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January 5 to 9, 2009
Sonny told Carly that he felt as if he had lost everyone after Michael was shot. Carly was sympathetic and tried to broker peace between Sonny and Jason. Sonny wasn't interested in mending fences. Carly asked Diane to drag out the divorce so that Carly and Jax had time to work things out. Jax asked Alexis to do the same. She was certain that Carly would eventually go back to Sonny and trample Jax's heart in the process. Lucky sensed that Sam was keeping secrets from him and working with Jason. Maxie hatched a scheme to sleep with Spinelli in order to eliminate Winnifred as competition for his affection. When Spinelli realized that Maxie had used him, he was hurt. The two had a bitter argument before Spinelli walked out of the apartment broken-hearted. Winnifred was revealed to be in cahoots with Agent Rayner. Robin continued to have difficulty settling into motherhood. Patrick worried that she was suffering from more than the baby blues. Claudia tried to find the second DVD that Jerry had hidden in Greystone Manor. Unaware what he was holding, Sonny returned what he thought was a misplaced CD to its proper place. Luke turned to Sonny for help to get Johnny released from jail. Jason blew up one of Sonny's ships when Sonny attempted to move into Jason's territory. Homeland Security arrested Spinelli.
January 12 to 16, 2009
Things went terribly wrong during an operation at General Hospital. After a patient began bleeding out, Monica fainted and pandemonium broke out in the operating room. Sonny learned that Jason had made a deal with the FBI to secure Spinelli's release. Robin continued to exhibit signs of post-partum depression. She remained in denial about the possibility that she could be suffering from PPD. Sam decided to become a private investigator. Lucky resented Sam's new career direction. He thought that she was purposely putting herself in danger. Sam offered to help Jason keep Spinelli out of jail. She figured out that Jason had agreed to help the FBI gather incriminating evidence on Sonny. Lulu called Epiphany and learned that Johnny had not been hired at General Hospital. Unfortunately, Johnny decided to lie about the job. He told her that the job he had interviewed for was his. Matt asked Maxie out on a date. Maxie turned him down flat but he wasn't convinced of her disinterest. Nikolas saw someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to Emily.
January 19 to 23, 2009
Details about the crisis at General Hospital continued to unfold. As the clock wound down to the catastrophe in the operating room, we learned that the patient's name was Earl Bragg. Patrick had discovered that Earl had been carrying classified material after he read Earl's x-ray. Elsewhere, Sam had managed to infiltrate the Zacchara organization. Jason warned Sam not to underestimate Anthony. Robin's refusal to admit that she might have post-partum depression put a strain on her marriage. Thanks to Max's timely intervention, Sonny did not catch Claudia and Ric in bed together. Rebecca Shaw, Emily's doppelgänger, applied for a job at General Hospital. Spinelli offered his services to Rayner in an attempt to learn the details of the deal Jason made with the FBI. Rayner declined Spinelli's offer.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Matt operated on a patient named Earl Bragg, unaware that the car accident victim had swallowed five spheres of biotoxin. The poison became airborne when they opened Earl up during surgery. The surgical team was quickly overcome with the deadly poison. Matt, Monica, and Elizabeth were in critical condition. Andy Archer, the anesthesiologist, was the first victim to perish. The toxin traveled through the ducts of the hospital. Kate found Jerry's DVD. When she learned that Claudia had hired Ian Devlin to shoot Michael, she went to the benefit at the hospital to tell Sonny. She collapsed before she could utter a word. Nikolas was shaken after he saw Rebecca Shaw. He was convinced it was Emily. Luke caught a young Australian man by the name of Ethan Lovett trying to rob the Haunted Star. As the poison spread through the hospital, others succumbed. Trevor was among the victims. Agent Rayner quarantined the hospital to contain the lethal toxin.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
Leyla Mir died as a result of the biotoxin. Tracy fell ill. Maxie and Johnny shared a couple of passionate kisses before they pulled away. Both agreed that it would have been a huge mistake if they had slept together. On their way back to Port Charles, they spotted Robin's stranded minivan. After a frantic search, they found Robin, who had collapsed in the deep snow. Emma was nearby, safely hidden in the shelter of a tree. Spinelli took steps to keep Winnifred from turning over the biotoxin to Equinox Corporation. Sam accidentally shot Jason as a frantic deliveryman tried to break out of the hospital. Claudia told Sonny that Anthony had shot Kate on her wedding day. She also told her husband about Anthony's plan to rid himself of Sonny and Jason. Sonny confronted Anthony, but the crafty mobster managed to slip away as Sonny and Jason struggled over a gun. After Sonny secured his gun, he chased Anthony through the hospital until he had him cornered in the chapel. Jax gave Agent Rayner one hour to resolve the situation at the hospital. When the hour was up, Jax intended to take matters into his own hands. Trevor revealed to Claudia that he had the missing sphere of biotoxin. Nikolas came face-to-face with Rebecca Shaw. Things went from bad to worse when an explosion rocked the hospital.
February 9 to 13, 2009
An explosion ripped through General Hospital. Trevor ran around the hospital with a stolen sphere of biotoxin as his mind unraveled. Monica came face-to-face with Rebecca Shaw. Nikolas tried to talk to Rebecca but she wasn't interested in hearing anything he had to say. Nikolas went to her rescue when a fiery wall fell on her. Spinelli found himself trapped in a utility closet. Maxie snuck into the hospital in an attempt to rescue Spinelli. Johnny realized what Maxie had done, so he entered the hospital to find Maxie. Robin was finally able bring herself to hold Emma. Emma's health took a turn for the better. Jax heroically rescued a number of people from the burning hospital. Ethan and Luke found themselves locked behind bars after they assaulted the local sheriff. Olivia destroyed the DVD that incriminated Claudia in Michael's shooting. Kate warned Claudia that she would make certain Sonny learned of Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Sam saw Lucky kiss Elizabeth. On the rooftop, Trevor and Sam struggled for the vial containing the biotoxin sphere. Trevor plummeted to his death while Sam managed to grasp onto the side of the building. Jason rescued Sam moments later. Jason also managed to catch the sphere of poison before it dropped to the sidewalk below. Jax and Carly were reunited after Carly made it out of the hospital with Sonny's assistance.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Kate was stunned when Sonny told her that he intended to remain married to Claudia. Kate vowed to make Sonny pay for breaking her heart. Jax and Carly reunited. They consummated their reconciliation in the Metro Court's elevator. Edward decided to rebuild General Hospital after explosions and fire left it in ruins. Rebecca threatened to press stalking charges against Nikolas if he did not leave her alone. Nikolas suspected that Rebecca was connected to Emily. Agent Rayner made it clear that he expected Jason to hold up his end of the bargain to keep Spinelli out of jail. Lucky and Sam ended their relationship. Maxie and Johnny found themselves attending a ball for Crimson at the last minute. Sonny and Jason teamed up to find Anthony Zacchara after he disappeared during the crisis at the hospital.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Jason agreed to turn the organization back over to Sonny and resume his position as Sonny's enforcer. Jason and Sam joined forces to flush Anthony out of hiding. Sonny arranged for Anthony's offshore accounts to be frozen. Anthony kidnapped Claudia. He threatened to kill his daughter if Sonny didn't meet his ransom demands. Robin remained withdrawn from Emma. Rebecca took a job at Kelly's. Rebecca asked Sam if Sam was romantically involved with Lucky. Edward was determined to welcome Rebecca into the Quartermaine family fold. Tracy tracked Luke down and met Ethan. Tracy took a liking to Ethan. Kate hired Johnny to escort Maxie to various events on Crimson's behalf. Spinelli was uncomfortable with Johnny and Maxie's business arrangement. Sonny's violent lifestyle intruded on Jax and Carly's happy reunion. Sonny faced a dilemma: get Anthony or save Claudia. Anthony left Claudia strapped to a bomb.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
Rayner refused to back down from his demand that Jason turn over evidence for Sonny's arrest and conviction. Spinelli decided to leave Port Charles so that Jason wouldn't be forced to betray one friend to save another. Winnifred became Spinelli's partner in flight. While on the run, Spinelli attracted the notice of a dark-haired mystery woman. Sonny warned Jason that if he went after Spinelli, he would be tying Spinelli to the mob forever. Robin met Ethan Lovett. She told Ethan that she didn't have any children. Matt advised Patrick to consult a professional about his concerns for Robin. Robin was infuriated when Patrick suggested that Robin talk to someone who specialized in postpartum depression. Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital. Edward invited Rebecca to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy had reservations about Rebecca. Lulu took an instant dislike to Ethan. It was revealed that Claudia visited Michael weekly. Carly learned of an experimental treatment that might help Michael. Luke has a heart-to-heart talk with Rebecca. Luke advised Rebecca to stay away from Nikolas.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Cassandra Prescott, an art thief, kidnapped Spinelli. She forced him to use his computer skills to help her steal a valuable painting from a museum. Jason, Sam, Maxie, and Winnifred saved the day by rescuing Spinelli before he could come to harm. Lucky met Ethan; the two men took an instant disliking to each other. Johnny resented Lulu's interference when she asked Luke and Tracy to take their cars to Johnny's new garage for maintenance and repairs. Robin's post-partum depression grew dangerous when she accidentally left Emma unattended at Kelly's. Luckily, Emma was fine when Robin returned, hours later, to collect her daughter. Nikolas was jealous over Lucky and Rebecca's easy friendship. Carly and Sonny learned that Michael wasn't a candidate for the experimental procedure. Michael's monitors showed sudden spikes in brain activity. Sadly, no one realized it. Claudia convinced Sonny to throw a party, inviting mobsters, in order to raise money for Michael's foundation. Jax and Carly decided to renew their wedding vows.
March 16 to 20, 2009
Spinelli and Winnifred went to great lengths in an attempt to destroy all of the damaging evidence that the FBI had against Spinelli. Nikolas had difficulty accepting the growing relationship between Rebecca and Lucky. Robin left Port Charles. She ended up in a bar where she introduced herself as Nancy Green, a pharmaceutical sales representative from San Francisco. Brad Seagrave had no idea that the lady who had accepted his offer to go out was a married woman who had abandoned her family. Mac told Patrick where he could find Robin. Robin went out on a date with Brad. Carly and Jax renewed their wedding vows. While on their honeymoon, at the Metro Court, Jax received a DVD from Jerry. Jax watched the DVD. Claudia hosted a party for the heads of various crime families. The party had two purposes: to raise money for Michael's foundation and to show everyone that Sonny was in charge of the crime syndicate, with Jason as his enforcer. Agent Rayner insisted that Jason wear a wire to the party. Jason agreed to Rayner's demands after Rayner threatened to arrest Spinelli. Johnny and Maxie couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Ric showed Claudia that he had one of Jerry's DVDs.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Winnifred, Spinelli, and Sam managed to destroy the FBI's evidence against Spinelli. Spinelli suggested that he and Sam go into the private investigation business. To Sam's surprise, Spinelli hired Winnifred after the FBI fired her. Ric demanded that Claudia provide him with evidence against Sonny and Jason. Ric agreed to give the information to Rayner in exchange for the agent's agreement to turn a blind eye when Ric took over Sonny's territory. Claudia took steps to neutralize the threat that Ric posed. Claudia learned too late that, in the event of Ric's death, Ric had arranged for a DVD to be delivered to Sonny. Patrick witnessed a kiss between Brad and Robin. Robin admitted that she had a problem, but she remained resistant to treatment. Rebecca had a mammogram; the doctor's found an "area of concern." Luke and Ethan decided to team up to steal Edward's fortune. Jax viewed Jerry's DVD; he was stunned to learn that Claudia had hired Jerry and Ian Devlin to kill Sonny. When Carly saw Jerry's image on the DVD, Jax lied. Jax claimed the DVD had been to inform Jax that Jerry had faked his death.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Ethan stole money from Crimson's cashbox. Lulu reciprocated by cleaning out the Haunted Star's cashbox. Jason offered start-up cash for Spinelli and Sam's investigation business. Michael's hand moved. Carly learned that the experimental treatment, which might help Michael, had resulted in the death of two patients. On the one-year anniversary of Michael's shooting, Carly, Sonny, and Jason struggled to make sense of their loss. Claudia decided that the only way to save herself from Sonny's wrath was to become pregnant with his child. Claudia bought condoms, poked holes in them, and then seduced Sonny. Jax was determined to keep Carly from learning of Jerry's DVD. Rebecca leaned on Nikolas after being told that she needed a biopsy of the "area of concern" in her breast. Robin saw a doctor about her postpartum depression. Robin resisted the idea of taking medications; she wanted to try the holistic route. Sonny advised Robin to do everything possible to treat her illness. Robin found herself on the docks talking to a little girl named Emma. Emma warned Robin that she was too close to the edge of the pier. Patrick found the docks deserted when he went looking for Robin.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Claudia told Johnny that she intended to have Sonny's baby. Claudia believed that it was the only way to spare her life if Sonny learned of her role in Michael's shooting. Ric told Sonny and Jason that Claudia had hired Ian Devlin. Robin's postpartum depression continued to put a strain on her marriage. Sam was disappointed to learn that her application for a private detective's license had been denied because she lacked experience. Bernie agreed to open up a private investigation business for Spinelli and Sam. Tracy hired Spinelli to look into Ethan's past. Ethan offered to answer Tracy's questions. Tracy opted to enlist Lulu's help digging into Ethan's past. Nikolas kissed Rebecca. Rebecca received her biopsy results. Johnny and Lulu ended their relationship. Johnny claimed that he was attracted to Maxie. Matt tricked Maxie into accepting a date with him. Spinelli witnessed a kiss between Maxie and Johnny. Jax decided to track down Jerry. Carly suspected that she was pregnant after several bouts of dizzy spells. When Carly went to see Dr. Lee, she overheard the doctor give Claudia advice for conceiving a baby.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Helena returned to Port Charles. She demanded that Nikolas return a painting to her. If Nikolas failed to comply, Helena vowed to wreak havoc on his life. Alexis suspected that Helena and Rebecca were in cahoots. Johnny told Lulu that he was attracted to Maxie. Lulu broke off her relationship with Johnny. Spinelli witnessed a kiss between Maxie and Johnny. Maxie was crushed when Spinelli told Maxie to call Crimson's technical support the next time she had computer problems. Ric handed Sonny the DVD of Jerry Jacks detailing Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. Ric was stunned when the DVD didn't have any data. Later, Ric learned that the backup DVD had been stolen from his attorney's office. Jason and Sonny found proof that Jerry had been withdrawing money from Ian Devlin's offshore account. Sonny warned Claudia that some of Ric's story had been verified. Claudia took a pregnancy test. Robin reached out to Patrick. Dr. Brown questioned Robin's sudden turnaround. Carly was hesitant to take a pregnancy test. She was worried that she had the blood disorder Kelly warned her about. Carly feared that she might have to terminate her pregnancy.
April 20 to 24, 2009
Claudia learned that she was pregnant. She pretended to schedule an abortion when she realized Sonny was eavesdropping. Sonny reacted exactly as Claudia had anticipated; he insisted on her having the baby. Ric suspected that Claudia could be pregnant with his baby. Ric warned Claudia that he would not stand by while Sonny raised his child. Claudia ordered a hit on Jerry. Jerry's car exploded in a parking garage. Jason and Jerry were rushed to the hospital. Carly's pregnancy was marred by the news that she had ZBT, a life-threatening blood disorder. Robin continued to resist therapy and treatment for her postpartum depression. Robin agreed to go to couple's counseling with Patrick. Emma suffered a tragic accident while in the care of Robin. Helena returned to Port Charles to get her hands on a birth certificate, which was hidden in an old painting. Alexis discovered that Rebecca had a scar along her hairline. Nikolas had his doubts about Rebecca. Rebecca went on a date with Lucky. Maxie was desperate to repair the damage to her relationship with Spinelli. Michael was moved to General Hospital so that he could undergo experimental treatment. Sonny asked Michael for a sign that he had made the right decision for Michael.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Jax learned that Carly's pregnancy could cost Carly her life. Sonny demanded that Jax convince Carly to have an abortion so that her sons wouldn't lose their mother. Jax refused and responded by punching Sonny. Eventually, Jax and Sonny reached an understanding. Jax asked Jason not to kill Jerry until after Carly had the baby. Nikolas decided to teach Lucky a lesson by kissing Elizabeth. Nikolas and Elizabeth were surprised to find themselves attracted to each other. Lucky told Rebecca about his addiction. Lucky pulled away when he and Rebecca started to make love. Nikolas walked in seconds later, but misread the situation. Patrick staged an intervention for Robin. Robin was taken for inpatient treatment for her postpartum depression. Maxie hatched a scheme to win Spinelli back. She told Spinelli that a stalker was terrorizing her. Rebecca made a cryptic phone call to a mystery person. Johnny was furious that Claudia had risked putting a hit on Jerry. Ethan decided to leave town when Luke suggested that they have a paternity test to determine if Luke was Ethan's father. Luke managed to convince Ethan to stay in Port Charles until the test results were in.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Carly returned to Port Charles. She told Jason that if she followed the advice of the specialists, and kept her stress level down, the risk of pregnancy complications was less than 25 percent. Patrick convinced Michael's family that Michael should undergo the experimental surgery immediately. Dr. Hensen disagreed with Patrick's diagnosis. Luke and Ethan took a paternity test. The results revealed that Luke was not Ethan's father. Luke suspected Tracy knew more about Ethan that she was letting on. Tracy panicked when she saw Lulu and Ethan kiss. Elizabeth and Nikolas kissed, but they decided that they should remain friends. Elizabeth and Lucky gave their relationship another try. Rebecca and Nikolas grew closer. Alexis attempted to pay Rebecca off. Nikolas was furious with his aunt's attempt to drive Rebecca off. Maxie and Lulu enlisted Spinelli's help when a saboteur threatened their jobs at Crimson. Maxie and Spinelli reconnected as they investigated the case. Jason suspected that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason warned Claudia that she didn't have any right to be near Michael. Something went wrong during Michael's surgery.
May 11 to 15, 2009
Patrick operated on Michael. During the long experimental surgery, Michael's heart stopped. Patrick and Matt managed to resuscitate Michael. Michael lingered in a coma after the surgery. Sonny exploited Claudia's desire to be Sonny's trusted partner and wife. Sonny hoped to catch Claudia with her guard down. Ric obtained a court order for a paternity test. He intended to learn the paternity of Claudia's baby at the first opportunity. Lulu and Maxie discovered the identity of Crimson's saboteur: Kate. Robin attended a group meeting with other women who had postpartum depression. Robin was eager to return home to Emma. Luke and Ethan tracked Holly Sutton to Singapore. Tracy was hot on her husband's heels. Lucky confided to Elizabeth that Luke suspected that Ethan was a Spencer. Nikolas and Rebecca grew closer. Alexis remained convinced that Rebecca meant Nikolas harm. Carly collapsed in Jax's arms. Michael emerged from his coma. He asked what had happened to him.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Michael's anger was centered on Carly. Michael resented that Carly had not been at his bedside when he had emerged from the coma. Edward was hopeful that Michael would move in with them. Michael decided that he wanted to live with Sonny. Claudia was worried that Michael would remember her bedside confessions during his coma. Jason was more determined than ever to expose Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Spinelli decided to plant a listening device in Kate's office. Spinelli hoped to have Kate removed from Crimson, so that Maxie wouldn't have to continue her "dates" with Johnny. Johnny and Olivia slept together. They decided to keep their affair casual and private. Maxie was hurt when she learned that Johnny had slept with Olivia. Claudia threatened Olivia's life if she continued to see Johnny. Holly demanded money in exchange for answers about Ethan's paternity. Holly revealed that she was Ethan's mother and Robert Scorpio was Ethan's father. Rebecca discovered that Emily's favorite color was blue. Rebecca used the knowledge to her advantage.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Ethan turned to Robin for answers after Holly revealed that Robert Scorpio was Ethan's father. Robin quickly figured out that Holly had lied. Robert had been in Port Charles during the time of Ethan's conception. Jason enlisted Sam's help to gather evidence, which would expose Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. They located Claudia's henchman, Fredo. Fredo confirmed that Claudia had hired him to kill Jerry Jax. Claudia questioned Michael about what he remembered hearing during his coma. Michael had a dream of Claudia apologizing to him. However, Michael did not recognize it as Claudia's voice. Robin was released from the sanitarium. She returned home and quickly reconnected with Emma. Elizabeth and Lucky grew more suspicious of Rebecca's behavior. Elizabeth was convinced that Rebecca was intentionally trying to be more like Emily. Alexis turned to Agent Rayner for help investigating Rebecca's past. Sonny refused to accept Olivia's relationship with Johnny. Sonny told Olivia and Johnny that they could not be trusted. Tracy manipulated Holly into agreeing to leave Port Charles posthaste. Before she left town, Holly went to the Haunted Star to tell Luke and Ethan that Luke was Ethan's father.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Claudia pounced on the opportunity to support Michael's decision to move in with Sonny. Jason finally obtained evidence against Claudia. Spinelli advised Jason against seeking retribution for Michael's shooting. Holly left town, but not without making waves for Tracy and Luke. Michael's temper flared with Robin; Jason was forced to intervene. Claudia decided that Carly needed to be dealt with. Olivia pushed Claudia's buttons. Johnny threatened Claudia if anything happened to Olivia. Rebecca and Nikolas made love. Ethan was waiting for Rebecca when she returned to her room. Ethan and Rebecca shared a passionate kiss. Helena returned to Port Charles. Helena tried to persuade Rebecca to join forces with her. Rebecca told Helena "screw you." Rayner admitted that he was drawn to Alexis. Jason found rebellious Kristina hanging out behind a bar. Carly was furious when she learned that Claudia had been the last person to see Michael before he walked away from the hospital. Michael went to his sister Kristina's house. Carly and Claudia took a tumble down a flight of stairs following a heated exchange about Michael.
June 8 to 12, 2009
Carly and Claudia fell down a flight of stairs after an argument. Luckily, neither woman miscarried her child. Kelly advised Claudia to reduce her stress or risk losing the baby. Sonny demanded a paternity test after he realized that Ric could be the father of Claudia's baby. Sonny invited Claudia to move out. Rebecca pretended to be surprised that she was Emily's twin. Rebecca and Ethan were revealed to be more than passing acquaintances. Helena overheard Rebecca and Ethan discuss their plans for Nikolas. Ethan urged Rebecca to gain Jason's trust. Jason was forced to intervene when Michael directed his rage at Elizabeth. Luke fell into Helena's clutches. Mayor Floyd's mistress, Brianna, suffered a head injury. Matt insisted on operating on Brianna. The surgery went horribly wrong and Brianna died. Matt was slapped with a malpractice lawsuit because of Brianna's death. Patrick and Robin made love. Jason found Kristina with a marijuana joint in Michael's hospital room. Michael and Kristina went on a joy ride. Spinelli, Maxie, and Lulu discovered that Giselle was blackmailing Kate.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Alexis urged Diane to drop the malpractice suit against Patrick and Matt. Diane worried that the mayor was blackmailing Alexis. Michael got into a bar fight with Kristina's friend, Kiefer. Claudia hatched another plot to have Jason killed. Sonny ordered Johnny and Jason to kill the Zacchara men who were rebelling against Sonny. Claudia's sniper had Jason in his sights. Robin and Patrick caught Andrea Floyd, the mayor's wife, in a lie about when she had learned of her husband's affair. Spinelli enlisted Maxie's help to investigate the death of Brianna Hughes. Matt's drinking binge led to a fight with Spinelli. Elizabeth suspected that Rebecca and Ethan were having an affair. Nikolas was conflicted about his feelings for Rebecca. Monica advised Nikolas not to use his grief for Emily as an excuse to shut out the rest of the world. Ethan was concerned about Luke's disappearance. Lulu, Lucky, and Tracy were not surprised that Luke had left town without a word. Jax was forced to restrain Michael after an argument with Carly escalated. Claudia took advantage of Sonny's attraction to her.
June 22 to 26, 2009
Michael revealed that he wanted to join Sonny's organization. Jax was forced to physically restrain Michael when he lashed out at Carly. Carly decided that it would be best for Michael to move in with the Quartermaines. Sonny surprised Michael with a brand new sports car. Carly was not pleased by Sonny's extravagant gift. Ric announced that he was moving to Los Angeles. Ric vowed to return if the paternity test revealed that Claudia was pregnant with Ric's child. Patrick and Robin discovered that Brianna had suffered two injuries to her head. Spinelli found a money trail between the mayor and Brianna. Alexis and Mac arrested Mayor Floyd for Brianna's murder. The mayor announced to the press that he had once had an affair with Alexis. Andrea Floyd created a scene at the hospital when she demanded that Matt settle the malpractice suit against him. Spinelli put the brakes on a romance with Maxie. Claudia's gunman, Dominic, encountered all of Sonny's children. Nikolas and Rebecca made love. Elizabeth suspected that Rebecca and Ethan were secret lovers. Elizabeth wondered if Lucky's objection to Ethan was displaced anger over her affair with Jason.
June 29 to July 3, 2009
Ethan grew jealous when he suspected that Rebecca had feelings for Nikolas. Nikolas asked Rebecca to move into Wyndemere. Carly and Sonny clashed over Sonny's extravagant gift to Michael. Sonny put his foot down to Michael moving into Greystone Manor. Michael agreed to try living at the Quartermaines. Jason turned down Edward's offer to move into the mansion. Michael persuaded Edward to let him take Morgan for a ride. Carly was livid when she discovered that Michael had gone driving with Morgan. Robin and Patrick had second thoughts about Mayor Floyd's guilt. Robin suspected that the killer was Andrea Floyd. Alexis was mortified when her private life became fodder for gossip. Claudia turned the tables on Jax when he tried to outsmart her. Spinelli told Maxie that he didn't want sex to complicate their courtship. Coleman asked Maxie for advice on how to increase business for Jake's. Coleman decided to host Thursday night Karaoke. Spinelli was eager to romance Maxie with a song, so he went home to select something special to sing. Dominic tracked down Kristina.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
To Michael and Sonny's surprise, Carly presented Michael with a driver's license. Michael was moved by his mother's gesture of trust. Dominic was revealed to be Dante Angelo Falconeri, Olivia's son. Sonny had no idea that the man he had sent Jason to kill was his son. Dante boldly asked Sonny for a job. Andrea overheard Robin tell Patrick that she suspected Andrea of killing the mayor's mistress. Andrea planted incriminating emails on Alexis' laptop. After reading the emails, Kristina worried that her mother had been obsessed with Garrett Floyd. Andrea publicly accused Alexis of stalking the mayor. Maxie was horrified when Spinelli decided to serenade her at Jake's Karaoke Night. Spinelli found a way to sound like a professional singer. Anthony Zacchara asked to speak to Jason. Anthony claimed that he had information that would help Jason. Ethan was not happy when he learned that Rebecca had moved in with Nikolas.
July 13 to 17, 2009
Jason paid Anthony Zacchara a visit in jail. Anthony played his usual games. Sonny agreed to give Dominic an opportunity to work for him. Claudia strongly objected to Sonny's decision about Dominic. Spinelli eventually serenaded Maxie on Karaoke Night at Jake's. After a night of lovemaking, Spinelli proposed marriage to Maxie, but Maxie left without giving Spinelli an answer. Maxie was promoted to junior editor. Spinelli planned a romantic evening for Maxie, with the intention of proposing for a third time. Rebecca turned to Edward for money to pay Ethan off. Edward agreed to help Rebecca in exchange for her agreement to move into the Quartermaine mansion. A heated argument between Sonny and Olivia led to a passionate kiss. Tensions mounted between Michael and Kiefer. Carly was called to the country club after Michael and Kiefer fought. Kiefer turned violent when Kristina refused to have sex with him. The paternity results for Claudia's baby were in.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Sonny made a bold statement at the country club after Chip Howell accused Michael of attacking Kiefer. Kristina was hurt when Kiefer ditched her for a senior. Claudia learned that Sonny was the father of her baby. Before Claudia could share the news with Sonny, she was involved in a car accident. There wasn't a shortage of suspects, but ultimately Michael confessed to the hit-and-run. Mac arrested Michael and put him in jail because he considered Michael a flight risk. Claudia required life-saving brain surgery. Afterwards, Elizabeth discovered a problem with the baby. Kelly broke the news to Claudia that they couldn't save her baby. Carly collapsed shortly after she had pulled Claudia out of the wreckage. Kelly informed Carly that she was at high risk for a fatal stroke. Carly was ordered to complete rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Andrea Floyd continued to discredit Alexis. Alexis asked Sam to destroy surveillance tapes, which had captured a heated confrontation between Alexis and Andrea. Johnny found Olivia in Sonny's arms. Dante learned that his mother was involved with Sonny. Olivia was stunned when Dante revealed that he worked for Sonny's organization. Maxie was tempted to accept Spinelli's proposal. Sam wondered if Kristina had caused Claudia's car accident.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Michael was arrested after he confessed that he had caused Claudia's car accident. Michael and Kristina left town together after Michael was released from jail. Carly insisted that Michael had not caused the accident. Evidence suggested that one of Alexis' cars had struck Claudia's car. Alexis confessed after she realized that Kristina had been responsible for Claudia's crash. Jason and Sam joined forces to find the runaway teens. Olivia pretended not to know Dominic when they bumped into each other at Kelly's. Sonny told Olivia that he couldn't let her go. Olivia revealed to Johnny that she knew about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. Spinelli decided to ask Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage. Maxie and Lulu managed to keep Spinelli away from Mac. Claudia asked Jerry Jacks to track down Michael. Things turned violent when Lucky and Ethan objected to Dominic's interest in Lulu. Carly was warned that she could suffer a fatal stroke if she did not avoid stress.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
Michael and Kristina crossed paths with Jerry in Veracruz, Mexico. Jason headed to Cancun to search for the kids while Sam looked for them in Veracruz. Sam fell into Jerry's clutches as she closed in on the kids. Molly overheard that Kristina had caused Claudia's accident. Robin discovered that Brianna's killer was right-handed, not left-handed like Alexis. Robin was certain that Andrea had killed Brianna. Sonny asked Claudia to return to Greystone Manor after she was released from the hospital. Johnny washed his hands of Claudia when he discovered that she had conspired with Jerry. Dominic found Johnny and Olivia in a compromising position. Lucky and Ethan objected to Dominic's interest in Lulu. The brothers initiated a barroom brawl to discourage Dominic from pursuing Lulu. Nikolas and Elizabeth reaffirmed their decision to remain friends, even though they were attracted to each other. Olivia feared that Sonny would discover that Dante was an undercover police officer. Spinelli asked Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage.
August 10 to 14, 2009
Michael and Kristina managed to escape Jerry's clutches. The teens landed jobs at an upscale resort in Mexico. Michael met a pretty French tourist who invited him out to dinner. Jason was gravely injured after the balcony in an old Mexican church collapsed. Jerry emerged from the rubble unscathed. Before he left, Jerry insisted that Claudia had not been involved in Michael's shooting. Jerry shot Jason and then left him to die. Sam arrived in the nick of time to help Jason. Mac and the assistant district attorney discovered that Sonny's henchman, Dominic, was actually Detective Dante Falconeri. Olivia was determined to get Dante reassigned before Sonny discovered that her son was an undercover detective. Johnny witnessed an argument between Olivia and Dominic. Olivia managed to explain the encounter away. Johnny enlisted Spinelli's help to neutralize Anthony once and for all. An act of rebellion led to Maxie accepting Spinelli's proposal of marriage. When Kate learned of the nuptials, she decided to capitalize on it. Ethan told Lucky the truth about his association with Rebecca. Nikolas was devastated when Lucky revealed that Rebecca's arrival in Port Charles had been part of a scam and that she and Ethan had been lovers. Rebecca decided to tell Nikolas the truth.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Olivia met with Ronnie to demand that he reassign Dante to another case. Carly saw Olivia enter the laundromat and then have a heated exchange with Ronnie. Sonny wondered why Dominic took the fall for Johnny. Dominic punched Johnny after Johnny made a remark about Olivia. Nikolas and Elizabeth kissed. Elizabeth told Nikolas that she could only offer him friendship. Elizabeth tried to keep her distance from Nikolas, despite Lucky's pleas for her to help Nikolas. Rebecca resented Nikolas' inability to forgive her. Lucky had little sympathy for Rebecca. Rebecca went home with Dominic, but didn't sleep with him. Rebecca found an ally in Monica. Monica refused to turn her back on Emily's twin sister. Sam and Jason grew closer as Sam nursed Jason back to health. Molly turned to her cousin Nikolas for help. Sonny was stunned when Alexis confessed that Kristina had caused Claudia's accident. Robin was certain that Andrea had killed the mayor's mistress. Andrea kept a close eye on Robin. Jax overheard Kate and Olivia discuss Sonny and Dante. Olivia was shocked that Jax knew that Sonny was Dante's father. The teens sent their loved ones a text message. Spinelli lied when he told the concerned parents that he'd been unable to trace the message from Michael and Kristina.
August 24 to 28, 2009
Jason and Sam made love; afterwards they agreed not to discuss it. Jason and Sam remained drawn to each other. Jason and Sam closed in on the teens in the nick of time. Michael was reluctant to return to Port Charles. Kristina learned that her mother had confessed to the hit-and-run accident. Claudia overheard Sonny and Alexis discuss Kristina's involvement in the car crash. Jax realized that Dante was working undercover as Dominic. Olivia worried that Jax would accidentally reveal the truth. Elizabeth was determined to keep her distance from Nikolas. Nikolas pretended to work things out with Rebecca. Nikolas' true intention was to hurt Rebecca as deeply as she had hurt him. Alexis was troubled by the change in Nikolas. Sonny witnessed a vicious argument between Johnny and Claudia. Johnny was disgusted that Claudia had stooped to targeting children. Spinelli suggested that he and Maxie abstain from sex until they were married. Robin got a step closer to proving that Andrea had murdered Brianna Hughes. Andrea overheard a revealing conversation between Robin and Alexis. Dante found incriminating evidence to use against Sonny.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
The carnival arrived in town. Claudia was furious when she overheard Sonny and Alexis agree to keep quiet about Kristina's role in the car accident. Sam felt strongly that Kristina should be made to take responsibility for causing Claudia's car accident. A fortune-teller gave Kristina a dire warning. Kiefer tried to manipulate the people close to Kristina in an effort to get closer to her. Sonny assigned Dominic to guard Michael and Morgan. Olivia objected to Dominic's interest in Lulu. Lulu accepted a date with Matt. Jason and Sam continued to be drawn to each other after they returned to Port Charles with the teens. Elizabeth realized that Nikolas was setting Rebecca up for a fall. Andrea decided to poison Edward with digitalis when she realized that he had seen her the night of Brianna's murder. Spinelli confessed that he had a fear of clowns. Max accused Diane of using him for sex. Anthony made his move against Sonny. As everyone enjoyed the carnival, Anthony's henchmen loaded their weapons and then armed themselves.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Andrea spiked Edward's martini with digitalis. Edward suffered a heart attack while driving to the carnival. As Edward collapsed, his car crashed through the carnival. Several people were killed and many were injured. Among the causalities was Andrea Floyd. Jake was injured when he wandered off just moments before Edward's car careened through the tents. Jason, Elizabeth, and Lucky anxiously awaited word on Jake's condition. They were relieved to learn that Jake had not suffered a skull fracture. Jason witnessed a passionate kiss between Nikolas and Elizabeth. Jason worried about how Elizabeth's relationship with Nikolas could affect Jake. Lucky proposed marriage to Elizabeth. Ethan managed to pull Edward out of the car in time to save his life. Edward required surgery for the injuries he had suffered during the accident. Olivia was forced to contemplate revealing Dominic's true identity when Patrick informed her that Dominic would need a kidney transplant. Patrick overheard Olivia refer to Dante as her son. Sonny thanked Dominic for saving Morgan's life. Johnny was shot by Anthony's henchmen when they ambushed Spinelli in a warehouse. Kristina saw Claudia walk past her while Kristina had been trapped beneath a ride. Michael recalled Jax taking responsibility for the shooting.
September 14 to 18, 2009
Jason asked Sam to spend the night. Sam was mortified when she and Jason emerged from the bedroom to a penthouse full of people. Olivia was relieved when she learned that Dante didn't need a kidney transplant; her secret remained safe. Johnny recovered from multiple gunshot wounds at Mercy Hospital. Olivia warned Johnny not to trust Dominic. Michael enlisted Sam's help to investigate Jax. Michael confronted Jax about his suspicions. Jax promised to explain everything after Carly had the baby. Elizabeth turned to Nikolas after Lucky proposed marriage to her. Elizabeth and Nikolas made love; however, Elizabeth decided to accept Lucky's proposal on the condition that they went to counseling. Elizabeth and Nikolas couldn't forget what they had shared. Claudia overheard Jason and Sam talking about Michael's recovered memories. Claudia worried that Michael might recall her confession. Claudia turned to Johnny for help, but he turned her away. Sonny tested Dominic's loyalty; he wondered if, given the order, Dominic would kill Johnny. Without hesitation, Dominic promised, "In a heartbeat." Sonny decided to issue a warning to Anthony. Sonny vowed to kill Johnny if Anthony stepped out of line again.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Lulu found Dante's police badge, but he managed to explain it away without arousing suspicion. Sonny threatened to kill Johnny if Anthony made a move against Sonny. Olivia was livid when Sonny informed her that Johnny was expendable. Jason suspected that Sonny's threat against Johnny had more to do with Olivia than with Anthony. Claudia made certain that Carly and Olivia learned that Sonny had agreed to start a family with Claudia. Elizabeth tried to focus on her relationship with Lucky, but thoughts of Nikolas continued to intrude. Elizabeth pulled away when Lucky tried to be intimate. Elizabeth opened up to Olivia about her dilemma with Nikolas and Lucky. Olivia advised Elizabeth to put her children first by staying with Lucky. Nikolas offered Ethan money to seduce Rebecca. Michael questioned the accuracy of his memories when he recalled something about Sam that had never happened. Spinelli overheard Maxie confess to Jason that she did not want to get married. When the wedding day arrived, Spinelli was plagued with second thoughts. At the altar, Spinelli announced that he couldn't marry Maxie.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
Spinelli and Maxie decided not to get married; however, they went ahead with their reception. The wedding guests went to Jake's to celebrate with Spinelli and Maxie and to sing karaoke. Kristina overheard Sonny admit to Mike that he felt obligated to give Claudia another child. Kristina begged Sonny not to bring another unwanted child into the world. Sonny realized how deeply he had hurt Kristina by staying out of her life. Lulu and Ethan received a cryptic message from Luke. The siblings decided to search for their father. Helena reached out to Nikolas. Luke tried to rescue Helena. Helena warned Luke that a Cassadine was behind their plight. Kate recognized Dante at Jake's. Claudia discovered Olivia's secret when she eavesdropped on a conversation between Kate and Olivia. Claudia decided to use the information to force Olivia to do her bidding. Kiefer turned violent while he pressured Kristina to have sex. Kristina asked Sam to take her to a clinic for birth control pills. Michael confronted Claudia about her confession during his coma.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
Dominic informed Sonny that the leak in the Corinthos organization was Tommy Soto. Sonny ordered Dominic to kill Tommy. Tommy agreed to testify against Sonny and entered the Witness Protection Program. Dominic told everyone that Tommy had overpowered him and then ran away. Claudia threatened to tell Sonny that Dominic was Olivia's son if Olivia didn't end things with Johnny. A furious Johnny confronted Claudia, certain that she was behind Olivia's decision to break up. Sonny told Claudia that he if she wasn't already pregnant, he did not want to have children. Claudia decided to seduce Dominic in the hopes of getting pregnant. Spinelli made an interesting discovery regarding Ian Devlin. Jason and Sam learned that Ian had a micro-recorder on him at the time of his death. Spinelli helped Jason and Sam break into the warehouse. Lucky busted Sam searching through the evidence files. Ethan, Lulu, and Nikolas went to Greece in order to rescue Helena and Luke. Helena revealed that Valentin Cassadine had vowed to destroy everyone that Helena and Luke held dear. Kristina turned to Sam for help. Sam agreed to take Kristina to a clinic, so that Kristina could get birth control pills. Ronnie informed Dante that he was off of the case because Claudia had discovered Dante's true identity.
October 12 to 16, 2009
Jax pulled some strings with a senator to get Dante placed back on the investigation against Sonny. Johnny made peace with Claudia in an effort to draw attention away from Olivia. Johnny hoped to secretly date Olivia, but Claudia got wind of his plans. Claudia revealed to Olivia that she intended to sleep with Dante in order to get pregnant. Claudia also confessed that she would pass the baby off as Sonny's child. Olivia decided to tell Sonny the truth about Claudia and herself. Johnny and Coleman rushed Carly to the hospital after she went into labor. Carly and Jax were relieved when medication stopped her labor before the baby was born prematurely. Jason and Sam were arrested for solicitation at a seedy motel. Kristina and Kiefer had sex. Kristina was plagued with regrets. Alexis and Sam argued about Sam's role in Molly and Kristina's lives. Helena threatened to reveal that Elizabeth and Nikolas had slept together. Anthony arranged for mobster Joey Limbo to kill Sonny and Claudia. Dominic opened up to Lulu about Claudia's attempt to blackmail him. Dante informed Claudia that he refused to help her deceive Sonny. Diane confided to Alexis that she had not spoken to Max since he had been injured at the carnival.
October 19 to 23, 2009
Dominic refused to have sex with Claudia, so that she could get pregnant and then pass the child off as Sonny's baby. Sonny invited Claudia to attend a mob meeting in Puerto Rico. Claudia was the perfect mob wife. Sonny was impressed with Claudia's resourcefulness during a standoff with a rival mobster. Sonny promised to throw Claudia a birthday bash once they returned to Port Charles. Michael remembered Jerry's bedside confession, including Jerry's claim that Claudia had been responsible for the shooting. Jax realized that Carly might never forgive him once she learned the truth about how long he'd known that Jerry and Claudia had been Ian's accomplices. Jason and Sam discovered some DVDs among Ian's discarded possessions at the hospital. Jason and Sam found irrefutable proof that Claudia had orchestrated the hit against Sonny. Dominic enlisted Spinelli's help to research a graffiti tag. Spinelli was unable to decipher the meaning of "CO77X." They cryptic graffiti seemed to be connected to Jason. Dominic realized that Spinelli's cyber skills might be the key to Sonny's downfall. Johnny and Olivia agreed to date in secret. Elizabeth was prepared to break off her engagement to Lucky, but Lucky surprised her with an engagement party. Elizabeth confessed to Nikolas that she was not in love with Lucky. Luke sensed that Elizabeth wasn't ready to get married. Nikolas sent Helena to Switzerland after Helena threatened to tell Lucky the truth about Nikolas and Elizabeth.
October 26 to 30, 2009
Elizabeth pulled away from Lucky when he tried to make love to her. Luke saw Elizabeth and Nikolas in a passionate embrace. Lucky assured his father that he didn't have any doubts about re-marrying Elizabeth. Claudia threatened to reveal to Sonny that Dominic was his son, Dante. Olivia attacked Claudia. Olivia was arrested for assaulting Claudia. Lulu was accidentally drugged during a Crimson photo shoot. Lulu stumbled upon Dante and Ronnie during a meeting. Lulu discovered that Dante was an undercover police officer. Dante was relieved when Lulu didn't remember anything that happened during her drugged haze. Michael recalled Jerry's confession about Claudia's involvement in the shooting. Michael decided to warn Johnny that he intended to tell Sonny about what Claudia had done. Johnny was kidnapped and then held captive by Joey Limbo. Johnny realized that Anthony had given Joey orders to kill Claudia. Morgan and Molly managed to rescue Johnny. Jason discovered a recording of Claudia, Ian, and Jerry plotting to kill Sonny. Jason played the recording for Sonny. Sonny met Claudia at the hotel before her birthday bash. After the party guests had assembled, Sonny toasted to his friends and then revealed that Claudia had been the mastermind behind the hit that had resulted in Michael's shooting. In a desperate attempt to escape, Claudia took Carly hostage. The stress of the ordeal started Carly's contractions. Claudia escaped in a car with Carly in the backseat. Fearing that Claudia intended to harm her baby, Carly tried to force the car off of the road.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Claudia helped Carly deliver a healthy baby girl. Carly named her daughter Josslyn John Jacks. Claudia prepared to leave the cabin with Carly's baby, but Michael arrived in time to stop Claudia. Michael struck Claudia with an axe. Claudia was killed instantly. Jason and Sonny decided to cover up Claudia's death. Jason's stalker snapped pictures of Jason burying Claudia's body in the woods. Johnny was desperate to find out what had happened to his sister. Dominic agreed to help Johnny. Carly felt betrayed because Jax had allowed Michael to spend time with Claudia even though he had known how dangerous Claudia was. Jax urged Carly and Sonny to go to the police with the truth about what Michael had done. Jax believed that it was the only way to truly help Michael. Maxie was shaken after she saw Sonny outside of Greystone Manor wearing a bloody shirt. Lulu was injured after she fell into freezing water and then became trapped. Dominic risked his life to save Lulu. Lulu was conflicted about whether or not to warn Sonny that Dominic was an undercover police officer. Luke kept a close eye on Nikolas and Elizabeth. Luke feared that Lucky was headed for disaster if he followed through with his plans to marry Elizabeth.
November 9 to 13, 2009
Jason was worried about Michael's lack of remorse over killing Claudia. Sonny suspected that Michael's reaction was a defense mechanism. Carly feared that Michael would get sucked deeper into Sonny's world if he remained at Greystone Manor. For Josslyn's sake, Carly agreed that Jax could stay in the guest room. Jax was hopeful that he and Carly would eventually work things out. Max and Milo paid Kiefer a visit, in order to persuade Kiefer to show Michael respect. Kiefer blamed Kristina for Max and Milo's behavior. Kristina was shocked when Kiefer viciously backhanded her across the face and then called her a "stupid bitch." Kristina demanded to know why Michael had ordered Max and Milo to intimidate Kiefer. Ethan was forced to break up the ugly confrontation between Kristina and Michael when Michael began screaming at his sister. Kristina resented how Michael was behaving like their father. Elizabeth was determined to move forward with Lucky despite her feelings for Nikolas. Elizabeth accepted an engagement ring from Lucky. Later, Elizabeth and Lucky made love. Luke demanded to know why Nikolas was cuckolding Lucky. Nikolas didn't have an answer for Luke. Anthony vowed to avenge his daughter's death. Sonny asked Luke to arrange a meeting with Joey Limbo. Sonny hoped to neutralize Anthony by brokering a peace treaty with Joey. Olivia discovered that Lulu knew Dante's true identity. Lulu was conflicted about whether or not to let Sonny know that Dominic was an undercover police officer. Lulu didn't think that Sonny would strike out against Dante because he was Olivia's son.
November 16 to 20, 2009
Johnny found a picture of Claudia's dead body in Olivia's apartment. Olivia admitted that Dominic suspected that Johnny had sent the picture. Johnny denied that he had anything to do with the photograph. Lulu was conflicted about whether or not to tell Sonny that Dominic was an undercover police officer. Johnny overheard a revealing conversation between Dante and Lulu. Johnny confronted Olivia about her son, Detective Dante Falconeri. Olivia begged Johnny not to tell Sonny. Jason's stalker was revealed to be Franco, a world-famous artist. Joey Limbo's plan to ambush Sonny and Jason backfired. Franco, dressed as a vagrant, killed Joey following the shootout with Sonny and Jason. Dominic saved Sonny's life. Lucky suspected that there was more to the shootout than met the eye. Elizabeth and Nikolas narrowly avoided being discovered by Lucky. Nikolas ended his relationship with Rebecca. When Nikolas told Rebecca that he was in love with someone else, she assumed he was referring to Emily. Luke urged Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth about her affair with Nikolas. Lucky questioned Maxie about the night of Claudia's disappearance. Maxie insisted that she hadn't seen anything, but Lucky didn't believe her. Patrick's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Niles, arrived in Port Charles.
November 23 to 27, 2009
Jason and Sonny managed to escape Joey's ambush unscathed. A homeless person witnessed the shootout on Front Street; he waved to Jason as Sonny's limousine passed by. Before the police arrived, the vagrant crushed Joey Limbo's windpipe and then posed his body. Later, Jason noticed a similarity between Franco and the street bum who had waved at him. Maxie left the art gallery opening with Franco. Franco took Maxie to his studio, where he seduced her. Maxie felt guilty for sleeping with Franco. Lucky realized that Joey's body was posed in a similar fashion to one of Franco's photographs. Johnny promised Olivia that he would not reveal the truth about Dante to Sonny. Johnny looked forward to seeing Sonny brought down by his own son. Molly, Kristina, Sam, and Robin joined forces to play matchmaker for Alexis and Mac. Milo and Spinelli helped Max and Diane reconcile in time for Thanksgiving. The Quartermaines gathered for their traditional Thanksgiving pizza. Morgan and Michael conspired to spend Thanksgiving at home with Carly, Jax, and Josslyn.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Dante turned over incriminating evidence against Sonny. Dante was furious when Ronnie told him that the prosecutor had declined to arrest Sonny because the evidence had not been sufficient to secure a conviction. Olivia and Sonny kissed. Olivia was more determined than ever to keep her distance from Sonny. Johnny sensed that Olivia wanted to be with Sonny despite her claims that her heart belonged to Johnny. Lucky decided to break off his engagement to Elizabeth because he realized that she wasn't ready to get married. Rebecca refused to give up Nikolas without a fight. Rebecca saw Nikolas and Elizabeth making love. Maxie was horrified when she discovered that Franco had sent a compromising picture of her to Jason. Jason questioned Maxie about Franco, but Maxie didn't even know where Franco's studio had been located. Jax expected Olivia and Dante to keep quiet about what Jax had known regarding Dante's true identity and his undercover assignment. Olivia decided to tell Sonny that Dante was his son. Jax tried to manipulate Dante into stopping Olivia. Alexis and Mac went out on a date; they ended up at Jake's on Karaoke Night. Kiefer was jealous after he witnessed an encounter between Kristina and Ethan. Kristina insisted that Ethan was just a friend. Lucky questioned Carly about the night of Claudia's disappearance. Michael insisted that his mother didn't know anything about Claudia's death. Lucky found it interesting that Michael had referred to Claudia being dead, not missing.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
Steven Webber returned to Port Charles. Elizabeth was delighted when her brother announced that he had accepted their grandfather's old position as chief of staff. Rebecca accidentally stepped into the path of Nikolas' car. Rebecca was injured, but she recovered quickly. Ethan accused Nikolas of deliberately running down Rebecca. Rebecca set her sights on Lucky; she believed that he deserved someone better than Elizabeth. Jax had the proof he needed to send Sonny to jail, but he decided to destroy it. Jax insisted that his marriage was more important than his vendetta against Sonny. Coleman called Jason when Michael showed up at Jake's looking for trouble. Carly realized that Michael was spinning out of control. Sonny suggested that Michael should move into Greystone Manor. Carly refused to allow Michael to live with Sonny. Spinelli overheard a revealing conversation between Maxie and Sam about Franco. Spinelli was crushed when he realized that Maxie had slept with Franco. Jason and Franco met face-to-face. Franco revealed that he knew that Michael had killed Claudia. Lucky discovered that Dante was an undercover police officer. Lucky and Dante teamed up to dig into Franco's past.
December 14 to 18, 2009
Robin helped Lisa deal with the death of Lisa's patient during surgery. Sonny tried to seduce Olivia, but she resisted his charms. Dante turned to his mother for advice when he realized that Michael might have information about Claudia. Dante was uncomfortable pitting Michael against Sonny. Olivia agreed that a son wouldn't want to be the cause of his father's downfall. Rebecca was determined to follow through on her plan to seduce Lucky away from Elizabeth. The guilt of Elizabeth's affair with Nikolas took its toll on Elizabeth. Steve warned Nikolas to stay away from Elizabeth. Nikolas insisted that he was in love with Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas talked about their special bond with Emily. Rebecca was moved to tears when she realized how close the four friends had been. Franco continued to play games with Jason. Jason and Sam discovered that Claudia's grave was empty. Jason realized that Franco had taken Claudia's body. Ronnie met up with Franco, an old acquaintance. Ronnie warned Franco that the police considered Franco a prime suspect in a murder. Franco cautioned Ronnie to watch his back. Ronnie was injured in a hit-and-run accident. Franco arranged to bump into Carly and Josslyn at a tree lot. Jason enlisted Dominic's help to track down Franco. Maxie was shocked when Spinelli revealed that he had known about her sexual encounter with Franco. Maxie decided that the only way to salvage her relationship with Spinelli was for Spinelli to sleep with another woman.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Franco proved to be an intimidating adversary. Jason was shaken when Franco left Josslyn's hat as a warning to Jason. Ronnie tried to caution Jason that Franco intended to make Jason choose between his loved ones. Jason told Sam that he loved her; Sam returned Jason's feelings. Sonny invited Olivia and Dominic to join him for dinner. It was not lost on Olivia that it was their first family dinner. Rebecca decided to move to Paris. On the plane, Rebecca met a man named Aaron who bore an uncanny resemblance to Zander Smith. Nikolas realized that he and Elizabeth were never meant to be. Nikolas was filled with regret for causing chaos to Elizabeth's life. Lisa discovered that Robin was HIV positive. Lisa was upset because Patrick had not told her about Robin's condition. Patrick reminded Lisa that his wife's illness was none of Lisa's business. Mac celebrated Christmas with Alexis and her family. Lucky reached out to Luke. Luke decided to join his children for Christmas. Laura was with her family in spirit. Spinelli and Maxie tried to put Maxie's betrayal with Franco behind them. Mac reminded Spinelli that Christmas was a difficult time for Maxie because it marked the anniversary of Georgie's murder. Carly's efforts to find her Christmas gift led to minor injuries when Carly fell off of the roof of the house.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Johnny received a picture of Claudia's grave. Johnny confronted Jason with the picture. Jason told Johnny about the events leading to Claudia's death. Franco targeted Sam. Jason grew concerned when he discovered that Sam's door was unlocked and Sam was nowhere to be found. Olivia became jealous when she saw Sonny flirting with Lisa at Pozzulo's. Kristina and Molly continued to play matchmaker between Alexis and Mac. Alexis and Mac found themselves stranded on the side of the road on New Year's Eve. Mac and Alexis rang in the New Year with a dance under the stars. Elizabeth surprised Lucky with a date at Jake's. Lucky was touched when Elizabeth presented him with his old guitar. Lucky serenaded Elizabeth with his rendition of "My Girl." Dante and Lulu went on their first date. Dante took Lulu to the opera. Lulu admitted that it had been the best date that she had ever been on. Maxie continued to demand that Spinelli cheat on her, so that they could move past her transgression with Franco. A police officer pulled Michael over for drinking and driving. Lucky intervened on Michael's behalf. Carly and Sonny were grateful that Lucky didn't arrest Michael. Robin and Patrick celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Matt warned Robin that Lisa had strong feelings for Patrick. Kiefer was furious when Kristina rebuffed his advances.
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