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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on GL
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Monday, March 17, 2008

In his parlor at the Spaulding mansion, Alan left a message for Phillip that the IRS planned to audit him. Dinah entered the room and asked Alan if he had considered rehiring her at Spaulding. Alan scoffed that he didn't have time to rehabilitate her and told her to get out. Just then, the IRS team arrived and Frank served Alan a warrant.

After serving Alan, Frank received a phone call from Doris Wolfe asking him to come to the station to discuss some disturbing information that she had received. Once Frank met with Doris, she explained that Frank had been reported for using his position as police chief to "put the moves" on a woman at a crime scene. Frank replied that nothing had happened. He merely asked a bystander for a date. Frank assumed that Alan Spaulding had flushed this woman out as revenge because Frank had served him with a warrant. Doris put Frank on administrative leave until he could receive a fair hearing.

Meanwhile, Mallet ran to Marina and told her that he had been offered the police chief position in Shrewsbury. Next Mallet talked to Dinah outside the station. She brought him real estate guides and a suitcase. They went to their old hotel room and reminisced about their relationship. They joked around and wound up falling on the bed and kissing. Dinah stopped, saying that it was too difficult to be with him knowing that he was leaving without her.

Once Dinah departed, Mallet returned to the police station and spoke to Doris, who explained Frank's predicament. She asked Mallet to fill in as acting chief, but Mallet refused. Doris speculated that an outsider filling the position would want the job permanently. As Mallet reconsidered, Doris said that she knew Mallet was Frank's friend, but all he had to do was keep Frank's seat warm for him.

Mallet went to the school gym where he found Frank and Marina. He told Frank that he had been offered the chief position in Shrewsbury. Depressed, Frank congratulated him. Mallet replied that things had changed; he had just accepted the position as acting chief in Springfield. Marina grew upset. Mallet called himself a seat-warmer and said he would only be filling in. He repeated the alternative Doris had given about a stranger coming into the ranks. Frank shoved a basketball at Mallet and he said Mallet had better let him win this time.

Hurt over Lizzie, Bill took Ava to bed. They discussed protection. Ava went into the bathroom, poked holes in a condom, and slipped back under the covers with Bill. After being intimate, Bill left to meet the mysterious Post Script Inc. client. Later, on Main Street, Ava and Emma sat on a bench. Ava acknowledged Emma's sadness about their mother and promised to make a family for them. Holding Emma close, Ava swore they would never be alone.

In the meantime, Lizzie ended her boring date with Lawrence after it became apparent that he was obsessed with her grandfather. Upon leaving, she received a text message from Phillip. About the same time, Bill wandered around a forked, snowy road repeating, "Post Script," to himself. "P.S. ...Phillip Spaulding," he said. Lizzie surprised him by showing up there. She explained that her father had sent her a message to meet Bill there. Bill replied that he believed the mysterious company soliciting Lewis was actually a front for Phillip Spaulding. Bill wondered if perhaps Alan and Phillip were teaming up against him. Lizzie said that her father didn't trust her grandfather. Bill commented that he didn't trust any of them. Lizzie asked if he trusted her. Smiling and kissing him, she said that they should give their relationship a chance.

Meanwhile, once the raid at the mansion had ended, Alexandra blazed into Alan's parlor demanding to know what had happened to their ransacked home. Alan told her that he suspected Rick Bauer had somehow gotten an IRS investigation started. Showing her an email, he said that he believed Phillip would return to help him. Alexandra told her brother that he was dreaming if he thought Phillip would come home.

After Lizzie and Bill parted company, Lizzie went to the Spaulding mansion. Alan asked her about her date with Lawrence. Lizzie announced that she had ditched Lawrence. At her father's instruction, she had gone to see Bill. Alan wondered if she really had heard from Phillip. Lizzie confirmed that both she and Bill had heard from Phillip. Alan reminded Lizzie that their deal excluded Bill Lewis, and he called Jeremy to have a lobster dinner sent to Lizzie's room. Off the phone, Alan said there was nothing Lizzie needed that couldn't be found in their home.

Later, Beth sneaked into Lizzie's room to talk about Phillip. Beth seemed glad to hear that Phillip had contacted Lizzie and agreed with Lizzie that Phillip must have been getting better. They hugged each other, overjoyed at the prospect of seeing Phillip again. Lizzie remembered how happy the three of them had been in Arizona. Lizzie said that at that moment, she felt like one of Alan's pawns. Beth reminded Lizzie that she had come from a line of strong Raines women who had survived worse than Alan. Lizzie said that Beth was the only person who ever believed in her. Beth replied that she would always believe in Lizzie because she was Lizzie's mother.

After Beth left, Lizzie brought Emma and James into her room. When James asked Lizzie about Zach, she mentioned that she had spoken to him earlier. She told them that their father might visit soon but that he had made the police angry. Lizzie instructed the two children that if the police questioned them about Phillip trying to kidnap them, they were to say that it was a big mistake and that they were only touring the plane for fun.

Meanwhile, Bill played a quick game of catch with Dinah and learned that Dinah had been up all night but didn't reveal what she was doing. Later, Alan went down to a parking lot with a basketball hoop where he found Bill. They shot hoops together while Alan hinted that he knew there were people in Venezuela who wanted to harm Bill. Bill replied that Alan was grasping at straws after losing Beth, Peyton, Sarah, and all of his children. Alan warned him not to put Phillip on that list. Bill said Phillip wouldn't side with Alan, recalling that Alan had shot Phillip. Bill told him that he and Lizzie were going to be together. Dunking the ball, Alan said that he always got what he wanted.

Bill continued playing ball and along jogged Beth. In conversation about Phillip, Beth said that she and Phillip had been up all night text messaging about their past. Bill found that strange since Phillip should already know about their past. Beth clarified that he was reminiscing with her. Bill bid Beth a good day and thoughtfully strolled off.

Bill went home and thought about P.S. while in the shower. He scribbled initials on the steamed window, wrapped himself in a towel, and went to the computer. Checking some files, he said, "Well, I'll be damned." Some time later, Bill opened a door to a small office and found Dinah inside, smoking a cigar. "Hello, Sis. Or should I say Phillip?"

Meanwhile Alan called Phillip and left him a message. Alan said that he trusted Phillip to come back and regain control over the family and Spaulding. To prove it, he said he was transferring the stock, the deed, and money all into Phillip's name. Alan clicked a button on the computer and said, "There. It's done." Alan stared at Phillip's picture and Alexandra entered the parlor, worrying about him. Though Alex loved and missed Phillip as well, she said she didn't trust him. Alan declared that he trusted Phillip. Alexandra said Alan had made that mistake before.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dinah confessed to Bill that she was pretending to be Phillip Spaulding to ensnare Alan in a federal investigation that would destroy Alan's dynasty. She blamed Alan for Ross's death and said that the investigation had caused Alan to reveal to "Phillip" where Alan's secrets were buried. Dinah invited Bill to help her get Alan, and Bill accepted.

Meanwhile, Alan brought Lizzie her old attaché case and offered her a position as a Spaulding executive. He hinted that he had been tracking Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie asked if Alan would stop pursuing them if she were to accept the position. He agreed, but was adamant that Bill Lewis, whom he blamed for his losing Beth and Peyton, was off-limits.

Outside later, Alan discovered Dinah, still begging for a job, on the grounds. Alan offered to check openings with his kitchen staff. After escorting Dinah into the mansion, Alan received a call from Bill, who claimed that Phillip was following him. Bill asked Alan to meet him at the community gym to discuss it. Alan left Dinah in the house and went to meet Bill.

Once Alan left, Dinah and Bill planted evidence in the Spaulding mansion. Just as they finished, they heard Lizzie call out, asking if anyone were there. Dinah snuck out of the house while Bill occupied Lizzie with a game of chess on the upper level of the parlor. During the game, Lizzie expressed that she was waiting for her father to rescue her. Bill awkwardly explained to Lizzie that she shouldn't rely on Phillip to save her. Bill beat Lizzie at chess and they kissed. Later, Lizzie waltzed into her bedroom in lingerie, saying that she had Bill's reward for winning. She frowned when she discovered that Bill had disappeared.

Meanwhile Dinah visited Mallet at the police station and learned that he had decided to stay in Springfield to fill Frank's position temporarily. After talking to Mallet, Dinah took a call from the woman who had reported to Doris about Frank's behavior at the crime scene a few days earlier. Dinah thanked the woman for going to Doris with what Frank had done. Dinah spotted Mallet and Marina talking, and asked the woman to keep her posted. Dinah left the station and Mallet received a phone call with a tip to return to the Spaulding mansion.

While waiting for Bill in a hotel room at the Beacon, Dinah toasted to her father. Bill entered and she gave him some champagne. She apologized that he had to lie to Lizzie and told Bill that Alan's dynasty was about to tumble. They decided that they would have Alan serve as their butler once it was all over.

Meanwhile, Alan grew tired of waiting for Bill at the gym and left. When he arrived home, he found that the IRS had returned to his home with Mallet. Handing Alan some files, the IRS agent told Lizzie that Alan stood to lose his home and possibly his freedom. Reviewing the files, Alan murmured that Phillip was the only one who knew about "this." He told Lizzie that her father had set him up.

Over at Harley's, Cyrus moved in and Harley announced to him and Jude that she had invited her family over to tell them about it. When Jude expressed how he missed Gus, Cyrus tried to befriend the child. Harley left to allow Cyrus and Jude to bond. Harley visited Marina at the hospital, hoping to gently break the news that Cyrus had moved in with her. Marina spitefully wondered how Harley's boys felt about getting yet another father. Harley tried to tell Marina how much she still loved her, but Marina ended the conversation, saying that one day Cyrus would see Harley for who she really was and then he would leave her just like the rest of them had left her.

In the meantime, Gus left Cassie a message asking her to buy back her half of the Beacon from Olivia. Afterward, he discovered Harley on the boardinghouse stairs. She told him about Cyrus moving in with her. Gus had an idea that something was happening when the locksmith called him about being unable to duplicate a key. Gus gave Harley his copy of the key and told her that if Cyrus made her happy, then that was great.

Across town Rafe seemed skeptical about moving in with Daisy, but Daisy made it sound romantic. They searched for apartments and Daisy talked him into moving into a shabby room, saying it would be a fixer upper like those home TV shows. Their plans were dashed when the landlord asked for proof of employment. They went to Harley's where they kissed on the sofa until Cyrus interrupted them. Cyrus tried to take charge, but Daisy ignored him, continuing to kiss Rafe. Once Rafe left, Daisy told Cyrus that she didn't like him or the fact that he had hurt Marina in order to hook up with her mother. Cyrus accepted her choice but told her to clean up her mess in the kitchen. Daisy slammed dishes into the sink and left the kitchen.

A little later Gus went by Harley's house to give her some keys that she had dropped while they had been talking earlier. Harley hadn't returned home by then, so he spoke to Cyrus. Gus told Cyrus that he planned to pick the boys up for practice over the weekend. After their awkward exchange, Gus left. Harley returned home and Cyrus told her about the visit from Gus and the run-in with Daisy. Harley explained that she had a nonproductive talk with Marina.

Later Harley grew upset when she realized that no one from her family was coming over to her house. Cyrus reminded her that being with him came with a price. He told her that if they wanted it, they could make it work. Harley reaffirmed that she wanted it and they said they would make it work. They held each other.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gus called Mallet to get time off work without pay so that he could take care of Olivia. Afterward he went by Company where he ran into Alan, who told Gus about the government investigation into his finances. Alan said that he suspected that Gus's brother, Phillip, had orchestrated it. Though Alan pleaded, Gus refused to represent Alan in the legal matter. Sometime later, Gus had a cryptic phone conversation with Alan during which he said to Alan, "We should do it," and got off the phone. Alan picked up a newspaper. The headline read, "Controversial Doctor Saves 1 Life, Loses 2."

Meanwhile Reva and Jeffrey horsed around at the hospital while waiting for Reva's test results. After receiving the news that she was still cancer-free, Reva went to Towers, where she saw Olivia in tears. The two went into the ladies' room and Olivia revealed that she was dying. Reva identified with Olivia's emotions because Reva had been dying of cancer a short time earlier. Grateful for the support, Olivia hugged her. Reva escorted Olivia to a table. When Jeffrey arrived to meet Reva, she asked him to dine alone with Olivia. Jeffrey sat down at the table, and Olivia said, "I'm dying. Can you pass the bread?"

After Olivia explained her situation, Jeffrey seemed determined to help save her. She assured him that everything that could be done had been done. Jeffrey told her that he would miss her. Olivia said she was glad that their relationship had improved. In the elevator alone, Olivia banged her purse until the handle broke. A song came over the scene, saying, "Two minutes and counting...It's passing..."

When Olivia entered her hotel room, she discovered Gus packing her things. Gus told her that he and Alan had researched an experimental treatment for her condition. When she asked how many trials there had been, he replied, "One." Olivia kissed him and told him that she loved him for trying, but she wanted to spend her final days with her children and with him, if he wanted. He said he'd taken a leave of absence from the force to be with her. Olivia kissed him again. Gus bashfully gazed at her. He put Olivia to bed, gave her some medication, and held her hand as she rested.

After talking to Olivia, Jeffrey curled up in bed with Reva and Sarah's forgotten doll. He told her that she had done a good thing by letting him spend time with Olivia. He said that he was grateful Reva had survived cancer and had come into his life.

Meanwhile when Coop discovered that a publisher had accepted his manuscript, he shared the news with Ashlee. Over at Company, Blake surprised Coop by saying the publisher had accepted his book because she had acted as his agent. Blake asked for her ten percent and Coop agreed to allow her to continue representing him.

In the meantime, Ashlee went shopping and the store clerk politely told her that his shop was for thin women. Ashlee left disappointed. When she met Coop at the hospital, she found him with Blake, who was glamorizing Coop's future. When Blake touted that Coop would have a whole new entourage, Coop replied that Ashlee was all the entourage he needed. Coop left the room, and Blake offhandedly told Ashlee, "I'll give you the number to my stylist."

After Coop returned, Blake gave him a cell phone exclusively for her to use to reach him. She promised him tons of interviews and guest appearances. Coop told Blake that he didn't want to be a superstar; he just wanted to write. Ashlee advised him to maximize the opportunity and promised to support him. When Coop's phone rang later, Ashlee shoved chips into her mouth.

Meanwhile Buzz and Frank took Marina to the hospital for knee surgery. As Marina was prepped for the procedure, Cyrus and Harley showed up in the waiting room. Frank refused to let Harley see Marina. When Cyrus inadvertently told Frank that he was living with Harley, Frank grew incensed. Harley insisted on showing Marina her intentions. Buzz cut in, saying that this wasn't about Harley. Buzz and Frank refused Harley's outstretched flowers. She dropped them on the floor and exited with Cyrus.

A short time later, Harley tried to sneak into Marina's room, but Frank caught her. Upset, she asked Frank if she were still part of the family. Frank said that was up to her. Harley insisted that she could be a Cooper and love Cyrus as well. Frank retorted that whenever Harley left her fantasyland, maybe she could be a real member of the family.

Meanwhile Cyrus successfully sneaked into Marina's room. Drugged on sedatives, Marina kissed his hand and then apologized. Cyrus touched her face and uttered that he wished it could be different. Marina drowsily asked Cyrus if his love had been real. She doubted that she had imagined what they had shared. She fell asleep without an answer.

Later Cyrus found Harley shooting hoops at the community gym. After seeing how sad Harley was because her family had shunned her, Cyrus returned to the hospital and pleaded with Buzz to speak to her. Buzz went to the gym and said that Cyrus had ordered him to come talk to her. In return, Buzz had made Cyrus fill in at Company during the little league rush. Buzz went home with Harley, and in the kitchen, he asked her if there were really no going back on her decision to be with Cyrus. To Buzz's amazement, Harley confided in him that Phoebe had blackmailed Cyrus and Harley had paid it. She said that it had been more than she could afford, but she didn't have doubts about doing it. Harley wondered if that answered Buzz's question. Buzz replied that it wasn't the answer he was looking for.

Meanwhile down at Company, the rush of kids overwhelmed Cyrus. Cassie happened to come by and jumped behind the counter to help him. Once it ended, Cyrus sighed, saying he wasn't cut out for honest work. He commented that he needed serious money. Since Cassie had reacquired the Beacon, she offered Cyrus a job as head of security. Cyrus readily accepted.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

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