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January 1 to 5, 2001
Ben was kidnapped during his New Year's celebration with Viki. Kevin and Kelly made love. Lindsay offered to tell Bo the truth if he slept with her, but he refused the offer. Todd started a fire when he saw Blair and Cris together. Bo asked Melanie to marry him, but she told him she couldn't. Rosanne had a difficult first day at work. Blair agreed to marry Todd. Rae's attempt to get close to Skye backfired. Colin hinted to Lindsay that Melanie had a secret. Viki went to see Rourke. R.J. offered Roseanne a job. Will turned down Asa's offer to buy B&B. Blair told Max she was going to marry Todd. The kidnappers took off Ben's blindfold.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Kelly received flowers and a note to meet Joey on the Palace roof. Skye passed her lie detector test. Roseanne told Antonio she loved him. Cris started selling fake IDs out of the bar. Ben was allowed to call to tell Viki he was okay. Blair refused to go away with Todd and get married; she wanted to get married in Llanview. Colin continued to blackmail Lanie. Asa told Nora that Max would be her bodyguard. Bo and Nora decided they would remain good friends. Lanie caught Lindsay snooping in her files. Kelly got a note to meet Joey by "their" tree. Roseanne didn't give Sophia's message to Antonio. Charlie pulled a gun on Kelly and Sophia. Kevin and Joey headed to Llantano Mountain to save Kelly.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Kevin and Joey overpowered Charlie and saved Kelly and Sophia. Skye was released on bail. Sophia confronted Antonio, who told her Roseanne had never given him her message. Melanie left town. Todd broke into Rae's house and learned Skye was Rae's daughter. Joey decided to leave for London as soon as Ben returned. Ben learned his "kidnapper" was Gina Russo and asked her for help. Jen Rappaport arrived in town. Roseanne agreed to work for R.J. Nora continued her plan to get close to Colin. Lindsay found Colin's "shrine" to Nora. Ben returned home to Viki.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Jessica found a strange woman in her bed. Rae suggested Todd get Blair an "emotional present," so Todd gave Blair the Bible page proving Rae was Skye's mother. Jen went to see her parents and agreed to stay with Sam. Starr tried to blackmail her teacher to give her better grades. Lindsay told Max about Colin's shrine to Nora. Nora went over to Colin's house, and they kissed. Roseanne warned R.J. about a police raid on his warehouse. Asa tried to make peace with Ben. Gina told Ben that the hit on him had been called off. Nora tried to beep Max for help and then quickly left Colin's house. Bo found Lanie. Blair and Todd made Skye believe that Rae was the one who had shot Max.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Todd and Blair had fun causing havoc in Llanview. Asa almost found out who his real son was. Roseanne slept with Colin. Sophia and Antonio went on a stakeout. Melanie tried to tell Bo her secret. Blair and Todd slept together. Starr backed up Todd's claim that Rae had shot Max. Bo announced his engagement to Lanie. Gina went to Llanfair to see Ben. Cris saved Jessica when Colin threatened her. Colin told Jen that her mother had had an affair with him. Someone shot at Ben and Gina. Todd and Blair delivered wedding invitations. Ben and Gina waited at a motel to meet Gina's contacts. Max told Skye his plan to break up Todd and Blair. Max was going to seduce Blair.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Kevin and Kelly "kidnapped" Blair to try to convince her not to marry Todd. Asa saw Ben and Gina together at the motel and told Viki. Nora kissed Colin. Will saw Colin's shrine to Nora. Nora gave Jessica advice about Will and Lindsay. Colin told Will about Lindsay causing Nora to lose her memory. Todd caught Max trying to seduce Blair. Will confronted Lindsay but agreed to keep her secret. Jackie told Viki that Gina was still in love with Ben. R.J. refused to let Roseanne quit being his spy. Lanie moved in with Bo. Cris learned that Jen was a Rappaport. Todd and Blair's rehearsal dinner was held at the Palace Hotel.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Gina told Viki that she was still in love with Ben. Ben was worried about Asa, who was delusional and having dreams about Ben killing Max. Max drugged Blair, and Todd saw them in bed together. Colin told Nora he'd answer all her questions, after they made love. Antonio and Roseanne tried to start over again. Bo gave Lanie a diamond necklace for Valentine's Day. Lindsay imagined she saw scenes from her life on the television. Asa saved Nora from Colin. Colin was distraught and destroyed his shrine. R.J. agreed to let Cris in on more of his business. Skye told Todd that Blair and Max had bought a "love nest" together. Will couldn't bring himself to tell Nora the truth about Lindsay. Todd told Blair that Starr refused to go to the wedding, but they should go ahead with it anyway.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Todd went to see Blair and gave her once last chance to "confess." Todd told the minister he wouldn't marry Blair because she had shot her last husband in the back. Todd admitted to planting the gun in Skye's room. Todd told Skye that Rae was her mother. Todd revealed Ben Davidson as the long-lost Buchanan heir. Asa was rushed to the hospital. Jen wound up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Sophia saved Roseanne from Colin's unwelcome attention. Todd and Blair ended up in jail. Adam told Skye that she was his adopted daughter.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Jen recovered from alcohol poisoning. Max was arrested when he sneaked in to visit Asa. Todd said he'd turn over the clothes Blair had worn when she shot Max -- in exchange for immunity. Viki refused to let Gina see Ben. Jess found out Cristian was making fake IDs. Lindsay and Lanie ran to get away from Colin when he started ranting and raving. Todd found the gold balloons Blair had gotten for him. Nora told Colin she never wanted to see him again. Blair held a gun on Max and found out about Max drugging her and setting her up. R.J. threatened to push Colin down an elevator shaft. Jess told Antonio that Cristian was breaking the law.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Lindsay almost injected Colin with the syringe, but Nora walked in and interrupted her. Jen and Jessica still couldn't get along. Cristian admitted to Antonio that he was only working for R.J. to get proof against him. Ben was shot. Gina was revealed to be the head of the Russo crime family. Max blackmailed Asa to keep him from pressing charges. Viki tried to convince Renee to forgive Ben. Todd knocked out Max and dumped him in an open grave. Max gloated to Todd about how he had set up Blair. Colin invited everyone to a dinner party to tell them he was leaving town. Skye dumped Max. Cris stopped Jen from leaving town. Colin sneaked into Nora's house and was waiting for her with a syringe.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Colin drugged Nora and took her to his house. Sam tried to make Jen see his divorce was not her fault. R.J. told Lindsay he would "deal" with Colin. As Colin started to kiss Nora, there was a pounding at the door. The police arrived at Colin's and found Sam carrying Nora down the stairs. Asa hired bodyguards for Max. Blair pretended to be crazy and made a public scene with Max. Nora couldn't tell Sam and Bo what had happened after the pounding on Colin's door. Viki spied on Gina. Todd grabbed for Blair as she fell off the roof. Lanie admitted to Bo she had seen Colin right before he disappeared.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Lanie told Bo she had seen Colin right before he disappeared. Gina caught Viki spying on her. Todd grabbed Blair and pulled her back when she fell off the roof. Renee and Ben had a talk. Gina made Viki wear a wire and tell Ben she was leaving town. Todd and Blair confused the rookie cop into saying that maybe Todd wasn't the fake cop. Viki left town with Gina. Roseanne had a nightmare about Colin. Sam took Rae to talk to Jenn. Nora disappeared, and Bo found her at Colin's. Max got a pie in the face and bags of manure thanks to Starr. Cris talked to Jen about what had happened to his hand. Todd put a bomb under Bo's chair at the police station.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Todd made an anonymous call about the bomb, and the police station was evacuated. Ben gave Renee a picture of himself as a child. Todd got stuck in the evidence room. Gina held Viki prisoner in a room in her basement. Asa covered for Starr when she cut up all of Max's clothes. Viki watched on a monitor as Gina convinced Ben to stay at her house for his safety. Lanie helped Bo defuse the bomb. Blair helped Todd get out, but they found the evidence wasn't in the envelope they had taken. Rae hypnotized Nora. Will was upset to learn Jen had gotten the fake ID from Cris. Rae refused to tell Skye who her biological father was. Antonio found a lot of money in Roseanne's room. Lindsay tried to use Nora's hypnosis to make her back off, but Nora wasn't really hypnotized. Jessica tripped in the woods and screamed when she saw a hand sticking out of the ground.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
Jessica, Will, Jen, and Cris found Colin's body in the woods and reburied it. Lindsay lost it, mistook Nora for "conscience Nora," and admitted that she "did it." Todd climbed into bed with Starr and Blair. Gina continued to try to win Ben back. Nora started to get her memory back and remembered grabbing Lindsay's leg. Jen and Jessica had nightmares about Colin. Nora decided to go visit Rachel and Matthew in Chicago. Max received a snake and thought it was from Todd and Blair. Blair tried to seduce Max. Renee asked Asa to help Ben. Rourke showed up at Gina's house. Bo called everyone who had been at Colin's dinner party in for questioning.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Gina told Ben that Asa had ordered the hit on him. Lindsay told Bo that Lanie was keeping something from him. Asa demanded that Bo find Ben. Viki's escape attempt failed. Todd had Starr let a snake loose in the courtroom and took the evidence during the chaos. Ben asked Jackie to check on Viki. Sykes caught Starr leaving with the evidence. Todd broke up an argument between Lindsay and Jessica. Jen kept seeing Colin everywhere she went. Kelly and Blair made Max think that Blair was pregnant. Colin appeared to rise out of his grave in the woods. Jen and Cristian kissed. Will was angry when Jess almost told Todd their secret. Rae headed to Port Charles, but Skye planned to get there before her. Andrew had a talk with Lanie. Bo refused to let Cris help get R.J. Jess had lost a charm from her bracelet by Colin's grave and went to get it back.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Bo caught Jessica at the spot where they had reburied Colin. Melanie refused to help Todd get the evidence against Blair. Roseanne argued with Sophia and pushed her in the river. The forensics team dug, but found only a scarecrow. Gina made Viki call Ben and claim she was reconsidering their marriage. Kelly and Antonio got locked in a shed together. R.J. packed Colin's body up in a crate. Andrew stepped forward with Colin's letters, but couldn't release them until Colin was proved dead. Renee learned that Asa had ordered the hit on Ben. Ben figured out Gina was the head of the Russo family. Lindsay found the letters at Andrew's place and prepared to burn them. Viki worried her alters might be returning. Jen told Will she had gone to Colin's house that night.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Bo and Nora were not able to stop Lindsay from burning Colin's letters. Lindsay confessed to Andrew that she had drugged Nora. Starr put piranhas in Max's bathtub. Todd decided to save Blair by admitting to shooting Max himself and asked Nora to represent him. Kelly and Blair convinced Max that Blair was pregnant with his child. Todd was devastated to hear Blair was pregnant and dropped his plan to confess. Sophia fed Roseanne the wrong information about the raid on R.J. Lindsay warned Jen to stay away from Cristian. Max insisted Blair go to the hospital for a blood test. One of Viki's alternate personalities, Niki Smith, emerged. During the raid on the warehouse, the crate was knocked over and opened, revealing Colin's body inside.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Sophia was injured while saving Antonio's life. Blair found out at the hospital that she was really pregnant. Gina was confused when Viki became Niki Smith. Sophia asked Kelly to help her prove Roseanne was the police snitch. Gina got information about Viki's dissociative identity disorder from Todd and Jessica. Blonde hair was found under Colin's fingernails. Niki flirted with James. Todd planned to take Starr away from Llanview. Blair overheard Max planning to get custody of the baby while Blair went to jail. Bo requested hair samples from all the blonde women. Asa went to see Alex Olanov. Nora managed to get a sample of Lindsay's hair while fighting with her.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Todd decided to take Starr out of town, but she didn't want to go. Asa asked Alex to marry him. All four blonde women eventually provided hair samples to the police. Ben found out from Jessica that Gina had been asking questions about dissociative identity disorder. Viki's alter "Jean" tried to make a deal with Gina. Nora went back to Colin's to jog her memory, and she ran into Sam there. Max told Blair he would lie and get her off the hook for shooting him. Bo learned that Melanie was the match to the hair sample. Max attempted to stop Asa's wedding to Alex, but the bride turned out to be Gabrielle. Melanie admitted that she had killed Colin, but she had not hidden his body in the woods.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Todd evicted Blair from Dorian's house. Melanie confessed to killing Colin and also her father. Blair realized she was pregnant with Todd's baby, not Max's. Al arrived and informed Max that he had allowed Asa to adopt him. Blair went to stay with Max at Asa's, and Max confirmed he would testify to set Blair free at her hearing. "Jean" pretended to be Viki and told Ben that their relationship was over. Bo refused to charge Melanie for Colin's murder yet. Jessica encouraged Al to ask Jen out. Blair told Todd he was the father of her baby, but he didn't believe her. Someone locked Max in the wine cellar as he was about to go testify for Blair.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Starr locked Max and Gabrielle in the wine cellar. Todd testified that Blair was crazy when she shot Max. Lindsay told Jen that Melanie had killed their father. Nora found money belonging to Colin at R.J.'s apartment. Blair was sent to St. Anne's instead of prison. Lanie gave Bo back her engagement ring. Cristian's old friend from Angel Square, Seth Anderson, returned to Llanview. Roseanne admitted to Antonio that she was R.J.'s mole in the police department. Blair told Addie that she was pregnant with Todd's child. Ben had Will take Jessica out of town to protect her and went to confront Gina about Viki. Lanie remembered seeing a car arriving at Colin's as she was leaving. R.J. remembered in flashback finding the envelope of money at Colin's the night of the murder.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Gina admitted she'd been holding Viki and played Ben a tape showing her alters. Antonio insisted Roseanne resign from the police department. Todd dressed as a nun to spy on Blair. Sam told Bo that he was the one who had killed Colin. Hank told Blair she could be released under the supervision of a psychiatrist, who turned out to be Rae. Sam showed Bo the location of the murder weapon. Gina and "Tori" struggled for the gun on the edge of a cliff. Blair saw through Todd's disguise. Gina fell over the edge of the cliff. Max was knocked unconscious by an electrical shock. Sam refused to let Nora represent him. Gabrielle went to see Viki.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Sam was arrested when the forensics report showed his fingerprints on the poker. Al showed concern for Max when he was shocked unconscious. Blair was about to tell the truth about the baby, until she learned Todd had won full custody of Starr. The North Carolina prosecutor decided not to charge Lanie for killing her father. Jess found Colin's passport and confronted Will. Gabrielle invited Viki and Ben to her wedding reception. Lanie agreed to move back in with Bo. Sam, Lindsay, and Will all tried to convince Jen to keep quiet. Blair skipped her appointment with Rae. Todd went to Sam for advice to get Blair back. Nora convinced Sam to let her defend him. Jen went to Rae to make a confession.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Jen told Rae that she had witnessed Colin's murder. Asa went to visit Viki and ask her to attend his wedding reception. Gabrielle tricked Max into attending the reception and manipulated him into a fight with Ben. Todd asked Blair to move into the penthouse with him, then changed his mind. Jessica fought with Will again and decided to move back to Llanfair. Roseanne stole R.J.'s money clip and had the priestess make a voodoo doll. Bo arrested R.J. Ben refused to help Gabrielle get revenge on Max. Max decided to move out of the mansion. Lindsay stole the tape of Jen's confession from Rae's and told Jen she had to leave town. Todd agreed to let Blair move in after pressure from Starr. John and Rae argued when he learned she was hiding evidence in Colin's murder.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Blair insisted that Todd move into Dorian's mansion with her and Starr. Max and Gabrielle reminisced about their first meeting in Argentina. R.J. made a deal and named Will as Colin's murderer. Lindsay took Jen to New York City. The police found Sam's boots in Will's apartment. Roseanne got a love potion. Gabrielle tricked Max into staying in the mansion. Sam's murder trial began. Cristian tracked down Jen and convinced her to return to Llanview. Andrew told Kelly he was going to Africa to help AIDS victims. Sam was angry when Nora suggested Will could be Colin's killer. Jen told the court she was the one who'd given Colin's passport to Will.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Starr convinced her parents to share a bed. Sam was upset at Nora for involving his children in the trial. Asa pretended to be jealous of Max. Jen told the court she'd seen Sam and Lindsay carrying Colin's body. Jessica was upset at Ben for betraying her confidence. Starr bought a love potion and gave it to Blair. Blair was touched by Todd's concern about her and the baby. Cris caught Lindsay trying to escape to avoid testifying. Nora had a memory of Colin laughing the night he died. Lindsay got on the stand to testify.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
On the stand, Lindsay accused Sam of killing Colin. Al helped Jessica move out of her apartment with Will. Senora Lena told Starr a child would get between her parents, so Starr ran away. Rae had a nightmare that the residents of Llanview were at St. Ann's and had traded identities with each other. Asa pretended to be drunk and attack Gabrielle so Max could "save" her. Nora ripped Lindsay apart on the stand to prove to the jury she was a liar. Starr went to stay with Addie at St. Ann's. Bo arrested Lindsay. Max offered to let Gabrielle stay in his room. Senora Lena helped Blair and Todd learn Starr was at St. Ann's. Jessica and Will decided their relationship was over.
July 9 to 13, 2001
Starr had left St. Ann's by the time Todd and Blair got there. Gabrielle faked a nightmare, and Max comforted her. Nora remembered seeing Colin fall down the stairs. Lanie informed Lindsay that Nora's memory was returning. Hank offered Sam a deal, but he turned it down. Asa "apologized" to Gabrielle for his behavior. Will and Jen blackmailed Lindsay into claiming she had killed Colin. Roseanne told Cristian she knew who had murdered Colin. Viki and Ben found Starr in the attic. Roseanne got ready to leave town. On the stand, Lindsay confessed to killing Colin.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Todd eavesdropped on Blair and mistakenly thought she wanted a life together with Max. Nora's memories began to return in court. Todd issued a restraining order against Blair. Max and Gabrielle kissed. Nora realized she had killed Colin by pushing him down the stairs. Asa tried to pay Seth to spy on Gabrielle. Roseanne gave Antonio her statement and left town. The judge agreed with Hank's recommendation that no charges be filed against Nora. Kortney Kayle gave a concert at the country club. Blair told Sam that Todd was the baby's father. Nora visited Colin's grave.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Nora visited Colin's grave and worried if Sam could forgive her. Kortney Kayle performed. Sam told Blair that if she got married, Todd couldn't take the baby. Asa and Gabrielle plotted to set Max up for a murder charge. Lanie wrote Jen a prescription for birth control. Roseanne left town. Jess got stuck in an elevator. Blair decided to convince Max to marry her. Blair saw Max and Gabrielle kissing. Lindsay became determined to keep Jen and Cristian apart. Jess got nervous watching a movie alone with Seth. Todd read Sam's notes that Blair was still in love with Todd.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Will was upset to see Jessica with Seth. Starr overheard Blair ask Max to marry her. Sam told Nora he didn't blame her for the situation about Colin. With Chad's help, Lindsay set up cameras in Cristian's apartment and a website called Nora continued to have flashbacks about Colin. Max agreed to marry Blair. Lindsay interrupted Cristian and Jen as they were about to make love. Nora, Lindsay, and Jen got notes that appeared to be from Colin. Todd just stood there as Blair doubled over in pain.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
The letters from Colin were actually invitations to the reading of his will. Blair called Max for help, but Gabrielle picked up the phone instead. Jessica introduced Seth to Viki. Todd returned to help Blair, but found Max already there. Larry examined Blair and recommended bed rest. Everyone was startled when "Colin" walked into the will reading, and Sam hit him. John and Rae made up. Cristian planned a romantic weekend for himself and Jen. Lindsay tried to suffocate "Colin." Natalie told Jessica about Cristian's website. No one was convinced that Troy was really Colin's long-lost twin brother.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Troy's fingerprints proved that he was not Colin. A naked Shawna surprised Cristian in his apartment. Gabrielle tried to seduce Max at Dorian's house. Jen and Will were shocked when they saw Troy. Troy ran into Nora on Llantano Mountain, and she told him about what Colin had done to her. Kelly left to live with Kevin in Texas. Gabrielle found Blair's pregnancy pillow. Viki agreed to hire Natalie as her assistant. Rae started seeing a new patient, Allison Perkins. Sam and Nora kissed. Viki started hearing Niki Smith talking to her. Nora returned Troy's talisman to him. The website with Cristian on it was revealed at the Rappaport/Vega family dinner.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Nora saved Troy's life. Viki started "seeing" Niki Smith. Cristian denied any knowledge of the website, and Jen eventually believed him. It was revealed that Natalie and Seth lived together and had a plan to "get" Jessica. Max and Gabrielle slept together while Asa taped everything. Todd stole the tape and tried to show Blair. Nora left for Chicago. Jen was tricked into believing Cris had slept with Shawna. Will stopped to say goodbye to Jessica before leaving town. Melanie had nightmares about Colin and her wedding to Bo. Viki agreed to visit Allison. Troy decided to stay in Llanview and used Colin's money to set up a free clinic.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Viki caught Natalie trying to sneak upstairs. Will said goodbye to his family and left town. Cris figured out that Chad had set up the website and that Lindsay was behind it. Jen saw Cris and Shawna kissing and broke up with him. Gabrielle unsuccessfully tried to seduce Todd to get the tape back from him. Viki told Ben she'd "seen" Niki. Troy purchased Will's former loft. Natalie claimed to be homeless. Viki agreed to forgive Allison. Ben overheard Allison on the phone with someone. Sam used Will's old key to get into Troy's apartment. Lindsay admitted to setting up Cristian, but Jen might have overheard he. Sam and Troy fought, and Troy was pushed through the window.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Pressed for answers, Cristian told Jen that Lindsay was behind the web site. Jen confronted her mother and announced that she planned to move out. Sam learned of Lindsay's involvement in the web site and tossed her out on her ear. Troy decided not to press charges against Sam. Troy stole a photo of Nora from Sam's wallet. Ben snooped around for information about Allison.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Gabrielle told Todd about her and Asa's plot against Max. Lindsay told R.J. that Cristian was working undercover for the police department. Allison met Jessica during a visit to Llanfair. John accepted a job in San Francisco and told Rae that she would not be going with him. R.J. searched Cristian's apartment and then made a mysterious phone call.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Max donated blood following Al's accident. Max decided to cancel his wedding plans, and Blair fled town. Before leaving, she wrote Todd a letter to reveal the true paternity of her baby. R.J. asked Keith to take care of Cristian, unaware that Keith planned to kill Cristian. Nora was pleased to see Keri in Llanview and asked her to move in with her. Ben accused Natalie of stealing Viki's necklace, but Jessica defended her. Lindsay inadvertently clued Bo into one of Melanie's lies.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Jen and Cristian made love surrounded by candlelight in Cristian's loft. Lanie planted a medical report for Bo to find, showing that she had leukemia. Jen never drank the juice that Keith had laced with poison. Antonio later had the bottle analyzed. Allison made another cell phone call, and Natalie was revealed as her accomplice. Blair visited Addie en route to Mexico and destroyed the letter she had written to Todd about the baby. Addie pieced the letter back together and gave it to Todd, who could not make sense of it. Gabrielle fantasized about her and Max killing Asa for real. Keri confronted Hank about being her father; Hank claimed she had the wrong guy.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Blair was surprised to find Todd under a sombrero outside her cabana in Mexico. Blair decided to come clean about the baby, but doubled over in labor pain before she could tell Todd the truth. Gabrielle began to get ideas when she heard Renee ranting about the consequences of Asa not taking his heart medicine. R.J. tried to convince Cristian to leave town. Keith left Cristian a cryptic phone message about Jen's safety. In order to protect Jen, Cristian told her their relationship was over and he was leaving town for New York. Lanie continued to scam Bo by claiming she had leukemia and only a few months to live. Bo surprised Lanie with a marriage proposal and wedding plans. Bo had Troy test a sample of Lanie's blood to get a prognosis on her condition. Hank told Nora the real story behind Keri's paternity and that he didn't think she would be able to accept the truth. Jessica confronted Seth at his apartment after she found Natalie's blouse and pictures of Seth and Natalie kissing. After Rae told Allison that "Dave" was really Ben, Allison ditched him and headed to Llanfair. Natalie revealed that she was Viki's real daughter, and Allison confirmed she had returned the wrong baby when Jessica was kidnapped. Starr found Blair's letter to Todd about the baby in Addie's macaroni collage. Blair called Sam for help after she went into labor. Sam put Troy on the phone and helped Todd deliver a baby boy. Blair fell asleep before she could tell Todd the baby was his. Todd paid off Blair's midwife, Paloma, to "get rid of" the baby. After Blair awoke, Todd and Paloma told her that the baby had died.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Blair refused to believe her baby had died because she had heard him cry. Todd convinced Blair that her grief was causing her to hallucinate. Gabrielle tried to convince Max that killing Asa would be to their advantage. Cristian continued to lie to Jen, telling her that he had only wanted to get her into bed. Jen accused Lindsay of being behind her breakup with Cristian. Bo called off the wedding after he confronted Lanie about lying to him. Lanie packed her bags and moved to Seattle. Troy broke the news about Mathew's condition to Sam and Nora. Hank met with Keri again to discuss her paternity. Viki dismissed Natalie's DNA test as a forgery and promptly tore it up. A second test conducted by Larry proved Allison's claims.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Renee received a phone call from David Vickers whom she hung up on after he tried to scam her for money. Blair told Max that Todd was the father of her baby and not to tell Todd. Max told Blair that, if provoked, he couldn't promise not to use the truth about the baby to hurt Todd. Nora decided to let Troy treat Matthew using an experimental treatment. Cristian called Jen from New York but hung up when she answered. Antonio paid off a young woman to lie to Jen about Cristian sleeping with her and other women, however, Keri observed her offering herself to Antonio as a reward for lying to Jen. Viki told Jessica that she was still her daughter in spite of Natalie. Natalie demanded to be allowed into Llanfair. Allison arrived at Llanfair with Hank and a court order to enforce Victor Lord's will, which gave Natalie the right as Viki's daughter to live at Llanfair. Jessica threatened to move out if Natalie moved in at Llanfair. Viki began to have visions of Niki Smith again. Al began to feel sorry for Max after he told him he had lost the baby. Gabrielle questioned Troy on how many missed doses of heart medicine would be fatal for Asa. Gabrielle told Max that Asa was setting him up to take the blame for Asa's murder, but did not admit her part in the plan. David Vickers saw Todd with the baby at the airport. Todd paid off David to keep quiet about the baby. David saw Todd give the baby away to nuns at the airport. After Blair told David that her newborn baby had just died, he decided to blackmail Todd for even more money to keep from telling Blair the truth.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
David Vickers extorted more money from Todd to keep the truth about the baby from Blair. Todd and Blair returned to Llanview and broke the news to Starr about the baby's death. David gave the baby away to a mysterious wealthy woman in exchange for a large check. Blair made Starr promise not to tell Todd he was the baby's father. Natalie embarrassed Jessica by telling the entire class she, and not Jessica, was the true Buchanan heir. Hank told Nora that R.J. was Keri's father and that her mother did not want Keri to know of R.J. and his life of crime. After Keri and Antonio both left messages saying neither wanted to deal with the other, Nora unwittingly set them up on a blind date. Nora and Sam were overjoyed when Mathew's treatment was a success. Lindsay accused Troy of having feelings for Nora. Asa blamed Gabrielle for letting her feelings for Max give her cold feet about setting up Max for murder. Max and Gabrielle were shocked to find Asa "dead" on the living room floor. Gabrielle and Max searched for Asa's heart medication that had both their fingerprints on the bottle. Bo accused Gabrielle and Max of having an affair and then plotting Asa's death. Gabrielle admitted to the affair, but denied either she or Max had any part in Asa's death. Bo comforted a grief-stricken Renee after she saw Asa's body lying in the morgue.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Starr assisted Todd in making a romantic proposal to Blair. Blair accepted Todd's proposal, but felt guilty for not telling him the truth about the baby. Starr begged Blair not to tell Todd the truth about the baby. Todd was haunted by the spirit of Blair's baby in the image of a young boy. Allison continued to humiliate Jessica and Viki by going to a costume party dressed like Niki Smith. Viki paid a visit to Natalie's mom, Roxanne Balsam. Roxanne claimed Allison was Natalie's baby-sitter hired by her late husband. Roxanne shocked Viki when she said she hated being a mother and was glad Natalie was out of her life. Viki decided not to tell Jessica about Roxanne after learning how Asa's death had upset her. Viki tried to make amends with Natalie, but Natalie got angry when Viki told her she had visited Roxanne. Antonio and Keri decided to go on a "blind" date in spite of their differences. Keri was jealous when Antonio danced with another woman, but later at his house she questioned Antonio about an old Valentine's Day card from Andy. Nora declined Troy's offer of a treatment that could restore her memory. Bo and Nora remembered old times after Bo broke the news of Asa's death. Gabrielle began to see Asa's "ghost" at the mansion after Renee confronted her about killing Asa. Gabrielle and Max were relieved when the autopsy report showed Asa was still taking his heart medication in spite of his heart attack. Nigel quit after blaming Gabrielle and Max for Asa's death. Andrew arrived from Africa to perform Todd and Blair's wedding. Blair stopped the ceremony and told Todd she could not marry him.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Blair told Todd that he was the father of her baby. David told Todd where to find the baby but warned it would not be easy getting him back. Nora decided to let Troy treat her after she fought with Lindsay about erasing her memories. Gabrielle had Asa's body cremated. Bo admitted to Renee that he had more samples of Asa's DNA to run tests. Hank told R.J. to stay away from Keri. Jen left for New York to accept the modeling assignment she had won. Cristian was hired on at the same modeling agency. Keith continued his search for Cristian and kept tabs on Jen. Alex led the ex-wives, Delilah, Pamela, and Becky Lee, in turning Asa's memorial into a roast. Renee intervened and paid tribute to the Asa Buchanan she had fallen in love with. Natalie interrupted Jessica's eulogy of Asa by announcing to the congregation that she was Asa's real granddaughter.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Todd found his baby at the home of Buck Miller, an eccentric billionaire who kidnapped had Alex at her first marriage to Asa. Todd pretended to be a buyer for Buck's pet monkey and phoned a puzzled Blair with some "good news." Jen angered her photographer, Josef, by refusing to wear a skimpy outfit. Shauna showed up and tried to take Jen's place until Lindsay and Al came to her defense. Peg fired Jen after she refused Josef's advances. After Natalie embarrassed her at Asa's funeral, Jessica left Llanview for New York to meet Clint. Jessica found Cristian in New York and also captured Keith's attention. Nora played Asa's videotaped will. Gabrielle was shocked when Asa announced she had gotten the lump some of his entire estate. Nora announced in addition to the Wooden Nickel, Asa had a sizable trust fund in Max's name that he was unable to revoke before his death. Natalie was surprised by Roxanne's arrival and wanting of a cut in her share of the Lord fortune. Viki defended Natalie's when she overheard Roxanne belittling her. Roxanne refused to leave Llanfair until she met her new daughter, Jessica.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Blair took Todd's good news about their child as a hint he was planning to take Starr away and made plans of her own to take Starr and run away. Buck later dropped the charges against Todd when his wife confirmed that she had bought the baby from David Vickers. Bo found a bottle of poison at Asa's lodge that was found in Asa's blood. Bo warned Blair not to leave town when he found her signature on a receipt for the poison. Blair realized Todd had tricked her by having her sign "papers" for Star's boarding school. Alex broke into the mansion and stole Asa's ashes from Gabrielle. Al threatened to use his influence as a Buchanan to ruin Peg if she did not rehire Jen. Seth came to Jessica's rescue when Keith tried to force her to reveal Cristian's whereabouts. Natalie threatened to tell Jessica what a terrible mother Roxanne was if she didn't leave Llanview for good. Viki tried to bond with Natalie until Allison arrived with a lawyer demanding Jessica's assets be signed over to Natalie. Allison got angry after Natalie decided to let Viki handle her legal matters and allowed Ben to throw her out of Llanfair. Hank told R.J. that Keri was his daughter and that he supported her while R.J. was in prison. R.J. and Hank went to Keri to tell her the truth. Keri got upset after R.J. and Hank began to argue and asked both of them to leave. Troy started Nora's treatment to regain her memories, but Nora lied to Sam about her whereabouts. Nora remembered Matthew's birth and Lindsay threatening her with a hypodermic needle just as Lindsay knocked at Troy's door.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Starr tipped Todd off that she and Blair were headed for Switzerland. Keith got himself hired as an extra for Jen's photo shoot. Keith lured Cristian to the photo shoot by threatening Jen. Cristian arrived in time to save Jen from Keith's clutches, but was knocked unconscious during the fight. Antonio and the police arrested Keith while Jen made up with Cristian while he recovered at the hospital. Alex went to St. Blaze Island to spread Asa's ashes, while Asa read his obituary in the hotel suite next to Alex. Asa became annoyed with the woman in the suite next door, while the "wealthy" Jeb Stuart in the next suite intrigued Alex. Nigel was shocked to find a nude Alex in Asa's bed, waiting to surprise Jeb Stuart. Bo took Gabrielle and Max in for more questioning after receiving a tape of both of them plotting Asa's murder. Gabrielle was convinced Todd had murdered Asa and set up her and Max. Todd stopped Blair at the airport and convinced her to return home with Star. Todd surprised Blair with a pre-planned wedding complete with special guests Kelly and Cassie. Gabrielle crashed the wedding and threatened to expose Todd to Blair if he implicated her and Max in Asa's murder. While the baby remained hidden away in the mansion, Todd and Blair married for the third time before God, friends, and family.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Fearing her reaction to the truth, Todd told Blair its real mother had abandoned the baby, but Blair was overcome with grief and told Todd to take they baby away. Troy made romantic overtures to Lindsay in hopes of lowering her guard and getting her to confess to drugging Nora. Nora caught on to Troy's scheme and threatened to expose his true intentions to Lindsay. Bo determined Gabrielle and Max were being set up for Asa's murder when the "confession" on tape proved to be doctored. Max offered Gabrielle a fake passport to leave the country and avoid arrest. Upon leaving the hotel room, Alex bumped into a very much alive Asa. Alex threatened to expose Asa to Bo if he did not let her in on his scheme. R.J. attempted to bond with Keri, but was not pleased when he discovered her and Antonio sharing an intimate moment. Natalie witnessed Jessica reject Seth and followed him to the Break Bar. Allison told Jessica all about Roxie and, against Vicki's wishes, went to New Jersey to meet her real mom. Jessica met Roxie and was not impressed when Roxie tried to scam money for her gambling habit. Natalie arrived in time to put Roxie in her place and protect Jessica from the advances of Roxie's ex-boyfriend.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Todd hired an actress to play the baby's unwed mother. Todd and Starr pushed for Blair to bond with the baby. Blair gave the baby to Cassie after the "mother" said she could not take care of him. Cassie became suspicious when she saw Todd pay off the "mother" and then try to sneak the baby out of Cassie's house. Nora decided to go along with Troy's plan to expose Lindsay, but kept everything from Sam. Troy seduced Lindsay and fantasized about Nora while making love to her. Lindsay promised Jen she would not tell Cristian that she had slept with Al. Jen became worried after she discovered she was ten days late. Bo went to St. Blaze Island to search for Alex and caught Gabrielle and Max together on the same plane. In exchange for her silence, Alex demanded that Asa remarry her at St. Blaze Island. R.J. confronted Hank again for turning Keri against him, but after a heart-to-heart talk with Nora, Keri decided to accept R.J. as her father. Natalie's lawyers went to Llanfair to transfer Jessica's assets to her. After a tip from Seth that she was plotting further revenge on Viki, Ben barred Allison from Llanfair. Later Natalie told Allison that she did not plan on sharing her newfound wealth with her. Allison called Roxie to discuss further plans for Viki and her daughters.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Todd stole the baby away from Cassie, and both gave chase to Viki's Christmas party at Llanfair. After Todd overheard Rae advise Blair not to adopt the baby, he and Starr broke into Rae's home to steal her patient files. Nora proposed to Sam, but he gently turned her down and asked for her to give herself more time. Troy continued to try to seduce a confession out of Lindsay. Jen took a home pregnancy test with help from Lindsay, who lied to Jen that the test was positive. Shauna read Al's email to Jen, confessing that they had slept together. Shauna threatened to tell Cristian about Al and Jen's one-night stand. Bo, Hank, Max, and Gabrielle walked in on Alex's marriage to Asa, who was very much alive. Asa was arrested after he confessed that he had faked his death to send Max to prison and that Gabrielle had been his accomplice from the beginning. Viki gave Natalie and Jessica pendants that were passed down from their grandmother Eugenia Lord. Allison and Roxanne celebrated Christmas by joining forces to further ruin Viki's life.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Rae and her party guest surprised Todd and Starr as they were sneaking out of her house. Ben rescued Todd from a stuck window and agreed not to tell he had caught Todd sneaking out of Rae's house. Blair and Todd celebrated their belated wedding night and named their "new" son Jack Cramer Manning. Todd was stunned when he overheard Blair receive a phone call from Paloma. Troy tricked Sam into leaving Nora alone at Rae's New Year's Eve Party. Troy surprised Nora with an impromptu New Year's kiss. Lindsay dropped Al a clue to look for Jen at a family planning clinic. Meanwhile, Lindsay arranged for the clinic to leave Jen a message about her appointment on Cristian's answering machine. Bo called the entire family together to introduce them to the newly alive Asa. Everyone except Natalie turned their backs on Asa when Bo revealed the reason he had faked his death. Max shut Gabrielle out of his life for plotting with Asa to send him to prison. Asa kicked Gabrielle out of his house with only the clothes on her back.
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