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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on GL
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Monday, November 18, 2002
by DEE

When the doctor arrived to take Alan for his heart surgery, Alan confessed in front of the doctor, Olivia, Phillip and Alexandra that he switched the charts with the man in the next bed thinking he was getting a healthy man's chart -- not a sicker man's chart. The doctor wanted him to do a stress test to make sure he was healthy and while he was gone Olivia was touched by the fact that he was willing to risk his health to be with her. She cried and Phillip comforted her with a hug that Alex saw. Alan was given a clean bill of health. Back at the house, Alex threatened Olivia with the tape again and Olivia told her to show it to Alan and even called Alan downstairs but Alex thought twice and didn't show it to him. Olivia went upstairs to get freshened up before meeting Alan in the bedroom and while she was alone, she put in the tape of her and Phillip in the elevator and watched it. Phillip went to see Rick and talked about how he feels about Olivia.

Eden tried to get Gus to agree to her moving back into the Santos house but he said "no way." She argued that something was definitely going on because Father Ray wouldn't take Carmen's calls and Tony won't talk to her either and that she needed to be there to find out information but Gus insisted that she not move back in.

Harley had a meeting with the Chief to try to get her job back but the Chief told her that without Phillip dropping the charges on her that his hands were tied but then Gus interrupted the meeting and told Harley that she got a big job offer with the Chicago Police Department and to just forget about Phillip and the charges. The Chief, worried about permanently losing a good detective told Harley she could have her job back immediately. When the Chief left, Harley told Gus she knew he was making it up and was so happy and grateful she asked him to move back in. Of course, he said "yes."

Carmen tried to talk Edmund into having a drink with her and informed him that she thought Danny was dead. He tried to talk to her about it but she said she just needed company not conversation about Danny and invited him to come back to her place with her. He refused and told her it was over between them.

Danny told Cassie that he had been working with the Feds to take down Carmen and his Grandmother but that Carmen got to him a day early. Cassie went upstairs and Carmen was there. Pretending she had tried for days to get a hold of Danny, she told her that since her debt had been paid that she wanted her to give Danny a message. The message was for Danny and the Santos family to stay out of the Beacon because she didn't want people to associate her with them. Carmen made reference that she didn't think she would be seeing Danny for a long time. Cassie returned to Danny and told him that she thinks Carmen thinks he's dead. He tells her that nobody will be safe unless they find his body and to let him die. Cassie refused to let that happen. Carmen called Eden and told her that she needed to change her story to protect her and asked her to move back in to the Santos house.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Reva is yelling for Shayne, waiting for him with lunch for school. Shayne tells her that there is no school, but she wouldn't know that, she was in prison. Josh comes in and tells her that Ross called, they have a meeting with Doris Wolf and the Governor has decided to reevaluate her case. He kisses her, excited that the fact that since Cassie has found Richard's living will everything will be alright. She urgently tells him to call and cancel because the will was a forgery.

Edmund asks Marina if Ross is coming into Company for breakfast. While Marina is giving him a rundown of Ross's usual order, he walks in. Edmund goes and sits down with Ross, uninvited. He informs Ross that he is about to save him from being disbarred.

Olivia is sitting at her vanity, imagining that Phillip is kissing her neck. Alan calls her to his bed and wonders why the doctors were so determined to prevent him from sleeping with his wife. They tell each other "I love you" as Olivia snuggles into Alan's chest, she has a forlorn look on her face and tears in her eyes.

A disheveled Phillip is sitting at the Beacon drinking. Alexandra walks in and asks if he is having single malt scotch for breakfast. He looks up at her and tells her that he is still working on last night. She starts talking about Alan and Olivia and how Olivia and Phillip are supposed to love Alan the most in the world. Phillip tells her to go to hell. She tells him that she is just worried about him. He explains to her that what he has isn't a school boy crush. He tells her that both Alan and Olivia deserve to have a good life. Alexandra starts bashing her and Phillip stops her, saying that she doesn't know her. Phillip tells his aunt that his goal is to stay out of their way. Alexandra looks at him and says "You really are in love with her."

Alan walks into the study and asks where Olivia is planning on going, he wants her to come back to bed. She tells him she will be back but needs to go to the Beacon. Nolan walks in with breakfast, Olivia looks at the tray and removes some items, telling Nolan that Alan can't have them. Olivia leaves Alan asks for the food back, but is denied. He tells his butler that when Phillip wakes up, send him down. Nolan tells him that Phillip didn't come home and Lizzie told him that he was at the Beacon.

Holly arrives at Company and admits to Buzz that she still hasn't come up with a way to tell Ben that his trust fund is gone. Buzz makes a joke about "he has his health" then asks Holly to come with him to get the cranberry muffins out of the oven. Marina walks over to Lizzie handing her a takeout bag. Lizzie tells her that Alan is home recovering and he likes Buzz's corn beef hash and she is going to surprise him. Ben walks in and asks if the girls have seen Holly. Marina, flirting, asks "What's in it for me, if I have?" Lizzie tells Ben that Holy went into the kitchen with Buzz. Ben thanks her and walks away. Marina starts accusing Lizzie of wanting Ben. Lizzie denies it, but Marina refuses to believe her and advises Lizzie to stay away from her man.

Edmund tells Ross that Richard's living will is a forgery. He reminds Ross that since he is an officer of the court he is obligated to report that information.

Josh goes absolutely ballistic when Reva explains that Cassie had the living will forged. He asks who else knows about this and she explains that Edmund does, since he destroyed the actual document. She tells him that, not only does Edmund want her back in jail, he wants Cassie right along side her. Josh rushes out of the house to look for Cassie to make sure she had gotten somebody good to do the forgery.

Holly is rambling about nothing in general. Ben finally tells her to "spit it out, it can't be that bad." She responds, "Yes, it can." She explains that when the stock market went down, so did his trust fund. He thinks she is just relaying a message from his dad and promises to cut back on his spending. Holly shakes her head no, and pulls out some documents. He asks "I lost my money? Is it a lot of money?" She replies that it is not just a lot, it's most of it. She hands him the documents to look over and tries to make light of the situation by saying that "It's like you're on your own now." He answers "No, I'm not on my own Holly. I'm broke. I have nothing."

Lizzie walks in carrying the food she has brought from Company. Alan thanks her and starts opening the bag. She comments on how he doesn't need to be on the special diet. Then she add how much alike they are and then she starts acting sullen. She tells Alan about Phillip making them move out. She says that if they leave, anything could happen. She admits that if they leave, she might slip up and tell her father and Olivia that Alan faked his heart attack. She innocently asks her Grandfather if he understands what she means? He answers yes.

Phillip admits to Alexandra that is more than attracted to Olivia. Alexandra says that he used to talk about Beth with the same look in his eye. She brings up Lorelei's diary being the reason they are no longer together. He tells her that the diary had nothing to do with him and Beth's relationship. She wonders "how you went from the love of your life to the love of your father's life?" He immediately tells her, he isn't going to discuss this with her. She tells him that she is going to take him home. He informs her that he is not quite sure where home is these days, thanks anyway. She kisses her nephew on the head and whispers "She's not worth it." Alexandra leaves. Olivia walks in on the phone and when she hangs up, she notices Phillip sitting there.

Reva is at Richard's grave talking to him. She talks about the situation they are in and how they all have done what they did for love. She then asks him that if he finds a spare minute, to give her a hand "down here."

Phillip and Olivia awkwardly talk about Alan's health. She asks if he is okay and he says he got better acquainted with her martini bar. He then starts laughing, saying it is actually amusing to him. "I left the house last night so that I could try to get away from everything and I ended up getting drunk in a bar named Olivia's." She tells him that it's not funny and laughing he says "It's kind of funny." Josh walks in and starts to ask a question when Phillip interrupts him and asks if he can buy Josh a drink. Josh, obviously aware of Phillip's intoxication, graciously declines, almost laughing at his friend. Josh asks Olivia if she has seen Cassie, she answers no. Phillip says he is going to leave and trips on his way out. Josh asks again if Olivia knows where Cassie is. Olivia snaps at him that she already told him she doesn't, what does he want a lie detector test? She immediately apologized for being rude, blaming it on a bad morning. They talk about their failed marriage and Josh assured her that it takes two to ruin a marriage, it's not just her fault. She asks if he wants her to find Cassie for him. He declines her offer, tells her to take care and leaves.

Alexandra is sitting on a bench looking at the video tape that she has in her purse, startled by a noise she shoves the tape back in her purse, looks up and sees Edmund. She reminds him that he doesn't need to keep tabs on her for Alan they have their own deal. Edmund asks what is wrong with her and she answers it's her conscience. He jokes that he wouldn't recognize his, until he realizes she is serious. She lets him know that she can be as ruthless as the next CEO, but she has "started to think that it is pointless to live that way. It just makes you feel lonely and afraid." Edmund asks, "I suppose it can, but what else do people respect?" Alexandra answers "Forgiveness. It's the greatest weapon of them all."

Lizzie asks if Alan will tell Phillip and make him change his mind. He repeats his granddaughters threat to him and she says yes. He agrees to talk to his son, but he tells her that change is sometimes good. Phillip staggers in and asks "What are you two up to?" Lizzie gives Phillip a hug and tells him that he looks like an unmade bed. She questions him on his night at the Beacon and where he has been. He reminds her that he is the parent and she is the child. Lizzie informs her father that she hasn't been a child for a long time "right grandpa?" Lizzie leaves the room and Phillip tells his father that he is planning on moving out of the mansion. Alan asks what he is afraid of.

Alexandra walks up to Olivia and Olivia tells her that she is tired of the threats and if Alexandra wants to show Alan the tape, then go right ahead.

Reva gets home and Josh, who has been waiting with Ross, asks where she has been. She tells them that she was talking to Richard. Ross comments that he hopes that Richard has some answers for them. Ross informs them of his conversation with Edmund. He gets a call and leaves the room, excusing himself. Josh tells Reva about his talk with Olivia and how it made him realize how much they gave gone through to be together and he wasn't going to let Edmund come between them. Ross comes back in and says that the DA wants to talk to them and is on her way over right now.

Holly walks over to Buzz and tells him that Ben isn't taking it very well. Buzz tells her that it could be a lot worse, he'll survive. Buzz notices that Holly hates giving bad news. He tells her that since Ed came back into town everything between them has changed. He wants to know if they can at least say that after everything they have been through, they have become good friends. Holly answers "You are to good for me" and he responds "Then can I use you as a reference?"

Phillip, still intoxicated, starts talking about how he wants Alan and Olivia to be happy. When Alan asks if Phillip wants to be happy, he answers yes but then starts talking about moving out. Lizzie walks in to hear her father say "I think if I rake the kids and I find a place for us, it'll be better for everybody." After hearing this, Alan looks over at his granddaughter.

Olivia tells Alexandra to "go ahead, take the tape and SHOVE IT in the VCR." She thinks her husbands heart can take it. Alexandra asks her "woman to woman" if when she was making love to Alan last night she was thinking of Phillip? Olivia retorts that she isn't even going to dignify the question by giving an answer. Alexandra says "Spoken like a true and loving wife." She tries to explain to Olivia that her only concern is that her brother is happy. Because of this, she wants to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start with her sister in law.

Reva is pacing around the house, wondering where Doris is. Ross assures them that she will be there. They are concerned that Edmund has gotten to her. Ross, again, assures them that Doris has a political agenda and they will hear what she has to say soon. The doorbell rings and Reva answers it. Doris is there and asks "May we come in?" Reva, uncertainly asks "We?" Edmund comes up and says "Hello Reva."

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel (Wine cellar)

Cassie checked Danny's fever. Se brought him chicken noodle soup. He wanted to know if Carmen came to see her. She said that a couple checked into the hotel and they are acting strange. She d4eribed the man as tall with a beard and the lady was tiny and dressed nice. Danny said he didn't like it and he needed to move. He said that sounded like professionals he knew. He made the statement that if they found him and Cassie they will kill them. Cassie reassured him that nobody followed her. Cassie said she needed help because she couldn't do this alone. Danny said they needed to call someone they trust with their life. Cassie exits. Reva and Cassie enter. Cassie explained what happened. Cassie wanted to move him somewhere safe, like Reva's house. Cassie pleaded with Reva. Finally Reva said they could keep him in the pool house.

At Inferno

Carmen was drinking and talking to herself about men. Michelle enters. She asked Carmen where Tony was and she said she wasn't leaving until she spoke with Tony. Carmen said Danny was gone. Michelle wanted to contact Danny. Michelle said Danny signed the separation papers to get away from Carmen. Michelle warned her to stay away from Robbie. Carmen said, "Don't tempt me." Michelle told her to tell Danny she was looking for him. Michelle exits. As a drunken Carmen was singing, Eden enters. Carmen reminded her who the real power was in the family. Carmen instructed Eden to stop Tony from getting involved with Marah.

At Company

Tony enters. Marah wanted to know if there was any news. Tony said they were working on tests from the dirt at the cliff. Marah asked when they were going to tell Michelle. Tony said when they found out something they would tell her. But Marah said what if a body never showed up. Tony said he would like to have a new life from start to finish. Marah reminded him that he wasn't a quitter. But he doesn't want Marah caught in the crossfire if Carmen comes after him. Marah answered her cell phone and Josh told her about the surprise party. She jumped in Tony's arms.

At the Lewis house

Doris Wolfe and Edmund enter. Ross said it was a family meeting. Doris said that Edmund had some new information. Reva said she would not be bullied. Edmund said he was dropping the civil suit. He continued to say that the law said the living will was valid. But Reva said he still needed money. On behalf of his dear brother, he told Reva he forgave her. But Reva said do not presume to forgive her because she didn't do anything wrong. Edmund gave her a copy of the letter to drop the civil suit. Josh asked Doris if she had talked to the judge and there had been a pardon. Josh asked Edmund to meet him outside. Josh asked him why he was really there. Edmund aid that Richard's living will is s forgery. Edmund exits. Reva hugged Josh. Josh decided to get a bottle of champagne. Cassie enters. Cassie said she needed her and Reva was the only person she could trust. Reva and Cassie moved to the porch to talk. Cassie said she couldn't ask any questions and she couldn't tell Josh. Cassie wanted her to tell Josh she needed to run a few errands with Cassie. Reva told Josh that Cassie was waiting for her to give her opinion on a color for some furniture. Reva exits. Ross enters. Josh suggested a surprise party for Reva. Marah invited Tony to go with her. He agreed. Josh wanted to know why Tony was there. Marah said she invited him since he helped Reva.

At the Beacon Hotel

Bill enters. He came up behind Beth and kissed her on the neck. She passionately returned the kiss since it was their first date in public. Bill wanted to know if she was angry with him. He admitted that he had been dropping in on Michelle a lot. Beth wanted to know why he was feeling guilty. She wanted to know if there was someone else. Outside Bill kissed Beth and told her he would keep her warm. Beth asked what he really wanted. He said he wanted her and kissed her again. They went inside the hotel and danced without music. Bill answered his cell phone and spoke to Josh about a surprise party for Reva. Bill told Beth and he said they are going to the Lewis'. But Beth said it was too public for her. But Bill changed her mind.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

At the Lewis house

Ross said that he and Blake might have to leave early because of the babysitter. Josh said that Reva was working on something with Cassie. Ross said he hoped it wasn't something illegal.

Michelle told Bill that she was fine. Billy enters. Billy and Beth spoke to each other. Bill exits to take something to the kitchen. Billy told Beth they needed to step outside. Billy wanted to know what she wanted with Bill. Beth said she wasn't looking for someone to take care of her and Bill could walk away any time. Billy said he wanted Bill to have fun. Beth said Bill was young and doesn't have any scars.

Michelle told Marah and Tony she thought Carmen was on to her. Tony said he would take care of it. Michelle said she got the impression that Carmen knew where Danny was. Michelle told Tony to tell her where Danny was. Tony said he didn't know where Danny was. Michelle wanted to know if they would tell her if Danny was in trouble. Marah decided she and Tony were going to leave.

Rick and Mel enter. Rick put on some music and began dancing with Mel. Ross and Blake began to dance too. Bill asked Michelle to dance. Michelle said it has been awhile since she danced with anyone. Rick told her that they look cute together. Rick told her that Beth saw her kissing Bill. Michelle apologized to Beth about the kiss. Reva enters. Everyone yelled, "Surprise."

Reva helped Danny get to her pool house. Reva exits to go the house and get some bandages.

At Inferno

Carmen told her guards that she wanted everything checked and she would check the wine cellar herself. Eden enters. Carmen told Eden to come with her.

Tony told Marah that he had to do something about Carmen. Tony said that Carmen was definitely coming unglued. Tony needed to find a way to keep the lid on Carmen, and then he needed to find a way to tell Michelle about Danny. Tony said he was all that was left. Marah apologized for her dad. But Tony said he understood. Marah wanted to know if there was some way to make that night to go away. She suggested they sit down and talk about it. Tony said that every time he is in the office that night was replayed in his mind. They talked about what had happened. Marah reminded him to not forget the good things he had done. Marah said she would like to try to start over. Eden overheard Tony and Marah planning a date for that evening.

At the Beacon Hotel (Wine cellar)

Cassie told Reva they were being watched. She said there was someone by Reva's car. Danny said that Carmen knew he was there and he was a dead man. Reva suggested they wait until the lobby was empty and create a diversion. Cassie said she had extra waiter uniforms. Reva said she would get her car and she would handle Carmen's muscle. Reva exits. Cassie exits. Cassie dressed Danny as a waiter. Cassie told Danny they were going to walk straight to the lobby.

At the Beacon Hotel

Carmen enters. She told the bartender that she wanted to store a box for her guests. She wanted to inspect the cellar because the wine was an expensive vintage. Reva enters. Reva overheard Carmen asking to put the wine in the cellar. Reva signaled Cassie that Carmen was in the lobby. Cassie enters. Reva enters and acted like she was drunk. She told Carmen to butt out. When Carmen tried to talk, Reva told her to butt out. Reva spilled wine on Carmen's white suit. Danny quickly walked across the lobby. Cassie said she didn't want her business. Carmen insisted to see the wine cellar. Cassie said it didn't pass the inspection. Cassie took Carmen to the wine cellar. Cassie told Carmen there was an asbestos problem.

Friday, November 22, 2002

At the celebration, Ross warns Reva to keep her nose clean. He cautions she should not give the Governor a reason to change his mind. Meanwhile, at the pool house, Cassie finds Danny about to leave. She convinces him to stay and agrees to find Gus. Reva finally gets away from her party and tells Cassie that it's too dangerous for her to hide Danny, he must go. Josh finds Reva and Cassie in a heated argument and they are forced to cover. Later, alone with Cassie, Reva agrees to help, although she feels horrible about lying to Josh. Gus arrives and Danny recruits him in a scheme to make it appear that Danny is dead. Cassie discovers Danny is burning up with fever. When she insists she's going to get Ed, he rises to stop her but collapses into her arms. At the Spauldings, Lizzie reminds Alan how important it is to her to stay in at the house. Alan, reacting to her subtle blackmail, recruits Olivia for help. Olivia sells Phillip on staying, but both are uncomfortable with the idea. Meanwhile, Alexandra has invited to Coopers to dinner. She announces she wants the families to get along. After a big blowout, Alex declares to the Spauldings that the Coopers are family - get used to it. Ed returns home to relieve the babysitter only to find Carmen with Robbie in her arms. Michelle comes in and orders Carmen out of her house and their lives.

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