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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on GL
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Monday, December 13, 1999

At the Jail:
Danny tries to explain to Frank, David, Carmen and Michelle that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the witness (Ms. Lockhart). He tells them that he was only trying to talk to her when he was hit on the back of the head. When he awoke, David and Frank where there and Ms. Lockhart was gone. Frank and David don't believe him. Grant Morton, Michelle's lawyer, arrives. He tells Danny that he really messed up, and that because of him Michelle looks even guiltier. Danny is put into the cell next to Michelle. Michelle questions Danny about the disappearance of the witness, and he assures her he only tried to talk to her. He had nothing to do with the disappearance. Danny apologizes to Michelle for getting arrested and making her case harder. He still vows to find Ms. Lockhart when he gets out of jail. Michelle asks Danny that they always be honest with each other.

Abby comes to the jail, and asks Frank if she can see Michelle. Frank tells Abby that Michelle is busy talking with her lawyer. Frank and Abby talk about family and having kids. Frank tells Abby that he thinks she will be a good mother one day.

Danny is released from jail.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund and Jim are looking for the plane when Jim finds Beth's red slip tied to the marker in the snow. Jim realizes that the plane has been buried by an avalanche. Edmund insists that they must be dead by now. Jim starts to dig and implores Edmund to help. Harley and Buzz arrive. Buzz goes for help. In the plane Beth is telling Phillip that she is no longer afraid. She says she is happy they made love because it was nice to remember life and love. She also says she is glad they said good bye to Lizzie. Phillip agrees with her on both counts. Phillip says they will find the plane one day, and Lizzie will see the video tape they made for her. Beth thanks Phillip for all they had together, and for the daughter they made together. All the while the video tape is still rolling! They drift of to sleep. Phillip wakes when snow begins to fall into the plane. He hears voices and wakes Beth. Beth and Phillip both began yelling " we are here, we are here." Phillip and Beth are rescued. Up on the surface, Jim holds Beth, and tells her that thinking about her was all that kept him going. Buzz calls Selena from his cell phone, and tells her that everyone is alive and okay. Jim tells Phillip and Beth that Edmund saved his life, and that he helped him save their lives too. Edmund turns to Phillip, and says he wants a reconciliation with his brother. Edmund hopes he will be forgiven by Richard. Edmund says he was wrong. When Phillip thinks no one is listening, he tells Beth that no one ever has to know what happened in the plane between them. Edmund overhears this and returns to the plane. Edmund finds the video tape.

At Drew's:
Jessie arrives with flowers. Drew meets him at the door. She apologizes for yelling at him. Drew tells Jessie how much she loves him, and how lucky she is to have him. They go inside. Drew, Jessie, Selena, and Max are all there to celebrate the last day of Hanukkah. Max is worried about Susan and her family. Drew consoles him. Drew and Jessie light the Menorah. Selena receives a call from Buzz saying that everyone has been found alive and well. A messenger delivers a gift for Drew. She opens it only to realize that it is from Ben. Ben sent Drew pearls. Drew cries and Jessie gets up to hold her.

At the Santos Compound:
Pilar comes to speak to Maria (her grandmother). Maria says she is worried about Pilar, and that Pilar must take care of herself. Maria tells Pilar that Michelle has a better chance of getting off for the murder than they do. Pilar is afraid. Maria assures Pilar that God will forgive her. Pilar goes to pray. Carmen comes home. She says her family is falling apart. Carmen tells Maria that Danny is in jail. Maria begins to blame Carmen for all that has happened. She says Carmen should have never let Ben in to the family. Maria reminds Carmen that she promised Miguel (Carmen's deceased husband, and Maria's son) on his death bed that she would take care of his family. Maria urges Carmen to keep that promise "no matter what!" Carmen complains that she is having to deal with this alone and the only woman she has to confide in is Maria, " a woman who has always hated her." Maria agrees and says, just as you hate Michelle. While Pilar is praying, she has a vision of a bloody Ben: She begins to scream and cry. Carmen rushes to her. Pilar cries that they must tell people the truth, or they will all be damned!

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Susan and Cassie are relieved when Phillip, Beth and Jim return to the castle. Richard is shocked to find his brother with them. When Beth and Jim claim that Edmund saved their lives, Richard finds it hard to believe. Edmund tries to plead his case. Later, Richard learns that the plane was sabotaged. Susan takes Beth and her father aside and promises that she will never make trouble for them again. Jim surprises Beth by proposing marriage. Beth and Phillip agree not to tell anyone what happened in the plane. Josh and Reva announce to Marah and Shane that they have decided to live apart. Marah quickly blames Reva but Josh insists that they both are at fault. Marah remains upset at her mother while Shayne shows his support for her. Grant successfully gets Danny released from jail and orders him to stay put for fear of ruining Michelle's case. Pressing her into fighting with him, Grant suggests to Michelle that she is a lousy witness and urges her to take a plea bargain. Carmen comforts Pilar after she imagines seeing a bloody Ben reaching for her. Carmen then discovers that Ben was shot a second time and realizes that someone else fired the fatal shot.

Tuesday, December 15, 1999

At the Lewises':
Rick and Abby bring Reva a Christmas tree. Reva does not tell them that Josh has moved out. Josh calls, and after Reva talks to him, she is blue. Then she admits to herself that she was happy with Richard and Jonathan.

At the Carriage House:
Ross brings home a Christmas tree. Blake and Ross trim the tree together and reminisce about Christmas's past. Ross is feeling Blake's baby kick when Holy walks in the door. Blake exits the room so Ross can explain to Holly that nothing was going on between them. Holy says she understands. She tells Ross that maybe he is not over Blake yet. Ross insists that he is over Blake and ready to move on with Holly. Ross kisses Holly, and Blake walks in to see it.

In San Cristobel:
A guard tells Richard that the plane had been fixed with a scrambler and that is why it crashed. Edmund swears to Richard that he did not do it. Richard doesn't believe Edmund and denounces him as his brother. Edmund is taken off to be locked up. Cassie consoles Richard. She also tells him that she tried to call Reva, but Reva didn't want to talk to her. Richard gives Cassie a diamond ring and tells her that he has never been happier than he is at this moment that they will be married. One of Richard's men comes to tell him that someone has confessed to the plane sabotage.

Phillip once again tells Beth that what happened on the plane should be left in the past. Beth is still overwrought with guilt. Phillip tells Beth that she should accept Jim's marriage proposal. Harley walks in on their conversation. Phillip and Beth play it off well when Harley asks what they are discussing. Harley thanks Beth for saving Phillips life. Beth leaves to take a shower. Harley informs Phillip that Edmund was arrested for sabotaging the plane. A guard brings in a box of personal items from the plane. Phillip is telling Harley about the tape he and Beth made while he searches for it in the items. Phillip is upset that he can't find the tape. Phillip asks Beth if she turned off the camera. She thought Phillip had turned off the camera. They both realize that maybe they are caught on tape making love. Then as Phillip notices the distress in Beth's face, he tells her that he does remember turning off the camera.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Carmen advises Pilar that they didn't kill Ben and reveals that a second bullet was found and it was fired at close range. When Pilar still maintains they are guilty, Carmen guesses that Michelle did kill Ben after they left. Michelle confides to Ray about her attorney pushing her to accept the plea bargain. He urges her to fight for her freedom though he can't reveal that he knows Carmen is behind the framing. Ross announces to Blake that he is taking the job in Philadelphia and will be gone for a few months. She accuses him of running from her but he insists he's doing it for the money as well as the separation. When he invites Holly to join him in the city of brotherly love, she asks if he's using her to fight his feelings for her daughter. Ross denies it and she happily agrees to go with him. When Theresa offers her sympathy to Danny, he suddenly realizes that she could be framing Michelle. Theresa denies it and runs to Carmen who angers her with her complaints about Michelle. When Michelle reveals to Danny that her attorney is pressing her to accept the plea bargain, he's outraged. Michelle declares that she wants to fight the charge against her. Drew complains to Jesse for failing to support her and demands that he choose between her and Michelle. Ross finds his and Blake's words in the next "Darlena" installment.

Friday, December 17, 1999

At Reva's
Buzz arrives and tells Reva about the plane crash in San Cristobel . Reva grills Buzz about Richard and Cassie's wedding plans. Reva tells Buzz that she and Josh are separated. Buzz reads Reva the riot act, and tells her not to give up on her marriage to Josh, and stop thinking so much about Richard. Reva tells Buzz that she is tired of everyone blaming her, and that no one understands that she loves both Richard and Josh, and that she is using this time apart to try to reconcile her feelings for both men. Buzz tells Reva to think long and hard about her decision, but to make it quickly...he leaves and Reva decides to call to Richard.

At the palace in SC
Richard apologizes to Edmund about sabotaging the plane, but informs him that he must stand trial to pay for his past crimes. Cassie walks in and tries to intervene on Edmund's behalf in order to lessen Richard's burden. Phillip arrives to see Edmund, but Cassie asks Phillip to step outside. She asks Phillip to suggest to Richard that he exile Edmund and have him work at Spaulding as the perfect as a solution to this dilemma. Inside Edmund's room, Edmund tells Richard to proceed with the trial for the sake of the country, no matter what the outcome. As Richard leaves, he overhears most of Cassie's conversation with Phillip, and tells her that he is grateful to her for suggesting this alternative. Cassie shows Harley her engagement ring, and is more and more optimistic about her upcoming marriage to Richard. Beth asks Phillip if he located the videotape when earlier Phillip was told that the tape was either lost or left at the wreckage site. He tells Beth not to worry. Jim asks Beth to marry him in front of the entire ensemble at the celebration party, and she accepts. Richard accepts Phillip's offer regarding Edmund. While Richard, Beth, and Phillip leave to tell Edmund the good news, Richard gets a call from Reva telling him that she left Joshua. And, just as Phillip and Beth are about to enter Edmund's room, he is watching the videotape and discovers that Phillip and Beth made love on the plane.

At the Mahlers
Ross finds the mistletoe dialog in Darlena's latest chapter of the book. Blake walks in and she tries to cover and tells Ross that Darlena called and she told Darlena the story about the mistletoe and it ended up in the book. Ross then tells Blake that he doesn't even like the book, and that Blake could have written it for all he knew, and the only meaningful part of the book was this last chapter. Ross tells Blake that Holly is going to go with him on his assignment to Philadelphia. One thing leads to another, and Ross tells Blake that he and Holly were not romantically involved when she first left town. Blake realizes that she is responsible for Ross and her mother's relationship, and that she has to do something about it. Ross leaves to get Blake some ribs (pregnancy craving), and he returns to find a note from Blake that says she has left town for a few days and has taken the boys with her. Ross is furious.

At Towers
Holly runs into Drew at Towers as she prepares for a benefit fashion show. Holly extends her condolences to Drew about Ben, and mentions how terrible that Michelle is in jail, and that she believes she is innocent. Drew tells Holly how upset she is that Jesse is so concerned about Michelle, and she feels betrayed. Holly talks to Drew about the ups and downs of relationships, her mistakes, her situation with Ross, and about her dark days when she kidnapped the children and reasons why she did those horrible things. Holly tires to make Drew understand about mistakes and forgiveness and love.

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