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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on GL
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Although Mallet thinks she should rest for a few more days or weeks, Dinah insists on returning to work. When Mallet leaves their suite, Dinah calls on Matt for help. When she returns to her work at the station, Dinah can't recall her co-workers and learns that she is going live on air that night with an interview with Frank Cooper about Doris Wolf's campaign for mayor. Matt arrives in time to offer to run interference for her. Dinah is introduced to Eve who is there to replace her if Dinah feels the need to pull back. Feeling a little threatened, Dinah says that won't be necessary. Matt tells Dinah that she isn't ready for everything involved in a live interviewóthe teleprompter, keeping up with asking questions, remembering to listen to Frank's answers. She insists that she can show everyone that she is even sharper now and she has a challenge to meet. Matt points out that during her last few sentences she spoke with total clarity, no stumbling for words. Dinah feels she is ready. Mallet shows up to the station to show his support. Almost immediately after her interview with Frank begins, Dinah begins to fall apart. She can't remember Frank's last name or Doris's position as District Attorney, only remembering the word District. When Frank tries to help her by leading her towards the questions she is supposed to ask, Dinah completely freezes and everyone looks on, shocked.

At Natalia's apartment, Gus tries to convince her not to leave town with Rafe. Natalia doesn't think it is appropriate that Gus show so much interest in her since he is married to Harley as he can't have both of them. When Gus leaves, Alan shows up having been at Harley's offering to take Rafe into his home. Harley has turned him down, even though it would be an easy solution for her. Alan shares the good news with Natalia that he has been able to have Rafe accepted in a clinical trial study for juvenile diabetes. He assures her that Rafe will only have the best of medical attention from now on. The two go to Harley and Gus's to tell them Natalia has agreed to let Rafe live with his grandfather. Though Gus and Harley don't agree it is the best thing, Natalia insists that she believes it is the best thing for her son. Alan and Natalia leave to tell Rafe the "good news."

At Company, Marina takes a phone message for Frank, with whom she has been arguing with about Cyrus Foley. The message is that there is information for Frank on the "Australian guy" he's been investigating. Frank admits to his daughter that he was having immigration officials investigate Cyrus. Marina feels betrayed and tells her dad that if he pursues his investigation she'll inform internal affairs. Frank insists that he has done nothing illegal or inappropriate by having the thief investigated. Mallet arrives in time to mediate between the two. Although he doesn't like the idea of Marina's interest in Cyrus either, he believes Frank may be crossing the line into personal business in this situation too much. Frank points out Marina's mistakes in love in the pastóBen Reade, Tony Santos, and Alan-Michael. Marina says she has always listened to her dad's advice and that this time he just has to butt out and hope for the best. Mallet walks Frank out and Marina calls Cyrus.

When Alex catches Cyrus taking her pearls from the Spaulding mansion safe, he admits that he was stealing them. He tells her that he is in a bind that could take him away from her, which he doesn't want to happen. After Cyrus has apparently filled Alex in on the entire immigration agent blackmail scheme, Alex sees that Marina is calling Cyrus on his cell phone. Cyrus takes the call and agrees to meet Marina later at Company. When he's off the phone, Alex tells Cyrus that she's not going to turn him in. She feels that she is now involved in his immigration problems and offers a more permanent solution to his problemóshe will marry him so he will be legal. She outlines how he can have his own suite in the mansion, an allowance, and will be able to have outside relationships as long as he is discreet. While she suggests they discuss further the next day, Cyrus instead accepts the "proposal" immediately. As he is leaving to go meet Marina, an associate of Alex's arrives. When Cyrus meets Marina at Company, she tries to explain to him how he has been turned into the immigration authorities. He says he knows all about it and has already found a solution, but he can't reveal it yet. He just wants to be with her for a while. Back at the mansion, the associate of Alex's is showing her wedding rings she has asked to see. Seems she apparently already had the entire scenario planned.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinah goes blank on camera and Mallet jumps in to cover. Dinah insists on going to the fundraiser to find a story, even though Mallet is clearly concerned she's not okay. When Dinah breaks down, Mallet assures her that they'll get through this. Coop agrees to go the Spaulding fundraiser for Doris with Ashlee, until Ava suggests they all go together. Ava and Olivia decide Ava should show Coop how much she needs him. Ava is mugged on the way to Towers, and knocked out cold. Coop and Ashlee decide to go look for Ava when she doesn't show up. When Olivia finds out Ava was hurt, Olivia calls the mugger, and tells her he was never supposed to hurt her. Josh invites Cassie to go skinny-dipping, to show he's still allowed to have fun. When their clothes are stolen, Reva and Jeffrey show up and offer their assistance. Cassie is uncomfortable with how close Jeffrey and Reva seem. Reva tells Jeffrey she's not sure about dating him, but is convinced otherwise as he pulls her into his room.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inside the Light: Reverend

After tennis, Josh and Cassie stop by Reverend Rutledge's hotel office. He's in the hotel because the rectory is being renovated for free by Lewis Construction. Rutledge comments that on Wednesdays he usually accepts appointments and walk-ins from his members, but today seems to be a slow day. His sister goes into labor and Cassie drives him to the hospital, leaving Josh alone to man the office.

Josh reads through a long list of emails with prayer requests when there's a knock at the door. Lizzie has come to see the reverend. She is in crisis, and claims she was there first. Josh looks around the corner to see a throng of people lined up to speak to the reverend. Lizzie enters the hotel room with a legal pad full of questions that she has for God. She seems to be in there for hours, asking him anything from why did God give her cancer down to why is her family cursed, and why did her mother marry Rick without telling her. Josh has no answers but he listens. Lizzie wants to find a way to turn her life around and find happiness. Josh advises her that happiness will find her if she goes out and starts doing things for others instead of feeling sorry for herself.

Like psychiatrist he listens to all the people in the hallway and takes notes. Several other people come in, including Billy. Buzz comes in with a menu to be approved, but Josh gives him unsolicited advice on his upcoming date with Lillian. He advises Buzz to be himself and show her all his scars. Later, Marina and Frank both come in together to talk about the problem with Cyrus. At the end of the day, Josh is pretty satisfied with himself and the job he's done. Cassie enters and he boasts to her about his winning day.

On Main Street he tells her how he had his doubts that he could be a regular person and also a minister. Now after today, he feels confident that he's found the answers. They go around looking at everyone that he's helped be happy. Marina and Frank share an ice cream. They peak in the window at Lizzie, Beth and Leah opening baby gifts. Cassie leaves. Inside Company, Josh overhears Lizzie telling Beth what he advised her to help others. She wants to throw a baby shower, but Leah is very bitter and sarcastic. The three of them get into a fight and Lizzie throws food at Leah. Josh tries to intervene and they throw food at him. He ducks out as quickly as possible.

At Towers, Josh checks on Buzz who also took his advice. He tells Lillian about every bad thing that ever happened to him in a relationshipóeven that he doesn't floss. Lillian is glad that he didn't waste her time. She was looking for something less complicated. She leaves Buzz at the table and advises him to floss.

Back at on Main Street, Billy tells Josh that his advice not to fire a drunken employee just costs him thousands of dollars when the employee stole traveler's checks from him and his golf clubs. Meanwhile, they overhear Marina and Frank start to argue about Cyrus. Frank explains to Marina that Cyrus took an American wife. Marina claims Frank wanted something like this to happen, slings her ice cream down and storms off. Josh sighs, wondering why he even opened the door.

Josh goes to see Rutledge, who is still at the hospital and doesn't really have time to talk. He advises Josh to go run or have beers or anything except give more advice. Later on Main Street, Rutledge is calmer after his sister delivered a boy. He shares with Josh that his first stint at giving advice resulted in a train wreck. Once he hears the advice that Josh rendered the people who saw him today. Rutledge summarizes his advice as telling people to be loving, honest and focus on family. He thinks that's okay advice to him.

Later Cassie comes to find Josh for their date and senses that his remorse. He tells her that he's a jackass and has to go fix what he has screwed up. Cassie advises him that he can't fix it. No one who came to see him really needed his advice. They will do what they will regardless of his advice. They just needed someone to listen and care. He smiles and notes to her that jackasses are known to be great listeners because they have big ears.

Back in Rutledge's hotel room, Josh sits down and wonders what's next. Lizzie comes into the office, realizing that maybe she shouldn't focus on Beth's baby. She decides to focus on Rafe and Natalia, who are moving into her house. She can show them the ropes. Later outside of Company, he runs into Marina, who has come to a realization that, no matter if Cyrus has married someone else, the truth is that she's glad he's not leaving the country. He sees Billy and learns his heart softened toward the arrested employee, Frank who is also softening because of his daughter and Buzz, who is glad that he was at least honest with Lillian. Later, he sees Lillian and she understands what Buzz was trying to do. Just as he leaves, Buzz approaches Lillian.

Later, back at the Reverend's office, Josh tells Cassie what a day he had. He agrees that she was right. People just need someone to listen. Looking over, he finds Cassie asleep on the sofa. So much for their date, he thinks and kneels beside her. He places his hands together and says to himself that he can do this. He can really do this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ashlee is trying to talk Coop out of hunting for the person who attacked Ava. She uses her connection to Doris to get the DA's office to bring the mugger to justice. Coop is grateful Ashlee is helping.

Ava figures out Olivia set up the mugging. Olivia explains that he wasn't supposed to hurt her, but that she needed some help to get Coop to come to her rescue. Jeffrey comes into her hospital room but Ava doesn't tell him Olivia was involved. Coop pays her a visit. He brings with him a detective who asks Ava for details of the mugging. Ava tells them she can't remember (in order to protect Olivia). Coop tells Ava he's sorry she got hurt and that he wants everything in her life to be good again. Coop sits at her bedside holding her hand.

Olivia and Jeffrey have a heart to heart - they're in this together (raising/worrying about Ava). Olivia tells Jeffrey she's sorry for her recent intensity regarding Reva. Jeffrey informs her that Reva isn't going anywhere. Olivia gets mad and Jeffrey lashes out. They begin arguing and Coop comes out to tell them Ava wants to see them. She asks them what's going on - the arguing - but she wants them to know she feels lucky.

Gus helps move Natalia and Rafe into the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie welcomes them. Rafe is given a key to a Ferrari. Natalia is given the key to a brand new SUV. Gus takes the keys away from Rafe and tells him he has to get his license and then they'll get him a "safe" car. Gus tries to warn Rafe that Alan is not who he seems to be. Rafe doesn't believe Gus' warnings. Rafe assures Gus he won't fall into the any of Alan's traps.

Meanwhile Harley, Dillon and Buzz move Daisy back into the house. She quickly excuses herself to run back to company for Buzz's forgotten sunglasses. Buzz lets Harley know Dillon is making excuses to keep coming around her. Harley makes an excuse to step out for a minute.

Daisy visits Ashlee and Ashlee confides how her plan is backfiring. Daisy assured her Coop will come around. Flowers are delivered - she thinks they're from Coop - they're from Stuart. Ashlee and Daisy are discussing the event (Ava) and Daisy makes a comment that she might get hit in the head just to get a guy's attention - giving Ashlee the idea that Ava arranged the whole thing.

Remy tries to warn Natalia about Alan. Natalia assures Remy she's doing this for Rafe. Remy questions Natalia's real motive - she's trying to get closer to Gus. She tells Remy if she wanted to get close to Gus - and in walks Harley, asking her to finish her sentence. Natalia assures Harley she is not trying to take Gus away from her. Harley claims she's not accusing her of doing that - that she's only there to help her move.

Buzz warns Gus to not spend so much time with Natalia and Rafe at the expense of his life with Harley. Buzz gives Gus something to think about.

Rafe is startled by Daisy while he's playing with a vase, drops it and breaks it. She snuck in and Rafe is nervous she's there. He's uncomfortable with her and their relationship. Daisy and Rafe are kissing and Natalia finds them. Daisy tells Natalia she wants Rafe, just like she wants Gus. She tells her if she lets her have quality time with Rafe, she'll arrange quality time between Natalia and Gus.

Remy sets a plan in motion with Lizzie to get Natalia and Rafe out of the mansion. Lizzie hires Remy to keep an eye on things at the mansion for Lizzie. Lizzie agrees with the plan.

Daisy tells him she sees the way Gus and Natalia look at each other - the same way Harley and Dillon look at each other. She thinks both marriages are in trouble.

Harley goes home hoping to find Gus and instead finds Dillon. Dillon kisses Harley as Gus walks in and sees them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Knowing that Ashlee wants to talk to Coop, Buzz insists that she take a break and plots a reluctant Ashlee down right at Coop's table and tells Coop to buy her a drink. Coop tells Ashlee that he cannot stay since he is going to see Ava. Ashlee tells Coop that her mother set her up with a guy named Stewart. Coop is not too pleased that she is letting her mom choose for her but suggests she go for it as he rushes out. When he leaves, Ava asks Buzz if Coop ever asks about her. When Buzz hedges, she asks if she thinks she should tell Coop how she feels. Buzz does not think that is a good idea unless she wants her heart stepped on.

Jeffrey arrives at Cedars to see Ava and give her flowers. He leaves the room to get something to put the flowers in. As Ava gushes about how great her life is-she has a great mother, father and a boyfriend---Olivia sees Jeffrey talking to Reva in the hall. After Jeffrey walks off, Olivia tells Reva that she does not belong there-with Jeffrey. He needs to focus on Ava, not her problems. Reva explains that she is there for her nine-month checkup. Later, Jeffrey shows up at Reva's appointment to keep her company. As Reva is trying to get Jeffrey to go back and see Ava, the doctor arrives and tells Reva that she is still cancer-free. Jeffrey wants to go celebrate but Reva pushes him away and insists that he see Ava.

Coop arrives to visit Ava and informs her and Olivia that the police have a lead. He explains that although this was a mugging, nothing was taken and Ava was not sexually assaulted. So what was the motive? Ava tries to get Coop to stop by saying that the subject upsets her but he continues with his theory that the attacker was trying to send a message. At this point, Jeffrey returns and thinks that Coop may be right and wonders if it is someone from his past. When Coop goes out to call Ashlee to tell her that going out with Stewart is the best way to get to know him, Olivia leaves as well. Ava tells Jeffrey that she is worried about Olivia and asks him to go after her and take care of her. Do something nice for her.

Olivia is out in the hall booking a flight for Mexico for an employee. She does not care where in Mexico but it
has to leave today. Unbeknownst to Olivia, Reva has overheard. Later, Jeffrey takes Olivia home and offers to get her something to eat or arrange a massage or something. Olivia realizes that Ava put her up to this and he admits that Ava is worried about her. He brings up that Olivia was by her side the entire time she was in the hospital and states that Ava loves her for that.

Afterwards, anxious to check out, Ava proceeds to get dressed in front of an uncomfortable Coop. Ava nonchalantly points out that it is nothing he has not seen before and tells him that she wants him to take her home. Flustered, Coop suggests that Olivia should do it but Ava wants Coop. Ashlee, preparing to visit Ava, sees Ava being close with Coop and throws out the take-out food in disgust. Reva sees her and Ashlee complains that she cannot compete with Ava. When she mentions Daisy's comment about Ava's injury being so convenient, Reva flashes back to Olivia booking an urgent flight to Mexico.

Daisy is at the Spaulding house trying to make a deal with Natalia. If Natalia will let her spend time with Rafe, she will fix it so Natalia can spend time with Gus. Natalia is disgusted that Daisy is willing to sell out her own mother and refuses. Natalia tells Daisy that she is trouble and Daisy threatens that she will see trouble if she does not let her and Rafe be together. At that point, Rafe arrives asks what they are talking about. Natalia lets Daisy talk to Rafe for five minutes and Daisy informs Rafe that Natalia hates her. Rafe tells Daisy that she is making things harder than they need to be. He suggests that maybe they should stay apart since he has to get his mom settled in. Daisy is not happy but Rafe tells her to go.

Natalia sees Remy in the hall and he states that Lizzie hired him to work security. He does admit that he wanted to keep an eye out for her and proceeded to warn her about Alan, she insists that she can take care of herself. When Remy talks about the boring house, Natalia points out that there is a lot to do in the mansion. Remy states that it can get lonely without someone to share it with. This evokes a smile since Natalia realizes he is talking about having dates in the house. Suddenly, Rafe sees Remy and accuses Natalia of having Remy around to follow him. Rafe points out that Remy is a lot more trouble than Daisy and announces that he is going to see her no matter what Natalia says.

An upset Daisy goes to Company and tells Buzz about her troubles. She tells Buzz that she could handle living apart from Rafe but cannot handle Natalia. Daisy tells her grandfather that Natalia is keeping her and Rafe apart because she is a bitter because she cannot have Gus. She then states that she thinks she thinks Natalia wants to break up Harley and Gus. Later after Daisy has left, Natalia has arrived for work with Remy. When Natalia wonders if Rafe is right about Remy, Remy reminds her that he has done nothing but help her. Natalia realizes he is right. Suddenly, Buzz approaches and starts to tell Natalia that there are some issues with her working there-her being Gus's ex-girlfriend, her leaving at the Spaulding house, etc. Though he denies it, Natalia knows that she is being let go and quits. Later, Remy catches Daisy and Rafe kissing on Main Street and accuses Daisy of costing Natalia her job.

Dylan and Harley are talking about their daughter when suddenly Dylan kisses her. At that moment, Gus arrives home and punches Dylan. As the pair argues, Harley brings up that this is not the first time Dylan kissed her. This gets Gus even angrier and he beats Dylan to a pulp. Harley screams for Gus to stop and he finally does. After checking to make sure he is okay, Gus rails at Dylan. He accuses Dylan of using Daisy as an excuse to be near Harley. Harley rails Gus for being so out of control and Dylan calls Gus a jealous addict. Gus accuses Dylan of being in love with his wife and shoves Dylan. Dylan shoves Gus back and Gus punches him again. At this point a police woman arrives. Harley assures the officer that everything is fine-it was just a family argument. The officer reveals that someone called in a complaint and the group discovers that it was Jude. After assuring Jude that he did the right thing and telling him that the grownups were in the wrong, Harley offers to take Dylan to the hospital. The officer decides to do it herself since she needs a statement. When they leave, Harley tells Gus that they need to talk about things when the kids are not around. Gus asks why Harley never told him that Dylan kissed her before and she admits that she did not want to upset him. Upset, Gus suggests that they need a time out and walks out of the house. He goes to the Spaulding mansion and sees Natalia pouring herself a drink. She asks him to join her. While telling himself that his is a mistake, he joins her.

Harley shows up at Dylan's. Dylan has been drinking a little and Harley gets him some water. When she asks if he gave a statement, Dylan realizes she is there hoping he will not press charges against Gus. Harley pleads with Dylan to just say it was an argument that got out of hand; Gus already has two strikes against him. Dylan states that he will not press charges on one condition: he gets what he wants.

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