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January 3 to 7, 2000
Sophie told Joey she was chasing after him because she was jealous of Kelly. Kevin and Kelly kissed, but Kevin pulled away after he saw Kelly's engagement ring. Bo got shocked, and Nora did CPR to revive him. Cris took Jessica to the cabin they had stayed at when they ran away. Bo and Nora danced. R.J. told the police about the car that had almost hit him. Lindsay and Sam found Bo and Nora, and Lindsay threw a fit. Kelly and Kevin decided not to tell Joey what had happened. Will and Roseanne followed Jess and Cris to the cabin. Jess chose Will. Lindsay turned down Bo's proposal. Ben gave Viki an engagement ring. Bo had Lindsay taken to the police station, where she agreed to marry him. Nora dragged Sam to Judge Fitzwater's courtroom to get married, but Sam refused to marry her there. Asa ordered an audit of the Megan Foundation.
January 10 to 14, 2000
Lindsay told Will about her engagement to Bo. Larry told Ben the medical board was revoking his license. Sam told Nora he still wanted to get married but not like that. Kelly and Kevin worried that Joey would find out the truth. Skye threatened Max that she'd tell Asa who the Buchanan heir was. Lindsay found an accountant checking Will's books. R.J. was upset when Hank had someone following him for his protection. Cris asked Roseanne to marry him. Asa took Bo the evidence that Will had been embezzling from the foundation. Nora tried to convince Sam to marry her in Tahiti. Bo arrived at Will's office to arrest him.
January 17 to 21, 2000
Skye questioned John Sykes about his family history. Bo arrested Will. Asa showed Jessica copies of the cancelled checks Roseanne had signed. Viki's mammogram showed a "suspicious area," which required further tests. Will apologized to Sam for his recent behavior. Sam forgave Will, and he and Nora promised to defend him. Jessica told Will she hoped he rotted in jail. Roseanne convinced Cris to marry her right away. Ben chose revenge on Asa over his relationship with Viki. Kelly decided she was going to tell Joey the truth about New Year's Eve. Skye told Blair that Max knew about her stealing his money. Sam tried to convince Ben not to shoot Asa. Nora unsuccessfully tried to get Asa to confess. Jessica flew to New York City and found Roseanne in her wedding dress.
January 24 to 28, 2000
Sam stopped Ben before he could threaten Asa with his gun. Roseanne locked Jessica in the closet. Lindsay realized she might be pregnant. Jessica got out and rushed to the church but was too late to stop the wedding. Will was released on bail. Kelly refused to admit there was something between her and Kevin. Viki admitted to Kevin she had to have some tests done. Jessica and Will told Cristian the truth about what Roseanne had done. Cris walked out on Roseanne. Skye refused to take a million dollars from Blair to leave town. Lindsay told Sam she thought she was pregnant. Nora tried to get Bo to see Lindsay was hiding something from him. Bo warned Asa he'd have nothing to do with him if Asa didn't agree to the plan to pay back the stolen money. Cris went to see Jessica.
January 31 to February 4, 2000
Asa refused to go along with Bo's plan, and Bo walked out on him. Drake Farraday arrived in town, claiming to be an old friend of Mel's. Max slept with Skye. Jessica threw both Will and Cris out of Llanfair. Roseanne refused to give Cris an annulment. Antonio returned. Kelly admitted to Kevin she had feelings for him. Viki told Ben things couldn't work out between them. Jared Hall, the new A.D.A., arrived to prosecute Will's case. Will was arrested for jumping bail, thanks to Asa. Viki waited anxiously for her test results. Cris began to believe Asa was behind his losing his scholarship. Lindsay got confirmation that she was pregnant. Nora figured out that Lindsay was the one that had tampered with Bo's sperm test results.
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February 7 to 11, 2000
Will was released on bail into Bo's custody. Nora was torn whether or not to tell Bo the truth. Dorian and Drake kissed. Hank threw a bachelor party for Bo. Lindsay confessed to Nora that she had once had an affair with Drake. Asa saw Max and Skye about to make love. Viki waited anxiously for her test results. Ben suspected Max was faking his condition. Lindsay told Dorian she was pregnant. Sam warned Nora if she interrupted the wedding they were over for good. Bo and Lindsay began to exchange their vows. Asa hired Skye to break up Max and Blair. Cristian pressed ahead with his plan to get an annulment. Nora interrupted the wedding and told Bo the truth: Lindsay had altered his fertility results.
February 14 to 18, 2000
Max had another "episode" and walked into the Palace Hotel dining room naked. Antonio spoiled Roseanne's plan to get Cristian back. Nora told Bo about Lindsay changing the fertility test results, and Bo called off the wedding. Lindsay tried to explain, but Bo couldn't forgive her. Lindsay told Bo she was pregnant but then said she was lying. Drake asked Dorian to leave town with him. Téa and R.J. were almost killed by an intentional gas leak. Sophia learned about Kevin and Kelly almost making love on New Year's Eve. Sam left Nora. Viki found out she might have cancer. Max lied to Blair that he was not having an affair with Skye. Lindsay almost fainted in Bo's office. Sam challenged Nora to prove her feelings by marrying him right away.
February 21 to 25, 2000
Dorian announced she was leaving town with Drake. Nora finally admitted to herself that she still had feelings for Bo. Viki told Dorian she might have breast cancer. Sophia told Joey about Kevin and Kelly almost sleeping together, but he didn't believe her. Bo and Nora kissed. Dorian left town. Téa found out something about Jared's past. Sam and Nora celebrated Matthew's first birthday together. Nora told Bo she still had feelings for him. Skye was in love with Max. Someone shot R.J. Nora began to wonder if Lindsay really was pregnant. Skye overheard Max tell Blair that he loved her. Todd returned to Llanview.
February 28 to March 3, 2000
Skye told Ben the truth about Max faking his condition and not being Asa's son. Nora told Viki she thought Lindsay might be pregnant. Starr ran into Todd in the park, and Todd gave her a note give to Téa. Max managed to convince Skye he really loved her. Viki's biopsy was performed. Téa met face-to-face with Todd in Viki's cabin. Max frantically searched for Ben and Asa. Asa tried to shoot Ben, but Ben fixed the gun so it wouldn't fire. Todd asked Téa to leave Llanview with him. Bo realized Téa and Todd were at Viki's cabin but arrived too late. Todd left a note behind that stated, "We're outta here." Asa began to have a heart attack. Max told Ben that he had to save Asa because Asa was Ben's father.
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MARCH 2000
March 6 to 10, 2000
R.J. found it hard to believe that Téa would leave with Todd. Kevin talked Skye out of taking a drink. Max swore he had proof that Ben was really Asa's son. Ben performed CPR on Asa. Asa still refused to admit to Bo that he had set up Will. Ben saved the adoption certificate from Max and Skye as they were about to burn it. Bo almost caught Nora snooping in Lindsay's medical file. Viki learned her tumor was malignant. Will refused to help Nora prove that Lindsay was pregnant. Ben told Viki not to love him anymore. Larry told Renee that Asa needed bypass surgery. Ben made a deal with Max not to reveal he was the real Buchanan heir. Will found out Lindsay was pregnant. Viki overheard Kelly talking about her feelings for Kevin. Will realized that Lindsay was pregnant.
March 13 to 17, 2000
Jessica visited Asa at the hospital. Kevin promised Viki that he wouldn't get between Kelly and Joey. Skye agreed to keep the information about Ben's real parents secret. Asa had surgery. Jessica caught Will and Cris in Asa's house and called the police. Blair saw Max and Skye kissing. Bo promised to follow up on Will and Cris's lead. Jared confessed to Sam and Nora he had once been convicted of drug possession. Téa sent gifts to Roseanne and R.J. Cris told Jessica he still loved her. Carlotta and Cris learned that Andy was having an affair. Ben opened the bar again, and Sophia planned to work there part-time. Asa ordered Max to kill Ben. Viki told Jessica and Joey that she had breast cancer. Skye told Blair she was having an affair with Max and that Max was faking his mental condition. Will confirmed to Nora that Lindsay was pregnant.
March 20 to 24, 2000
Viki told her children she wanted them to live their lives as normally as possible. Bo told Will his the lead hadn't panned out. Viki showed up at the reopening of Crossroads and danced with Ben. Will considered taking Hank's offer. Ben figured out that Lindsay was pregnant. After watching Sam with Matthew, Nora decided she had to tell Bo the truth. Blair drugged Max, tied him up, and threatened him with a power drill until he admitted the truth. Viki turned Ben down when he asked her to marry him again. Lindsay rushed to the hospital when she got cramps, but the baby was okay. R.J. goaded Bo into hitting him. Max told Skye he loved Blair. Blair asked Sam to help her get a divorce. Viki prepared to go in for surgery. Lindsay doubled over in pain after she and Nora had an argument.
March 27 to 31, 2000
Will rushed Lindsay to the hospital. Roseanne agreed to testify for R.J. that Bo had beaten him up. Lindsay lost the baby. Roseanne was behind the foreclosure on Carlotta's diner. Blair tricked Asa's Cayman Island banker into going to Llanview. Viki checked into the clinic where she would have her surgery done. Lindsay blamed Nora for the baby's death. Asa turned down Cristian's request for a loan. Sam and Ben got a warrant for Mr. VanDyke, but Skye warned him, and he got away before they arrived. Sophia planned to show Joey the truth. Cris agreed to stay married to Roseanne so Carlotta could keep the diner. Jessica finally realized Asa had been lying about Will. R.J. pressed charges against Bo. A beautiful blonde crashed into Bo's motorcycle.
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APRIL 2000
April 3 to 7, 2000
Ben refused to press charges after Asa hit him. Bo had dinner with Melanie, and later they slept together. Cristian resisted Roseanne's attempt to seduce him. R.J. held a press conference and accused Bo of police brutality. Sophia locked Kelly and Kevin into a storage room with a surveillance camera. Melanie turned out to be Viki's plastic surgeon. Sophia got the evidence she wanted on tape but let Kevin and Kelly out when she overheard about Viki's breast cancer. Viki's operation went well. Nora convinced Bo to let her represent him. Ed Hall testified for Jared, and the review board ruled in his favor. Ben almost found Viki at the clinic. Roseanne threw a wedding reception and forced Cris to attend. Nora tried to convince Lindsay to tell Bo the truth about her pregnancy.
April 10 to 14, 2000
Bo was suspended, pending an investigation. Nora suggested she and Sam try to work things out. Cristian tricked Roseanne into making a $135,000 donation to the Megan Foundation. Sophia gave Kevin back the tape she'd made. Kelly comforted Sophia when she learned her brother, Freddie, had died. Hank offered a new deal, and Will accepted. Viki learned the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Antonio kissed Roseanne to try to distract her from Cris. Sophia signed up for the police academy. Lindsay disappeared with Matthew for a while but eventually returned him to Sam and Nora. Blair tried to get closer to Ben. Kevin confessed to Viki that he loved Kelly, just as Joey and Kelly arrived and announced that they'd gotten married.
April 17 to 21, 2000
Lindsay denied taking Matthew to punish Nora. Blair took home boy-toy Tim to make Max jealous. Will was sentenced to seven years in prison because Asa had bribed the judge. Sam was thrown in jail for contempt. Ben and Viki couldn't bring themselves to reveal their secrets to each other. Max interrupted Jessica and Cris from searching for clues at Asa's. Lindsay asked Ben for help to get Will out of the country, but Will refused to run. Skye tried to get Ben and Viki back together. Blair used Cris to make Max jealous. Melanie was surprised when she saw Lindsay's picture in the paper. Cris convinced Renee to tell him where Asa was hiding. Cris and Jessica went see Asa in Baltimore.
April 24 to 28, 2000
Bo was unable to convince the judge in Will's case to change his mind. Cristian and Jessica taped Asa's confession that he had set up Will. Blair told Renee that Max had been faking the brain damage all along. Viki talked to Melanie about her relationship with Ben. Lindsay had a hard time letting Will go. After pressure from Kevin and Ben, the judge agreed to release Sam. Bo, John, Will, and Nora boarded the train to Statesville. Roseanne gave her statement in the case against Bo. Jessica and Cris caught the train at a later stop and were disappointed to learn their evidence would not free Will immediately. Max told Blair he was going to divorce her. Nora was upset because Bo couldn't forgive her for the past. The train crashed. Rae returned to Llanview. Jess and Cris convinced Will to run. Bo tried to free Nora from the train, but the train exploded.
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MAY 2000
May 1 to 5, 2000
The train exploded, and Nora was presumed dead. John promised to help Rae find her daughter. Cris and Jessica hid Will at Viki's cabin. Sam refused to believe Nora was dead. Ben told the others that Will, Jessica, and Cris had all been seen leaving the train. Cris told Jessica and Will that Nora was dead and the tape was destroyed. Renee told Asa that Max had been faking his brain damage. Asa was proud of Max because he thought he was faking to hurt Ben. Hank called Rachel to tell her of Nora's death. Andy called Antonio because of the pictures Roseanne had sent. Will struggled to stay awake and called Jessica for help. Cris told Hank and Jared that Will had gone back on the train and been killed. Hank put a tail on Will and Jessica. Max invited Skye to live at Asa's mansion. After being told off by Jessica, Roseanne called Andy and apologized for making trouble. Bo told Lindsay that Nora had told him the truth about her being pregnant.
May 8 to 12, 2000
Lindsay admitted to Bo that she had been pregnant. Rachel returned to Llanview. Sam insisted that Nora was not dead. The police searched Viki's cabin but didn't find Will. Ben and Blair agreed to work together against Asa and Max. Viki yelled at Asa for hurting Jessica. Skye left for Pine Valley after learning about her Uncle Stuart's death. Jessica got Melanie to help Will. Bo ran into Melanie at the crash site. Nora had survived the explosion, and Colin took her to Cherryvale clinic. Will "saw" Nora, who told him to go back. Blair and Max slept together. Lindsay and Bo grew closer. Lindsay tried to make a deal with Asa to free Will by promising him a grandson. R.J. was furious when Hank refused to prosecute Bo. Will refused to turn himself in. Sykes was released from Cherryvale, and Nora was put in his old room. Sophia didn't see the faxed description of Nora that arrived at the police station.
May 15 to 19, 2000
Skye returned and found Blair in Max's bed. R.J. disrupted Nora's memorial service by attacking Bo. Max gave Antonio divorce papers from Andy. Viki arrived at Cherryvale for her first chemotherapy. Rae and John continued to insist to Sophia that they were just friends. Asa lied on the stand, and Will's conviction was upheld. Antonio blamed Roseanne for Andy divorcing him. Melanie visited Sam to tell him that Will was okay. Ben found out that Viki had cancer. Nora called Sam but couldn't speak. Asa tricked Lindsay into making a deal. Ben admitted to Viki that Renee and Asa were his parents.
May 22 to 26, 2000
Renee went to Sam to get the information he had collected on her lost son. Viki agreed to marry Ben. Lindsay told Bo that Matthew might be his son. Lindsay told Jessica the governor was going to overturn Will's sentence. Melanie told Colin she wanted a separation. Bo decided to search for Jeff Barnes. Nora saw Melanie and called out Lindsay's name. Cris learned from Bo that Will was not off the hook. R.J. sued Bo. Sophia was accepted into the police academy. Roseanne informed Hank where to find Will. Rachel headed back to Chicago. Bo and Melanie ran into each other at Sam's house. Viki told Ben about thinking she had seen Nora, and he headed to Cherryvale clinic to check it out. The police arrived at the cabin and found only Antonio there. Lindsay found out Nora was still alive and begged Colin to keep it a secret.
May 29 to June 2, 2000
Skye and Blair continued fighting over Max. Colin hid Nora in the morgue and then later took her to his house. Cris, Jessica, and Will went on the run from the police. Sam agreed to take Bo's case against R.J. Antonio and Sophia joined the police academy. Jess got separated from Will and Cris. Jeff Barnes refused to tell Bo the truth about the DNA test. Rae got her old job back. Kevin and Kelly teamed up against Asa. Bo found out Melanie was Lindsay's sister. Cris and Will found Jess and agreed to join the band. Colin decided to tell the truth about Nora when he learned she had a baby. Blair dunked Skye's head in the toilet. R.J. talked to Jeff Barnes. Ben had the mob looking for Will. Skye drugged Blair and cut off her hair.
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JUNE 2000
June 5 to 9, 2000
Antonio and Sophia found out they'd be partners at the academy. Cris overheard Jessica sing a song. Bo couldn't bring himself to tell Sam about Matthew. Kevin and Kelly printed stories in the papers that made Asa look bad. Melanie thought Colin was cheating on her again when she heard Nora upstairs. R.J. lied, and Jeff Barnes was released. Jessica, Will, and Cris agreed to stay just friends for moment. Blair woke up and found Skye had cut her hair off. Daniel left a note in Rae's hotel room. Ben's mob friends gave him a lead on Jessica. John kissed Rae. Sam agreed to help Blair fight Asa. Ben found Jessica. Blair locked Skye in the wine cellar. Sophia handcuffed herself to Antonio. Nora wrote a note that said "HELP" and threw it out the window. Lindsay suggested she and Bo have another baby.
June 12 to 16, 2000
Rae and Sykes went to Crossroads because of a note from Daniel. Bo rejected Lindsay's idea to have another baby. Will and Cris fought over Jessica. Rae talked Sophia out of quitting the academy. Roseanne gave Carlotta back the diner. Viki and Ben made love. Asa sued Kelly and Viki for libel. Lindsay tricked Melanie into suggesting to Sam there was still some doubt about Matthew's paternity. Kelly suggested to Joey that they should have a baby. Heather was "discovered," and Jessica agreed to be the band's lead singer. Nora tried to make a deal with Colin. Jessica called Viki. Antonio convinced Roseanne to wear a wire and talk to Asa. Sam refused to have another DNA test on Matthew. Todd returned.
June 19 to 23, 2000
Sam refused to redo Matthew's DNA test. Nora saw Sam's name on Colin's divorce papers. As Jess got ready to perform, Blair rushed Max out of the club. Todd knocked Max unconscious. Viki had a bad reaction to chemotherapy. Todd taped Jessica's performance. Nora tried to get out of bed and fell on the floor. Max and Blair found Skye in the wine cellar. Jessica told Todd about Viki's cancer. Lindsay burned the bounced check she had bribed Colin with. Sophia did poorly at the police academy. Kelly told Kevin she and Joey were trying to have a baby. Sam refused to help Todd. Kelly agreed to pretend to be Rae's daughter. Todd gave Viki the tape of Jess singing. Nora remembered seeing Lindsay. Todd tried to comfort Viki as she started to lose her hair. Ben told Asa he was behind B&B United. Sam demanded Bo arrest Lindsay for bribing Jeff Barnes.
June 26 to 30, 2000
Ben and Todd's first meeting went badly. Blair gave Skye truth serum, and she told Asa that Max wasn't his son. Sam told Bo that Lindsay had slept with Colin. Sophia did well on her next academy exam. Todd set up an elaborate ruse to get Jessica's trust. Roseanne invited Sophia to move in with her. A blood test proved Kelly really wasn't Rae's daughter. Sam became suspicious when Colin mentioned a legal case he had worked on with Nora. Nora tried and failed to get help from Colin's housekeeper. R.J. dropped his case against Bo. Blair left Max. Renee left Asa. Viki felt self-conscious about wearing a wig. Todd tried to convince Will to leave the country. Viki paid Blair to keep quiet about the fact that Ben was Asa's son.
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JULY 2000
July 3 to 7, 2000
Renee told Ben how much she wanted to find her real son. Colin told Lindsay that Bo and Melanie had slept together. Antonio told Bo about seeing R.J. meet with Jeff Barnes. Sam went to Colin's house but didn't find Nora. Colin promised to take Lindsay down with him if he went to jail. Rae and John both said they didn't want to risk their friendship by getting romantically involved. Bo told Lindsay his feelings for her had changed. Skye left when she realized Max still loved Blair. Max convinced Blair to return home, but Blair was plotting revenge. Colin told Nora that Bo and Melanie had slept together. Lindsay overheard Bo and Melanie declare they had feelings for each other. Viki's limo was hijacked.
July 10 to 14, 2000
Todd took Viki to see Jessica. Ben told Sam about Viki's cancer. Lindsay used an incident from their past to convince Melanie to leave Bo alone. Nora figured out that Lindsay was behind her captivity. Melanie went to the country club with Bo. Renee found out Matthew might be Bo's son. Sam was furious when he learned Lindsay had made a deal with Asa about Matthew. Todd manipulated Cris to get him to convince Will to leave the country. Kelly was not pregnant. Skye suggested she and Kevin have an affair. Matthew got a fever. Lindsay wore her wedding dress to make Melanie think she'd lost her mind. Kelly admitted to Joey that she loved Kevin.
July 17 to 21, 2000
Todd tricked Cris into thinking Viki was dying. Sophia told Joey about videotaping Kevin and Kelly together. Cris convinced Will to leave so Jess could go home to Viki. Joey almost strangled Kevin. Bo caught Lindsay trying to steal Matthew's blood sample. Jessica and Cristian made love. Nora slipped a note in an envelope for Melanie. Matthew's fever broke. Melanie told Bo she was going back to Colin. Roseanne agreed to give Cris a divorce. Will went looking for Melanie. Cris and Jess realized Todd had tricked them. Colin locked Will up and used him as leverage against Lindsay. Lindsay asked Bo for another chance. Sykes showed up at Llanfair with arrest warrants for Jess and Cris.
July 24 to 28, 2000
Cristian and Jessica were arrested and later released on bail. Joey dropped Kelly's things off at Kevin's house. Bo decided to wait on the DNA test and went to visit Clint. Lindsay decided to find a drug that would make Nora forget and asked R.J. for help. Will learned Viki wasn't dying and tried to call Jess, but she hung up on him. Sam accused Todd of trying to get Will out of the way. Kevin told Kelly they had to stay away from each other. Melanie read part of Nora's note but thought it was from one of Colin's girlfriends. Colin kept Will locked in the cellar. Rae found Daniel, who still wouldn't tell her about her daughter. Jessica asked Cris to marry her, and he accepted. Sykes arrested Daniel. Will got a note down the air vent from Nora that she was alive.
July 31 to August 4, 2000
Sam and Todd went to Sam's house, looking for Will. R.J. agreed to get the memory-altering drug for Lindsay. Jessica announced her engagement to Cris. Daniel said he'd tell Rae who her daughter was for a million dollars. Rae and John kissed. Will and Nora had a short, but happy, reunion. Daniel and Skye made a deal. Antonio searched R.J.'s apartment for information about Jeff Barnes. Roseanne and Cris signed annulment papers. Todd pretended to call Sam.
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August 7 to 11, 2000
Jessica and Cris made wedding plans. Melanie told Sam about Lindsay's "breakdown." Lindsay gave Nora the memory-altering drug. Todd convinced Will to leave the country in a cargo container. In a dream, Nora went on "trial" to save her memories. Colin gave Nora another drug he hoped would help her. Viki had her last chemotherapy treatment. Joey asked Kelly for a divorce. Renee told Asa to clear Will's name, or she'd divorce him. Judge Fitzwater refused to drop the case against Will without the tape. Will called Sam and told him Nora was alive. Sam rushed to Colin's house, but Nora was gone. Daniel caught Rae searching his hotel room. Antonio called in a tip that R.J. was involved with a drug shipment. Todd was the one that had taken Nora. Sam returned home and found Asa talking to Matthew.
August 14 to 18, 2000
The DEA searched R.J.'s apartment. Todd hid Nora at a convent. Roseanne and Antonio kissed. Blair told Max she might be pregnant. Todd visited Starr. Melanie tried to call Bo. Sykes searched Daniel's room and found a key. Will wrote a letter to Jessica. Ben and the kids threw a party for Viki. Asa pretended to be dying, but Ben proved he was faking. Viki told Asa about his cancer. Renee gave Asa divorce papers. Daniel demanded one million dollars from Max. Sophia realized she had feelings for Antonio. Asa had a nightmare about his family. Viki's test results were very good. Kelly and Kevin decided again they need to stay away from each other.
August 21 to 25, 2000
Asa had a dream that Max was shot. Daniel arranged a meeting with Rae, Sykes, Kevin, Max, and Skye at Crossroads. Todd threatened Skye to stay away from Max. Sophia thought she was falling in love with Antonio. Kelly was shot and rushed to the hospital. Joey blamed Kevin for Kelly getting hurt. Daniel told Rae that Max was her son. Todd threatened to take custody of Starr away from Blair. Will reached Ireland and sent letters to Sam and Jessica. Kelly opened her eyes. Cris refused to let Will talk to Jessica. Melanie informed Lindsay that Bo was returning home. Todd tried to figure out what to do with Nora. Rae told Max that Daniel said Max was her son.
August 28 to September 1, 2000
Max told Rae there was no way he could be her son. Lindsay told R.J. that Todd was in Llanview. Todd ate Sam's letter from Will before Same could see it. Will called Jess from Ireland. Cristian hid Will's letter. Kelly and Joey decided their relationship was over for good. Cris gave Jess back the letter, and she was furious when she learned that he had lied to her. R.J. kidnapped Todd and put a bomb in his lap. Antonio, Sophia, and Roseanne saved Todd and arresed them both. Kevin and Kelly declared their love. Jessica headed to Ireland to find Will. Will hidd in a stable where he met Emma. Bo returned home in time to stop Asa's court proceedings. Sam and Bo confronted Colin and Lindsay about Nora. Rae apologized to Sykes, and all was forgiven. Blair tried to stop the computer virus, but it was too late. Renee overheard Rae tell Kelly that Daniel had said Max was Rae's son. Todd showed up at Sam's house with a surprise... Nora!
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September 4 to 8, 2000
Antonio admitted he was attracted to Roseanne. Nora didn't recognize anyone except Hank. Lindsay was thrilled Nora didn't recognize her. Todd wanted control of the Sun. Sophia and Antonio got their badges. Kelly and Kevin talked about how not to hurt Joey with their relationship. Asa instructed Max to look for Will. Nora was reunited with Rachel. Jessica found Will. Bo told Melanie he wanted to start seeing her again. Ben admitted to Sam that Ben was Asa's son. R.J. was furious that Lindsay had used the drug on Nora. Sam took Matthew to see Nora. Todd made himself at home in Roseanne's penthouse. Sam agreed to the DNA test.
September 11 to 15, 2000
Lindsay started to tell Nora her version of the past. Cristian headed to Ireland. Renee told Rae that Max wasn't Renee's son. Bo and Melanie grew closer. Blair agreed to help Todd get back the Sun in exchange for stopping the computer virus. Antonio moved into the penthouse. Kevin met with Ben's mob friends. Kelly was released from the hospital. Barnes was arrested for tampering with the DNA samples. Roseanne and Antonio almost made love. Max headed to Ireland to look for Will. The test results showed that Sam was Matthew's father. Nora took a drug that returned most of her memories, but she thought she was still married to Bo.
September 18 to 22, 2000
Viki got a romantic welcome home from Ben. Blair tricked Kelly into signing over the Sun to Todd. Will was arrested. Bo didn't tell Nora that they were not still married. Colin kept Lindsay from talking to Nora. Sam kicked Asa out after telling him the news that Matthew wasn't Bo's son. Roseanne and Antonio made love in the shower. Sophia was devastated that Antonio had spent the night with a woman. Jess called Sam to tell him Will had been arrested. Jeff Barnes refused to implicate R.J. Melanie told Bo she thought Colin had stolen the drug at Cherryvale. Asa was stunned to see Nora was alive. Viki's blood test showed the cancer might have returned. Hank went to visit Nora and found her hospital room empty.
September 25 to 29, 2000
Viki's new lab tests showed that she was okay. Todd told Kelly he was in charge of the Sun. Kelly started to work at the Banner. Max refused Rae's request for a DNA test. Skye returned. Bo told Nora the truth about their marriage ending. Todd threw Roseanne and Sophia out of the penthouse. Joey offered to let Sophia stay with him. A drunken Cristian picked a fight with R.J. at Rodi's, and then kissed Sophia. Bo took Colin in for questioning. Kelly ran into Joey when she picked up the rest of her things. Kevin tried to choke Todd into giving Kelly back the Sun. Will arrived in Llanview to testify against Colin.
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October 2 to 6, 2000
Viki offered to let Todd move into Llanfair. Colin was arrested. With Melanie, Nora reminisced about her relationship with Bo. Roseanne accused Antonio of using her. Cris was arrested for punching Max. Sam learned Todd had held Nora for a month before taking her back. Todd paid Nora a visit. Blair convinced Max to drop the charges against Cris. Nora remembered being in the convent. Todd told Bo that Nora had been at Colin's house. Lindsay lied that she had been seen with Colin because they were having an affair. Kelly crashed Kevin's meeting with the mob boss. R.J. threatened Colin to keep quiet about Lindsay. Todd said that because everyone thought he was bad, he would be bad.
October 9 to 13, 2000
Kelly interrupted Kevin's meeting with Mr. Rourke. Viki discussed her breast cancer with Betty Rollin. Kevin convinced Kelly not to work for Todd. Ben and Viki planned their wedding. Todd asked Starr to spy for information on Ben. Nora went to Colin's house to try to remember what had happened there. Roseanne visited Will in jail. Jessica told Cristian they were over for good. R.J. threatened Colin to keep quiet. Lindsay told Nora that Bo was seeing Melanie. Asa refused to make a deal with Colin. The forensic report proved Colin had held Nora. R.J. and Todd argued about Téa. Colin tried to make a deal with Sam and Will.
October 16 to 20, 2000
Todd agreed to buy B&B from Blair. Sophia walked in on Roseanne and Antonio in bed together. Skye accepted a job at the Sun. Kevin and Kelly found Asa meeting with Mr. Rourke. Todd locked Blair in a closet to keep her from meeting Max. Colin caught Jess at his house, looking for the tape. Nora went to see Will. Nora asked Asa to let Will go free. Nora saw Bo telling Melanie he loved her. Max freed Blair. Nora convinced Bo and Hank to take Colin's deal and let him go. Bo arrested Asa.
October 23 to 27, 2000
Colin apologized to Nora. Starr told Todd she wanted him to get back together with Blair. Todd loaded the virus onto Asa's computer. Rae continued to push Max for a DNA test. Will was released, and everyone headed to Crossroads to celebrate. R.J. tampered with Todd's car. Bo told Asa he needed to get help. A drunken Cris stole Todd's car and crashed with Sophia. Viki told Todd she was completely through with him. Renee decided to stop looking for her son. Nora and Sam had a talk. Sophia lied to protect Cris. Cris had no feeling in his hand. Lindsay tried to make friends with Nora. Skye showed Max the proof that Blair owned B&B.
October 30 to November 3, 2000
Rae was furious with Skye for trashing her in the Sun. Jessica decided not to go see Cris. Bo asked Nora to defend Sophia. Kevin refused to run Kelly's article about Skye. Cris had surgery. Max believed Skye was lying. Asa got out on bail. Blair kissed Todd. Joey and Kelly both quit the Banner. Antonio convinced Todd to say he had let Sophia borrow his car. Starr visited Todd in her angel costume. Ben and Viki were dragged off to their bachelor party and bridal shower. Madame Sybilla predicted the future. Asa paid a hit man to kill Ben. Todd asked Skye for 24 more hours. Max asked Blair to marry him again. Kevin and Joey fought. The hit man failed but would try again.
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November 6 to 10, 2000
Jessica told Will they shouldn't rush into marriage. Myrtle Fargate, Rae's mom, showed up in Llanview to provide emotional support. Max spurned Blair after her computer virus exploded on his screen. Todd later told Blair that he was the cause of the virus "outbreak." Ben vowed that Asa wouldn't ruin his wedding day. Meanwhile, Asa's hit man prepared to kill Ben. An emotional Renee gave Ben a special wedding gift. Shocked by Max and Skye's intimacy, Blair retreated to Dorian's, where Kelly noted her strange behavior.
November 13 to 17, 2000
Blair cut up Skye's clothing. Ben and Viki got married. The hit man shot Ben, but the coin Renee had given him stopped the bullet. Rae worried about her date with John. Antonio figured out Roseanne's note and found her in Philadelphia. Ben went to see Rourke. Lindsay realized Nora was setting her up. Kelly realized she had seen the hit man. Jessica agreed to move in with Will. Lindsay blackmailed Asa because she had seen him with the hit man. Asa promised Renee he'd end his feud with the Rappaport-Davidsons. Blair saw a vision of Addie. Ben returned to Viki. Antonio learned Todd's car had been tampered with. Blair shot Max. Kevin and Joey both insisted on protecting Kelly. Todd offered to help Blair with Max. Skye showed up at the diner with blood on her shirt.
November 20 to 24, 2000
Roseanne lost all her money and tried to borrow some from Cris. Jessica and Will made love. Todd had Blair wash off the gunpowder residue and then called an ambulance. Cris accepted R.J.'s job offer. "Conscience Nora" tried to convince Lindsay to tell Bo the truth about Asa. Colin demanded money from Lindsay. Todd and Blair were questioned about the shooting, but their residue tests were negative. Todd planted the gun in Skye's room. Lindsay demanded $500,000 from Asa. Rae told Sykes she had seen Skye outside Asa's house. Ben was still worried for his and Viki's safety. Sam warned Colin to stay away from Nora. Lindsay and Nora decided to co-host Thanksgiving dinner.
November 27 to December 1, 2000
Jessica told Viki she was moving in with Will. Ben received a dead fish as a warning from the mob. Sophia joined Antonio in the shower naked to get him to notice her. Nora's plan to trap Lindsay into confessing backfired. Viki refused to let Ben leave without her. Sophia went to Rae for advice. It was revealed that Mr. Gray was also Charlie the computer expert. Renee ordered a DNA test done on Max for Rae. Joey tried to stall his divorce. Mr. Gray got closer to Kelly. Sophia invited Roseanne to move in with her. Skye printed pictures of Sykes and Rae together in the Sun. Sykes was pulled off Max's case. Todd continued to help Blair. Bo arrived to take Blair in for more questioning.
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December 4 to 8, 2000
Bo had Blair pick up a gun to see her reaction. Jessica learned Cristian would be working downstairs. A hit man went after Ben and Viki on their honeymoon. Bo caught Asa giving Lindsay a check for $200,000. Lindsay claimed the money was for Will but used it to pay off Colin. Blair climbed into bed with Todd, and he told her a bedtime story. Renee ordered a DNA test on Max and Rae. Bo warned Colin to stay away from Nora. Rae agreed to try to help Todd. Charlie's attempt to shoot Kelly was interrupted.
December 11 to 15, 2000
Skye refused Asa's bribe to leave Max. Blair and Todd threatened to turn each other in as Max's shooter. Antonio was annoyed when Roseanne threw herself on him in front of Sophia. Bo arrested Skye for Max's shooting. Blair and Todd celebrated Skye's arrest. Rae found out that Max was not her son. Kelly asked Joey to move out. Kevin became suspicious of Charlie. Colin threatened to tell Bo that Melanie had killed her father. Nora became Skye's lawyer, and Skye filled her in on her history in Llanview. Sophia found the Bible page and gave it to John. Rae told John she was giving up the search for her child. Viki and Sam couldn't convince Ben not to leave town. Will asked Lindsay about the $200,000 Asa had given her. Sophia and Joey worked on each other's behalf to break up Kevin and Kelly, and Roseanne and Antonio.
December 18 to 22, 2000
Max wasn't certain about Skye's innocence. Todd got upset when Blair left and took Starr with her. Lindsay told Will she had spent the money Asa had given her to save the gallery. Kevin told Kelly that Joey had been stalling the divorce. Rae learned from John that Skye was her daughter. Lindsay borrowed money from Melanie to pay off Colin. Sophia admitted to Antonio that she loved him. Nora continued to befriend Colin. R.J. offered Roseanne a job. Bo told Asa that he planned to ask Melanie to marry him. Sophia and Antonio decided they couldn't be partners anymore. Sam and Melanie caught Lindsay pretending to be Melanie to look in Colin's safe deposit box. Skye refused to take the lie detector test Max requested. Asa told Nora he would help her with her plan. Blair was arrested and put in jail with Skye after she attacked Todd.
December 25 to 29, 2000
The annual Christmas tree lighting caused many Llanview residents to fantasize. Todd dreamed about a normal life with Blair and Starr. Both Roseanne and Sophia fantasized about Antonio. Ben showed up in disguise, dressed as Santa. Todd gave Jessica a video camera and Will ownership of B&B for Christmas. Antonio found his new partner very boring. Myrtle recommended to Rae that she not tell Skye the truth. The charges against Blair were dropped. Todd said nothing during his first session with Rae. John was convinced Skye might be innocent. Charlie pumped Joey for information about Kelly. Blair flirted with Cris. Roseanne got a job at the police station. Asa told Lindsay that Bo planned to ask Melanie to marry him. Todd turned the lights out in Llanview.
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