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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on GL
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Gus tells Harley of an idea he has regarding Harley's Angels. He tells her that Alan could help her financially to get her business going. Harley tries to get a word in, but Gus assumes that she is going to refuse the idea without thought so he continues to sell his idea. When Harley finally has a chance to talk, she tells him that she was just going to say that it was Alan's idea for her to start her own business. Gus seems surprised and still tries to convince her to take some of Alan's money, but Harley refuses. Gus heads out to pick up dinner. In the meantime, Michelle and Bill show up with an idea of starting a counseling service using a telephone hotline, email, and a website. They will need to recruit volunteers and experts, and Michelle's medical background will be helpful as well. Michelle asks about the rules and regulations regarding this sort of business. Harley tells her that she has been trying to find out the same kind of information and is just as confused. Harley explains the business that she is starting, and asks whether they would like to join forces. Michelle tells Harley that she has already made a list of possible donations for financial help. Michelle mentions the Spauldings, and Harley tells her that she will handle all the paperwork, and Michelle can handle the donations.

At Company, Gus stops to place an order and runs into Alan. Alan is eating a burger, and Gus yells at him about his clogged arteries and eating habits. Gus tells Alan that Harley is going to run with the idea of starting her own business. Gus tells him that he knows about the peace treaty that he's working on with Phillip and Alex, and he assumes that Harley is the next one on the list. Alan tells Gus to try it and reach out to his sister. Gus explains that he accused his sister of murder and feels that she can not forgive him. Alan tells him that his business is his business, but he hasn't smelled such horse manure since he owned a stable of racing horses. Alan tells him that many times he wanted to give up on his family, but he never did because they are family. He tells Gus that if he just sits her down and talk to her, she will understand. Gus agrees to think about what Alan said and heads home.

At the museum, Marah is drilling Tony about the pictures of him and another woman who had been beaten. Tony says that he knows the woman, but he doesn' t remember hurting her. Marah tells him that she doesn't understand and demands an answer. Tony tells her that this happened last summer when they weren't together anymore and during the time that he nearly killed Romeo with his bare hands. He explains that when he saw her that night, he drove and drove until he was at the west side of Chicago at a dive. There was gambling, girls, etc. He had too much to drink, and the bartender came up to him and told him that a girl at the other end of the bar offered to buy him a drink. Before he knew it, they ended up at her place. He said that he recognizes the window in the picture because the girl had opened the curtain and he remembers thinking that it was strange. He remembers feeling angry thinking that she was setting him up the way that Eden used to set people up. Tony claims that's all he remembers. He tells Marah that maybe they put something in his drink because he doesn't even remember leaving. He woke up the next morning in a hotel room. Marah tells him that she can understand how he would want to forget something like this. Tony tells her that Vinnie is behind this and tells her that he can only hurt them if they let him. Marah tells Tony that this is not about Vinnie and she doesn't care about him. What matters is what the pictures show. Tony tells Marah that the pictures do not show his hand hitting the girl. Tony tells Marah that whatever this is, it is not them or nothing like them. Marah tells him that it isn't them, but it like is him. Tony tells her not to overreact. Marah tells him that this has all taken her by surprise, and she doesn't like surprises. Ever since she was a little girl when her mother left, she doesn't do well to unexpected stuff. Marah tells him that she is not going to feel better and maybe if this would have happened a month ago, she might have reacted differently. She said that she watched Ben go through what he went through, she saw what made him tick, she saw his past, and his impulses that were in him. It was a part of his nature. She tells him that maybe Tony did not do this, but it is in him to do it because you just don't wake up one day and decide that your not going to be violent anymore. Tony tells her that it is crazy because people do change. Marah tells him that she used to believe that, but after what happened with Ben, that proved her wrong. Tony tells her that this is not about Ben. Marah tells him that this is about her not pretending anymore, and she tells him that she can not do this anymore and it is over. Marah walks out and Tony bursts into tears.

Reva tries to sell a new idea of psychic readings for WSPR to Holly. Holly is not buying. Reva tells Holly that maybe they shouldn't be discussing business right now anyway due to Ben's recent death. Holly tells her that the distractions are good for her and tells Reva that she just doesn't like the hocus pocus idea. Josh interrupts their meeting and apologizes. Holly tells him that it is okay and wants to hear his opinion about Reva's newest show idea. Holly tells Reva to explain the idea so that she won't later accuse her of stacking the deck because she assumes that Josh will side with her. Reva tells Josh that she wants to use the stuff she learned from Christopher when she was studying in Europe by bringing people into the show who need help. She wants to do a weekly segment of psychic readings. Her plan is to bring in an expert and have him connect to people who have passed on. Josh surprisingly says that it is a great idea. Josh tells Holly that when Reva has a passion about something, she has the tendency to get people on board, and bring them along with her. Reva tells Holly that if she would have went with her on the trip, she would understand. Reva explains that Arthur, a psychic she meet through Christopher, is a genius and has a perfect personality for television. Holly tells her that she is still not convinced that the audience will respond to this. Reva tells her that she doesn't blame her for being skeptical because there was a time she was too. Reva tells Holly of when she saw Christopher at work in a clinical situation and how truly amazing it was. Reva tells her that if they could get Christopher and Arthur on the show, people will be glued to their television sets. Reva tells her that people will dismiss it at first, but they will just have to educate them. Holly tells Reva the best show with the highest numbers was the live show where Reva was trying to bring out her stalker. She tells Reva that the people would question why she wasn't able to find out who was stalking her using her psychic abilities. Reva tells Holly that psychic readings is a science a legitimate field of study, but it hasn't been given proper experimentation for people to really understand it. Josh interrupts and tells Holly that Reva is the host of the show and people empathize with her, they trust her, and when she says something, they listen to her. He tells her that she is not trying to convert people, she is just trying to educate them. Josh asks Holly that if she did not want Reva to do that kind of thing, then why did she hire her? Josh tells her that when Reva wants to do something, you have two choices: you either get on board and go for the ride with her, or you get the hell out of the way. Holly finally agrees to accept the idea. Holly has an appointment and needs to leave. Josh offers to walk her out since he is heading out himself.

Josh shows up at the gym for a workout with Billy. Billy tells Josh that he got a wakeup call yesterday when his son just about cleaned his clock. He tells him that Bill hit him in the jaw, and he probably deserved it. Josh asks him what he said, and Bill said it was something about his girlfriend. Billy tells Josh that he was just looking out for his best interests like Josh was with Marah. Josh tells Billy that he did learn a lesson about that, but he is proud to say that it didn't come to blows. Josh starts laughing and explains that he remembers the time when Billy decked H.B. Billy tells him that he remembers, but he can't remember why he hit him. Josh tells him that it was about a girl. Josh tells Billy that Reva wants to bring a psychic on the show once a week. Josh tells him that he doesn't think it is a bad idea since the psychic is the one taking the risks. If the psychic is wrong, then it would be the psychic's fault and not Reva's. Billy tells Josh that he is surprised Reva would consider hiring someone to do the psychic reading because she never takes second fiddle or plays second fiddle to anybody about anything.

Reva calls Christopher over to her home for a meeting about the show idea. When she explains that she wants Arthur to be the recurring guest psychic, Christopher tells her that he thinks that she should do the show herself. Reva tells him that she is not an expert, and she is just brand new. Christopher tells her that Arthur is talented, but so is she. Christopher tells her that maybe they should meet tomorrow and discuss this further. Just as Christopher was heading out, Marah comes in crying. Reva asks whether Tony did something. Marah tells her that she did it to herself and asks to move back home. Reva wants to discuss what happened, but Marah asks to be alone for a while to think.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

At the Lewis home, Marah is trying to sketch but seems too distracted. Reva invites her to come to the club. Reva tries to get the facts, but Marah doesn't want to discuss it. She tells her mom that she needs to take time away from Tony the way that she needed time away from Josh. Their conversation is interrupted by a visit from Eden. Reva tries to send her off, but Marah tells her that it is okay. Eden tells Marah that she is making a big mistake by leaving Tony. Eden tells her that the pictures are fake, and she should have just ripped them up, and tells her to not let a dirt bag like Vinnie come between her and Tony. Marah wonders why Eden is making such a big deal about something that doesn't involve her. Eden tells Marah that she and Tony have something special, and she doesn't want them to lose that. Marah tells Eden that she needs to think about her life and what is best for her. Marah mentions Ben Reade again, and Eden tells her not to compare Tony with Ben. Marah tells her that she will not bury her head in the sand. Eden tells her that's exactly what she's doing. Eden tells her that if Bill wasn't in the picture, she would make a pass on Tony herself. Marah questions why she would say something like that. Eden reminds her that because someday someone is going to come into the picture and not care about Marah or Tony's past, and she asks what she would do then. Eden walks out.

Reva shows up at the club, and tells Christopher that she doesn't think she is ready to do the psychic readings herself. Christopher says that he is going to prove it to her. Christopher knocks on the ladies room door. Louise, an employee of the club, answers the door, and Christopher introduces them. Louise had attended the psychic presentation. Christopher tells Louise that he needs her help with something, and tells Reva that he wants her to try a reading on Louise. Louise stands behind a door while Reva attempts to connect with someone from her past. Reva tells her of a tall man who may be her husband. Louise tells her that it is her husband. Reva tells her that she sees a man as a boy lying in a wheat field with a breeze and lots of sunshine. He is looking up at the clear blue sky and tells Louise that he is running now and calling out S. P. Louise tells her that it is the name of his dog he had as a boy. Reva tells Louise that he wants her to know he is happy. At the end of the reading, Reva apologizes to Louise. Louise tells her that it is alright, and tells Reva that she told her just what she wanted to hear. Reva runs out of the room. Christopher runs after her. Reva tells him that she feels like she has done something horrible. Christopher tells her that what she has is rare and special, and he wishes she would use it to help other people.

Cassie shows up at Danny's per his invitation. They discuss how Michelle is handling Ben's death since they were good friends. Cassie tells Danny that it's hard to believe that someone you thought you knew your whole life turns out to be someone that you don't know at all. Danny discusses Cassie's feelings towards Edmund. Cassie tells Danny that they are taking things slow, or at least she is. Danny acts as though he doesn't believe her. Cassie tells him that she has proof: Edmund got his hands on the plans for the farmhouse and offered to fix it up, but she told him no. Danny tells her that she should re-think his offer. Cassie questions why he would say that. Danny tells her that the idea got into Edmunds head in the first place because she brought it up. Danny tells her that the guy offered to do something nice for her and her kids. Danny tells Cassie that she is coming back to life, and Edmund is partly responsible for that. Cassie seems surprised that Danny is defending Edmund. Danny tells her that it is possible for people to change and asks what she is afraid of. Cassie tells Danny that it would be nice to live in a house again where Tammy could ride horses anytime she wanted, and the boys would have a yard to play in. Cassie leaves and heads back to the Beacon.

Tony is at the gym taking his frustrations out on a punching bag. Just as he pours cold water over his sweat covered body, Eden walks in. She tells him that she talked to Marah, and Tony questions how she is doing. Eden tells him that she is putting on a front. Tony tells her that it is not a front, because that is the way she wants things. Eden tells Tony that she should have burned the pictures and blames herself for Marah seeing them. Tony tells her that it is not her fault, and he is the one in the pictures. He tells her that he is the problem, and he can't control his temper. Tony continues hitting on the punching bag. Eden tells him to stop it. Tony grabs her aggressively, and asks her why she cares and if she wanted Marah to see the pictures. He holds her a little closer and asks her if this is what she wants. Eden tells him NO! She tells him that she wanted him to want her, but he is in love with Marah, and she is in love with Bill. Tony tells her that he doesn't see Bill here. Eden tells him that she used to chose what was bad for her, but she doesn't anymore. Tony tells her that he didn't ask what was good for her, he's asking what she wants. Eden tells Tony that she wants him to be with the woman he loves. As Tony is still holding Eden by both arms, Danny walks in. Danny tells Tony that he is a hard man to find, but maybe it was because he was following the wrong scent. Eden grabs her things and leaves. Tony tells Danny about the pictures Salerno sent to Eden. Danny thinks that Eden showed the pictures to Marah on purpose. Tony defends Eden's intentions.

At the Beacon, Edmund and R.J. play horsy in the lobby. Jeffrey walks in, and R.J. runs up to him calling him "Daddy." Jeffrey asks R.J. where his mother is and rudely comments that she must be off accepting the "mother of the year" award. Jeffrey tells Edmund to take the kid because he doesn't have time to babysit. Edmund questions whether he would have time to babysit after school or on weekends. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he and R.J. were playing cowboys and are looking for bad guys. He asks Jeffrey if he would like to give it a whirl. Jeffrey tells Edmund that he'll leave that to him, and asks Edmund to remind R.J. that he is not his Daddy. R.J. heads down to the beach with his nanny. Jeffrey tells Edmund that he doesn' t want that kid hanging on to him every time he turns around and says that if he wanted a pet, he would get a schnauzer. Edmund tells Jeffrey that R.J. is little and confused, and it's not going to be easy to fix. Edmund tells him that it could be fixed if he would either get a new face of a new place to live. Edmund tells him of a condominium downtown for adults only. Jeffrey rejects the idea and tells him that he values his privacy too much. He says that living there would feel like an episode of The Young and the Restless. Cassie shows up and tells Edmund that she is sorry for the way she reacted towards his wanting to fix up the farmhouse. Cassie asks Edmund if the offer is still on the table. Although, she tells him that she wants to do it together and split the cost. Cassie tells him that he can come over on the weekends and holidays as a get away. Edmund jokingly asks if he would have to sleep in the hayloft. A package arrives for Jeffrey, but it appears to be all beat up. As Cassie is taking it over to the counter, the stuff inside falls to the floor. Jeffrey walks in and accuses her of opening his mail. Cassie explains that the package came this way, and it just fell out. R. J. picks up part of the package, and Jeffrey demands he give it back. Cassie yells at Jeffrey, and he apologizes to R. J. Jeffrey offers R. J. money to buy himself a drumstick. Cassie tells her son that Jeffrey just isn't used to children. Outside the Beacon, Jeffrey mysteriously opens the package piece by piece and takes something out and puts it into his watch!?

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

At the Lewis house, Reva told Josh about her latest psychic breakthrough. Holly came over to discuss Reva's latest ideas about her TV show. Reva informed Holly that she wants to be one of the psychics featured on the Friday shows. Josh and Holly both expressed concerns, but Reva got her way. After Holly exited, Josh worried if these shows would attract stalkers. Reva reminded him that she doesn't need his permission and took the opportunity to throw in his face his decision making regarding Shayne's baseball career.

At the Beacon hotel, Edmund attempted to read the newspaper while temptress Cassie looked on. Cassie whispered something amorous in his ear. Cassie seductively walked up the steps and Edmund quickly followed. Edmund entered the 5th floor linen closet. Cassie now dressed only in heels and a towel, strutted towards him. After bantering a bit, they began passionately kissing and undressing. Edmund told her that she was bringing out the bad boy in him and Cassie commanded him to prove it. The towel fell to the floor and they began making love.

In the Beacon lobby, Danny informed Michelle about Marah breaking up with Tony. They briefly discussed Bill and Eden. Michelle said goodbye to Danny as he headed out of town on business. Before leaving town, Danny went to Eden's apartment to confront her. Danny was convinced that Eden was still scheming for Tony. Eden denied the accusations and pledged herself to Bill. Danny told her to back off Tony. Danny promised to take care of Tony and Salerno. Danny arrived in NY to visit Salerno. Danny warned Salerno "If you mess with my cousin Tony, you are messing with me."

At the gym, Jeffrey was working out while Mel took notes about cases. Jeffrey reassured her about passing her bar exam. Mel told Jeffrey about another job offer to work with Harley and Blake. Mel and Jeffrey got into a heated exchange. Jeffrey insensitively ranted about self-destructive females and Mel called him a sexist, elitist pig. Mel stormed out with new clarity about her career choice.

Jeffrey arrogantly walked into the Beacon lobby. On the phone, he demanded that his new clerk be hard working and not a woman. He made a blunt comment about being tired of everyone's feelings. With impeccable timing, young RJ came in and immediately called Jeffrey "daddy." Jeffrey tried to get rid of the child by giving him the nesting toy. RJ, thankful for the gift, planted himself in the grumpy DA's lap. Jeffrey quipped that no one in this town gets him. Later, Cassie sat down next to Jeffrey and began questioning him about his past. Jeffrey was evasive but Cassie told him that he's not fooling her anymore with his obnoxious act. Edmund eavesdropped with concern that Cassie and this Richard look a like were again interacting. Then Reva entered the lobby and Jeffrey tried to persuade her to help him with some murder cases. Jeffrey told Reva that she was one of the only women in Springfield with half a brain that he could talk to. Reva's comeback was that she always thought she had a whole brain. Cassie watched this exchange and deduced that the mean, rude and demeaning Jeffrey was hitting on her sister. When Cassie confronted Reva about the flirting, Reva denied it and responded that she was more concerned about Edmund. Meanwhile Edmund complimented Jeffrey on his talent for making enemies. Jeffrey retorted that Reva was so much brighter than her sister.

At the new 5th Street location for the Harley's Angels, Blake came bursting in and made quite a scene clearing the place with her pretend gun. Harley entered and they discussed expenses and finances for the new business. Mel joined them and after complaining about Jeffrey, agreed to work at Harley's Angels. Then Michelle and Bill arrived and Harley shared the news that they'd all be working together. The new great team discussed their floor plan. Haley, Blake and Mel left to pick up their children. Michelle and Bill stayed behind and she told him about the Tony/Marah break up. They debated about the evolution of their respective partners, Danny and Eden. Michelle and Bill made a deal to try to keep their work and personal lives separate.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Cassie that she doesn't need to be her birthing coach anymore. Cassie seems pleased that she is letting Phillip back in. Olivia admits that she would like to raise the baby with Phillip - mostly because she knows that children need two parents, especially Spaulding children. Olivia comments that she doesn't want her baby to turn out anything like Lizzie. Cassie tells Olivia that Tammy has tried to become friends with Tammy, but it has been a real struggle. Olivia talks about her doctor's appointment and that she will find out the baby's sex today.

Phillip takes Lizzie to her appointment with Dr. Boudreau at the hospital. He wanted to be a part of her session today, and Lizzie accepted. Although at the last minute, she begins to feel like it would be two against one, and she starts to walk out of the office. Phillip tells her she is not walking out the door because they are going to close the distance between them right now. The session begins, and Lizzie explains that her family used to feel like other families. She talks about how Tammy and her family have dinner together every night, and it's not scheduled. When Phillip tells Lizzie that she and her mother have dinner together, she reminds Phillip that he's not there. Phillip tells her that all she would have to do is call him, and he would join them. Lizzie tells her dad that she feels like a toy that her parents made, and they just want to take her everywhere they go until she screws up, and then they just want to put her back on the shelf and never play with her again. Phillip seems surprised that she believes that, and they share a hug.

Phillip tells her that he loves her and it doesn't matter what she does, says, thinks, or feels; because he will always love her and she will always be his little girl whether she likes it or not. Lizzie tells him that she is just scared. Dr. Boudreau tells her to be honest with her father and open up to him about her fears. Lizzie tells Phillip that he and Grandpa gave up on each other too easy, and she thinks that when the baby comes who hasn't done anything wrong, then Phillip will give up on her. Lizzie tells Phillip that she hates the baby, and he's not even there yet. Phillip tells her that she was the most perfect baby girl, and she was the best thing that ever happened to him. Phillip tells Lizzie that he loves her more now than he ever did because baby's are beautiful, but they can't do the things they do like going to the movies, ordering pizza, or just hanging out. He tells her that she will always be his best girl. Dr. Boudreau dismisses them and tells them to go and do some of that hanging out stuff. Before they leave, Lizzie tells Dr. Boudreau that her dad wants her to be friends with Olivia, but she's not sure that she can do that or what would happen to her if she can't. Dr. Boudreau tells Phillip that Lizzie needs to know that she will not lose him if she can't accept Olivia. Phillip tells her that she will not lose him, and all he is asking is to try to work with him as far as Olivia is concerned. Lizzie said that she will try. As they open the door, Olivia is standing just outside. She was just given a tour of the hospital. Phillip steps aside to make an appointment for next week, and Lizzie suggests that Olivia was just there to check up on her and tells her that it 's called blackmail. Phillip comes back and offers to walk Olivia out. He grabs for her bags which seem to be loaded with PINK. Olivia tells him that they are having a girl. Olivia tells Lizzie that she thinks its great growing up with a sister. Phillip offers a celebration, but Olivia declines. She tells him that she is tired, and heads out. Right after Olivia leaves, Lizzie heads out in tears. Dr. Boudreau finds Lizzie crying in the hospital. She tries to comfort Lizzie and explains what being a sister could mean. Lizzie walks away from the doctor.

Back at the Beacon, Edmund comes in with some tomato seeds trying to get a head start on gardening ideas for the farm. Cassie tells him that she knows of an expert who can tell them when and what to plant. Edmund wants to do it without experts. Cassie and Edmund appear to be growing closer and closer. They discus farming ideas, swimming naked in the pond, and start to make out on the lobby sofa until Olivia comes back and tells them to get a room. Olivia pulls out a pink teddy bear to show Cassie that she's having a girl.

Vinnie and Danny have a meeting. Danny shows Vinnie the pictures and asks him whether amateur photography is his new hobby. Vinnie tells Danny that Tony is a bad boy. Vinnie tells Danny that he understands why he is protecting his own because that's the way he feels about Eden. Salerno starts talking about Danny's family, and Danny turns the table on Salerno. He tells Salerno that he knows where his family lives, where the kids go to school, and what time they go to bed. Salerno tells him not to go there. Did Danny go to far? They both stand up and get in each other's faces, and Danny tells him that he doesn't like to do business this way, but if this is how he wants to play yeah, he'll sink to his level. He tells Salerno that it is in his best interest to see that his cousin stays very healthy.

Bill and Michelle start to tackle their new project. Eden shows up to visit Bill. Bill tells her that he knows Tony and Marah broke up and asks her to clear the air and tell them that she had nothing to do with their break-up. Eden's speechless at first, but as Michelle starts to leave the room, she opens up and tells them that their break-up was her fault. She explains that Salerno didn't like that Tony was trying to help clear her name in the murder investigations, and photos were sent to her showing that Tony had beaten a girl to a pulp. Marah accidentally sees them, and that was that. All accidentally she says, but Bill doesn't believe her and neither does Michelle. Seeing how tense Bill is, Michelle decides to leave. Bill asks Eden what she wants now that Tony is free, and tells her that he will not share her with anybody. Eden tells him that he will not have to, and they share a kiss. Bill pulls away, and tells Eden that he wants her to take a little time to think about what she just said, and if she wants to be with him, she knows where to find him.

At the Lewis home, Marah comes home to find Tony inside alone. Tony told her that Shayne gave him a key because he was having car trouble and needed help. Marah admits to Tony that she still loves him, but she can't live through each day of her life wondering what might set him off. Tony assures her that it won't happen. He reminds Marah that he was trouble when they met and she new that. Marah tells him that she was looking to rebel against her parents. Tony tells her that she found the good in him, and he changed his life because of her and asks whether she was happy when they were together. Marah tells him they were happy and they share a brief hug before she pulls away, and Tony leaves. Marah gets a visit from Danny. Danny tells her that she and Tony have been through a lot, and he knows that they probably don't want to fight anymore, but they have to fight for their relationship. When Marah refuses to fight, Danny tells her that must mean that Eden wins. Marah tells him that maybe Eden understands Tony in a way that she couldn't. Danny tells her that she is looking for a darkness in Tony that isn't there. Marah assures him that it is there and has always been there, and she will not look the other way anymore. Feeling he's done all he can, Danny leaves.

Eden sits down and writes a letter to Bill telling him that she meant what she said earlier. She tells him that he is the best thing that ever happened to her, and she wants a chance to be the same to him. Tony shows up and tells Eden that he needs her. Tony tells her that Marah is fixated on those darn pictures, and he wants Eden to help him find the girl to prove to Marah that he's never hurt her. He reminds her that he helped her when she needed help, and now it is her turn. Eden throws the letter she wrote to bill in the trash, and tells Tony that she is in.

Friday, August 15, 2003

At the Lewis house, Reva was nervous and anxious. She told Josh her doubts about debuting her psychic gift on her TV show. Josh talked her through it and was able to reassure her. At WSPR, Marah, Shayne and Marina waited for Reva and Josh to arrive. Marina fantasized about winning an award for singing and acting. In her imaginary acceptance speech, she thanks her family and her own personal all-star, Shayne. Looking forward to her future is helping her to recover from the recent tragedies. Reva arrived and Shayne and Marina soon exited. Reva and Marah had a mother-daughter chat. Marah reassured her mom about going on the air with her psychic abilities. Reva had sensed that Ben was troubled, but her images were skewed. Reva supported her daughter moving back into the museum now that Tony has moved in with Danny and Michelle. Also, Marah asked Reva to plug her upcoming charity fashion show. Reva told Josh that Marah was the perfect combination of the two of them.

At Cedars hospital, Phillip and Olivia attended a birthing class together. Phillip described to the group of expectant parents the reality of the birthing room. He told them that seeing their child being born was a thousand times more miraculous and magical than any video could ever depict. He added especially if you are lucky enough to share it with someone you love. After the class, Olivia admitted her happiness that Phillip will be her birthing coach, but declined his offer to take her home. She left for the Beacon for her daily nap.

At Company, Alexandra and Lizzie discussed perfumes and the Cosmetic division at Spaulding. Lizzie announced to Alex that Olivia is having a baby girl. Lizzie continued to have fears about Phillip favoring the new baby and Olivia. Lizzie claimed that Olivia was blackmailing her. She admitted that she sent Ben to the cabin but denied any wrong doing on her part. Alex described Olivia's daily nap ritual including her grand dissension of the stairway. Alex told Lizzie to be patient that Olivia will hang herself, but Lizzie left abruptly. Later, Phillip arrived at Company and joined Alex. After some discussion, Phillip finally hired Alex to head the Cosmetics division. He makes it clear that honesty is the only policy, no game or power plays. Alex proposed they name the new fragrance after Lizzie. Alex tried to discuss Lizzie's troubled feelings regarding Olivia and the baby. Phillip insisted that Lizzie is having normal teenage angst and that she's making progress in therapy.

At the Beacon hotel, Jeffrey was having a mysterious conversation on his cell phone. He told the unknown person that future packages shouldn't be hidden in toys. Then someone bumped into Jeffrey. He assumed it was Mrs. Winslow again, but was pleasantly surprised when it was a different former Mrs. Winslow, Beth. Although they were both at the Bauer BBQ, this was the first introduction. Jeffrey was frustrated that she was another Prince Humperdink groupie. She reminded him that her daughter is Lizzie Spaulding, who he previously tried to arrest. Jeffrey attempted to proposition Beth for a date, but she wasn't impressed. He then tried a different angle and tried to pump her for information about Springfield's first family, particularly Alan Spaulding. Beth refused to spy on her children's grandfather. Jeffrey was clearly intrigued by the beautiful Beth. Later, Lizzie arrived and began tearing at the loosened carpet on the stairs. Beth nearly caught her in the act, but Lizzie quickly covered by saying she was there to see Tammy. Beth sensing that she was hiding something tried to get Lizzie to go home with her. Before leaving, Beth reminded Lizzie that her new baby sister was already very much a little person who could already feel and hear things within the womb. A Beacon employee prepared Olivia's post nap prenatal cocktail, a glass of milk, while Jeffrey looked on. In slow motion, Olivia began to descend the stairway. A possibly conflicted Lizzie called out Olivia's name. Olivia's shoe got caught on the sabotaged carpet and she fell down the stairs. An immobile Lizzie looked on while Jeffrey rushed to Olivia's aid.

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