One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on OLTL
Jessica worried that she might be pregnant. Will took Nora's side in an argument. Kelly had an uncomfortable visit with one of Todd's alters, Rod. Jessica and Will felt guilty. Barbara set Kevin up; Drew was killed while protecting Kevin and Cassie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, September 14, 1998

I. (i): Todd's Penthouse
Todd rifles through a toolbox, grabs something, beats his ankle monitor, switches to a hammer, beats it some more, saying "sorry officer, I ran into the coffee table," knocks off a piece, and a small alarm sounds. He taps it with the hammer, and the alarm stops. The phone rings. Todd shakes his head, changes his expression, and answers as Ms. Perkins. It's tough guy Max, who's gonna come right over cuz he wants the paper. Todd claims he's being examined again, "there's more shrinking going on here than in a very, very cold swimming pool." Max warns Tommy Boy that time is running out. Tom replies, "I know that, you jerk," and hangs up. A rap at the door. Todd raises an eyebrow and glides to the door. He swings it open to reveal Kelly, who Rod immediately devours with his sexy eyes, while growling appreciatively. Kelly blinks, "who are you?" Rod, pressing his cheek against the door, introduces himself.

(ii): Police locker room
Kelly's picture hangs on the inside of Drew's locker. Drew asks the bare chested, towel clad Sykes if Sykes was cut during an arrest. Sykes is defensive. The nasty scar is over a lower right rib. Sykes claims he was stabbed in the line of duty, but Drew cleverly suggests that there's gossip around the station that he was cut by some crazy old girlfriend, and flat out asks if it was Barbara.

(iii): Llanfair
Barb arrives to talk to Joey, who still can't get over that kiss she planted on him at the club. She fidgets over her gun-filled purse while Joey tries to convince her to go away with him on a romantic, relaxing weekend. While he talks, Kevin comes downstairs and lurks at the doorway, listening.

(iv): Carlotta's Diner
Lindsay viciously heaps sugar into Nora's coffee. Will tells her to knock it off, but Lindsay won't be calmed. She accuses Nora of making Will lie to her when he refused to go to lunch with her and he turned her down. "Just because you lost your daughter, don't you think I'm just gonna stand back and watch you steal my son." In the background, Roseanne watches Will, who looks disgusted and annoyed.

II. (i): Art Gallery
In front of an enormous, fun painting of chairs upon chairs upon chairs, Dorian is on the phone with R.J., who is reporting that Kevin just followed Barb into Llanfair. Dorian wants pictures, though R.J. hasn't taken any, because she needs tangible proof that..... Cassie walks in with David, and Dorian abruptly hangs up on R.J. Cassie notices, but Dorian quickly switches the conversation to all the terrible things that are happening to ruin the night of the gallery's opening. Cassie comforts that the place looks great, and David notes that Dorian is exaggerating. Dorian lists all that's wrong: the 'star' artist backed out, the model who was to pass out brochures is sick, the serial Mugger is on the loose, and her daughter is still with her "cad fiance who isn't worth the oxygen it takes to keep him alive."

(ii): Llanfair
Barb tries to refuse Joey's offer, but when he tells her she can't let what happened with Kevin ruin the rest of her life, Barb relents, thinking it'd be great to let it all go, and agrees to come with him. As they hug, Barb sees Kevin (who sees her see him), and then kisses Joey sensuously. As she leaves to the hospital, Joey turns and sees Kevin, who warns that Barb is just using him.

(iii): Police Locker Room
Sykes has no intention of talking about Barb, and huffily reminds Drew that there is a Mugger plaguing Llanview, then exits. Drew calls the hospital, claiming that Sykes wants him to pick up a copy of his medical records. Carlotta then calls Drew to tell him that Monk is at the diner.

(iv): Carlotta's Diner
Nora spits to Lindsay that if she has a problem with her, fine, but leave the kids out of it. "Thank you," cheers Will. Lindsay accuses Nora of trying to co-op her son. Will defends Nora, so Lindsay turns her rage on him. Behind the counter, Roseanne asks Carlotta if they should do something, so Carlotta pushes a coffee pot in Roseanne's hands, and Roseanne approaches the standing, fighting group to ask if anyone wants some coffee. No one is interested. Will tells Lindsay that he had planned to quit, but thanks to Lindsay's scene, has decided to stay with Nora. He leaves to get some work done. Nora points out that it's just a summer job, but when Lindsay asks "what's he gonna learn, how to end up in prison?" Nora turns to retort, bumps into Roseanne's coffee pot, and hot coffee splashes all over Lindsay's arm. Lindsay wails that Nora did it on purpose.

III. (i): Llanfair
Joey thinks Kevin's ego never quits. Kevin asks if Barb ever kissed him when Kevin wasn't around, and admits he's afraid, because he doesn't know what she is capable of. Joey dismisses Kevin's fears, and leaves to tell Dorian that she won't have a photographer for the opening.

(ii): Art Gallery
Cassie loves Kevin, and Kevin loves Cassie, she tells her mother. Dorian turns to David for help, but David points out that it's Cassie's life. Dorian lashes out at him, but immediately apologizes, hugging him tenderly. Cassie needs to take David to the hospital, and asks if she can do anything for Dorian. Dorian rants, and claims that to fix anything, she'd have to be five different people.

(iii): Todd's Penthouse
Rod disconcerts Kelly, inviting her with a pat to sit on his knee. She sits beside him on the couch, noting that a lot of people think he's faking. Rod comes on to Kelly every moment, complimenting her eyes. She firmly tells him that her boyfriend is a cop. Rod likes that she's feisty, snapping his teeth at her, to which she quickly and warily moves to the arm of the couch. Eying her whole body, Todd asks Kelly why she's there. Kelly moves to leave, since "I'm not so sure you're the one I should be talking to", while Rod captures her in his arms and starts dancing with her. "Your only options are a very nasty man, a very little boy, and a very crotchety old lady." Rod dips her suddenly. "Give me a shot. Or at least tell me why you have come." Kelly returns to her feet. She tells him that Blair is going behind his, behind Todd's, back, to sell the paper, so she thinks he should sell it to her instead.

IV. (i): Todd's Penthouse
Kelly awaits an answer. Rod asks why she thinks the paper is for sale, and looks rather cranked when she tells what she knows about Blair's contract. "It's a stupid contract! Who would sign such a contract? It is Pete! Pete is stupid!" Rod rails about how Blair is a devil, and Kelly pushes the point that he could sell the paper to her for a whole lot of money, or be forced to sell it to Blair for a whole lot less. At that point, Rod moves his face QUITE close to Kelly's, as if to kiss her, so she backs off, laughs, "this is -weird-" "Try it from my side," Todd deadpans. Rod smoothly asks Kelly who put her up to this.

(ii) Carlotta's Diner
Monk catches Carlotta craning her head over her shoulder to nervously eye him. Nora has taken Lindsay to the hospital. Roseanne laughs that she's never met anyone as melodramatic as Lindsay. Dorian enters. She intends to ask Carlotta to hand out the programs, Carlotta refuses, so Dorian sets her sights on Roseanne. Drew cheerfully sits next to Monk.

(iii) Hospital
Barb dresses Lindsay's 2nd degree burns, while Lindsay and Nora continue to snipe at one another. Barb leaves to get a prescription from the doctor, and is surprised to discover Kevin waiting for her in the hall. He warns her to stay away from his brother.

V. (i) Todd's Penthouse
Kelly is acting solely for the Kelly Cramer Corporation. IF they finalize, when would that be, Rod asks. Immediately. Rod is very interested in the money (but not in the paper), and would like to be paid in cash. Kelly laughs, and Rod takes her hand in both of his, promising that soon they will have a very, very nice lunch together. He brings her hand to his mouth, but when his tongue darts out, Kelly jerks it back. They both laugh, and Kelly leaves. Tough guy Max calls to threaten again.

(ii): Carlotta's Diner
Carlotta introduces Roseanne to Dorian. Roseanne agrees to help Dorian, and when Dorian vents about needing a young, brilliant artist, Roseanne watches Dorian leave, then rushes out herself.

(iii): Hospital
Barb thinks Kevin is jealous, but Kevin simply doesn't want her with Joey. Barb asks if he thinks she's just hanging around waiting for a few crumbs from him, which is exactly what he thinks.

VI. (i) Hospital
Nora gets sick of Lindsay's whiny complaining, and leaves her there to wait alone. Kevin tells Barb to leave Joey alone, goes to Cassie, who just arrived, to tell her that he set Barb straight for the last time, and privately admits to her that Barb is not all right at all. A nurse enters Lindsay's room, "Mrs. Buchanan?", and hands her a large envelope. Inside, Lindsay discovers a medical record, and a note, for Nora and Bo, which says "Good news! Everything's normal. Happy Baby Making". Lindsay scoffs and crumples the note.

(ii) Gallery
Sykes, dressed, assures Dorian that he has plenty of units posted, so there shouldn't be any trouble from the Mugger. Joey, in the hallway, gets a call from Barb, who backs out on him, claiming work. Dorian is surprised when Joey tells her he's hers for the night, since Lindsay hadn't told her she had hired him. He leaves to get his camera and film. Roseanne arrives with Cris's painting of her (btw, her hair covers her breasts, and a plant cleverly the more explicit parts of her rear), and Dorian is impressed.

(iii): Carlotta's Diner
Monk glares at Carlotta, then admits to Drew that he didn't sell Barb a gun. She merely paid him to get HER gun, the one that was stolen, back, which he did. Drew is worried, since that means she wants to do something with a gun that's been reported stolen.

(iv) Hospital Locker Room
To the music that played when she had sex with Kevin in the cellar, Barb takes the gun out of her purse, and points it at her reflection in the mirror. (We see the reflection, so it looks like she's pointing it at US). Then, Barb sees Kevin's face in the mirror, cocks her gun, but her reflection returns, so she lowers the gun. She goes back to the bed, and takes some bullets out of her purse.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Jessica and Will both felt guilty about sleeping together. Will was convinced that Jessica should talk to Cristian. Blair begged Todd to confess to Sam that he was lying, but Todd refused. Max arrived with a contract to buy The Sun, but he had to wait because Todd couldn't legally sign it until after his trial. Max gave Blair an ultimatum - if she attended the gallery opening with Sam, Max would spill the beans to him about Todd and that Blair knew about it. Max hid when Sam arrived. Todd lied to help Blair and told Sam that Blair had to take care of Starr and couldn't go with him to the opening. After Max left, Todd suggested to Blair that there might be a way out of their mess. At the gallery opening, Dorian caught Lindsay with Bo's test results and turned the other cheek. Lindsay was bothered when Nora drew the attention away from her and she decided to change the results of Bo's test. Lindsay introduced Cristian as her new artist. Meanwhile, Drew's suspicions about Barbara continued to grow and he told Sykes about them, but Sykes warned Drew to stay away from Barbara. Drew sensed trouble and went to see Barbara at the hospital, but she was nowhere to be found. Drew rushed back to the gallery to warn Kevin. Kevin received an anonymous call about a tip on the mugger, but Kevin was unaware that Barbara had set him up. Kevin waited alone on the docks as Drew and Cassie raced to find him. Drew saw a masked assailant draw a gun. Drew shouted at Kevin and then leaped in front of him as a shot rang out from the darkness.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Penthouse- Blair and Todd

Blair asks why Todd got her out of the tight spot she was in with Sam by pretending to be Tom. He replies that he needs her help. Blair is all for Todd telling Sam the truth. Todd is concerned with the hot pink tape in Max's possession and wants Blair to really, really nicely ask Max to get it back. Blair says there is no way she is going to sleep with Max. She is not going to use sex as a tool. Todd reminds her that it is not like she didn't do this before. Blair restates how she is changed and Todd is disbelieving, asking her whether she has developed alters as in Blair, Cher? Blair informs him that she is in love with Sam now and this is the new Blair. Todd thinks he is going to be sick. Anyway, he knows too well her short attention span. Blair replies, "Not this time, not with Sam". She wants to deserve Sam's love.

Todd says Sam will not like it when he finds out how long Blair has known about his faking DID. Blair upbraids Todd for repaying Sam with dishonesty after all he has done for him. Todd admits that Sam was always the one to defend him, especially against Peter Manning and he does not like jerking him around like this. But to get off, Todd needs Sam not to know. Blair reminds him that Max knows. Todd is ready to write Max off as not much of a threat and he is ready to write a big check to Blair for getting him off his back. Blair refuses the money. Todd says he will give her the Sun if she steals back the tape from Max. Blair repeats she will not sleep with Max. Todd provides her with a solution. He pulls out a package of Herbal Slumber and asks Blair to put Max to sleep.

Sam's House

Sam gets home from the gallery and picks up his guitar and begins strumming it. He has a far away look in his eyes, like he is thinking of Blair. Blair rings the doorbell and Sam is glad to see her. She tells him she and Rod finally got Starr to sleep. Sam replies he thought it was Tom, oh, well it is confusing. Blair notes he looks worried. He says he was looking forward to going out, but there is something else he wanted to discuss with here. He knows that in the past she said she was not ready for an exclusive relationship. Blair reminds him that was a long time ago. He asks about Max and Blair says she is so over Max and suggests they go to the Gallery, but Sam thinks that Lindsay would be just as happy if they do not show up. He tells Blair his ex is a gifted artist and a gifted liar. There can be no good relationship if you can't trust who you are in love with. He continues that the truth will set you free and the truth is that he is in love with Blair. Blair seconds that emotion and they kiss passionately.


Todd is writing something and is using his Rod accent. Could it be a love letter to Téa?


Cris thanks Roseanne for a lifetime of devotion to his art. She has always lighted a fire under him. But he owes more to Jessica because every brush stroke was for her. He needed this painting because she is going to New York and he wants to join her in art school. The painting is his entrance exam and he hopes and prays he passes so he can be with her.

Kelly is anxious for 10 pm to come. She tells Joey that Drew is going to propose after work and she thinks she will say yes. Joey gallantly snaps a picture of his glowing ex love.

Dorian snaps at Andrew for allowing Cassie to go after Kevin. Bo is upset about the grief that Sykes is giving to his son and all because of Congressman Graham. That vindictive SOB. It is hard to believe his daughter Barbara turned out to be "SO WARM".

The Docks

Kevin yells hello, but no one answers. He can't see anyone. Barbara is dressed in her mugger apparel and is hiding behind a crate. She points her gun at Kevin just as Cassie shows up and mentions following Drew. Just then as Barbara pulls the trigger, Drew arrives shouting for them to get out of the way and pushes them to the ground.


Bo hears the shot, but Nora says it must be a car backfire and besides, he needs to start acting like an executive instead of a cop.

Carlotta cautions Roseanne that Cristian's heart belongs to Jessica and she needs to let go.

Lindsay is happy that Will showed up. She tells him Nora scalded her and it could have been an accident. Will informs her that Nora did not cause the divorce and neither did he, so he will continue to work for Nora until he goes back to school and his mother will just have to deal with it. Lindsay comments how grown up he is and Will mutters, Sometimes.

Mel congratulates Lindsay on the opening and Dorian reminds him of her work with the music and catering. Mel asks where is R.J. and goes to look for him. Lindsay wants to know if Dorian does know R.J.'s whereabouts. Dorian mutters that she is sure he will be back any minute. Kelly frets about what is taking Drew so long and Dorian remarks how she hopes it has nothing to do with a ring. Dorian tells Kelly that Cassie left looking for Kevin and Drew also went to the docks. Kelly decides to leave and Joey accompanies her.

The Docks

R.J. is watching as Kevin falls on the ground and Cassie collapses on top of him. Drew valiantly struggles, clutching his wound, he walks for a while and then falls to the ground too, several feet away from Kevin and Cassie.

R.J. tells the shooter not move. Barbara drops her gun on the ground and R.J. picks it up as she runs away. He fires two shots, which are heard by Bo. He knew he heard a shot earlier and now is totally sure he heard it again.


Bo grabs Hank and Asa throws his son a gun. Rene scolds him for carrying a weapon to the gallery, but Asa says he has to protect his woman. Asa notes how Sykes was so engrossed in conversation with Graham that he didn't hear the bullet. The cell phone rings and Sykes tells Graham he has to leave.

Jessica feels bad about Will. She now believes Cris that Roseanne was just comforting him after Jessica and he fought. Jessica tries to tell Cris what happened between her and Will, but she can't get further than how much she loves Cris and the she should not have....Cris wants to leave the gallery with Jessica, but she says that he has to show the picture of Roseanne off. He tells her to look at the eyes. They are Jessica's, not Roseanne's. She is who he thought of constantly when he was painting the picture. Will and Roseanne look on and Will says that Jessica and Cris belong together.

The Docks

Cassie struggles to get up and says Kevin's name before collapsing again. Kevin finally comes to and seems not to understand what has happened until he sees the blood from her wound on his hands. Drew tries to trace Barbara's name with his fingertips on the ground, but he never even finishes the first B. Three quarter finished, it looks like an "R". Kelly arrives with Joey.

Hank pins R.J. to the wall and takes the gun away. Bo hands it to Sykes. R.J. tells the truth about the shooting. Kevin tells them he doesn't know what happened but there was a cop. Bo asks if the cop was Drew.

Kelly wants Drew to come around, but he is too weak to say more than a few words. Kelly begs him not to leave her and screams for help. Drew dies without telling her who did this to him. Kelly lets out a sob and a blood curdling scream. Bo arrives and his worst suspicions are concerned. The cop was his son, Drew, and now he is dead.


Barbara puts her clothes in the hazardous waste bin and head back to the on call room. She notices her bed covers have been pulled down revealing the pillow that was supposed to be hers. She meets a nurse who says that Officer Buchanan had been there to see her and she is wanted in the ER. After the nurse leaves, Barbara dresses the slight wound she received. She must have been grazed by R.J.'s shot. She puts on a lab coat to cover it.


Sykes grills R.J. about the weapon. R.J. is not supposed to have a gun, he is on probation. R.J. tells Sykes that he saw the shooter drop the gun, picked it up and tried to shoot the running culprit. He thinks he might have grazed him. If he wants to know who owned the gun, he should trace it. Sykes declares R.J. a material witness and asks a new female detective named West to test R.J.'s hands for gunshot residue. R.J. protests that he already said he handled the gun and why. He tells Hank that he knows where this is going and did not like the way Detective West and Sykes looked at him. Hank says he will help him. Later, Sykes asks why R.J. was on the docks and R.J. tells him that Dorian was paying him to follow Kevin because she has it in for him. He shows the check he received. Sykes says that is for catering and R.J. says that it is the second installment for spying on Kevin.

Cassie is about to loaded on an ambulance, when a few feet away Dr. Wolek pronounces Drew dead and tries to comfort Kelly.

Sykes tells West to secure the crime scene and get forensics down there quickly. He asks the officers to give Bo time with his son. Joey escorts Kelly away. Bo holds Drew close and says that everything is Ok. "your dad is not going to leave you", a shocked grief stricken Bo tells his dead son.


Roseanne contemplates taking a razor to Cris's picture

When Mel finds out what happened to Cassie, he arrives and tells Dorian after informing Asa and Rene and Lindsay about Drew. Lindsay want to go after Bo, but Rene says leave it to the family and they leave for the docks commenting on how they have to inform Clint.


Nora is frantic when she discovers Bo is gone. Joey says that Bo just picked up Drew and left. Asa tells Nora to give Bo time to grieve. They will find Bo and Drew. Kelly looks inside Drew's hat and find a picture of herself taped inside.


Barbara is surprised to see Kevin at the hospital and more surprised when she learns it was Cassie she shot.

In the ER, Dr. Wolek determines that the bullet made its entrance at L3 on the spine but he can find no exit wound. He tells Barbara to scrub, he needs her help. Dorian arrives and demands to see her daughter and tells Kevin he is the one who should have been shot.


Bo is at the entrance to the Lodge, carrying his son in his arms.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

R.J. told the police that Dorian had been paying him to follow Kevin. Hank learned that Drew had been killed and that Bo had taken off with his body. During her talk with Kelly, Nora figured out that Bo had gone to the lodge. Bo cradled Drew in his lap on the steps of the lodge and wept. Bo then laid Drew out on the bed and privately grieved for him. Nora arrived and tried to console Bo, but he wanted to be alone. Kelly, Asa and Renee arrived and also tried to help Bo to no avail. Nora placed a heart-wrenching call to Becky Lee to tell her of Drew's death. Meanwhile, Cassie's condition worsened in the ER. Barbara found the bullet near Cassie's spine and helped to save her life. In the waiting room, Mel had to calm Dorian when she verbally attacked Kevin. Dorian overheard Kevin say that he remembered seeing R.J. on the docks at the time of the shooting. Dorian denied R.J.'s story when Sykes questioned her about it. Joey broke the news about Drew's death to Kevin. Cassie opened her eyes to find Barbara hovering over her. Sykes later questioned Barbara and asked her where she was at the time of the murder.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Llanview Hospital

Mel and Andrew are there trying to comfort Dorian and telling her that everything will be fine. Besides being worried about Cassie, she's annoyed that Sykes keeps asking her questions when he should be out catching the mugger that shot Cassie. She wonders why Kelly and Blair aren't there. Hank steps off the elevator and immediate confronts Dorian, furious that she's leaving R.J. to twist in the wind by not backing up his story.

In the waiting area, Kevin is pondering over the irony that he never had a kind word to say about Drew and Drew ended up giving his life to save Kevin.

In the on-call room, Barbara is very defensive when Sykes asks her where she was at 10:00PM the night before. She insists she was at the hospital, ask anyone, she says. But Sykes won't let it go so easily, especially since the gun used in the murder was registered to Barbara. Barbara fakes surprise and reminds him that she reported the gun stolen weeks ago. Sykes informs her that the policeman killed was Drew and that a few hours before his death, Drew came to him with the fact that Barbara had bought back her gun from a fence. Why would I do that, that would be crazy, she asks. Sykes grabs her by the arms, inadvertently grabbing where the bullet grazed her and tells her what's crazy is that Drew was killed with her gun.

Dorian denies sending R.J. down to the docks. Hank asks about the "hefty check" she gave R.J. It was for catering and that's all, Dorian insists, she's tired of hearing about that check, she complains. Hank doesn't believe her, "You put R.J. in place to take the fall", he accuses as Congressman Graham watches silently in the background. Andrew starts to agree with Hank, Dorian was upset that Cassie was back together with Kevin... But not upset enough to kill Kevin, Dorian defends herself. That check makes it look like R.J. was paid to make a hit on Kevin, and until Dorian admits the truth, the heat will be on both her and R.J., warns Hank. Hank vows not let the matter rest and stalks off. Kevin and Joey come in just in time to hear the end of the conversation. When Kevin asks what's going on, Dorian turns on him and blames him, everything that has happened is his fault, his and Barbara's. Kelly rushes though the elevator doors, asking how Cassie is. Mel tells her that Cassie is in surgery. Dorian goes to hug Kelly, but Kelly violently pushes her away. "You're not sorry, you're never sorry. Don't make things worse than they already are", Kelly yells at Dorian.

Dorian always claims that she wants her girls to be happy and safe, Kelly continues, but Dorian didn't have a place for Drew in Kelly's life, she didn't think Drew was good enough for Kelly. But Drew was good, he was good enough to give his life to save Kevin and Cassie's, Kelly wants everyone to remember that. Dorian's interference hurt Cassie and Kelly and when Dorian's judgment is wrong, other people pay, says Kelly before walking away around the corner. Joey goes after her and asks if she's seen Bo. Bo is with Drew, she answers. In the meantime, Dr. Lange (Todd's very cute doctor) introduces himself to Dorian, he'll be the neurologist on Cassie's case.

Barbara is still insisting to Sykes that if she found her gun again, she would have reported it. And why would she have wanted to kill Drew Buchanan or Cassie, she asks. Maybe they weren't the intended target, suggests Sykes, maybe she wanted to hurt Kevin. She's over Kevin and she's forgiven him, Barbara replies. "The same way you forgave me?", Sykes asks. Barbara can't believe he would throw the past in her face, it happened a long time ago. "But we both know how you get when you feel rejected". Sykes finally notices the bandage on her arm and asks to take a look. "No", she yells and pulls away from him. Sykes looks her in the eye and says that R.J. Gannon took two shots at the killer and was sure that he grazed him. Once again, Barbara insists she was at the hospital and starts getting upset, asking why he's doing this to her. Just then, Congressman Graham walks in and tells Sykes to stop upsetting his "little girl". Barbara rushes into her father's arms and he insists that Sykes leave. "Everything's OK now, daddy's here", he comforts her.

Barbara starts to explain that it's all a mistake, but her father stops her, saying he doesn't want any details. He promises to take care of things with Sykes, but she has to promise not to do anything foolish. He tries to get her to move home, but she refuses. She's had "quite a run of accidents" lately and if it continues, he'll have to insist that she come home. Barbara nods her agreement and her father leaves. Joey comes in to see how she is doing and notices that she's bleeding.

Out in the waiting room, Dorian is worrying that something is wrong, she doesn't like the fact that Dr. Lange couldn't tell them how much longer Cassie would be in surgery. Kelly says that Cassie will be fine, she has to be, Kelly isn't sure how much more she can take. Kelly walks away and is holding the necklace that Drew gave her when Sykes comes over to her. He praises Drew and then asks her where Bo took Drew's body. Kelly refuses to tell him anything and goes into the ER room where Cassie was treated to be alone. It doesn't last for long though, because Kevin follows her in there. "He saved my life", Kevin says. Out by the elevator, the congressman and Sykes are talking. Sykes tells him that there's a lot of evidence piling up, and all points to Barbara. "On the contrary, from what I've heard Dorian Lord Hayes and the D.A.'s brother conspired to commit murder. You just have to prove it", the congressman orders.

Joey helps Barbara re-bandage her wound and asks her if everything's OK. She's fine, she assures him, it's just been a really tough night. Joey praises her for helping save Cassie's life in the ER. Barbara thanks him for being there for her, she wishes she could go back and change things, fall for Joey instead of Kevin. Joey says she's taken her first step, going back to work, she's a truly gifted healer. Suddenly, Barbara gets an idea of how she can make up for all the wrong she's done.

Kevin doesn't know what to say, he wishes he could do something to help Kelly. Kelly reminds him how badly he treated Drew and Kevin agrees and says that he was wrong. Kelly tells him not to feel guilty, but to stop and think next time before he jumps to judge someone. Kelly thinks that what Drew really wanted was to be accepted by his family, and in the end, he lost his life for his family. "I want you to promise me something, I want you to promise me the life that Drew gave you amounts to something", Kelly requests, she would hate to think that Drew's sacrifice was for nothing.

Out in the hall, Mel gives Sykes the tip that he talked to someone last week who's connected to the mugger, he was a fence named "Munk". Sykes thanks him for the information and promises to look into it. He also orders Dorian to come down to the station house for further questioning as soon as Cassie gets out of surgery.

Dorian tries makes Mel leave to go to the Banner and file the story. He doesn't want to leave her, but she insists and Andrew promises to stay with her. Before he can go anywhere. Joey and Barbara appear and Kevin and Kelly step out of the ER room a moment later. Kevin thanks Barbara for saving Cassie's life. "It's my job, I didn't do it for you", she replies, coldly. Dr. Lange comes to tell them that the surgery went very well and that Cassie is now in the recovery room. As everyone heads to the waiting room near the recovery room, Barbara takes the opportunity to corner Dr. Lange and volunteer to be Cassie's full time nurse.

Llanview Police Station

Det. West is still holding R.J., he's out on probation and he was caught at the crime scene holding the gun. "You're going to fry", she predicts. R.J. wants to know when he can leave the police station. Until he can come up with alibis for the muggings, he's not going anywhere, she informs him.

The detective is still giving R.J. a hard time when Hank returns. The bad news is, Dorian won't back up R.J.'s story, the good news, Hank is going to call Sam to represent him. Just then, Sam arrives, not too happy to be dragged down to the police station in the middle of the night.

R.J. thanks Hank for standing by him this time. Sam comes back with the news that R.J. is free to go home. Don't leave town, Det. West warns him before she walks out the door. Hank wants to talk strategy, but Sam says it'll have to wait. After hearing about Drew and Cassie, there's someone he has to go talk to.

Todd, Max, Blair and Sam

Todd is impatiently waiting at the penthouse for Blair to return with the tape she's supposed to get back from Max. The doorbell rings and Max enters with a revised contract. All the dates have been changed so as not to arouse suspicion and Max insists that Todd sign it now and he'll give the tape back only after the court clears Todd of the charges. Max calls out for Blair to come down and watch the signing.

Only Blair isn't there, she's at Sam's house. Sam tries to convince her to stay, and as much as she wants to, Blair says she has to go because she has to get up early tomorrow for Starr. Sam mentions that Blair has to meet his daughter sometime, Jenny will just love Blair, her assures her. Blair picks up her purse to go, accidentally knocks it over and the sleeping powder she's supposed to give Max falls out. Sam notices it, picks it up and asks her about it.

Sam's worried that she's having trouble sleeping, but Blair assures him the sleeping powder isn't for her, it's for Tom. He sometimes has trouble sleeping just like Todd did. Besides, Sam was the one to give him the powder in the first place on the night Todd proposed to Téa, wasn't he, Blair recalls. She then asks his advice on how much to give Todd. He recommends using a half a package because a whole package would knock him out for an entire day. Sam thinks it's sweet that Blair is so concerned about Tom and Sam and Blair kiss.

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Todd is so frustrated waiting for Blair to call, he pounds on the phone. Max comes back downstairs after not finding Blair and asks where she is. Todd denies knowing where she is, but Max is convinced she's with Sam and is so annoyed he goes out to find her, leaving the unsigned contract behind.

Max pounds on the door until Sam opens it. Sam refuses to say if Blair is there or not, but Max's phone rings. It's Blair, telling Max she's waiting for him at his house. Max makes sure to rub the information in before leaving Sam standing in the doorway.

Todd calls Blair at Max's and yells at her for stopping off at Sam's when she has a job to do. I'll get the tape, she promises him, then hangs up when she hears Max coming. She quickly dumps a packet of the sleeping powder in a glass and fills it with red wine. Max is a little suspicious of her sudden change of heart, but she tries to get him to relax and hands him his wine. She kisses him and tells him that she made her choice. She leads him to the sofa, sits down and makes a toast. Max drinks his wine.

Max tells Blair that when he couldn't find her, he went to see Sam. Blair comments that they are both alike, he doesn't trust her and she doesn't trust him. Blair asks Max to go get some more wine, and when he leaves the room, she dumps two more packets of sleeping powder in his drink. Max starts kissing Blair, but he wonders if she's sincere in choosing him over Sam. "If I find out you're two-timing me...", he warns. All of a sudden, Max passes out on top of her.

Todd is smacking around one of Starr's stuffed animals, impatiently waiting to hear from Blair. He hates having his life in someone else's hands. He gets even madder and starts upending tables and throwing things. The room is a complete mess when the doorbell rings and Todd lets Sam in. "What the hell happened here!", exclaims Sam.

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