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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on GL
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Monday, February 17, 1997

Amanda went to see Dinah. Dinah told her that she and Hart broke up. Amanda said that Dinah should go to Hart, but Dinah said she would rather eat glass. Amanda told Dinah that she and Roger are getting to know each other, and asked Dinah questions about Roger and Holly's past. She does not understand their relationship because they are so different. Dinah warned Amanda not to underestimate Holly. She told Amanda that Holly despises Roger, and that Holly had warned Dinah against marrying Roger. She said Roger is not capable of deep feelings- then she looked at Amanda and said maybe he has changed.

Matt and Hart were at the gym working out, and they began to talk about Dinah. Hart said that he and Dinah are very different, not like Vanessa and Matt who always seemed to be on the same road. He said he and Dinah are miles apart. Matt said he hoped they could work it out, and Hart told Matt that he thinks Dinah puts everything else before their relationship. Matt said that he thought that Hart did the right thing sending Dinah's friends away. After the workout, Hart went to see Dinah, and they talked. Hart asked what happened between them, and Dinah said all they ever do anymore is fight. They agree to take a break from each other, and Hart left.

Leo and Roger had a meeting, and Roger had asked Leo to look into Brandon Spaulding's wills. Leo found out that Brandon had two wills. The second one was declared invalid because at the time Brandon was alive and well in Barbados, fathering another child. The child was a daughter named Victoria. The will named Alex and Victoria both as beneficiaries- at the time Alan was presumed dead. Victoria did not want the money, and Alex got all of it. Leo questioned Roger's relationship with Amanda, and Roger told him it is all business.

Annie found an old picture of Sarah, as well as a picture of Josh and Reva on their wedding day. She said to herself that it is her time to be with Josh now. Annie went back to the party, and saw Reva and Josh talking. Phillip went and asked Annie to dance, and Annie wanted only to talk. Annie tried to convince Phillip that she and Josh are fine, and Phillip sa

Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Jenna and Jeffrey were at the Dallas ball, when Buzz showed up. Jenna and Buzz snuck into the coatroom and shared a kiss. They worked on a plan to get Jeffrey's room key, so they could get in to get Coop out. Jenna warned Buzz that the new nanny watches the baby like a hawk. Jenna went back to Jeffrey, and she was telling him how wonderful it was to be back enjoying the thrill of the heist. In her excitement, Jenna purposely spilled a drink on Jeffrey, so he had to remove his jacket. After he removed his jacket, Jenna took it, and got the key out and gave it to Buzz. Buzz dressed up as a maintenance worker, and went to Jeffrey's suite. Once he got in, he locked the nanny in the closet, and grabbed the baby. He left the baby with the chauffeur, and went to get Jenna. When Jenna asked if Coop had been alright leaving with Buzz, Buzz said sure- he and the baby were like two peas in a pod.

Abby and Meta and Phillip were still at the party, and Phillip made a toast to Abby, saying that she makes the perfect doctor's wife, because she is always so understanding. Abby asked Phillip to tell her about Rick when he was little. She told Phillip that Rick is her hero, and Phillip agreed that he is a hero. When Abby asked what Rick's flaws were, Phillip said he didn't have any. Michelle told Abby that she is glad Abby is marrying her brother.

At the hospital, Lillian again questions Rick about Kevin, and Rick again told Lillian that Kevin is his son. Lillian again told Rick that he cannot operate on his own son. Roger, Ross and Fletcher were together, and talking, they mentioned that Jason is fine, and Kevin needs surgery. Blake is still unconscious, and in intensive care. Fletcher and Roger tell Ross they know how hard it is going through this...Ross said that he hates that Kevin is alone. Fletcher said that he is not alone, Rick is with him. Fletcher talked about how he and Holly went through all this with Meg, and he is sure that everything will work out. Ross kept asking why Blake was out in the car, with the boys, far from the country club.

Rick was pushing for surgery for Kevin- Kevin was losing blood fast. Rick wanted to operate right away, without waiting for another surgeon. He said he would take full responsibility. Rick went to Ross and told him that Kevin was losing blood fast, from internal bleeding, and that he needed Ross' permission to operate. Ross told him to operate, and save Kevin's life. Ross went to Blake, and there was no change in her. He told her that everything is going to be alright, and that Rick will take care of Kevin.

Ross then went to Roger, and told him that Kevin will be fine. He also told Fletcher that he is grateful to Rick, and remarked that Rick always had a special relationship with Kevin. Then Rick went to be with Blake while Kevin was operated on.

Amanda said she wanted to use the Spaulding name to pull some strings, and help in any way she could. She sent for a pediatric specialist. Roger told her it's too late, that Rick is already operating. He asked Amanda to go pull some strings to get Blake's neurological studies back quickly. Amanda was happy to have something to do.

Holly spent all her time in with Jason, talking to him about Kevin and Blake, and she talked about Blake when she was little. She said that Blake finally had everything she always wanted, but she didn't trust in it.

In the operating room, Rick had to remove Kevin's spleen. Lillian came in to help. Kevin crashed on the operating table, but Rick revived him. He came out of the surgery fine. Rick told Lillian that his son is a fighter, and Lillian asked Rick how it felt to save his son's life. Rick went to talk to Ross.

Ross, Fletcher and Roger were in the waiting room, and Rick came in and told them that Kevin was to be fine. Having his spleen removed may make him more open to infections, they would just have to watch him. His prognosis was very good. Then Rick said he needed to talk to Ross. Ross thought something was wrong with Kevin, but Rick said he is fine, they just need to talk.

Roger was with Blake, and told her that Kevin came out of surgery fine. He told Blake that she has to come back to them. As Roger was talking to Blake, Holly came to the room.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

Michelle and Phillip were talking at the party, and Phillip was trying to cheer Michelle up. Then he went to talk to Abby, and she said she couldn't figure out where Blake was. Phillip told Abby that he wants to be close friends with her, and she said she already thinks of him as family. Michelle said she considers Abby a sister. Meta and J talked photography, then they all left the party. J offered Michelle a ride home, but she declined saying she had her own car. Phillip offered to take Abby home, but she said she wanted to stay and wait for Rick.

At the ball in Dallas, Buzz told a security guard that Jeffrey had a bomb, so the security guard would detain him. Jenna and Buzz escaped with Coop. They got onto a plane back to Springfield. Buzz began asking Jenna questions. He wanted to know why Jenna denied that Coop was her son when she first came to Springfield. She said it was because she was embarrassed to have gotten pregnant so soon after leaving town. Buzz asked how old Coop is, and Jenna said 18 months. Buzz then asked why Jenna is with Jeffrey if he isn't the boys father- that it sounds like an odd relationship. Jenna told him it was good for Coop to have Jeffrey around. Buzz asked if Jenna is happy. Jenna said she takes things one day at a time, and that she really can't think of anyhting else except what is waiting for her in Springfield. Coop woke up, and Buzz held him, and told him how handsome he is.

Holly and Roger were in Blake's room talking, and Amanda saw them from outside the room. A nurse came over with papers for Amanda to sign, she had arranged to pay for all of Kevin's care. Roger told Holly that she always thought that he thought he could fix everything, and he wished he could fix Blake. They worry about why she has been unconscious for so long. Roger asked Holly what had been bothering Blake, and Holly began blaming herself for leaving Blake and the boys when she knew the condition Blake was in. She told Roger that nothing for Blake and her family will ever be the same again. Amanda came in to update them on Kevin. Holly and Roger thanked her, then turned back to Blake. Fletcher came in, and he and Holly talked, and Roger thanked Amanda for all she had done. Amanda told him that she is not as coldhearted as he may think.

Rick took Ross aside and told him that Kevin is really his son, not Ross'. Ross called him a liar, and thinks he's talking nonsense because he is tired. Rick explained the night with Blake, and how Blake had doctored the medical test results. Rick said that Blake had convinced him that Kevin belonged in a loving home- her and Ross' home. Rick told Ross that he always wanted to tell the truth, but Blake convinced him not to. Rick said it wasn't easy to walk away from his own son, and talked about operating on a child that he couldn't even call his own. Rick begged Ross not to walk away from Blake. He said that on the night he and Blake were together, Blake thought she had lost Ross- that she had seen him with Amanda, and that devastated her. Ross said he didn't want to hear any more. He said now Rick got what he wanted- his son.

Ross went to Blakes room, and before he went in he took his wedding ring off. When he came in, he asked everyone to leave, and Holly realized that he knew about Kevin. Fletcher wondered what was going on.

Abby called Rick at the hospital to see how he was. Rick wanted to stay with Kevin, but decided to go tell Abby before she heard the news from someone else.

Blake woke up, to find Ross at her side. She asked what happened, then asked about the boys. Ross said they were fine, that Jason barey had a scratch, and Kevin had been to surgery. Ross told Blake to thank Rick for doing the surgery that saved HER son's life. Blake realized that Ross knew the truth.

Thursday, February 20, 1997

At the hospital Ross is sitting in Blake's room. She looks at him and says "You know about Kevin." He responds, "I know that Rick is Kevin's father." Blake answers "Oh my God.."

Rick and Abby are hugging. She tells him that everything is all right. She understands that he is a trauma doctor and that these things happen. Rick said that she might not understand when he tells her what he has to say. She says that she loves him and that is why she waited up for him. She hugs him. Rick looks worried as he hugs her back.

Roger, Holly, Fletcher and Amanda rush into Blake's room. They are thankful that she is awake and alive. She asks about the boys. She says that she understands that Rick had to operate on Kevin. Holly tells her that Kevin is fine and so is Jason. They ask her what happened. She explains what happened during the accident. Fletcher asks her where she was going she was going the opposite way from the country club. Blake says that she was going to Ross's office. She tells him that she had something very important to tell him that she should have told him months' ago.

Rick is telling Abby that there something happened today that she needs to know about. He is obviously upset and she asks him if someone died.

Michelle is working on the computer at the kitchen table. J comes to the door and looks in. She sees him and asks him what he is doing there. He has brought her some cake from the engagement party. He asks her to make them some coffee so they can eat it. She asks him to come in. They chat about the computer and he tells her he'll help her with the Internet. They sit down together to work.

Rick tells Abby about Blake's accident. He tells her that he had to operate on Kevin. Rick tells her that he is not the man that she thinks he is. He says that he broke the rules when he operated on Kevin and he broke the rules another night and now he has to tell her about it. He says that doctors aren't supposed to operate on their children. He tells her that he is more than Kevin's godfather I'm Kevin's real father, Abby.

Blake tells everyone that she needs to be with her husband right now. They all kiss her and leave. Blake tells Ross that she wasn't lying when she said that she was on her way to tell him. She says that she couldn't live with the lie anymore. Blake asks him to tell her that it isn't too late. Ross doesn't respond.

Blake tells him that she wants to tell him what happened. He says that he needs the truth. She says that she made a mistake. Ross asks her if she calls sleeping with another man, having his child and trying to pass it off as his a mistake. He asks her who she is? She tells him about finding he and Amanda together and the circumstances that followed to make her sleep with Rick. Ross tells her that the dagger doesn't go any deeper that having his wife sleep with his best friend's son. She says that she wanted to protect him and the boys. Ross tells her that she is truly her father's daughter genetically incapable of telling the truth. He says that this was more than being unfaithful this was nine months of breaking faith. He says that she has destroyed everything that was good in them and their life together.

Abby has a hard time understanding how Rick can be Kevin's father. She keeps telling him that Blake and Ross are married and married people don't do that to each other. Rick tries to explain what happened that night. Abby is upset she tells him to tell him to stop telling her these lies. Rick grabs her to try to calm her down. She tells him not to touch her and slaps him.

J and Michelle are playing on the Internet and joking around. Their conversation somehow comes around to the night that they ran away and went to the hotel. J apologizes to her. She tells him that she forgave him a long time ago.

Holly and Fletcher arrive home. Fletcher asks her to tell him what is going on. Holly changes the subject. Fletcher keeps trying to talk her into telling him. She tells him about the twins' paternity. Fletcher is upset that she kept this from him.

Roger and Amanda arrive home. She fixes him a drink. Roger is sitting quietly and thinking. Amanda says that she knows he is worried about Blake and the boys, but she tells him she thinks the worst is over. Roger says that he hopes so. Roger says that when you have children you never stop worrying. Amanda starts to talk business. Roger tells her that he doesn't want to talk business. She says that they have to discuss the bottom line. He says that his family is the bottom line and if she doesn't know that then she doesn't know him.

Blake is telling Ross that they have to make the best of their marriage for the boys. Ross says that they don't have a marriage. He says that that ended when she made love to Rick. She says that it wasn't making love, it was a mistake. Ross tells her that he loved their life together. He tells her that he was never so proud or happy as when she told him that she was having twin boys. He says he still can't believe that the man who delivered the boys was the father of one of them. He says why is this happening to him what has he ever done to deserve this utter and complete treachery and betrayal beyond all understanding or forgiveness. Blake is crying and begging for forgiveness. Ross tells her that she has not changed. She is still the same person as she was when he first met her. She demands that he notice that she has changed. She reminds him that he told her that he would love her forever. She begs him to please remember that and forgive her so that they can still be a family.

Rick is asking Abby for forgiveness. He tells her that what happened with Blake happened before he fell in love with her. She tells him that she trusted him to be a decent and honorable man and it makes no difference that it happened before they fell in love. She tells him that he has committed a shameful act and then he lied to her about it. Rick begs her not to leave him. Abby runs out the door. Rick is left alone crying.

Blake tries to get out of the bed. Ross tells her that she needs to get back in the bed and take care of herself because Kevin will need her to take care of him. Ross tells her not to get out of bed anymore because he won't be there to catch her. He walks out the door. Blake is screaming for him not to leave her.

Michelle is telling J what fun she is having on the computer. She tells him that he is great with the computer. He tells her if she has trouble to call him and he will talk her through it. He gets ready to leave and thanks her for the coffee. She thanks him for the cake. She tells him to be careful and he says to take care of herself. He leaves. She goes back inside with a thoughtful look on her face.

Holly tells Fletcher that Ross knows that she knows. She says that this made him even angrier that Blake would tell her before him. They talk about what might happen with Ross and Blake. Holly says that they need to pray.

Amanda tells Roger that it is obvious that he would rather be alone, so she gets ready to leave. She tells him to try to get some sleep. She leaves.

Roger picks up the phone and calls Holly. Roger tells her that he knows what it is. He says that he has figured out that Rick is Kevin's father. He says that he wants to go over there to her. Holly tells him to leave them alone because that is their only chance. She says that Chrissy is going to need them both now more than ever. Roger says that Chrissy can count on him for anything and so can Holly. They hang up.

Blake is crying in her room alone.

Rick is still at the country club alone. He sits on the floor holding Abby's hair barrette and cries.

Abby is at the hospital looking in the nursery window at the babies. Ross is with Jason holding him. Abby sees them through the window. She begins to cry.

Friday, February 21, 1997

Buzz, Jenna and Coop arrive back at the firehouse apartment. The baby is asleep and Buzz takes him upstairs. Jenna says that she feels like she and Coop are intruding, she doesn't want to intrude. Buzz tells her that she is welcome. The baby starts to cry and Jenna goes upstairs to take care of him.

Annie is on the phone with Alan. She tells him that she is going to follow this through until the end. She is going to check to see if she can find out more information on the cameo that Sarah gave the baby that she gave away. Josh comes into the room. Annie tells him that she has a busy day ahead. She is going to visit Blake and the twins. Josh tells Annie about Blake's accident and that she is in the hospital.

Annie is at the Bauer house. She is writing a letter and crying. She takes off her engagement ring and puts it on the counter with the letter.

Rick is at the hospital nursery checking on Kevin. Ross walks in. Rick tells Ross that Kevin is doing very well recovering from surgery. Ross tells Rick that he is there to take Jason home and he needs him to sign his release papers. Rick asks him what he means and if he has talked to Blake about it. Ross tells him that he is taking his son home. He says that he is not going to talk to Blake about it is his decision. He is going home with his child.

Josh continues with the story about Blake's accident. Annie says that she is going to go to the hospital. Josh tells her that he doesn't know if it a good idea for her to see Blake and the babies like that it might upset her. She tells him that she is a nurse and sees things like that all the time it is not going to stress her out. She tells him that she is just so thrilled to see that he cares about her so much. She says that as long as she knows he cares about her that is all she needs.

Blake is on the phone in her hospital bed. She is calling home and begging Ross to answer. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. She speaks to herself as if she is talking to Ross and says she is so sorry.

Rick tells Ross that Blake didn't sleep all night. He says that they gave her something to sleep, but she couldn't. Ross says that he doesn't want to hear about Blake, he wants to go home with his son. Rick tells him that Blake is in so much pain. Ross says that there is a lot of that going around. Rick says that she is alone. Ross tells him that he is sure Rick will visit her when he has a break. Rick tries to explain again what happened the night he and Blake slept together.. Ross says that all he feels is complete and utter betrayal. Rick tells him that Blake does too. Ross says that perhaps he is just a little old fashioned, but he can't forgive a wife who sleeps with other men and bears their children. Ross asks Rick if he has shared the joys of fatherhood with Abby or is he going to lie to her like Blake did to him. Rick says that he has told her. Ross asks if she forgave him. Rick says, "of course not." Ross begins to say something about Ed. Rick tells him to leave his dad out of it he is a grown man and he made a mistake but he is going to make everything right if it is the last thing that he does.

At the firehouse, Buzz and Jenna are still arguing about whether she should stay there or not. Jenna tells Buzz that he is very good with her little Henry. Buzz says that it is Henry. He is a smart and magical kid. They chat about Henry and the flight home. Buzz tells her that he is proud of her. She asks why. He says that she everything always used to be about "her', now it is about "him", meaning Henry. Buzz tells her that he will get some lunch for her. She says that she doesn't want him to do another thing for them because she and Henry will be leaving when he wakes up. Buzz looks stunned.

Lillian tells Ross that she will take the discharge papers down and process them for him. Rick tells Ross that he wishes there was some way he could persuade him to go see Blake. Ross tells him that things will never be the same. Ross said that Jason is not going to suffer through this. He says that Kevin will suffer because of what Rick and Blake did. He leaves to get Jason.

Abby has a suitcase and is ready to walk out the door. Michelle sees her and begs her to tell her what is wrong. Abby says that she can't tell her what is wrong, she says that it doesn't concern her. Michelle tells Abby that she is a big part of her life she is like her sister. Abby says that sometimes families can not stay together. Abby says that she and Rick are not getting married. Michelle begs her to tell her what is wrong. She doesn't understand. Abby says that Michelle loves her brother and trusts him and that he has to be the one to tell Michelle. Abby says that she can not trust Rick anymore. Michelle says that Rick is an honorable man and how can Abby say that she can trust him. Michelle keeps trying to get her to tell what the problem is. Abby tells that it is over. Michelle reminds Abby that when she came to town she talked about forgiveness and not judging people what happened. Abby pushes away from her. She knocks things off the counter and starts to cry hysterically. Michelle watches her.

Abby turns around and says that she can't answer any of Michelle questions about where her faith has gone. She says that Rick has stolen that away from her and all she is left with is a terrible feeling inside. She says that she doesn't know how to deal with it. She says that all that is left inside of her is darkness. Michelle tells her that she is feeling pain and that that will go away in time. Michelle says that that is what everyone has told her. Abby says that maybe they were lying to her. Michelle says that she has never heard Abby talk like that. Abby says that maybe she has never accepted what the real world is like. Abby says that she doesn't know what anything is anymore. She doesn't know what love is. Michelle tells her that she and Rick had real love. Abby starts crying. Michelle asks her what Rick has done to her. Abby responds, "he woke me up from my dream." Abby asks Michelle to please go away and leave her alone. Michelle leaves the room.

At the hospital nursery Rick is talking to Kevin. He tells her that everything is going to be all right. Rick tells the baby that he is his son. He talks to him and tells him that he loves him.

Ross is at home with Jason. Ross is talking to Jason. He tells him that he had a big day and he got to ride in the back seat of the car all by himself. Ross tells him that he is going to have to get used to that. He puts him down for a nap.

Annie comes to visit Blake. She tells her that she is so relieved that she is okay. Annie starts to tell Blake that their plan to get Reva out of the picture is working great. Blake tells her that she doesn't want to hear anymore about Annie's dirty work. Annie says that she just wants Blake to look in Ross's files one more time. Blake tells her to go away. She says that she is not doing one more thing for Annie. Annie tells her that she had better think about it. Blake tells her that there is nothing to think about -- her husband knows the truth. Annie says, "Oh my God."

Annie asks how Ross found out. Blake tells Annie that she doesn't have anything to hold over her anymore. Annie acts like she doesn't understand. Blake tells her that she has been blackmailing her about the twin's paternity to get her to do favors for her. Annie denies this. Blake tells her that she was so upset over the things that she had done for Annie when she got in the car she was not paying attention to what she was doing and had an accident. She lost the one chance to tell Ross about the boys. Annie can't believe tat Blake is blaming her for the accident. Blake tells Annie to let this plan with Reva go or she will lose Josh for sure. Blake tells Annie to get out.

Buzz is watching Jenna from across the room and he brings her some coffee. She starts thanking him for everything he has done for her. Buzz says that there was no harm done. She says that when Jeffrey finds them there might be a great deal of harm done. Buzz asks her if she means that Jeffrey is dangerous. He says that if Jeffrey shows up the three of them - Jenna, Buzz and Henry will be safe together. Jenna asks Buzz why he is really doing this?

Annie tells Blake and she and her two babies are not the only important thing in the world. Blake tells her that she is obsessed. First it was booze, then drugs and now it is Josh. Blake says that Annie is going to destroy everything and bring her world falling down around her. Blake says that Annie will be just like her. She says that the old Blake Marler would not have given up. Blake says that the old Blake Marler was a fool. That woman ruined her life. Annie tells her that she is not going to let her give up. Blake says that they are not doing anything. Annie says that maybe she could go to Ross and explain. Blake says that if Annie does that she will make Annie's life a living hell. Annie says that she wouldn't do that. Blake says that she would because she has nothing left to lose. Annie asks her if she is going to go to Josh and tell him what she is up to. Blake says "maybe I won't, but maybe I will." Annie looks frightened. She gathers her things together and leaves.

Jenna says that she doesn't understand why Buzz cares enough to put his name on the line for her. Buzz says that she is a damsel in distress and he had to rescue her. She tells him that the shining armor looks so good on him. She says that she and Henry are lucky to have him in their lives but that would be presuming because Buzz isn't in their lives they are just passing through. Buzz says that they are not passing anywhere until they get Jeffrey out of their lives. Jenna says that Jeffrey won't let her go. Buzz says that she shouldn't worry about it but think about the thing that is most important in her life Henry. She is a great mom, Buzz says. Jenna starts to tell Buzz something important and there is a knock on the door. Buzz says that he doesn't understand because no one knows where they are.

Buzz answers the door and Frank enters. He is staring at Jenna. Buzz asks him how he knew where they were. Frank says "it's my job to know."

Frank says that he needs to talk to Jenna. Frank says that the Springfield police got a call from Dallas. Buzz says that it was Jeffrey. Frank tells Buzz that it was okay when it was between the two of them, but now the police force knows that Jenna skipped bail. Jenna says that it wasn't the phone call, Frank just doesn't trust her. Frank agrees and says that she has already skipped bail once, why not again. She says that she won't. Frank tells her that his dad might buy her act, but he doesn't. The baby starts to cry. Jenna tells Frank that that baby is her son. Buzz goes upstairs to get the baby. Frank tells Jenna to get her things. Frank starts to take her out the door. The baby is crying for his momma. Buzz tells him that his momma will be right back. Jenna kisses the baby and walks out the door with Frank. Buzz is holding the baby as they leave.

Abby is looking at her engagement ring. She sits it back on the counter, gets her luggage and goes out the door. Rick is coming in. They look at each other sadly.

Annie is at the jewelry store looking for a cameo. She gets out the photo of Sarah and looks at it, she says that this cameo is perfect.

Josh is at the hospital looking for Annie after the AA meeting. He runs into Dr. Sedgwick, the OB/GYN. He tells her that he wants to apologize for missing Annie's appointments. He says that he is going to take a much more active role in the pregnancy now and will be coming with her in the future. The doctor says that she hasn't seen Annie in months, she didn't even know that she was pregnant. She gets a page and has to leave. Josh looks puzzled and leaves the hospital.

Lillian goes into Blake's room. Blake is not there. She is standing outside her house in her hospital gown. She takes her key and starts to open the door. Ross pulls the door open and stares at her angrily.

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