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January 7 to 11, 2002
Lucky was angry with Nikolas and Gia for telling Liz that she did not love him. Liz stayed at the Brownstone, and Bobbie comforted her. Jax persuaded Edward to drop the charges against Skye and A.J. Lila was very angry with her husband's actions. After arguing with Alan, Skye moved into a suite across the hall from Jax. Alexis was close to telling Sonny how she felt about him. Courtney told Mike how sad she had been when she thought he was dead. Ned and Kristina agreed not to pursue a romantic relationship unless Alexis was comfortable with it. One of Sorel's men, Rosco, threatened Carly and Zander and demanded that Carly pay him protection money to keep her new club safe. Carly went to Sonny for help. Lucky rescued Elizabeth when Roscoe held a knife to her throat.
January 14 to 18, 2002
Edward suffered a massive heart attack, but vowed he wouldn't die until he regained control of his company. Alan blasted Skye and blamed her for Edward's heart attack. Alan learned that Melissa had previous treated a patient who had left her in his will. Sonny became concerned when he learned that A.J. was spending time with Courtney. Stefan handed the keys to the Cassadine estate to Nikolas and then left town.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Elizabeth and Lucky continued to try dating. Courtney witnessed Sonny's destructive personality and was not pleased. She asked to move in with Mike. Kristina pushed Alexis to admit her true feelings for Sonny. Edward underwent surgery after his heart attack. Alan suspended Melissa when he learned of her past in Chicago. Nikolas assumed control of the Cassadine empire, but both his brother and his mother were concerned that he would develop characteristics similar to those of his father. Skye urged A.J. not to pursue Courtney. Jax was disgusted when he caught Skye lashing out at Courtney. Zander confessed to Carly that he had initially approached her because Sonny had instructed him to do so. Laura was furious when she could not find Luke.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Sarah Webber returned to Port Charles for an internship at General Hospital, which made both Gia and Elizabeth jealous. Gia and Laura feared that Nikolas might be taking on some of his father's characteristics. Scott and Bobbie agreed to go on a date. Edward blackmailed Skye into making him CEO of ELQ. Skye pretended that Sonny was threatening her in an attempt to draw Jax's attention. Roy became suspicious about Melissa's "kind" actions at the hospital and turned to Laura for help. Sonny told A.J. to leave Courtney alone. After Alexis told him her feelings, Sonny offered Zander his job back. When Gia ran a red light, she and Elizabeth collided with Courtney.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Carly and Zander continued to grow closer. Zander attempted to teach his friend how to drive. Courtney played right into A.J.'s hands when she turned to him for comfort following the car accident. A.J. told Janine that he was in love with her daughter and planned to marry her someday. Nikolas covered for Gia, which involved bribing all witnesses to Gia's actions the evening of the accident. Gia began to feel guilty when she remembered that she had been drinking before she ran the red light. Sonny and Alexis discussed their relationship. Kristina tried to cover her tracks after she told Sonny that Alexis loved him. Scott and Bobbie enjoyed a date. Roy turned to Bobbie when he feared the worst about Melissa. Skye informed her grandfather that she would not be bullied into making him CEO of ELQ. Melissa hatched a plan to help Edward.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Jennifer Smith kidnapped Luke, but Laura decided to assist her ex-husband. Elizabeth corroborated Gia's story to Taggert about the evening of the accident. Lucky convinced Liz to give their relationship one last chance. Sonny surprised Alexis with flowers for Valentine's Day and informed Carly that he no longer cared about what she did or with whom. Zander admitted to Kristina that he was afraid to pursue a romance with Carly because he feared that Sonny would never be over his ex-wife. Jax and Skye confessed their sexual attraction for each other. Taggert suspected that his sister was lying about the events surrounding the car accident. Melissa was taken to jail after revealing her medical transgressions.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Jennifer held Luke hostage, but Laura arrived to help her ex-husband. Later, Roy and Felicia discovered where Luke and Laura were being held captive, and they attempted to fool Jennifer. In an attempt to distract Gia, Nikolas bought her a new convertible. Sarah confronted him and accused him of lying to cover up the truth about the night of the accident. Sonny was determined to discover who had kissed Carly. Jax found out that it was Zander, much to his amusement. Kristina and Alexis were on edge about Kristina's developing romance with Ned. When Edward learned of Melissa's misdeeds, he was in a hurry to leave the hospital. Once home, he pressured Ned to continue wooing Kristina.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Jax discovered that Courtney had been hiding at A.J.'s place and tried to win the young girl's trust. Jax also confronted Carly about her ex-husband's recent behavior, and once he learned that A.J. was up to something, he went to Sonny with his new knowledge. After a series of mishaps, Felicia was finally able to convince the sheriff to draw close enough so that Roy could knock him out. Laura reminded Luke that she would not sleep with him until they were remarried. Skye admitted that she was in love with Jax. Ned and Kristina's romantic evening was interrupted when Edward became stranded in their cabin.

MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
The Scoobies all moved in together at Wyndemere, where Nikolas hoped to keep a close eye on both Elizabeth and Sarah. Sonny and Sarah were both very suspicious about the true events surrounding the car accident. Alexis learned that Kristina had told Sonny that the elder sister had feelings for him. Luke and Laura returned to town, where they shared the news of their impending marriage with their family. A night of passion was halted when Lulu's Sunshine Girls troop had a sleepover. Carly and Jax's club opened, but Carly was startled to see Zander with a date. After Jax gave her a lecture on being honest, Skye told A.J. that his plan to woo Courtney was wrong. A.J. was unable to go anywhere in Port Charles without Sonny's men causing trouble for him. Sonny told Courtney half-truths when he promised that his men had not harmed A.J. Jax gave his shares of ELQ to Lila. Roy and Felicia became friends.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Helena fell sick and was taken to the hospital, where she managed to escape. The opening of Carly's club was marred when a fight broke out after Zander saw A.J. kissing Courtney. A.J. asked Courtney to leave Port Charles with him. Mike attempted to gain his daughter's confidence. Sonny learned that Janine had been working with A.J. Sarah again questioned Lucky's strange relationship with Elizabeth. Skye told Jax what she really thought of him but later admitted to Lila that her heart was broken. Lulu was very excited about her parents' impending marriage. Gia reclaimed her title of Face of Deception.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Helena escaped from the hospital and proceeded to blackmail Gia into helping her. Nikolas became suspicious of his fiancée, but did not say anything in front of Luke and Laura. Laura asked Bobbie to be her maid of honor. Alexis finally admitted that she loved Sonny, but both the lawyer and the mobster demanded that Kristina cease intruding into their affairs. Sonny persuaded Skye to help him find A.J. and Courtney. In exchange, Sonny promised not to harm A.J. Felicia and Laura renewed their friendship. Just as Elizabeth was ready to give up on Lucky, Sarah told her sister that she was wrong about Lucky's feelings for her. Zander realized that Carly was still very much in love with Sonny.
March 25 to 29, 2002
After Jax rescued Skye from her near-drowning, the two made love. A.J. continued to keep Courtney away from Port Charles, which caused tension in the Quartermaine family. The phone company, however, managed to track A.J.'s whereabouts. Although Sonny and Carly drew closer, Carly felt a bit guilty because she knew that Skye believed Sonny was behind her temporary stay at the boathouse. Scott asked Bobbie out on a date, to which Laura gave her blessing. Alexis admitted her true feelings for Sonny. Nikolas and Gia helped Helena to escape, much to Luke's dismay.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Elizabeth, Lucky, and Luke learned the truth about the night of the accident. Nikolas promised Gia that no harm would befall her. Skye looked foolish after she blamed Sonny for her temporary captivity and it was revealed that Carly was the true culprit. Jax and Carly agreed not to let their personal lives interfere with their business relationship, but Jax did not leave without a warning for his partner. Luke caught Helena hiding at a run-down train depot. Maxie and Felicia continued to disagree about the needs of a growing teenager. Sonny and Alexis discussed Carly's predicament. Skye confronted Carly at Club 101 after everyone had left.
April 8 to 12, 2002
Lucky and Nikolas argued over Lucky's suspicions about his brother covering for Gia and Helena, but Nikolas denied any involvement. Luke found Helena under a railway car and was about to kill her, but Roy arrived and took her to jail. Surrounded by half of Port Charles, Helena denied that Nikolas had had any involvement in her escape. Privately, she told Luke that he still thought about her. She was led away in handcuffs. Later that night, she showed up on Luke's doorstep. Ned found A.J. and Courtney, and the race was on to see who would get to them first. Jax and Skye arrived at the St. Sophia villa and witnessed Sonny about to kill A.J. Alexis stood beside Courtney as Courtney pleaded to her brother for her new husband's life.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Nikolas and Gia were unwelcome at Luke's. Bobbie wondered if Scott was really interested in her. Luke burned Helena's portrait. Jax and Skye got through Sonny's men as Courtney pleaded for A.J.'s life until Sonny relented. A.J. offered to end the marriage if Sonny gave him Michael. Sonny congratulated the newlyweds and gave a reception. A.J. started drinking, and Courtney spent her wedding night alone. Lucky and Sarah kissed, and Sarah told Lucky a secret. Liz saw them and decided to end things with Lucky. A surprise party was held for Audrey's 10,000th day of work. Jax gave Skye a gift. Lila sided with Alexis, and Christina accused Ned of carrying a torch. A.J. and Courtney returned home. Alexis thought Sonny had already arranged A.J.'s death.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Janine helped the Quartermaines welcome Courtney. Alexis wanted some answers from Sonny. Liz played along with Lucky but set a trap and confronted him and Sarah. Liz ended things with Lucky. A.J. announced that he and Courtney were moving in with the Quartermaines, and Skye told A.J.'s parents he was drinking again. Sonny and Alexis made love, and Carly went to Sonny's and saw them. Zander rejected Carly. Courtney offered to help A.J. with Michael. Liz agreed to move into the brownstone. Carly's car was in an accident, and she was missing. Nikolas and Gia had houseguests, and someone was not who they seemed. Courtney wished Sonny a happy birthday and brought up Michael.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
Carly's body was not found in her car when it was pulled from the lake. Bobbie feared the worst when Michael disappeared, but she was relieved when Luke found him in the park. The toddler claimed that Carly had approached him behind the brownstone and told him that she would be gone for a while. Skye attempted to help Jax cope with Carly's apparent death. Rae ruined Monica's birthday for the second year in a row. Lucky and Sarah continued to fight their feelings for each other. Alexis entered a room while following a tip given to the police regarding Carly's whereabouts. Nikolas learned that Luke had not left the riddle in the typewriter at Wyndemere.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Lucky and Sarah had difficulty denying their sexual chemistry, but Sarah told Lucky that she could not hurt Elizabeth. Rae arrived in Port Charles to help Skye. Angered by Rae's presence, Monica filed for divorce from Alan. Alexis entered the gatehouse and discovered Kristina in bed with Ned. A.J. seduced Courtney, who was later warned about her husband's past misdeeds. Bobbie refused to believe that her daughter was dead, although Sonny reluctantly acknowledged that there was little chance that Carly was alive. Alan told both Sonny and Bobbie that Carly was likely dead.
May 13 to 17, 2002
Bobbie struggled to convince her family that Carly's death did not feel real. Friends and family recalled their memories of Carly at a memorial service. As Bobbie collapsed crying in Sonny's arms at the church, a bedraggled Carly entered. Sharifa stole the videotape of Gia assisting Helena and gave it to Taggert. Marcus then told Gia that if she did not return to Colombia, he would use the tape as evidence against her. A.J. decided to renew his attempts to regain legal custody of Michael, and he asked Courtney to stand by him.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Carly's arrival at her funeral stunned the mourners. After offering to help Gia, Nikolas had an unsettling dream. Kristina offered Zander advice on how to proceed with Carly. Skye and Jax spent a romantic evening together. A.J. and Edward put their heads together to plot to destroy Mike. Luke lashed out at A.J., but Scott reined him in. A.J. was stunned to learn that Jason had returned to Port Charles.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Elizabeth and Sarah drew closer, but in a moment of weakness, Sarah kissed Lucky. Maxie revealed her true feelings to a very confused Lucky, who did not return the same sentiments. A pregnancy test confirmed Alexis' pregnancy. Carly told Zander that she and Sonny were back together. Jason informed Carly that he knew the truth about the events surrounding her "death," and he told her that she needed to tell Sonny -- or else he would. Bobbie and Scott discussed their relationship. Courtney lashed out at the Quartermaines after no one in the family appeared sympathetic about A.J.'s concern for Michael.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Maxie was crushed when she saw Lucky and Sarah embracing. Edward tried to get Jax to help him in his revenge plot, but Jax declined. Laura reconsidered moving up her wedding day. Ned and Kristina's plans for a quiet evening alone were interrupted. Jason warned Sonny that trouble from his past had returned. Alexis weighed the outcome of telling Sonny that she was pregnant.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Maxie continued to be a handful for Felicia. Felicia and Roy discussed their relationship, both personal and business. Laura got worried when her wedding dress and engagement ring were missing. Luke attempted to track down the "real" Helena at a convent. Ned admitted to Alexis that he knew she was pregnant. Sonny spied Alexis and Ned in a cabin together and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Zander moved into Elizabeth's studio despite Lucky's warnings to Liz. Carly made plans for a romantic evening with Sonny and told Jason of her plans to start a family.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Courtney and A.J. disagreed about A.J. getting a job. Jason reached out to both Elizabeth and Courtney when they needed friends. Zander discovered that one of his friends was dying from AIDS, and he gave her money to take her son on a special trip. Sonny found Carly at Mercy Hospital, waiting to undergo surgery. Carly continued to lie to Sonny about her potential infertility. Kristina entered the Port Charles Grille and saw her sister having an intimate conversation with Ned. Skye doubted Jax's truthfulness about his business trip overseas. Laura was very confused when she could not remember photos Lesley showed to her.
June 24 to 28, 2002
General Hospital was the subject of a discussion of corporate takeover when Rick Webber returned to town to reunite with his family. Laura was still shaken when she could not remember the attic she had played in as a child. While Maxie and Lulu were playing in the attic, someone lit a fire in a trashcan, unbeknownst to the girls. Zander was kidnapped and held in the same crypt as Elizabeth. Jason shot the kidnapper, but he did not learn Liz and Zander's whereabouts. Carly convinced Alexis' former employers to offer her a job, which the attorney accepted. Sonny and Carly renewed their wedding vows.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Nikolas attempted to romance Gia with promises of a vacation and a cheerful day at the carnival. Alan was again upset with Monica's continued flirtation with Rick Webber. A.J. started drinking again and sneered at his wife when she confronted him. Zander and Elizabeth grew closer during their captivity. Sonny wrote Jax a check for the money that Carly had stolen from Club 101 to pay for her fertility procedures. Alexis turned down the offer from her old law firm. Sarah urged Lucky not to overreact to Liz's disappearance. In her attempt to escape, Liz broke a gas pipe. Skye accepted Jax's employment offer. Jax told Alexis his true feelings for Skye.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Jason told Sonny about Alexis' pregnancy, and Sonny told Carly that he might be the father of the child. Alexis and Jax conspired in a business arrangement. Courtney took a job stripping to cover A.J.'s debt. Jason threatened Roy when he learned that Roy had purchased Pier 52, a property Sonny had planned to buy. Sarah demonstrated strange behavior when she threw away the flowers that Lucky had sent to her sister. Elizabeth and Jason talked about the circumstances surrounding her recent captivity. Kristina moved in with Ned. Gia did not get along with her photographer at a very prestigious and important photo shoot.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Carly set the stage for a romantic evening with Jason, despite warnings from Bobbie that she would be making a mistake. Felicia and Roy did not cave in to Jason. Edward continued to manipulate Skye, and she fed the Quartermaine information about Jax's business holdings. Kristina was understandably very angry to hear that Ned was the father of Alexis' child. Jason spied Elizabeth and Zander kissing. Audrey told Liz that Sarah was considering returning to Europe. Lucky informed Gia that she had an international opportunity. Laura had bad memories of the attic.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Jason was hurt to see Elizabeth and Zander in an intimate moment. Carly hired Scott as her attorney to keep Sonny away, but Sonny convinced his wife to give him 24 hours to change her mind. Laura remembered Rick with a red-haired woman in the attic. Rick begged his daughter to forget about the past. Roy confessed his connection to the mob to Felicia. Jax proposed to Skye, much to her surprise. Courtney almost got caught when A.J. discovered that she really didn't work at a bank and Roy appeared at Oasis.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Alcazar's arrival in Port Charles complicated both Roy and Sonny's lives. A mysterious woman hid in the shadows of Alcazar's apartment. Sonny gave Jason orders to eliminate Zander, but Elizabeth was able to persuade Sonny to reconsider. Laura could not focus on her wedding because she was distracted by her memories of the attic. Following a tip from Bobbie, Luke and Laura confronted Theresa, the woman in Laura's memories. Rick and Scott continued to work together to prevent Laura from learning the truth. They unearthed a skull in Felicia's backyard. Alcazar drew Felicia to the docks just in time for the coffee warehouse to explode. Kristina figured out the truth about Alexis' baby and vowed to find Sonny and tell him the truth.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
In the wake of Alcazar's explosion, Kristina was left fatally injured. Alexis broke down when her sister died, and she accused Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Roy of killing Kristina. Sonny feared that he would be unable to protect those he loved, especially given the impending mob war. Alcazar instructed Roy to obtain some documents from Jax. Prior to her wedding, Laura began to remember the events in the attic. She recalled Teresa dying in Rick's arms, which prompted her to question Rick. Lucky discovered a camera that could lead to more revelations. Courtney was about to leave the Oasis to celebrate her birthday with A.J. when Taggert appeared. Carly and Michael moved back into the penthouse. Elizabeth refused to implicate either Zander or Jason in her shooting.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Zander was attacked on Alcazar's boat, where he discovered that the mob boss was acting to protect a woman. The mysterious woman was seen discarding the pills given to her by Alcazar. Roy stole the map from Jax's safe. Skye could not come clean with Jax after he told her his opinions of traitors. Scott did not believe Lucky, Nikolas, and Gia's tales about Rick's accident, and he cleverly arranged to get their fingerprints. Sonny met Roy at the Oasis to discuss their business, just as Courtney -- known as "Daisy" -- began a dance. A.J. confronted Coleman at Kelly's. Liz told Jason that she did not want him out of her life, and the two kissed. Edward teased Skye about the contract.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Skye started drinking again after Jax dumped her. Scott arrested Lucky for Rick's murder and lured Lesley and Lulu to the police station to taunt Lucky. Taggert urged the D.A. to stop playing hardball. Alexis agreed to help Nikolas after he gave her the skull that he had found in Rick's locker at the bus station. Michael accidentally recorded a conversation in which Sonny threatened to kill Alcazar and Roy. When Carly went upstairs to take a phone call, Michael sneaked out of the penthouse. Alcazar threatened both Zander and the mysterious woman's nurse.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Alcazar put a hit on Zander, who survived his near-death in the water, and Liz. Zander escaped death when he just missed being hit by a bullet. Sonny asked Jason to find out the identity of Alcazar's mystery woman. Jason was able to get Courtney freed from her stripping job. Jax and Sonny were unable to partner up against Alcazar because of their feud over Brenda. Alexis was given the green light to represent Skye should Skye face attempted murder charges. Luke told Laura stories from their past, but it failed to keep Laura lucid. Laura later escaped and, armed with Luke's cell phone, called Nikolas to tell him that Luke was holding her prisoner.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
The woman kept captive on Alcazar's yacht turned out to be Brenda. She hid from Jason while he was on board. Sonny was angered when Carly refused to leave Port Charles with Michael. Roy told Alcazar that he did not want to murder either Sonny or Jax. Scott and Luke were troubled when Laura appeared to think that she was a teenager again. Doctors told Luke that Laura needed special psychiatric treatment at a facility in England. Luke pulled a gun on Scott. Lucas, Georgie, and Maxie returned from their vacations. A.J. and Courtney were not able to get past Courtney's employment at the Oasis. Alan was furious when he learned that Edward had faked his own death attempt to implicate Skye.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Carly struggled to explain to Skye that Jax might be torn about his feelings for her because Brenda was the love of his life. Although she recounted happy times with Alcazar, Brenda was determined to get off the yacht. She set fire to the ship with a flare gun and was forced to swim to the shore. Jax and Skye reunited when they made love, but Skye maintained that her sobriety was her own choice. Luke remained in jail despite Lucky's attempts to help his father. Alcazar told Roy that he had to kill both Jax and Sonny. Felicia convinced Alcazar to "trade" her for her daughters. Ned resumed his position as CEO of ELQ.
September 16 to 20, 2002
In an elaborate scheme designed to fool Alcazar, Roy shot Sonny outside St. Timothy's church. Roy, Jason, and Carly knew that Sonny was not dead and attempted to play their roles appropriately for the rest of Port Charles. Brenda mourned Sonny's death, and Jason captured her after she escaped the safe house. Luke refused his son's help and escaped from prison with Nikolas' assistance. Taggert accused Lucky of plotting the escape. A.J. and Edward argued about A.J. obtaining custody of Michael. Edward embarrassed A.J. and Courtney in front of the whole family after learning that A.J. had not kept his end of the bargain. Alexis and Carly argued about posthumously revealing that Sonny was the father of Alexis' baby.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Brenda's return to Port Charles caused problems for many. As Alcazar prepared to shoot Jax on his wedding day, Brenda tearfully stopped him. Jax and Skye were finally married, despite several last-minute problems. Alexis caught the bride's bouquet. Carly pleaded with her husband to let her in on all his secret business, but Sonny would not budge. When Scott and Taggert pounded on the door of the safe house, Carly was able to keep the police out long enough for Sonny to hide. Brenda appeared to Jax on the night of his honeymoon. Courtney continued to receive calls from someone unknown. Felicia had her hands full with her young daughters and Roy's hunt for Alcazar.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Alexis decided to run against Scott for D.A., but Scott chided her soon-to-be single-parenthood as a deterrent. Carly revealed that Alexis was carrying Sonny's baby. Sonny emerged from hiding to protect Brenda and Jax from Alcazar. Both Alcazar and Jax were shot during mob activity. Skye pressured Jax to be honest with her. Brenda told Mac that Sonny had saved her life. Sonny and Carly battled over her influence in his business. Skye gave Courtney a job at Club 101.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Courtney confronted Coleman because she thought he was her stalker. She later received a suspicious video, however. Mike was distraught when he discovered that he had been lied to about Sonny's death. Both Brenda and Skye attempted to comfort Jax when he realized that he might face permanent paralysis. Scott made plans to use Alexis' affair with a known mobster against her. Felicia rejected Roy's proposal, which prompted him to leave town. Zander lied to Elizabeth about his memory loss.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Jax convinced Brenda to assist him in his plan to deceive Skye. Following his instructions, Brenda told Skye that she and Jax were still in love and they planned to begin a life together. Jax was suddenly able to move his foot. Scott revealed Carly's signed confession at the debate, which prompted Bobbie to speak harshly in her daughter's defense. Sonny and Carly argued over the secret regarding the paternity of Alexis' baby. When she felt pain, Alexis worried about the health of her unborn child. Elizabeth jumped to conclusions about the nature of Jason and Courtney's relationship. Nikolas and Lucky were told that their mother had taken a turn for the worse. Someone continued to stalk Courtney.
October 21 to 25, 2002
Courtney and Jason kissed, which resulted in uncomfortable feelings for both. Feeling competition from Brenda, Skye decided to go to Europe to discover the truth behind Brenda's fatal disease. Brenda admitted her attraction to Jax. Fearing that a poor moral image might hinder her chances to win the election, Alexis asked Ned to marry her. Elizabeth and Lucky decided to work together to locate Luke. The stalker continued to haunt Courtney. Sonny yelled at Carly about keeping Alexis' pregnancy a secret. Brenda told Sonny and Carly that she and Jason had gotten married.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Scott was forced to drop the charges against Alcazar after someone sent him incriminating evidence. Gia and Nikolas stole the tape of Laura's confession and gave it to Alexis. Alexis attempted to use the tape to get Scott to drop the charges against Luke. Elizabeth, Lucky, and Luke were caught as they tried to get Luke out of prison. Alexis struggled to admit that she loved Ned. Jax regained mobility in his legs and was able to walk again. Carly regretted her decision to have Sonny help Brenda. Thinking that he was her stalker, Courtney shot Coleman. Coleman used blood to write A.J.'s name.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Carly agreed to help Alcazar win back Brenda. Brenda told Sonny that she could have Jax back if she really wanted him. Skye set a trap to have Brenda and Alcazar meet at Club 101. Brenda was jumped and taken aboard Alcazar's plane. Before the plane took off, Brenda helped Sonny aboard -- but the plane later started to dive towards the ground. Jason and Carly were captured in South America and sentenced to death because it was believed that they were enemies of Alcazar. Lucky rushed into a fire and managed to save Luke's life.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Skye told Sonny and Carly the truth about Brenda's illness. An elated Brenda celebrated the news with Jax. The two shared a kiss as Skye watched from outside. Courtney discovered that A.J. was her stalker and ended the marriage. A.J. pressured his wife to reconsider, but she stood firm. After meeting with Jason to discuss Brenda, Sonny returned home to Carly. Alcazar left Alexis in the park, and she fell to the ground in pain, worried about the health and safety of her unborn baby. Georgie helped Lucas with his dyslexia, but he did not return her romantic feelings.
November 18 to 22, 2002
Skye calmly told Jax and Brenda exactly what she thought of Brenda and then promised to make their lives as difficult as possible. Alcazar crashed a surprise party for Brenda at the Quartermaines'. A.J. pleaded with Courtney to reconsider, but Courtney accused her husband of manipulating and using her. Alexis told Ned that Alcazar had to be stopped. Skye and Alcazar went to bed together out of psychological revenge. In a haze of confusion, Brenda, Jax, Jason, and Skye were all at the hotel when Alcazar was thrown over his balcony and killed. A mysterious man continued to follow Sonny. Liz told Jason that his "free" status was of no interest to her. Luke continued to have trouble coping with the loss of Laura, but Dr. Cameron promised to help him.
November 25 to 29, 2002
A.J. pressured Skye to name Jason as Alcazar's killer, but Skye revealed that she had seen Brenda with the mobster just before his death. The police were forced to release Jason and arrest Brenda. Benny had a heart attack. Alexis told Ned that she planned to raise Kristina alone. Cameron continued to assist Luke, who was obsessed with Summer. Luke offered the call girl $2000 after he scared away one of her best customers. Elizabeth met Kelly's newest tenant, the man who has been following Sonny around Port Charles. The annual GH Thanksgiving episode focused on Courtney. She dreamed of sharing romantic situations with Jason.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Jax confessed to Alcazar's murder because he could not stand to see Brenda in jail. After refusing to see Ric, Sonny changed his mind and hired Ric as his legal counsel. Courtney and Jason made love. A.J. confronted his wife about her activities with his brother. Skye drunkenly vowed to make Brenda pay. While driving, Skye crashed. Luke paid Summer to act like Laura. Maxie and Georgie again argued in front of Lucas. Alexis thanked Ned for making the correct decision regarding Kristina.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Jason kept up the appearance of the dutiful husband and agreed to a secret rendezvous with Courtney. Courtney played her relationship with Jason as platonic when Elizabeth asked questions. Alexis insisted on defending Jax. Ric discovered suppressed evidence. Jax passed a lie detector test. Scott took Brenda and Jax to Alcazar's apartment to reenact the murder. Felicia agreed to help investigate Jax's case. Skye hit Nikolas with her car. A.J. and Skye conspired to get the charges against Jax dropped. Skye and Coleman slept together. Cameron held Luke hostage.
December 16 to 20, 2002
Felicia found an eyewitness to Alcazar's murder. Luke was committed to the psych ward. Cameron agreed to help Luke find Summer. Luke doubted his own sanity. Sonny assaulted Ned. Ned approached Alcazar's wife to help him take Sonny down. Sonny and Jason discussed what was best for Courtney. Ric and Elizabeth flirted. The police broke up the Quartermaines' tree-trimming party to arrest Brenda.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Jax and Brenda escaped from the cops. Sonny and Jason were arrested for Alcazar's murder. Carly warned Courtney to be careful about A.J. Ric pulled a favor for Sonny. Ric and Elizabeth shared Christmas together. Coleman saved Skye's life. Skye confessed to killing Alcazar. Felicia doubted Ida's story. Luke offered Summer a job. Lucky met Summer.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Brenda returned to Port Charles and turned herself in. Brenda and Jason were arraigned for Alcazar's murder. Ric became Jason's attorney. Skye taunted Jax with innuendoes of Jason and Brenda's developing closeness. Sonny warned Jax to stay away from Brenda until the end of the trial. Brenda and Jax argued about her feelings for Sonny. Jason warned Courtney to never get involved with his business. Courtney told A.J. that Sonny and Jason suspect him of bribing Ida. Sonny gave Ric two million dollars to offer to Ida in exchange for her to recant her testimony. Gia pretended to be working for Baldwin to get a videotaped testimony from Ida. Ida was found dead in her hotel. Baldwin ordered Taggert to get the videotape from Gia, or he would have her arrested. Nikolas returned from his trip to see Laura and informed Luke and Lucky that Laura was getting worse. Luke and Summer started on a road trip. Carly and Ric broke through the wall in Kelly's basement, revealing what had once been a speakeasy. A stranger shared tragic memories from 1926 with Carly.
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