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January 3 to 7, 2005
R.J. kissed Lindsay at midnight so that she wouldn't see Daniel propose to Nora. After Nora gave Daniel a maybe, Bo disapproved of Nora marrying Daniel because of Matthew and Nora became determined to accept his proposal. Rex tried to say goodbye to the Rappaports but was arrested by Bo when the gun planting video was enhanced, exposing Rex at the scene of the crime. When Natalie was mugged, a violent Cris rode to her rescue, causing John to wonder if he was really Cris. John implied to Natalie that she should leave Cristian. Evangeline and John fought over her using information in the Tico investigation that she overheard by eavesdropping. Todd managed to call the penthouse where Jack answered but when Blair grabbed the phone, Margaret silenced Todd with a choke hold. Kelly sent Kevin on a wild goose chase for Ace and he almost stumbled upon a weakened Todd at a mechanic's where Margaret's car had broken down. From a piece of returned mail, Mrs. Bigelow located Margaret's cabin and the clinic but Margaret pushed Mrs. Bigelow out the window before she could give the information to Blair. A moody Jessica was angry at Antonio for kissing her and blamed Antonio for trashing her bedroom. Michael urged Marcie to think of Al before she got the liposuction recommended by Hayes.
January 10 to 14, 2005
After getting Bo to look at Mrs. Bigelow's death as a murder, Blair confronted a gun toting Margaret and planned to follow her. Margaret spiked Todd's coffee with an aphrodisiac. Jessica thought Cristian was the one harassing her and after a note to stay away from Antonio, Antonio decided to stay at Llanfair to keep an eye on her. During Cristian's art show, Cris became stuck in an elevator with Antonio and when Antonio nearly fell to his death, Cristian hesitated until Natalie's voice brought him back. Natalie got Cristian to open up about his visions and voices he hears, but he also worried John might be right that he was a danger to Natalie. Cristian also remembered killing Tico but kept that to himself. Dorian worked on the Governor in order to exact revenge on Viki. J.R. Chandler broke the Ace news to Bo. After Bo asked, Kelly spilled everything about Ace except for where he currently was. Asa and Kevin went to visit the Chandlers to stake their claim to Ace. Nora accepted Daniel's proposal and they finally made love. John discovered the latex at Tico's murder matched Michael's but Michael stopped him from withholding the evidence from Bo.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Blair and Dorian took Mrs. Bigelow's body from her funeral to lay a trap for Margaret to finish the job. Margaret took the bait but used the opportunity to get a restraining order and keep Blair from following her to Todd. Nora helped Blair track down Margaret. Todd caused an avalanche and was trapped in the cabin, causing Margaret to steal dynamite and try to blow the building off of him. Cristian worried he was stalking Jessica without knowing. Natalie found part of Cristian's notebook and confided in John. John found evidence implicating Michael in Tico's murder and Michael told Bo the information since John was reluctant. When Lindsay visited Rex, he finally spilled the truth that someone anonymously paid him $10,000 to plant the gun in Dorian's office. Kevin asked Kelly to come home when Ace did because he missed her. Bo tracked down Ace.
January 24 to 28, 2005
After surviving the dynamite, Margaret resumed her attempts on Todd by dressing up as Blair in order to get her baby. When Margaret ran off to hurt Blair, a struggling Todd knocked over a chair, accidentally setting it on fire. Blair got a tip from Margaret's mechanic and learned they had been at a nearby clinic. John found Cristian's burned notebook and learned he may not be Cristian. Natalie refused to believe it, but gave John and Evangeline Cristian's razor in order to test the DNA. After getting another letter, Jessica retraced her steps at the hospital and remembered who killed Tico. At first Jessica said it was a stranger but when Antonio pressed her, she admitted she saw Antonio. Kevin retrieved Ace from J.R. Chandler's arms but Kelly refused to go back to Kevin if he failed to return the baby to his birth mother. Daniel finally released Rex from jail as Riley increasingly worried Rex was still in love with Jen. Marcie cancelled her book tour to support Michael.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
R.J. and Lindsay worked on becoming friends with benefits. Kevin tried to lure Kelly back with Ace but struggled as the Chandlers got a court order for a DNA test. Rex made a play for Jen but she made it clear that she loved only Riley. Margaret tried to kidnap Starr but only succeeded in uniting a bickering Viki and Dorian to find Blair and Todd. Todd accidentally set fire to the cabin but Blair found him and put out the flames before an angry Margaret knocked her out and stuffed her in the trunk of the car. Blair escaped from the trunk into the backseat of Margaret's car and they struggled over the wheel. A girl kissed Michael as a horrified Marcie saw it and ran out into Margaret's oncoming car. Cristian tried to shoot Antonio, resisted, and confessed to everyone that he killed Tico and was, in fact, not Cristian Vega at all.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
After being hit by Margaret's car, Marcie languished in the hospital as a guilty and frustrated Michael waited for her to wake up. Margaret locked Blair in the car trunk in a freezing, deserted parking garage where Roxy heard her yelling, but couldn't find her. Todd and Blair talked via walkie talkie until he finally agreed to give Margaret what she wants. R.J. admitted to Lindsay that he has feelings for her. Feeling trust was an issue, Antonio broke things off with Jessica but returned when she received another stalker note. Evangeline told John she was falling in love but a gun-shy John asked her to wait for him to catch up. Cristian confessed to killing Tico and was sentenced while Natalie, Carlotta, and Antonio grieved. The DNA test came back confirming Cristian really was Cristian, but he made John keep it secret to protect his family. Kelly offered to help Babe get Ace back.
February 14 to 18, 2005
John told Evangeline he loved her, but he refused to take any of Natalie's lonely phone calls. Cristian began to paint while in prison. Lindsay talked R.J. into letting Antonio have a short visit with Jamie. Jessica went trolling for men in a bar. Todd gave in to Margaret but when her pregnancy test came out negative, an enraged Margaret set a bomb and left him. Blair got through to Bo via the walkie talkie, telling him she was in a trunk and informing him they ran over a woman. Michael wheeled a recovering Marcie into her book party, dashing Hayes's plans to capitalize on her accident. Rex lied and said Michael never assaulted Hayes. After firing Hayes, Michael and Marcie fought and agreed they wouldn't get back together despite kissing earlier. Dorian tampered with Viki's newspaper check to make it seem like the funds were coming from the University. Kelly testified that she kidnapped Ace and gave him to an unknowing Babe Chandler then convinced Kevin to drop his petition for custody and admit in court that Ace should be with Babe. Bo, Dorian, and Viki talked to Mrs. Smalls about Blair's intention to head to Margaret's cabin earlier but they arrived at the cabin right when the bomb went off.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Babe offered visitation to Kevin and Kelly if she gained custody of Ace, but the judge awarded custody to J.R. who collected him from a tearful group of Buchanans. Riley found an old letter to Jen from Rex thanking her for money so he confronted them about Paul's murder. Jessica stayed out all night partying and had no memory of it, but found a new stalker note causing Antonio to want her to move out of Llanview. After the cabin exploded, Bo found Todd's wedding ring in the wreckage leading to Dorian and Viki breaking the news to a disbelieving Starr. On his way to the lodge, Kevin found Todd crawling in the roadway and learned from him that he slept with Margaret to save Blair's life. Evangeline borrowed John's apartment key but was depressed when he took it back from her. Blair struggled in the trunk of the car as the attendant prepped it to be crushed. Meanwhile, Roxy and Kelly talked and figured out that Blair was the voice screaming bloody murder at Roxy in the garage. Kevin dragged Todd into the police station just as Bo was on his way to check out Roxy's lead on Blair.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Kevin took Todd to the police station and, with the police, tracked Blair down to the junkyard where the car she had been in had been towed and crushed. Todd broke the news of Blair's death to Starr and promised revenge on Margaret. Dorian refused to accept Blair's death, but after lying to Addie about Blair, broke down. Bo stunned everyone when he announced that Blair had escaped from the car's trunk before it was crushed, but a stranger was the one who had found her unconscious body among some trash. Riley and Jen moved in together, but when Daniel helped unpack, he found that Jen's printer provided more evidence that Jen had given Rex the $10,000. R.J. won temporary custody of Jamie, and Antonio prepared to fight back with Tico's money. By night, Jessica picked up a man at a bar, but by day, having no memory, grew closer to Antonio. Kevin and Kelly said goodbye to Kevin Jr. at the cemetery and tearfully wished they could forgive one another. Natalie let it slip to Evangeline that John had given her a key. Evangeline was angry. She thought she was the one for John.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Rex talked Natalie into taking Marcie's old job at the Llanview PD, much to Evangeline's dismay. Jessica continued to sneak out of the house at night, but she was almost caught by Loveshack Julie. To get into his family's good graces, Asa offered a million dollar reward for Blair which led to a tip from the homeless man who found her. Asa stashed Blair at a hospital but did not tell anyone. Despite the printer evidence, Nora thought Jen was innocent while Jen left Riley to save him from helping her. Matthew caught Daniel and Nora fooling around but was happy to settle for just having his parents in his life. R.J. tricked Carlotta into admitting on tape that Antonio abandoned Jamie. Michael and Marcie talked about Hudson's memorial and grew closer. Kevin pitched in to help find Blair, while Viki told Dorian she could no longer admire her because she was wasting time complaining about Todd.
March 14 to 18, 2005
Blair awoke in a clinic, a hostage of Asa who made her apologize to him before dumping her in a mental hospital. Kevin and Kelly learned Asa lied about his whereabouts after the phone tip on Blair, so Kevin tipped off a now gun toting Todd. Adriana asked Dorian whether what she did was less unforgivable than what Viki had done. This lead to Dorian trying to mend fences with Viki who was being investigated for financial misdeeds. Love Shack Julie spotted Jessica at a bar and they subsequently argued when Jessica thought Julie told Antonio about the bar. Later, Julie's tire was shot out and she was killed in the car crash. The police searched Jen's things and found Paul's bracelet but a test of her printer showed Jen was being framed. Roxy took a cue from Evangeline's story and locked Natalie and John in an evidence room together. With the wedding moved up, Nora asked Evangeline to be the maid of honor. Daniel planted carbon copies of the deposit slips to Paul's account in Jen's photo album order to get Jen to take the fall for him.
March 21 to 25, 2005
John didn't tell Natalie about Cristian while locked in the evidence room, but Natalie was mortified that she still had feelings for John. Michael and Marcie figured out someone was murdering the love crew based on her book. Viki discovered Dorian was responsible for the embezzlement charges and Dorian decided not to call a truce between the two of them. Jessica's alter ego Tess stole money from Antonio's credit card and got a one-night stand to promise to mail one of her threatening letters to Jessica from Australia. Riley found the planted deposit slips in Jen's things and learned she lied about drinking with Rex. Rex and Jen burned the slips and Rex learned Paul was blackmailing someone named Ted. Nora discovered Daniel's real name is Teddy, short for Theodore. Todd held Asa at gunpoint to get the name of the hospital where Blair was stashed and with the threat of police involvement, Asa made plans to hop the country. Grieving over Todd's death, Blair escaped her cell and hid on a ledge to the building. Todd climbed out on the ledge and tried to talk her down.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
After getting off the ledge and going home, Todd had to take a dehydrated Blair to the hospital when she passed out during his almost confession of what Margaret really wanted. Asa skipped town to avoid prosecution for Blair's imprisonment, and Duke took Adriana to the family island to find him. Viki offered to help Dorian out of the forgery mess if she could get over her vendetta, but Dorian refused to back down. Michael accused Nick of murdering Hudson and Julie but it turned out that Nick was secretly dating Julie and devastated by her death. Viki caught Kevin and Kelly making out. Riley confronted Jen over the transfers of money from her account, and hurt that he didn't believe her, Jen moved out and went to Rex's. Antonio accused R.J. of taking $10,000 from his account, but it was Jessica who found a large amount of money in her purse. With Matthew getting increasingly distant, Nora offered to call off the wedding for him. Matthew declined but cold feet nearly stopped the wedding anyway, before Daniel called to tell her how thrilled he was to make her his wife. Meanwhile, Daniel made more secret phone calls, this time to his "baby" whom he "missed."
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
A disappointed David cautioned Dorian that her obsession with Viki was driving them apart. The Board asked for Viki's resignation. Kevin told Todd to tell Blair about Margaret or he would, but Todd refused. After Kelly told Blair that Kevin had saved Todd, Blair paid him a visit and Kevin started to tell her something important. Bo asked Nora to call off the wedding, but she married Daniel anyway. Tess skipped the wedding to have sex with a stranger, and Jessica cried on Antonio's shoulder later when she realized she blacked out the entire day. Michael narrowly saved Marcie, Ron, and their dad when the killer tried to gas the love shack cottage, mimicking the book. Lindsay hurt R.J.'s feelings when she attempted to broker shared custody between R.J. and Antonio. Jen asked Riley and Rex both to give her space.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Tess skipped out on Jessica's psychotherapy appointment, and ended up saving a girl named Ginger from a thug. Blair freaked out on Kevin, who called in Todd to calm her down. Later, Todd re-proposed to Blair. Ron took Natalie on a date. After knocking over Natalie's flowers from Ron, John admitted to Michael it bothered him to see Natalie with another guy. Rex told Bo that his informant fingered Ted as a cop. A neglected David cautioned Dorian to give up her obsession with Viki, but when she failed to, he carried through on his threat to move out. Daniel intercepted a fax from his secret paramour before Nora could see it.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Jessica got back together with Antonio, but a furious Tess after attempting to leave town, decided to use R.J. to ruin Antonio. Natalie overheard John say he was bothered by Ron and despite Michael's warning that she would be bad for John, Natalie attempted to make a play for him. Evangeline's family gave John a hard time when he accompanied Evangeline to her Aunt's funeral. Dorian drove David further away with her own ultimatum. With Addie sick with appendicitis, Blair asked Todd to leave Asa alone, while Kevin and Duke prepared to take over Buchanan enterprises. Daniel was haunted by visions of Paul who taunted Daniel for killing him and blaming Jen. Bo left town to follow a tip on Paul's murderer.
April 25 to 29, 2005
While at R.J.'s to pick up Jamie, Tess accidentally set a fire before she knocked herself unconscious. Antonio saved Jessica and Jamie but R.J. blamed Antonio after warning him Jessica was unstable. Jessica had no memory of the last three days. Natalie took a cue from John's surliness after his trip with Evangeline and made a play for him. After Natalie kissed him, John told her he was with Evangeline, then went and told Evangeline what had happened. Todd tapped Rene's phone for clues on Asa, and pulled away from making love to Blair. Duke and Kevin asked Kelly to do PR for Buchanan Enterprises. Duke accidentally admitted to Adriana he was falling in love, and Adriana told Dorian she was pushing everyone away. Nora asked Daniel to stop lying, and he told her the mysterious calls were about the governor, before going off to meet his secret lover. Margaret learned from a sonogram that she was having a boy. Jen asked Riley to leave her life for good, and then she kissed Rex.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Blair pushed Todd to tell her why he wouldn't make love to her. After learning of Rene's phone tap, Kevin told Todd to back off or else he would tell Blair that Margaret had raped him. Kelly told Dorian that she had accepted a PR job at Buchanan Enterprises and continued to flirt with Kevin. Dorian asked David to return home, but he walked out after getting her to freak out over Kelly and Kevin. The killer attempted to make Natalie his next victim, but killed another redhead at the diner by mistake. After seeing John worry she had died, Natalie told him there was definitely something between them. Michael asked a distraught Marcie not to both rely on him yet push him away at the same time. Jessica fought with Tess in her head, but eventually Jessica testified for Antonio at the custody hearing. Jen caught Daniel planting evidence of Paul's blood in her car and realized he had killed Paul. Scared, Daniel smothered Jen with a plastic bag.
May 9 to 13, 2005
On Mother's Day, after murdering Jen, Daniel staged the body to look like a carbon monoxide poisoning suicide. Rex found Jen's body but after learning of a bandanna with Paul's blood on it was with Jen, he was convinced she was murdered. Rex talked Lindsay into believing it too, but when Bo learned the hose to the car had no fingerprints, he was just as convinced of murder as Rex. Daniel spun a tale to trick the ME into falsifying the report to show suicide so that they could "catch" the killer. A terrified Jessica tried to tell a sick Viki of the voices in her head, but Tess took over. Mark tried to tell Nora about the affair but pulled back on Daniel's pleadings, only to tell Marcie the whole story. David asked for Dorian's heart, but he refused to go home. Todd bugged Kevin's office, but when Kevin told Kelly about the rape, Blair was listening to the feed. After drinking in Victor Lord's crypt and talking to Marty Saybrooke's visage, Todd admitted to Blair he was raped.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Will came to town for Jen's memorial. Jessica feared she had developed DID and discussed it with Dr. Jamison, but no one else. Todd spilled all the details and reasons for giving into Margaret's sexual demands, and although Blair was understanding, she was convinced Margaret was pregnant. John convinced Michael to do an illegal autopsy, which provided conclusive evidence that Jen was murdered. After finding Daniel's passport with Theodore on it, Rex and Bo tailed Daniel and Mark to a gay nightclub in New York City. Natalie kept Matthew from going home with Nora on Bo's strict orders, causing Nora to cry on R.J.'s shoulder over her marital issues. Despite her grief, Lindsay testified at the child custody hearing about how unfit a companion Jessica was for Antonio and Jamie. David and Dorian signed up for online dating and even though they picked each other, their date ground to a rapid halt when they discovered they were each other's match.
May 23 to 27, 2005
R.J. won custody of Jamie for six months so that the judge could later reevaluate Antonio's anger management issues. Renee was kidnapped, but Duke was in hot pursuit. The mysterious new Dr. Truman had to perform an emergency tracheotomy on Jack when he stopped breathing. Once the coroner admitted Daniel forced him to change the autopsy, John and Bo were able to secure a warrant for Daniel's arrest from the Attorney General. At his swearing in ceremony, Daniel refused to go quietly so he was arrested in public and when Nora demanded answers, the reasons were announced publicly as well. Mark told the crowd he and Daniel were having an affair the last six months but he wasn't a killer. Later, in private, Daniel told a disgusted Nora that he felt his homosexuality was a disease like his alcoholism, but she thought his murdering was instead. Riley had an emotional breakdown from his guilt over his father and Jen. Realizing they were both fools, David re-proposed to Dorian, and she joyfully accepted.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
In the aftermath of Daniel's arrest, Daniel tore up annulment papers, Riley was arrested for soliciting cocaine, Mark felt used, and Nora told Bo she would never forgive him for humiliating her in public. Natalie offered herself as bait to catch the Killing Club killer, but even after John insisted she nix the idea, he ended up saving her from a crossbow. R.J. had cash flow problems, and Antonio offered Rex the ability to get UV back if he would spy on R.J. Renee's kidnapper was Asa, whom she joined in Argentina, with Duke on her heels. Jessica discovered parts of her past as Tess, and Ginger informed her of Tess's plan to break up Jessica and Antonio. The mysterious new Dr. Spencer Truman made Todd suspicious, and David seemed to know him. Todd and Blair returned to their intended honeymoon suite and finally made love.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
Hayes was questioned as the killing club murder suspect, but despite evidence, Marcie didn't believe he had done it. After talking to Viki about her D.I.D., Jessica underwent hypnosis to get to the truth, but unleashed Tess instead. Todd followed Tess to Xanadu and asked her who she was and what she had done with Jessica. After hearing Natalie tell Michael that John had said he loved Natalie, Evangeline broke up with John, telling him his lack of emotional commitment just wasn't enough for her. Adriana flew to Argentina and sneaked in to meet with Duke. Asa offered Carlo Hesser a clean slate if he would kill Blair Cramer, but Duke and Adriana only heard "that Cramer girl" was to be killed. Nora begged Riley to stay in town for Matthew's sake, and he agreed to go off to rehab. David tried to warn Blair and Kelly about Spencer.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Todd confronted Tess with her DID but when he forced her to tell Viki, Tess's yelling at Viki caused her to suffer a heart attack. Viki had experimental surgery to get blood to her heart. Nora overheard David discuss Paige's former marriage to Spencer Truman and after struggling with the secret, Nora told Bo before Paige had a chance to. Matthew had his name changed to Buchanan for Father's Day. Smarting from the break up, John told Natalie he didn't love her, and spent time thinking about his father's death. Antonio swooped in and bought Capricorn, angering R.J. who was cautioned by Lindsay to proceed legally, and with caution. Ginger learned that Tess was Jessica. A jealous Kevin kissed Kelly in front of Spencer.
June 20 to 24, 2005
When Antonio interrupted Ginger and Tess, Ginger learned that Tess was Jessica. Jessica checked herself into St. Anne's, but only Todd knew why. After Carlo Hesser tried to kill Blair, he admitted that Asa Buchanan had paid him to do it. Hesser's henchmen held Duke and Adriana, unbeknownst to Asa. Asa argued with Renee the whole flight home from Argentina about his plans for Blair, and he was arrested at the airport by Bo. For Father's Day, Marcie's dad made up with Eric and his husband. Evangeline won Woman of the Year, and after giving her pearl necklace back to John, went to the awards with Kevin as her date. Dorian returned and David tried to tell her about his brother, Spencer. Paige told Bo about her marriage to Spencer, but not about his connection to David. Rex tried to convince Natalie to stage a Killing Club attempt on her life to win over John, but she leaned toward letting John come to her on his own.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Rex heard R.J. make a one time deal to return to crime. David accidentally told everyone over a loudspeaker that Spencer is his brother. Dorian walked in on Kelly and Kevin almost having sex. Asa offered Blair a deal where Margaret would be killed without implicating Todd if Blair would go along with framing Carlo for her kidnapping and attempted murder. Carlo told Asa about his hostages, and Asa broke the news to Bo and Kevin. While Rex was telling John the note was a fake, the Killing Club killer nabbed Evangeline and put her in a basement with an already kidnapped Natalie. Marcie received a note that included a story from her high school killing club journal, which dealt with the murder of two cheerleaders. The killer had Natalie and Evangeline tied to poles, ready to burn them at the stake in their cheerleader uniforms. Jessica checked in to St. Anne's. Viki learned Natalie was snatched, and demanded answers from Todd about what was wrong with Jessica.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
The killer set the fire and when Natalie passed out first, John saved Natalie before Evangeline. Unfortunately, the killer ran off with Natalie, and everyone forgot to tell Roxy about it. A frustrated Viki tore into Marcie for writing about such brutal murders. Evangeline realized there was more than one killer. Asa almost gave into Carlo's demands, but when Duke and Adriana escaped, Asa tore up his unsigned confession. Tess forged Todd's signature to escape, went to New York City, and followed a guy to private party. Dorian set a date for the wedding, but David would only say very little about his grifting family. Kevin told Kelly he couldn't live without her, but Kelly wanted to get back together for the right reasons. Meanwhile, Kelly's mounting interest in Spencer intensified when he told her that Kevin told him about her infertility, and furious, Kelly told Kevin it was over for good. Nora's HIV test came back negative.
July 11 to 15, 2005
The killer sent a letter to Evangeline at her office, which lead John to find Natalie's cell phone buried with a page from a killing club story about a cop. Meanwhile, Evangeline received another note at home telling her to meet alone or she would be sorry. Spencer seemed enamored with Blair, and Dorian noticed and warned Kelly. Nora recommended to Lindsay that she also should take an HIV test. At the Hampton party, Nash saw Jessica's drink get drugged, and took her home where they bickered, before she ran off. Adriana and Rex began to bond despite Rex accidentally kissing her in his sleep. Antonio volunteered to help John's investigation, and asked Jackie to help find Natalie. After repeatedly questioning Hayes, the Mayor wanted John taken off Natalie's case, but Bo asked John to resign instead.
July 18 to 22, 2005
Nora continued to have blurry vision. Layla, the new waitress at Capricorn, turned out to be Evangeline's sister. Duke worked extra hours to impress Kevin, leaving Adriana with excess time to grow closer to Rex. Tess tried to get money from her trust fund, and grew closer to Nash who admitted he was smitten with her. Kevin surprised Kelly in her shower, and the two made love. The writers' at Hayes party said nasty things about Marcie, causing her to get drunk and stumble into the arms of ADA Hugh Hughes. After learning someone from Marcie's Killing Club loser's log from high school had plastic surgery, John used an imaging model of the student to see what he might look like today. Hayes revealed himself to a captive Natalie, and later chloroformed Rex for the real life Killing Club after he saw Rex fight with Marcie.
July 25 to 29, 2005
Hayes spirited away Marcie and tried to get her to kill Rex to save Michael. Nick was revealed as Hayes' accomplice, but was shot when he tried to nab Michael. After John learned Hayes was Ivan Potter, he closed in on Hayes saving Rex and Marcie. Once Hayes was arrested, he taunted John about where Natalie was hidden. Tess tasted wine with Nash, and Nash punched out Todd to keep him away from Tess. After making love, Kevin admitted to Kelly he was there because Blair called, and a furious Kelly told him he only wanted her because he was jealous. After David made a joke about making Spencer his best man when Dorian had Viki as her maid of honor, Dorian asked Viki to be her maid of honor. Blair threatened Asa when she saw Margaret in town, and later, Asa talked to Margaret, whom he was working with. Layla made a move on Antonio but she said she was only acting after he rejected her.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
Margaret was holed up in Asa's cottage and revealed herself to Nigel but not to Todd thanks to Asa's quick thinking. Spencer admitted to Blair that he liked her but wouldn't act on it. David acquiesced to Dorian's wishes and asked Spencer to be his best man. Antonio stood up for Layla with a sleazy producer. Lindsay took a camera phone picture of Antonio and Layla for R.J. who emailed it to Todd at the paper. Antonio bribed Todd's PI and learned Jessica was on the run with some guy in New York. Nash learned nothing about Todd from Tess, but after asking her to move in with him, the two made love. Kelly apologized to Kevin and the two made love again. Adriana tried to fix Rex up with Ginger, but he only had eyes for Adriana. A frustrated Rex lashed out at John, but after catching him with a gun at the police station, Bo took him to the firing range to work of his aggression. John strangled Hayes, then tried to cope with his demons but couldn't admit to Evangeline what those were. Viki tried to bribe Hayes for information on Natalie, but Hayes wouldn't bite. Natalie remained locked up in a dark pit.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Antonio tracked Jessica to New York and after Layla pretended to be Jessica at a job interview, argued with Tess and tipped her off to Antonio's presence in town. After Nash accepted a deal with Bruce, he scored a meeting with an investor and told Tess he was falling in love with her. Tess told Nash she was falling in love with him too, but later, Antonio found her and forced Jessica to the surface. After going back to Llanview, Jessica told Antonio about Tess and that she can't make love to him because Tess slept around. Asa gave Todd and gun and told him Margaret was in the guest house. Margaret told Todd about the baby and when Todd tried to strangle her, Margaret stabbed him with scissors and left. Hayes faked crazy at the arraignment, but seemed not to after Marcie and Rex teased him about his traumatic childhood. Evangeline was hypnotized, and remembered seeing a map of Llantano Mountain with an X on it for where Natalie would die. Natalie scratched a goodbye in the dirt wall of her pit and passed out. Kevin told Dorian he was back with Kelly. Spencer made David peek at documents in Kelly's briefcase, which turned out to be a top secret merger that Kevin had sworn Kelly to secrecy about.
August 15 to 19, 2005
After a weak Todd whispered to Spencer that Margaret, pregnant with his child, stabbed him, Spencer saved his life. Todd lied to Blair about his injuries, and Spencer helped cover for him. A worried Nash tracked Todd down to Llanview in the hopes of finding Tess. Antonio and Jessica discussed her DID, and after Natalie was found, Jessica planned to tell Viki about her DID immediately. Tess told Jessica that she had another secret. John found Natalie in a well on the mountain, and after a couple cave ins, rescued her. Kevin blamed Kelly for the leak about the merger. Kelly broke it off with Spencer.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Paige asked Viki to take her off the list of candidates for chief of staff at the hospital. Kelly told Kevin she broke things off with Spencer. Nash found Jessica, but Tess appeared and went to New York with him to pack for California. Natalie thanks John, and he returned that thanks by kissing her and hinting that he wanted to be with her. Rex warned Natalie at her surprise coming home party to steer clear of John, and she instead left to see John at his apartment. Layla told Evangeline that John had a dark secret, but Evangeline insisted she did not care. Starr saw Margaret at the Sun, and furious, Todd tracked Margaret down through the clinic she used previously. A frantic Blair told Bo that Margaret was back and Todd was out for blood.
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Todd found Margaret at a hotel, but Kevin stopped him from strangling her and she escaped. After crashing her car, Margaret called her accomplice and niece, Ginger to help her. When Todd told Kevin that Asa brought Margaret back so they could kill each other, Kevin let Todd run after Margaret. John told Natalie Cristian was alive but she didn't want to hear it, saying memories of John and not Cris got her through living in the pit. John went to see Cristian at Statesville. Adriana tried to seduce Duke but he ran off to take care of B.E. business instead. Viki left for London. Nash and Tess arrived at their run down winery in California, and a feverish Tess fought to remain in control, but woke up as Jessica. Trying to regain custody of Jamie, Antonio went along when Layla pretended to be his new, stable girlfriend. Lindsay became more attached to Jamie and planned to move in with R.J. Spencer forced Paige to accept the job of Chief of Staff. Nora was angry Paige knew about her illness and swore her not to tell Bo.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
John told Cristian about his relationship will Natalie, and Cristian maintained that he just wanted Natalie to be happy. Cristian's new roommate was Hayes, whom he promptly beat up. John prepared a romantic evening on the roof and finally made love to Natalie. Tess fought for control of Jessica's body, confusing Nash when she called out for Antonio. Antonio decided to go ahead with his ruse of a relationship with Layla. Layla stole the file on Cristian from John's room and gave it to Evangeline. Todd hired Jackie to kill Margaret. Margaret cornered Starr at Craze in an attempt to kill her. Dorian copied all the files on Spencer's computer onto a CD.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Layla and Antonio moved in together and impressed the social worker. Rex helped Adriana decrypt a file that Dorian had copied from Spencer's computer. John and Natalie continued to grow closer. Kelly told Kevin that Spencer had spoken of a technique that would allow her to have a child - but she left out the risks she'd encounter. Todd pretended to reach out the Margaret after she started terrorizing Starr - but the ruse soon turned lethal.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Dorian threatened to tell Duke about Adriana kissing Rex if Adriana told Rex about the Buchanan files on her computer. After Ginger told Duke about the Rex kiss, Duke confronted Adriana who stood up for herself and her mother. David figured out that Dorian retrieved her Buchanan files from Spencer's computer. Todd took Margaret out in a rowboat, then knowing she couldn't swim, rocked the boat. Blair and Starr worried about Margaret, but an eerily calm Todd thought the threat was passed. When Kevin asked Todd about the truth, he mentioned Margaret raping Todd, and Starr overheard. Spencer caught Ginger taking money from the petty cash at Craze, but promised not to tell if she would do him a favor in the future. Kelly learned she was a good candidate for surgery, but Kevin finally learned there were risks. Hugh published Marcie's journal as a blog. Evangeline learned the whole truth from Cristian and offered to help try to free him. Layla let slip about the Cristian file to John, who investigated and found Evangeline visited Cristian in prison. A hurt Evangeline told John he used her to get to Natalie, and Natalie walked in just as John asked if they should tell Natalie everything.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Todd admitted to Starr that Margaret raped him. When Addie frantically called Blair to say Margaret was there, Blair rushed over with a gun and nearly shot a nun before Addie passed out and was ushered to the hospital. The rowboat that Margaret was in continued to drift around Llantano Lake. Kevin begged Kelly not to go through with the surgery, but she told him he had no say over her body. A PI tracked Tess down and Nash learned from him that Tess was Jessica, which was later confirmed by Bruce. Tess assured Nash that although she was Jessica, that was her past. After Jessica managed to send Antonio an email, she told Tess they were pregnant. Adriana surprised Duke at the Palace, but called out Rex's name before they could make love. Bo offered Rex a place at the PD, and advised him about women. Duke decked Rex and both were hauled off to the police station. Cristian gave Evangeline a sketch for Natalie, and Evangeline and John accidentally left it on his desk where Natalie found it, blaming Evangeline for trying to break up her new relationship. David and Dorian set November 1st as the date for their wedding while they were snooping in Spencer's office. Viki returned to town and warned John to be careful with her daughter. Nora returned to town and flipped out when she learned Paige was moving in with Bo. Feeling replaced, Nora cried and screamed at Bo until she passed out on the floor.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
The pregnancy test Tess took was positive so she made an appointment at the family planning clinic, but she lied to Nash about the baby when he saw the box in the trash. Bruce asked Nash whether he was using Tess to get to her family, like he did in all his previous relationships. After getting a confession that R.J. was involved with the shipyard bust, John arrived at the last minute in court, securing custody of Jamie for Antonio. Antonio flew to California with Jamie and Layla to find Jessica. Nora had surgery, and Bo felt responsible for her seizure. Cristian realized Hesser programmed him and told Evangeline, but Hesser quickly responded by using his programming on Cristian. Evangeline pleaded with John to help protect Cristian from Hesser. Dorian told Spencer that she would tell the Buchanans about his files unless Spencer promised not to perform the surgery on Kelly. Duke kissed Ginger. Todd told Viki about the rape and baby. A fisherman found a body.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Michael continued to be jealous of Marcie and Hugh's friendship. After Antonio entered the winery cottage, Nash had him arrested for breaking and entering. Tess tried to get an abortion, but Jessica took control and reunited with a newly freed Antonio. Bo and Paige told Matthew about Nora's condition. Natalie learned Evangeline was assisting John Doe with his appeal. The police discovered the body at the lake was pregnant, and Rex took in a witness to talk to a sketch artist about the murder suspect. Todd scrambled for an alibi, and Blair continued to press Todd and Viki for his secret. Duke told Adriana that he had shared a meaningless kiss with Ginger. David begged Dorian to back off her blackmail. Hesser bribed a guard to kill Cristian, while John and Evangeline worked to save Cristian's life.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Marcie and Hugh agreed to go on a real date. Cris was strung up in his cell but a call from John to the Warden saved his life. Natalie went to visit Cristian. The social worker found Jessica at Antonio's and planned on telling the judge about the development. After learning of Tess' pregnancy, Nash raced to Llanview and blurted out the news to Antonio. A horrified Viki met Jessica's alter, Tess, and asked her how she was created. After finding a picture of Ginger with Margaret, Ginger told her that Margaret was her Aunt, and Blair fired and threw her out. At Dorian's bachelorette party, the Cramers attacked Ginger who then told them that Margaret was pregnant. Nora opened her eyes briefly but was not conscious. Matthew overheard Rachel blame Bo for Nora's condition and ran away to the Buchanan lodge, refusing to go home. Inspired by Asa, Lindsay asked R.J. to have a baby with her. The DNA on the body was inconclusive.
October 24 to 28, 2005
Natalie begged John Doe to give up on his appeal for freedom. Layla spun a tale for the social worker to save Antonio from losing Jamie over Jessica's presence. Tess told Nash about her split personality then pulled a gun on Antonio to keep from being taken to the hospital. After Nash talked her down, Tess was taken to the hospital and sedated, while Viki told the newly arrived Clint about Jessica's DID. After Starr lied to Bo again about Margaret, a furious Blair forced Todd to tell her about Margaret's pregnancy. The DNA of the body matched Margaret's, and the blood on the weapon matched Todd. Bo and John theorized that Margaret's baby was Todd's and that he was raped. Matthew kept vigil over Nora, and Lindsay visited Nora for Jen's sake. Marcie and Hugh went out on their date.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Natalie told John she loved him. Hugh kissed Marcie, but later Michael and Marcie agreed they missed one another. Todd skipped town before he could be arrested and ran into Jessica and Antonio's car, but pulled them both out of the burning car before driving away. Jessica asked Nash to leave town, but he eventually decided to stay after reading a letter from Tess. Jessica began her hypnotherapy, but she refused to tell Dr. Jamison her memory and would only talk to Niki Smith. Adriana helped Rex coax a drunk Denton confess that Todd's alibi was fabricated, but Rex still refused to hire her to work at Ultraviolet. Evangeline asked Hugh to call the warden for John Doe, but the phone lines were down. Carlo burned the painting of Natalie and gave Cristian pills for suicide. Spencer comforted Blair over Todd, and a furious Blair refused to attend Dorian's wedding because of Dorian's comments about Todd. Spencer ordered Ginger to encourage Duke to comfort Kelly, which left Kevin uneasy. The DNA test confirmed that the baby was Todd's right before Todd was captured when his car broke down.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Tess knew Viki was faking Niki and refused to tell her secret. David refused to marry Dorian because Spencer threatened to tell Dorian that David had shot and killed someone in the past. Rex kissed an upset Adriana and she admitted she liked him, but after Rex told her he would not be her fallback choice, a hurt Adriana called off their friendship and picked Duke. John spilled everything he knew about Cristian to Bo. Cristian got a message out to Bo to warn about the impending prison riot, but not before it started and Hayes shot Warden Stevens in front of John. Todd almost told Blair what happened the night at the lake, but he was interrupted by a guard. Paige warned Evangeline the treatment Spencer recommended for Nora could make things worse, which angered Spencer.
November 14 to 18, 2005
After Spencer told Dorian that he made David stop the wedding, Dorian agreed to team up with Asa to take down Spencer. David told Dorian that Spencer threatened to call the police for a murder he committed, but Dorian still ended the relationship because David chose to humiliate her rather than come clean before he left her at the altar. Spencer told David he still had a secret about what David is. Jessica got to know Nash better, and after drinking a little too much one night, Nash grabbed Jessica and kissed her. Cristian was shot by a guard outside when he tried to take Hesser hostage. John pulled Cristian to safety inside, and then he sewed up Cristian's wound to stop the bleeding. Evangeline let it slip that John Doe was Cristina to a horrified Natalie, and then Natalie struggled to comprehend why John did not tell her about it in the last year. Viki's first attempt to resurrect Niki Smith failed, and she went to Dorian for help. Kevin gave his blessing to Kelly to have the surgery. A confused Adriana broke things off with Duke in order to sort out her feelings. Todd told a believing Blair that he had intended to kill Margaret at the lake but that when she jumped in the water, he tried to save her.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Nash persuaded Tess to stop running and stay in Llanview, and Tess felt the baby move for the first time. Evangeline told Natalie that Cristian pursued his appeal to reunite with her, but Natalie was feeling conflicted over the two men and all their lying. Viki provoked Dorian into an argument in the Lord mausoleum, which brought forth Niki Smith who escaped. Clint found an unconscious Dorian who filled him in on what happened with Niki. After John performed CPR on Cristian to revive him, the two agreed they would stay out of each other's way when Natalie made her choice between them. Asa and Dorian witnessed Spencer and Ginger arguing heatedly. Ginger called Blair to warn her about Spencer, but she never specified who she was talking about before she was hit by a car. Jackie told Hugh that Todd had asked him to murder Margaret, and a livid Blair told Todd she did not know if she believed him anymore.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
Tess and Nash ran into Niki, but Niki had no idea what incident created Tess. When Clint found Niki, she tried to scheme Clint, but he would not take the bait. Once locked up, Nash stood guard on Niki's room, but he refused to make a deal with her. Ginger died on Spencer's operating table from her injuries. David and then Dorian tried to warn Blair about Spencer, but Ginger's message warning that "he isn't who you think he is" made Blair think twice about Spencer. Todd asked Blair to marry him so she would not have to testify. The independent exam showed Margaret died from strangulation, so Evangeline dropped Todd's case. Bo admitted to Rex that he cared about him right before he was shot in the neck in front of Rex. Spencer operated on Bo and saved his life under the watchful and suspicious eye of Paige. John let himself be taken hostage and then got Carlo to admit what he had done to Cristian while he recorded the confession. Rex warned Natalie that Haskell was working with Hesser and as a result of his blown cover, Haskell took Natalie to Carlo as a hostage. Carlo had one bullet in his gun and asked Natalie to choose whether John or Cristian would get it.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
After Carlo asked Natalie whom he should shoot, John and Cristian overpowered Carlo and brought the hostage crisis to an end. Natalie told Cristian and John that she hated them both, and later resigned from the PD. Nash accidentally mentioned Tess to R.J. R.J. figured out that Jessica had DID and he used the information as leverage to gain visitation with Jamie from Antonio and to keep him out of jail. Jessica let Nash try to feel the baby move before he kissed her. Bo woke up. After hitting on Clint, Niki admitted she took Jessica to bars as a child but did not remember any incident. On Hugh and Marcie's date, Hugh admitted he was the adopted child of hippies and that he did not want to have kids before they were interrupted by Evangeline with Carlo's confession. After learning Cristian was alive, Antonio had an emotional reunion with him. Carlotta also reunited with Cristian before arguing to Natalie that she should return to her husband. Cristian's case was not overturned, and he was scheduled for a transfer to a minimum security prison. Kelly made it through the surgery.
December 12 to 16, 2005
Niki agreed to hypnosis, and Viki returned. Jess demanded to be hypnotized and drew out Tess, who refused to cooperate until she spoke to Nash on the phone. The sins of Nash's past revisited him when he was forced to return to California. David offered evidence against Spencer to Asa, but Asa turned down the help. Natalie told John that she refused to resign from the police department then visited Cristian to demand a divorce. Todd hired Rex to help his case, and Rex learned that Margaret had been a championship swimmer in high school. Kevin proposed to Kelly after her surgery, and Kelly happily accepted. Michael secured a fellowship with Spencer. Spencer thought about how he had met Margaret and how he had offered her a chance to break up Todd and Blair.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Antonio took Tess to the loft, and when Jessica emerged, he told her he wanted to help raise the baby, even if he was not the father; he did, however, ask Jessica to get a paternity test. Dorian refused to be happy for Kelly's engagement, and then had drinks and flirted with Clint after Dallas broke up with him. Viki lit into Clint about his flirting with Dorian. Thanks to Spencer, an inflammatory article on Todd was printed in Craze, causing Blair to fire an innocent David. David tried to reach out to Dorian for Christmas, but she pushed him away again. Spencer thought about yelling a warning to Margaret to stay away from Blair and the kids. After his release from prison, Cristian visited Natalie and refused to sign the divorce papers, then kissed her as a present-laden John watched from the window. Bo ordered John to talk to a psychiatrist. Michael asked Marcie if they could try to date again. Nash was unconscious in the hospital because of the beating, but fought to call Tess when he woke up.
December 26 to 30, 2005
After overhearing Kelly tell Duke that Adriana was immature, she lashed out at Kelly and agreed with Duke to have a happy new year together. Kelly and Kevin got the greenlight to work on having a baby. Nash called Jessica, which caused Tess to emerge, borrow Asa's jet, and wake up in Nash's arms the next day. Antonio paid Nash's medical bills and took a newly emerged Jessica back to Llanview. Bo gave Rex a compass that belonged to Drew. Natalie gave John a St. Jude medal and support for his emotional issues, and they agreed to let go of their anger. Natalie gave Cristian a check for his sold paintings, and after an intense argument over the source and reason for the money, Cristian accepted the check. Todd sat through his jury selection and was haunted by dreams of a waterlogged Margaret and child. Dorian rebuffed David again, and she continued to flirt with Clint who made her promise not to bring out Niki again. Paige told David about her son by Spencer that she gave up for adoption. After Paige told Bo about her son, he hired Rex to track down the son. For New Year's Eve, Spencer mickeyed Asa's liquor, tampered with Kevin's car and knocked him out, and sidetracked Renee so that Duke and Kelly would get stuck in car alone together. Rex offered a ride to Asa's party to Adriana, but when their car broke down due to the storm as well, the two cuddled for warmth. Niki broke out and hit on David at the Palace. Evangeline refused to get Antonio a restraining order against Nash, or to stall a divorce for Cristian.
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