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January 7 to 11, 2008
Skye made the decision to leave Port Charles. Before she left, she gave Ric the deed to the piers that Trevor desperately wanted. She also helped Luke slip out of the hospital. Jerry held Lulu captive, hoping to use her to manipulate Johnny. Carly was rocked by the news that Jason was Jake's father. She refused to believe Sam, insisting that Jason would never have kept something like that from her. Carly's first stop was Elizabeth's house. They had a heated confrontation that turned ugly when Carly resorted to physical violence. After leaving Elizabeth's home, Carly went to the coffeehouse where she found Jason. She was crushed when Jason told her that he didn't tell her because he didn't trust her to respect his decision. The wound cut deeper when she learned that Sonny and Lulu knew the truth about Jake's paternity. Carly proved Jason's fears well founded when she left, promising that she would make sure Jason could be a real father to Jake. Elizabeth quickly figured out that Sam told Carly about Jake. She stormed over to Sam's apartment and had it out with her. Lucky was there. He was hurt when he learned what Sam had done. Later, Lucky told Sam that he cared about her but he couldn't have a relationship with her if she was going to continue punishing Elizabeth and Jake for her broken heart. Mike's friend, Joe, was forced to take his pregnant wife to the hospital when her health declined. He was turned away when they learned that his insurance has lapsed. Joe returned later, demanding treatment for his wife. The staff was forced to take him seriously when he opened up his jacket and revealed a belt with explosives strapped around his waist. Cameron played with matches and the worst happened. Elizabeth and Cameron found themselves locked out of the house while the inside filled with smoke-and Jake was upstairs in his crib.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Cameron started a fire after playing with matches. As her home filled with smoke, Elizabeth was forced to break a window so that she could get inside the house to save her son, Jake. She rushed him to the hospital where a distraught husband had explosives strapped to his body. He demanded treatment for his sick pregnant wife. After Jake was rushed off for treatment, Elizabeth collapsed. A slash on her thigh had resulted in significant blood loss. Monica was slowly unraveling. She sought strength at the bottom of a liquor flask while on the job. Carly's obsession with Jason's private life had Jax questioning her commitment to their marriage. Lulu managed to escape her captors for a short time. Logan, Johnny, and Spinelli rushed to her aid. Jason was able to bring the hostage situation to an end. Sonny took Kate out on a romantic date in Bensonhurst. At the end of the date, he proposed on bended knee.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Johnny hid out on the Haunted Star. Kate turned down Sonny's proposal. Sonny was deeply hurt and dropped out of sight for a short time. Carly was on a warpath until Jason made it clear that he did not want her interfering with the decision that he, Elizabeth, and Lucky had made regarding Jake. Ric returned to Martha's Vineyard to revisit his past. The Text Message Killer attacked Alexis, but Sam came to the rescue and managed to fight him off. Later, each received a text message from the killer indicating that he would strike again soon. Logan found the DNA results showing that Cooper's DNA was a match to the DNA found under Georgie's fingernails. He questioned Cooper about it, but Cooper denied being the killer. Monica began drinking on the job to help get through the day. Jason caught Michael trying to take a gun from Sonny's desk. Later, Michael enlisted Morgan's help to collect money for a charity. It was actually a ruse to raise money to buy a gun from some thugs. Dr. Ian Devlin joined the staff of General Hospital. Robin was torn about telling Patrick about the baby. Elizabeth was plagued by nightmares of the fire. She was determined to go home and reunite with her children. She arrived to pick up the children, only to find that Lucky had left them with Sam. Maxie entered Cooper's room and made a horrifying discovery.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Patrick was stunned when Robin announced that she was pregnant. Lucky overheard a conversation between Elizabeth and Sam, which made him realize that Sam had kept secrets from him, so he pushed Elizabeth for answers. Reluctantly, Elizabeth told Lucky about Sam's role in Jake's kidnapping and the incident in the park with the armed gunmen that Sam had hired. Lucky ended things with Sam because it was inconceivable to him that Sam would go to those lengths and put a child in harm's way. Luke returned home and learned that Monica had tossed both him and Tracy out of the mansion. Monica was outraged over the malpractice lawsuit that Tracy had filed and Luke's efforts to alter Alan's will. Kate did some soul-searching after turning down Sonny's proposal. Sonny opted for a different way of dealing with it by having sex with a stranger, who was revealed to be Anthony Zacchara's daughter. Michael bought a gun from a couple of street thugs. Maxie found Cooper's body in his room from an apparent suicide. Jason feared that Cooper wasn't the Text Message Killer. The Text Message Killer targeted Sam, but she managed to get away, only to be struck by a car on a stretch of road where Carly, Elizabeth, and Monica had each been driving around the time of the accident.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
The Text Message Killer was still on the loose. He targeted Sam, who managed to escape his deadly grasp. Unfortunately, when she ran into the street, Sam was hit by a car. The list of suspects included Monica, who was drinking and driving; Nikolas, who was suffering another blackout; Carly who was upset and trying to make a call; and Elizabeth, who was sleep-deprived and dozing off behind the wheel. Each suffered damage to their cars. Carly had a surprise for Jax. She told him that she was pregnant. Sonny talked to Michael about guns, but he didn't make a strong impression. Kate was not ready to give up on Sonny. Sonny's one-night stand turned out to be Claudia Zacchara, half-sister to Johnny. She was intent on taking control of the family empire. Robin remained silent about the paternity of her child. Maxie and Spinelli joined forces. Mike caught Michael buying bullets for his gun. Mike mistakenly believed he had confiscated all of the bullets. Sam woke up to find the Text Message Killer in her hospital room. Marianna was revealed to be in league with Trevor.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Sam slowly recovered in the hospital, but found that people weren't quick to believe her about having been chased by the Text Message Killer. Jason cautioned Elizabeth against going to the police with her suspicions that she might have fallen asleep behind the wheel and hit Sam. Tracy was suspicious about Monica's story that her car was stolen. Michael's fascination with guns took a dangerous turn when he loaded it with his one remaining bullet. Kristina was traumatized after seeing the Text Message Killer lurking in the bushes. Carly and Robin learned of each other's pregnancies when they both showed up for appointments with Kelly. Sonny met Claudia Zacchara. So did Jason. Neither meeting went well. Claudia was surprised to learn that Ric Lansing was Trevor's son and Sonny's half-brother. Michael decided to get rid of his gun. He took it to a dumpster by the docks. As he struggled to open the dumpster, Michael dropped the gun and it discharged.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Nikolas suffered another violent seizure. Dr. Devlin offered Nik some experimental drugs as an alternative treatment. Nik agreed to keep it between them. Kate was rushed to General Hospital in critical condition after she was shot with the gun that Michael dropped. In a panic, Michael ran away. Sonny was convinced that Claudia was behind Kate's shooting and Michael's disappearance. Lulu broke into Logan's apartment and found incriminating evidence that pointed to him as the Text Message Killer. During a brief struggle, Lulu hit Logan in the head with a pipe wrench. Logan was rushed to General Hospital and underwent life-saving surgery. He slipped into a coma. Johnny and Lulu made love. Ric rescued Marianna and brought her back to Port Charles. The Text Message Killer's identity was revealed.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Diego Alcazar was revealed to be the Text Message Killer. He was more than happy to share the details with Sam about his "resurrection" and motives for killing Leticia, Georgie, and Emily. Diego also kidnapped Elizabeth, who fought back and caused a car crash. Sam and Elizabeth's lives were in peril as the car they were in teetered on the edge of a bridge high above a rushing river. Nikolas remembered Diego murdering Emily. Patrick confronted Robin about the paternity of her child. Epiphany attended a "Go Red for Women" luncheon. Sonny made a move against Claudia, believing that she had Michael. Michael met a woman named Peg. Diego shot Lucky as he, unaware that Elizabeth and Sam were inside, approached the car to help. Claudia told Kate about her one-night stand with Sonny.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Elizabeth and Sam managed to escape the car before it plunged into the river below. While helping them, Jason suffered serious injuries to his hands. Patrick warned him that he might never regain full use of them again. Diego died a gruesome death after he becomes tangled in some chains during a fight with Nikolas. Nadine narrowly escaped being the Text Message Killer's last victim. Carly overheard a private conversation between Kate and Jax where Kate admitted that Sonny had cheated on her. Patrick did not react well to learning from Robin that he was the baby's father. Their arguing escalated. Peg talked to Michael about his reasons for running away and urged him to call his parents. Patrick told Elizabeth that he was the father of Robin's baby. Nikolas decided not to have the surgery to remove his brain tumor. Sam and Lucky talked about their relationship. Lulu's feelings of guilt grew when she learned that Logan was not the Text Message Killer.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Jason learned that the injury to his hands required more surgery and he was referred to a specialist in Seattle. Lucky quietly investigated the possibility that Elizabeth might have been the driver who hit Sam. He grew suspicious when he witnessed a heated argument between Monica and Tracy. Tracy blackmailed Monica into letting her move back into the mansion. Michael decided to return to Port Charles, and called Carly. Nik opted not to have the surgery and met with Ian Devlin in private. Ian promised to supply Nikolas with an unapproved drug and monitor his condition, but not without a cost. Tensions continued to grow between Patrick and Robin. Kate was released from the hospital after learning that she had a serious heart condition. Sonny and Kate talked about his one-night stand with Claudia. Jason told Sonny about his suspicions that Michael was the one who shot Kate and then, in a panic, ran away. Maxie and Spinelli found themselves pleasantly surprised by each other on a couple of occasions. Trevor accidentally activated one of the bombs that Diego had planted. Carly arrived to pick up Michael, who was waiting for her in the warehouse where the timer on the bomb ticked down to the last seconds. Sam learned that she had been suspended from her show for 13 weeks. Trevor made a bold move to get rid of Claudia. Marianna called Ric for help. Ric was shocked to find her with Randy's body in one of the warehouses.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Trevor blackmailed Ric into signing over the Alcazar piers. Ric was devastated when Trevor revealed that he had paid Mariana to meet Ric. Mariana decided to return to Martha's Vineyard after Ric broke things off with her. Ric vowed to ruin his father. Claudia tried to convince Jason to kill Trevor. Jason refused her offer. Patrick told Jason that he needed immediate follow-up surgery on his hands. Carly convinced Lulu to go to work for Kate. Carly intended for Lulu to keep an eye on Kate and Jax for her. Monica decided to go into rehab and admitted to Sam's hit-and-run. Claudia asked Ian and Jerry to kill Sonny. Jerry told Ian that he would not be a part of it because of his brother's connection to Sonny. Claudia revealed that she knew who Sonny was the night she picked him up in the bar.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Ric rescued Carly after the cannery exploded. Sadly, Carly miscarried her baby. Jax blamed Sonny. Jason convinced Sonny to try to work out a truce with Johnny rather than ordering a hit on him. Johnny and Claudia hatched a plan to rid themselves of Sonny for good. Patrick was shaken after learning about Carly's miscarriage. He realized how shattered he and Robin would be if they lost their child. Dr. Devlin's services were going to cost Nikolas millions. Ian and Claudia renewed their friendship and talked business. Lucky and Sam decided to give their relationship another try. Spinelli found irrefutable proof of who hit Sam. Jason paid Monica a visit.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Jason returned from Seattle after having more surgery on his hands. The doctors told him that they expected him to make a full recovery. The peace treaty between the mob families gave Jason hope for a future with Elizabeth and the boys. Luke accepted Johnny's offer to invest as a silent partner in the reopening of The Haunted Star. Carly and Jax argued bitterly over Jax and Kate working together. Kate reluctantly agreed to hire Lulu as an assistant. Maxie wasn't thrilled to learn that she had competition for her dream job. Sonny focused on his legitimate business, hoping to turn a new leaf. Kate appreciated his efforts and suggested that he invite Michael to the warehouse to watch him work as a legitimate businessman. Claudia and Johnny prepared to have firm alibis for when the hit on Sonny was carried out. Jerry gave Ian the sniper rifle for the assassination. Ian took aim with tragic results.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Alexis walked in on Diane and Max making love. Nadine overheard Ian and Nikolas talking about the experimental drug. Elizabeth accepted Jason's marriage proposal. Ian carried out his hit on Sonny, but things went tragically wrong. The bullet ricocheted and struck Michael in the head. He was rushed to the hospital and operated on, but the news was bleak. Patrick had the grim task of telling Carly that her son suffered extensive brain damage and would never wake up from the coma that he was in. Lulu tried to convince Sonny and Carly that Johnny was not responsible for the shooting because he was with her. Jason broke the heart-wrenching news about Michael to Monica. Carly discovered that Sonny pushed Kate out of the way when he realized there was a shooter in the rafters. Carly was livid that Sonny didn't think of Michael first. She made it clear that she never wanted Sonny near Michael again. Jason went to Elizabeth's house to tell her that as much as he loved her, he couldn't risk her and the boys suffering the same fate as Carly and Michael.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Sonny vowed to avenge Michael. He dropped his guards in the hopes of drawing out the sniper who shot Michael. Jason and Spinelli found evidence on a surveillance tape that led them to Ian Devlin as the possible shooter. Claudia and Jerry conspired to eliminate Ian as a threat. Ric took steps to have Anthony released and cleared of murder charges. Robin revealed that her baby was due October 21. The Haunted Star reopened for business. Lulu told Logan that she didn't have romantic feelings for him. Maxie and Johnny flirted. Jason broke things off with Elizabeth because of Michael's shooting. Michael opened his eyes.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Ric took steps to get Anthony released and cleared of criminal charges. Claudia lied to Anthony, claiming that she had hired Ric. Anthony put a hit on Claudia. Jason was caught up in the hit and saved Claudia. Jason made it clear to Claudia that he would not rest until he found the person responsible for Michael's shooting. Ian realized that Jason was getting closer to discovering that he was the shooter. He quickly made plans to leave town. Nik decided to have the surgery to remove his tumor. Jax arranged for specialists from Europe to review Michael's case. The news was bleak. Anna Devane returned to Port Charles and learned that she was going to be a grandmother. Robin overheard Patrick talking about Anna. Johnny went to Sonny's with a gun to question him about Claudia's sudden disappearance. Lulu was a witness to a shocking scene.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Claudia tried to convince Jason that Anthony ordered the hit on Sonny that led to Michael's shooting. Anthony was released from protective custody. Claudia was livid when her father made it clear that he did not want her involved in his business. Jason learned that $1,000,000.00 was transferred from Crimson's account to Ian Devlin's off-shore account. Ian made it clear that he intended to continue blackmailing Kate. Maxie kissed Spinelli. Anna learned that Patrick found her attractive. Nikolas and Emily had a touching goodbye. Sam convinced Luke to hire her to work on the Haunted Star. Sonny and Carly received devastating news about Michael's prognosis.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Carly made the painful realization that Michael was beyond her reach. She agreed to have Michael sent to the facility that Jax had found. Jason shot and killed Devlin before he could reveal who had hired him to kill Sonny. Spinelli discovered that Kate had paid Ian one million dollars. Anna asked Patrick when he planned to marry Robin. Jake celebrated his first birthday in the park. Nikolas had the surgery to remove his tumor. Anthony pressured Lulu into reconciling with Johnny. Claudia believed that she had convinced Jason that Anthony was behind the hit on Sonny. Jerry blackmailed Claudia. Jason went to see Kate and asked her why she had given Ian money. Sonny overheard Jason's question.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Jax told Carly that he had Alexis draw papers up that would sever Sonny's parental rights to the boys. Michael was transferred to a private facility that would oversee his long-term care. Sonny and Carly's emotions were raw on the ride back to Port Charles. After Nik suffered a seizure, Sam realized that there might be a problem with the medication at the hospital. Anthony proposed that Ric court Claudia in an effort to control her. Jerry stabbed Claudia and threw her off a pier. Jax accompanied Kate to Manhattan for a party. Johnny and Lulu made love. Jason found Elizabeth stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire in the middle of a storm.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Claudia recovered at Wyndemere after Jerry stabbed her and threw her into the water. Sonny and Carly had sex in the limo after leaving Michael at a long-term care facility. Afterwards, Carly asked Sonny to relinquish his parental rights to the boys. Sonny made a stunning announcement. He asked Jason to take over the reigns of the organization. Jax and Kate kissed. Jax made love to his wife and then decided to head to Rome to work some things out for himself. Lulu's attempt to play hardball with Anthony failed. Anthony threatened to have Lucky killed in the line of duty if Lulu ended things with Johnny. Patrick decided to start his own video blog after learning that Robin had one.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Sonny relinquished his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Sam offered to become Spinelli's personal trainer. Maxie decided to seduce Johnny away from Lulu. Another case of faulty medication at the hospital came to light. Jason took over the mob organization in Port Charles. Jax and Carly's marriage continued to fall apart. Jax asked Carly when she planned to cut ties with Jason, since he posed as much danger to Morgan as Sonny did. Claudia continued to recover at Wyndemere.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Lulu was not happy to discover Nikolas and Claudia together. Jax and Carly celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They talked about having a baby. Spinelli and Maxie walked in on Sonny and Kate during an intimate moment. Robin was hurt after reading negative feedback on her blog. Jason let Anthony know that he was responsible for the Zacchara mansion burning to the ground. Anthony decided to lull Jason into a false sense of security before retaliating. Sam and Elizabeth made peace and took steps toward forgiveness. Sonny realized that he no longer had the power he had once enjoyed as a mob boss.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Lucky and Sam embarked on an adventure, looking for Luke. Nikolas bought the warehouse Nadine thought would be a perfect site for the free clinic in Emily's honor. Robin collapsed and was rushed to General Hospital. Spinelli underwent a makeover. Sonny grappled with the loss of the power he had once enjoyed. Alexis turned to Carly and Jax for help convincing Sonny to sign over his rights to Kristina. Sonny received a Father's Day gift from Michael.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Did Max propose to Diane? She thought so. Lucky and Sam returned from their adventure in Mexico. Jason, Spinelli, and Claudia found themselves quarantined. Jason fell ill. Mac arrested Patrick for stalking Robin. Jax and Jerry were arrested after throwing punches in Alexis' office. Ric reached out to Carly. Kate took over the Metro Court Hotel lobby for a photo shoot without discussing it with Carly. Maxie crashed Lulu's date with Johnny. Patrick asked Robin to move in with him.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Carly told Diane that she might be pregnant. Carly wanted to know what steps she needed to take to keep Sonny out of her life if he, not Jax, turned out to be the father. Carly told Sonny that Jason was the father of her baby. After Johnny was arrested for assaulting Logan, Anthony threatened Kristina's life if Alexis didn't cooperate and release Johnny from jail. Nikolas and Nadine opened the free clinic in Emily's honor. Mayor Floyd threatened to have the clinic shut down. Sonny proposed to Kate and she happily accepted. Maxie met a young new doctor. Spinelli fell ill and was admitted to General Hospital. Sonny suggested to Jax that he ask for a paternity test if Carly turned out to be pregnant.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Patrick served Robin with court papers. Patrick wanted the legal right to be a part of his child's life. Claudia was disappointed to discover that Nikolas wasn't the ally she thought he was. Sonny advised Jax to ask Carly for a paternity test. Carly discovered that she was not pregnant. Matt witnessed a vicious argument between Logan and Maxie. Logan appeared at the Crimson offices to beg Lulu for another chance. Lulu told Logan that it was over between them. Logan blamed Maxie and later returned to attack Maxie when she was working alone at Crimson. Lulu witnessed the assault from Johnny's penthouse balcony.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Robin had a change of heart about Patrick's role in the baby's life after he testified at the custody hearing. Logan terrorized Lulu in Johnny's apartment. During the struggle to defend herself, Lulu stabbed Logan and killed him. Maxie and Johnny convinced Claudia that Johnny had done the deed. Later, Claudia and Johnny dumped Logan's body in front of the free clinic. Carly was on the warpath after a compromising picture of Kate and Jax surfaced. Spinelli and Jason found surveillance footage of the car that dumped Logan's body in front of the free clinic. Claudia found Jason snooping around the back of her car, near the plates.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Lucky and Sam embarked on a plan to uncover the counterfeit drug ring in Port Charles. Noah told Anna that he had relapsed while posing as Eli Love and had to go to rehab. A Russian mobster came to Port Charles. Carly remained determined to bring Kate down and proposed that Claudia buy Crimson from Jax. Jax warned Carly that if she sabotaged Crimson one more time, Jax would leave Carly. Kate decided to fight fire with fire. She set Carly up; making it appear that Carly had not relayed an important message to Jax. Maxie and Spinelli made love. Johnny was arrested for Logan's murder. Lulu went to the Port Charles Police station with a gun. Johnny used it to take Lulu "hostage."
July 21 to 25, 2008
Lulu smuggled a gun into jail and Johnny used it to escape, they went on the run together. Elizabeth asked Sam to think about reconciling with Lucky. Nadine went on a date with Matt. Scotty returned to Port Charles and learned that Logan was dead. Max cautioned Sonny about his association with Karpov, the new Russian mobster. Carly learned that Lulu killed Logan. Carly enlisted Spinelli's assistance, and asked him to help her to frame Ric Lansing for Logan's murder. Scotty made a television plea for help finding Johnny and Lulu. He offered a $100,000.00 reward. Lourdes, Johnny's new piano student, watched Scotty's announcement.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
Lourdes revealed that she knew that Joe and Linda were actually Johnny Zacchara and Lulu Spencer. Anna told Eli it was over between them. She realized that her attraction to him might stem from her attraction to Noah. Carly went to great lengths to win Jax back after he walked out on her. Matt remained suspicious of Nadine's behavior. Nikolas told Nadine that he cared for a sister. Sam began working for Karpov. Monica left rehab and returned home in time to find Scott Baldwin in her living room, threatening to arrest Edward and Tracy. Spinelli gave Jason information that made Jason question Sonny's loyalty to him. Jerry surprised Sam in the warehouse as she sifted through some papers she had pulled from a sealed envelope.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Jason was furious after he learned that Carly had had dinner with Karpov. Sam suspected Jerry of being behind the counterfeit drug ring. Sonny intercepted a Karpov shipment and discovered that the Russian mobster was smuggling drugs through Port Charles. Karpov told Jerry that they no longer had an alliance with Sonny. Jerry took a sniper's position in the warehouse while Jason, Carly, and Claudia were nearby. Lulu paid Laura a visit at Shadybrook after Lulu began having visions of Logan.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Robin and Patrick learned that they were having a baby girl. Lucky asked Sam to move in with him but she could only promise to think about it. Sonny was livid when he discovered that Anthony had threatened Kristina's life for a third time. Spinelli was admitted to the hospital for tests after he passed out during a stakeout. Johnny decided to get Lulu help by taking her to Shadybrook. Their time on the run came to an abrupt end when the police showed up a short time later. Anthony took steps to force Claudia to move back to the Zacchara mansion. Elizabeth found Jason on the docks and told him that she loved him and was there for him, if he needed her. Jason and Sonny continued to clash about how to run the mob. Sonny felt that Jason was in over his head. Lucky learned that the DEA intended to intercept Sam's shipment for Karpov.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Patrick proposed marriage to Robin. Robin couldn't give Patrick an answer and walked away. Elizabeth came to Sam's aid after Sam was shot on the docks during a drug raid. Nikolas surprised Nadine with a romantic dinner. Lulu was admitted to Shadybrook while Johnny was taken into custody. Lulu's emotional state continued to deteriorate but she managed to convince Jason to help her visit Johnny. The visit did not go well. While talking to Johnny, Lulu had another hallucination of Logan. Sonny gave Kate an edited version of the truth in regards to Karpov. Carly focused on winning Jax back. Spinelli jumped to the wrong conclusion after he found a half-dressed Sasha with Jason in the penthouse. Spinelli decided to launch a stakeout at Karpov's warehouse to gather evidence against Sasha. Maxie accompanied Spinelli. Things took a dramatic turn when a car careened toward Maxie and Spinelli while they argued in front of their car during the stakeout. Kate was rattled after Sonny pricked his finger and a drop of blood was smeared on the dress that she intended to wear during their wedding reception.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Robin repeatedly turned down Patrick's marriage proposal. Patrick enlisted the help of friends and family to convince Robin to change her mind. It was revealed that Robert was in Port Charles undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Spinelli was struck by a car during a stakeout of Karpov's warehouse. Lulu found comfort talking to Laura. Unfortunately, Logan continued to haunt Lulu. Jax confronted Kate after he received proof that Kate had sabotaged his marriage. Carly was thrilled to have been vindicated. Sonny took Kate to his private island. Johnny suggested having Anthony killed before he could harm anyone in Johnny's name. Jax arranged for Karpov's visa to be revoked. Maxie and Matt continued to clash. Jerry overheard Matt tell Maxie that Matt was trying to track down the counterfeit drug ring. Jason and Elizabeth met at her art studio. Elizabeth told Jason that she was tired of staying away from him.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Matt told Maxie that he had lost a patient because of counterfeit drugs. Matt also revealed to Maxie that he had attempted to infiltrate the illegal drug ring so that he could help bring it down. Jerry overheard the confession. Elizabeth told Jason that she was willing to settle for clandestine meetings as long as they could be together. Jason insisted that his life was too dangerous for her and Jake, then walked away. Spinelli was discharged from the hospital. Maxie moved into the penthouse to nurse Spinelli back to health. Clarice learned that Sonny and Carly had sex in the back of a limo in May. When Kate returned from her mini vacation with Sonny, Clarice told Kate about the tryst. Johnny's murder trial began. Edward and Epiphany were selected as jurors. Thanks to Laura's guidance, Lulu was able to banish her visions of Logan. Claudia realized that Lulu, not Johnny, killed Logan. Nadine was delighted when Nikolas told her that he had enjoyed their date. Jax decided to move back home and surprised Carly with plans for a new house. After learning of Sonny and Carly's romp in the back of the limo, Jax went home to confront his lying wife.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Jerry planted a bomb in the free clinic. After Jerry knocked Matt unconscious, he started a fire that would eventually detonate the bomb. Nadine found Matt and tried to drag him to safety but the fire quickly spread. Johnny's trial continued. Lulu testified and confessed to killing Logan but no one believed her. Claudia took the stand for a second time and told the jury that Johnny had killed Logan. According to Claudia, Johnny had walked into the apartment and found Logan trying to rape and kill her. She told them that Logan went after Johnny and, during the struggle, impaled himself on the knife that Johnny was holding. Elizabeth told Jason that she was tired of being miserable without him. Jason was afraid that eventually Elizabeth would be hurt by his lifestyle. Kate called off her wedding to Sonny after she learned that he had slept with Carly. Jax walked out on Carly after he found out about the tryst.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Elizabeth convinced Jason that they needed each other. After Jax went for a dangerous climb and ended up in the hospital, he made it clear to Carly that they were completely done. Carly went to Jason's and interrupted Jason and Elizabeth in Jason's bedroom. After Kate decided to forgive Sonny and marry him as previously scheduled, Diane put Sonny on "trial" for his cheating ways. Kate was his defender, and Diane and Kate came to an understanding. Nicolas rescued Nadine and Matt from the fire. Johnny was found not guilty after the juror planted by Trevor was discovered and replaced. Johnny gave Lulu a one-year anniversary lightning bolt necklace when he came to see her after being released. Lulu met Laura's doctor who showed her papers that Laura had put into place that forbade them from letting the family know when Laura awoke. Diane was upset by Max's understanding of Sonny and Carly's night and thought he was cheating on her, so she broke up with him. After involving everyone in their breakup, Max "serenaded" her outside her window. Lucky was aware that Sam was trying to get proof of Jerry's involvement with the fake drugs and the setting of the fire. Sam and Jerry heated up their sexual tension. Nicolas asked Nadine to recover at his house when she was released. Matt's medical records didn't list a next of kin. Noah visited him and it was revealed that Matt was his son that he supported only by child support and had never visited. Patrick overheard and was furious with Noah. Jerry told Alexis that Sam was flirting with him. Alexis asked Sam to stop what was happening. Anthony told Claudia that she would be involved with the family business under Ric's supervision. Jax took Layla on a date so Carly agreed to allow Spinelli and Maxi to sign her up for online dating. They had signed Jason up, too. Jason and Carly matched on 24 out of 25 points. Carly showed Jason and proved that they couldn't be a romantic match, due to both thinking they were always right. Kate and Sonny talked about the old days and she shared family memories. Spinelli told Jason that he needed to realize that Elizabeth was the one for him. Matt claimed he wanted nothing to do with his "family," otherwise he would have announced who he was when he got to town. Laura seemed to be back in her catatonic state just after she asked Lulu to have Lucky and Nikolas come to see her. Sonny visited Bensonhurst and ran into an old friend. Sonny was approached by a beautiful lady.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Olivia Falconeri came to town and checked into the Metro Court Hotel. Carly didn't waste any time cozying up to Kate's cousin. Unaware of the tension between the ex-Mrs. Corinthos and Kate, Olivia revealed all of Kate's secrets, including her true identity. Lucky made plans to take the boys and Sam camping for the week. Jason asked Elizabeth to join him for a romantic getaway to Italy. Nikolas made an offer for the Metro Court Hotel but Jax declined. Nadine snuck aboard a Russian cargo ship, hoping to find evidence of the counterfeit drug ring. Unfortunately, her presence was quickly discovered. Lulu was frustrated when Lainey insisted that Johnny stay away from Lulu during her recovery. Lainey explained that Johnny wasn't a prince who could cure Lulu with a magical kiss. Kate did her best to ignore several ominous signs that her marriage to Sonny would be doomed. As Kate joined Sonny at the altar to exchange vows, a single shot rang out.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Pandemonium broke out at Sonny and Kate's wedding after a sniper fired a shot at the bride. Kate collapsed to the ground in critical condition. Patrick performed life-saving surgery and spared Kate the fate of spending the rest of her days in a wheelchair. Sonny vowed to kill the person who was responsible for the shooting. Sonny was convinced Karpov was behind Kate's shooting. He demanded that Jason retaliate and kill Karpov, but Jason refused to carry out the hit. Jason wasn't certain that the sniper worked for Karpov. Ric discovered that the shooter was Anthony Zacchara. Anthony proudly revealed his diabolical plan to Ric. Anthony intended to turn his enemies against each other and kill the last man standing. Sonny informed Jason that he planned to resume his position as the head of the mob. Robin proposed marriage to Patrick and was shocked when he turned her down. Jason used Kate's shooting as an excuse to push Elizabeth away again. Nikolas and Nadine made love, but a few misunderstandings the next morning led to each thinking the other had viewed their encounter as a casual fling. Nikolas approached Carly with an offer to buy the Metro Court Hotel. As Olivia left Kate's hospital room, she received a call from her son, Dante Angelo Falconeri. Dante, apparently, was intent on joining his mother in Port Charles. At the same time, Kate woke up and told Patrick, "Sonny needs to know that Olivia had his baby."
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Fists flew when Johnny discovered that Ric and Claudia were lovers. Lucky and Sam returned from their camping trip. Maximus Giambetti came to Port Charles to visit his sons, Max and Milo. Maximus was under the impression that Max was the head of the crime syndicate in Port Charles. Jason and others played along with the ruse. Sonny announced his intentions to resume his old position with the mob. Russian goons trashed Crimson and left behind a note warning that the next time Kate would die. When Maximus saw the note, he debunked it. Patrick went down on bended knee and proposed marriage to Robin. This time, Robin happily accepted. Jason continued to push Elizabeth away. Jerry found Nadine hiding in his room. Olivia forbade her son, Dante, to join her in Port Charles. She did not want Sonny to learn that Dante was his son. Olivia told Alexis that Andre Karpov had arranged for Kate's shooting. Patrick was conflicted about whether or not to tell Sonny that Olivia had his child.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Spinelli and Maxie were worried about Lulu after they visited her at Shadybrook. They thought that she was getting worse, not recovering, at the sanitarium, so they decided to liberate her from the institution. Spinelli realized that someone other than Lulu wrote the note about Lulu needing to pay for Logan's murder. Tracy managed to track Luke down to a Mexican bar. Unfortunately, Scott Baldwin made it difficult for Luke to return to Port Charles. Elizabeth invited Jason over to her studio to relax and unwind. While painting, Jason took a tumble and sprained his ankle. Elizabeth took care of Jason's injury but their romantic time together was interrupted by a call from Sonny. Sonny had the paperwork that would restore him to his position as the crime lord of Port Charles, but Jason refused to sign over the organization. Sonny blamed Jason for forcing Sonny to align himself with Anthony Zacchara. Robin asked Maxie to be her maid of honor. Maxie was horrified by Patrick's choice of best man, Coleman. Nadine and Nikolas talked about their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Carly walked in while they were reaffirming their attraction. Sam lured Jerry into her hot tub so that she could get her hands on his PDA. Jerry was onto Sam's scheme and turned the tables on Sam. Alexis was stunned when she walked in on her daughter and Jerry in the hot tub in the middle of what appeared to be a passionate kiss.
October 20 to 24, 2008
Anthony demanded that Sonny marry Claudia as a sign of good faith before the Zacchara organization was turned over to Sonny. Claudia turned to Jason for help and insisted that they marry each other in order to thwart her father and Sonny. They made it to a justice of the peace before Claudia realized that Jason had never intended to go through with the marriage. He had been testing Claudia to see how far she had been willing to go. It was revealed that Scott had sent Lulu the notes about her needing to pay for Logan's murder. Laura awakened and sprang to her daughter's aid. Laura asked Scott why Lulu should pay for Logan's death when he had not been held accountable for Rick Webber's murder. Scott made a deal with Laura. Laura would leave with Scott in exchange for Lulu's freedom. Sonny learned that Olivia had a son. Sonny found it odd that neither Kate nor Olivia had ever mentioned Dante. Olivia lied when Sonny asked her whom Dante's father was. Jax took steps to buy Spoon Island. Jerry framed Sam, which resulted in her arrest. Lucky turned to Nikolas for help with Sam's bail money. Sam and Jerry continued to play their cat-and-mouse games after Sam's arrest. Lucky wanted to know how far Sam had been willing to go with Jerry before Alexis had walked in. When Sam failed to answer the question, Lucky announced that he was leaving town for a while.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Patrick was late for his wedding. Before Robin and Patrick could exchange their vows, Robin's water broke and she was rushed to the hospital. Scott took Laura to Los Angeles, where they had gone on their honeymoon. In an attempt to woo Laura, Scott told her that Luke and Tracy were married. Laura was stunned when Scott claimed that her wedding to Luke had been a sham. Luke and Tracy were hot on Scott and Laura's heels. Claudia told Kate about Anthony's stipulation, for Sonny to marry Claudia, to secure the Zacchara organization. Kate refused to believe Claudia. When Olivia began ranting at Sonny, Kate accused Olivia of wanting Sonny. Olivia hotly denied the accusation and stormed out of the hospital room. Anthony Zacchara suffered a seizure and collapsed. Claudia wanted her father to die so she did not make a move to help him. However, Johnny walked in moments later and quickly called 9-1-1. Sam tried to talk to Lucky about their relationship, but Lulu's untimely interruption put things on hold. Jerry arranged to meet Sam. As Sam waited for Jerry, Jason walked by. Moments later, an explosion rocked the pier. Karpov made a move against Sonny. His men bound Sonny's hands and feet before Karpov stabbed him in the stomach. Sonny was then tossed into the harbor and left to die. Luke and Laura saw each other from a distance.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Karpov stabbed Sonny and threw him into the harbor. Luckily, Carly happened along and managed to rescue Sonny. She took him back to her house and patched him up. When Sonny was able, he went gunning for Karpov. Olivia watched in horror as Sonny opened fire on Karpov and killed him. Jerry kidnapped Sam and held her prisoner on a ship. He showed her a bomb and let her know that he intended to blow her and the ship up. Jason enlisted Spinelli's help to find Sam. Laura learned that Luke had married Tracy. After a heart-to-heart talk, Laura accepted that Luke was in love with Tracy and said goodbye to him. Jax gave Carly divorce papers. Robin's health declined after the birth of her daughter. She was unconscious for several days until Patrick sat at the foot of her bed and fed Emma a bottle for the first time. When he looked up, Patrick was delighted to see Robin watching the special moment between father and daughter.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Sonny turned to Carly for an alibi after he killed Karpov. Laura decided to go to France for further treatment. She and Luke said goodbye. Jason rescued Sam from the ship where she was being held. Jerry was believed to have perished in an explosion. Jax received a call from someone who hung up when he answered. Carly was devastated when Jax told her that he intended to go through with the divorce. After Jax told her about Sonny's arrest and Carly's alibi, Kate broke off her relationship with Sonny. Jason and Elizabeth decided to take their relationship out of the shadows. Their happiness was cut short when Karpov's organization retaliated against Sonny. Mike was attacked, and Kelly's was burned down. Olivia was trapped in Jason's office when the Russians struck the coffee shop and set it on fire. Sam and Lucky worked things out and reconciled. Robin's health improved quickly, and she was released from the hospital. Nadine jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought Nikolas wanted to marry her to avoid deportation.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Johnny came to Spinelli's rescue when Spinelli tried to retaliate against the Russians for hurting Maxie. Tracy told Luke that it was over. She refused to be his second choice. Luke vowed to change his wife's mind. Sonny saved Olivia from the burning coffeehouse. She was treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital. Kate came close to telling Sonny about his son, Dante. Olivia arrived in the nick of time to talk Kate out of spilling the secret. Sonny decided to marry Claudia to secure his position with the Zacchara organization. Robin and Patrick took their daughter home. Robin felt overwhelmed by motherhood. Jason suggested that Elizabeth and the boys join Sam and go into hiding while he dealt with the Russian retaliation. Jason was arrested for killing three men during a shootout at Karpov's warehouse and then setting fire to the building. Russians followed Sam and Elizabeth to a remote cabin. The ladies realized that the phone lines had been cut and they were on their own with the children.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Sam and Elizabeth were forced to arm themselves and protect the children when Russian goons tried to gain access to the cabin. Elizabeth was shaken when she killed one of the men. Alexis refused to release Jason from jail. Spinelli took steps to clear Jason of the murder and arson charges that he faced. Sonny and Claudia went before a justice of the peace and exchanged vows. Jax and Kate found comfort in each other's arms. Carly walked into Kate's house, with a gun, and found Jax and Kate making love on the living room floor. Jason raced to the cabin to check on Elizabeth and the boys unaware that the Russians had attacked. When he arrived, Elizabeth was standing outside calling frantically for Jake. Sam jumped into Jason's car and told him that Jake had been kidnapped.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
Jason and Sam were hot on the heels of Jake's kidnappers. They eventually followed them to a remote cabin. Sasha had the Russians plant a bomb in the building. Their plan was to get Jason to enter the building and then detonate the bomb. Sonny and Claudia returned to Sonny's home after their wedding, but they did not consummate their marriage. Anthony was furious when he realized that Sonny had cut him out of the family business. Johnny told Sonny and Anthony that he intended to cut all ties with the Zacchara organization. Sonny refused to take action against the Russians until Jake was safely returned. Carly vowed to destroy Kate after she found Jax and Kate in a compromising position on Kate's living room floor. Nikolas offered to marry Nadine if it was Aunt Raylene's dying wish. Robin was overwhelmed by motherhood. Jason was thrown from the cabin as it exploded. Jake and Sam remained inside.
December 8 to 12, 2008
Elizabeth was happily reunited with Jake after Sam risked her life to save him. Jason and Sam were questioned about the events surrounding the kidnapping and cleared of all charges. Jason once again broke things off with Elizabeth to protect her and the children from his enemies. He told Elizabeth that he set up a trust fund for Cameron and Jake. Olivia turned to Sonny after Sasha stabbed her. Claudia resented Olivia's presence in Sonny's home. Sonny decided to get closer to Claudia to learn the identity of Kate's shooter. Jax told Carly that their marriage was over then took off his wedding band to prove it. Maxie and Lulu decided to move in together. Spinelli objected when he learned that Johnny would be living with the girls. Robin remained troubled about her relationship with Emma. She felt that her newborn daughter did not love her. Sam pulled away from Lucky when he tried to kiss her. Kate told Sonny that she slept with Jax.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Sam continued to investigate Sasha. Things went terribly wrong when Sasha discovered Sam lurking on the piers. Sam managed to escape, but didn't get far. She was trapped at the bottom of a mineshaft with an injured hip. Someone hacked Spinelli's computer. Maxie gave Spinelli a special Christmas present. Luke hoped to win Tracy back by faking a heart attack. Tracy saw through his scam. Raylene bequeathed Nadine a fortune. Johnny took a job selling Christmas trees. Jerry sent Claudia a DVD, which sent her on a hunt through Sonny's house searching for other hidden DVDs. Each would take her one step closer to a DVD detailing her involvement in Michael's shooting. Jerry warned her that Sonny could find the incriminating DVD at any time. Patrick asked Matt to be his best man. Robert Scorpio returned to Port Charles for Robin and Patrick's wedding. Sonny had a violent reaction when he realized that Claudia had defied his wishes about a Christmas tree. He had no desire to celebrate the holiday without his children. Sasha offered Jason a deal. She would give him Sam's location in exchange for help. Sasha wanted out of the Russian crime syndicate. Unfortunately, a sniper shot Sasha before she could reveal Sam's whereabouts. Carly invited Sonny over to her house so that he could spend time with Morgan on Christmas.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Despite Sasha's premature demise, Jason was able to track Sam. He found her injured and near hypothermia. While they waited for the EMTs, Sam apologized to Jason about her role in Jake's first kidnapping. When Sam woke up in the hospital, she said Jason's name. Lucky was standing next to her bed. Robin asked Robert to walk her down the aisle. Sonny, Carly, and Morgan remembered Michael. Ric and Claudia made love. Claudia insisted that she had gained a small measure of Sonny's trust. Jax decided to spend the holidays with Lady Jane. The Russians pulled out of Port Charles. Claudia tried to find the incriminating DVD that Jerry had hidden in Greystone Manor-before Sonny stumbled onto it. Jason asked Sonny to end his alliance with the Zaccharas. Monica received a special pair of glasses for Christmas that gave her the ability to see Alan. Patrick and Robin's wedding day arrived.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Sonny and Carly went to visit Michael on his birthday. Jax and Carly spent New Year's Eve together. Jason asked Sonny to sever all ties with the Zaccharas. Sonny refused to comply when Jason made it clear that he would not turn the reigns of the Morgan organization over to Sonny. Patrick and Robin exchanged vows and were married. Luke convinced Tracy to work on their marriage. Jax clung to the belief that Jerry might be alive. He questioned Sam about the moments leading up to the explosion. Jason was worried when he learned that Agent Rayner had asked questions about Spinelli. Nadine spent New Year's Eve with Nikolas. Later, the two made love. Lucky and Sam argued about her need to rush into danger at every opportunity. Their spat was cut short when Lucky was called away. Jason found Claudia searching Sonny's house for Jerry's hidden DVDs. Spinelli was rattled when he met his cyber match who had managed to hack into his computer. Johnny's efforts to find a job did not go well. Lucky had a warrant for Johnny's arrest.
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