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January 4 to 8, 1999
John found Carly hiding at Jack's. Camille turned down Brad's marriage proposal. A drunken Andy got into a brawl at the Oasis Club. Stranded at Jack's house by a blizzard, John helped Carly deliver a baby boy a few minutes before midnight. Nobody believed a pregnant Emily when she claimed David was stalking her
January 11 to 15, 1999
After Lucinda had Eddie evicted, he secretly moved in with Georgia at Lucinda's poolhouse. Paternity tests showed John was the father of baby Joey, a.k.a. Parker Joe Dixon. Carly used her $50 million trust fund to buy Fairwinds from James. Lucinda blurted out to James that David was dead. Eddie was hired as a bouncer at the Oasis.
January 18 to 22, 1999
Brad sneaked into John's office and learned about John's close relationship with Judge Manning. Nikki's "Dear John" letter to Andy made him start drinking, and an unconscious Andy and Molly had to be rescued from a gas leak in their apartment. Eddie carried Georgia away from the Oasis when her turn at "Talent Night" turned raucous. A new judge awarded temporary custody to Carly. At a meeting with John, Kim, and Margo, Molly came clean about Andy's drinking.
January 25 to 29, 1999
Andy returned to A.A. after his family and Molly staged an intervention. James received a gun and note sent by a mystery man, revealing that Holden had killed David. After tests revealed the fingerprints on the gun to be Holden's, and the blood to be David's, James plotted revenge by rigging scaffolding in Lucinda's stables. Camille had reconstructive surgery on her breast, and Gary's assault on her apartment forced Denise to move in with Ben. Brad continued to flirt with Carly and advised her to stop trying to break up Jack and Julia.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
James' plan to kill Holden went awry, and he put Lucinda's life in jeopardy. He then let Georgia blame herself for the accident. Gary found out from Camille where Denise was staying and went there to attack her. Kim warned Andy about Molly.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Brad learned of Carly's plot to separate Jack and Julia in New York, and he pulled a switcheroo. Later, Carly found Julia in the ladies room, suffering withdrawal, and noticed when she dropped a pill. She took the pill for analysis. Back in Oakdale, Carly went for a shovel to clear the ice from the sidewalk, leaving Parker in the car. John stopped by and accused her of neglect. Georgia thought that Lucinda's accident was her fault. James had a specialist flown in to treat Lucinda. Katie learned the truth about how her father had died. Hope was diagnosed with FAS.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Georgia was devastated when Eddie broke their date to be with Katie. Jack proposed to Julia while Carly wondered if she should tell Jack about Julia's addiction. Ben and Camille tried to find their way back to each other, but too many things got in the way. Gary found out the truth about Margo and visited her home. He terrified Katie before Margo and Eddie arrived. John served Carly with papers for permanent custody of Parker. Lily was watching when Lucinda moved.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Lucinda suffered a stroke right after she emerged from her coma. Julia had a new psychiatrist, Reid Hamilton, and he gave her another prescription for the pills. Molly met face-to-face with Reid. Molly had dinner at the Hughes home with all the family. John asked Andy to be Parker's godfather. Eddie was offered the job of running Oasis. Camille and Denise had words. Later, Sara Ruth told Denise about Camille's cancer.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Eddie made his choice and told Katie that he wanted to be with Georgia. Emily had labor pains while still held captive in her lonely cell. It was discovered that Reid was David. Lucinda struggled to speak and let her family know what had happened in the stables. Jack saw Julia take more pills and confronted her about it. Bob discovered that Chris had been expelled from school for cheating. Parker was dropped while in the changing room, and AJ said Carly had done it.
March 8 to 12, 1999
The trial for custody of Parker began. John had a secret to hide. Denise recalled giving birth. Camille planned a romantic evening for her and Ben in the hopes of getting him back. Holden decided to go to the police and confess to killing David.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Carly tried to use the proposal from Brad to make Jack jealous. Reid confessed to James that he was David. James confessed to being behind Lucinda's accident. Lucinda recovered and begged James to run before the police arrived. A talk with Adam was all Margo needed to be convinced to give Tom another chance. Julia searched Reid's office for pills. Katie tried to make Georgia think that she was sleeping with Eddie, and her plan worked. Lily took Lucinda to a rehab center in Florida. When James heard sirens, Reid convinced him that Lucinda had turned him in. He then saved his father.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Jack and Julia set a wedding date. Carly intended to get between them before they married. Molly and Andy went public with their relationship. Tom and Margo argued over Emily.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Emily was arrested for murder, but after betraying her mother's trust again, she escaped. Tom decided to defend Emily; he argued with Margo about that. Later, Tom found Emily in New York, but Hal convinced Margo to tell him where Tom was; the police got there before Emily had a chance to turn herself in. Ben and Denise went to the ballet where, during intermission, she ran into a doctor who had once been her customer. Eddie remembered his mother on the anniversary of her death. Brad "kidnapped" Carly and took her on a romantic trip to San Francisco but wound up spending time with an old girlfriend instead of Carly.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Tom and Emily were returned to Oakdale. Emily was arrested, and Tom showed attitude. When he didn't cooperate, he was arrested and thrown into jail also. He learned that it was Margo who had told the police where to find him in New York. Molly wanted to deal with her unresolved feelings for David so she turned to Reid. After Molly interviewed Emily live for WOAK, she was desperate to see the body. She and Holden went to the grave and dug up "David." Brad made Carly jealous. Ben and Denise began searching for her child
April 12 to 16, 1999
Rita discovered that Reid had a passport with a different picture on it; Reid then slept with her to keep her quiet. He then put doubts in Julia's mind about Jack and Carly. Brad learned about the changed paternity test and flew to the Caribbean to warn Carly. Eddie and Georgia flew to Chicago, and with Georgia's help, Eddie got into Alec's office. Sarah Ruth led a protest at Eddie's club. Margo went on a date while Tom moved Emily into his hotel room.
April 19 to 23, 1999
After Denise urged him to tell Holden the truth, Ben did. Holden knew that Lily would never betray him. He figured out that it was David and he had switched babies. Emma urged him to tell Lily, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. Even though Jack urged her to drop Reid, Julia decided to keep him on as her therapist. Brad threatened to tell Hal about Parker, so Carly agreed to marry him. Although she was threatened that she would never find her baby, Denise did the right thing and testified against Gary. Margo was called to testify against Emily after finding new evidence.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Holden confessed to Jack that he had killed David. He later called Julia and let her know that Jack was on the way to see her. Julia panicked and ran to Reid; they spent the night together at the lake. Molly didn't know what to do about the feelings she had for Reid. Julia discovered that Reid had a child. Denise and Andy ran into each other, which reawakened memories for the two of them. Emily's trial ended; she then went into labor and had her baby just as the verdict was rendered.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
Kim was chosen as a bone marrow match for Hope but before it could be done, there was a bomb threat to the hospital. Reid overheard Jack and Holden talking about digging up the body; he got there ahead of them and dug it up himself. Later Reid burned the body. Chris claimed that a car belonged to a friend of his, and after he hot-wired it, he took Georgia for a joyride. Denise admitted to Ben that she had drunk until she learned she was pregnant; she also admitted that Andy was her baby's father, which helped Ben to figure out that Hope was her baby. Camille begged Brad not to marry Carly.
May 10 to 14, 1999
Julia called off her wedding to Jack and left her engagement ring on Jack's porch when she saw Jack and Carly together. Adam decided to change his last name to Munson. Carly finally gave in and married Brad to stop him from revealing the secret of Parker's paternity. Denise cradled her daughter Hope on the eve of her bone marrow transplant and told Lily about having given up a baby for adoption. Rita terrorized Julia at Reid's house.
May 17 to 21, 1999
Reid had Rita committed to a psychiatric hospital after discovering she was the one who had drugged Julia. Eddie was fired after confronting Alec with the fact that he had funded Eddie's scholarship and held photos of Deena. A jailed Emily faked hearing voices and was taken to the same psychiatric hospital as Rita. Julia headed for her mother's house in San Francisco with Reid after spying Carly wearing her old engagement ring. After Lily took out a restraining order, Denise confessed that Hope was her daughter, not Lily's.
May 24 to 28, 1999
DNA results confirmed Hope was Denise's biological daughter. Molly followed Reid to San Francisco and had flashbacks of David while kissing Reid. Jack, on the trail of Julia, hitched a ride with Carly on her private jet, but got the brush-off from Julia's mother, Charlotte. Andy surprised Molly in her hotel room.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Jack and Julia finally got a chance to talk, but their reconciliation was halted when Reid and Carly arrived. Holden and Lily were forced to hire another lawyer after Jessica informed them she had agreed to take Denise's case. Lily was horrified when Denise admitted she had sold her baby. An upset Carly ran into Jack's car but kept the other driver's identity secret from Brad. Eddie advised Georgia to accept the offer to study drama in London.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
Lily refused to use Denise's confession to bolster their custody case. Margo agreed to help after Hal ordered Jack to stop investigating Reid. On his birthday, Eddie kissed Georgia and told her he loved her. Denise signed the papers relinquishing her parental rights, but Lily felt guilty and ripped them up. Julia discovered Reid's lies when she applied for Melinda's passport.
June 14 to 18, 1999
Jack and Julia both went to the church on the day they were to be married. They didn't run into each other, but they thought about each other. Jack went with Ben, and Julia went with Reid. They later both went to the hospital but again didn't see each other. Jack continued investigating Reid and got into a fight with him; he was arrested and suspended. Carly bailed him out. Rita escaped from Spring Lake. Chris comforted Katie after Eddie dumped her. Eddie found out about his mom's high school reunion and wanted to go, but Alec wouldn't give him the night off. Alec threw a party to launch his new magazine, and Molly started asking him questions for In Your Face. To get her off his back, he told Molly that he had bought the show and would take it nationwide. Molly got excited and forgot about the interview. He offered Margo a job as his publicist. Adam decided to go to Hal's. Lily learned that Alec wanted Worldwide. Delores returned to town, asking Carly for help with the IRS. Carly agreed to help if she could convince Brad to divorce her. It didn't work, but Carly let Delores stay in the house. Denise and Lily bonded over Hope, and Denise said that she would let Lily and Holden adopt her. Emily recognized Rita's private nurse as the nurse that she had seen when David held her captive. The hospital thought she was crazy, and the nurse was gone and no one could track her down. Rita attacked Julia. Molly and Reid almost made love. Molly was disappointed that they didn't, and when she went home, Andy wondered what was wrong with her.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Julia and Andy got a proposal. Brad made a deal with Carly: spend one night with her as husband and wife, and she'd give him a divorce. Molly devoted an entire In Your Face to Andy. Lily and Holden went on television and pleaded for their daughter's life; the most unlikely person heard and answered.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
Tom found Nurse Fletcher working for Vicky and Jake McKinnon. Margo was skeptical that Emily had killed her captor in self-defense even after Nurse Fletcher revealed the cell where David, a.k.a. Reid, had Emily held prisoner. Emily went to prison when Reid, who was really David, said she was mentally fit for sentencing. Brad spent the evening with Rosanna when Carly and Jack got locked in a wine cellar. Hal and Barbara freed Carly and Jack, who almost made love. Carly decided to stick with Brad when Molly warned she could lose Parker if she dumped him. Holden rescued Lily after Gary lured her to a building slated for demolition by lying that her baby, Melinda, was there.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Jack was angry that Carly had lied that she was going to divorce Brad. Carly and Brad made love after he admitted his feelings for her. Carly was stunned Jack returned and said he loved her. Carly couldn't ask Brad for a divorce after learning he was planning a second wedding for them. Holden failed to keep Lily from seeing Rita's letter, which contained a torn photo of Melinda. Rita had the half of the photo that showed Reid/David. Lily and Holden were upset Rita had disappeared from the mental hospital by the time they arrived.
July 12 to 16, 1999
Georgia gave Alec 30 days to reveal he was Eddie's father. Eddie attacked a shocked Alec after warning him to stay out of his life. Jake was determined not to let Alec take over the City Times. Molly did not notice Rita's body when she ordered Reid/David to tell Andy there was nothing between them. Reid/David did tell Andy that Molly had no interest in him. Andy and Denise rushed Hope to the hospital when she had a seizure. Ben later praised Denise for saving Hope's life. Chris and Katie were arrested for trespassing after Bob caught them skinny-dipping in Lucinda's pool.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Emily set her sights on Tom again as soon as she was released from jail after winning her appeal. Tom agreed to help Emily with Baby Danny. Molly set out to get proof of her suspicion that Reid/David was somehow involved in the disappearance of Lily and Holden's baby. After Molly saw Melinda, Reid/David distracted her from calling the cops by saying he loved her. Reid/David vowed to stop Molly after learning she had taken Melinda's pacifier. Julia learned Reid/David was planning their wedding.
July 26 to 30, 1999
Brad kept mum that he knew Carly and Jack had slept together. After learning Jack had slept with Carly, Julia decided she was meant to be with Reid/David. Brad received his divorce payoff from Carly then he shocked everyone at Barbara and Hal's engagement party with the news that Hal, not John, was Parker's father. Jennifer, who had returned from camp, was worried about her mom, Barbara. Brad handed Parker over to a stunned Hal. Molly returned Melinda's pacifier after learning Julia had already had a DNA test done on the child with the alleged result that she was not Lily and Holden's daughter.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Julia returned Reid/David's engagement ring after she caught him and Molly making love in his office. While they were at it, Molly realized Reid was really David. Molly agreed to flee to Canada with David and Melinda just as the latest DNA test proved Melinda was Holden and Lily's child. After Julia said Reid/David had a baby, Holden called Molly and begged her to return Melinda to him and Lily. John warned Andy he was going to make Molly pay for switching Parker's paternity test results for Carly. After John had Carly arrested for fraud, someone anonymously paid her bail.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Holden and Lily tailed Reid/David to Canada. Molly kept Reid/David busy in the shower after seeing Holden, who broke into their hotel room and took Melinda. Reid/David tried to stop Lily and Holden from getting away with Melinda, until Molly threatened to reveal that Reid was David. Lily decided to drop the charges against Reid/David after he handed Melinda over to her and Holden, who were unaware that Reid was David. Molly told Reid/David that she had made him give up Melinda because she loved him.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Lily welcomed Lucinda home, but worried that she was still unable to speak or walk, so she had John examine Lucinda. John caught on that Lucinda was only pretending she couldn't walk or talk, but agreed to keep mum when Lucinda said she planned to use Molly to find out what Reid/David was up to. Andy went to see Molly, who was arrested despite her claim she had gone with Reid/David in order to get Melinda back to Lily and Holden. Jack paid Carly's bail after she tried to bribe a cop to release Molly.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Margo, who was attracted to Alec, was upset when Hal wondered if she could be objective in her undercover effort to get the goods on Alec. Margo heard Alec threaten Gary, then warned that he could end up missing or dead, like the other men pictured in an old photo with them. Reporter Julie tailed Jake when he headed for the docks after reading a note in which Margo told Hal about Alec's meeting with Gary. Julie and Jake later found Gary's body. Ben urged Denise to follow though on her desire to get Hope back, while Lily insisted on working something out with Denise. Jake saw the supposedly paralyzed Lucinda walking around Bay City.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Hal and Barbara's wedding night was interrupted by news of Gary's murder. Denise revealed she wanted custody of Hope, and Lily eventually determined she needed to give Hope back to her real mother. Eddie accepted Alec's offer to be his junior partner, despite Margo's misgivings. Reid surprised Molly when he returned to Oakdale, and knocked Lily unconscious in Faith and Hope's nursery. Lucinda and Jake teamed up to stop Molly from stealing the evidence Lucinda had gathered on the Reid/David connection.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Against Margo's advice, Eddie signed the contracts to work for Alec. Denise thwarted Reid's attempt to kidnap Faith, but was rushed to the hospital with a head injury. An injured Reid was captured at the docks thanks to Jake. Reid reveled in confirming to everyone that he was really David, and Molly finally realized he didn't love her. Holden cornered Reid in his hospital room.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Holden, Lily, and Molly each had it out with Reid. The Hughes family held a birthday dinner for Nancy. Holden received a letter from his daughter Abigail's adoptive parents, the Williamses. Alec fired Margo from her PR job and later, she and Tom got close when he stopped over to light the pilot light on her furnace. Molly parlayed her front-page story about her life with David into a job at the City Times.
September 20 to 24, 1999
Margo learned from Alec that Emily was working alongside Tom at the Argus. Jack was furious when Carly interrupted his surveillance of Alec's hit man , but he later told her he could never hate her and kissed her. Carly accepted Barbara's offer of $1000 a month to get a decent job and take Parker with her -- he reminded Barbara too much of the pain of losing Johnny. Tom finally deduced that Margo was working undercover investigating Alec. Andy decided to take an assignment in Los Angeles to get away from Molly.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
Nancy was robbed and rendered unconscious by Lee, one of Chris's friends from New York, causing Bob to order Chris to move out. After confessing about Barbara's plan to pay her $1000 a month, Carly took Jack up on his challenge to tell no lies until Christmas -- if she won, he would give her a second chance. Georgia confirmed Margo's suspicions that Alec was Eddie's father. Alec lured Margo to an airport hangar where his hit man was waiting, but Eddie got in the way and took a bullet. Lucinda fired Molly while Jake was out of the office.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
When Margo confronted him at the hospital, Alec didn't deny being Eddie's father. Carly kept Carter's briefcase of money for herself. Eddie eventually woke up from his heart surgery, but not before being visited by Deena, who was unsuccessful in getting her son to go with her. After Eddie revealed that Margo was investigating him, Alec tracked down a recently suspended Margo to the balcony of her hotel room and confronted her. Jake, infuriated by Lucinda's preemptive publishing of his story on Alec, walked out, and informed Lucinda she could have his job.
October 11 to 15, 1999
Margo refused to act on the self-incriminating evidence Alec gave her, and the two made love. When Carly showed him the hit man's briefcase of money that she had kept, Jack protected her from being arrested by an avenging John. Kim and Bob learned Chris had dropped out of Oakdale University. Denise and Camille both applied for the position of John's research assistant, but it was Camille who ended up getting the job. Molly had a disastrous birthday meeting with Abigail's adoptive mother, who refused to let her meet her daughter, but later ended up kissing Chris.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Chris and Molly made love twice, but when Andy returned to Oakdale, they were determined not to see each other again. Jake and Julia survived the boat explosion and later ferreted from Lucinda the fact that Alec was Eddie's son. Emma's birthday dinner turned tense when Jack took Carly. Alec's plan to whisk Margo away to Barcelona was derailed when Hal arrived to arrest him for Carter's murder. After listening in on her adoptive mother's phone call, Abigail showed up at Molly's apartment.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Abigail tried to contact her birth mother, Molly, then found Molly's column talking about having a one-night stand. Eddie felt betrayed by Georgia and Margo when he finally learned Alec was his father, and Alec plotted revenge against Jake and Tom for Eddie's bitterness. Barbara rushed Parker to the hospital when he developed a fever, but it turned out to be just an ear infection. At Tom's behest, Margo was jailed by Jessica, the newly appointed D.A., for contempt after she refused to testify before the grand jury about Alec. When Tom went to Alec's cabin to confront him about abducting Casey, Alec hit Tom in the head with a rock and threw his body into the water.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
With Eddie watching, Alec "rescued" Tom from the water and performed CPR on him, then later tried to pull the plug on Tom's ventilator. With Tom in a coma, fighting hypothermia, his family rallied around him, including Margo. Alec realized Margo was onto him and drugged her. Carly was forced to accept Emma's offer to live at the farmhouse after her hotel room was condemned. Lucinda arranged for Vicky to fly into Oakdale on her private jet, but Jake panicked when he arrived at the airport and found out the flight was late.
November 8 to 12, 1999
As Tom was emerging from his coma, Margo awakened from her drugged state to find she was in bed next to a dead Alec. Distraught over his wife Vicky's death in a plane crash and subsequently learning of her bodyguard's collusion with Alec, Jake headed to London to be with Vicky's two boys. Chris bonded with Abigail, who he knew as "Daisy," but later expressed regrets to Molly when they fell into bed again. Margo was arrested when her fingerprints were found on the gun, but Tom stopped her from making a plea bargain. Abigail returned to Oakdale with her mother in tow and was introduced to Holden and Molly.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Camille saved John's life when he suffered a severe allergic reaction. Katie sensed opportunity when she realized Chris and Molly were having an affair. Holden allowed Molly to fill in as news anchor when the regular anchor quit, and later agreed to take over running WOAK from a harried Lily and Kim. Margo was hypnotized but refused to allow herself to remember the night Alec drugged her, and later had a vision of a blood-soaked Alec in her bedroom. Chris and Abigail finally met again.
November 22 to 26, 1999
Carly celebrated when she got a million-dollar reward because of tracking down Alec's hit man, Robert Carter. Margo kept seeing Alec's ghost and wondered what he was trying to tell her when he showed her to dig in the soil of a pot of flowers that John had sent her. Jake and Julia became trapped in Alec's warehouse and discovered the body of the bartender from Chicago. Denise accepted Holden's offer of a job at the television station. The Hugheses, Snyders, and Munsons held Thanksgiving celebrations for their extended families.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Holden arranged for Abigail to live with him when her parents announced they were moving to Saudi Arabia. Margo confirmed she and Alec had been lovers after Emily gave Tom the letter she had written from her cell. Tormented by visions of his wife in bed with Alec, Tom agreed to Margo's suggestion to turn her case over to Cass. Unbeknownst to one another, Barbara and Carly each made plans to design a fashion line, with Carly hiring Jennifer to be one of her models. Vicky's bodyguard taunted Jake before accidentally falling to his death, and Jake later wondered if Vicky was alive.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Denise told Andy that Hope was her daughter. Emily arranged for Jessica to find out about the love letter Margo had written to Alec, and later, as Margo testified, she saw Alec's ghost in the courtroom and remembered something. Katie took photos of Chris and Molly getting out of the shower, though Molly had surprised Chris in the shower because she believed the love letter he had written was for her. Over John's objections, Camille agreed to be Carly's model at the fashion show. In court, Cass accused Eddie of killing Alec, noting he was the sole heir to Alec's $25 million fortune and at one time had been in love with Margo.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Chris found out that "Daisy" was really Abigail, Molly's daughter, and later tried to break things off. Margo remembered there had been another woman in the room, and Tom found evidence that pointed to Emily, but the judge refused to grant a delay, and the jury returned with its verdict. Denise and Ben reconciled and planned a winter wedding. With prodding from Hal and Jennifer, Barbara reluctantly agreed to merge fashion shows with Carly. Eddie and Georgia agreed they needed to leave Oakdale, but Eddie first reconciled with Margo and told her he knew she hadn't killed Alec.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Margo was convicted of second-degree murder, and Tom redoubled his efforts to find more evidence, infuriating Emily when he had the police search her house. Jake bought jewelry for Vicki and later gave Julia an alibi when she was revealed to be one of the buyers of the scarf that was on the hotel surveillance tape. Julia and Lucinda's scarves were confiscated as evidence, but Susan was unable to find hers and accused Emily of killing Alec. Jack told Carly he had a surprise waiting for her if she could keep up their bet until after the holiday. Hal arranged for Tom, Casey, and Adam to sleep over in Margo's cell so they could celebrate Christmas morning together.
December 27 to 31, 1999
Jack asked Carly to marry him; she happily said yes. A mysterious man spied on Carly. Tom and Margo tried to figure out who could have murdered Alec. Margo had a memory and found new evidence in the case, but the judge would not accept the new evidence and reopen her case. Later, Georgia was revealed as the murderer. Ben and Denise made plans to adopt Hope, forcing Denise to admit that Andy was Hope's father. They decided not to tell Andy...for the moment. Molly found out about Chris and Abigail when she spotted them sharing a New Year's Eve kiss.
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