One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on OLTL
Nash kidnapped Jessica and Brennan. Natalie and John determined that David had been charged with the death of Thomas McBain in error. Bandages were removed from Evangeline's eyes after the surgery that Todd had insisted upon. Rex gave some money to a mystery man.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, July 24, 2006

While Evangeline is fighting for her life, Todd and Cris are exchanging words and punches right outside the OR until Layla arrives and makes it clear that she is disgusted by their behavior. Michael updates the trio on how Evangeline's heart stopped during the operation to repair her spine but that she was now stabilized. Todd asks if Dr. Simmons was able to start on her eyes and Michael confirms that the specialist is performing surgery on her eyes. He warns them that if the surgery is not successful then there will not be another chance for Evangeline to get her eyesight back. Layla is relieved that her sister has made it through surgery and leaves to go call their mother. Todd gets special clearance to stay with Evangeline after both surgeries are completed against Michael, Cris', and Layla's wishes. Todd promises an unconscious Evangeline that he will stand by her side just like she did for him.

Adriana becomes hysterical when she sees a butterfly fly past the window. Rex tries to calm her down not knowing what caused her to fly into a panic. He assures her that no one knows where they are and he hasn't had any reports of the stalker being spotted in the neighborhood. Rex balks at Adriana calling Dorian to let her know that she is ok for fear that the stalker has the lines tapped. When Adriana questions how long Rex plans on them staying away from Llanview and cut off from the rest of the world, Rex tells her that they could stay there forever. He promises to take her back in a few days once he is certain that things are safe. After making love with Adriana, Rex sneaks out of bed and sends off an email.

Jessica is furious with Nash for taking off with her and the baby. Nash tells her that he will do whatever it takes to be reunited with Brennan and Tess. He tries to get Jessica to listen to songs that he and Tess used to listen to but she refuses. So Nash begins to describe the first time he met Tess and how she stole his car and the night he believes Brennan was conceived. When Brennan becomes fussy, Jessica demands that Nash pull over but he tells her to play the music instead. Nash smirks when Jessica tells him that he is ruining any chances he has of getting custody of Brennan. As Nash continues his walk down memory lane, Jessica begins to remember pieces of their time together. When Jessica asks Nash what will happen if his mission to get Tess back fails, he promises her that he will give up and accept being a part of child's life only.

Claudia is still stalling Antonio at Capricorn with questions about Tess. Antonio tells her that she should not depend on Nash to help her with her troubles because he is bad news. Claudia says that Nash is in love with someone who doesn't exist but Antonio clarifies that and tells her that Tess is definitely real. Claudia tells Antonio that she is hoping that Nash will give up once he figures out that Tess is never coming back which is why she did what she did. After her slip up, Antonio becomes worried about Jessica and tries to reach her back at the loft. He asks the super to check on her when she doesn't answer the loft phone or her cell phone. Antonio figures out what happened when the super reports back that the front door to the loft was left open which Antonio knows that Jessica would never do unless she was forced to. He makes a call to Clint and sends Claudia home when she offers her help. Antonio finds out the last five transactions that Nash made with his credit card and then grabs his gun before setting off to find Jessica and the baby.

Clint and Dorian decide that they both love their families fiercely and although Viki believes that it will doom their relationship, they are willing to try. Dorian invites Clint in for beer and pretzels. Things turn hot and heavy as the two begin undressing each other. They are interrupted by Antonio's call to Clint warning him that Nash has kidnapped Jessica and Brennan. Clint warns Antonio that Tess may have gone willingly but agrees to call the police. Clint becomes worried when the authorities say that they won't search for Jessica until she has been gone 24 hours since there is no evidence that a crime has been committed. An understanding and sexually frustrated Dorian sends him on his way when Clint decides to leave so that he can find Viki and tell her what has happened. Clint strolls back in and plants a big kiss on Dorian before running off to find Viki.

Nora shares with R.J. her disappointment at being told by her doctors that even though she has taken a few steps, she will not be released from the hospital until she can take at least 20 steps. R.J. shows her a letter that he received from Rachel for her but he won't give it to her until she walks toward him to take it. Nora is mad but she takes the steps necessary to retrieve her daughter's letter. She reads the letter to R.J. and comments how happy she sounds. R.J. agrees saying that he could see it in the letter that he too received from Rachel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hugh bumps into Kelly at the gym and uses her to help him fend off an overzealous female admirer. When Kelly starts teasing him about his love life, Hugh changes the subject on her. Kelly asks him about the case against David. Hugh tells her that he can't discuss the case but he is doing everything he can since he doesn't want another "Todd" situation on his hands but even if David is freed that doesn't mean he is an innocent man. Kelly asks Hugh to do everything he can for David because underneath his rough exterior he is a good guy and she loves him. Kelly begins telling Hugh how she can't seem to keep up with her workouts like she used and how she has been feeling extremely tired. Hugh reminds her that she is pregnant with Duke's child and has no one to confide in so that would definitely take a toll on her. Kevin walks up to Kelly and tries unsuccessfully to have a civil conversation with her which leads him to show up at Dorian's declaring that he and Kelly need to lead separate lives.

Spencer complains to Blair that Todd is trying to ruin his life but he will stop him like he almost did the last time. Blair questions Spencer as to what he did last time but Spencer changes the subject. Blair tells Spencer that although Todd is going to do everything he can to get back at the both of them, it's best to let it be especially in light of Todd's new position on the hospital board. As Spencer is confiding in Blair, he mentions an old friend of his father's named, Lenny, who is an expert forger. Blair tries to get away from Spencer by saying that she needs to take a shower but he follows her into the shower where they make love to Blair's dismay. After the loving is over, Blair makes a quick call to John and gives him Lenny's name which may help shed light on Bo's case.

Back at the station John tries to bribe David with a cannoli into helping him build a case against Spencer. John lets him know that he heard the tape where David mentions that Spencer was also in the alley the night his father died. David once again proclaims his innocence saying that he was shooting blanks that night and Spencer knew it since he was the one who provided him the gun. He warns John that Spencer is too slick and will neither confirm nor deny anyone's suspicions against him but John believes that he can beat Spencer at his own game. After getting Lenny's name from Blair, John asks David if he remembers any of his father's acquaintances. The name doesn't ring a bell for David but he does remember that there was a guy who was arrested several times with his father when he was running scams and this guy was a forger. David is led back to his cell but not before he reminds John that he is innocent since he was shooting blanks like Kevin Buchanan and grabbing the box of cannolis. Hugh promises David that if he continues to cooperate with the investigation against Spencer, he will do what he can to help prove David's "innocence."

Cris is upset that Todd gets to sit with Evangeline while she is recovering from surgery and asks to speak with Michael. Todd finally leaves Evangeline's room and asks to speak with Dr. Simmons who reminds Todd that he cannot be sure whether the operation was a success or not since he was not able to do a post-op exam on Evangeline to determine if she was a viable candidate for the procedure. Cris goes to Evangeline who is still unconscious and apologizes to her for the things he said to Todd which upset her and led to her accident. He pleads with her to wake up because he loves her. Evangeline begins to regain consciousness and tells Cris that what happened was an accident and he shouldn't blame herself. Cris hints that she may be able to see soon but when Evangeline questions the bandages over her eyes, Cris tells her not to worry about and tells her he loves her. Evangeline tells Cris she loves him too as Todd looks on.

Blair stops by to check on Evangeline's condition and is told by Cris that she is stabilized. Todd wants to know why Blair is so interested in Evangeline. Blair tells that she cares about Evangeline and she knows how much Evangeline means to Todd. Blair reminds Todd that he used to care about her that way but Todd reminds her that it used to go both ways. Enter Spencer on cue with a threat for Todd if he continues to go after him and Blair. Todd begs him to hit him right there but warns Spencer that it probably wouldn't look good if the hospital's star doctor punches out the newest board member.

Adriana becomes frightened when she cannot wake Rex from a deep sleep. Rex calms her down and suggests that even with all the bad stuff Adriana's stalking does have a positive side since they got the chance to spend a lot of time together. He tells her that she belongs to him and that no one will ever take her away from him. Rex also promises to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Adriana checks her cell phone and receives an email from the stalker which frightens her even more since she changed her email address and doesn't know how the stalker got it. Rex tells her that it was forwarded from her old email address and that she has nothing to worry about. When Adriana inquires as to what their day holds, Rex wants to spend it indoors but since Adriana is determined to return to Llanview with a tan they end up spending a saccharine filled day at the beach.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rex makes a hasty phone call when Adriana goes off to dry her hair. He instructs the party to "leave it by the front door." When Adriana is unable to find Rex, she sees a car's headlights and looking outside, spots the package. Panic-stricken, she fears that the stalker has found them. A bemused Rex shows her the lobsters that he ordered for dinner. Later, while looking for more candles, she spots his hidden laptop but he's quick to pull it from her hands. She's angered that he's keeping secrets.

Kevin wants Kelly to respect his space and stay away from him and his family. He wants them to lead totally separate lives. Kelly explains that this is not possible, as they have already bonded. He berates himself on how he's handled the entire situation and how it stemmed from his not able to be like his father and grandfather and take care of his family, since he was unable to have one. He failed and watched Duke be the person he was unable to be, someone who loved Kelly. He felt inferior and turned away from them so that he wouldn't be hurt when Kelly chose Duke over him. Unfortunately, he can't take back the nasty things that he said but he's happy that the one thing that would destroy him didn't happen. As Kelly cries and tries to speak, he cuts her off, not allowing her to make her confession. Asa doesn't know about Duke, he continues. Kelly is sorry for everything and is quick to say that Kevin is not responsible for all that happened. Duke was his son and her friend and she did not use him to make a baby, she maintains. He must find a better way to mourn but can't allow her to comfort him. He can only see Kelly and Duke together the night of the tornado. She wonders what would be if something happened and he couldn't put that memory away.

Evangeline is informed of the eye surgery by Todd and is angered that he received consent from her mother. She accuses both Todd and Cris of turning her blindness into a handicap and treating her as stupid. That will change and their fighting with each other will stop, she warns them both. Todd is her friend whether Cris likes it or not. She asks them to shake hands. Todd offers his hand to Cris, finally, but Cris won't shake it. When Michael arrives to check Evangeline, the men step outside. Cris makes it known that he's not happy that Todd is in Evangeline's life. Todd accuses him of loving her but telling her lies and she wouldn't be very happy to know it. Todd tracks down Dr. Simmons and orders him back to the hospital to remove Evangeline's bandages. Later, Evangeline tells Cris that she's falling in love with him. She also states that she will walk away if he lies to her and she already knows that he didn't shake Todd's hand. Todd looks on as the pair gets cozy.

Jess and the baby end up in Bruce's NYC apartment against her will and she promises to get away. Her first attempt is futile though she pounds for an elevator. Nash is set on having a conversation with Tess though Jess is adamant that she will not return because she's not needed any longer. She has all of the people in her life that she wants and Nash isn't on that list. She accuses Nash of blowing it because she will see the cops when she escapes and he will lose all visitation rights with Brennan. Antonio never tried anything when Jess went missing, she charges. She is further angered when she sees that the guest room has been turned into a full blown nursery, equipped with all of the baby's needs. He has Tess' clothes for her as well, he admits. She would never wear any of those clothes, she replies. Nash figures that Tess could teach Jess a few things about love and relationships. She watches Nash bond with the baby and talk to her about Tess. She's impressed but when he tells her to make a wish on a shining star, she wishes to be with her family and stalks off. He wishes for the same.

Antonio breaks down the door at the winery but there's no Nash or Jess to be found, although the outline of Reston's body still remains. The detective in the case appears and he mentions that Nash rubs him the wrong way. Antonio nods in agreement. He suggests that Nash's lawyer might know his whereabouts and Antonio manages to get Bruce's phone number from Claudia when she calls. He admits that he didn't report the kidnapping because he doesn't know if Jess is Tess again. Claudia thinks she knows where they might be (and is hoping that Antonio will find Nash for her).

Antonio calls Bruce and pretends to be a cop in Napa but Bruce is on to him quickly when Antonio is unable to answer questions. Antonio warns him that he'll lose his license by aiding a kidnapper. Bruce quickly attempts to reach Nash and leaves him a message: Get Jess and the baby and get out right away.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adriana, disturbed over Rex's reluctance over her looking on his computer, wonders if their relationship is a mistake. The two soon make up, however, when Rex tells her he had been researching stalkers and found some scary stuff, and he didn't want it to freak her out. Later, she calls her mother and tells her that she is really in love with Rex. To her surprise, Dorian says she is getting used to the idea, and that perhaps she is changing. When Adriana sees Rex coming, she hurriedly gets off the phone. The two plan to go back to the bed and breakfast for a romantic dinner, but Rex stays behind to put out the fire. A man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with his face concealed, approaches Rex. Rex, expecting him, gives him some money while looking around to make sure Adriana is nowhere in sight.

Blair and Bo argue about her spying on Spencer. Blair reflects on what the people of Llanview must think of her. Paige, who sees the two from afar, mistakes Bo's comforting gestures for romantic attention. Later, Paige confronts Blair, wanting to know what she was talking to Bo about. Blair answers by saying if Paige wants to know, maybe she should tell her why she protected Spencer for so many years. Paige tells Blair the only reason she protected Spencer was that he was blackmailing her with the information that recently surfaced. Blair says maybe she could get her job back if she works with her and Todd. Spencer interrupts their conversation and wants to know what Blair meant. She covers by saying that since Todd is now on the hospital board, he might be able to do something. She then changes the subject by accusing Paige of wanting to get back together with Spencer. Blair calls Paige a "murdering drunk" and says the only reason she wants to help get her job back is so that she can stop making Bo and everyone else pity her. Paige tells Blair she feels sorry for Starr and Jack, and that no amount of therapy is going to save them from her. Blair slaps Paige. Paige then asks Blair if she's crazy, "or is that just your mother?" and Blair attacks her.

John and Natalie test evidence in the lab, getting periodic phone calls from Bo of updated information. Bo tells John that the forger Spencer told Blair about is actually named Larry Madsen, and he received a heart transplant 10 years ago. They suspect that Spencer was either the surgeon or is connected to it in some way-Larry Madsen somehow went from the bottom of the list to the top in the blink of an eye. Later, Natalie appears to have discovered something important.

Jessica pulls a gun on Nash. Nash tells her it's a starter's pistol, and it won't hurt him. When she refuses to believe him he dares her to shoot him, but she can't, and he takes it from her. Jessica then accuses him of doing what Tess always feared of Antonio-prodding her in hopes of waking the other personality-and she doesn't understand why he would do that when he claims to have loved Tess so much. Nash says she doesn't get it-she's always had a family-but Tess and Brennan are it for him. The two fight passionately, but in reality, they both feel sorry for one another. Nash tells Jessica he will take her home. He later wonders if maybe he hasn't changed his ways all that much since falling in love with Tess, as he thought. Jessica disagrees, saying it's easy to see why Tess fell in love with him. Nash expresses that he just wishes he could have at least said goodbye, that Tess had always reminded him they only had a certain amount of time. Jessica asks Nash if he would say goodbye to Tess forever if she brought her out.

Antonio tells Clint and Viki that he found a lead. When Dorian also shows up at the house, Clint accuses of her wanting to sleep with him just to hurt Viki. Later, Antonio locates Jessica and he and Clint head to New York.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Antonio asks Claudia for information that will lead him to Jess and Nash. Jess changes her mind about letting Nash say goodbye to Tess. She claims she can't just call Tess at will. She demands Nash take her home. Nash tries to reach Tess by taking Jessica for a stroll down memory lane. He shows her the note that

Tess left on his pillow in Napa. He tells her that he carries it with him always. Jessica is shaken and pleads with Nash to stop for the sake of her mental health. Nash probes Jessica further, trying to lure Tess out with their memories together. Jessica screams in protest as Antonio and Clint break down the door. Antonio slugs Nash and he goes down. Antonio announces that the police have already been called and are on the way. Jess pleads with him to cancel the call by reassuring him that she was never in any danger. She succeeds, and he cancels the call. Clint and Jess leave the room to pack up the baby, leaving Antonio and Nash alone together. Antonio warns Nash that he will never again be alone with Jess and the baby. Later, at Capricorn, Antonio is still furious about the situation and Jessica tries to calm him down. She feels sorry for Nash. They settle in each other's arms and enjoy the concert as Nash paces uncomfortably. Claudia keeps her eye on Nash.

Natalie and John use forensics to examine the fatal bullet that killed Thomas McBain.

Later, Natalie, John and David meet in John's office at the department. John reveals to David their findings on the bullet that was retrieved from his father. They conclude that the bullet that killed his father did not come from David's gun. Upon hearing this news, David requests to be released, but John refuses just yet. Later, John continues to question David about the night of the shooting with district attorney Hugh Hughes present and urges him to try to remember. The bullet was from a gun the same make and model that David used, so David needs to try to remember if Spencer had a gun with him in the alley. David claims he doesn't know. Hugh agrees to release David in light of this new evidence. At Capricorn, David makes eye contact with Spencer who looks questioningly at him. David approaches, and taunts him about his new freedom. Spencer questions David on his release. David candidly remarks that the police know he didn't kill John's father and that they also know that Spencer is the one who did.

John broods; pulls his hand away from Natalie's at the docks. Natalie tries in vain to comfort John, and leaves him alone to think.

Blair and Paige fight with Spencer and Todd looking on. Bo breaks it up. Paige defends herself to Bo, claiming Blair went crazy when Spencer walked in, and Paige just went along with it. Bo sympathizes with Blair and suggests Paige cut her a little slack. Bo confides in Paige that they've linked Spencer to a forger. Paige talks to Matthew on Bo's cell phone, and then leaves it unattended on the bar. It rings. Call display reveals that it's John. Making sure Paige isn't looking, Spencer answers the call and tries to imitate Bo's voice. John says that he has found a new lead on who framed Bo, but both Bo and Paige catch him and Spencer quickly closes the phone before John is able to say anything more.

Paige tells Bo that Spencer's mistakes are evidence that he is starting to crack. Paige warns Bo to be careful. She intimates that Spencer must really have something on the forger. Bo reassures her; he thinks he knows exactly what that something is.

Blair taunts Todd, accusing him of trying to get Cristian out of the way so he can have Evangeline for himself. Todd questions Blair about her jealousy of Evangeline. Todd challenges Blair to find one negative thing about Evangeline. He further fends off Blair's attacks by singing Evangeline's praises. Blair asks Todd to wait awhile before getting involved in a serious relationship for the sake of the kids.

Layla, Evangeline and Cristian wait impatiently for Todd to arrive at her hospital room. The surgeon tells them that he cannot proceed and remove the bandages without Todd present it's one of the conditions. Evangeline tells Layla that she need not stay with her. She doesn't want to her to miss the concert at Capricorn on her account

Vince and Hugh exchange pleasantries at the hospital outside Evangeline's room. They reveal they were college roommates. Hugh jokes that Vince has joined the dark side. Vince claims to be a legitimate businessman. They agree to meet sociably for drinks.

Vince talks to an orderly who tells him that there is no way Cris will win his next fight; his hand is just in too bad shape. He gives Vince Cris' X-rays of his hand. Vince is pleased. Layla leaves with Vince.

. Later, Cris and Evangeline wait for the doctor in her room. He arrives and asks if she is ready. She says yes, comforted by the fact Cris is with her for support.

Evangeline tells Cris she wants to talk to him about Todd. Cris tells Evangeline that he feels inferior to Todd. Evangeline tells him that she is grateful to Todd for his help and that she wants to pay him back. Todd overhears her tell Cris that while she is grateful to Todd; Cris is the one she is falling for. Later, Evangeline hold Cris's hand and reaches for Todd's. The doctor asks if she is ready, she says yes. The surgeon carefully removes the bandages from Evangeline's eyes. She opens them and blinks repeatedly. Todd anxiously asks if the surgery was a success.

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