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January 3 to 7, 2011
Liza showed Erica and Jackson a picture of Kendall looming over David with a pillow in her hands. Jack warned Liza that the picture wasn't admissible in court because Kendall hadn't acted on the thought. Caleb enlisted Asher and Bianca's help to reenact David's shooting. Caleb quickly realized that Erica couldn't have shot David, so he confronted her with his suspicions. Erica confirmed that Kendall had shot David and then blocked the incident out of her mind. Erica and Caleb shared a heated kiss; however, Erica made it clear that she intended to marry Jack. Bianca suspected that Erica had feelings for Caleb, but Erica explained that she simply shared a connection with Caleb because he had rescued her from the plane crash. Kendall was hospitalized after being diagnosed with pneumonia. Kendall had a frightening vision of David. Kendall confided to Ricky that it felt like something was missing every time she thought of Zach's death. Ricky feared that Kendall's thoughts of David were keeping her from moving forward. Griffin decided to take Kendall to David's room to show her that David was still in a coma. Annie tried to enlist Asher's help to gain access to JR's laptop, but Asher refused to help her. Annie advised Asher to be nice to her because she and JR planned to spend the rest of their lives together. Annie overheard Marissa try to persuade JR to fire Annie. Annie offered to make peace with Marissa, but Marissa was skeptical. Damon tried to help Colby and Liza mend their relationship, but things didn't go well. Liza appreciated Damon's efforts on her behalf. Damon walked in on Colby and Asher during a passionate kiss. Damon broke up with Colby over the betrayal, but later found comfort in Liza's arms.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Madison was hurt when her father refused to see her. Greenlee turned to Scott for help when she learned that he had met Madison. Greenlee agreed to give Scott a job at the hospital and to speak at his parole hearing if he helped Madison move on from Ryan. Greenlee was shocked to learn that Scott was aware that Madison was pregnant with Ryan's baby. Scott was released from prison. Madison overheard Ryan speculate that Zach's business partners might have killed Zach to stop the sale of the casinos. Ryan was happy to learn that Madison had decided to stay in town. Griffin arranged for Cara to move in with Kendall, so that Cara could monitor Kendall's recovery. Tad found himself opening up to Cara. Damon was filled with remorse after he and Liza had sex. Colby desperately tried to work things out with Damon, but Damon admitted that he had been intimate with someone. Liza was horrified to realize that she was no better than her mother had been when Marian had slept with Tad 25 years before. Tad told Liza that she was worse, because Tad hadn't cared about Marian, but Damon had trusted and respected Liza. Annie began to have paranoid hallucinations about JR and Marissa. Annie panicked when she accidentally knocked out Marissa, so she staged things to make it appear as if a burglar had been responsible for Marissa's bump on the head. Annie was livid when JR cancelled their plans to leave town. Angie decided to visit Cassandra for a while. Angie was thrilled when Jesse let it slip that she was pregnant with a little girl. Natalia confessed to Brot that she was a virgin before they made love for the first time.
January 17 to 21, 2011
Liza decided to drop the charges against Erica, for shooting David, after a talk with Tad. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that Zach's plane crash had been a result of a malfunctioning fuel selector valve. Later, the NTSB agent called a mystery person to report that the investigation into Zach's plane crash had been closed and that no one, including Ryan, would be looking into it anymore. Ryan admitted to Kendall that he had thought that Zach's crash might have been intentional. Kendall was relieved when Ryan told her the results of the NTSB report. Greenlee accepted Ryan's proposal of marriage. Kendall assured Ryan and Greenlee that she was happy for them. Scott was disappointed to learn that he would be working as a data-entry clerk at the hospital. Madison opened up to Scott about some of the problems that she had suffered in the past. Ryan was surprised when he saw Scott put his arm around Madison. David woke up from his coma. Marissa agreed to represent David to keep him from going to jail. Krystal was not happy with her daughter's decision to help David. David noticed Greenlee's engagement ring when she paid him a visit. Jackson questioned Erica's relationship with Caleb. Erica insisted that nothing was going on with Caleb, but Jackson continued to have concerns. Jackson admitted to Krystal that he feared that Erica was looking for a way out of marrying him because of her feelings for Caleb. Griffin helped Kendall to find the strength to sleep in the bedroom that she had shared with Zach.
January 24 to 28, 2011
Liza set up an internship and admission to a pre-law program for Damon in California. Liza wanted the offer to remain anonymous, so Tad gave Damon the acceptance confirmation from UC Davis. Damon was stunned by the opportunity and his father's unconditional support. Damon decided to grab the chance to pursue his dreams. Asher overheard a revealing conversation between Damon and Liza. David realized that Greenlee and Ryan were engaged. Greenlee hoped that she and David could be civilized and asked him to end their marriage amicably. David doubted that Ryan would ever love Greenlee as much as David did. To Greenlee's relief, David signed the divorce papers. Greenlee and Ryan decided to get married on Valentine's Day. David found himself teetering on the edge of a rooftop thanks to Ryan. Annie became more unbalanced as her paranoia over losing JR to Marissa grew. Marissa became concerned about Annie's mental state after Annie made some wild accusations. JR became alarmed when he checked his phone to find that there had been a dozen missed calls from Annie. JR was not pleased when he learned that Annie had also called AJ to leave a message. Annie managed to fabricate a convincing excuse to explain the frantic voicemail messages. Cara revealed to Jake that she'd had leukemia as a child and that there had been several relapses through the years. Kendall returned to work at Fusion, despite Griffin's reservations that it might be too soon. Brot tried to resign from the force, so that Natalia could keep her job.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Brot was stunned when Natalia announced her decision to take a job as a detective in Philadelphia. Natalia promised to return to Pine Valley often. Jackson continued to have concerns about Erica's relationship with Caleb. Erica told Jackson that she had been leaning on Caleb because Caleb knew that Kendall had shot David. Jackson was hurt that Erica hadn't trusted him with the truth sooner. Caleb decided to call in a favor to get Jackson reinstated as a practicing attorney. JR questioned Annie after he found Marissa's stolen things in Annie's room. Annie explained that she had staged the break-in because she feared that no one would believe that she hadn't intentionally hurt Marissa. Annie was stunned when JR revealed that he, not Marissa, had been the one to call Dr. Burke. JR told Annie that he loved her and that he wanted Annie to talk to Dr. Burke for the sake of their relationship. Annie flew into a rage when Colby followed Annie to the cottage and then managed to record Annie's confession about staging the break-in. Colby found herself handcuffed to a table after a brief struggle with Annie. Annie's mind continued to unravel as she drove back to the mansion. Kendall collapsed during a visit with David in jail. Kendall was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, which required immediate surgery. Griffin feared that Kendall wouldn't survive the surgery because of her frame of mind. Kendall became distraught when she suddenly recalled shooting David. Kendall was determined to talk to her mother before the surgery, so Kendall left the hospital. Griffin, Cara, and Jake found Kendall clinging to life in the park. Kendall was put in an ambulance, but on the way to the hospital, tragedy struck when the ambulance collided with Annie's car.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Griffin was forced to perform roadside surgery to save Kendall's life. Griffin insisted that he needed David's help, but David refused to cooperate until Erica agreed to arrange for a meeting with the governor on David's behalf. David was cleared to assist Griffin during the delicate operation. Jackson was furious when he realized that Erica had kept her promise to David. Jackson wondered if Erica had considered the consequences of her actions. David was granted a full pardon. Jake discovered that Cara wore her wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Cara confessed that she still had feelings for Jake and then explained why she had left him. Griffin admitted to Cara that he had become personally involved with Kendall. Cara was thrilled that Griffin had finally made a human connection. Asher was confused when he received a text message from Colby claiming to be in New York instead of Chicago. JR was surprised when Tad revealed that the police had traced the car involved in the ambulance crash to JR. Tad was stunned when JR realized that Annie had been driving the car at the time of the accident. Asher quickly figured out that Colby had been stashed at the cottage, so he raced to her rescue. Asher and Colby called JR to let JR know what Annie had done. Tad had commitment papers drawn up for Annie, but JR wanted to handle things his own way. Annie was certain that JR intended to propose to her, so she looked for the engagement ring. Annie was shocked to discover the commitment papers, which she believed Marissa had ordered. Annie managed to trick Marissa into going to the attic. Marissa was knocked unconscious after a brief tussle with Annie. JR was arrested. Greenlee revealed to Ryan that Madison was pregnant.
February 14 to 18, 2011
Colby told Liza about her ordeal as Annie's hostage. Liza agreed that Colby should press charges against Annie. Annie locked Marissa in the mansion's attic as gas fumes filled the air. JR raced to the attic to rescue Marissa when he realized what Annie had done. JR left Ryan a message to keep an eye on Emma. Meanwhile, Annie managed to slip into ConFusion during Ryan and Greenlee's wedding reception to spirit a reluctant Emma away. Annie enlisted David's help to get out of town. Annie called JR to let him know that she was leaving town because she refused to allow Marissa to send her to Oak Haven. Ryan and Greenlee cancelled their honeymoon plans to search for Emma. Jesse showed Ryan a picture of Annie and David in the park after Emma's abduction. Caleb tried to persuade Asher to move into Wildwind, but Asher declined. Amanda decided to call immigration to report Cara for entering the country under a false identity. Tad learned that Cara's life was in danger from a drug cartel. Tad suggested that Cara fake her death to throw off the drug cartel's men who were hunting for her. Amanda tried to undo the damage that she had caused, but it was too late. Cara was taken into custody for entering the country illegally. Ricky was livid when he and Kendall discovered that someone had broken into the Slater residence. Ricky feared that Kendall would eventually figure out that Ricky had killed Zach. Ricky met with his associate, Diana, who reminded Ricky of the mission. Griffin promised Kendall that he would continue to keep a close eye on her. Marissa agreed to represent Bianca when Bianca announced that she and Reese were divorcing. Marissa warned her new client that Bianca could be in for a custody battle with Reese.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Colby was deeply hurt when Liza confessed that she had slept with Damon. Colby disowned her mother and then tossed Liza out of the mansion. Opal and Krystal were dumbfounded when Tad announced his engagement to Cara. Tad explained the situation with Cara's immigration status and then confessed that he felt obligated to help her because Cara had once saved Jake's life. Amanda revealed to Jake that she had reported Cara to the authorities. Jake was livid that Amanda had endangered Cara's life because of jealousy. Amanda reminded Jake that she had no idea how much trouble Cara had been in because Jake hadn't confided anything to her. Kendall was surprised when Ryan admitted that he had hired someone to investigate Zach's plane crash. Ryan's investigator had found a box with Zach's initials on it that the FBI had missed, so Ryan arranged for the box to be delivered to Kendall. Kendall was shocked to find a letter from Zach in the box that read, "In the event of my untimely death." Ricky managed to divert Kendall long enough to replace the last page of Zach's letter with a page that Ricky had quickly composed. Ricky met his partner, Diana, to warn her that Zach's letter had revealed that Zach had accumulated damaging proof against the casino partners. Ricky promised to find the evidence before anyone else. Kendall sensed that something was off when she read the last page of Zach's letter. Madison and Scott decided to save money by moving in together. Emma called Madison, but Emma was unable to determine where she and Annie were. Madison quickly let Ryan know about the phone call. Ryan realized that Annie had figured out that JR had set a trap by arranging to meet Annie at a hotel in Montreal.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Bianca refused to turn over her daughters when Reese sent an attorney and nanny to take the girls back to Paris. Jackson warned Bianca that it was a classic tactic designed for Reese to get physical custody of the girls, so that the custody hearing would be held in Paris. Bianca realized that her split from Reese would not be amicable. Madison felt the baby kick for the first time. Madison was tempted to tell Ryan the truth about the baby, but decided that the time wasn't right because of Emma's abduction. Ryan continued to desperately search for his daughter by printing up flyers. Bianca promised to get the word out that Annie might be hiding out in shelters for battered women. David revealed that Annie had reached out to him for money and that she would call him back. Caleb advised Asher to tell Colby the truth about when Asher had learned of Liza's affair with Damon. Colby felt betrayed that Asher hadn't told her about Liza and Damon. Colby turned to her web camera to vent about the people who had hurt her. Colby's video went viral. Erica sensed that Krystal was romantically interested in Jackson. Jackson decided to move out of the penthouse, so Erica pulled out all the stops to win him back. Krystal was surprised to learn about Tad's engagement. Cara and Griffin's mother arrived in Pine Valley to meet Tad. Mrs. Castillo vowed to stop the wedding. Cara gave Jake her wedding ring that she had kept on a chain. Kendall had doubts about the authenticity of Zach's letter because of the use of an odd term of endearment that Zach had disliked. Ricky continued to stick close to Kendall in an effort to learn where Zach might have hidden the incriminating evidence against Diana and the casino partners. Kendall took Ricky to the yacht where, unbeknownst to them, Zach had hidden the evidence. Ricky assured Diana that he would take care of Kendall if Kendall discovered the CDs.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Joe and Ruth Martin returned to Pine Valley for Tad's nuptials. Amanda feigned illness to get out of going to Tad and Cara's wedding, but she later tried to make peace with the bride. Krystal decided to move out of Tad's house to keep Kathy and Jenny safe from the drug cartel that was after Cara. Colby decided to leave her video online after she received overwhelming support from people who had seen it. Liza was publicly humiliated when Opal confronted Liza about the affair with Damon during Cara's bridal shower. Colby was unmoved by her mother's plight. Kendall walked in while Ricky searched the yacht for Zach's hidden evidence. Ricky claimed that he had lost his cell phone. Ricky overheard Griffin talk to Kendall about the stolen drugs from the hospital. Griffin urged Kendall to talk to Brot about her suspicions regarding Zach's death. Kendall was disappointed when Brot explained that she hadn't provided him with enough evidence to warrant an investigation. Scott arranged for Madison's ultrasound appointment to be moved up. Madison was delighted to learn that she was expecting a little girl. Madison wrote a proposal for Fusion to start an organic line for pregnant women. David took the first step to regain his medical license by volunteering at a free clinic. Ryan taped a public appeal to Annie in an effort to force her to reach out to David for money. Annie made contact by having Emma call David. Ryan snatched the phone away to speak to his daughter, so Annie realized that David was in cahoots with Ryan. Ryan asked Madison to accompany him to Boston in his search for Emma because Emma had responded to her. Ryan realized that he was the father of Madison's baby when he overheard her tell a doctor that she was 19 weeks pregnant.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Colby promised the people who had viewed her blog that she would continue to call out anyone in her life who wronged her. Tad was heartbroken at the prospect of Krystal moving out with the girls because of the danger that Cara's enemies posed. Cara managed to persuade Krystal to change her mind about the move. Griffin showed Zach's letter to Tad and Cara. Tad agreed that Zach wouldn't have used the term "sweetheart." Griffin feared that Zach's casino partners were involved in Zach's death and that Kendall might be in danger. Griffin decided to investigate the casino partners. Ricky tried to undermine Griffin by telling Kendall that some kids from the teen center had bought drugs that had been traced back to the hospital. Greenlee allowed Ryan to assume that she hadn't known about the paternity of Madison's baby. Madison agreed to keep Greenlee's secret in exchange for an opportunity to pitch a proposal for a new organic cosmetics line. Madison declined Ryan's offer to live in a penthouse at the casino. Scott turned down JR's invitation to live at the Chandler mansion. Things heated up between Madison and Scott. Annie's mind continued to unravel as she encountered a man in the park she imagined was Scott. Annie stole the man's wallet and then fled to a hotel with Emma. The man reported the incident to the police, so Ryan and Greenlee headed to the park. Ryan eventually tracked Annie to the hotel. Emma managed to slip out of the hotel room during her parents' confrontation. Emma was later found in the park and then returned to Ryan. JR arrived to calm Annie down before she was taken to Oak Haven for treatment.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Liza realized that David was her only ally. Griffin tried to gain access to Diana, so Ricky arranged for several men to rough up Griffin in an alley. Griffin told Kendall that his injuries were the result of an encounter with a date's jealous ex-boyfriend. Ricky planted seeds of doubt about Griffin by telling Kendall that the drug dealer, who had been selling drugs to the kids at the teen center, had been beaten up. Kendall won the bid for Griffin during the bachelor auction. Things took an uncomfortable turn for Griffin and Kendall when they tried to clarify where they stood with each other romantically. Ricky was furious when he realized that Kendall had bid for Griffin instead of him. Cara won a date with Ricky. Madison was disappointed when she learned that Marissa had bid for a date with Scott. Scott confessed that he had cut short his date with Marissa because he'd rather be at home with Madison. Emma continued to push Greenlee away. Emma insisted that she didn't want Greenlee to take her mother's place. Ryan assured Emma that Annie would always be her mother, but Emma refused to accept that Greenlee was a part of the family. Erica suspected that Caleb had redirected the feelings that he couldn't express for Asher towards her. Erica postponed her auction date with Jack to continue her discussion with Caleb. Opal noticed some positive changes in Tad since his marriage to Cara. Cara and Tad's friendship deepened while Jake and Amanda continued to drift apart.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
Natalia arrived home for a visit. Jesse surprised Angie by taking her to their first house. Angie went into labor, so Jesse was forced to deliver his daughter. Tragedy struck when Angie passed out just before Jesse delivered their stillborn daughter. A young girl abandoned a baby girl in Brot's squad car. Brot responded when Jesse radioed for help. Jesse and Brot decided to switch babies to keep Angie from learning that her daughter had died. Later, Jesse and Brot buried Ellie in the woods. Angie and Jesse decided to name their new daughter Lucille Eleanor. Cara found it incredibly lucky that Angie had delivered a healthy baby after a placental abruption. Kendall promised to sell the casinos quickly, so Griffin would have the money for his Miranda Center project. Ricky arranged to spend some time with Kendall by inviting her and the boys to a game. JR suggested that Marissa join him and AJ on a trip to Disney World during spring break. JR promised AJ that Marissa would return one day, so they could be a family again. JR took steps to persuade Reese to agree to joint custody of the children by offering her a job redesigning the Chandler offices. Erica told Caleb that she intended to marry Jackson and that her feelings for Caleb would never go beyond friendship. Caleb accused Erica of sending him mixed signals, but he vowed to wait for her. Krystal fell into the water as she was exiting Jackson's yacht. Jack insisted that Krystal change out of her wet clothes, so he loaned her a shirt and robe to wear. Erica was shocked when she walked in on Jack and Krystal having a drink. After Jack left, Erica accused Krystal of throwing herself at Jack. Jack and Erica set sail for St. Barts to be married on the beach.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Emma continued to lash out at Greenlee by accusing Greenlee of trying to tear Emma away from Annie. Emma attended her first therapy session. Scott and Madison admitted that they cared about each other. Ryan and Madison heard their daughter's heartbeat during a prenatal checkup. Asher offered to get Maya a job working at the mansion. David and Liza hit the sheets, but Liza immediately had second thoughts about sleeping with David. David thought that fourteen years of foreplay with Liza had been worth the wait. David suggested that he might be able to restore Angie's eyesight. Jesse heard Angie admit to Lucy that she wouldn't have survived if Lucky had died, so he decided to stick to his lie. Jesse was anxious that Lucy's colic might be a sign of something more serious. Cara confided to Jake that she suspected that Angie's baby might not be her child because of the circumstances of Lucy's birth and Jesse's odd behavior. Jake resented Amanda kissing him for Cara's benefit. Cara tearfully confided to Tad that she had once thought that she might be pregnant with Jake's child. Amanda was hurt when Jake suggested that they postpone having another baby. Ricky strangled Diana to death after Diana had managed to get too close to Kendall. Griffin found Diana's lifeless body in his bed. Griffin was arrested for Diana's murder. The evidence against Griffin mounted after Jesse found plane tickets in Griffin and Diana's name and a cache of drugs in Griffin's room. Kendall felt compelled to tell Jesse about Griffin's confession to her about the drugs stolen from the hospital.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Erica and Jackson's loved ones gathered in St. Barts for the wedding. Krystal declined to accompany Marissa to St. Barts to deliver some good news to Bianca. Bianca was thrilled when Marissa revealed that Reese had decided to give Bianca full custody of the girls. Caleb flew to St. Barts to persuade Erica to run away with him. Caleb promised to wait at the airport for Erica. Erica decided to marry Jack, but she was kidnapped before she could join him at the altar. Erica found herself held captive in a room that resembled her bedroom. Griffin was arrested for stealing drugs from the hospital. Griffin assured Tad that he had only stolen antibiotics to ship to third world countries. Tad decided to plead Griffin's case to Liza, but she insisted that she couldn't help Griffin because the evidence against Griffin was strong. Ricky arranged for a guard to stab Griffin in jail. Griffin was rushed to the hospital after his sister, Cara, found him collapsed on the ground. Jake surprised Amanda and Trevor with an Easter-themed picnic in the park. Amanda was resigned when Cara called Jake for help. Amanda admitted to Tad that she couldn't ignore the fact that Cara was still drawn to Jake. Maya went to the Chandler mansion for a job. JR was impressed with Maya's determination, but grew concerned when she passed out. JR agreed to give Maya a job if she received a clean bill of health. Maya told Frankie about her recent pregnancy. Jesse contemplated taking a leave of absence from the police force to spend more time with Angie and Lucy.
April 18 to 22, 2011
Miranda and Gabrielle's babysitter was revealed to be in cahoots with Erica's captor. Erica was forced to call Jackson to convince him that she didn't want to marry him. Erica was unsettled that her kidnapper knew so much personal information about her life. Ricky stepped up his game to get closer to Kendall and to eliminate Griffin as a threat. Kendall realized that Ricky was not who he seemed to be when he reassured her with the endearment of "sweetheart," which had been used in Zach's letter. Kendall was stunned when she found the original letter that Zach had sent to her and a flash drive in the yacht that she had once shared with Zach. Kendall showed Ryan what she had found and then confessed that she suspected that Ricky might have murdered Zach. Kendall decided to drop her sons off at Wildwind, to stay with Bianca, so that she and Ryan could uncover proof of Ricky's wrongdoing. Kendall enlisted Cara to create a diversion while Kendall helped Griffin to escape from the hospital before he was returned to jail. Kendall and Ryan urged Griffin to leave town to avoid capture. Griffin agreed, but he ordered Ryan to keep a close eye on Kendall. David suggested that experimental cutting-edge medicine might restore Angie's sight. Jesse didn't trust David, but Angie insisted that she was willing to take the risk if it meant that she had a chance to see again. Scott was turned down for a promotion because of his criminal record.
April 25 to 29, 2011
The identity of Erica's captor remained a mystery, but Erica suspected that Krystal was behind the kidnapping. Erica's kidnapper promised to send Erica's family a message if Erica agreed to talk about the happiest day of Erica's life. Erica insisted that marrying Jackson would be her happiest day. Krystal decided to resign after she and Jackson shared a close moment that nearly led to a kiss. Krystal changed her mind when she found Jackson flustered about a missing file. Krystal realized that she and Jackson made a great team. Asher captured his father on video, talking about Erica. Caleb was furious when he realized that Asher had hacked into Bianca and Kendall's email accounts to discover that Erica had emailed her daughters. Caleb confessed Asher's wrongdoings to Bianca. Bianca was inspired to persuade Jackson to record a special message to Erica. Kendall decided to pretend to want a relationship with Ricky in the hopes of finding proof that Ricky was responsible for Zach's death. Griffin reluctantly agreed to go along with Kendall's plan, but he insisted on keeping a close eye on her. Kendall shared her suspicions about Ricky with Bianca. Bianca deliberately gave Ricky the impression that Kendall and Zach had merely pretended to reconcile for the sake of the children. Cara was heartbroken when Kendall claimed that Griffin had left town to aid doctors on the Afghan border. Tad reminded Cara that she wasn't alone because she still had Tad and the girls. JR played matchmaker by fixing Bianca up with a woman that he worked with. Bianca's date quickly sensed that Bianca had romantic feelings for Marissa.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
Erica languished in her prison, while her loved ones tried to make sense of her continued absence. Erica was furious when her captor resorted to drugging her because it had compromised Erica's sobriety. Erica's captor was revealed to be a woman. Erica sent her captor to the penthouse to fetch a book that, unbeknownst to her captor, had a secret compartment with a phone in it. JR persuaded Marissa to move into the mansion, so she wouldn't have to lie to Agent Trumbull about Tad and Cara's marriage. Marissa made it clear that she would only stay with JR until she found a place of her own. Scott vowed to rebuild Stuart's gatehouse after it was destroyed when heavy winds toppled a tree. Scott and Madison made love. Ryan was stunned to learn that Greenlee had known about Madison's pregnancy since Christmas. Greenlee confessed to Ryan that she had also bribed Scott to keep Madison away from Ryan. Greenlee was crushed when Ryan decided to put their wedding plans on hold. Angie figured out Amanda's plan to have a baby. Angie warned Amanda that the plan would backfire, but Amanda was certain that Jake would be happy once the baby was a reality. Jesse visited Ellie's grave. Kendall and Griffin worked together to try to get proof of Ricky's crimes. Griffin became concerned when he lost touch with Kendall, who had been wearing a wire. Kendall found herself having to deal with Ricky's amorous advances.
May 9 to 13, 2011
Jesse was irritated when he spotted Liza at ConFusion. Jesse accused Liza of doing whatever dirty work was necessary to find something on him worthy of reporting back to the mayor. Liza suggested that Jesse had nothing to worry about if he hadn't done anything wrong. Liza realized that David was still in love with Greenlee, so she vowed to make some changes with her life. David took delight in revealing to Ryan and Scott that he had told Madison about Greenlee and Scott's agreement for Scott to keep Madison away from Ryan. Scott desperately wanted to clear things up with Madison, but Madison refused to talk to Scott. Madison lost control of her car when she tried to turn off her ringing cell phone. Ryan, Greenlee, and Scott raced to the hospital when they received word of Madison's accident. Scott gave Madison a heartfelt apology and then confessed that he loved her, but Madison was rushed to surgery before she could respond. Kendall was grateful for Griffin's timely distraction when Ricky tried to get intimate with her. Ricky realized that someone had been in his room when he found that his laptop was not as he had left it. Jack and Krystal kissed and then agreed to take things slowly. Erica managed to sneak a call to Jack, but Spike answered the phone. Bianca realized that something was wrong when Spike told her about Erica's frantic phone call. Erica was forced to tape a message to her loved ones. Caleb picked up on Erica's clue that she was being held prisoner at the quarry. Erica was stunned to discover that her captor looked just like her. Jack, Caleb, and Asher raced to a nearby quarry to search for Erica, but an explosion endangered all of their lives.
May 16 to 20, 2011
Madison's daughter was born premature and then put on a respirator. Scott was determined to win Madison back, so he asked Greenlee for an advance on his salary to rent a bigger place for when Madison and the baby were ready to go home. Madison and Ryan decided to name their newborn daughter, Sara Lavery. Tragically, Sara developed pneumonia and a bacterial infection in her blood. Ryan was stunned when the doctors broke the news to him that Sara had died. Madison was devastated when Ryan told her about the passing of their little girl. The survivors from the explosion at the quarry managed to dig their way out. All but Asher were unharmed. Asher suffered a spinal injury that left him temporarily paralyzed. Griffin and Kendall continued to work together to uncover proof that Ricky had killed Zach. Ricky surprised Kendall with a wedding proposal. Kendall was forced to agree to marry Ricky to keep him from growing suspicious. Griffin uncovered proof that Ricky had known Diana. Ricky was shocked to learn that Kendall hadn't told Spike and Ian about their wedding plans. Jane, Erica's look-alike, found that it wasn't easy to walk in Erica's shoes. Jane recalled having plastic surgery to look like Erica. Jane's odd behavior as Erica raised a few eyebrows, but Jane managed to cover her mistakes. Meanwhile, the real Erica tried to bribe her guard to release her from captivity. Erica was curious if Jane had people in her life who would notice Jane missing. A woman with an uncanny resemblance to Dixie managed to draw a star on her prison wall before she passed out.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Ricky's civilized veneer dropped when he was forced to tie up Bianca and Marissa and then lock them in a closet before they ruined his plans for Kendall. Kendall managed to seduce a confession out of Ricky. Ricky realized that Kendall had betrayed him when she confronted him with a gun. Griffin and Jesse arrived before Ricky hurt Kendall. Kendall was stunned when Jesse arrested Ricky and Griffin. Cara was horrified when she saw a news report about casualties in Afghanistan. Cara feared that her brother might have been killed, so she decided to fly to Afghanistan to search for Griffin. Jake was furious when Amanda admitted that she had continued to try to get pregnant after Jake had told her that he wasn't ready for more children. Things heated up between Jake and Cara at the free clinic, but a timely phone call stopped them from making love. Cara was stunned to learn from Tad that Griffin had never left town. Scott promised that his love for Madison was real, so he vowed to wait for her. Madison was surprised to learn that she and David had something in common as David talked about the loss of his infant daughter, Leora. Ryan declined Greenlee's offer to help with Sara's funeral arrangements. David claimed that he was the only man who could fully appreciate Greenlee. Erica tried to befriend the thug that Jane had assigned to guard Erica. Erica was shaken when the thug revealed that he had hurt Erica in more way than she could imagine. "Erica's" odd behavior continued to raise eyebrows, but Jane managed to explain things away.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
David discovered that Erica was drinking beer, so he threatened to tell her family if she didn't help him get reinstated at the hospital. Jane had an allergic reaction to fennel, so David was forced to give her an epi-pen shot that Jane carried in her purse. David was curious who "Jane Campbell" was when he read the prescription label on the life-saving medication. Ryan and Madison buried their daughter, Sara. Scott offered to move out of the tiny apartment, but Madison confessed that she couldn't stay there because it was filled with painful memories of her hopes and dreams for her daughter. Kendall was unsettled when she received a package with hockey jerseys for the boys, with the name Torres on the back, which Ricky had ordered prior to being exposed as a murderer. Kendall sought advice from Tad about how he had moved on after Dixie had died. Ricky accused Griffin of being in love with Kendall. Bianca grappled with memories of Ricky attacking her, which triggered flashbacks of her rape. Bianca tried to hide her growing feelings for Marissa. Jesse suspected that Tad was in love with Cara. Tad admitted that Cara was important to him, and that she had entered his life at a critical time after Damon had left and things hadn't worked out with Liza. Tad credited Cara for making him feel grounded. Cara had an opportunity to return to work at the hospital, but she was wracked with guilt over what had happened with Jake. Jake reminded Cara that they had stopped before they had made love. Jake insisted that he loved his wife and wanted to protect what he had with Amanda, so he assured Cara that she could take all the time that she needed to decide if working at the hospital would be the right thing for her. Amanda confided to Tad the lengths that she had gone to in order to hold onto Jake. Amanda realized that she was her own worst enemy. The woman who looked like Dixie continued to languish in an undisclosed area in an unconscious state. The woman dreamed of various times in Dixie's life.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
JR taunted Scott about Madison, which resulted in Scott taking a swing at his cousin. Bianca was on the verge of opening up to Marissa about her feelings when Marissa received a call about JR's fight. Marissa confided to Bianca that she was considering giving JR a second chance. JR used the fight as an excuse to throw Scott out, but Marissa insisted that Scott needed to be around family. JR took steps to make certain that the contractor never completed the gatehouse. Bianca had a flashback of Ricky grabbing her when a stranger reached out to request to use Bianca's phone. Kendall and Bianca had a heart-to-heart talk about what Ricky had done to Bianca and Bianca's love for Marissa. Bianca accepted that Marissa would never return her feelings, but she wanted to give Marissa a special music box. Colby and Maya were on hand to welcome Asher home from the hospital. Colby was asked to be the spokesperson for a new product line because of her vlogs. Cara played matchmaker by arranging for Kendall and Griffin to spend some time together at the yacht club. Kendall was disappointed when Griffin admitted that he planned to leave Pine Valley after his legal troubles were behind him. Liza arranged for the judge to agree to sentence Griffin to community service, so that he could keep his medical license. David agreed to keep quiet about Jane's true identity in exchange for Jane's agreement to help him get his medical license reinstated and then run Pine Valley Hospital. David offered Griffin a position as the chief of cardiac surgery. Jane basked in the attention that Erica's fans bestowed on her, but avoided talking about her daughters with Jackson. Jackson grew concerned when he found "Erica" trying to sneak a drink. Erica continued to befriend Jane's henchman, Ben.
June 13 to 17, 2011
Madison was determined to return to work, despite struggling with her grief over losing her baby. Scott told Madison that he loved her, but she pushed him away because he had lied to her about Greenlee. Jane was stunned when David revealed that he knew that she had lost a daughter in a car accident. Jane refused to talk about her former life, so she promised to do whatever David wanted, if he agreed to leave her past alone. Erica continued to cultivate a friendship with Ben. Ben revealed that he had been responsible for the car accident that had claimed Jane's daughter's life. Bianca resolved to hide her true feelings for Marissa, so that Marissa could find happiness with JR. Marissa pulled back when JR tried to take their relationship to the next level. JR was certain that Marissa had hesitated because she had feelings for Scott. Amanda jumped to the wrong conclusion when she overheard Jake tell Cara that Amanda would be devastated if she were to learn of what had happened between them in the clinic. Jake admitted that the idea of another man touching Cara made him jealous. Cara confessed that she wanted Jake to love her more than any other woman. Amanda decided that it was time for Jake to worry about her, so she decided to spend the night in a suite at the Yacht Club that JR had rented for a business meeting.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Jake was determined to salvage his marriage by taking Amanda away for a short trip. Amanda was guilt-ridden after she and JR slept together. JR insisted that he and Amanda had just been two friends comforting each other, so no one needed to know about their night together. Amanda was tempted to tell Jake the truth, but in the end, she decided to keep quiet because she didn't want to lose Jake. Jane finalized the sale of the hospital and then shocked everyone by announcing that David was her new partner, so he would be running the hospital. Kendall was certain that David had blackmailed her mother. Angie signed the consent form to begin treatment to restore her eyesight. Angie expressed an interest in hiring Maya to babysit Lucy. Maya felt that it would be too difficult to be around a baby after she gave up her own daughter. Colby grew concerned when she spotted evidence that Maya might have been abused. Maya denied that anyone had hurt her, but Colby wasn't convinced. Bianca grew increasingly uncomfortable as she and Marissa sat on a bed watching television. Marissa feared that she might have said something to upset Bianca, so Bianca admitted that she was attracted to Marissa. Greenlee confided to Kendall that it bothered her that Madison acted as if she could get Ryan. Kendall advised her friend to focus on what Greenlee had with Ryan instead of worrying about Madison's misguided beliefs.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
Asher and Colby shared a heated kiss, but Colby pulled back from making love because she wanted to take things slowly. Asher and Colby decided to follow Maya after Maya showed up with a black eye. Asher took a swing at the guy that Maya had met in the park, but Maya explained that Mookie had been protecting her from her ex-boyfriend. Later, Mookie promised Maya that he would never hit her again. Greenlee was stunned when she arrived home to discover that Ryan had arranged for them to get married. Tad officiated the wedding as Greenlee and Ryan exchanged vows. Marissa had second thoughts after she and JR made love. Amanda feared that she might be pregnant after she experienced some intense cramping. Cara surprised Tad by taking him out on a real date. Tad had doubts about making his marriage to Cara work because he sensed that something seemed off with Cara. Cara was hurt when Griffin sent her a text message to explain that he had decided to leave Pine Valley. Griffin explained to Kendall and Bianca that he had decided to oversee the building of a Miranda Center in Chile. Bianca saw the disappointment on her sister's face, so she urged Kendall to ask Griffin to stay. Kendall and Griffin couldn't find the words to admit how they really felt about each other. Greenlee and Randi were concerned by Madison's erratic behavior. Madison remained determined to focus on honoring her daughter's memory. Jesse questioned "Erica" about the kidnapping. Jane and David made love. Jane felt bad for betraying Jack, but David pointed out that Erica, not Jane, was engaged to Jack. Jane was knocked out during a brief struggle with Erica. Dixie woke up.
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
Liza was fired for failing to get Jesse booted from the police force. Caleb managed to persuade Liza to work for him. Tad decided to ask Cara for a divorce because he wanted more from their marriage than just her gratitude. Cara assured Tad that she was over Jake, and ready to move forward, but Tad didn't believe her. Angie was determined to give David the opportunity to restore her eyesight, but she also agreed to secretly help Ryan uncover the truth about the sale of the hospital. Bianca and Kendall were surprised when Ryan told them that Griffin hadn't boarded the flight to Chile. Ryan suspected that Griffin might be in cahoots with David, but Griffin confessed to Kendall that he had remained in Pine Valley for her. Ryan found a key card in David's office with the name "Project Orpheus" printed on it. Later, Griffin was revealed to have a matching key card in his jacket. Asher asked for a refill on his pain medication. Frankie reluctantly prescribed Asher more pain medication, but made it clear that Asher would be expected to wean himself off of the pills. Asher readily agreed to do as Frankie suggested, so that Frankie would write the prescription. Amanda was stunned when Cara suggested that Amanda's symptoms might be a sign of cervical cancer or an STD. JR feared that Marissa would find out about his one-night stand with Amanda when Amanda revealed that she had been tested for the human papillomavirus. Erica decided to write a new autobiography, so she enlisted Ben's help. Ben became upset when Erica talked about the abuse that she had suffered at her father's hands. Erica was pleased with Ben's reaction.
July 11 to 15, 2011
Marissa and Bianca shared a kiss in the park. JR accused Marissa of having feelings for Scott, so she admitted that she was falling in love with Bianca. Tad realized that JR had started drinking again after Marissa had told JR that she was a lesbian. Erica's loved ones gathered to stage an intervention to get Erica away from David. Jack was devastated when Jane went on the defensive by announcing that she was in love with David. Bianca accused David of using Erica. Bianca and Kendall were shocked when David proposed marriage to Erica. Amanda told Jake that she had an STD. Jake was stunned when Amanda confessed that she had slept with JR. Jake blamed himself for Amanda's one-night stand. Ryan questioned Griffin about Project Orpheus, but Griffin denied any knowledge of it. Kendall sensed that Griffin was keeping something from her because she felt as if he had put up walls between them. Ryan decided to confront David about Project Orpheus, so David claimed that it was a project to establish health care in orphanages. Ryan was certain that David was lying. Maya decided to take a job as Lucy's new babysitter. Erica heard banging on the wall of her prison, so she asked Ben about it. Ben assured her that it was nothing, but he raced away to investigate the noise.
July 18 to 22, 2011
Tad received a box of Dixie's belongings after Dixie's father passed away. Tad found Dixie's childhood diary among her personal effects. Griffin demanded to know if David had taken their research to the next level by experimenting on people. David admitted that he had tested the research on Greenlee and Maria with great success. David was revealed to have been keeping Dixie, and others, locked away in the same compound where Erica had been held captive. Jane had a change of heart after hearing Erica's uncensored memoirs. Erica persuaded Jane to release her, so that Jane could live her own life. Jane was afraid to be alone, but Ben promised to be by her side because he loved Jane. Erica returned to Pine Valley, where she told her unbelievable story of captivity to Jack and Jesse. David cleverly convinced Jack and Jesse that Erica had suffered a breakdown. Marissa told Krystal and AJ about her relationship with Bianca. JR took solace in alcohol when he realized that he had lost Marissa for good. Dixie managed to escape her prison, but she ended up wandering around the park where Kathy spotted her. Later, JR was in a drunken stupor when he stumbled across his mother.
July 25 to 29, 2011
Scott bumped into Madison at the park. After a pleasant conversation, Scott invited Madison to the gatehouse to see the progress that he had made in rebuilding it. Jesse's suspicions were confirmed when the results of the DNA test revealed that Maya was Lucy's birth mother. Jesse objected when Angie announced that Maya would be moving in to work for them as a full-time nanny. Jesse turned to Frankie for help, but Frankie assured him that Maya had made peace with her decision to give up her baby. Amanda and Jake talked to an oncologist after Amanda was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Amanda's spirits sank further when she learned that she might not be able to have any more children. JR continued to spiral out of control as he drowned his sorrows in alcohol. JR saw Dixie in the park, but he dismissed it as a drunken hallucination. Brot managed to lure Dixie out of hiding after he realized that she was living in the park. Brot took Dixie to Oak Haven for evaluation. Erica was admitted to Oak Haven after she stabbed David with a knife. David quickly recovered after emergency surgery. Greenlee tried to trick David into telling her how he had saved her life after the accident. Jack decided to investigate Erica's claims that she had been kidnapped, and held captive for months, while another woman posed as her. Erica reunited with some familiar faces at Oak Haven, including Janet Green, Marian Colby Chandler, and Annie. Erica was shocked when she saw Dixie asleep in one of the rooms at Oak Haven.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
Griffin decided to tell Ryan everything that he knew about the Orpheus Project. Griffin suggested to Kendall that Zach could be alive, but Kendall insisted that it wasn't possible. David took Greenlee to his secret lair where he kept past Pine Valley residents, believed to have died, locked in rooms for treatment. David realized that Greenlee had faked her systems, so he injected her with drugs that knocked her out. Greenlee dreamed of waking up in a room where her first husband, Leo duPres, had been kept. Greenlee and Leo reminisced about their life together and then Leo told her that he wanted her to be happy, even if it were with Ryan. Greenlee woke up from her dream and then looked at the gurney, expecting to see Leo, but she was shocked when she saw Zach instead. Elsewhere, Janet burned down Oak Haven, which allowed Erica, Dixie, Annie, Janet, and Marian to escape. Annie went to see Emma. Ryan refused to provide Annie sanctuary, but he promised to take Emma for visits to see Annie because he realized that she was getting better when she volunteered to surrender to the police. Kendall and Bianca were stunned when Erica arrived on their doorstep with Dixie in tow. Tad and Cara grew closer as they made plans to go to Martha's Vineyard for a belated honeymoon. Cara was startled after Janet was admitted to the hospital and then revealed that Dixie was alive. Cara assumed that Janet was delusional, but Griffin admitted that what Janet had said could be true. Tad sat under the stars to talk to Dixie, without realizing that Dixie stood nearby.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Jane agreed to return to Pine Valley with Jackson when he tracked her down. Jane took responsibility for everything that she had done, and then surprised everyone by claiming that she had stabbed David at ConFusion. Erica vowed that David would pay for his crimes, but David warned Erica that if that happened then she would never know which of her loved ones he had saved. Jack whisked Erica away to Paris. At David's secret medical compound, Greenlee had a bittersweet dream about Leo. Greenlee was stunned when she woke up in a room where Zach was recovering from injuries that he had sustained in the plane crash. Ryan eventually found Greenlee and Zach, but Zach suffered a seizure before they could escape. David arrived in time to save Zach's life again. Tad was shocked when he encountered Dixie in the park. Tad and Dixie shared a heartwarming reunion before Tad took Dixie home to meet Kathy. JR refused to believe that Dixie was alive. JR was certain that his mother's return from the dead was an elaborate hoax. Tad promised Cara that he was committed to her, but Cara thought that they all needed time to sort things out. Tad reminded Cara that he hadn't been with Dixie at the time of Dixie's death, and then made it clear that he refused to let Cara be deported. Scott and Madison spent some time together in the park, enjoying each other's company. Kendall went to the hospital to pick up some medicine for Spike, and saw Zach arrive in critical condition.
August 15 to 19, 2011
Amanda woke up after the operation, claiming that she had dreamed that something wonderful would happen and that she and Jake would be a part of it. Cara confirmed that Amanda was cancer-free. Kendall was stunned when she saw Zach as he was rushed into the hospital with a life-threatening infection. Griffin and David managed to get Zach's fever and infection under control, so Kendall and Zach reunited. Spike and Ian were overjoyed when Kendall took them to the hospital to visit Zach. Zach sensed that there was something between Griffin and Kendall, so he asked Greenlee about it. Greenlee told Zach that Griffin had saved Kendall's life, and then he had helped her to prove that Ricky Torres had sabotaged Zach's plane. Ryan was surprised to learn from Jesse that Ricky had been killed in prison. Dixie and Tad declared their love for each other and then kissed. Tad told Cara about his feelings for Dixie, but he remained determined to keep Cara from being deported. Cara refused to settle for anything less than real love, so she decided to leave town to avoid standing in the way of Tad and Dixie's reunion. Bianca and Marissa made love. JR's attempt to move the custody hearing up backfired on him when he lost custody of AJ. JR vowed to do whatever was necessary to get his son back. Cara and David found themselves confiding to each other about their troubles. David invited Cara to his place, where they shared a heated kiss.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Tad and Dixie were concerned about JR after they learned that Marissa had been awarded full custody of AJ. Dixie recalled that there had been another woman in the same facility where Dixie had recuperated after the poisoning. Ryan's thoughts were on Gillian after Greenlee confessed that David had hinted that Gillian might be alive. Cara and David made love. Afterwards, David asked Cara to work with him on the Orpheus Project. David revealed that he had to move up Angie's surgery because Griffin had threatened to go to the FDA to expose David's work on the Orpheus Project. David wanted to complete Angie's treatment to restore her eyesight before the project was shut down. Angie tried to find out who else David had saved. David explained that he would reveal the identities of the people whom he had helped once he determined that they were well enough to return to their loved ones. Everyone was stunned when Zach supported David. Kendall and Greenlee wondered if the Orpheus Project had involved brainwashing. Natalia accepted Brot's proposal of marriage. Brot became uncomfortable when Tad asked him questions about a baby being left in the back of a squad car. Brot denied any knowledge of the incident. Angie confessed that she had talked to Tad about finding Maya's baby because Maya had a right to know that the baby was safe. Maya wondered if there might be a possibility that she would be able to get her baby back.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
Jesse told Angie the truth about Ellie and Lucy. Angie was devastated to learn that her daughter had been stillborn; she demanded that Jesse take her to Ellie's gravesite. Angie wept over Ellie's grave, and then went home to tell Maya that Lucy was Maya's daughter. Jesse feared that the recent heartbreaking events had been too much for Angie, so he postponed the surgery to restore Angie's eyesight. Angie was furious when she learned what Jesse had done because she needed something to look forward to after losing two children. Frankie questioned Maya about her intentions. Maya admitted that she couldn't imagine giving her daughter up for a second time. A patient named Agnes Eckhart was admitted to Pine Valley hospital with botulism. David was stunned when Agnes gave David a message from David's father. Erica visited Mona's old friend, Agnes, who revealed to Erica that Mona wanted Erica to be satisfied with Erica's life in Pine Valley. Agnes was grateful for all that had been done for her, so she called someone at the State Department to arrange for Cara to be granted a green card to remain in the United States indefinitely. David was shocked when Cara revealed that her cancer might have returned because she had been feeling sick for some time. Opal was surprised when her first love, Sam Brady, contacted her about a class reunion. Opal confided to Krystal that Verla Grubbs had stolen Sam away from Opal. Krystal urged Opal to see Sam, but Opal explained that she had agreed to go to Los Angeles with Erica because Erica was certain that David had stashed Mike Roy in a secret facility. Erica turned to Zach for help with David, but Zach remained firmly in David's camp. Marissa and Bianca were overjoyed when they learned that their bid for their dream house had been accepted. JR decided not to use the sex tape of Marissa and Bianca to get AJ back, but he vowed that he would find another means to be a part of his son's life.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
Erica was surprised to meet Langley Wallingford's daughter, Verla, for the first time. Verla invited Erica to be a guest on The Wild and Wacky World of Verla Grubbs, but changed her mind when Erica warned Verla to stay away from Opal's old flame, Sam Brady. Opal was overjoyed when Sam confessed to Verla that he had returned to Pine Valley to reconnect with Opal. Sam invited Opal to spend time with him at his home in Hawaii, so Opal happily accepted. Angie underwent surgery to restore her eyesight. Jesse regretted that he had cost Angie two children: Ellie and Lucy. Tad insisted that Angie loved Jesse, but she needed time to mourn before she could forgive Jesse. Dixie confided to Krystal that there had been a female patient in one of David's facilities, who had worn a bracelet that had the letter "B" on it. Krystal refused to get her hopes up that Babe might be alive. David warned Zach to back down because there were two more patients close to making a full recovery. Ryan, Greenlee, and David were stunned when Zach admitted that he had killed Griffin to ensure that David's work wasn't jeopardized. A shot rang out when Ryan tried to get the gun away from Zach. Cara took some blood tests because she suspected that her cancer had returned, but she was shocked when the results revealed that she was pregnant. Jake told Amanda that he had been looking into adoption, so he wanted them to start the process of expanding their family by adopting a child. Scott was furious when he learned of JR's financial troubles, which had put the mansion into foreclosure. Marissa warned JR that he would lose everything, including his son, if he didn't get his act together. Dixie donned a chicken costume, like the one that Tad had once worn when he proposed to her, to prove to Tad that she valued him, and was determined to make their relationship work. Krystal decided that it was time to move out of Tad's house, so Tad asked Dixie to move in.
September 12 to 16, 2011
Brooke returned to Pine Valley. Erica agreed to star in Kit Sterling's movie about Erica's life. Jack was disappointed when Erica revealed that they would have to postpone their wedding while she worked on the movie. David was arrested after he admitted to Zach, Ryan, and Greenlee that he had known that the casino partners had intended to kill Zach. Ryan secretly recorded the confession, and then turned the tape over to Jesse. Natalia quickly forgave Brot when he told her that he had helped Jesse to cover up Ellie's stillbirth. Dixie suspected that Babe was one of the two patients that David had in hiding, so Dixie and Tad decided to pay David a visit in jail. Tad warned David that, if Babe were alive, it wouldn't be fair to keep her from AJ and Krystal. JR was stunned when Dixie suggested that Babe might be alive. JR realized that David had had ample opportunity to save Babe following the tragedy, so he arranged for someone to follow Griffin when David asked Griffin to take care of David's two mystery patients. Cara told Griffin that she was pregnant. Cara went to see David to say goodbye and to tell him about the baby. Colby advised Maya to move out with Lucy because it would make things more difficult on Angie the longer that Maya waited. Colby invited Maya and Lucy to move in with her and Liza. Colby decided to fight for Asher because she was certain that they had something special. Scott was delighted when Madison told him that she wanted them to start over. Angie was overjoyed when she realized that her eyesight had returned.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Angie and Jesse welcomed Maya and Lucy back after Maya confessed that living at Liza's house didn't feel like home. Scott was delighted when Madison agreed to move in with him. Angie and Jesse were thrilled when Randi revealed that she might be pregnant. JR was heartbroken when Babe's spirit urged him to accept that she had died. Adam returned to Pine Valley. JR confronted his father about Adam's decision to disinherit him. Adam was filled with regret that he hadn't been a better father to JR. JR was hurt when Adam encouraged JR become his own man by leaving Pine Valley. Dixie gave JR the opportunity to say goodbye to AJ, despite the restraining order that Marissa had been granted, restricting JR from having any contact with AJ. Tad and Dixie were overjoyed when Joe and Ruth announced that they were moving back to Pine Valley. Jamie returned home for a long-overdue visit with his family. Tad and Dixie decided to get married. Everyone was stunned when it was revealed that David's mystery patient was Stuart. Adam gave his beloved twin the will to live. Stuart was happily reunited with his family, including Scott and Marian. Dixie begged David to tell her who the other patient was, but David insisted that Dixie was better off not knowing. Jack walked out on Erica after Erica admitted that she didn't want to get married. Brooke accepted Adam's proposal of marriage. Brooke revealed that she had purchased the Chandler mansion with the inheritance that she had received from her Aunt Phoebe. JR skulked in the hidden passageways of Chandler mansion as everyone gathered to welcome Stuart home. JR took aim at one of the party guests and then fired. All My Children concluded its 41-year run on ABC on Friday, September 23, 2011.
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