing trying to have Ryan's baby.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Ryan told Greenlee about the drug David had given him. Pine Valley celebrated July 4th. Tad apologized to Di. Derek and Mimi realized Danielle had overheard them. Babe stood up to Adam. JR freed Tad and Di from the pump house. Tad told everyone that he had proposed to Di. Tad told Di why he wanted to hold a memorial service for their daughter. Krystal refused to give Adam any information about Di. Erica wanted her family to appear on the televised launch party. Kendall offered Greenlee her support. Krystal told Adam what she knew about Di and Adam made good on his promise to her. Tad remained hopeful that he, Jamie and JR could someday be a family again. Erica's family attended the show's launch party. Zach annoyed Erica at the party. Tad wanted answers from Di. David betrayed Di who made a shocking announcement.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Greenlee made a shocking announcement. Di told everyone she really was Dixie and offered to take a DNA test. Greenlee worried about telling Ryan her news. Zach and Kendall treated Ryan and Greenlee to the best suite in the casino. Tad told Krystal he still wanted to marry her. Ryan faced his demons in the gazebo. Zach and Kendall grew closer. Krystal watched Tad and Di together. Babe unleashed her anger on David and apologized to JR for past mistakes. Krystal told Tad she would never marry him. David learned something new about Di. Babe and Jamie argued. Zach and Kendall watched Greenlee and Ryan on the surveillance monitors. Greenlee explained how she became pregnant. Ryan struggled to control his rage. Ryan was furious with Greenlee. Jack was upset to learn Greenlee was pregnant. The DNA test results came back. Zach, Kendall and Greenlee followed Ryan and witnessed something horrifying. JR got the news he was hoping for.
July 18 to 22, 2005
Dani confessed to Reggie about Josh. Ryan rode his bike over a cliff. Reggie told Dani he never wanted to see her again. Kendall urged Greenlee to be optimistic. Tad drugged David and tied him up in the cabin. Zach told Kendall and Greenlee that Ryan could not have survived. Zach found Ryan hiding and agreed to help him stay dead to the rest of the world. Lily agreed to meet Sam at Wildwind. Greenlee broke down in Jack's arms. Erica reached out to Kendall. Danielle tried to apologize to Reggie. Zach battled his conscience as to whether to tell Greenlee what he knew. Amanda begged Tad and Aidan for a job. Tad found Sam and Lily at Wildwind. Kendall unintentionally helped Zach make up his mind. JR was cruel to Amanda. Di played into Adam's hands. Aidan told Kendall and Zach what he had learned about Ryan's sister, Erin. Kendall became suspicious of Zach.
July 25 to 29, 2005
Zach hid Ryan in his office. Ryan wanted to find his sister. Kendall had suspicions about Ryan's death. Ryan watched Greenlee on the monitor. Jamie and Babe took Amanda to the hospital. Kendall comforted Greenlee. Zach made arrangements to sneak Ryan out of Pine Valley and provided him with a new identity. David defended himself to a furious Jack. Ryan hid as Erica opened the door to Zach's office. Greenlee told Reggie and Lily that she was pregnant. JR confronted Amanda about the pills she took. Erica and Jack destroyed the security tapes of Ryan's last night. Babe asked Dixie to help Jamie. Adam wanted to make a deal with Krystal. Kendall wanted nothing to do with JR after his betrayal. Tad leapt to Dixie's rescue. Krystal recognized the deep bond between Tad and Dixie. Zach warned Ryan about faking his own death. Greenlee found strength in her baby. Krystal wanted answers from David. Ryan secretly watched Greenlee.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
Lily saw Ryan but thought he was a ghost. Adam offered to give the estate to JR and leave. Greenlee asked Kendall to be her baby's Godmother. Jack admitted to Erica that he wished Greenlee was not pregnant. Greenlee had her first sonogram. Erica urged Jack to embrace Greenlee and the baby. Erica had an uneasy feeling about Greg. Greenlee returned home for the first time. JR and Babe argued. Amanda tried to apologize to Jamie. Kendall confronted Erica about her meddling. Dixie tried to convince JR to let go of his anger at Jamie and Babe. Babe wanted Jamie to have a medical career even if they had to be apart. Aidan caught Amanda at Wildwind. Babe explained her plans for the future to Jamie. Dixie blamed herself for JR's unhappiness. Zach found Julia hiding at Wildwind. JR and Dixie were in a car accident and JR blamed Jamie.
August 8 to 12, 2005
JR accused Jamie of fixing his brakes. Julia thought Zach wanted to kill her. Garret tried to make friends with Danielle. Greg told Kendall, Erica and Jack that Greenlee had had a miscarriage. Kendall tried to console Greenlee. Zach tried to convince Julia that he wanted to help her. Babe told JR she would walk away from Jamie to get him the life he deserved. Ryan saw Erin and realized she was leading a happy life. Zach convinced Kendall that he must do whatever it took to help Julia. Greenlee learned she would never be able to carry a baby to term. Kendall was determined to give Greenlee what she wanted. Josh refused to do Erica and JR's bidding. Babe vowed to do whatever was necessary to give Jamie the life he deserved. Erin confronted Ryan. Erin's words hurt Ryan. Babe propositioned Josh. Julia began to open up to Zach. Kendall agreed to do all she could to help Greenlee. Erin continued to keep a secret.
August 15 to 19, 2005
Kendall made Greenlee a generous offer. Jamie was suspicious when he walked in on Babe and Josh. Ryan explained his reasons for wanting to stay dead to Erin. Jack, Lily and Reggie asked Greenlee to move in with them. Greenlee and Kendall met with Greg to discuss surrogacy. Babe moved forward with her plan. Ryan questioned Erin about the bruise on her arm. Kendall feigned indifference when she realized Zach was helping Julia. Zach accused Kendall of keeping secrets. Sam apologized to Lily. Dixie tried to get JR to give up his desire for revenge against Tad, Babe and Jamie. Tad and Dixie started out arguing but wound up kissing. Jamie walked in on Babe and Josh. Kendall and Greenlee anticipated Kendall's surrogacy. Tad and Dixie agreed there was a connection between them. Ryan jumped to the wrong conclusion about Erin.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Del Henry arrived in Pine Valley and Di admitted to being Dixie's half-sister. Jamie broke things off with Babe. Ryan found Jonathan hiding in Erin's cabin. Del went to see Tad and tried to tell him the truth about Di. Kendall overheard Julia making plans to meet someone. Erin explained how she found Jonathan and warned Ryan not to hurt him. Di agreed to go on a date with Tad. Kendall tried to trick Zach into leaving Julia but he saw through the ruse. Julia met with Jimmy who pulled a gun on her. Danielle told Simone of her suspicions about Garret. Jonathan was completely delusional. Erica remained suspicious of Greg. Zach refused to stop helping Julia. Ryan and Erin disagreed about what was best for Jonathan. Kendall sought out Mimi. Ryan understood the terror Jonathan experienced at the hands of their father. Kendall tried to make a deal with Derek and Mimi. Lily's innocence moved Zach and Julia. Julia agreed to leave Wildwind.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Zach and Julia ducked bullets at Wildwind. Danielle asked Garret about his feelings for her. Mimi and Derek questioned Zach. Babe had a new plan. Ryan tried to convince Erin that Jonathan was dangerous and needed professional help. Tad and Dixie discussed their relationship. Mimi confirmed to Tad and Sam that Julia had been hiding at Wildwind. Ryan admitted he wanted to have Jonathan hospitalized. Zach hid Julia at a cabin in the country. Jonathan threatened to kill himself, Erin and Ryan. Lily and Sam told Greenlee and Kendall about seeing Ryan's ghost. Kendall confronted Zach. Ryan made an emotional plea to Jonathan. Zach admitted nothing to Kendall. Greenlee was devastated to think that Ryan could still be alive and be staying away.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
Tad pleaded with Di to tell what she knew about Kevin to protect Julia. Ryan assured Zach that he would stay dead. Erin realized that Ryan had suffered as much as she and Jonathan had. Di told Del that she feared she was in danger. JR was angry when he found Jamie and Amanda together. Krystal grew more suspicious of Di. Zach and Tad argued about Di and Julia. Babe prevented a tragedy. JR was troubled by his feelings for Babe. Zach wanted answers from Di. Tad was stunned by Zach's revelation. Krystal turned the tables on Adam. Tad realized that Di was keeping information from him. Julia was haunted by painful memories. Kendall and Greenlee enjoyed an evening out together. Erin and Ryan took Jonathan to the hospital.
September 12 to 16, 2005
The doctor told Erin and Ryan that Jonathan had a massive brain tumor. Zach was against Kendall and Greenlee's plan. Tad brought Di to Julia. Zach urged Babe to search for Di's letter. Babe and Julia prowled the tunnels of Chandler Mansion each unaware of the other's presence. Erica's first episode is wildly popular. Zach told Kendall she would be unable to give Ryan's baby to Greenlee. Greenlee underwent the first procedure in the process. Ryan and Erin waited during Jonathan's surgery. Ryan told Erin about Greenlee. Ryan ran into an old enemy who threatened to expose Ryan's secret. Zach confided in Myrtle who thought there was more to the story. Erica wrapped up her first episode. Kendall and Greenlee became more friendly towards each other. Reggie was cold to Danielle. Tad confronted Di with the letter she wrote. Julia spied on Tad and Di. Del promised to help Di. JR was confused when he caught Babe snooping in the mansion. Mimi confronted Aidan. Amanda made a horrifying discovery. Reggie reached out to Danielle.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Di refused to tell Tad her secret. Jamie gave Babe some advice. Krystal searched for information on the Hunkles. Di refused to tell Julia what she wanted to know. Ryan and Erin were relieved when Jonathan survived surgery. Danielle told Mimi her problem with Garret. Erin called Greenlee at Ryan's behest. Tad threatened to kill Zach if he jeopardized Di. Di refused to give Tad the letter she had written. Adam and Krystal were horrified when they realized what they had done. Mimi and Garret's wedding was disrupted. Babe continued to manipulate JR's feelings. Di asked Garret for a favor. Adam and Krystal got proof that they were married. Del assured Julia that she could trust Di. Zach confronted Tad about Di. Julia accused Di of betraying her. Danielle vowed to expose Garret. Tad realized Di had met with the man who was after Julia. Di feared she was losing Tad. Kendall underwent the procedure at the fertility clinic.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Tad tried to comfort Julia. Garret warned Di to forget about Julia. Tad begged Di to do the right thing. Greenlee was jealous of Kendall. Julia escaped from federal custody. Garret convinced Julia he was an old childhood friend of Noah's. Jamie warned David of Babe's intentions. Zach accused Di in front of Mimi which infuriated Tad. Di contacted Garret. Garret took Julia to his apartment in New York. Julia realized she was in trouble when she saw Garret's tattoo. Zach, Tad and Di were released. David, Di and Tad learned of Adam and Krystal's marriage. David insisted Babe give up her plan to marry JR. Julia was stunned by Garret's claims. Erica demanded answers from Greg. Zach assured Kendall that he supported her plan. Di told Tad where he could find the incriminating letter. Di begged Garret to set Julia free. Alfred turned the tables on Zach and Tad. JR assured Kendall he could never fall in love with Babe again. David told Babe Di's secret.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
Di tried to convince Julia to play along. Babe told Krystal Di's secret. Erica thought Kendall was gay. Garret offered Julia a chance at a new life. Jonathan wanted to go back to Pine Valley. Krystal decided not to tell Tad the truth about Di. Julia was stunned by Garret's claims about Noah. Greg insisted that Josh should never date Kendall. Erica found it difficult to accept that Kendall would be a surrogate for Greenlee. Ryan told Erin that he could never return to Greenlee. Erica threatened to destroy Greg if Kendall became pregnant. Kendall tried to convince Greenlee not to go to Canada to see Erin. Jonathan was anxious to make amends in Pine Valley. Ryan was tormented by his feelings for Greenlee. Di held Julia's fate in her hands. Tad and Zach became suspicious of Garret. Julia and Di agreed to work together against Garret. Ryan listened as Greenlee spoke to Erin.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Tad and Zach confronted Garret with their suspicions. Adam and JR dismissed Stuart. Garret accused Di of betrayal. Julia, overcome by painful memories, shot Garret. Ryan was tortured by Greenlee's pain. Greenlee saw Jonathan at the hospital. Tad and Zach showed up just in time to rescue Julia and Di. Krystal and Babe agonized over whether to tell the truth about Di. JR began to soften toward Tad and Jamie. Stuart returned the letter to Di. Del burned the letter. Tad confronted Di. Zach and Kendall continued to avoid their feelings for each other. Greenlee told Zach and Kendall that she had visited Erin. Ryan made a decision about his and Jonathan's future. Kendall told Greenlee she was pregnant. Greg warned Kendall and Greenlee that they needed to control Erica. Erica was unable to convince Josh to help her. After talking to Julia, Tad made a decision about Di. Mimi apologized to Danielle.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Kendall told Erica to accept her pregnancy or she would cut Erica out of her life. Tad told Di she had to tell the family the truth or he would. Ryan showed up at Lily's door. Zach and Kendall convinced Greenlee not to tell Jack yet. Lily sent Ryan into the park to find Greenlee. The mourners were shocked when Ryan appeared. Erica warned Jack not to interfere between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan tried to tell Greenlee what really happened but she stopped him. Zach promised Kendall he would always protect her. Di told the family the truth but JR was reluctant to accept it. Di reached out to JR. Greenlee was devastated when Ryan admitted the truth. Ryan begged Greenlee to forgive him. Greenlee accused Ryan of betraying her. Zach confessed to Kendall. Kendall turned her back on Zach. JR attacked Ryan. Greenlee had a difficult question for Kendall.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Kendall told Greenlee they could go ahead with the pregnancy like before. Lily ran into Stuart in the woods. Jamie stopped JR from beating Ryan and Julia took him to the hospital. Erica tried to calm Jack. Greenlee insisted she no longer loved Ryan. Zach told Ryan he should leave town for good. Babe tried to comfort JR. Kendall urged Ryan to try to win Greenlee back. Ryan told Kendall that he was a changed man. Zach prevented Kendall from telling Ryan about the surrogacy. Erica and Greenlee clashed. Greenlee arrived at Ryan's hospital room. Julia encouraged Di to fight for what she wanted. JR and Jamie refused to forgive Di. Brooke reached out to Tad. Di arrived at Tad's door. Julia had a mission. Ryan asked Livia for advice. Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that he had changed. Greenlee received a shocking phone call. Jonathan prepared for a happy life with Ryan, Greenlee and Erin.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Babe figures out that Amanda plans to trick Jamie into marrying her. Amanda is furious when Babe exposes her diabolical plans in front of Jamie in such a way that there can be no mistaking the truth. Jamie is enraged and throws Amanda out. Bent on revenge, Amanda vows to pay Babe back for her interference. Zach rebuffs Julia's advances. After seeing Julia kiss Zach, Kendall turns to JR for friendship and support. Palmer has Di arrested for impersonating Dixie. JR keeps Di from going to jail but not out of the kindness of his heart. Deeply resentful over Di's betrayal, JR drinks heavily. After he tells Babe he intends to leave the country with little Adam, JR gets in his car. Worried, Babe gets into the car with JR and tries to get him to give her the car keys. JR ignores her and they drive off. A short while later, JR runs Amanda down. Jonathan and Erin arrive in Pine Valley and Greenlee learns that he is alive. Someone deliberately starts a fire in the attic of the bar while Kendall and Greenlee are downstairs.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Zach lends Di a sympathetic ear which leads to a kiss. A fire breaks out trapping Greenlee and Kendall. Ryan comes to the rescue just in the nick of time and is able to save both women. Afterwards, Zach declares his love to Kendall, but she is unconscious at the time. Greenlee lies to Kendall when she wakes up and asks if Zach had been by to see her. Greenlee insists that Zach had not been by to see Kendall. Driving drunk, JR runs Amanda down, seriously injuring her. Babe takes responsibility for the accident to save JR from being charged with DUI. Initially JR believes Babe is lying about him being the driver but then he begins to have flashbacks that convince him that Babe is actually telling the truth. Julia agrees to allow Del to move into Wildwind as a favor to Di. Julia also asks Sam if he would be interested in moving back to his childhood home. Jonathan returns to Pine Valley much to the surprise of all those who believed he had perished in the cave. Sam steals a gun out of Julia's safe and goes to confront his father's murderer. Julia is able to convince Sam to let Jonathan go much to Ryan's relief. Josh makes a startling discovery when he breaks into his father's files and reads something on Kendall's file that has the potential to send Erica back to the bottle. Greg swears Josh to secrecy.
November 14 to 18, 2005
JR did not want Babe to talk to Derek. Greg promised Kendall he'd keep their secret. Jonathan talked to the DA. Jack was livid when the DA decided not to prosecute Jonathan. Erica tried to make peace. Erin clashed with Aidan. Lily visited Jonathan. Babe told JR she was falling for him again. Janet showed up at the hospital. Kendall told Greenlee that she loved Zach. Kendall learned Greenlee had lied to her about Zach's visit. Jonathan swore he did not start the fire. Janet went to see Babe. Zach did not tell Kendall what she wanted to hear. Ryan reached out to Greenlee. Greenlee began to soften toward Ryan. Jamie told JR what Amanda was up to. Greg had good news for Greenlee and Kendall. Greenlee turned to David for help when she realized Kendall had a secret. Julia tested Jonathan.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Shots were fired at Ryan, Erin and Jonathan. Greenlee was suspicious when she learned the baby's blood type. Greenlee demanded to know the truth about the secret Greenlee and Greg were keeping. Josh helped Greenlee break into Greg's office. Ryan thanked Kendall for what she was doing for Greenlee. Jack and Erica were not pleased when Zach, David and Greg joined them for Thanksgiving dinner. Amanda crashed the Chandler holiday. Ryan and Jack agreed to a truce. Greenlee confronted Kendall at dinner.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
Everyone was stunned when Greenlee revealed Kendall's secret. Greenlee told Ryan she was leaving town for good. Erica confronted Greg. Kendall wondered why Zach was being so nice to her. Ryan begged Greenlee not to give up on their relationship. Erica tried to comfort Kendall. Myrtle challenged Zach to tell Kendall how he felt about her. Adam, Babe and Krystal wound up in the hospital after Thanksgiving dinner. Kendall begged Greenlee not to turn her back on her future. Greenlee left Pine Valley. Ryan and Kendall fought. Zach was angered by the way Kendall was treated. Kendall refused to allow herself to trust Zach. Jack and Erica clashed over Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan and Julia commiserated with each other. JR and Babe confronted Amanda who protested her innocence. Kendall stuck to her guns. After talking to Zach, Myrtle took action. Jonathan accused Kendall of ruining Ryan and Greenlee's marriage. Kendall was attacked from behind
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Kendall awoke in a hammock high off the ground. Zach warned Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Joe offered Julia a job. Zach rescued Kendall. Kendall suspected Jonathan or Greenlee of leaving her in the hammock. Julia and Aidan tried to stop Zach from beating Jonathan. Josh offered Amanda a job. Kendall was angry when JR told her she should raise her baby. Krystal was unable to convince Babe to give up her plan. Livia had legal documents for Babe to sign, which gave her Greenlee's portion of ownership in Fusion. Babe and Kendall faced off. JR told Babe how he felt about her. Simone was thrilled by Ethan's gift. Jonathan was harassed by Sam and his friends. Ryan and Zach argued about Jonathan. Julia unintentionally upset Kendall. Kendall agreed to go away with Zach. Babe held JR off.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Zach had a fantasy, and Kendall dreamed about Zach. David narrowly avoided heart surgery. Amanda feared she might be responsible for the attacks on Kendall and David. Zach and Kendall kept their feelings to themselves. Ryan questioned Greg about Kendall's insemination. Tad and Di pondered Greg's remarks. Stuart accepted Jonathan's explanation. Kendall asked Zach to tell her the truth. Zach surprised Kendall with a fireworks display. JR led Babe to believe he wanted a future with her. Krystal's wild party enraged Adam. Zach and Kendall began to be more honest with each other. Jamie explained to JR why he had allowed Amanda to move in with him. Babe was horrified to learn Josh had hired Amanda. Ryan fanned Kendall's insecurities over Zach. Kendall wanted nothing to do with Zach or Ryan. JR was after Jonathan. Babe stood up to JR. Josh defended Amanda when Jamie confronted her.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Babe continued to manipulate JR. Someone dressed as Santa took Little Adam through the tunnels of Chandler Mansion. Erin insisted that Jonathan would return home as promised. Greg told Erica he had fallen madly in love with her the first time he saw her. Babe told JR she wanted to marry him. Kendall was thrilled to see Bianca and Miranda. Jack surprised Erica with a new house for their family. Babe wondered whether she and JR could have a future together. Little Adam went missing. JR attacked Jonathan and demanded that he return Little Adam. Ryan and Erin defended Jonathan. Babe and JR suspected Amanda might be involved in Little Adam's disappearance. Zach misinterpreted what Kendall was about to tell him. Adam tried to comfort Krystal. Bianca was angered by Zach's news. Erin began to believe that Jonathan could be involved in Little Adam's disappearance. Little Adam was found safe. Kendall ran into an old friend. Bianca told Zach the truth about Kendall. Zach told Bianca he was doing the right thing where Kendall was concerned. Ryan and Kendall were stunned by what they found in the chapel. Di traveled to Europe... to visit Dixie.
December 26 to 30, 2005
Di asked Dixie if she was coming home. Tad was annoyed that Di had left town. Kendall continued to deny her feelings for Zach. Babe refused to sell her Fusion stock to Zach. Erica was livid when she realized Bianca was playing matchmaker. JR tried to bribe Amanda to leave town. Zach was cheered by Kendall's declaration of affection. Ryan promised to stand by Kendall throughout her pregnancy. Zach told Bianca he had a surprise for Kendall. Zach tricked Kendall into meeting him at the casino. JR and Babe ran into Jamie and Amanda at the Valley Inn's New Year's Party. Janet disguised herself. Zach's elaborate surprise touched Kendall. Zach told Kendall how he really felt about her. Kendall told Zach the truth. Babe and Krystal fell victim to Janet.
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