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January 1 to 5, 2007
Fancy was determined to save her relationship with Luis. Whitney was convinced that Chad was having an affair. Kay reluctantly planned her wedding to Fox. Eve urged Fox to tell Kay the truth about his health. Fancy's rapist hid in Fancy's closet. Ethan encouraged Theresa to dump Jared. Miguel revealed to Kay that Fox was not terminally ill. Sheridan hatched a plan to keep Fancy away from Luis. Fancy's attacker outsmarted Fancy. Ethan was convinced that Jared had killed J.T.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Sam found out that Grace was indeed dead. Fox married Kay, and Miguel vowed to break them apart. Sheridan would go to great lengths to keep Fancy and Luis apart. Fancy managed to trap her attacker in the closet. Jared finally proposed to Theresa, and they discussed having a future together. Chad drugged Whitney so that he could go off and be with his lover. Gwen made sure to get her ring back from Ethan. Ethan was so determined to keep Jared and Theresa apart that he was having fantasies about Theresa.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Miguel convinced Kay that Fox had been lying to her, and Kay believed him. In addition, Miguel comforted Kay on her wedding night by making love to her. Jared and Theresa's happiness was short-lived when Gwen and Jared walked in on Ethan and Theresa making love. Ethan was in a trance, unbeknownst to Jared, Gwen, and Theresa. Chad was saved by the bell when Jared came to his rescue again. Whitney was still clueless about Chad's affair. Fancy was still being terrorized by her attacker, and Sheridan continued to use Fancy's plight to her advantage by trying to convince Luis that Fancy was crazy.
January 22 to 26, 2007
While the Grace's loomed over Sam's head, it was work as usual. Fox had been injured by a hit-and-run driver, and Miguel was the number one suspect since the front portion of his car had been smashed. Kay believed Miguel nonetheless. Kay might have an uphill battle in more ways than one. Fox was in surgery, and Charity wanted her man back, and the lucky guy was Miguel. Fancy might find proof of her attacker, but the results might not be what she wanted to hear. Meanwhile, Sheridan was hell-bent on scheming to make Fancy look unstable. With Gwen out of the picture, Theresa was having second thoughts about giving up on Ethan.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
he masked man struck again, and this time he managed to implicate Luis as Fancy's rapist. Sheridan continued her quest to convince everyone, especially Luis, that Fancy was crazy. In order to keep Fox's secret, Julian called on Dr. Gasparro so that he could maintain that Fox was terminally ill. Kay was confused about Miguel and Charity, and wanted some answers, but she was willing to stand by Fox's side. Theresa had second thoughts about giving up Ethan, but Jared changed his mind about the broken engagement and wanted to go full speed ahead with the marriage. Chad wanted to stop the affair, but he was continually drawn to his lover.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Jared begged Theresa to take him back as his fiancée while Ethan was considering a life with Theresa. Julian's plan of driving a wedge between Miguel and Kay worked. As a result, Kay no longer trusted Miguel. While under hypnosis, Fancy and Luis identified their attacker as female, but they were both still confused and were still looking for answers. Chad's lover was threatening to disrupt his marriage with Whitney. Rae came face-to-face with the peeping Tom. Sheridan was more determined than ever to keep Fancy and Luis apart.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Fox awoke from his coma, and he accused Miguel of the hit-and-run. Kay was by his side all the way and was sickened by Miguel for the time being. The masked man terrorized Theresa by sending her threatening emails. Whitney was there to witness it and was giving Theresa a shoulder to cry on. Jared and Ethan continued to fight for Theresa. Chad couldn't seem to stay away from his lover. The masked man killed Rae, and Simone accused Luis of murder. Even though Paloma caught a masked man, his alibi, on the night of Fancy's attack, was air tight, so Luis was still the number one suspect. Chris was trying to save his marriage by suggesting a romantic getaway, but Sheridan couldn't seem to get past Luis and decided to stay in town.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Sheridan's latest scheme was falling apart. Chris noticed scratch marks on her arm that Fancy claimed to have left there after being attacked. While Luis was busy trying to clear his name, Fancy was busy fighting off her attacker. Chad was desperately trying to put his secret past behind him, but it might be catching up with him. Ethan was on a quest to find out Theresa's secret, but it might be quite dangerous for all involved, since there was a killer in their midst. Ethan was served with divorce papers while trying to learn Theresa's secret. Fox's scheme to have Kay for himself left him in a quandary. Eve wanted to start Fox's treatment, but a major drawback caused a setback for Fox. One of the side effects of the drug was impotence.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Fox agreed to the treatment because Julian fixed it so that he got placebos instead of the real drugs; however, errors could be made, and Fox might pay for such errors. Theresa's blackmailer noticed that she could not stay away from Ethan, so he twisted Theresa's arms by having her agree to marry Jared immediately. Chad's infidelity might cause him harm. His lover did not want to take no for an answer, and that might interfere with his marriage. Luis was arrested for attacking Fancy. He escaped and was on the run to clear his name. Sheridan continued to blame Fancy for Luis' predicament. Miguel wouldn't give up until he got proof that Fox was faking his terminal illness. Julian and Eve had some hope of finding their son because Alistair was no longer in the picture. Spike put Jessica back on the streets, and her latest john was the peeping Tom. She managed to escape thanks to Noah, Paloma, and Simone.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Chad told Vincent to leave Harmony for good, but Chad forgot that Vincent held all the cards due to the sex tapes. Whitney was still clueless about Chad's affair with Vincent. Kay had broken it off with Miguel. Fancy had discovered Luis' whereabouts, and she suspected that Sheridan was with him. Theresa prepared to marry Jared, but Ethan was not a happy camper. Fox was getting the real drugs instead of the placebo because the nurse mixed up the medications after bumping into Miguel.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Jessica fell prey to Spike's scheming. Paloma tried to take her relationship with Noah to the next level. Theresa's wedding to Jared was interrupted due to a seizure, and Ethan used that opportunity to try to win back Theresa; however, there were bigger forces at work. Ethan knew Theresa had a secret, but he did not know the details, and that was the secret that was keeping them apart. Luis escaped again with Sheridan's help. Luis and Fancy's relationship was on the backburner because of his arrest and Sheridan's constant roadblocks. Vincent was threatening to tell Whitney all about him and Chad if Chad did not do as Vincent said. Valerie gave Eve and Julian good news about their son. Kay told Miguel that it was over, but Tabitha intervened by casting a spell on them because she did not want Miguel to go chasing after Charity, since that would spell trouble for her. In the meantime, Fox was trying to cope with the real medication that he was getting instead of the placebo as planned.
March 19 to 23, 2007
Jessica had fallen prey to Spikes manipulations yet again. Tabitha managed to use magic to stop Miguel from leaving Harmony to pursue Charity. Miguel was convinced that Kay would leave Fox for him, but Fox was not giving up without a fight. Jared snuck out of the hospital with Chad's help so that he could marry Theresa right away. Meanwhile, Ethan was trying his best to do what he could to free Luis so that Theresa could be with him once and for all. Luis had been captured and was in jail. In addition, Luis had to deal with a jealous Fancy who was convinced that Sheridan was out to get her. Jared warned Chad to stop cheating on Whitney, but it was not that easy for Chad, since Vincent was blackmailing him.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Hopefully Jessica would get her life back on track with Endora and Tabitha's intervention. A magically grown Endora showed Jessica what her future could be if she changed her tune. Due to a setback caused by the real treatment, Fox was back at the hospital. Meanwhile, Kay was on the hospital roof making love to Miguel. Unfortunately, Fox witnessed it. Theresa was forced to marry Jared while Ethan was tied up at the blackmailer's apartment. Rae's body was laid to rest, and a devastated Simone went to Dylan's apartment to pick up a letter that Rae had left her. She was unable to get in because the blackmailer killed Dylan and set his apartment on fire. The blackmailer had lured Luis to Dylan's apartment by unlocking the jail door, then setting fire to the apartment-trapping Luis inside. A desperate Luis tried to shoot the lock off the window, and Sam, along with the rest of the police force, thought that Luis was shooting at them. Fancy fired back and hit Luis. Fancy was heartbroken that she had shot Luis.
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APRIL 2007
2 to 6, 2007
Fancy was devastated over shooting Luis instead of her attacker. Theresa hoped that Ethan would stop her wedding to Jared. Vincent blackmailed Chad to continue sleeping with him. Sheridan could not stop thinking about Luis while being married to Chris. Ethan could not find the proof he wanted to trap the blackmailer. Spike told Jessica that Tabitha was a witch. Ethan and Theresa made love. The blackmailer sent a message to the judge to move up the trial date for Miguel.
April 9 to 13, 2007
Jessica found out that she was pregnant. Kay slept with Miguel while married to Fox. Fancy was confident that Luis was not guilty. The blackmailer blamed Theresa for Miguel's pain. Vincent blackmailed Chad into talking Whitney out of telling the truth. Chad saved Whitney's life. Tabitha decided to home school Endora -- against Julian's wishes. The D.A. wanted to give Luis the death penalty. Spike threatened to sell Jessica's baby. Under oath, Sheridan admitted that she still loved Luis. The blackmailer made sure that both Luis and Miguel were found guilty.
April 16 to 20, 2007
Chad had his hands full. He was busy trying to stop Whitney from telling Valerie the truth, but Whitney ended up telling Valerie anyway. He was also trying to prevent Valerie from reporting Vincent to the police for hitting her. He had a secret that he wanted to keep buried, so he had to work overtime trying to do so. Noah found ways to spend quality time with Paloma. Chris walked out on Sheridan after hearing her testifying in court about her love for Luis. Tabitha realized that Endora wanted to go to preschool, so she cast a spell to bring back the school reps in order to convince them to accept Endora as a student. Judge Reilly was forced to sentence Luis and Miguel immediately at the blackmailer's wishes. Theresa constantly made things worse for herself by disobeying the blackmailer's orders. She just could not stay away from Ethan.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Paloma and Pilar were beside themselves because of Luis and Miguel. Luis was being tortured while in jail, but he was able to defend himself. Fancy was going to great lengths to get close to Luis by going undercover at the jail. Theresa crossed the blackmailer for the last time. He threatened to kill Ethan, unless Theresa obeyed his wishes. At the blackmailer's request, Theresa agreed to be a loyal wife to Jared and bear his child. Vincent hit "Valerie", and Chad went to her rescue. Chad was forced to be intimate with Vincent, or else Whitney would know the truth about his extracurricular activity. Miguel was in jail, but Fox could not get Kay to focus on him. Sheridan got desperate and decided to hire someone to help her get close to Luis.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Simone and Paloma tried to get Jessica out of Spike's clutches. Sheridan desperately disguised as a man so that she could be in the same jail cell with Luis. She kissed Luis without him knowing it was her at first, but she revealed herself shortly afterwards. Fancy became a prison guard to be near Luis as well, but she saw Luis kissing a man, who was really Sheridan pretending to be a man. Fancy concluded that Luis was gay all of a sudden. Eve and Sam walked in on Julian making love to Ivy, and they both wanted nothing to do with Julian or Ivy. Theresa prepared to have Jared's baby, but not if Ethan had something to say about it. Endora started preschool, but not without some witchcraft, after solemnly swearing to Tabitha that she wouldn't use magic.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Endora started Pre-School, and she was already causing mayhem by turning one of her classmates into a cat. Julian was using Eve's long-lost son to manipulate her in order to get back into her good graces. Miguel was beaten to a pulp by two prisoners. Sheridan discovered that Fancy was a guard at the same prison Luis was in, and she was determined to keep Fancy away from Luis. She would do whatever it took since she wanted to be the one with Luis. Meanwhile, Luis managed to tell Fancy that he was not carrying on with another man. Theresa certainly had her hands full. She made love to Jared, and the following day, she and Ethan made love without the blackmailer discovering, but the blackmailer paid a visit to Little Ethan, and that got Theresa's attention. Eve and Whitney were planning a surprise party for Chad, and Chad was determined to end his relationship with Vincent once and for all. Spike forced Jessica into prostitution again, and the dead johns made a comeback.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Endora taught her friend's mom a lesson in child-rearing. As a result of the shot from Chad's gun, Noah knew Chad's secret about being "on the DL" with Vincent. Chad swore Noah to secrecy because he did not want to do anything to jeopardize his marriage. Whitney was still clueless about Chad's double life. Ethan and Theresa managed to track the blackmailer because of a GPS device Ethan planted on his stand-in, but the blackmailer got away. Sheridan snuck back into the jail as a nun, thanks to Spike. Luis saved Miguel's life while Spike was in the process of smothering him. Miguel had called for help because he was unable to get out of bed. Kay accepted Julian's offer to stay clear of Miguel and stay with Fox so that Miguel could go free. Julian continued to find ways to win Eve over.
May 21 to 25, 2007
Ivy was trying to control Ethan's life by telling him to stay away from Theresa. Ethan and Theresa cornered the blackmailer, but he outsmarted them again, so they were back to square one. Theresa came close to telling Ethan the truth about Little Ethan while in the burning mausoleum, but did not get a chance to do so. Sheridan was still trying to keep Fancy away from Luis. Julian found out that he was not Little Ethan's father, and he could not wait to tell Ethan the truth, despite Eve's objections. Vincent lured Whitney to a gay bar so that she could witness him and Chad in the act. Whitney saw it all and was devastated. Julian used Spike as a witness in order to get Miguel out of jail so that Kay could honor her deal. She was to stay away from Miguel and be faithful to Fox for the duration of their marriage. Endora used witchcraft to coerce her friends into a sleepover, and she went wild with her powers by using her magic to age her friends into teenagers. Tabitha intervened and did some damage control so that the kids' parents did not suspect that she and Endora were witches.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Because Miguel was out of jail, he thought that he and Kay would get back together, but the deal Kay had made with Julian would bind her to Fox for the duration of their marriage. The Witches Committee paid Tabitha a visit because they didn't think that she was a bad witch anymore. Julian taunted Theresa about her secret because he thought he held all the cards. Ethan was dying to find out Theresa's secret. Whitney discovered Chad's infidelity in a not-so-pleasant way. She walked in on Chad having sex with Vincent. The blackmailer paid Spike off to dig up the dead johns and other dead bodies in order for him to frame Jessica for the murders. Luis' execution date was moved up, and no one could rescue him. The blackmailer approached Father Lonigan to let him know that he was there to kill him, and Father Lonigan was not at all surprised.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
The Witches Committee declared Tabitha a good witch and deemed her unfit to raise Endora. They kidnapped Endora. Tabitha and Kay searched for her, and they battled the evil witches. During the battle, Kay embraced her Standish powers and zapped the witches into oblivion. Sheridan managed to capture the blackmailer, but he escaped. Theresa made a deal with Julian so that he would keep his mouth shut about Little Ethan's true paternity. Julian was running Crane Industries. The blackmailer went to the chapel with the intention of killing Father Lonigan, but Sheridan saved the day. She fought with the blackmailer and managed to knock him out. Sheridan gave Luis false hope but, since she left the blackmailer unattended and he got away, Luis was still in prison. Whitney moved out of the studio and told Chad that their marriage was over. The blackmailer asked Spike to dig up all the dead johns he could find with the intention of setting up Jessica to take the fall for the murders.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Paloma tried to find evidence of the killings so that she could protect Jessica. Fancy and Sheridan almost identified the blackmailer, but the power was cut before they could find out. Jared almost caught Ethan and Theresa kissing by the Wharf. Whitney wanted nothing to do with Chad ever again. Kay was anxious to use her magical powers to cure Fox and get back together with Miguel, but she was just not ready; that certainly didn't stop her from trying even if it would destroy them all. Ivy found out that Julian was the number two person at Crane Industries, and that put a damper on their plans to get back together. Sam tried to corner the blackmailer, but he got away.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Kay was determined to hide her secret that she was a witch from Miguel. Spike buried Jessica alive. The blackmailer murdered the doctor that tested his blood for a DNA match. Theresa was afraid to tell Ethan the truth. Ivy confessed that she still loved Julian. Kay made a pact with a Demon Elf. Gwen walked in on Ethan and Theresa in a compromising position.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Jared caught Ethan and Theresa in a liplock. Sheridan made a deal with the blackmailer. Sam and Noah desperately tried to revive Jessica. The pact Kay made with the Demon Elf spiraled out of control. Spike was possessed by the Demon Elf, which led to his escape. Tabitha warned Kay not to use her power as a witch. Theresa accepted Ethan's marriage proposal.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Kay broke it off with Fox after using magic, owing to the demon elf's advice, to find out the truth. Consequently, she realized that Miguel was telling the truth all along. The blackmailer made a deal with a very possessed Sheridan. She was to kill Theresa while the blackmailer brought Pretty Crane to town in order to expose Fancy. The demon elf cashed in on Kay's magic to possess Gwen and Jared, since Kay could not control her magic, per Tabitha's warning. Jared beat Ethan to a pulp while Gwen went in pursuit of killing Theresa. Theresa was busy worrying about what Ethan and Jared would find out if they got the truth from the blackmailer. At the same time, she was running for her life because she thought someone was after her. Rebecca had a lead on the late J.T.'s flash drive and was following up on it. Sam placed an APB on Spike and told his officers to shoot him if he went near Jessica because he didn't deserve the protection of the law. While Chad wanted to pursue custody of Miles, Whitney was determined to keep him out of her and the children's lives.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Gwen and Sheridan caught up on old times, and their talk encouragedboth of them to go back to theirrespective partners. Pilar advised Fancy not to tell Luis the truth about Pretty. The blackmailer tricked Ethan into believing that he would turn himself in, but escaped at the last minute. He/she later arranged a meeting with Eve, and it was a profound experience. He told a very surprised Eve that he was her son. It turned out that the he/she was disfigured at birth as a result of Eve's drug use. Tabitha went to rescue Endora before the evil witches got a hold of her. A curious Julian followed Tabitha and discovered the truth-that she and Endora were witches. Theresa was frantic that Gwen might find out her secret and reveal it to Ethan, but Ethan didn't think that it would change his feelings for Theresa. However, Gwen and Rebecca, knowing Theresa's secret, seemed to think that it would destroy Ethan's love for Theresa. A possessed Sheridan poisoned Theresa.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Tabitha lied to Julian about his son's whereabouts. Julian missed the opportunity to meet his son. Eve was the only one who interacted with her son, the blackmailer, and she was not very pleased about his criminal activities. Vincent hinted to Eve that he was her son. Gwen gave Ethan and Theresa the impression that she was going to reveal a very big secret, only to back out at the very last minute with the intention of punishing Theresa by holding it over her head. Sheridan was so desperate to get Luis back into her life that she unintentionally attempted to murder Theresa as an agreement with the blackmailer. Her hatred for Fancy fueled the demon elf's evil, which in turn possessed her spirit and coerced her into committing crimes. Endora fouled a plan set forth by Fox to have Miguel killed. Chad made a last-ditch effort to reconcile with Whitney, but she refused, then he threatened to sue for custody of Miles and his unborn child. Fancy delivered the bad news to Luis that his execution date had been moved up.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Endora went up against the boys in the basement when she had to save Norma and Edna. Her powers had surpassed the boys in the basement because she was able to obliterate the leader, who had great powers. Vincent admitted to Eve and Julian that he was indeed their son, and Eve and Julian weren't very pleased with his antics. Eve especially was not handling it very well. She returned to taking drugs. Chad was convinced that Vincent targeted him because he knew that Chad was a Crane, and Vincent deliberately destroyed Chad's marriage. Luis' execution was at hand, and the family gathered for one last meal. Luis overheard Pilar telling Theresa to tell him the truth about her secret, and Luis encouraged Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but she changed her mind after hearing some rambling from another inmate on death row about revealing secrets. Fancy proposed to Luis while a shocked Sheridan looked on. Paloma and Noah decided to tie the knot as well. Gwen finalized her divorce with Ethan, and Jared left Theresa, so Ethan was free to be with Theresa. Ethan asked Theresa to tell him her secret, but she lied to him and told him that the secret was not about him.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Endora had become a very powerful witch since she defeated the boys in the basement. Esmeralda seemed concerned and wanted to know if Tabitha was ready to forsake her dark side and help Endora to be the best witch she could be. Eve told Julian that she wanted to turn Vincent in, but Julian wouldn't have it. Vincent made sure Pretty showed up in time to stop Luis and Fancy's wedding, and Pretty succeeded. Endora made Luis and Fancy's wedding day magical by decorating the prison walls. Luis' execution drew near. Fox ordered Spike to kill Miguel again, and this time Spike planted a bomb in Tabitha's house. While Spike was planting the bomb, he was unaware that Fluffy, Tabitha's cat, was about to have him as her next meal. The blackmailer made an appearance at Luis and Fancy's wedding, and Luis, Sam, and Noah chased after him, but it turned out to be Rebecca in drag. A prisoner tried to bargain with Ethan. He wanted to tell Ethan the secret about Little Ethan being his son in exchange for Ethan representing him, but before he could blurt out the secret, Rebecca intervened and made a promise to the prisoner that he would never forget.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Tabitha trapped Spike and was saving him for Sam. She wanted him to pay for his crimes. Luis was executed, but Endora turned back time so that Eve could free herself and confess to everyone that Vincent was the killer; consequently, Luis was innocent of all crimes and he went home to celebrate. His celebration wouldn't last too long because a jealous Sheridan was plotting to have Pretty come between the two lovers, Luis and Fancy. Vincent was hauled off to jail for his crimes, and Eve brought in a psychiatrist to aid in Vincent's recovery. Theresa told everyone that Sheridan tried to electrocute her. Ethan formally proposed to Theresa, and she accepted. In addition, Theresa suggested to Ethan that they elope. Gwen was waiting until Ethan and Theresa's wedding day to reveal her secret, but Rebecca thought that it could backfire on her. She wanted Gwen to tell Ethan the secret right away.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Tabitha decided to teach Spike a lesson for trying to blow up her house and framing Jessica. She turned Spike into a slave for Norma and Edna. Kay used her magic as a quick fix for everything, but it backfired when she tried to get Jessica out of a jam. Sam ended up arresting Jessica, but things were cleared up with Tabitha and Endora's help. After Father Lonigan managed to get through to Pretty to give up her vendetta against Fancy, Sheridan encouraged Pretty to tell Luis the truth about Fancy by playing on her vulnerability. Pretty agreed and told Luis that Fancy was the monster who had scarred her for life. Sheridan's wishes came true. She was gleefully happy that Pretty blew Fancy out of the water. Vincent received a visitor in jail who was none other than Alistair. He had been the mastermind behind Vincent's ruthless behavior. After managing to lock Rebecca and Gwen in the bathroom with help from Chad and Whitney, Theresa was able to walk down the aisle with Ethan, but not before they were interrupted due to Kay's magic. She managed to delay the wedding long enough so that she and Miguel would be able to attend.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Fox found a new love interest in Esme. Alistair finally showed his face in Harmony, and his first visitor was Vincent. It was not a pleasant meeting, since Alistair wanted him dead. Vincent's life was spared after he told Alistair that Little Ethan was not Julian's son but Ethan's. Luis knew Fancy's secret, and he was willing to be with her, but Fancy had doubts. Pretty sided with Alistair in hopes of getting in his good graces. Theresa and Ethan finally wed but not without a few interruptions from Gwen, Miguel, and Kay-and even Ethan himself. To further complicate things for the couple, Alistair attempted to kill Theresa, but Ethan was caught in the crossfire. He ate poisoned strawberries meant for Theresa. Gwen's hopes were shot because Alistair wanted to be the one to exact revenge on Theresa. Vincent escaped from prison with Alistair's help, and he headed straight for Sheridan. He held her at knifepoint. Luis got wind of it, and showed up in time to save Sheridan. Kay continued to use her magic with negative results.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Kay was going overboard with her magic by casting all sorts of convenient spells for personal gain, and they backfired as usual. Miguel thought he was losing his mind after seeing Kay's magic gone haywire. Luis managed to convince Fancy that he loved her and that he knew what happened between her and Pretty was an accident. Their reunion was not without fanfare since Alistair was lurking around the corner to cause mayhem between the duo. Theresa found an unconscious Ethan lying on the bed, and he was rushed to the hospital, but not before Alistair taunted her, and ended up shooting Chad for his intervention. While at the hospital awaiting word on Ethan's condition, Gwen got a call regarding her new man. It turned out that he was very ill and was in the hospital. Spike attempted to kill Vincent based on Alistair's hit list, but Sheridan thwarted his plans by escaping with Vincent. Sheridan was forced to save Spike or Vincent after her car careened out of control. She chose to save Spike since he claimed to have information on Marty's whereabouts. Eve vowed revenge on Sheridan for letting Vincent die.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Ethan found out that Little Ethan was his son. Sheridan peered through the hotel room window and saw Fancy and Luis making love. Pretty drugged Fancy's lemonade. Sheridan told Luis that Marty, their son, was alive. The forces from the dark side lured Endora down to the basement. Vincent had an urge to kill Eve. Sheridan held Spike at gunpoint. Before Theresa could introduce Little Ethan as Ethan's son, Gwen walked into Ethan's hospital room with a baby boy.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Passions did not air this week.
September 17 to 21, 2007
Gwen upset Theresa's plan of telling Ethan the truth about Little Ethan by presenting Ethan with a son who she claimed to be hers and Ethan's. Alistair prevented Luis from calling the police by increasing the frequency to Fancy's implants, which turned Fancy into a Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. She slapped Luis, knocking the phone out of his hand, but then she turned back into her normal self and acted very confused. Vincent tormented Eve into thinking that she was seeing a ghost of him when in reality he was showing Eve a projection of himself. Ivy was crushed to hear the sad news of Fox's death, and Julian demanded that Sam arrest Kay and Miguel for Fox's murder. Sheridan tried to trick Alistair into telling her the truth about Marty, but Alistair was way too smart for her tricks. He emotionally abused her, and Sheridan reached for a knife. Tabitha and Kay were on a mission to find Miguel and Endora at all costs.
September 24 to 28, 2007
Tabitha and Kay went searching for Endora and Miguel, and upon their return, they received a ransom note. They were instructed to cause mayhem in order to recover Endora and Miguel. Sheridan pulled a knife on Alistair and threatened to kill him because she knew that he was keeping Marty from her. Later on, Sheridan informed Luis that Marty was indeed alive. Alistair and Pretty continued to make sure Fancy and Luis were not happy. Theresa admitted to Ethan that Little Ethan was his son, but Ethan interpreted it as being a substitute father. Later on, Theresa learned that Little Ethan was missing from the hospital playroom. Gwen informed her that Alistair took Little Ethan. In addition, she said that Theresa was not legally married to Ethan, and that she was still Alistair's wife. Theresa refused to believe that the baby Gwen had was Ethan's, but Gwen showed her DNA proof. Fancy consoled Ivy over the loss of Fox. Eve continued to mourn the loss of Vincent and swore to Julian that she had seen him. Julian reminded her that Vincent was dead, but Eve continued to drown her sorrows in booze.
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Luis and Sheridan continued to search for Marty. As a result of the ransom note, Tabitha decided to interfere with Luis and Fancy by tearing them apart using Sheridan and magic. Kay thought there was another way to deal with the dark side and reversed Tabitha's spell on Luis and Sheridan. Vincent continued to torment Eve by appearing only to her. He told Eve that he was alive, but only Eve was aware of it, so Julian thought that the booze was clouding Eve's judgment. Theresa missed another opportunity to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan because Alistair threatened to kill Ethan if she told him the truth. Gwen continued to use her son to win Ethan back, and Alistair seemed to want her to win Ethan back as well, for his own selfish reasons. Esme's date was attacked by a dog, leaving her frantically desperate.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Valerie seduced Julian. Fancy issued Luis an ultimatum. Noah and Paloma poked around Tabitha's attic. Pilar told Theresa that she had to give up Ethan. Theresa wanted to know what Pilar was hiding.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Someone attempted to poison Esme's date. Gwen did some digging into Pilar's past. Sheridan and Luis believed that Fancy had seen Marty. At Fox's funeral, Kay and Ivy squared off. Tabitha created turmoil from her paper bag.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Esme lost another lover, and she felt that she was cursed. All these killing were the work of someone in the shadows, of whom Esme was not aware. Sheridan blamed Luis and Fancy for losing Marty again, but Fancy was helpful when she told Sheridan that she saw Marty. Tabitha was wreaking havoc, even in a paper bag. She cast a spell drawing Sheridan to Luis, and they both started to make love, and Fancy was to witness it. She needed to carry out this evil in order to reunite with Endora. Kay tried her best to contain Tabitha in the paper bag. Paloma and Noah searched Tabitha's attic, and the Timmy doll told them to find Miguel and Endora in a magic bowl. It turned out that Tabitha was behind it. Gwen continued to blackmail Pilar into convincing her to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Jonathan took a turn for the worse, and it was Theresa who discovered it. Gwen kept insisting that he was fine. Ivy and Kay fought over Fox's coffin. Ivy comforted Pilar because her terrible secret was out. At first, Pilar thought that Ivy was the one who revealed the secret, but Ivy convinced her otherwise.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Another one of Esme's flings, Jake, was murdered. Tabitha framed Kay for Jake's murder but later cleared her after Kay promised to stay out of her way when she terrorized Harmony with her evil in hopes of getting back Endora and Miguel. Tabitha wasted no time after Kay's deal. Fancy caught Luis and Sheridan making love, thanks to Tabitha. Jonathan, Gwen and Ethan's son, took a turn for the worse after being administered a drug Eve supposedly prescribed. Vincent modified Eve's prescription for Jonathan, causing him to overdose, and later tormented Eve, and even tried to convince her to take her own life. Ethan begged an unwilling Gwen to have the doctors operate on Jonathan because of the drug overdose, but Gwen refused because of Eve's mistake of which she was not aware. Rebecca told Theresa to stay away from Ethan and later threatened Pilar with her secret if she didn't tell Theresa to stay away from Ethan.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Gwen attacked Eve. Tabitha and Endora were reunited. Spike was targeted by an evil spell. Eve had to face the hospital board. Esme encouraged Fancy to fight for the man she loved.
November 12 to 16, 2007
The mysterious white-haired woman continued her campaign of vengeance against Pilar. Theresa received an anti-love potion from a gypsy (Tabitha in disguise) in the hopes of getting Gwen out of Ethan's life forever. She learned later that the potion was actually poison, when Theresa nearly died. Eve remained convinced that Vincent was still alive. Sheridan and Luis received a call from a mysterious man who claimed to know where Marty was.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Tabitha plotted trouble for Noah and Paloma. Ethan and Theresa worried that Jane might not be a match for Jonathan. Noah and Fancy shared a kiss. Sheridan feared that she might never see Luis again.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Alistair was back on the scene, making Luis, Fancy, and Sheridan's life a living hell. His latest scheme to keep Fancy, Luis, and Sheridan apart was to force Luis to impregnate Pretty. Tabitha continued to spread evil in Harmony, and her latest victims were Noah and Paloma. She used magic to arrange for Noah and Fancy to make love, and Paloma and Sheridan walked in on them. Jonathan desperately needed a liver transplant. Jane was a match but could not donate in time due to an ear infection. Gwen would rather see Jonathan dead than tell everyone that Little Ethan was a possible donor. Pilar's sister, Maria, contacted her, and she desperately asked Gwen if she and Rebecca revealed her secret. Valerie broke the news to Julian that she was pregnant. Eve wanted to tell Julian the truth about Vincent being Valerie, but she was threatened by Vincent, who was dressed as Valerie, so Eve kept her mouth shut.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Both Theresa and Gwen lied to Ethan about another possible donor for Jonathan's ailing liver. Theresa really wanted Little Ethan to be a donor, but Pilar urged her not to tell Ethan, so she came up with a lame excuse, and Ethan lashed out at her for not caring about Jonathan. Tabitha continued to unleash her evil on Harmony. This time around, she targeted small children in her last-ditch effort to bring Endora back to her. She ruined the children's gifts that were given to them by Santa Claus by sabotaging their gift bags to contain dead human heads. Her trickery worked because it appeared as if Endora was coming home. Paloma gave Noah a second chance and chalked up the incident with him and Fancy as magic and witchcraft. Paloma unknowingly cast a spell, which resulted in Luis and Pretty having sex. Alistair made sure Fancy saw it by sending it to her cell phone, so Fancy decided to give up Luis for good. Pilar's sister, Maria, was shot by Juanita while on the phone with Pilar. Julian committed Eve to rehab, and Vincent continued his torture of Eve. He even attempted to kill her, but Julian arrived in time to save her.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Tabitha received a message from Timmy, via a doll, that she should be a good witch in order to win Endora and Miguel back. Alistair interrupted Luis' enchanted affair with Pretty and then ordered Spike to kill Luis and Pretty. Gwen was still in denial about Jonathan's condition, so Theresa decided to take matters into her own hands and talked Little Ethan into donating a portion of his liver to Jonathan, and he agreed. Theresa had a lot of explaining to do after the nurse sent Ethan to meet the mother of Jonathan's liver donor. Noah disguised himself as Santa Claus and tried to talk Paloma into staying with him, but he was found out after removing his beard.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Vincent was still tormenting Eve while she remained in rehab. Eve kept telling Julian that Vincent was alive and that he and Valerie were one and the same, but Julian refused to believe her. Sheridan and Fancy witnessed Luis kissing Pretty. Sheridan and Pretty quarreled over Luis, since Pretty was not so quick to part ways with him. Fancy gave up on Luis, but Noah talked her into giving Luis a second chance. Little Ethan donated a portion of his liver to Jonathan but had some complications. Jonathan was not out of the woods yet, either. Gwen and Theresa tried their best to keep Ethan from knowing that Little Ethan was Jonathan's liver donor. Tabitha got a surprise Christmas gift from Endora. Esme took Viki to see Santa Claus, and she sent Viki home and got passionate with Santa Claus.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Esme's past came back to haunt her. Due to Tabitha's magic spell, Fancy walked in on Luis making love to Pretty. Being a good witch caused Endora to return to Tabitha. Theresa's hopes were dashed when she saw Ethan with Gwen. Miguel temporally lost his memory. Ivy attempted to turn Ethan against Theresa.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Theresa's dream of having a life with Ethan was shattered when Gwen told Ethan that Theresa was cheating on him with another man. Since Theresa was keeping the truth about Little Ethan from Ethan, she had to go along with the lie. Alistair was out of hiding, and he was back to his evil rampage. His first stop was Sheridan's cottage. He told her to use Marty to get between Luis and Fancy, and she could not wait to put the plan in motion. She managed to get Luis away from Fancy by having Marty call Luis while sounding panicky. Luis went running because Sheridan got on the phone and pretended that she and Marty were in danger. Esme's attempt to get Alistair killed almost took shape when her sister, Viki, threw a dagger at him that landed in his back. The mystery killer of Esme's men was revealed to be Viki. Miguel told Kay that he was not sure that he could live with the idea of her being a witch.
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