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January 7 to 11, 2002
Everyone was surprised when Jackson called Kendall Hart to the witness stand. Before Kendall could testify, Erica and Myrtle confronted her. Erica was subsequently arrested because she had visited Kendall at the Pine Cone Motel, violating the terms of her bail agreement in the process. On the witness stand, Kendall testified that Erica had called her and told her to set up a fund so that Erica, if convicted, would have the financial resources to flee the country. Jake rescued Greenlee after she got trapped in the steam room at the gym. Leo was badly beaten after he confronted Larry about Larry's affair with Vanessa. Simone informed Hayley that Mateo was missing. Proteus ordered Mateo to kill or be killed. Convinced that everyone viewed her as trash, Laura lost her temper and lashed out at Brooke. Ryan was upset to learn that Liza had changed her mind about divorcing Adam.
January 14 to 18, 2002
Kendall's testimony severely damaged Erica's case, but Chris tried to undermine Kendall's credibility. The jury was given the case. Hank serenaded Opal. Ryan received a box of his late mother's belongings. After dropping the suit that she had been planning to file against Greenlee, Laura left town to get some counseling. Hayley determined that Proteus was a woman. Mateo prepared to find out who Proteus was going to have him kill. Vanessa had a fling with Larry and later muttered that he'd have to be killed.
January 21 to 25, 2002
The jury reached a verdict, but before it could be announced, Chris called Bianca back to the witness stand and urged her to recall the events that had occurred on the night of Frankie's murder. As Erica leaped to her feet in an attempt to thwart Chris's actions, Bianca suddenly regained her memory. Vanessa's unusual behavior drew the attention of her sons and their girlfriends. Palmer kicked Vanessa out after she admitted the truth about her affair with Larry. Greenlee revealed to Mateo that Vanessa had behaved very strangely on the night that he had been scheduled to kill for Proteus. Dixie and Tad went to the Caribbean to obtain a divorce. Ryan ordered JR to get a job to pay for the damage that JR had done to Ryan's motorcycle. Kendall continued to insult Erica. Tom left town to go on tour, unaware that Palmer was paying to keep the tour going for an indefinite amount of time. Jake and Joe suspected that David was hiding something regarding his medical research.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Simone developed genuine feelings for Mateo. After realizing that Mateo had been fooling her for a long time, Vanessa instructed someone to plant drugs in his safe. Leo pulled a trunk from the lake and found Larry's bracelet inside. Leo was torn between his mother and Greenlee. David and Anna rushed to the Caribbean to try to save Dixie, who was on the verge of dying from the same disease that had killed her mother. Jake and Mia agreed to leave Pine Valley after he purchased a boat. Kendall was distraught after Bianca remembered the night of Frankie's murder. Erica was declared innocent, but Jackson later filed perjury charges against her. Joe was forced to fire David after he failed to report to work for an important surgery.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Bianca informed Erica that when she turned eighteen, she planned to use the money in her trust fund to live independently of her mother forever. Erica turned to Chris because she was distraught over Bianca's news. Kendall decided to remain in Pine Valley and lured Bianca to SOS to see Frankie's twin sister, Maggie. After Proteus set up Mateo, Chris had him arrested. Chris later revealed to Anna that, while he didn't really believe that Mateo was guilty, he did believe that Mateo would be safer in jail. Chris also told Anna that he was Ryan's father. Tad and Dixie returned to the United States, and she informed JR that she needed to be hospitalized. Leo lashed out at Greenlee when she sided with David about committing Vanessa, so Greenlee ran to Jake for comfort. Mia saw a body in Willow Lake.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Jake discovered David's secret research and threatened to tell everyone, including the police and the hospital, about it. David lied to Anna, assuring her that he was not facing any serious threat. Vanessa was cleared of all charges after Larry's dead body was examined. Edmund proposed to Brooke, and she readily accepted. Kendall conspired to gain Bianca's trust, alienating Erica in the process. Dixie was informed that she was pregnant, but she was later faced with a difficult decision when David told her that she would not be able to carry the baby to term. Hayley took Lorenzo to visit Mateo in prison. Vanessa drugged both Greenlee and Jake while trying to convince Leo that the two had run off together. Jake regained consciousness just as the boat he and Greenlee were on started to sink.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Hayley stuck up for Simone in front of Chris, but she later overheard the waitress lying. Kendall blackmailed Ryan for the safe return of the disk that Ryan had hidden in her doll. Ryan weaseled the disk from Kendall, but as he left her motel room, a sniper tracked him. Anna informed David that Chris had been searching through the doctor's records, prompting David to recall a previous conversation that he'd had with Vanessa about heart attack victims. Jake and Greenlee discussed their feelings for each other while they were trapped on an island together. Vanessa injected Maggie with serum from a syringe as the young girl screamed in horror. Dixie decided to leave town so that she could carry her baby to term without Tad's knowledge.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Jake, Greenlee, and Leo managed to escape from the island unharmed. Jake wanted to press charges immediately, but Leo ran off to warn Vanessa that she had finally been caught. Proteus -- Vanessa -- loaded her files onto David's computer, implicating her son in the drug ring. Chris learned that he might be paralyzed, and he convinced himself that David had to be Proteus. Bianca recognized an earring found in Leo and Greenlee's loft as Maggie's, leading her to fear for Maggie and Leo's lives. Derek busted into David's cabin and searched his computer files. Hayley told Mateo that she didn't believe that David was Proteus. Vanessa pulled a gun on Leo.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
After her car accident, Vanessa was taken to the hospital, where she feigned mental illness. Maggie was rescued from the abandoned church, but later, while she was alone in her hospital room, Vanessa attempted to suffocate her. Donald Steele's presence marred a surprise party for Mateo and Hayley at SOS. Greenlee could not choose between Leo and Jake. Tad was very upset when he learned that Dixie had left town without saying goodbye. Chris regained movement of his legs. Chris and Erica refused to admit their true feelings to each other. David and Anna planned to marry to prevent Anna from having to testify against him. Kendall moved in with Ryan at the Pine Cone to conserve costs. Edmund and Brooke announced their engagement.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Roger returned to town and reunited with Greenlee. Greenlee asked Leo to stay away from her. Leo and Simone bonded during their times of sorrow. David forced Joe to resign as chief of staff at the hospital, but the board of directors unexpectedly named Jake as his father's replacement. Erica told Chris the truth about his doctor, and the two argued about her decision. Kendall and Bianca decided to move in together. Liza's strange behavior could not be explained when tests revealed that she had not been drugged. Anna and David got married.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Kendall moved into Myrtle's boarding house, where she would be able to keep an eye on Chris. Erica developed a plan that involved Revlon and had the potential to send Kendall out of town. JR wanted to move out of his father's home, but Adam and Tad convinced him to stay where he was. Mia grew worried when she spied a document on Jake's desk at the hospital. Liza's irrational behavior continued as she lashed out at everyone who crossed her path. In the park, Liza lost sight of Colby. Anna was sworn in as chief of police, but soon afterwards, she was told that she had been called to testify against David. Tad learned that Dixie was not in Europe.
March 25 to 29, 2002
Liza continued to exhibit strange behavior, which Adam was forced to admit that a brain tumor could have caused. After receiving a call from Barry, Adam assaulted David, and Liza fainted when she witnessed the hostility. Liza's illness allowed her to grow closer to Mia. Using the voice of Proteus, someone continued to taunt Vanessa. Trey arrived in town and made plans with both Greenlee and Vanessa. Trey told Vanessa that he was her only hope of surviving criminal charges. Leo and Greenlee argued at the hospital, but she later helped him evade the police. Leo and David each received explanations for Vanessa's relationship with David's father. Ryan and Kendall independently accepted positions at SOS.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Worried that she might not survive the surgery to remove her brain tumor, Liza made Mia promise that she would look after Colby if Liza was unable to do so. Anna and David's marriage was leaked to the media, which caused Jackson to ask for her resignation. Leo learned that Vanessa planned to ask for her case to be dismissed. Trey continued to behave mysteriously, particularly after he and Greenlee shared a kiss. Chris admitted that he cared about Ryan. Chris also regained the use of his legs. Kendall lied to Ryan about not going to work at Enchantment. Mateo promised to pay Vanessa another visit.
April 8 to 12, 2002
Liza's tumor was successfully removed, but afterward, she displayed signs of amnesia. Mia arrived at the hospital with a picture of Colby, and Liza began to remember her life. Mia told Jake about the son whom she had given up for adoption. Stuart uncovered Marian's drinking problem. Maggie, David, and Leo made a toast to their dysfunctional family, and Maggie agreed to let David fund her pursuit of a medical degree. Erica let Greenlee in on her plan to take down Kendall, and Greenlee agreed to cooperate in exchange for Erica's promise that Greenlee would later be named the vice president of Enchantment. Erica later slipped a letter from Revlon into her briefcase. Adam fired Tad and warned him to stay away from Liza. Someone used a wrench to burst the pipes in the evidence room at the police station, and Anna later found fingerprints on the wrench that linked David to the crime. Leo tricked Vanessa into confessing to her crimes, and she later attacked him after an unknown assailant administered a psychotropic drug to her. Vanessa was restrained, but she later disappeared. Leo was appalled to see Greenlee and Trey arrive together at Brooke and Edmund's engagement party. Vanessa made a special appearance onstage, holding a knife to Greenlee's throat while all of Pine Valley watched with horror.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Vanessa was subdued before she could harm Greenlee. Vanessa tested positive for Libidozone. Chris felt useless in his wheelchair. Liza's memory began to return. Adam wanted Liza declared incompetent to protect her from an investigation into her actions at Chandler Enterprises. Liza overheard and believed that Adam wanted to take Colby away from her. Kendall apologized to Ryan and asked for his advice. Kendall and Ryan went on a date together. Erica gave a press conference for Kendall, which infuriated Greenlee. Greenlee found out what Erica was up to. Leo found a key that led him to some money. Bianca agreed to move in with Leo. Leo was mugged. Brooke was concerned about Jamie. Jack asked Anna to resign. Anna offered Chris a job. Mia and Trey discussed their past.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Adam confided in Mia, who said that she would help him if he agreed to do things her way. Trey recalled mugging Leo and drugging Vanessa. Leo spoke to Vanessa. Trey sought power of attorney over Vanessa after she started hearing voices. Leo told Simone that the book deal was off. Trey deposed Greenlee, and Leo defended her. Leo was prevented from leaving town. Palmer continued to annoy Jake. Jake and Greenlee let go of each other, and he and Mia grew closer. Leo and Greenlee decided to give their relationship another chance. Trey told Mia that someone was blackmailing him. Ryan and Kendall slept together and later made plans together. Kendall and Ryan enjoyed an indoor picnic together. A depressed Liza was released from the hospital. Jamie got into a fight at school, and Tad blamed Jamie's behavior on Brooke's engagement. Bianca helped Maggie celebrate her birthday.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
Greenlee was one step ahead of Erica and gained a position at Revlon. When Kendall heard the news, she pulled a gun on Erica. Chris made plans to propose to Erica during a European cruise. Adam promised to fly in a specialist to help Mia's son, but the news did not sit well with Trey. After failing to obtain money from Mia, Trey was attacked behind SOS. Despite Hayley's fears, Mateo agreed to assist Chris with his latest scheme. Edmund, Brooke, and Tad disagreed about the best way to approach Jamie. Simone and Roger struggled to keep their affair a secret.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Simone tried to keep her relationship with Roger a secret, but he did not make it easy for her to do so. Greenlee tried to figure out what Simone was hiding, but she never suspected that Simone was having an affair with Roger. Greenlee discovered that Leo had visited Vanessa at Oak Haven. Liza had a change of heart and decided to return the money that she had stolen from Chandler Enterprises, which surprised Mia. Mia gave Trey twenty thousand dollars that was supposed to belong to Colby. Dixie called Tad and told him about the baby. Jamie continued to encourage Brooke and Tad to renew their relationship. Opal arrived at Brooke's place in tears.
May 13 to 17, 2002
Ryan rescued Chris from Erica's burning mansion and promised to keep his father in his life. Bianca, Jack, and Erica listened as Kendall confessed that everything was her fault. Kendall was arrested on charges of arson. Hayley continued to suspect that Mia was hiding something. Mia begged Trey not to ruin her current situation. Mateo helped JR cope with Dixie's death when the rest of the Chandler family was less than supportive. Anna told David that she felt like she would never be able to live up to his fantasies about Dixie. Roger convinced Simone to renew her efforts to write a novel about the Proteus case. Leo and Greenlee resolved a conflict about his time with Vanessa. Jamie spoke, declaring that he loved Tad.
May 20 to 24, 2002
Trey tried to convince Kendall to plead guilty to arson and attempted murder. Liza believed that she was suffering a relapse, but she kept her condition a secret from everyone except for Mia. Brooke told Edmund that she wanted to postpone their wedding because of Dixie's death. Simone grew nervous when she learned that Greenlee's mother would soon be arriving in town.
May 27 to 31, 2002
Hayley and Mateo learned that Enzo was suffering the early stages of liver failure. Because neither parent was a suitable donor for a transplant, the couple was forced to ask their family members to be tested. Mateo discovered that Maria would have been able to donate a portion of her liver successfully. Adam grew suspicious of Liza's secrecy when Stuart let it slip that her secret had something to do with a bank account. Trey drugged Kendall so that the results of her polygraph test would indicate that she had set Erica's home on fire. Kendall, however, refused to acknowledge the false results and made her attorney take the same test. When the needle moved erratically after Trey said that he had played no part in the arson, Kendall asserted that the machine was obviously broken. Edmund and Brooke decided to set a wedding date. Greenlee's mother continued to insist that Leo was unsuitable for her daughter. Leo told Vanessa that he planned to discover his father's identity.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Arlene informed Hayley that she had returned to Pine Valley because she had been hoping that she would be able to help Enzo. The only relative who was a suitable match for Enzo was Edmund's late wife, Maria. Leo and Mary collided before he decided to head off to Paris to track down Vanessa's money. Kendall thought that Ryan had betrayed her. Maggie agreed to go to Bianca's prom with her. Jake and Mia made love, but Trey continued to hound her for money. A mysterious woman was seen consulting on a case at a hospital in the southwest.
June 10 to 14, 2002
Jake saw Mia talking with Adam and warned her of the dangers of trusting Adam. Adam caused Liza to believe that her brain tumor might have returned. Trey was forced to jump from the balcony of Greenlee and Leo's hotel to avoid getting caught spying. The Count told Leo that there was a possibility that he could be the young man's father. Chris explained to Erica that the letter that she had found was from Ryan's mother. Ryan thought about his relationship with Kendall and proposed to her in the rain. David demanded that Liza keep her end of their business deal. Anna persuaded Aidan to remain in Pine Valley.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Friends and family gathered to acknowledge the Annual Day of Compassion. Adam continued to gaslight Liza. Jake was dismayed to learn of Adam's efforts to gain Mia's trust. Dr. Joe informed Hayley and Mateo that a donor had been found for Enzo. Kendall jumped to the wrong conclusion about Bianca after overhearing a conversation between her and Chris. Simone regretted her decision to get involved with Roger after he attempted to blackmail her. Greenlee was allowed to keep her job at Revlon. Isaac returned from Scotland. Lily experienced pain and spotting.
June 24 to 28, 2002
JR received flowers from his late mother. Anna issued an APB on David after he went missing for several days. Erica had to cope with her emotions as she watched Bianca get ready for the prom that she was attending with another girl. Ryan grew suspicious of Trey, who repeatedly encouraged Kendall to plead insanity. Brooke feared the worst when she viewed a drawing from "Maureen" -- a drawing that resembled Wildwind. Brooke convinced herself that Maureen was really Maria.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Erica struggled with her doubts about Kendall's guilt. Kendall's plan to enlist Aidan's help fell apart when he figured out what she was up to. Ryan left Pine Valley after learning of Kendall's breaking and entering. Mia discovered Adam's true intentions and told Liza the truth about Colby's missing money. Roger continued to blackmail Simone into helping him write his book about Proteus. Greenlee's mother pressured Woody to give her some money in exchange for a peaceful wedding. Vanessa phoned Greenlee and promised to tell the truth about Leo's parentage.
July 8 to 12, 2002
Wolfe drugged Anna after determining that she would need to be dealt with. Wolfe later tied Vanessa up and forced her to accompany him to Leo and Greenlee's wedding, where he planned to shoot and kill Leo. Adam planted a shredded shirt in his closet to make Liza believe that she was spiraling out of control. Alice Hart returned to Pine Valley to ask Kendall to return to Florida with her. Kendall wasn't willing to honor the request, so Alice refused to give her any money. At Leo and Greenlee's wedding, Wolfe shot Roger. As Wolfe tried to flee the scene, Anna shot and killed him.
July 15 to 19, 2002
The owner of the Pine Cone Motel attempted to rape Kendall, who had fallen behind on her rent payments, but she managed to escape. Palmer left the hospital unexpectedly after a brief visit. Palmer also told Erica that Dixie's death had been troubling him more than he had been willing to admit. Greenlee mourned her father's death, and Leo tried to console her. Mia took Liza's place at a charity event, prompting Liza to lash out at Mia and Adam. Later, Liza angrily declared that Adam obviously thought that she was stupid. Greenlee went to visit Vanessa. Brooke fainted after realizing that "Maureen" was really Maria. Edmund suspected that Tad was trying to steal Brooke away from him.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Liza and Adam continued to deceive each other. Tad helped Liza as she plotted to throw Adam off-track. Mia admitted to Jake that Trey was not the father of her child. Feeling neglected and abandoned, Simone went on a binge-drinking spree that landed her in the hospital. Frank Hubbard returned to Pine Valley, and Joe and Jake Martin gave him a job at Pine Valley Hospital. Jackson told Anna that he was after her badge. David and Anna tried to help Leo and Greenlee plan a honeymoon. Edmund and Brooke set a wedding date. A private investigator tracked down Maureen Gorman, and when Brooke went to find her, she encountered Maria.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Leo and David were greeted with news of Vanessa's death, which caused the brothers to reconsider her place in their lives. Leo was later shocked to see Vanessa open her eyes. Trey worried about finding a way to secure Proteus' funds. Upset about Erica's latest campaign to damage her, Greenlee teamed up with Kendall. Kendall was hired as Petey's new nanny. Maggie and Tim faced a growing attraction to each other. Brooke was forced to admit to Edmund that she had been searching for Maria. Adam continued his plot to incriminate Liza, which included severing his own brake lines.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Chris asked Erica to marry him. Erica initially refused, but she later changed her mind. Bianca applied for a job at Enchantment, much to her mother's surprise. Vanessa's other personality, "Nessa," emerged to tell Greenlee that she was happy that Leo had found such a loving wife. Greenlee was displeased to learn that "Nessa" might not have to go to jail. Kendall was up to her mischievous ways again, stealing Bianca's access card so that she could sneak into Erica's office. Leo thought that Mia might be able to help him expose Trey, but he grew suspicious when she backed out of the plan at the last minute. Simone moved into Myrtle's boarding house.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Anna discovered that she might be pregnant. Unfortunately, Anna was also given reason to doubt David. Maureen arrived in town and told Aidan that she had killed a man. David recalled that he had convinced Maria to adopt a new identity and leave Pine Valley five years earlier. Tad did not believe that Brooke had told him the whole truth about her search for Maria. Edmund persuaded Brooke to stay with him the night before their wedding. Palmer confronted Kendall about her plans for Erica. Bianca grew uncomfortable after learning that Maggie and Tim had kissed.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Leo and Vanessa learned that Trey was the son that Vanessa had given up many years earlier. Anna kept her pregnancy a secret from David after gleaning no information from him about Maureen Gorman. Tim and Maggie were confused about their feelings for each other. Edmund struggled to explain to his children that Maria would always be a part of their lives. Maureen was confused after she saw a photo of herself holding Maddie. At Brooke and Edmund's wedding, Maddie spied Maria and followed her into the mausoleum.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Though Leo originally accused Trey of lying about being Vanessa's son, he later appeared to welcome his half-brother with open arms. Trey softened toward Mia when she assured him that giving up William was not like what Vanessa had done to Trey. Brooke confessed to Edmund that Maria was still alive. Confused, Edmund took off to find Maria, who had grabbed Maddie and dashed off earlier. Anna had David arrested for sedating a police officer that had been stationed outside his hotel room. Edmund visited David and threatened him. Kendall found Maria and Maddie in Aidan's hotel room and called Jack to give him the news.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Brooke was devastated when Edmund accused her of withholding information about Maria. Maria was unable to remember Edmund or their life together, thanks to an experimental drug that David had secretly given her that had erased her memory. Maria enjoyed seeing her children again, although Maddie still asked for Brooke. Greenlee and Leo told Trey that he would seem more like family if he helped them find Proteus' drug money. Vanessa escaped from the sanitarium. JR and Kendall shared a passionate kiss. Anna struggled to cope with her pregnancy and David's involvement with Maria.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Liza was excited when Colby returned to town, but she was less than enthused to see Adam. Liza and Adam bickered, and he threatened to fight for custody of Colby. Edmund tried to cope with Maria's memory loss. Edmund grew angry when he saw how close Maria was to Aidan. Anna forced David to sign divorce papers. Anna also threatened to throw David in prison unless he left Pine Valley. After Anna collapsed, David snooped through her medical records and discovered that she was pregnant. Isabella confronted Brooke about keeping the truth about Maria a secret. Frank asked Simone out on a date. Petey blackmailed Kendall after she and JR shared a kiss.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Anna fought with David about the future of their child and his role as a parent. Anna refused to let David get away with using Maria as a guinea pig. Maria was confused about how to handle Sam and Maddie, especially after Edmund continued to pressure her to try to remember the life that they had once shared together. Stuart, Marian, and Mia teamed up to try to get Liza and Adam to see how much they were hurting Colby. Greenlee and Kendall joined forces to combat Erica. Frank and Simone continued to spend time together. Jake and Mia consummated their relationship.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Anna was determined to stop David from getting away with his latest in a long line of lies and crimes. Anna begged for Liza's help. When David tried to stop Anna from leaving with incriminating evidence against him, she threatened him with a gun. Kendall told Jack her theory about Trey setting the fire at Erica's house. While Kendall and Greenlee worked together to take down Trey, Leo and his brother continued to bond with each other. David reluctantly agreed to let Trey live with him. Trey and Maggie bonded over the fact that they were both unwelcome in Pine Valley. Petey continued to be a troublemaker. Maria believed David's stories, despite everyone else's attempts to get her to recognize his deceit.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
After some initial discomfort, Aidan and Maria grew closer and shared a kiss. Vanessa confessed that she had once been Richard Field's lover and that she had overheard Erica's rape. Kendall and Trey took tests to determine if they were siblings. After David begged for his assistance, Leo stole crucial evidence from the Pine Valley Police Department. Jack did not tell Anna that the evidence was missing, but he did warn Leo. David managed to steal back the vial of serum. Brooke was crushed when she saw Edmund without his wedding ring.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Tad tried to cheer Brooke up, but neither person felt cheerful after Jamie voiced his anger toward Edmund. After spying Maria kissing Aidan, Edmund grabbed his wife and pulled her into a passionate kiss of his own. The kiss prompted Maria to realize that she might want to try to remember her previous life. Kendall forced Trey to make a list of all of the horrible things that he had done since arriving in Pine Valley. Leo was shocked when he learned about Trey's misdeeds, and he was also shocked to learn that Trey and Kendall were siblings. Anna continued to investigate David. Jake determined that Frank had to be the father of Mia's child.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Vanessa escaped and threatened to kill Greenlee if Leo did not find and return Vanessa's diamonds. Believing that Greenlee was dead, Leo fought Vanessa for control of her gun. In the struggle, Leo and Vanessa fell over a waterfall and were presumed dead. Trey, meanwhile, managed to combat a fear of heights and rescue Greenlee. Anna gave David the sad news about his family. Frank and Simone continued their relationship. Jake told Mia that she could trust him. Maria remembered meeting David for the first time. Maria was also able to save Sam when he choked on his breakfast.
October 21 to 25, 2002
A slightly tipsy Brooke and Adam made love. Brooke was forced to hide Adam when Tad visited. Tad questioned Brooke about what she had done the previous night. Everyone in Pine Valley gathered at Wildwind to remember Leo. Anna told David that she would like to name her child after Leo. Kendall and Trey disagreed about what to do with Vanessa's diamonds, but he ultimately used them to get out of a sticky situation. Edmund tried to impress Maria on their date.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Edmund was upset to see Maria and David together. Edmund punched David, who decided not to press charges. Aidan and Kendall grew closer after she helped him out of a difficult situation at work. Unable to resist temptation, Brooke and Adam made love again. JR and Jamie tried to give Tad a Halloween surprise, but Tad was overwhelmed with memories of Dixie. Greenlee attempted to cope with the loss of Leo. Chris told Erica that he would like to get married on Christmas Day.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Mia agreed to go to New York to meet with Adam's lawyers about William's adoption. Liza mistakenly assumed that Adam and Mia were having an affair. During an intimate moment, Edmund referred to "Maureen" as Maria, prompting her to quickly withdraw from him. After Edmund and Maria were involved in a car accident, David gave her over-the-phone instructions on how to perform a life-saving tracheotomy on Edmund. Maria showed flashes of previous medical knowledge, but she insisted that she didn't know what she was doing. Anna changed her mind about resigning from the police force and took Jack's advice about taking a leave of absence instead. Anna told David that she wanted to give their marriage another chance. Greenlee held an intruding Donald Steele at gunpoint, but Trey arrived in time to stop her from pulling the trigger.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Trey convinced Greenlee that she needed to return to Pine Valley to remind everyone of the love that she had shared with Leo. Maria took the stand at David's trial and revealed that he had wiped out both her memory and the memory of the corpse with his experimental drugs. Maria's testimony shocked Anna but failed to sway the judge, who declared David innocent based on a lack of evidence. Adam and Brooke feared that Liza had figured out that they were having an affair with each other, unaware that Liza actually believed that Adam was sleeping with Mia. Mia learned that she might be pregnant.
November 18 to 22, 2002
Opal and Petey showed up at the Chandler Mansion dressed as Venusians instead of Venetians. At the party, Jake proposed to Mia before leaving for the hospital. JR tried to understand his girlfriend's point of view. A drunken Jamie blurted out that Brooke and Adam were having an affair. Jamie also accused Brooke of having a habit of dating men who were bad for her. Mia was rushed to the hospital after Liza, who had convinced herself that Mia and Adam were sleeping together, pushed her out of an attic window. Aidan told Kendall that he would help her find Ryan. Erica was forced to decide if she could live with the possibility that Trey would escape prosecution.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Liza felt guilty when Mia asked her to take care of Mia's son in the event of her death. Adam questioned the story behind Mia's fall after Liza spoke cryptically about the incident. Jamie admitted to drinking at the ball, and his girlfriend's parents forbade him from seeing her again. Maria started to remember pieces of her previous life with Edmund, which made her very happy. Trey and Kendall had Erica arrested after she broke into Kendall's room to look for Trey's confession. Greenlee planned to spend the holiday alone. Edmund was concerned when he learned that Brooke and Adam were having an affair.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
After struggling to keep it a secret, Liza finally broke down and told Tad about her involvement in Mia's fall. Jake had trouble coping with Mia's condition and asked her to marry him in the hospital. Mia initially accepted his proposal, but later admitted that she didn't want to get married in the hospital. JR struggled to understand his relationship with Laurie, but things got complicated when he learned that her father was the school janitor. David told Maria and Edmund that he might be able to develop an antidote for her memory loss. Edmund secretly made a deal with David. Aidan confronted Kendall about her feelings for Ryan. Bianca offered Greenlee a job at Enchantment. Greenlee declined, but it sparked a renewed interest.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Maria stopped Aidan from injecting David with his serum. Maria threatened to do the deed herself, but she ultimately decided against it. David drew a gun and threatened to shoot Aidan unless Maria returned the drug. Adam visited Liza in jail, where she told him about Mia's "accident." Anna was reinstated as the chief of police after David made a deal with the district attorney. Maddie and Sam were disappointed when Maria was unable to confirm that she would be spending Christmas with them. Simone viewed a tape of her brother's drug "crash," and Frank was forced to reveal that he was the person who had filmed it.
December 16 to 20, 2002
Mia implored Frank to refrain from looking for William, fearing that he would only upset her son's life. Mia enlisted Simone's help to get Frank to back off. Jamie met Joni at the boathouse and secretly headed to church with her and her family. JR and Laurie also had a secret meeting, and he gave her his class ring. Jake continued to demand that Liza be held accountable for Mia's "accident." Anna learned that Aidan was wanted for murder in Scotland Yard. Kendall and Greenlee hired Simone to be a part of their new cosmetics company. Maria took Aidan to the barn at Wildwind to keep him out of harm's way after someone shot him. Mateo and Hayley left Pine Valley for the West Coast. Julia Santos returned to town.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Julia and Maria met face-to-face for the first time in years, but the reunion was far from happy. Aidan recalled kissing a woman named Fiona. Mia informed Jake that their wedding was off. Erica prepared to square off with Greenlee, who was plotting to topple Enchantment as the cosmetics company.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Aidan told Maria that he had found Fiona shot to death with a note warning, "You're next." Aidan's hiding spot in the stable was nearly uncovered several times, but he managed to avoid capture. Aidan sneaked into the main house at Wildwind and sent an email to someone that read, "Come and get me." Reggie, a young man at the Front Street Clinic, held Anna at scissor-point. Luis, another young man who made Reggie nervous, threatened Janelle. Greenlee, Kendall, Simone, Mia, Maggie, Joni, Laurie, and Liza had a New Year's Eve meeting to devise a launch plan for their company, which they named Fusion. Erica had a meeting with Jordan Roberts, a man from her past. Bianca and Chris worried that Erica might be flirting with him.
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