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January 7 to 11, 2002
Todd had Paloma arrested after she tried to call Blair. Jen found out she wasn't pregnant, but only after Cristian learned she had slept with Al. Nora asked Troy to stop his plan to get the truth from Lindsay. Al was seriously injured in a fall at the quarry when he was fighting with Cris. Natalie plotted to get Seth back and warned Jess to stay away from him. Bo asked Gabrielle to stay at his place. Starr became jealous of the attention her baby brother was getting. Troy tested the truth serum on Gabrielle. Viki decided to legally adopt Jessica. Nora and Sam made love. R.J. opened a new club. Antonio learned R.J. was Keri's father.
January 14 to 18, 2002
Lindsay began to feel bad for lying about Jennifer's pregnancy test after Al and Cristian got into a serious scuffle. Al was hospitalized, but after regaining consciousness, he claimed that his injuries were from a fall. Carlotta was furious with Keri because she would not kick R.J. out of her life. Jessica refused to date Seth because she didn't want to hurt Natalie. Todd returned home and found Paloma blurting out that he had taken Blair's baby.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Paloma saw baby Jack and thought Todd had told Blair the truth, so she went back to Mexico. Al learned that Jen was not pregnant and that he was paralyzed from the fall. Seth told Jessica he loved her. Keri and Antonio decided it wouldn't work and agreed to stop seeing each other. Roxanne pretended to be sick, Ben asked Larry to look into what was wrong with her. Natalie and Viki grew closer. David Vickers arrived in town to blackmail Todd. Nora tried to convince Troy to give up his plan, but then covered for him when Lindsay found them together.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Natalie tried to frame Seth for stealing an art piece at the gallery. Tory asked Lindsay to marry him. Jen broke up with Cristian to be there for Al, who was paralyzed. Todd had David Vickers arrested by the Moroccan police. Antonio won the award for his paper. Rae and John Sykes broke up. Gabrielle stole a dress, which Bo later paid for. Gabrielle overheard Todd and David talking and learned the secret about baby Jack. Blair sang "Unforgettable" for Todd. Lindsay told Nora that she and Troy were eloping. Natalie pushed Jessica through the stair banister while they were fighting.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Jen moved out of Cristian's apartment. Troy and Nora kissed at Colin's gravesite. Gabrielle used her knowledge about Jack to get hired as the Sun's style editor. Lindsay confronted Nora about the syringe she had received in the mail. Al moved into the Llanfair carriage house. Niki "appeared" while Viki was talking to Starr. Natalie and Cristian kissed then realized it was a mistake. Asa was sentenced to community service for Bo, Renee, and Ben. Lindsay was on the phone, talking to Troy, when "Troy" walked in.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Jen tried to hide her remaining feelings for Chris in front of Al. Natalie and Chris tried to move on as friends. Troy pretended to be Colin in order to trick Lindsay. Nora continued to worry that Troy's plan might backfire. Blair pointed out how much Starr looked like baby Jack. Gabrielle continued her work for Todd. Asa served some of his community service sentence. Keri and Antonio worked through their problems and made love. Llanview's college kids all attended a Valentine's Day party. Valentines's Day swept through town. Roxy found out she really did have a serious medical condition. Lindsay confessed to Troy that she was the one who had injected Nora with the drug.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Blair pressed Todd to get information about baby Jack's history. Gabrielle rejected Todd's proposition to work in Australia. Despite R.J.'s attempts to split them up, Keri and Antonio made love again. Al saw Jen kiss Cris. Later, Natalie saw Al standing and concluded that Al didn't want Jen to find out he could walk because she would go back to Cristian. Natalie ran to tell Cris. Lindsay was upset when she found out that Troy was only seeing her to get her to confess. Enraged, Lindsay knocked him out and chained him to a wall. While Troy was chained, a poisonous spider bit him. Lindsay returned to demand a tape on which her confession was recorded, and Troy begged her to take him to the hospital. Lindsay refused. Meanwhile, Nora searched for Troy. Jessica signed the adoption papers to become an official Buchanan.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Keri was upset to learn how much Carlotta disliked her. Natalie blackmailed Al into helping break up Jess and Seth. Jen was worried when Lindsay told her that she and Troy were having problems. Because of the spider's poison, Troy hallucinated that Lindsay was Nora and accidentally revealed that he and Nora had kissed. He was later outraged to learn that "Nora" was actually Lindsay. Lindsay searched for the tape at Nora's house, but Nora caught her. Todd and Blair were furious when Starr faked being kidnapped. Starr later ran away to the funhouse where Troy was being held.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
Rae finally humbled Asa. Al told Jess to take things slower with Seth. Jen and Cris again struggled to resist each other. Starr told her parents about "the man on the wheel," but they were convinced it was a lie and took away her cell phone. When Starr went back to Troy with food for him, she saw Lindsay there. Troy instructed Starr to catch the spider, and she succeeded. Before going home, Starr wrote down Nora's number, but she accidentally left it there. At home, the spider got into baby Jack's crib, but Todd killed it before Jack was bitten. Lindsay sent Nora a fake email from Troy, then made Troy record a message saying that he had left for Paris. Lindsay didn't know that he slipped in a clue for Nora. Sam asked Starr about "the man on the wheel," while Nora received the message from Troy on her answering machine. Lindsay was outraged to find Nora's number that Starr had left at the fun house, with a clue: Rimalli in the Gallery.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Jen pondered marrying Al when he proposed. Carlotta ruined Keri and Antonio's date. Natalie blackmailed Al into framing Seth for stealing from Max. Lindsay figured out where the tape was, as did Nora after following Troy's clues. With hints from Starr, Sam found Troy but discovered the funhouse on fire. Sam unchained Troy, and they barely escaped. Nora got to the tape just minutes before Lindsay. They battled, and Lindsay threw the tape in the dumpster. Lindsay threatened to kill Troy unless she got the tape. Nora agreed to hand the tape over, but Troy and Sam showed up just in time. Lindsay was later arrested. At the station, Troy told Lindsay he would tell Jen how Lindsay had changed the pregnancy test, which had broken Jen and Cris up, unless Lindsay confessed to the police.
March 18 to 22, 2002
R.J. wasn't pleased that Keri and Carlotta made up that Lindsay had been arrested after confessing on tape to the cops. Facing a thirty-year sentence, Lindsay decided to feign insanity and spend time in an insane asylum rather than going to jail. Todd and Blair apologized to Starr for not believing her story about Troy. Troy collapsed as a result of his spider bite. Family Services investigated Todd and Blair because of Starr's running away. Jen accepted Al's proposal. Gabrielle caught Al standing up. Rae decided to help Viki "bring Niki Smith out."
March 25 to 29, 2002
Keri received a formal complaint from Shawna about her "professor/student" relationship, but assured Antonio she would fight it and stay with him. Gabrielle kept Al's secret about his ability to walk. Seth revealed to Jessica that Roxy was scamming her -- and proved it. Niki emerged and put on the act that she was Viki, unbeknownst to everyone else. A drunken Sam apologized after kissing Blair. Later he made it up to her by representing her in court and persuading the judge to let Todd and Blair keep custody of Starr. Lindsay escaped from the institution, disguised as a nun, but Nora caught her. She tried to choke Nora, but Troy rescued Nora. Lindsay was arrested and placed back in jail. Nora then admitted to Troy that she had strong feelings for him.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Jess threatened to report Roxy and Allison's scheme to the police. Later, Allison ran Jess and Seth off the road in an attempt to keep them quiet. Thinking they were dead, she prepared to frame Roxy for their "murder." Natalie worried about a missing Seth. Niki almost slipped several times in her "cover-up" as Viki. The DCF worker discovered that Todd and Blair had lied about Jack. She then forced Todd and Blair to place their children in temporary foster care. However, Sam helped out and got the judge to rule that Starr and Jack be placed with Viki, who was actually Niki at that time, and Ben, since they were family. Lindsay was sentenced to 28 years in Statesville Prison.
April 8 to 12, 2002
Natalie wasn't happy when she found Seth and Jess cozy in the cave. Natalie admitted to Cris all of the things she had done to manipulate Seth, and even said that Al could walk. Cris decided to tell Jen the truth before she could marry Al. Max discovered that Al could walk and was upset that his son was lying to Jen. Starr became suspicious of Viki when she told Jack to shut up. Jack ended up in the hospital with a fever. Keri was cleared of the charges Shawna had filed against her. Lindsay had a hard time adjusting to prison life.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Jack was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Todd worried that Blair would find out, so Todd made the doctor promise not to reveal that Starr and Jack were really related. Starr was ruled out as a donor because she'd already had the disease. Todd and Nigel set out to find Alex, who had donated for Starr before. Troy and Nora went on a date, but the evening got awkward when Sam and Matthew showed up at the same restaurant. Later, Troy kissed Nora. Just before the "I dos," Cristian announced that Al could walk. Jen was disgusted and didn't want to hear Al's excuses. She left him and told him that she was going back with Cris. Later, Jen and Cris made love.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Todd and Nigel convinced Alex to return to Llanview. After being confirmed as a match, she agreed to donate her bone marrow to baby Jack. Shawna announced that R.J. was behind the charges filed against Keri. However, Keri believed her father when he denied it. Jen was jealous after seeing Cris comfort Natalie. Al decided to move into the apartment next to Jen and Cristian. Cris and Al got into a fight, and Natalie was knocked out trying to break it up. Troy and Nora had a nice night on the town, and later she proved that she cared about Troy by defending him to Ben. Viki once again plotted to divorce Ben.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
"Niki" ended up sleeping with Ben when her plan backfired. Jack received a bone marrow transplant from Alex. R.J. made sure Carlotta saw the notice of Keri's $50,000 "debt." Allison was arrested for running Jessica and Seth off the road. Max refused to let Al move in next to Cris and Jen. Jen continued to be jealous of Cris and Natalie's friendship. Jordan told Ben "his wife" had hired her to climb into bed with him, and Ben thought Allison had set it up. Natalie told Jess she had a brother named Rex. Sam got closer to the truth about Jack's parentage.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Carlotta told Antonio that she believed Keri was irresponsible with her money, after R.J. set it up to make it look like Keri had a large credit card debt. Troy received another threat from Lindsay. Seth and Jess finally found Rex, but he was unaware of his true ties to Jessica. Sam learned that it was nearly impossible for two non-biological siblings to have the same disease and bone marrow donor match. After further investigation, he reached the shocking conclusion that baby Jack indeed was Blair's child that she had "lost" in Mexico. Sam demanded that Todd tell Blair the truth. However, unbeknownst to Sam, Todd again lied to Blair, saying that Nellie wanted her baby back; he insisted that they move out of the country to keep Jack away from Nellie. At the airport, Blair also became suspicious and headed back home to question Sam. Gabrielle told Bo all about Todd's scheme.
May 13 to 17, 2002
One Life to Live broadcast live all week. Blair broke down when Sam confirmed her suspicions about Todd's lies about Jack. An enraged and heartbroken Blair ordered Todd out of their house. Antonio and Carlotta were shocked when Téa showed up. Téa found out that Blair had left Todd and paid Todd a visit, but Todd ordered her to leave. Al followed Jen and Chris to Las Vegas, and Natalie also went to warn them. Max learned of Al's trip and also followed. Max met Roxy at a casino and, after some heavy drinking, woke up in bed with her -- and married to her. Nora and Troy made love. Rex showed up in Llanview and found Jess. Allison got an eight to twenty year sentence at Statesville and became Lindsay's cellmate.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Nora was shaken after her visit with Lindsay. Max learned that if he divorced Roxy, he might pay her $500,000 a year, even though he had been drunk when they tied the knot. Cristian put Jen's insecurities about Natalie at ease. Antonio surprised Keri with a romantic evening in a hot tub. Rex encountered Jess when he arrived in Llanview. Natalie was shocked and thrilled when she saw Rex, and they took time to catch up. Rex then accepted Jess's offer to move in to the mansion. Blair told Todd that he would have visitation with Starr, but not Jack. Later, an angry Blair trashed all of Todd's belongings. She went out to a bar, and things got heated between her and Chad.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Roxy continued to annoy Max. Gabrielle was thrilled to learn that no charges would be filed against her for helping with Todd's scheme. Niki poisoned Gabrielle's coffee. However, when Bo entered and attempted to drink the coffee, Niki "accidentally" spilled it. Later, Niki offered Gabrielle a job for the Banner, on the condition that she move out of Bo's. When Bo confronted "Viki" about it, she was forced to give Gabrielle the job with no conditions. Cristian comforted a distraught Natalie after yet another visit with Roxy. Jen saw, and became jealous. Blair went out and got drunk, but Sam found her and took her home before things got too heated between her Chad.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Gabrielle and Bo shared a kiss, but afraid of her feelings, Gabrielle ran out. Lindsay learned that Allison's father had been the warden of Statesville. Allison told Lindsay that she was in love with "Dave." Then, Lindsay learned that "Dave" was really Ben. Niki faked a threatening note from Allison. Later, Niki kissed Bo, but he scolded her and left. Jen again accused Natalie of trying to steal Cristian, however Cris heard and got upset with Jen. Max became fed up with Roxy, but called a doctor when she fainted. Troy's teen sister, Emily, arrived in town. Emily and Nora spent time together, but not before Emily assured Troy that she would keep quiet about his past.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Chad took Emily on a tour of Llanview. Rae became upset upon finding a picture from her past. Antonio surprised Keri with a romantic getaway. Cristian and Jen made up from one fight, but shortly after, they were arguing again. Natalie discovered that multiple personality disorder was not hereditary, and became very upset with "Viki," who attempted to convince her otherwise. Seth discovered that Rex was up to no good. Blair, Jack, Starr, Sam, and bodyguard Rayburn went to Hawaii to avoid Todd. However, unbeknownst to them, Todd followed them. In Hawaii, a shocked Téa unintentionally stumbled upon Todd. Despite Todd's wishes, she reported his presence to a suspicious Blair.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Max took his plans to get rid of Roxy one step further by contacting her ex-boyfriend. Keri and Antonio continued their search for Mark while in Maui because they thought he was Rae's long-lost love. They fell short after Rae informed her connections there not to release any information about her past. Troy informed Nora that he had mistreated a woman from his past but that he would not make the same mistake with her. Todd, Téa, and Rayburn all ended up stranded on an island from a boat wreck, but no one suffered from severe injuries. Viki put a plot in motion to make Natalie believe that she was suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
June 24 to 28, 2002
Ben posed as "Dave" for Alison after realizing that "Dave" was one of the only things that kept Alison sane. Jen was furious when Cristian took Natalie's side over hers. Antonio and Keri finally found who they believed to be Rae's long-lost love. Téa admitted to an angered Todd that she was the one who had told Blair about his mission to steal Jack and Starr. Starr was disgusted and outraged after learning the truth about Todd's secret. Niki again plotted to make Natalie believe that she was developing multiple personalities. However, Ben caught her during one of her schemes and finally realized that she was really Niki Smith, not Viki. Niki admitted the truth, but then attacked Ben, sending him through the window on the top floor of the mansion.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Troy discovered Nora and Sam in an embrace. A disoriented Natalie discovered Ben after Niki pushed him. However, Niki managed to set it up to look like Natalie was the one who had pushed Ben. Niki attempted to suffocate Ben in the hospital, but Renee interrupted. Jessica and the cops became suspicious of Natalie, but Cristian insisted that she was innocent. Lindsay imagined that she was free for Independence Day. Todd, Rayburn, and Téa discovered an army map. Rayburn read it and deciphered where they were. Antonio and Keri learned that Rae was an illegal therapist who had stolen her friend's diploma and then changed her name to match the one on the diploma.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Backed into a corner, R.J. agreed to help Lindsay escape from prison. Antonio finally asked Keri to marry him, and she accepted. When Todd saw Téa and Ross in an embrace, he became jealous. Later, Ross stumbled upon a canoe on the island, as well as some other useful goods. Al decided not to give up on being with Jen. Jessica kept up her accusation that Natalie was the one who had pushed Ben. Cristian continued to comfort and defend Natalie. Ben began to emerge from his coma. When Niki learned of it, she prepared to flee the country to avoid being caught.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Everyone was shocked when Rae revealed the truth about her not being a licensed therapist at the "Woman of the Year" banquet. Blair attempted to seduce Troy, but he got angry at her and left. Emily agreed to give Chad a second chance, but walked out when she learned that Chad had previously tried to sleep with a still-married Blair. Cris continued to reassure Natalie, and they shared a kiss. Niki took steps to make herself look innocent, but Cris began to get suspicious of her. Ben began to remember parts of the accident but remained unsure of who had pushed him. Tilly agreed to kill Lindsay for R.J., so that Keri wouldn't find out about his secret crimes.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Tillie tried to kill Lindsay. Rae's former students and patients began to sue her. Blair set it up so Nora would think Troy was having affairs at the Lone Pine Motel. Ross took off on the boat to find help, leaving Téa and Todd alone on the island. Natalie and Cris checked out Viki's alibi. Lindsay and Allison escaped, and R.J. helped them get away. Cris found evidence incriminating Viki, including a red wig, in the garden shed. Al continued to try to break Cris and Jen up and stole Natalie's keys.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Téa admitted to Todd that she was still in love with him. Roxy stumbled upon Allison, so Allison tied Roxy up and locked her in the basement to keep her quiet. Lindsay drove her car into Nora accidentally, sending her off the bridge and into the water. She attempted to help Nora but failed. However Troy located Nora and rescued her just in time. Still, Nora could not recall who had hit her. Cris and Natalie realized that it had to have been one of Viki's other personalities who had shoved Ben through the window. Later, Natalie and Cris shared another kiss. Al started a fire in Jen's room and framed Natalie for it. Jen walked in and got trapped in the fire, but Al saved her.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Téa and Todd kissed, but then Todd told Téa not to read anything into it. Ross swam back to the island after his boat broke apart. Keri insisted to Antonio that R.J. was with her during Lindsay and Allison's escape from prison. Nora was horrified upon learning that Lindsay was on the loose. Bo and Ben realized that it was really Niki who had pushed Ben out the window. An enraged Ben confronted Niki, but she knocked him out and then ran to Roxy's. Ben revealed to Jess that "Niki Smith" had returned. Natalie attempted to warn the cops of Niki's whereabouts, but they wouldn't listen. Allison then found Niki and took her prisoner.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Cristian told Antonio of his feelings for Natalie. A stunned Jen overheard Cristian and Natalie promise not to talk about their close encounter in the bedroom. Jessica apologized to Natalie for accusing her of hurting Ben. Roxy found Viki in the trunk in Rae's basement. Keri told Antonio that she couldn't marry him because he had doubts about her giving R.J. an alibi. Asa took to the television to trash Rae. Rae announced that she was going to write a tell-all book about Asa. Allison fell for Roxy's ploy to get Max on the phone for the purpose of asking for a divorce and getting money from him. Max hung up before she could scream for help. Blair hired Chad to work at the Sun. Starr went looking for Todd in Viki's attic.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Niki tried to convince Allison that she was on Alison's side, but Allison caught on before Niki could escape. Despite a gun struggle and a gun firing, no one was harmed. Lindsay later realized that Viki and Niki were the same person. Ross realized that he'd lost Téa after she confessed her love for Todd. Carlotta urged Keri to reunite with Antonio. Keri came across a bloodied R.J. and was horrified to learn that Antonio had pummeled him. Rae blackmailed Asa into marrying him as a devastated Renee arrived just in time to see the ceremony. Bo and Antonio found Roxy tied up in Rae's house and later rushed to Viki's mountain cabin to try to rescue her.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Téa assured Todd that she would always love him. Jen was furious to discover that it was really Al who had set her room on fire. Later, Jen went ballistic after witnessing Cris and Natalie in a close moment. Antonio tried to shoot Allison and ended up critically injuring Ben. The shock from the tragic event finally got Viki to return, and she was horrified upon learning everything that had happened. Ben was sent to a special clinic in Switzerland as he began to slip into a possibly irreversible coma. Lindsay was ecstatic when the governor pardoned her crimes and freed her from prison for saving Molly's life.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Lindsay discovered that Troy had once been married, and she decided to go looking for his ex-wife. A distraught Antonio helped out a woman after her car broke down. When he helped her find a hotel room, they shared their sorrows and ended up in bed together. Cris prepared to tell Natalie of his feelings for her, but an overprotective Rex told him that Natalie was dating another guy. Under the impression that Cris had no feelings for her, Natalie decided to go out with Chad. Meanwhile, a jealous Jen plotted to get pregnant with Al's baby. Jen deceived Al into thinking that she cared for him, and slept with Al twice to optimize her chances of becoming pregnant.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Seth's suspicion of Rex continued to grow after Rex accepted Jessica's offer to pay his college tuition. Téa accused Todd of hiding his remaining feelings for Blair. Meanwhile, Blair was emotional after receiving her divorce papers, and she recalled good times with Todd. Al pondered telling Cris that he and Jen had slept together after Jen broke Al's heart with plans to stay with Cris. Bo caught Gabrielle covering up evidence of Al's arson, however, he forgave her, and they made love. Unknown to either party, the mysterious woman who Antonio had had a one-night stand with was actually Keri's mother.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Todd admitted his feelings for Blair then prepared to leave the island once and for all. Blair finally confessed to Sam that she still loved Todd. Having no remaining evidence against Al, Bo let him serve community service. Cristian and Natalie declared their love for each other, but a furious Jen spied on them. Before Cristian could tell Jen of his feelings for Natalie, Jen told him she was pregnant with his baby. Keri's mother, Liz, suspected she was pregnant, but aware of Liz's heart condition, Keri offered to be her surrogate. Seth planned to visit Rex's Aunt Corrine with questions about Rex's past, and Roxy was frantic upon learning Seth's plan. Rex and Roxy discussed the fact that Roxy wasn't really Jessica's biological mother.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Roxy questioned Blair about Max, and Blair revealed that the name of his true love was Luna. Bo flattered Gabrielle by announcing his love for her to all of Lanview. R.J. spotted Liz in the university and confronted her. They discussed her decision to keep Keri away all those years, and Liz admitted that she had truly loved him when Keri was born. Jen discovered that she really was pregnant, but didn't tell Cristian that the baby was probably Al's. When Cristian told Natalie of Jen's pregnancy, she was heartbroken.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Cristian told Natalie that he planned to marry Jen. Natalie kissed Al in an attempt to make him believe that she was over Cristian. Jessica and Seth battled over Seth's plans to expose Rex. Asa and Nigel locked Hank and Rae in the wine cellar together. Nora arranged for Troy's clinic to remain open in spite of legal troubles. Sam gave Blair a passionate kiss. Carlotta was surprised to learn that Antonio had not yet met Liz. Bo and Gabrielle took their relationship public. Todd washed up somewhere and was taken to the hospital.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Antonio was shocked to discover that the woman he had slept with was really Keri's mother. When Antonio questioned Liz about the baby, she told him it was Steve's. Lindsay hinted to Troy that she was aware of his secret past. Blair and Sam admitted their feelings for each other. Todd returned to Llanview and paid Starr a quick visit to let her know he was all right. Cristian decided that marrying Jen was the right thing to do, and Jen made Natalie uncomfortable by asking her to help with the wedding. Jessica drew the wrong conclusion when she spotted Seth and Natalie in a close moment and broke up with him. Later, Seth went to Michigan and returned with news that Roxy was not Jessica's biological mother.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Keri began to feel uneasy when she noticed growing tension between Liz and Antonio. Attempting to confuse Troy, Lindsay paid someone off to tell Troy that "Joanna" had been painted after a woman who had been left at the altar. Roxy finally showed Max the video that she had discovered of Luna, and Max was very grateful to her. Starr convinced Blair to sign an agreement that Todd could not be jailed for going to Llanview. Once Starr informed Todd of her success, Todd revealed himself to Blair. Al learned of Jen's pregnancy and began to get suspicious of the baby's paternity. A mystery person secretly followed Natalie and watched her every move. Later, Viki asked Bo to do a DNA test on Jessica and Natalie; the family was shocked when the results showed that both Natalie and Jessica are Viki's biological daughters.
October 21 to 25, 2002
Carlotta's friend recognized Elizabeth as the woman Antonio had been at the hotel with, but she left town before she could tell anyone. Jessica and Seth got back together after Jessica realized that Natalie hadn't really slept with Seth. Carlotta unknowingly helped Jen's plan when she told everyone at Jen's shower that Natalie was in love with Cristian. Viki went to visit Allison Perkins at St. Ann's asylum, but Allison would only tell Viki to "ask Mitch." The mystery man who was watching Natalie emerged from hiding, and it was revealed that he might be Mitch Laurence, the same man who had brainwashed Allison into stealing Viki's baby.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Natalie admitted to being in love with Cristian and made plans to leave town, but Michael Lazarus convinced her to stay. Blair had Todd arrested when he visited baby Jack on his birthday. Roxy told Viki and Bo that her husband, Dr. Balsom, had been one of Mitch Laurence's cult members and agreed to turn over his papers. Lindsay told Troy she knew the truth about Joanna and Africa. Liz admitted to Hank that she was carrying Antonio's child. After learning Natalie wouldn't be leaving town, Jen moved up the date of the wedding.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Viki was spooked upon learning that Todd's father was a member of Mitch Laurence's cult. When Lindsay threatened to tell Nora of Troy's secret past, Troy decided he needed to tell her himself. Max and Asa plotted to "get rid of" each other's wives. Cristian became jealous upon finding Natalie and "Michael Lazarus" in an embrace. Later, Natalie was heartbroken to learn that Cristian and Jen would be married immediately. Before the wedding vows began, Natalie sneaked into the ceremony to watch. Al broke into Marcie's apartment and discovered that he was the biological father of Jen's baby.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Both Natalie and Al interrupted the wedding, but the ceremony continued until Jen doubled over in pain and was taken to the hospital. Cassie returned to Llanview to tell Viki what she could remember about Mitch. Starr's nanny, Suzanne, was killed by the mob, and Blair appeared to have a mental breakdown. "Michael" and Natalie left Llanview and got on a plane. Jen had a miscarriage. Lindsay sent a letter to Nora, telling her all about Joanna.
November 18 to 22, 2002
R.J. grew suspicious of Antonio and Liz's odd actions. Blair's staged mental breakdown was successful in distracting the criminals that were after her. Lindsay continued to threaten Troy and Nora's happiness, but Troy told her that she could never make him stop loving Nora. Cristian and Natalie realized that they could finally be together, and Natalie prepared to seek an annulment. Meanwhile, Mitch Laurence revealed himself to Viki and announced that he was the true father of Jessica.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Asa's plot to help Max get a divorce from Roxy went awry when Bo broke in and arrested them at an illegal casino. Lindsay was confused when she fantasized about Troy. Sam watched as Todd comforted Blair after she had a nightmare. Viki sent Jessica away to be safe from Mitch Laurence, though Jessica remained unaware that Mitch was her biological father. Natalie was overwhelmed to learn that her new husband "Michael Lazurus" was really Mitch Laurence. Meanwhile, Cristian finally forced Jen to hear the truth about his feelings for Natalie.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Nora realized that Emily and Troy were hiding something from her. Todd denied having any remaining feelings for Blair, although Sam was still not completely convinced. Renee agreed to assist Max in breaking up Asa and Rae. Roxy and Asa were shocked when Bo informed them that Mitch Laurence was still alive. Mitch offered Rex money to discover Jessica's whereabouts. Cristian learned that Natalie was really married to Mitch Laurence. Later, Mitch told Natalie that he would kill Cristian if she did not sleep with him.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Todd admitted to Blair that he regretted lying to her about the "death" of baby Jack. Realizing that Lindsay had feelings for him, Troy told her that he would leave Llanview once the truth of Joanna came out. Antonio was suspicious after he learned Liz's baby had the same genetic disorder as he did. Al promised Gabrielle that he was really over Jen. Viki, Cristian, and Bo put a plan into motion to free Natalie from Mitch Laurence.
December 16 to 20, 2002
Mitch was irate after several people managed to spirit Natalie, his wife, out of the house. Cristian and Natalie shared a kiss. Natalie slapped Cristian but then admitted that she cared about him and was worried that Mitch would hurt Cristian. Jen tried to locate Cristian and was angry to hear from Mitch that Natalie and Cristian were together somewhere. Jessica escaped from Seth and made it back to Llanfair. Rex advised Jessica to be wary of Mitch, and they were both surprised when Mitch showed up. Mitch revealed the truth about Jessica's parentage. Blair wondered if Todd still cared about her. She received her answer after Starr told her parents that someone was asking questions about Blair, and Todd showed his concern. Gabby was worried that Bo might propose to her, but he surprised Gabrielle with tickets to the ballet instead. Asa and Max tried to rid themselves of their wives, Rae and Roxy. Nora played detective behind Troy's back.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Jessica was inconsolable after Viki revealed all the details of Jessica's conception and birth. Cristian vowed to break up with Jen. Cristian broke up a fight between Seth and Rex. Jen pretended to be pregnant, acting on Mitch's suggestion. Nora continued to snoop in Troy's desk but finally confessed to him. Troy asked Nora to marry him. Jen obsessed over Cristian, and Lindsay did the same with Troy. Rex urged Roxy to pursue Asa instead of Max. Sam visited Blair at Todd's penthouse, where she was in hiding. Antonio and Keri spent Christmas together.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Max stood up for Roxy when her mother said some hurtful things. Bo and Gabrielle finally admitted that they loved each other. Blair tried to convince Sam that she and Todd were over for good. Todd was livid after learning of the things that Mitch Laurence had done. Jessica went to see Mitch and told him that she would not have any contact with him, despite the fact that he was her biological father. When Troy went to tell Lindsay about his engagement to Nora, Lindsay threatened him again. In an attempt to keep her quiet, he had sex with her.
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