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January 7 to 11, 2002
Molly was charged with first-degree murder in Nick's death and was held in jail without bond. Abigail slowly began to remember bits and pieces about what had happened after Nick hit her. Jack, Hal, and Paul joined forces to find their missing women, and they suspected Barbara might have been the person with a common motive. Paul confronted Barbara, who finally admitted trying to blackmail Rose about her past, but lied about having anything to do with the disappearance of Rose, Carly, or Emily. Bonnie and Isaac started to get closer until she discovered his little black book. Billy saved Katie's aerobics class from total disaster. A mystery woman left a rose on Nick's grave. Craig convinced Simon to go to Paris to look for Carly. Rose woke up to discover both Carly and Emily were with her at a luxurious spa. Both Carly and Emily appeared very happy and totally unconcerned about where they were or how much time had passed.
January 14 to 18, 2002
The chauffeur who kidnapped Emily and Carly showed up at Fairwinds, looking for James. Jack was very suspicious when he found out Barbara knew the chauffeur's name was Phil. Simon didn't want to go to Paris because he wanted to find out what Katie was up to. Jack arranged to meet Phil at the old mill, but when he arrived, Phil was dead. Abigail thought she might have killed Nick, and later realized she had seen him die. Margo discovered the fingerprint on the key from the murder scene belonged to Adam. Isaac asked Bonnie out on a real date. Katie learned that Dahlia had not been telling her the truth, but signed a contract with her anyway. Hal was willing to let Barbara stay with the family, but told her he would move elsewhere with Emily when she returned. Emily finally began to listen to Rose's story about how they had all gotten to the spa.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Lucinda gave Craig a difficult time about caring properly for Lucy and demanded that Lucy stay with her for a while. Barbara tried to get Billy to help her keep Jennifer in Oakdale. Rose finally persuaded Emily they needed to escape, but Carly was too drugged to remember anything. Adam's lie detector test was a disaster; afterwards, he confessed to killing Nick. Abigail thought she remembered killing Nick and demanded that Holden take her to the police to confess. Molly got out on bail and later recanted her confession. Simon was suspicious of Dahlia's motivation for giving Katie a job. Lily and Paul tried to set up Barbara, but she saw through their plan. When Hal, Paul, and Jack confronted Barbara about the kidnappings, she panicked and ran away looking for James. The doctor at the spa told Carly she was ready to proceed to the next level.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
James set up Barbara by blaming the kidnappings on her in a videotape he left at Fairwinds. Rose and Emily discovered an ally at the spa and began their escape plan. Hal told Barbara not to return to his house. Emily got a cell phone call through to Hal and filled him in about James's role in the kidnappings, but couldn't tell him where she was. James knocked Hal unconscious and abducted him. Barbara was arrested after a search of Fairwinds turned up some incriminating evidence James had left behind. Barbara finally cracked under Jack's interrogation, but blamed everything on James. Abigail remembered someone else had been in the room when Nick was killed. Ben and Jessica were finally able to tell Isaac and Bonnie about their relationship. Adam decided he and Abigail should get married so he could not be forced to testify against her.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Adam and Abigail decided not to get married and returned to Oakdale to face their parents. Craig and Jack teamed up to look for clues at Fairwinds about the kidnappings. James set a trap for them, and they were stranded in the basement after a stairway collapsed. Emily tried to call Hal again, but wound up speaking to James, who told her they would never be rescued. Kim and John rescued Jack and Craig. Barbara's friends rallied around her. When Simon confronted Dahlia about running a con on Katie, Dahlia told him she was really after him. Emily and Rose confronted Dr. Westin, and Emily wound up being drugged again. Bonnie and Isaac's date had a happy ending after a disastrous start. Craig got himself shipped out of the country in a coffin, hoping to wind up at the spa where Carly was being held.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Craig got a clue about where Rose and Emily were being held. Dahlia hit on Simon, but he was not interested. James had Hal in some kind of hypnotic stupor. When Katie and Lucy were picked up for reckless driving, Dahlia paid Katie's expensive fine. Craig tried to hire Mitzie to seduce Jack, but she surprised Craig by seducing him instead. Margo found Brandy's toothbrush at Nick's, as well as an incriminating email, and tried to arrest her for Nick's murder. Brandy got away from the officer taking her in and wound up in Craig's car. She demanded that Craig drive off before the man following her tried to kill her. The couples of Oakdale engaged in romantic Valentine fantasies. Lucinda's offer of $100,000 for James flooded the police station with witnesses. At the spa, Emily was taken away to meet the same fate as Carly.
February 18 to 22, 2002
James found out that Jack planned to go to Marseilles, but Jack later found out from Mitzie what James knew. James "programmed" Hal to call Jack and order him not to go to France. When Brandy was taken into custody, she taunted Abigail about Nick's real feelings for her, which caused Abigail to get violent. Brandy's alibi held up, so Jessica arrested Abigail for Nick's murder. Katie confronted Dahlia about hitting on Simon, and Dahlia admitted she had kissed him. Margo made Simon a job offer to follow Jack because she thought Jack was headed into a trap in France. Jack returned home and found Julia, who knocked him out and put him in a straitjacket. Simon lied to Katie and later got a big check from a mysterious woman whom he seemed to know. James and Barbara both turned themselves in to the police at the same time. Bonnie's ex-boyfriend, Ian, showed up at Java Underground to tell her he wanted her back.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
James and Barbara had a face-off at the Oakdale police station about who was guilty of the kidnappings. Katie confronted Simon about lying to her. She saw Simon with the female lawyer, but he didn't tell her about the $500,000 check the woman had given him. Isaac admitted he loved Bonnie, but she couldn't tell him she felt the same way. Simon and Mitzie went to Jack's house, looking for him, but Julia hid him in a closet. The police were forced to let James go because of a lack of evidence. Craig ran into Julia at the Snyder farm and quickly told Margo. Trashed flowers caused Mitzie to return to Jack's, where Julia knocked her out and left her tied up. Ian made a heartfelt plea to Bonnie, while Jessica tried to get Isaac to pursue Bonnie. Someone tried to kill Abigail and Adam after trapping them in Nick's apartment. Hal returned, but he was acting strangely, which made Margo suspicious. Julia succeeded in having sex with Jack.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
With Hal's help, James lured Paul and Barbara to the boathouse. Bonnie told Duncan she was not going to marry Ian. Simon came clean to Katie about his relationship with Monique -- almost. Libby tried to help Rose escape by giving her a sedative and putting her in a coffin going to the airport, but the coffin was actually scheduled for burial. James was trapped in a fire at the boathouse, but Paul saved his life. James ended up in a coma, but Hal took him from the hospital and hid him in the basement of the police station. Julia decided to kill Jack, just as Craig figured out they were hiding at Carly's. Craig pretended he wanted to help Julia and told her how to go about drowning Jack. Rose just barely escaped being buried alive and called Paul to get her in Belgium. Simon rescued Jack from a watery grave. Barbara found Julia at Fairwinds.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Hal convinced John to help James Stenbeck. John later let Margo know that Hal had been hiding James in the police station basement, but Hal moved James before Margo could get to them. Paul reluctantly stayed in Oakdale to take care of Will instead of flying to Brussels to get Rose. Lily had to do some fast-talking to convince the authorities to allow Rose to leave the country. Craig blamed Rose for not helping Carly and Emily to escape too. Katie used the Internet to try to investigate Simon's past. Simon found a "fixer-upper" cottage in the woods and convinced Katie they should buy it. Julia forced Barbara to drive her out of Oakdale, but then let her go. Jack and Hal had a big argument about Hal's strange behavior. Rose returned to Oakdale and discovered she was aging very rapidly. Hal went to Fairwinds to try to get help from Barbara.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Barbara realized James had hypnotized Hal. After an argument over another woman, Bonnie walked out on Isaac. Kim was injured trying to help Abigail and Adam. Rose refused to let Paul see her, but went to Fairwinds to confront Barbara about her responsibility for the kidnappings. Bonnie got a love letter from Ian and a talk from Ben. Margo and Simon found Hal just as he was about to shoot James. Molly and Jake figured out that Nick's girlfriend was their former nanny, Mary, just before Mary showed up to see Abigail, who was alone. Molly called Abigail and managed to warn her about Mary. Rose finally relented and let Paul see her face just before she discovered she was continuing to age. Carly called Jack to say goodbye, and Jack took off for Europe to find her.
March 25 to 29, 2002
Katie and Simon argued after she found out he hadn't told her that he was suspected of Monique's murder. She walked out on him and went over to Craig's to spend the night. Bonnie was not sure she was really over Ian. Billy and Isaac argued about Bonnie, and Isaac ended up firing him. Bonnie asked Billy to go with her to Scotland. Mary eavesdropped on a conversation between Molly and Nick's former landlord; later the landlord died mysteriously, although the police ruled it an accident. At the police station, Mary told a very convincing story about seeing Abigail kill Nick. Simon found out Dahlia was Monique's sister. Jack wound up in the back of a truck on his way to the spa. Paul kept pursuing Rose and finally wound up kissing her. Simon got furiously angry at Dahlia and threatened her in front of a room full of witnesses.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Simon threatened Dahlia at Katie's party, and Margo arrested him when Dahlia went missing. Craig agreed to help James escape in exchange for Carly's safe return and enlisted Brandy's help. Lucinda refused to allow James the use of her jet. Jack arrived and found the spa deserted. Susan gave Rose a clean bill of health. John discovered Dr. Weston's true identity to be that of George Townes, a scientist fascinated with aging. Abigail refused to plead guilty to a lesser charge and later remembered another detail about the night of Nick's murder. Molly testified. Hal began to show signs of improvement. Bonnie and Billy arrived at Ian's castle and experienced seemingly supernatural occurrences.
April 8 to 12, 2002
Katie was suspicious of Simon after she found Dahlia's car keys in his backpack. Simon contended that Dahlia had set him up. Rose wound up on the plane with James and Craig. Aaron arrived in Oakdale and refused Holden's initial request to return to Seattle. Lily told Holden she was pregnant. Bonnie and Billy discovered Ian's castle was haunted, while Isaac hallucinated seeing Bonnie. Margo questioned Simon again about Dahlia's disappearance. James escaped from Craig and Rose after drugging them with ether. James demanded Barbara as a trade for Carly and Emily. Jack hired a female cop to impersonate Barbara, but Barbara drugged her and left to meet James herself. Rose accepted Paul's marriage proposal.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Rosanna arrived in town with a court order giving her custody of Parker. Craig kidnapped Parker to keep him away from Rosanna and then passed him on to Katie for safekeeping. Katie fantasized about Simon really being a lady killer, but later confessed to finding Dahlia's watch. Simon decided to ask Lucinda for help, which resulted in a plan to "kill" Katie. Billy wanted to leave Ian's castle, but Bonnie refused, which led to more problems. Rosanna reluctantly agreed not to press charges against Craig and Katie. Abigail went to Nick's grave to think and eventually remembered she had seen Mary kill him. Isaac finally relented and left in pursuit of Bonnie. Ian returned to his castle and revealed an ulterior motive for his marriage proposal. Because of a misunderstanding about Isaac, Bonnie accepted Ian's proposal. Dr. Michaels was very concerned about Hal's mental health.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Mary attacked Abigail after realizing Abigail remembered everything about Nick's murder. Aaron saved Abigail from Mary, and the charges against Abigail were later dismissed. Mary kidnapped Molly and demanded a million-dollar ransom from Jake. With help from Hal, who was still hypnotized, James was able to escape capture and got away, taking Barbara with him. Jack had a long-awaited reunion with Carly, but she was shocked and horrified when she saw her face. Lucy let Craig know where he could find Carly. Rose began to express doubts about marrying Paul. Jake lied to the police and decided to confront Mary on his own. Carly refused to see Craig. Caleb arrived to take Aaron back to Seattle. Isaac arrived in Scotland and realized that Bonnie still loved him. Simon's plan to "kill" Katie resulted in the discovery of Jill's body and a very mistrustful wife.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
A struggle led to Mary shooting Jake and then falling to her death. Molly dreamed that she and Jake were dancing together. Donna and Marley showed up in Oakdale and discussed taking Jake's children back to Bay City. Henry returned to town, and Katie accused him of being one of Dahlia's cohorts. Carly was reunited with Parker and Rose. Rosanna and Craig continued to disagree. Rosanna gave Jack one million dollars to find Dr. Weston.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Jake's spirit offered comfort to Molly after she handed over the twins to Donna and Marley. Molly wanted a custody battle, but Tom warned her it would not be easy. Dr. Weston agreed to reverse the aging process for Carly and Rose. Henry searched Rose's house. Isaac and Billy learned that Ian might not be the duke. Rose was concerned when her father showed up with a black eye.
May 13 to 17, 2002
Katie was trapped in a plunging elevator, but escaped unharmed. James revealed that a bound and gagged Emily was "insurance" in case he got into trouble. Barbara stabbed James, but he managed to escape. Jack held Dr. Weston at gunpoint and ordered him to fix Carly's face. Rose declined to have her face fixed. Adam was accepted into film school. Aaron questioned why Lucy treated him poorly. Kim researched Donna and Marley in an attempt to find dirt that could be used against them.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Carly learned of Craig's part in her rescue and went to his place to apologize for her behavior toward him. To get under Carly's skin, the vengeful Rosanna appeared in only a sheet and asked Craig to return to bed. Carly left upset, and Rosanna told Craig that a real romp in the hay between them would be highly unlikely. Craig, however, proposed that he and Rosanna have a fling to make Carly jealous. Hal reunited with Emily, and Barbara, who'd been taken into police custody, realized that she'd thrown everything away. Tom refused to represent Barbara, and the disappointed Paul resigned from her company. After a change of heart, Rose successfully underwent facial surgery. The night before Dr. Weston's extradition to Switzerland, Carly and Rose talked Jack into letting them and Emily give the doctor a going away party he'd never forget. Simon and Katie hatched a plan against Dahlia, but they wound up with a bomb threat and a dying Dahlia on their hands. Dahlia was taken to the hospital, and with her dying breath, Dahlia accused Simon of planting the bomb to kill Katie, just as he'd allegedly killed Dahlia's sister. Bonnie was surprised when she learned that Ian had moved their wedding date up to the next day. Unbeknownst to her, Ian was holding Isaac hostage somewhere in the castle.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Rose, Carly, and Emily decided to celebrate their second chances at life rather than hurt Dr. Weston. Rose and Lily determined that Henry's plan involved the diamond. Carly declined a job offer from Barbara. Lucy offered to tutor Aaron. Bonnie learned that she was a duchess. Isaac arrived too late to stop Bonnie's wedding. Jake paid a "visit" to Molly. Dahlia turned up very much alive -- and threatened to kill both Katie and Simon.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Dahlia was arrested after a struggle for a gun that left Simon injured. Cooley kidnapped Joe from Rose and Paul's engagement party. Carly accused Craig of using Rosanna to make her jealous. Though obviously in love, Isaac and Bonnie refused to tell their true feelings to one another. Alison overheard Holden tell Lily about Aaron's troubled past. Rosanna offered to help financially strapped BRO.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Aaron and Lucy almost kissed. Craig scolded Lucy when he saw photos of her riding on a motorcycle. Rosanna and Craig's kissing was interrupted when Molly stormed in wanting to talk about BRO. Bonnie admitted her love of Isaac to Jessica. Hal urged Barbara to let Rosanna help her bail out BRO. Margo urged Lucinda to hire Simon to find Rose.
June 17 to 21, 2002
After Holden and Rosanna found Craig and Carly liplocked at Java Underground, Carly confessed to Jack, who later attacked Craig. A badly beaten Craig turned to Rosanna for comfort, and they made love. In an attempt to patch up their differences, Rosanna, Craig, Carly, and Jack gathered for dinner, which led to Rosanna and Carly physically fighting over who was the best lover for Craig. Holden warned Craig to back off from Aaron. Alison, Lucy, and Aaron became stranded in Chicago when Alison secretly and deliberately tossed the keys to Holden's truck. Lucinda and Katie made plans to travel to Avanya. Simon met face-to-face with Henry. Barbara's confession was thrown out due to diminished capacity, and her attorney recruited Java Underground's newest employee -- Brandy. Hal convinced Barbara to reconsider Rosanna's offer. Hal and Emily agreed on a marriage proposal. After turning the castle into a museum, Bonnie and Isaac returned from Scotland. Lily experienced pain and spotting.
June 24 to 28, 2002
While the real Simon was held prisoner in Avanya, the imposter Simon puzzled Katie and later stabbed Cooley when Cooley told him that Katie had the diamond. Henry told Katie that Simon had stolen the provenance to protect her. Lucinda rescued Rose but was unable to locate Paul. Alison was disgusted to learn the details of her conception and ran to Aaron, who tried to convince her to make amends with her family. Emily accepted Hal's marriage proposal. After discovering Lucy had been lying to him, Craig hired a private investigator to uncover Aaron's past. Bob told Abigail that Chris was returning to Oakdale. Molly continued to grieve and drink heavily. Margo decided to take a pregnancy test. Lily was warned to reduce the stress in her life for the sake of her unborn child.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
After telling Katie that Simon -- the look-alike Simon, who was really Donovan -- had the diamond, Cooley died. An imprisoned Simon met face-to-face with Donovan and warned him to keep his hands off of Katie. Katie realized Donovan was an imposter but did not let on. Margo was saddened to learn that she was not pregnant. Hal insisted that Alison return home with Susan. Lisa agreed to back Carly. Jack told Carly that Julia was carrying his child when she left town. Craig humiliated Aaron and Lucy at dinner by revealing Aaron's indiscretion with a young married woman in Seattle. Lucy and Lily requested that Sierra return to Oakdale. Unaware of each other's identities, Mike Kasnoff and Molly became acquainted at a bar in New York City.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Katie told Lucinda and Rose that Donovan was a Simon imposter and was discouraged when he thwarted their attempts to trap him. Joe was thrown into the jail cell with Simon. Margo became more concerned about her health. Aaron accepted a job at the country club to be near Lucy. Believing Lucy's lie to Craig about being finished with Aaron, Allison set her sights on Aaron and agreed to be Emily's maid of honor. Molly was stunned when she learned that Mike was "Carly's" Mike Kasnoff. Barbara agreed to sell BRO to Rosanna, agreed to her condition of keeping Craig off the witness stand, and felt guilty about Marshall's plans for her friends. Craig made plans to smooth things over with Sierra in Montega while Carly agreed to help Lucy and Aaron.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Katie, Lucinda, and Rose discovered Donovan's true identity, located the provenance, and were thrilled when Paul was returned from his kidnappers. After learning that Aaron had gotten into a fight while defending Lucy, Rosanna and Lucy reached an understanding. Rosanna reminisced about Mike. Inspired by Emily, Alison devised a new plan for Aaron and Lucy. Carly encouraged a resistant Molly to pursue a relationship with Mike, who arrived in Oakdale and learned about Molly's history. Marshall thwarted an armed robbery at Java Underground. Upon learning of James's involvement in her legal defense, Barbara insisted upon pleading guilty instead. Brandy informed Marshall of Jessica's involvement in the reinstatement of Isaac's liquor license. Abigail and Chris became reacquainted.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Because of Abigail's negative reaction, Molly told Mike that they could not pursue a relationship. Rosanna met up with Mike and pleaded with him to give their relationship another chance. He refused and confessed his feelings for Molly to her. Lucy saw Rosanna and Mike kissing and made a deal with Rosanna. Carly and Mike met face-to-face. Marshall moved for a mistrial -- because of Jessica's personal feelings for Barbara -- and it was granted. Brandy was surprised to learn of Marshall's plans for replacing Jessica as D.A. Kim told Barbara exactly how her friends felt about her. Jessica made plans for a retrial. Margo was found to have contracted hepatitis C from her rape years ago. Donovan removed a very sick Joe from the cell with Simon and told the Avanya bunch that he would be killed if the diamond was not presented to him in 24 hours. Henry located Simon and told him what was going on.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Jack convinced Jessica not to retry Barbara. Barbara made plans to get sole custody of Will. After an awkward dinner arranged by Carly, Molly and Mike grew closer. Rosanna was visibly jealous when she saw Molly and Mike arm-in-arm. Lucy and Barbara told Craig about Rosanna's schemes, and he broke up with her. Rosanna made plans to leave town. Lucy, Alison, and Aaron continued with Alison's plan. Holden and Lily argued about Aaron. Abigail and Chris shared a kiss. Paul and Katie were unsuccessful in blasting Simon out of jail. Rose, Lucinda, and Henry found the diamond in the coconut "Simon" and made plans to exchange it for Joe.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Donovan died after struggling with Paul for a knife. Simon blasted himself out of jail and impersonated Donovan in an effort to rescue Joe. Everyone was devastated to learn that Margo was on a transplant list because she might have liver cancer. Frustrated because no one would help her leave the hospital, Margo was relieved when Katie arrived and offered to take her home. A drunken Alison was arrested after she, Aaron, and Lucy broke into the country club. Susan arranged for the charges to be dropped, but Emily asked Carly to be her maid of honor instead. Molly was upset when Mike received a job offer in Venezuela. Jack proposed to Carly, and she accepted. Moments before Emily and Hal's wedding, Barbara and Marshall served Hal with temporary custody papers, Alison made an entrance in a "biker babe" dress, and Lucy deliberately kissed Aaron in front of Craig.
August 12 to 16, 2002
After Barbara left the wedding with Will and Lucy, and Alison left with Aaron, Emily and Hal were married. Susan insisted that she, Emily, and Alison seek professional help. Craig took out a restraining order against Aaron. Margo's blood pressure plummeted, and she was returned to the hospital. Test results confirmed that she had liver cancer. Molly and Mike were close to making love before he left for Venezuela. Molly and Carly discovered that Rosanna was behind Mike's job offer and faxed the information to him. Lisa sold half of her interest in Java Underground to Bonnie. Craig agreed to take Rosanna back if she severed her ties to BRO. Per Carly's request, Sierra arrived at Craig's as Lucy was leaving to move into Lucinda's. Tom was surprised to find that Aaron had walked into his home after seeing the door open. Miraculously, Donovan survived the stab wound and his time in the trunk, and was restrained. As Simon tried to rescue Joe from Slade, Lucinda who was carrying the diamond, Rose, and Paul boarded the boat as a hurricane approached Avanya.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Simon and Donovan went overboard while fighting on the boat, and only one of them returned. Rose threw the diamond into the ocean and made plans to return to New Jersey with Joe after he recuperated. Katie agreed to be Margo's liver donor and was being wheeled to the operating room as "Simon" arrived. Sierra met Aaron and approved of his relationship with Lucy. In exchange for Sierra setting the record straight with Rosanna about their recent past, Craig dropped the restraining order against Aaron. An angry Mike returned from Venezuela and confronted Rosanna. Carly gloated as she took credit for alerting Mike. Rosanna threatened to withdraw her investment in BRO unless Barbara agreed to sell her shares. Hal confronted Barbara about Will. Susan, Emily, and Alison had a turbulent first therapy session with Dr. Michaels. Isaac became furious when he learned that Lisa had sold some of her interest in Java Underground to Bonnie. Lucinda gave Henry a job.
August 26 to 30, 2002
After a few tenuous moments in recovery, Margo and Katie survived their surgery. Molly confided her concerns about Mike to Carly. Mike unsuccessfully tried to find work in Oakdale. Craig was upset to learn that Rosanna knew Mike was back in Oakdale and hadn't told him. Jack warned Craig to stay away from his wedding. Sierra warned Rosanna to stay away from Lucy. Alison became aware that Rosanna had arranged for Aaron's friend from Seattle, Tanya Cole, to go to Oakdale to cause problems for him and Lucy. After Emily and Susan agreed to let Alison drop out of school, Aaron arranged a job for her at the country club. Marshall threatened to cast Jessica in a bad light in exchange for her dropping out of the race for district attorney. Isaac and Bonnie surmised that Brandy had told Marshall about Jessica's assistance with his liquor license and fired her. Bonnie vowed to learn Marshall's secrets. Paul accused Marshall of running for district attorney in an effort to clear James's record and begged Barbara to allow Will time with his friends.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Carly convinced Molly to make a donation to Memorial Hospital, securing a job for Mike. Marshall admitted to Paul that his plan to run for district attorney was tied to James Stenbeck. Marshall promised Brandy and Paul that he would deny their allegations about him. Alison stole Rosanna's cell phone and threatened to expose her calls to Seattle but changed her mind and turned the phone over to Aaron. Aaron agreed to keep Rosanna's secret in exchange for everyone making an effort to get along. Lucy believed Aaron's side of the story concerning Tanya. Susan was eager to accept Rosanna's offer to fund private school tuition for Alison in Wisconsin. Tom insisted that Margo quit her job. Henry asked Katie for money to search for the Rose of Sharon diamond. Margo arrested Henry for jumping bail. Lisa refused to help Barbara financially. Will continued to witness Barbara's emotional outbursts.
September 9 to 13, 2002
After escaping Margo's attempt at arresting her, Lucinda caught Henry with cash from her safe, took him to Simon, and insisted that he help with the renovations at the carriage house. Margo was unhappy to learn that her job endangered her health. Barbara agreed to sell BRO to Rosanna for twice her original offer and a promise that Craig would not become involved. Rosanna gave BRO to Craig and told him to ruin Carly. Carly refused when Craig offered her the position of head designer at BRO. Alison became furious when she learned that Rosanna had suggested the private boarding school in Wisconsin. Holden helped Hal spend time with Will. Barbara threatened Hal with leaving the country with Will. Marshall admitted to Jessica that he had romantic feelings for her. Bonnie distracted Marshall while Paul searched his room. Paul was surprised to find Brandy rummaging through Marshall's belongings. Isaac confronted Marshall about Bonnie being in his hotel room.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Hal interceded and prevented Isaac and Marshall from coming to blows. Isaac broke up with Bonnie, and Jessica insisted that Marshall tell Isaac the truth about Bonnie's visit. Marshall kissed Jessica. Simon agreed to investigate Marshall for Bonnie and Paul, and enlisted Henry's assistance. Marshall hired Brandy to spy on Paul and Bonnie. Craig convinced Lisa that Carly had abandoned her. Rosanna told Craig that he could not run BRO if that meant hiring Carly. Unable to convince Lisa that Craig had lied, Carly accepted Craig's offer. Alison told Emily the truth about Rosanna. Emily confronted Rosanna and convinced her to withdraw Cabot's offer to fund boarding school for Alison. Craig quietly fumed after Lucy was mildly injured in a motorcycle accident with Aaron. Holden asked Julie and Caleb to take Aaron back to Seattle. Molly continued to wrestle with her conscience about Mike's job, and they made love.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Susan decided to pay for Alison's tuition to Wentworth and was very upset when Alison smashed a trophy case and was refused admission. Caleb and Julie arrived to take Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron rescued Will and Luke from a fire -- that Will had started -- in the Snyder barn. Lucy begged Caleb to reconsider taking Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron punched Craig when Craig made accusatory remarks to him about the fire. Abigail incorrectly suspected that Aaron was involved in starting the fire. Marshall and Jessica made love at a different hotel. Marshall was caught on tape, having a phone conversation with James. Hal asked Margo to help locate James. Craig told Mike that Lucinda had made the anonymous donation, and Lucinda verified the information to Mike and Rosanna. Jack and Rosanna were not happy to learn that Carly was BRO's new designer, despite a clause in the contract forbidding romantic interaction between Craig and Carly.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Because Aaron was considered a hero, Holden, Julie, and Caleb agreed to let him remain in Oakdale. Although Aaron denied starting the fire, Abigail continued to be suspicious of him. Will underwent surgery to prevent brain damage, but he remained unconscious. While searching through the rubble at the barn, Hal found the Seattle matchbook Will had used to start the fire. Marshall and Jessica made love again, and Paul viewed the videotaped event. Because Marshall discovered that Bonnie and company had bugged his hotel room, Jessica dropped out of the election and confided in Margo about her affair. James phoned Marshall and reminded him that James owned him. Katie, Simon, and Henry made plans to start a private investigation business in Oakdale. Jack agreed to let Carly work with Craig. Rosanna continued to ask questions about the anonymous donation to the hospital. As Paul was about to leave the surveillance closet with the videotape, Jack entered with his gun drawn.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Jessica told Margo about her affair with Marshall as well as Paul and Bonnie's bugging of Marshall's place. When Jessica considered dropping out of the race, Margo advised her to ask Marshall Travers about James Stenbeck first. Jessica revealed all to Marshall and conceded the election to him, before she asked about James Stenbeck. Marshall admitted that he did work for Stenbeck. Paul blackmailed Jessica to stay close to Marshall until her term as D.A. ended. Craig and Carly, as well as Katie, Simon, and Henry, celebrated their new partnerships. The police suspected Aaron of starting the fire. Will emerged from his coma but remained heavily sedated. Molly struggled with whether or not to tell Mike she was the anonymous donor to the burn unit.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Carly agreed to media coverage of her wedding in exchange for Craig retrieving Molly's stolen check from Rosanna. When Henry told Katie he was working for Rosanna, Katie told him they would not work for family members or those closely associated with them. Katie exposed Rosanna's business to Craig. Hal turned the arson investigation over to Jack but arrested Aaron anyway. Later, Jessica dropped the charges against Aaron because of circumstantial evidence. Will continued to have seizures but called out for Hal after a conversation with Alison. Bonnie told Marshall that she was solely responsible for his surveillance, and they agreed to stay out of each other's lives. Marshall and Paul told Brandy they no longer need her services. After Jessica and Ben made love, she called off her arrangement with Paul and admitted to Marshall that she was being blackmailed. In an attempt to handle Paul for Jessica, Marshall told Paul that he would cooperate with him.
October 21 to 25, 2002
Adam went home and convinced Abigail to return to Los Angeles with him. Molly arranged a meeting with Rosanna. As she agreed to tell Mike the truth, he approached them and reprimanded Rosanna. Bonnie continued to investigate the contents of the videotape. Marshall told Paul that James planned to return to Oakdale on Halloween. Paul agreed to give the videotape to Marshall in exchange for Marshall prosecuting James. Marshall hired Brandy to be at his disposal on Halloween. Will woke up and remembered starting the fire. He also remembered seeing Aaron trying to rescue him, but Barbara pressured him into implicating Aaron as the fire-starter. Aaron turned himself in and was put in jail, but Alison freed him, using Hal's keys. Lucy and Aaron fled to St. Louis to meet up with an old friend of his. Fearing the consequences of her actions and sad because she could not go with Lucy and Aaron, Alison ran away. Craig convinced Jack to allow press coverage of the wedding. Carly missed another appointment with the wedding photographer because she was consoling Craig. Rosanna hired Henry to put Carly and Craig under surveillance. Jack agreed to allow Katie and Simon to investigate the fire.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Alison joined Aaron and Lucy at Franklin College, and they narrowly escaped being caught. Because Will had burns on his hands, Katie and Simon suspected that Will had started the fire. Carly and Mike got drunk and made love after Jack cancelled the wedding, and Mike broke up with Molly when she confessed to donating the money to the burn unit. Certain that Carly had spent the night with Craig, Rosanna hired Henry to investigate, told Jack about her suspicions, and was stunned to realize that Craig had been out searching for Lucy all night. Molly convinced Jack to proceed with the wedding, and Carly convinced Mike to forgive Molly. Despite Rosanna's threat to Carly, she and Jack were married, but everyone was stunned when Julia caught the bouquet. Bonnie learned the truth about Jessica and Marshall. James arrived in Oakdale and paid a visit to Barbara and Will. Marshall insisted that James retrieve the videotape from Paul, who Brandy drugged.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Lucy, Aaron, and Alison continued their trek across college campuses. Katie and Simon made plans to intercept them in Pittsburgh. Drugged, Paul fired two shots at James but was stunned to discover the dead body in the room with him to be Brandy's, and he was later arrested. Marshall admitted to Jessica that he had problems with James that he was unable to extricate himself from. After listening to a conversation between Marshal and James, Bonnie made plans to follow James. Despite Marshall's pleas, Jessica agreed to represent Paul. After it was revealed that Barbara could not testify against James because they had been married in Singapore, charges against James for kidnapping Carly, Rose, and Emily were dropped, and bail was denied for Paul. James taunted Jessica about the videotape. Julia was remanded into the custody of her psychiatrist, but not before she presented Jack with a baby boy. Rosanna demanded to know the identity of a fingerprint taken from the champagne glass in Carly's office. Rosanna told Molly her suspicions about Carly, and Molly admitted to Mike that she was afraid Rosanna's accusations might be true.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Hal arranged for Emily to stay with Margo and Tom in his absence. The "Oakdale Three" continued their trek through Maryland. After Mike blasted Rosanna, she correctly assumed that he was the person who had spent the night with Carly. Carly admitted to Molly that she had slept with someone the night before her wedding. Immediately after the nurse took DNA samples from Jack and the baby, Julia replaced Jack's blood sample with blood from the real father of the baby. John agreed to let Barbara move in with him. From a photo Bonnie provided, a hotel employee placed James at the hotel the night of Brandy's death. Jessica, Isaac, and Paul warned Bonnie to stay away from James. James insisted that Marshall prosecute Paul to the fullest extent of the law and warned Marshall about Bonnie's involvement. Marshall warned Bonnie, and Isaac attacked him. James made threats to Barbara about Will and Paul unless she left town with him.
November 18 to 22, 2002
John and Barbara agreed to make James think they were romantically involved. Paul asked James what he could do to resolve the situation but refused when James suggested that he convince Barbara to leave the country with him. At Carly's request, Katie convinced Henry to stop working for Rosanna, so he told Rosanna that the fingerprints on the champagne glass were actually Craig's, much to the surprise of Mike and Carly. Emma's neighbor admitted that he had seen smoke at the barn before Aaron arrived, but Hal refused to listen and set out to find the trio in Virginia. Feeling guilty, Mike asked Molly to move in with him, and she reluctantly agreed. Carly was upset to learn the paternity tests revealed Jack to be the father of the baby, and she was more upset when Jack made plans to modify Parker's room into a nursery. Julia overheard Dr. Weiskopf telling Jack and Carly that he planned to recommend that Julia be re-institutionalized. When the doctor didn't show up at Julia's hearing, Jack left to search for him and found his lifeless body at Julia's apartment. James threatened Bonnie. Isaac escaped serious injury in a car crash after his brake lines were cut. Marshall threatened James with prosecution, aided by Barbara's testimony.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Jack revived Dr. Weiskopf, and he testified, but not before Julia managed to escape -- presumably to Istanbul. The events manager recanted his identification of James, but Bonnie discovered fabric from James's costume in the fireplace at Fairwinds. James threatened to withhold precious information from Marshall unless he backed down, which he did. Isaac became suspicious of Jessica and Marshall. Emily unsuccessfully tried to get Hal to back off of Aaron. Lucy, Aaron, and Alison spent Thanksgiving in a soup kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee. Following Carly's bouts of nausea at the Snyder farm, Molly suggested that Carly might be pregnant.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Carly discovered that she was pregnant and confided in Emily that the baby might not be Jack's. Mike asked Molly to consider having a child with him. Henry learned that Mike was the person who had spent the night before the wedding with Carly and blackmailed her with her discarded home pregnancy test. Rosanna confided in Emma that she had to have an operation that would render her unable to have children. Fraternity brothers and a law student at Vanderbilt University prevented Hal from arresting Aaron. Lucy and Aaron made love. Holden and Craig caught up with the trio and convinced them to return to Oakdale. Trying to catch Bonnie and Marshall, Ben was devastated to learn of Marshall and Jessica's affair and to watch the videotape, which Marshall later turned over to Jessica. Bonnie and Isaac learned of Marshall's past with a woman named Neia in Rio. Margo discovered that Brandy had rented two Dracula costumes the day of her murder, and they matched the charred remains Bonnie had found at Fairwinds. Will emerged from his coma during a visit with Emily.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Emma convinced Rosanna and Carly to call a truce, but Rosanna changed her mind when she began to suspect that Carly had taken money from Monte Carlo to pay for Henry's silence. Carly told Mike about Henry's threats, but not about the pregnancy. Will admitted to Margo and Tom that he had been striking matches in the barn moments before the fire, but Alison accidentally admitted to Lucy that she had actually started the fire. Alison tried to save Aaron from Hal with news of Alison's confession, but a campus trolley hit her, and she remained unconscious after being transferred to Memorial Hospital. Hal became worried when Barbara told him about social service's involvement with Will. Marshall's father told Bonnie and Isaac about Neia's death and Marshall's child. Ben told a remorseful Jessica that it was over for them. Jessica tried unsuccessfully to get Marshall to back off from prosecuting Paul and later called him as her first witness at Paul's trial.
December 16 to 20, 2002
After a conversation with his father, Marshall admitted James's involvement with his daughter to Jessica, testified that James had killed Brandy, and stepped down as district attorney. James escaped from the police after Barbara rejected him and later summoned Marshall to the docks, promising information about his daughter. Lucy regained consciousness but had no memory. Sierra arrived at Memorial as Aaron, Alison, and Emily waited for Hal to return with Will and make his decision about the fire. Rosanna told Craig about Carly, Mike, and Henry's bribe. Mike convinced Lucinda to give him a loan -- to replace the money Carly took from Monte Carlo. Emily convinced Carly to tell Jack he was the father of her baby. Katie made plans to save Simon's family farm in Australia.
December 23 to 27, 2002
James was apprehended and jailed after shooting Marshall in the head. Marshall's father gave Ben permission to operate on Marshall. Barbara gave James divorce papers, and Paul forgave her. Trying to help Carly, Craig told a devastated Rosanna that he was the person Carly had spent the night before her wedding with. Rosanna vowed to oust Craig and Carly from Monte Carlo. Molly began to question Mike's excuses. Katie sold her cherished doll collection to pay off the debt on Simon's family farm. The Snyder family welcomed baby Natalie on Christmas Eve. Lucy remembered kissing Aaron. Alison worried about Lucy's memory. John and Susan suggested a second DNA test after J.J. was found to have a hereditary condition not present in Jack or Julia's family history. Hal was stunned when he returned with Will and was advised of a mandatory 30-day psychiatric evaluation for him.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Craig rushed to Rosanna's side after Carly told him about her surgery. Lucy was crushed to learn that her recovery would be delayed because of unanticipated nerve damage; she pleaded with Sierra to allow her to stay in Oakdale. Lily apologized to Aaron and welcomed him to the family. Alison told Craig that Aaron and Lucy had made love in Tennessee. Hal dropped charges against Alison, Aaron, and Lucy, and declared Aaron a hero, and laid some ground rules for Barbara, who was livid when she learned about Will's mandatory psychiatric evaluation. Marshall bonded with his father after surgery. Per Jack's request, Margo made inquiries about missing babies. Molly was shocked to learn that Rosanna had purchased the penthouse; she expressed her feelings about Rosanna to Emma.
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