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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on GL
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Reva catches up with Jonathan at Company. Jonathan wonders whether she has changed her mind and begins to hand her the keys back. Reva tells him that she just wants to invite him to a family dinner. When Jonathan declines the offer, Reva wonders whether it has more to do with not wanting to face Marah than anything else. Jonathan tries to explain that he just wants to take his time jumping into family events. Reva thinks that a family dinner might allow Marah and Jonathan to clear the air. Jonathan finally accepts the offer in hopes that this will help things between Marah and him.

Shortly after Reva leaves; Cassie shows up and introduces herself to Jonathan. Cassie has come to talk to Jonathan about Richard. She begins to explain the warmth, gentleness, and courage that he had. Not only did she love him, the entire country loved him. Even though it seemed that he had it all, he carried around sadness each day about having to give up his son. Not much later, they begin talking about Edmund and his part in this. Cassie explains to him that she and Edmund could not have made it where they are if he hadn't changed completely. She explains that back then, Edmund was out of touch with reality. Cassie invites Jonathan to come with her to meet someone. She takes him to Richard's gravesite. She tells Jonathan that she hated Edmund for a long time because of what he did to Richard and their son. She begins to explain that she had an accident that caused the death of their son. She had to forgive Edmund because the bitterness was eating her up. Being able to forgive Edmund was because Richard always had hopes for him and because Edmund changed the way he did. Cassie explains that Edmund proved to her that he has changed and suggests that Jonathan let Edmund prove that to him as well. Jonathan begins to tell her about his life with his adoptive parents and his dreams as a child that his real parents would come to get him. Before Cassie leaves, Jonathan thanks her for bringing him to the gravesite. He promises to keep an open mind where Edmund is concerned.

Marah shows up at Tony's door surprised at the fact that he is really back. Tony gets short with her and wants to know why she is there and what she wants. Marah reminds him that he was the high bidder at the fashion show, which means that she is to design an outfit from scratch for him. Marah didn't know that it was he since he placed the bid under a bogus name. Tony doesn't seem to want the outfit because he just placed the bid to support the charity and then angrily orders her to get out. Marah sits down and writes Tony a check for the price he paid for the bid. Tony rips up the check and finally agrees to let her do the measurements. After the measurements, Marah begins to bring up the past, and Tony blows up. He grabs her by the arm and tells grab her things and get out before she really ticks him off. After Marah leaves, Tony goes out to a bar. He ends up at Olivia's bar. He spots Eden from a distance and calls her cell phone. Eden declines his offer to meet, but it's too late.

Josh and Billy are having drinks at Olivia's bar. Bill shows up and Josh calls him over to the table. Josh tells him that he heard from Buddy Carroll, the new employee to take over Lewis Construction, and he thinks that he is not needed because things seem to be under control already. In addition, Danny called Josh and told him that he would rather have Bill handle the Fifth Street project. Josh seems impressed and puts Bill in charge until he returns. Shortly after Bill leaves, Reva shows up. Billy can't keep his opinions to himself about how he feels about Reva, so Josh asks him to leave. Reva invites Josh to the family dinner that she wants to plan. Josh is surprised that Jonathan has accepted the offer. Even though he is still upset with Reva about going to Christopher with something so important, he agrees to attend the dinner because of the children. Next stop -- Marah!

Reva catches up to Marah and invites her to the dinner. She is honest about who's going to be there. Surprisingly, Marah accepts without reservations. In addition, she asks that her mother bake a chocolate fudge cake.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Reva meets Cassie at Company to invite her to the family dinner for Sandy. (a.k.a Jonathan, who prefers to be called by his nickname, Sandy) Cassie seems to think that Reva is pushing Sandy into something that he is not ready for. Reva tells her that Sandy accepted her invitation. When Cassie expresses her concerns about whether Sandy would be comfortable sitting across the dinner table from Edmund, Reva tells her that is why Edmund should stay home. Cassie disagrees and tells Reva that Sandy should see the whole truth, and not just the parts that she wants to feed him. Moments later, a little boy approaches Reva wanting her to talk to his deceased father for him. He wants her to tell him that he is thinking of him. Reva comforts the boy when she tells him that she believes when a person dies, their body leaves the earth, but their spirit is still there. The little boy tells Reva that he can sometimes feel his father around him, but before he thought that sounded crazy. Before he leaves, the boy thanks Reva with a hug. Reva and Cassie continue their discussion about the family dinner. Cassie finally accepts the invitation and agrees to leave Edmund at home. Later, when Cassie finds the opportunity to tell Edmund about the dinner party, he seems to understand why Reva wouldn't want him there.

Lizzie approaches Joey at Company to apologize for tricking him into taking her to the Beacon. With a little hesitation, Joey accepts her apology. Lizzie notices Joey studying for the "Romeo and Juliet" play. She questions him about it. He tells her that he is trying out for Romeo and Tammy is trying out for Juliet. Lizzie jokingly comments that it is a good thing for Tammy that she isn't trying out for the part. Joey tells her that Tammy is really good and comes across sounding as though Lizzie wouldn't have a chance competing against Tammy. After Joey leaves, Lizzie calls Tammy and wants to give her a heads up. She tells Tammy that her therapist is suggesting that she get involved with the play and that is the only reason she is trying out for the part of Juliet. Lizzie comes off sounding as though she is being made to try out for the play and has no desire to be in the play. She claims that she didn't want Tammy showing up for the audition to find out there that she is auditioning for the same part.

Tammy gets the call from Lizzie while she is in the middle of practicing for the play with Edmund. She acts as though she doesn't have a problem with Lizzie trying out for the play while on the telephone, but once she hangs up, she tells Edmund that she is no longer trying out for the part. Edmund encourages her to live up to her marvelous potential and not be afraid of a little competition. Tammy leaves to confront Lizzie. When she catches up with her at Company, Tammy acts concerned for Lizzie in regards to her recent medical problems and whether she can withstand losing.

Tony catches up to Eden at Olivia's bar. He appears to be coming on to her talking about her soft skin. Eden asks Tony whether he has seen Marah yet. He tells her that he saw her earlier today but didn't sound too excited about it. Eden tries to push him toward Marah, but Tony tells her that what he needs in his life now is a real woman and suggests that she be that woman. Tony tells her that he has thought about that night on the roof ever since he left. He explains that if she were with him, she wouldn't have to pretend anymore. He claims that Bill can't give her what he can. Their conversation is interrupted when Gus shows up claiming that he needs her to come down to the station to fill out some last minute paperwork in regards to the fashion show. Gus and Eden leave together. It doesn't take Eden long to figure out that Gus is heading in the wrong direction. She instantly gets the wrong idea, and once again, they begin to argue. Moments later, she realizes that Gus wanted to be the one to show her the Spaulding advertisements that are posted nationwide. Eden is excited but feels that Gus could have handled things better. Moments later, Alexandra shows up and begins discussing future plans for the "Bad Girl" line.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Danny confides in Michelle that he and Tony "had a conversation" with the thugs who knifed Nico. Now, he has to tell Nico. Nico takes Danny's news well. Michelle asks Nico to move into the house. He agrees that is a good idea. Marina asks Danny and Michelle's advice about Shayne's Christmas present. Michelle goes back to work, and Danny leaves to check on Nico. Nico advises Marina not to worry so much about Shayne's present. They're alive, which is all that really counts. Danny watches, unseen. Nico collapses; Danny and Marina rush to his side. As Cassie leaves for dinner at Reva's, Edmund wishes he could go with her. Reva is nervous about Sandy coming to dinner. Lizzie succeeds in making Tammy feel like a loser about the Romeo and Juliet tryouts. Lizzie literally runs into Nico, and is a little snotty about it. Before going inside, Marah gives the Mole back to Sandy. Reva answers the door, and Sandy reluctantly goes inside. The family dinner is awkward until Jeffrey interrupts. Cassie pulls him inside, and says he couldn't have come at a better time. The Lewises asks Jeffrey to stay for dinner. He urges them to relax, and not to force things with Sandy. Tammy feels badly that Edmund couldn't go to dinner with Cassie. The director of the play calls Tammy with casting news. An ecstatic Tammy announces that she's been cast as Juliet. Lizzie will play the nurse. Against her better judgment, Reva pulls out home movies. After an uncomfortable moment, Jeffrey offers to drive Marah home. Sandy leaves without saying goodbye, and Reva fears that she's blown it with her son.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Sandy sits at Richard's gravesite talking to the Mole. Reva begins calling for him from a distance. He hides the mole behind the grave. Reva wonders why he burst out so quickly after the dinner. He tells her that it isn't anything she did or didn't do and continues to tell her that he doesn't belong in her family. He pulls out a puppet and tells Reva that he is a pathetic guy whose only friend is a Mole. Reva then realizes that he was the Mole on the radio station. Sandy thought she would think it was stupid, but instead, she begins to giggle and tells him that she thinks it is wonderful. Reva apologizes for laughing. She tells him that she just thinks the Mole was brilliant and begins to tell him that she thinks he has a powerful personality. Sandy disagrees and thinks that he probably needs a padded cell. Sandy tells Reva that the Mole has always been a crutch for him, something that made him feel less lonely. Reva thanks the Mole for looking out after her little boy when she wasn't there. Sandy reminds Reva that he isn't a little boy anymore, just a grown man with a puppet. Reva tells him that she still has Shayne's security blanket, Marah's first tooth, and Sandy's footprint in her dresser drawer, and begins to tell him that it doesn't matter what it is that helps us get through life. Sandy tells her that his being there is making it harder for everyone else to get through life. As Sandy begins to walk away from her. Reva bursts into tears and tells him that she would never survive giving up a baby again. She tells him that she knows that he has a lot going on in his head and heart, but she wants to let him know that she loves him and wants to help him get through this. Sandy tells her that he thinks that sticking around was a really bad idea and asks her to leave him alone. He starts to walk away again but stops when Reva calls him a "coward." She tells him that he came there for a reason and explains that they need this time to get to know one another. Sandy explains that she already has a family. Reva explains that she has a hole in her life that only he can fill and feels that there is something missing in his life too. Sandy tells her that some day she will be sorry that she didn't let him go, but Reva tells him that she'll take her chances.

As the Fifth Street crew sit outside on the steps listening to Nico sing for money, Marina joins in on the Chorus. This gives Marina an idea and heads home to see Shayne. She walks into Shayne's room singing one of his favorite songs and then joins him on the bed. Shayne tells her of a dream that he had. He dreamed that the two of them were on the beach watching the sun set, and as he looked over at her, he felt completely loved. Marina then asks him to close his eyes as she begins to share a vision with him. Shortly after, they share a passionate kiss. Marina begins to share a memorable dream that she had. They were in a cabin and everything went right this time as they make love for the first time. Shayne tells her that he wants that.

At Company, a celebration is in the works for Tammy and her direct family. Edmund congratulates Tammy on getting the part of Juliet. Moments later, Cassie shows up and seems overjoyed that her daughter won the part. After the congratulations speech winds down a bit, Edmund asks Cassie how the dinner party went. She begins to explain that they went down just as she expected. Sandy was pushed into something that he wasn't ready for, and Reva came out full steam ahead. Cassie then mentions that Jeffrey showed up uninvited. Moments later, Jeffrey sadly excuses himself to make a telephone call. Tammy gets mad at Cassie for treating Edmund that way she did. After Edmund returns to the table, Cassie apologizes to him for not fighting for him tonight in regards to his invitation to the dinner party. She explains that families have pain and they have figured out a way to forgive. She continues to explain that Sandy can't ignore Edmund.

Jeffrey and Marah begin to bond as Jeffrey is giving her a ride home. They discuss her feelings toward Sandy and the anger she felt by having not been told sooner that she and Sandy were siblings. Jeffrey talks her into sticking her head out the window to vent. It looks like it helped because she is finally smiling. Marah begins to explain that she thinks she feel for Sandy because he was a good guy and thought the relationship would be easy. Jeffrey begins to explain how Sandy is more like Tony than she first thought. Jeffrey continues to tell her that he thinks she has romantic desires for bad boys. Marah doesn't want the evening to end with Jeffrey and offers to go out on the town with him.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Harley, dressed for seduction, drops in on Gus at Company. She's hoping to lure him away from police reports for another night of passion at the Springfield Inn. He readily agrees and they go outside, where their smooching is interrupted by Eden. Harley and Eden trade snide remarks. When Eden heads inside Company Gus follows, hoping to further patch things up between them. Harley fumes outside. However, there is still tension between the two siblings, as Eden rebuffs Gus' attempts.

Inside the Beacon's bar, Tony finds Bill and Danny with their heads together. It turns out that Bill is talking Danny into running for mayor, and Danny isn't ruling it out. Tony meets this news with much skepticism; he's highly suspicious of Bill's motives since Bill really hasn't liked Danny in the past. Bill recounts his admiration for Danny's ability to get things done (which he's seen during their joint 5th Street project) and then admits there is a benefit for him if Danny becomes mayor: Lewis Construction needs a friend at city hall. Danny remains intrigued by the idea.

Marah and Jeffrey are stuck in Jeffrey's car, which is apparently out of gas. Marah takes a flirtatious attitude with an increasingly nervous Jeffrey. They finally decide to walk to the nearby Beacon, where Marah has offered to buy Jeffrey a drink and then cab it home.

Marina wants to make love, but Shayne is hesitant. He wants her first time to be "perfect," and it's apparent he's feeling awkward about his current physical impairment. Marina goes on to make an eloquent speech about how perfection isn't in the details (i.e., candles, romantic settings) but in how two people feel toward each other. She details the challenges they've faced and overcome, and how much they've grown. She feels in her heart that the time is right for them, and Shayne is persuaded. The two then make love.

Meanwhile, Gus and Harley's second attempt at passion is interrupted by a police officer, arriving with a pregnant woman. The woman fears she's being stalked. She describes a car but can't describe her stalker. Gus' hands are tied because no actual crime has been committed, but Harley steps in on behalf of Harley's Angels. Harley then talks Gus into going over to the woman's apartment with her. Once there they find the landlord, who has chased off an intruder. Gus and Harley give the woman their key to the Springfield Inn, and they settle in for a stakeout in her apartment. Gus informs Harley that the situation is now a police matter, but that he'd still like her on the job.

Back at the Beacon, Danny agrees to think about running for mayor and asks Tony to be his right-hand man if he does. Tony is adamant about not joining in with Danny, but Danny proves to be just as stubborn. Marah and Jeffrey then walk in to the bar. Jeffrey gives Marah a moment to talk with Tony, but the discussion between Marah and Tony breaks down in civility as Tony continues his rudeness toward her. Jeffrey then steps in, claiming to have to speak to Marah about her European contract. Marah is grateful for the reprieve and asks for a rain check on their drink as she now feels like leaving. She kisses Jeffrey on the cheek before she leaves. Jeffrey is nonplussed.

Eden enters the Beacon's bar to meet up with Bill. Bill gives her the lowdown on the confrontation between Tony and Marah, and Eden is clearly annoyed with Tony's behavior. Bill, with Eden in tow, wraps up his conversation with Danny, and Tony perks up when he hears that Bill and Eden would be very involved with Danny's campaign. Tony suddenly agrees to team up with Danny on the mayoral race, if Danny decides to run. Danny and Bill are surprised at his 180-degree turn, while Eden's annoyance grows.

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