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January 1 to 5, 2018
Cassandra confronted Finn about planting the bug in her phone. Cassandra blew a dose of her addictive opioid in powder form into Finn's face with the intention of abducting him and getting him hooked on the drug. Anna managed to reach Finn in time to save him from Cassandra's diabolical intentions. Cassandra was found in an alley after she'd been injected with an overdose of her powerful opioid. The WSB took a comatose Cassandra into custody. Ned quit his job at ELQ when he and Michael disagreed about the future of the Charles Street district. Olivia suggested that Ned run for mayor. Curtis and Alexis advised T.J. and Molly to document their landlord's illegal treatment of the building's tenants. Julian assured Alexis that he would keep an eye on Molly. Sam pulled away from the New Year's kiss she shared with Jason. Nelle found a kindred spirit in Ava. Ava was elated when Griffin revealed that he'd tweaked Dr. Klein's formula and had consulted a plastic surgeon about completing Ava's treatment. Spinelli helped Jason and Sonny figure out that the manuscript that had spooked Cesar Faison had been written by Faison's son. Liesl confessed that Faison was Nathan's father when a DNA test confirmed that Nathan was not a Cassadine.
January 8 to 12, 2018
Finn and Anna were relieved when Jordan revealed that Cassandra's henchman had confessed to injecting Cassandra with the syringe. Kim and Julian struck up a friendship. Oscar asked Josslyn to a school dance. Carly was shocked when a box of condoms fell out of Josslyn's backpack. Curtis tracked down Drew's high school yearbook. Drew and Oscar spent time bonding in the gym. Jason and Sam signed divorce papers. Sam assured Jason that she would not keep him from Danny. Liesl reluctantly confessed that Cesar Faison was Nathan's father when a DNA test confirmed that Nathan was not a Cassadine. Maxie wanted to keep the truth about Nathan's paternity a secret because she feared that Faison would pose a danger to her unborn child, but Nathan agreed to help Lulu lure Faison out of hiding by agreeing to an interview. Peter August was surprised when he learned that Faison had a secret son. Jason and Sonny figured out that Faison had another son besides Nathan, so they enlisted Spinelli's help to set a trap for Faison. Michael assured his mother that he was wise to Nelle's ways, and his only concern was for his child. Ava apologized to Kiki for jumping to the wrong conclusion about Kiki and Griffin's friendship.
January 15 to 19, 2018
Laura withdrew from the mayoral race when she received word that Spencer had been injured in a skiing accident. Valentin expressed an interest in taking Laura's position on the hospital's board. Ned asked Alexis to join his campaign, but she turned him down because she didn't agree with his vision for the Charles Street district. Franco was unsettled when he ran into Jim Harvey, Betsy's ex-boyfriend. Jim was surprised when Franco revealed that Drew was in Port Charles. Jason and Sonny contacted the new P.K. Sinclair by email in the hopes of using Cesar Faison's son to lure Faison out of hiding. Drew and Sam decided to get married in the penthouse by the end of the day. Liesl got drunk and ended up at Anna's house to talk about Faison. Liesl explained that she'd hidden Nathan from Faison because of the way Faison had treated his other son, Heinrich. Faison knocked Liesl out as she left Anna's home. Anna suggested that she and Sonny work together to deal with Faison. Julian warned Sonny that Jim Harvey was trouble. Michael received the results of the paternity test, which confirmed that he was the father of Nelle's baby. Ava had a troubling dream.
January 22 to 26, 2018
Kiki was accepted into medical school. Franco agreed to be a part of Kevin's study, "The Pathology of a Psychopath." Lucas announced that he and Brad had decided to adopt a baby. Spinelli implored Jason to stop Sam from marrying Drew, but Jason refused because it was Sam's choice. Sam and Drew were married. Cesar Faison stepped out of the shadows and kidnapped both Liesl and Lulu then locked them in the tack room at Wyndemere's stables with a canister of deadly gas. Faison was not pleased when he encountered Finn at Anna's house. Anna alerted the police before she confronted Faison. Faison fled Anna's home and made his way to Crimson, where he took Peter and Maxie hostage. Peter took advantage of an opportunity to save Maxie, but Faison remained a step ahead and shot Peter. Nathan raced to Crimson when he was unable to reach Maxie by phone. Faison fired his gun when he saw Nathan step off the elevator, but his satisfaction turned to horror when Maxie cried out her husband's name as Nathan collapsed. Jason shot Faison as Faison tried to escape Metro Court with Carly as a hostage. Peter went to the park, where Anna was waiting for Henrik Faison.
January 29 to February 2, 2018
Maxie was elated when Nathan woke up after surgery, but her joy turned to sorrow when he succumbed to the gunshot wound shortly after he felt their baby kick for the first time. Faison revealed why he had kidnapped both Jason and Drew. Peter slipped into Faison's hospital room and confronted his father. Peter/Henrik was pleased when Faison went into cardiac arrest and died. Anna checked on Faison in the morgue to make certain that he was truly dead then revealed that she'd been keeping a secret -- Anna had given birth to Faison's child. Finn admitted that he had feelings for Anna, but Anna insisted that a relationship was impossible because her enemies were a danger to him. Scott agreed to be Franco's best man. Franco told Kevin about his first homicidal impulse as a child. Nelle scored points with Josslyn by providing Josslyn with a designer dress for the school dance. Carly learned that Nelle had spent a year in a psychiatric hospital, and she used the information to push Nelle's buttons. Ava offered Nelle some advice about Carly. Sonny paid Mike a visit when he learned that his father was gambling again.
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February 5 to 9, 2018
Robin and Spinelli returned to Port Charles for Nathan's funeral. Maxie felt her sister's presence. Peter told Lulu about his childhood without revealing that he was Faison's son. According to Peter, his mother had abandoned him as an infant, and his father had sent him off to boarding school at the first opportunity. Valentin revealed that he knew that Anna had given birth to Faison's child, but he claimed that the child had been a girl and that the midwife had given Anna's daughter to a loving family. Later, Valentin contacted Peter to advise Peter not to leave town. Jason settled into a new place just in time for Danny to spend the night with his father. Jim Harvey was surprised to meet Drew because he'd known "Andy" when Drew had lived with Betsy and Franco. A man attempted to mug Stella, but she fought back. Jordan and Curtis suspected that Stella had been targeted because she had been opposed to the redevelopment project. Alexis bristled with jealousy when Julian and Kim showed up at the Floating Rib for dinner. Nelle hatched a plan to deal with Carly.
February 12 to 16, 2018
Lulu was shaken when Maxie lashed out at her following Nathan's funeral. Maxie blamed Lulu for Nathan's death, and she resented Lulu for not trying to apologize. Mike went to order flowers for Rita, but he ended up at Kelly's, working behind the counter. Concerned by Mike's erratic behavior, Sonny took Mike to see a doctor. Ava's plans to tell Griffin that she loved him during their romantic Valentine's Day date fell apart when Kiki got drunk, and Griffin was called to nurse her. Nelle took the first steps to eliminate Carly as a threat by trying to rattle Carly with a mysterious phone call. Next, Nelle tearfully manipulated Monica by claiming that Carly's hostility had been causing undue stress on Nelle and the baby. Anna paid Andre a visit in jail and told him about the baby that she'd had with Faison. Anna confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about finding her child. Anna, Drew, and Jason were called to Diane's office for the reading of Faison's last will and testament. Faison offered Drew and Jason what each wanted most -- but at an extraordinary cost.
February 19 to 20, 2018
A damaging story about Alexis and Julian cost Alexis the mayoral election. Alexis found comfort in Finn's arms for the night, but they both agreed that they were better off as friends. Andre was released from jail, and his record was expunged in exchange for helping the WSB with their newly revived memory mapping program. Andre was certain that Anna was responsible for his good fortune, but she denied it. Dante met Nathan's replacement, Harrison Chase. Sonny and Mike were devastated when Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. After wandering into Ava's gallery, Mike became agitated and knocked over an expensive piece of art when Ava explained that it was no longer Luke Spencer's bar. Chase arrested Mike. Ava told Griffin that she was in love with him. Franco was shaken when he recalled locking Drew in a toy chest during a game of hide-and-seek when they were children. Carly turned to Jason and Dante for help when she received a series of strange phone calls. Dante traced the calls to a phone booth at Angel's Bluff -- where Morgan had died. Nelle was encouraged that she'd made headway with Michael when Monica included her in a family gathering. Maxie was touched when Nina volunteered to be Maxie's birthing coach.
February 26 to March 2, 2018
After learning that Faison had suffered from Huntington's disease, Anna decided to find the child that she had given up at birth. Anna was touched when Andre offered to help her with the search. Peter was shaken by his father's diagnosis and sought out Valentin. Valentin urged Peter to get tested. Curtis found a set of plans in Jim Harvey's office that raised questions about Jim's true intentions. Jordan was forced to arrest Curtis when Jim pressed charges for the theft of a set of plans from the office. Franco recalled that Jim had been present when Franco had pushed Drew down the stairs. Franco confronted Jim about what had happened that fateful night, but he didn't believe Jim's version of events. Elizabeth called off the wedding when Franco failed to show up at the church. Carly discovered that Nelle had stolen the designer dress that Josslyn had worn to the dance. Nelle paid a homeless man for helping with her campaign against Carly. Jason was honored when Michael asked him to take care of his unborn child if anything should happen to Michael and Nelle. Ava agreed to drop the charges against Mike in exchange for an overnight visit with Avery. An earthquake rocked Port Charles.
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MARCH 2018
March 5 to 9, 2018
An earthquake rocked Port Charles. Several were injured, but there were no fatalities. Peter persuaded Maxie to take a test to find out if her baby had inherited the gene for Huntington's disease. Nina asked Kim if there had been any medical breakthroughs that might help Nina have a baby. Anna and Andre tracked down the daughter of the midwife who had delivered Anna's baby, and they were shocked to learn that Anna had given birth to a baby boy rather than a girl, as Valentin had claimed. Sonny and Carly asked Mike to stay with them, but Mike balked at losing his independence and becoming a burden. Elizabeth was certain that Franco had had a good reason for not showing up at the church, but Franco was reluctant to tell her about his encounter with Jim. Jim shared Franco's secret with Drew. Sam tearfully confessed to Jason that she still loved him and prayed each day that she would get a glimpse of him. Sam reunited with Drew at the hospital and told him that they needed to talk. Elizabeth overheard a revealing conversation between Sam and Jason. Nelle lost her home in the earthquake, prompting Monica to insist that Nelle stay at the Quartermaine mansion.
March 12 to 16, 2018
Detective Chase was revealed to be Finn's younger brother. Peter shared a carefully edited version of his medical history with Griffin then asked to be tested for Huntington's disease. Griffin realized that Peter was Henrik when Anna confided to Griffin about her search for her child with Faison. Maxie was elated to learn that her baby hadn't inherited Huntington's disease. Nelle stepped up her plan to torment Carly by ordering a replica of Morgan's scarf and making it appear as if it had been in the car explosion. Stella helped Mike and his family make plans for Mike's future care. Elizabeth put distance between her and Franco when she learned that he'd been keeping secrets from her. Drew and Franco decided to work together to uncover the truth about their past, but Jim arranged for his thugs to neutralize Drew and Franco then toss them into the locked basement of a building scheduled for demolition. Sam wanted to be honest with Drew about her feelings for Jason, but Drew vanished. Sam and Elizabeth joined forces to track down Drew and Franco. Jordan and Curtis shared their theory with Ned that Jim had been illegally drilling for natural gas, which had triggered the quake.
March 19 to 23, 2018
Spinelli proposed posing as Henrik to gain access to Faison's safe deposit box. Michael's date turned him down for a second date because of his living arrangement with Nelle, so Michael decided to stay at Metro Court until he could find a place of his own. Nelle stepped up her campaign to gaslight Carly. Carly was rattled when she found a torn and bloody scarf that looked like the one she had given to Morgan. Carly intended to show Jason and Spinelli the scarf, but it vanished out of her office. Alexis lied to Julian by claiming that she and Finn were getting serious. Julian and Kim shared a passionate kiss. Ava invited Griffin to stay with her when he revealed that his apartment had been damaged in the quake. Ned considered stepping down as mayor because he had supported Jim Harvey's project, which had led to the quake that destroyed the Charles Street district. Jim ordered his men to kill Drew and Franco by filling the basement they were locked in with cement. Drew and Franco managed to escape. Jordan and Curtis found Betsy imprisoned in Jim's home. Drew was devastated when Sam confessed that she loved Jason. Sam was crushed when Drew took off his wedding ring and walked out.
March 26 to 30, 2018
Griffin received the results of the paternity test, which confirmed that Peter August was Cesar Faison's son. Maxie spent time with Georgie. Bobbie had a heart-to-heart talk with Maxie about grief and moving on. Kiki's worst fears were realized when Dr. Bensch made an unwanted advance by kissing her. Julian and Kim made love. Kevin evaluated Betsy then admitted her to the hospital for treatment. Franco realized that he needed to make peace with the past if he hoped to have a future with Elizabeth. Drew walked out on Sam when she confessed that she was still in love with Jason. Drew got drunk on the docks, confronted Jason, and instigated a fight with his twin. Sam bailed Drew out of jail, but she decided it would be best if she took the kids away and sorted things out. Drew leaned on Oscar for support. Sonny arranged for Mike to stroll down memory lane by transforming Metro Court Restaurant into Luke's for one night. Sonny and Kevin hoped that immersion therapy would help Mike hold onto his memories awhile longer. Residents gathered to share their special memories of living in Port Charles over the years.
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APRIL 2018
April 2 to 6, 2018
Peter persuaded Griffin to keep quiet about the paternity test that confirmed that Peter was Faison's son. Nina asked Curtis to dig into Peter's past because she became concerned about Maxie's growing friendship with Peter. Sonny grew uneasy when Mike recounted something from Sonny's past that Mike couldn't have known about. Jason admitted that he would be okay with whatever Sam decided -- as long as she didn't go back to Drew. Oscar confided to Josslyn that he hoped his parents rekindled their romance. Nelle took steps to "haunt" Carly. Kevin put Franco under hypnosis in the hope of uncovering what Franco was suppressing, but Franco became too agitated as he talked about protecting Andy from Jim. Jim slipped into the hospital and posed as a doctor to get to Betsy, but his plan went awry when he found Drew with her. Jim fled, but he encountered Elizabeth and Jake in the parking garage. Franco foiled Jim's attempt to kidnap Elizabeth and Jake, but both men vanished before Elizabeth could return with help. Betsy shared her secrets with Drew. Kiki confronted David about his unwanted advances. David apologized and claimed that he had misread Kiki's signals, but he later made a point of saving her voicemail message asking him to meet her.
April 9 to 13, 2018
Griffin was plagued with nightmares as he wrestled with his conscience about keeping Peter's secret. Ava succumbed to temptation and looked at Peter's paternity test results that Griffin had tucked away in his briefcase. Nelle's attempt to "haunt" Carly prompted Carly to talk to Griffin about the strange occurrences. Nelle was not pleased when she saw Maxie and Michael spending time together before a childbirth class. Franco took Jim to the studio and confronted Jim about sexually abusing him as a child. Jim managed to turn the tables on Franco and attempted to kill him, but Drew arrived in time to shoot Jim. Drew was cleared of any wrongdoing when Jim died. Franco told Elizabeth about the abuse then confessed that he needed time to sort things out before he felt comfortable moving in with her and the boys. Franco turned to Kevin for help. Jason, Anna, and Emma flew to Switzerland to follow up on a lead about Henrik. Anna had an unexpected visitor at the hotel -- Robert Scorpio. Jason ran into Sam in Switzerland. Valentin was not pleased that Lulu was working on a story about Henrik, but Peter assured Valentin that everything was under control because Peter would be able to misdirect Lulu if she got too close. Curtis dug into Peter's background and discovered that Peter didn't have an address prior to arriving in Port Charles. Mike disappeared from the park with Avery.
April 16 to 20, 2018
Robert Scorpio checked in on Anna and Emma in Switzerland then insisted on joining Anna's investigation. Robert sensed that Anna had ulterior motives for wanting to find Henrik. Peter manipulated Lulu by sending her an email from Henrik. Lulu promised to let Dante know if her investigation turned dangerous. Sam sent Alexis back to Port Charles with the children then joined Jason and Spinelli on their mission. Sam, Jason, and Spinelli took a Swiss bank hostage and found a photograph of Henrik. Franco was tempted to confront Betsy about allowing Jim into their lives, but he changed his mind when he realized how frail she was. Ava was devastated when she learned that Mike had vanished from the park with Avery. Dante found Mike and Avery in a horse stable the following morning. Ava refused to let Avery go home with Sonny because Mike remained a danger to Avery. Nelle took steps to make Carly believe that Morgan had been at his gravesite. Sonny was upset that Carly hadn't been at the park with Mike and Avery because she'd been chasing after a ghost. Sonny asked Carly to make an appointment with Kevin because she'd had a breakdown in the past.
April 23 to 27, 2018
Jordan had a health scare, prompting Curtis to propose marriage. Ava decided to press charges against Mike for kidnapping. Ava hoped to use Mike's legal situation as leverage to gain full custody of her daughter. Carly's frustration mounted when Kevin attributed the recent troubling incidents to stress. Finn and Alexis agreed to keep their affair simple and without strings. Robert realized that Anna was looking for Henrik because Henrik was her son. Valentin and Peter worked together to thwart Nina and Lulu's attempts to find Henrik. Robert questioned Valentin about the conundrum box bearing the Cassadine crest that was found in Faison's possession. Robert deduced that Valentin had been the one who had handed Henrik over to Faison. Drew was hurt when he learned that Sam had stayed behind in Switzerland with Jason. Sam's adventure with Jason and Spinelli made her realize that she missed working as a private investigator. Sam returned a box of Nathan's personal possessions to Maxie that Sam had pulled from the donation pile. Maxie was concerned when she saw Lulu had a broken foot. David made things difficult for Kiki when she shadowed him during rounds.
April 30 to May 4, 2018
Anna told Jason that she wanted to "pose" as Henrik's mother to lure Henrik out of hiding. Valentin made arrangements to draw Robert Scorpio out of town. Nina found the scrapbook filled with memorabilia of Nathan that Peter had hidden. Peter claimed that it was supposed to be a surprise for Nina and Maxie. Maxie was not pleased when she learned that Henrik had set up an organization in Nathan's name to benefit the families of fallen police officers. Maxie was touched when Chet Driscoll talked about the profound impact that Nathan had had on Chet's life and sobriety. Drew and Sam agreed to end their marriage. Ava was pleased when she persuaded Sonny to agree to joint custody of Avery, but Griffin objected to Ava's methods because she had bargained with Mike's freedom. Carly was stunned when Nelle followed through with her offer to grant Sonny and Carly legal guardianship of the baby if anything should happen to Nelle and Michael. Carly warned Sonny that Nelle was working an angle that they hadn't figured out yet. Chase attempted to reconcile with his brother, but Finn wanted no part of it because it meant inviting their father back into his life. Franco reached out to one of Jim Harvey's victims. Lulu lied to Dante.
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MAY 2018
May 7 to 11, 2018
In an email, Anna reached out to her son with an offer to explain why she had given him up and a warning for Henrik not to trust Valentin. Curtis informed Sam that Nina had dropped the investigation into Peter August, but Sam continued to have questions about her mysterious COO. Nelle forced Ava to go along with a plan to drive Carly over the edge during Nelle's baby shower. Carly realized that Nelle had been gaslighting her, which led to a bitter argument. Tragedy struck when Nelle took a tumble down the Quartermaine staircase. Jason spent time with Jake on Jake's birthday. Sonny confided to Jason that construction had been planned at the site where Sonny had once stashed a body. Jason and Sonny decided to move the body, but they quickly discovered the body had vanished. Residents of the Charles Street district enlisted Alexis to file a lawsuit against the city on their behalf. Julian advised Kim to take a step back from Drew and Oscar's relationship. Oscar admitted that he wanted Drew to find a way to recover his memories. Franco met with one of Jim's victims.
May 14 to 18, 2018
The 2018 Nurses Ball kicked off with performances from the nurses, Chase, Eddie Maine, and others. Robin and Emma arrived for a visit and to attend the gala. Drew turned to Andre for help retrieving his memories, but Andre warned Drew that it was too dangerous and that there were no guarantees. Carly was arrested when Nelle falsely accused Carly of deliberately pushing Nelle down the stairs. Ava retrieved the blanket that Nelle had taunted Carly with. Ava held onto the incriminating blanket to protect herself from Nelle's machinations. Jason warned Michael that Nelle had been gaslighting Carly. Jordan happily accepted Curtis' proposal of marriage. Valentin tried to whisk Nina and Charlotte out of town because he was desperate to keep his secrets buried, but Nina refused to leave until after the ball. Sam found Cesar Faison's lighter in Peter's office then shared her discovery with Jason. Jason and Sam deduced that Peter was Henrik. Alexis was hurt when she overheard Finn make a heartfelt declaration to Anna. Anna arranged to meet Henrik on Pier 55. Peter was stunned when Maxie went into labor while he was driving her home. Robert made a surprise appearance.
May 21 to 25, 2018
As the 2018 Nurses Ball drew to a close, Maxie went into premature labor and, with Peter's help, gave birth to a baby boy on the side of the road. Maxie named her son James Malcom West to honor Nathan and Mac. Anna was shocked when Peter confronted her on Pier 55 with a gun and revealed that he was Henrik Faison. Jason arrived in time to stop Peter from shooting Anna, but, to keep Jason from killing him, Anna was forced to explain that she was Henrik's mother. Anna tracked down Valentin and demanded to know why he'd given her infant son to Faison to raise. Nina left Valentin when she learned about Valentin's connection to Henrik. Robert arrested Peter, but Peter offered to cut a deal. Ava jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw Griffin comfort Kiki after a tense encounter with Dr. Bensch. After Ava broke things off with Griffin, Griffin and Kiki drowned their sorrows in a bottle of Champagne then ended up in bed together. Kiki begged Griffin not to tell Ava about their drunken encounter. Alexis shared a passionate kiss with Julian, but she realized that it was a mistake and called her sponsor. Carly denied that she had pushed Nelle, but Diane warned Carly that it would be an uphill battle to prove, so she advised Carly to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
May 28 to June 1, 2018
An outraged Liesl vowed vengeance when she learned that Peter was Henrik Faison. Peter tried to strike a deal with Drew by offering Drew the flash drive with Drew's memories in exchange for Drew's help with escaping from jail. Drew turned down Peter's offer, but he moved forward with his plans to work with Andre to erase Jason's memories. Valentin apologized to Peter then helped his protégé escape. A mystery person drugged and kidnapped Peter. Anna called Robin to tell her about Peter. Valentin asked Alexis to help him set his assets up in a trust for Charlotte. Carly reluctantly pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for pushing Nelle, so the judge sent Carly to Pentonville, pending trial. Nelle was delighted that Michael agreed to move back into the Quartermaine mansion to be closer to her and the baby. Bensch offered to give Kiki a glowing evaluation if she agreed to meet him in his hotel room. Kiki confided to Elizabeth about Bensch's sexual harassment. Elizabeth's support helped Kiki muster the courage to report Bensch. Bensch took proactive steps to discredit Kiki by warning Ava that Kiki had been acting out of character in recent weeks. Franco expressed an interest in meeting Elizabeth's father.
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JUNE 2018
June 4 to 8, 2018
Michael was determined to prove that Nelle had set Carly up. Nelle paid Carly a visit at Pentonville to gloat and push Carly's buttons. In court, Nelle continued to paint herself as the innocent victim. Carly's fate rested on Jason's testimony. Alexis decided to represent Kiki when Kiki confided about Dr. Bensch's sexual harassment. Kiki was stunned when Bensch was cleared of wrongdoing because he had managed to convince everyone that it had been a misunderstanding. Alexis turned down Valentin's offer to learn more about their father, but she couldn't shake her interest in the past. Finn was stunned when he ran into his father during a trip to Berekley. Anna told Robin about Peter, and Robin was deeply hurt that her mother had kept the secret. Finn comforted a heartbroken Anna while she managed to get him to open up about his past. Franco pressured Elizabeth to invite her family to their wedding, but she would only agree to think about it. Franco reached out to Audrey for help contacting Sarah. Kim agreed to give Julian a second chance. Drew decided not to go through with the procedure to have Jason's memories removed. Jordan told Curtis there were rumblings that she might be asked to step down as police commissioner, so she asked him to help her find Peter. Nina was stunned when she realized that Liesl had kidnapped Peter. Liesl promised Nina that she would release Peter once he gave her a full -- and voluntary -- confession of all his crimes.
June 11 to 15, 2018
Elizabeth was stunned when Sarah called to congratulate her. Franco confronted Bensch about sexually harassing Kiki. Bensch warned Kiki to back off, but she refused to be intimidated. Peter sliced his hand while trying to escape then Liesl foiled his plans. Peter appealed to Nina for help when his hand became infected, so she sent Liesl to get medicine to treat the injury. Kim and Julian became concerned when they encountered Liesl in the woods and heard a man screaming for help in the distance. Peter was horrified when he woke up in the cabin and saw a rattlesnake in his bed. Nina asked Valentin for a divorce. Valentin gave Alexis two precious keepsakes that had once belonged to Alexis' mother. Anna and Finn made love. Later, Finn helped Anna celebrate her son's birthday. Mike made a surprising confession to Sonny about the past. Carly was sent to Ferncliff for treatment. Jason assumed a false identity then applied for a job as a janitor at Ferncliff. Carly realized that she was in trouble when the sanitarium's head nurse gave Carly a set of rules to follow then heavily drugged her. Kevin was assigned to Carly's case. Nelle was taken aback when she bumped into an old flame -- Chase.
June 18 to 22, 2018
The flash drive with Drew's memory mapping was revealed to be in a lost and found box at Metro Court Restaurant. Valentin surprised Nina with a romantic gesture, but she told him that nothing would ever make her love him again because she couldn't trust him. Peter appealed to Nina for help when he realized that Liesl intended to kill him, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Julian and Kim had a romantic getaway in the woods. At Alexis' request, Julian attended a therapy session with her. Bensch hoped to hire Alexis, but she informed him that she already represented Kiki. Francesca revealed that she had been one of Bensch's victims. Kevin warned Jason to stop working undercover at Ferncliff because it would endanger Carly, but Carly admitted that she didn't think she could make it without Jason. Sonny wanted to know where Mike had moved the body that Sonny had buried in Croton, but Mike couldn't recall. Chase and Nelle had different recollections about their past together. Nelle accused Chase of following her to Port Charles because he was a stalker, but Michael found proof that Nelle had set Chase up. Lucas worried that their baby's birth mother would change her mind, but Brad promised that nothing would stop them from becoming parents. Margaux Dawson walked in while Curtis and Sam were searching her room.
June 25 to 29, 2018
Mary Pat fired Jason when she learned that he was working undercover. Kevin explained to Carly that Jason's presence had jeopardized both Carly and Kevin. Before he was escorted out, Jason managed to slip Carly a burner phone to use for an emergency. Carly realized that the patient in the room next to hers was trying to communicate through Morse Code. Jason received a little help from Sam and Spinelli to uncover proof that Nelle had gaslighted Carly. D.A. Dawson was not pleased that Jordan had enlisted Curtis and Sam to assist with a police investigation. Curtis and Sam decided to shift their focus to looking at anyone who might have wanted revenge against Peter. Anna made plans to return to Berkeley to work things out with Robin, but Valentin arranged for a henchman posing as a driver to pick Anna up for the ride to the airport. Nelle was shocked when Michael proposed marriage to her, but she happily accepted. Francesca agreed to tell her story about how Bensch had used his position to coerce her into having sex. Franco and Ava asked Scott to take Bensch's case to make certain that Bensch did not prevail in court. Lulu was shocked when Dante revealed that he'd taken a temporary undercover assignment with the WSB. Franco asked Drew to be his best man. Elizabeth's childhood crush paid her a surprise visit.
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JULY 2018
July 2 to 6, 2018
Carly found an app on her phone that helped her communicate with the patient in the room next to hers. Nelle paid Carly a visit to let Carly know that Michael had proposed marriage, but Carly refused to be baited. Sonny was surprised when Milo shared that Milo's mother had suffered from Alzheimer's. Chase told Jordan about his connection to Nelle and his certainty that Nelle had killed Zach Grant. Chase and Jordan enlisted Michael's help to take Nelle down by faking his death. Sam tried to return her wedding rings to Drew, but he asked her to keep them for Scout. Franco's insecurities about Elizabeth's first kiss faded when he met Terry and realized that Terry had transitioned to a woman. Franco opened up to Scott about Jim Harvey sexually abusing him as a child. Scott overheard Kiki and Griffin talk about their one-night stand. Julian confided to Ava that he intended to expand Charlie's Pub. Mike revealed that he had enlisted Charlie's help decades earlier to hide the body from Croton under the pub's foundation. Nina warned Liesl that it was time to release Peter, but Liesl refused. Peter's luck turned when he received a helping hand from a young boy who had returned to the cabin to collect his bugle. Maxie and Lulu made strides in repairing their friendship, thanks to a visit from Colonel Harland Sanders.
July 9 to 13, 2018
After Michael persuaded Nelle to sign a prenuptial agreement, he called Chase to let him know that they were ready for the next phase of their plan. Chase confessed to Nelle that he still loved her and wanted to run away with her and the baby. Nelle turned Chase down, but he was confident that he had her right where he wanted her. Carly sneaked a call to Michael to implore him not to marry Nelle, but he promised her that everything would be okay. Bobbie wore black to Michael's wedding. Josslyn witnessed a passionate kiss between Chase and Nelle, but Nelle managed to play it off as an unwanted advance. Carly escaped from Ferncliff to stop Michael and Nelle's wedding. Maxie took baby James home from the hospital. Wyatt told Franco about the man in the cabin, but Franco suspected that Wyatt had spun another story. Finn believed Wyatt's claims and decided to check out the cabin. Nina and Liesl moved Peter to the stables on Spoon Island before Finn and Franco arrived at the cabin. Finn made several attempts to contact Anna, but she didn't reply to his text messages or return his calls. Valentin became suspicious when Nina informed him that the Department of Environmental Conservation had quarantined Spoon Island because of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus. Stella called someone from Curtis' past and suggested that Chandra visit Curtis.
July 16 to 20, 2018
After Carly was taken back to Ferncliff, Michael and Nelle were married. Nelle overheard Michael tell Jason that he planned to cut her out of the will and file for divorce once the baby was born. Mary Pat took delight in revealing that Kevin was on vacation then she injected Carly with a powerful drug. Diane showed up at Ferncliff and demanded to see her client. Diane was horrified to find that Carly had been heavily sedated, secured in a straitjacket, and confined to a padded cell. Jason assured Sonny that he wouldn't have a problem killing Julian if Sonny decided it was necessary to keep anyone from discovering the body buried under the pub's foundation. On the docks, Franco confronted Liesl with his suspicions that she had abducted Peter, but Liesl managed to knock Franco out and flee. Sensing that time was running out, Nina raced to Spoon Island to free Peter, but Liesl thwarted Nina's efforts by throwing a Molotov cocktail and starting a fire in the barn. Liesl fled the raging inferno, leaving Nina and Peter trapped in the barn. Valentin raced to Nina's rescue, but he left Peter to die. Curtis and Finn intercepted Liesl on the pier.
July 23 to 27, 2018
Brad was overjoyed to meet his newborn son, Wiley Cooper-Jones. Kevin warned Jason about Dr. Lasiris' controversial treatments, prompting Jason to seek Franco's help sneaking into Ferncliff. A heavily sedated Carly saw a patient who bore an uncanny resemblance to Kevin Collins. Carly was horrified when she realized that Dr. Lasiris intended to give her electroconvulsive therapy. Nelle told Chase that she could be with him -- if he killed Michael. Michael's attempt to force a full confession from Nelle took a frightening turn. Finn saved Peter from the fire in Wyndemere's stables. Nina avoided criminal charges when Peter claimed that Liesl had acted alone. Liesl was arrested for Peter's abduction and sent to Pentonville to await trial. Robert arrived to take Peter into custody, but Finn refused to sign off on Peter's release. Robert was surprised when he called Robin and was informed that Anna hadn't been in Berkeley. Finn received a text message from Anna asking him to join her in California. Margaux found the flash drive with Drew's memory mapping. Cameron gave Oscar some tips for getting through to Josslyn.
July 30 to August 3, 2018
Brad's joy turned to heartbreak when he discovered that his newborn son had suddenly stopped breathing. After Brad failed to revive Wiley, he put the dead infant in a basket and drove to the hospital. Nelle found Brad parked on the side of the road and noticed that something was wrong. Brad told her about Wiley's passing, so Nelle suggested they switch babies because she didn't want Michael to get his hands on baby Jonah. Brad agreed and took Nelle's son home to Lucas. Michael was shocked when Nelle claimed that Jonah had been stillborn. Nelle tried to blame Jonah's death on the accident, but Kim assured Michael that the baby hadn't sustained any injuries. Michael informed Nelle that their marriage hadn't been legal. Josslyn foiled Nelle's escape. Jason rescued Carly from Ferncliff and whisked her to a safehouse. Robert and Finn teamed up to find Anna. Robert suspected that Anna's abductors would take Finn, so he injected Finn with a tracking device. Peter revealed that he had vital information to trade. Lulu offered Chase a friendly ear and some advice. Stella let Curtis know that she remained opposed to Curtis' decision to marry Jordan.
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August 6 to 10, 2018
Brad kept the secret that he and Nelle had switched babies. At Ava's request, Julian put Nelle's blanket in Jonah's nursery. Michael found the blanket and immediately took it to the police station. Jordan advised Nelle to contact a lawyer because the evidence against Nelle was solid. Scott confided to Franco that Kiki and Griffin had slept together. Franco tried to warn Alexis about the secret tryst, but he accidently sent the text message to Ava just as Griffin took the witness stand. Ava gave both Griffin and Kiki an opportunity to admit the truth, but neither spoke up. Diane arranged to have Carly's sentence vacated. Carly urged Sonny to discuss arrangements for Mike's future while Mike was still able to make decisions. Jordan realized that Stella was responsible for Curtis' ex reaching out to him. Cam and Josslyn were shocked when Chase confronted them with evidence that they had stolen a set of expensive earbuds. Cam covered for Josslyn by claiming that she'd been innocent of the theft. Robert agreed to keep Peter out of jail in exchange for information -- with a few stipulations. Finn reunited with Anna, but she insisted on removing the tracking device that Robert had implanted in Finn because she needed to get to the bottom of the secret their captors were hiding. Kevin paid his brother a visit at Ferncliff.
August 13 to 17, 2018
Jason made certain that the expansion project for Charlie's Pub hit some walls. Kim urged Julian not to provoke Sonny because she worried that Julian would be drawn back into the mob. Peter paid Valentin a visit to collect on a debt. Anna and Finn were shocked when they learned that Finn was expected to treat Cassandra Pierce. Nina and Maxie visited Madeline in jail to tell her about James. Madeline apologized to Nina for all the pain she had caused her daughter. Alexis and Sam hosted a welcome home party for baby Wiley. Brad became uncomfortable when Mike mistook Wiley for Michael's son and Julian commented on how much Wiley had changed. Kristina returned to Port Charles for a visit. Alexis learned that Wiley's birth mother had changed her mind. Carly confronted Josslyn about a bundle of clothes with tags and sensors that Mike had found in the back of his closet. Josslyn confessed that she had shoplifted during Carly's incarceration at Ferncliff, but she assured her mother that she had stopped. Jordan informed Curtis that she did not want Stella at their wedding. Griffin was forced to admit that he and Kiki had slept together. Despite the shocking revelation, the jury ruled in Kiki's favor. A heartbroken Ava vowed vengeance and told Monica about the unauthorized paternity test that Griffin had run on Peter and Faison. Monica suspended Griffin. Margaux kissed Drew.
August 20 to 24, 2018
Brad confided to Julian that Wiley had died. According to Brad, he had encountered a homeless woman on the way to the hospital, and she had given him her newborn to raise. Julian took steps to track down Wiley's birth mother then called her. Julian, Griffin, and Ava were startled when Leo mentioned seeing his father put a blanket in Jonah's nursery. Valentin tricked Madeline into revealing that Nina had given birth to a daughter. Margaux confessed to Drew that she was attracted to him, prompting Drew to ask Curtis to dig into her past. Jason warned Drew that Margaux was out to get Sonny and that she would use anyone, including Drew, to achieve her goal. Jordan assigned Chase to work with Robert finding Finn and Anna. Cassandra emerged from a coma and reluctantly agreed to cooperate with Finn and Anna, but she was spirited away by a mystery man with a connection to the Cassadines. Maxie was surprised when Lulu accepted Peter's job offer to work at the Invader. Tensions mounted between Franco and Cameron when Cameron scoffed at Aiden for wanting Princess Kalinda pencils for school. The hospital staff was delighted when Monica fired Dr. Bensch, but he vowed to sue for wrongful termination and defamation. Kevin and his twin brother, Ryan, spent their birthday together at Ferncliff, but it was unclear if Ryan -- or Kevin -- was the patient.
August 27 to 31, 2018
Lucas and Brad went to court to learn Wiley's fate. Drew found a suspicious flash drive in Margaux's room, but Margaux rested easy because she had locked the flash drive with Drew's memory mapping in a secret safe. Curtis, Jordan, and Stella attended a family counseling session, but the therapist warned them that it would take more than one visit to work through their problems. Griffin confronted Ava about helping Nelle. An incident with Mike forced Sonny to reevaluate his ability to meet his father's increasing needs. Oscar got some romance advice from his uncle. Jason was horrified when Oscar suffered a seizure and collapsed. Nina was stunned when she learned that Madeline had died in Pentonville. Kristina decided to end things with Parker and move back to Port Charles. Lulu warned Felicia that the Invader intended to do a story about Ryan Chamberlain. Kevin paid his twin a visit at Ferncliff. Ryan managed to free himself from a straitjacket and attack Kevin.
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September 3 to 7, 2018
Kim confided to Drew that Oscar had been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor two years earlier, but their son had no idea because she had hoped to shield him from the cancer for as long as possible. Drew shared his secret with Sam. Cameron kissed Josslyn, but she made it clear that they were just friends. Liesl slipped into town to attend her sister's funeral. Nina received a package of childhood mementos from her mother's lawyers. Kristina announced that she had ended things with Parker and that she had decided to move in with Sam. Julian hired Kristina to work at Charlie's Pub. Mike overheard Sonny express concern that the body buried under Charlie's Pub would be his downfall. Mike vowed to fix the mess that he had created. Valerie dropped off the permit when the city council approved Julian's renovation project. Kiki and Griffin agreed to take daily morning runs together. Anna invited Griffin to stay at her place instead of hunting for an apartment. Anna paid Peter a visit, but he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with his mother. Anna warned Valentin that Cassandra was awake and in full possession of her mental faculties. Brad and Lucas were shocked when Diane announced that Wiley's mother had decided to relinquish her rights and proceed with the adoption. Brad and Lucas were overjoyed when the adoption was finalized. Ryan overpowered Kevin then switched places with his twin. Ryan made his way to Port Charles.
September 10 to 14, 2018
Hoping to assist Sonny, Mike tampered with a gas line in Charlie's Pub. The explosion unearthed the skeleton of the man that Frank Smith had ordered Sonny to kill. Margaux told Drew about her father, a mafia consigliere who had vanished without a trace thirty years earlier. Margaux and Jordan paid Mike a visit to ask him about his friend, Charlie Delaney. Drew confided to Sam that Oscar was terminally ill. Kim was furious when she learned that Drew had shared the grim prognosis with Sam. Cameron and Oscar traded blows over Josslyn, but Cameron walked away with newfound respect for Oscar. Nelle sent Michael a letter assuring him that she forgave him for their baby's death then suggesting that he might take comfort in spending time with Brad and Lucas' son. Robin introduced herself to Peter. Peter assured Robin that he didn't mean her or her children any harm. Peter had a panic attack when he and Maxie were briefly stranded in an elevator together, but Maxie helped him through it. Nina was certain that her mother had bequeathed her a broken heart pendant as a sign that Nina's child was alive. Ryan, posing as Kevin, encouraged Lulu to proceed with plans for a special edition of the Invader commemorating the 25th anniversary of Ryan Chamberlain's killing spree.
September 17 to 21, 2018
Jordan informed Sonny that Mike was the prime suspect in the murder of Vincent Marino, the man buried under Charlie's Pub. Sonny was shocked when Margaux revealed that Vincent was her father. Cameron realized that Oscar was sick when he overheard Franco on the phone, talking about Oscar, and saw that the Port Charles Children's Brain Tumor Institute webpage had been pulled up on the laptop. Oscar was startled when Cameron confronted him about having cancer. Griffin moved into an apartment down the hall from Kiki. Ava was furious when she stopped by Kiki's place and found Griffin spending time with her daughter. Lucas and Brad were stunned when Wiley was diagnosed with a "small abnormality in a major vessel" in his heart that would likely fix itself. Carly and Monica recalled that both Michael and A.J. had had the same cardiac issue as Wiley. Lucas decided to pay Wiley's birth mother a visit to find out what else she had neglected to reveal about her son's medical history. Finn and Chase's father turned up in Port Charles, seeking Finn's medical advice. Curtis met a woman named Sasha Gilmore and persuaded her to take a DNA test because he was certain that she was Nina's daughter.
September 24 to 28, 2018
Oscar was stunned when he confronted his parents about Cameron's claims that Oscar had cancer and they confirmed the terminal diagnosis. Oscar's shock turned to anger when he realized that Kim had been keeping the secret for two years and that Drew had known for weeks. Oscar shared his deadly diagnosis with Jason, who helped Oscar put things a bit into perspective. Julian was hurt when Kim asked him to give her space without explaining why. Margaux vowed to get justice for her father's murder. Jordan was surprised when Margaux suggested that Sonny, not Mike, had killed Vincent. Anna asked Finn to keep an eye on her son while she tracked down Liesl Obrecht. Peter called his mother to tell Anna to stay safe. Curtis insisted that Nina be told the truth about her child, but Valentin wanted to wait until the maternity test results were in. Brad breathed a sigh of relief when Alexis explained that Wiley's birth father's medical history was unknown because he hadn't been in the picture. Posing as Kevin, Ryan had dinner at the Floating Rib with Lucy, Mac, and Felicia. Felicia admitted that talking to Lulu had helped her realize that she was truly free of Ryan.
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October 1 to 5, 2018
Ryan's plans to kill Lucy hit a snag when Laura returned from Paris. Ryan was forced to feign illness to avoid intimacy with Laura on her first night home. Ava confided to "Kevin" that she was filled with rage and wanted to punish both Kiki and Griffin for their betrayal. Kiki confessed to Griffin that she didn't regret their night together because she was still attracted to him. Griffin and Kiki shared a passionate kiss. DNA tests confirmed that Sasha Gilmore was Nina's daughter. Nina was stunned when Valentin revealed that he and Curtis had found her daughter. Oscar decided to break up with Josslyn. A heartbroken Josslyn enlisted Cam's help to win Oscar back. Kim and Drew broke the news to Monica that Oscar was terminally ill. Sam kissed Jason. Mike assured both Carly and Jason that he had tossed the gun used to kill Margaux's father into the Hudson River. Margaux implored Drew to help her take down Sonny because she wanted justice for her father, but Drew insisted that he couldn't help. Finn resisted his father's efforts to rebuild their broken relationship. Gregory claimed that he had no idea why Finn was angry. Valerie passed her exams and was promoted to detective.
October 8 to 12, 2018
Nina met Sasha in the park, but Sasha was looking for closure, not a relationship with her biological mother. Ryan continued to feign illness to keep Laura at bay. Laura expressed concern about Kevin's odd behavior. Josslyn tried to reach out to Oscar, but he rebuffed her efforts to work things out. Oscar overheard Drew and Kim discuss moving forward with the experimental treatment despite Oscar's objections. Oscar met with Alexis to find out what his legal options were. Morgan's loved ones remembered him on the two-year anniversary of his death. Carly and Sonny were stunned when Margaux revealed that she had arranged for her father to be interred near Morgan's grave. Margaux offered to give Drew the flash drive with his memory mapping in exchange for help taking down Sonny. Mike assured Sonny there was nothing to worry about because the gun used to shoot Margaux's father had been tossed into the bottom of the Hudson River decades earlier. Nelle made a court appearance. Brad was horrified when he bumped into Nelle, Michael, Carly, and Chase gathered outside a courtroom. Jason and Sam agreed to take things slowly. Lulu was upset when she and Dante ended their phone call with another argument. Maxie overheard Peter invite Lulu to a night out.
October 15 to 19, 2018
Laura grew increasingly suspicious of Kevin's odd behavior. Ryan paid Kevin a visit at Ferncliff and informed his twin that Laura had returned. Spencer paid his grandmother a surprise visit. Ryan used Spencer's visit as an excuse to avoid intimacy with Laura. Oscar celebrated his birthday by asking for Alexis' help to become legally emancipated from his parents. Josslyn decided to win Oscar back by making him jealous, so she convinced Cam to pretend that they were dating. Drew weighed his options, but he decided against helping Margaux in exchange for the flash drive with his memory mapping. Sonny recognized a picture of Margaux's mother. Sonny revealed that Margaux's mother had had an affair with Joe Scully at the time of her husband's murder. Nelle was given the maximum sentence for murdering her fiancé and attempting to murder Michael. Valentin persuaded Sasha to stay in Port Charles and give Nina another chance. Maxie bristled when she bumped into Peter and Lulu on what she assumed was a date. T.J. had a talk with Stella about not attending Curtis and Jordan's wedding.
October 22 to 26, 2018
Ryan indulged in a fantasy about killing Laura. Laura decided to throw her hat into the ring by running for mayor as a write-in candidate. Laura and Carly teamed up to work on cleaning up Ferncliff. Carly had an encounter with Mary Pat. Sasha decided to extend her stay in Port Charles to get to know Nina. Kiki invited Sasha to crash at her place. Ava was pleased when she noticed that Sasha had taken an interest in Griffin. Franco was concerned to learn that "Kevin" had been encouraging Ava's worst impulses. Alexis agreed to represent Oscar in his quest to be emancipated from his parents. Oscar took a job busing tables at Charlie's Pub and found a place to live. Kim appealed to Sam and Julian to persuade Alexis to drop the case, but Alexis refused. Spinelli arrived in town and went undercover with Sam to question Margaux's mother. Sam found a stash of letters from Joe Scully to Jeanette Marino. Kristina was hurt when she called Parker and realized that Parker had already moved on. Finn was delighted when he arrived home from a long day and found Anna waiting for him.
October 29 to November 2, 2018
Mary Pat blackmailed "Kevin" shortly before her head turned up floating in a barrel filled with apples. Mary Pat's body was discovered in Ava's gallery. Ryan tried to point the finger of suspicion in Carly's direction. Laura was shocked when "Kevin" told her that his feelings had changed, and he wanted to end their marriage. Drew planned a surprise trip for Oscar, but Oscar rejected the offer because he suspected that his father merely wanted to delay the court hearings until it was too late for Oscar to prevail. Josslyn had fun spending Halloween with Cameron. Valentin turned on the charm when Nina found herself stranded on Spoon Island during foul weather. Nina and Valentin shared a kiss, but Nina made it clear that things would not go any further. Valentin warned Sasha that it was dangerous to remain in Port Charles, but she assured him that no one would find out that she wasn't Nina's daughter. Michael decided to seek help for his grief over losing Jonah. Maxie celebrated her birthday with Peter. Britt agreed to return to Port Charles with Anna and help lure Liesl out of hiding. Britt met her brother Peter. Sam helped Jason, Jake, and Danny carve a pumpkin.
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November 5 to 9, 2018
Spencer meddled with his grandmother's election, but the virus he downloaded in one of the ballot machines was quickly detected, and the election was put on hold. Ned and Laura vowed to find the culprit responsible for the crime. Ryan kept a hit list in a box filled with each of his victims' identification badges. Jordan and Chase asked Franco for insight into the mind of Mary Pat's killer. Franco warned that the killer would not stop then advised Jordan to talk to "Kevin." Ryan was disappointed when Ava expressed her disgust at finding a headless corpse in her gallery. DNA tests revealed that the blonde strands of hair found clutched in Mary Pat's hand belonged to Carly. Curtis, Jason, and Sam went undercover to snoop around Ferncliff. Jason and Sam were startled when they discovered that Nelle had been admitted, but they quickly exposed her attempt to feign a breakdown. Sonny wore a wire and confronted Jeanette about her affair with Joe Scully. Jeanette was evasive until Margaux stepped forward and demanded the truth. Michael was pleasantly surprised when he bumped into Willow at Kelly's. Daisy gave Kristina a copy of an inspirational book titled Every Day is a New Dawn. Sasha made a pass at Griffin.
November 12 to 16, 2018
After reflecting on the past and the road not traveled, Sonny made peace with the choices that he'd made the night he'd killed Vincent Marino. Ava was flattered when "Kevin" told her that he couldn't treat her as a patient because he had romantic feelings for her. Valentin warned Sasha that she risked exposing their deception the longer she remained in Port Charles, but she assured him that she had things well in hand. Kiki decided to set some boundaries for her sister, so she asked Sasha to move out. Ava set a wicked plan into motion by drugging Sasha's soup. Drew surprised Curtis with a special wedding gift. Jason and Sam told Michael about their encounter with Nelle at Ferncliff. Chase worked up the nerve to ask Willow for her phone number. Willow warned Elizabeth that Aiden was a victim of bullying. Concerned about Aiden's troubles at school, Elizabeth offered to call Lucky, but Aiden didn't express any interest in talking to his father. Franco decided to help Aiden through art therapy. Valentin, Nina, and Lulu were stunned when they learned about Charlotte's aggressive behavior. Hayden sent Finn a letter and offered to meet him to discuss their unfinished business.
November 19 to 23, 2018
Ava drugged Sasha then lured Griffin to Sasha's hotel room. After knocking Griffin out and stripping him of his clothes, Ava dumped him in bed with Sasha then arranged for Kiki to find the two in bed together. Ava's plan to break up Kiki and Griffin fell apart when Griffin proved that he'd been knocked unconscious and Sasha had been drugged. Kiki confronted her mother and warned Ava that Griffin and Sasha would press charges. Ava panicked and made plans to flee Port Charles with Avery. Laura was shocked when she caught "Kevin" kissing Ava. Jordan and Curtis' friends arranged to celebrate the bachelor and bachelorette parties at the Museum of Mayhem by competing in escape room challenges. Monica spent time with Oscar and assured him that she was on his side. Stella was shocked when she bumped into an old flame at Kelly's. Marcus revealed that he was in town with his wife. Carly was pleased when Spinelli uncovered the name of the patient who had been locked in the room next to hers at Ferncliff. Spencer paid Valentin a visit and vowed to find Valentin's weakness. Cam and Josslyn shared a kiss. Cam decided to tell Josslyn about Oscar's illness.
November 26 to 30, 2018
The Quartermaines gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. Monica ordered pizza for the gathering because she didn't want to tempt fate. Maxie and Peter shared a romantic moment. Charlotte tricked Valentin into joining her and Nina in New York City for the night. Josslyn confronted Oscar about his illness and persuaded him to try the experimental drug treatment. Drew and Kim were delighted that Oscar had changed his mind, but Oscar made it clear that he wasn't ready to move back home. Liesl contacted Britt. Anna persuaded Finn to go to Italy to meet Hayden while Anna focused on tracking down Liesl. Stella attended Curtis and Jordan's wedding and gave the happy couple her blessing. Curtis and Jordan's honeymoon was cut short when they found Kiki's murdered body in their room aboard the Haunted Star. Ryan planted evidence to make it appear that Griffin had stabbed Kiki to death. Laura was heartbroken when she realized that "Kevin" had moved on with Ava. Ava's romantic interlude with "Kevin" was cut short when she learned of her daughter's tragic death. Scott broke the news about Kiki's murder to Franco. Griffin was arrested for Kiki's murder. Ava took a loaded gun to confront Griffin.
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December 3 to 7, 2018
Anna was pleasantly surprised when Finn decided to fly to Havana to help with the search for Liesl. Sensing a trap, Liesl demanded that Finn provide proof of Britt's illness, so he gave her a vial of Britt's tainted blood. Jordan questioned Ava, but "Kevin" provided Ava with an alibi for the time of Kiki's murder. Chase realized that a serial killer might be responsible for both Mary Pat and Kiki's murders. Laura figured out that Charlotte had been tormenting Aiden at school. Laura feared there was something very wrong with "Kevin" when he handed her divorce papers. Oscar decided to draw up a will after his first round of treatment. Jason was surprised when Alexis revealed that Oscar wanted him to be the executor of the will. Mike made a new friend who had a connection to Stella. Sam learned that someone in Port Charles had subscribed to the newspaper where Leland Powell's obituary had appeared. Sam enlisted Curtis' help; together, they questioned a woman at Turning Woods Long Term Memory Care about the newspaper clipping, but Yvonne Godfrey didn't know Sam and had no idea what she was talking about. Later, Daisy picked up the newspaper that Yvonne had been reading.
December 10 to 14, 2018
Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to Kiki. Ava leaned on "Kevin" after the funeral. Franco and Elizabeth agreed to postpone their wedding because of Kiki's tragic death. Sasha announced that she was leaving town. When Laura revealed that Charlotte had been tormenting Aiden, Valentin and Lulu had a talk with Charlotte. Nina decided to remain living at Wyndemere to protect Charlotte from Lulu's discipline. Liesl returned to Port Charles with Anna and Finn then reached out to Valentin for help. Valentin asked Peter to drop the charges against Liesl. Chase and Willow's first date got off to a rocky start. Curtis and Sam uncovered an email address for the person who had sent Leland Powell's obituary to Sam. Julian was upset when he saw Kim and Drew during a close moment. Margaux gave Drew the flash drive with his memory mapping. Cam suggested that Oscar try marijuana when Josslyn told him that the treatment had ruined Oscar's appetite. Cam made arrangements to buy marijuana, but he called it off at the last moment. Marcus was furious when he saw Yvonne and Mike under the mistletoe.
December 17 to 21, 2018
At Julian's request, Willow stopped by Charlie's Pub to discuss the son that she had given up for adoption to Lucas and Brad. Kristina and Valerie shared a steamy kiss, but Valerie insisted that she didn't have romantic feelings for Kristina. Kristina decided to take Daisy up on her offer for a place to stay. Kim and Drew surprised Oscar with a car for Christmas. Lulu was stunned when Laura confided that Charlotte had been bullying Aiden. Charlotte apologized to her cousin, but she warned Elizabeth and Lulu that others had been tormenting Aiden, too. Cam was arrested for buying marijuana. Cam explained that he had hoped to surprise Oscar with brownies laced with marijuana to help stimulate Oscar's appetite. Sam exchanged emails with the person posing as Linda Black. Nina stopped fighting her feelings for Valentin and agreed to move back into Wyndemere. When Peter recanted his statement, the charges against Liesl were dropped. Peter spent Christmas Eve with his mother. Mike and Yvonne slipped out of the facility, but Margaux found them trying to enter a club and called Sonny. Carly grew concerned by what she saw brewing between Sonny and Margaux, but Jason assured Carly that she had nothing to worry about.
December 24 to 28, 2018
Friends and family gathered to celebrate Christmas. Josslyn appealed to Julian to end things with Kim for Oscar's sake. Drew and Kim kissed. Liesl paid Nelle a visit to discuss Jonah's birth. After Nelle reluctantly confessed, Liesl promised to keep Nelle's secret -- as long as it suited her. Willow was shocked when she discovered that Michael was Wiley's godfather. Kim revealed that she and Drew had conceived Oscar on New Year's Eve. Jason met a man from Drew's past named Hank. Jason took Hank's contact information and passed it on to Drew, along with a warning that something about Hank seemed off. Emma arrived for a visit with Anna. Kristina had an awkward encounter with Valerie on New Year's Eve. Laura was certain that Kevin had suffered a mental breakdown. Kevin realized that there might be a way to expose Ryan. Ryan claimed another victim.
December 31, 2018 to January 4, 2019
The people of Port Charles rang in the New Year. Scott shared the heartbreaking news that Gail Baldwin had passed away. Lulu advised Ava to keep a close eye on "Kevin" because he had a dark past and a history of a mental breakdown. Lucy announced that she had written a travel guide to Port Charles. Jordan suspected there was a link between the serial killer stalking Port Charles and Ryan Chamberlain. Liesl warned Valentin that if anything should happen to her, she had arranged for Nina, Anna, and the authorities to each receive a letter detailing how Valentin had taken steps to pass Sasha off as Nina's daughter. Sam and Jason met Shiloh, the head of the group home that Kristina had moved into. Jason recognized Shiloh as Drew's "friend," Hank. Shiloh explained that he had turned his life around -- and changed his name -- after Drew had saved Hank's life in Afghanistan. Sam remained suspicious of Shiloh, prompting Kristina to lash out at her sister. Drew asked Curtis to look into Hank's past. Kim was crushed when Julian broke things off and told her that he had slept with someone else. Sonny offered Chet Driscoll a job at Volonino's Gym.
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