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Passions Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on PS
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Monday, December 11, 2000

As Eve anxiously leans over him, a wounded Chad murmurs the word "Mom." Tabitha watches helplessly while a cemetery worker begins filling in Sheridan's grave once again and tosses shovelfuls of dirt on the hapless Timmy. Refusing to listen to Pilar's kind words about Ethan's true nature, Luis vows to keep the Crane heir away from their entire clan At the mansion, Ivy assures her son he is nothing like Julian and Alistair. Meanwhile, Theresa tearfully informs Whitney she's leaving her home and her family for good so she can be with the man she loves. Desperate to avoid being seen by Julian, Tabitha leaps into the open grave next to Timmy and his sleeping beauty. Luis is outraged to discover that his impetuous sister has given him the slip. Tabitha and Timmy manage to make their escape as Julian backs up a cement mixer to seal his sister's final resting place.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Pilar is begging Luis not to bring his gun to the Crane mansion in order to bring Theresa back home. Pilar is assuring Luis that Ethan will not take advantage of Theresa. Luis of course does not believe this, and tells his mother she always asked him to protect the family. That is what he is trying to do now. Pilar tells Luis that Ethan is not like the rest of the Crane men but Luis does not believe this. Pilar says Ethan does not use woman the way Alistair and Julian do. Luis tells his mother if she can tell him Ethan is not a Crane he will not go and get Theresa. Pilar remembers when Theresa found the suitcase, containing Ivy's documents proving Ethan was Sam Bennett's son. Pilar can't tell anyone Ivy's secret. Luis has to bring Theresa home and no one is going to stop him; including Crane security. That is why Luis is bringing his gun. Pilar begs her son not to go but Luis leaves any way. Whitney, who is still at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, tells Pilar she thinks everything is going to be okay. Whitney knows Theresa really does love Ethan. Pilar wishes she had Whitney's confidence and her courage. Pilar tells Whitney she thinks that Whitney is in love with Chad. Whitney denies being in love with him. Pilar advises Whitney to never deny what is in her heart. Pilar and Whitney have a nice talk. When Whitney leaves, Pilar lights candles and says a prayer for Luis and Theresa. She hopes everything will be okay.

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy has left so Ethan and Theresa can be alone to talk. Ethan asks Theresa why she brought her backpack with her. Theresa tells Ethan the only way to get through this mess with Luis is for them to elope. Ethan knows what Luis will do if he finds out they are together. It is for that reason that he tells Theresa they can't elope. There is no way they can start a life together, especially since Ethan hasn't even decided if Theresa is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ethan can't run off and get married. Ethan loves Theresa but he also loves Gwen. He does not want to have to let Theresa choose between her family and him, as he knows Theresa's family is too important to her. Ethan does not know what he would do if he were forced to loose his own family. The Crane's have their problems, but he still loves them all very much. Theresa begs Ethan not too push her away because of Luis. Ethan wonders what if Luis is right and he uses people. He thinks he may not have grown into the Crane way yet and is perhaps not aware that he uses people. Theresa tells Ethan she loves him and she can't loose him. Ethan can't put Theresa through the pain, and he can't decide whom to marry. He asks Theresa if she is willing to loose Luis on a chance that he might decide to marry her instead of Gwen. Ethan feels he does not deserve to be loved by Theresa. Luis arrives at the mansion and pounds on the door. Theresa is scared, but Ethan feels it is time to settle this situation once and for all. Theresa tells Luis she is not leaving, after he tells her to grab her things and to come with him. She is going to stay with Ethan. Luis asks Ethan when the wedding is? Ethan informs Luis he has not decided whom he is going to marry yet. Luis begins to pull Theresa but she breaks free of him. Theresa again tells Luis she is going to stay with Ethan and she will not leave Ethan for him.

The Graveyard:
Sheridan is banging on her coffin, begging for someone to save her. She does not want to die. Julian has ordered a cement truck to come and fill in Sheridan's grave with cement, so no one can rob her grave again. Julian asks the worker how long it will take because he is cold. The man tells Julian the colder it is, the longer it takes the cement to mix. The man looks in the grave and notices that one of the latches on the coffin is not attached. He jumps in the grave to take a closer look. While in the grave, he tells Julian he thought he heard a voice. He wonders if Sheridan is dead. Julian assures him that Sheridan is indeed dead. The cement begins to pour in the grave. Julian knows Sheridan will now rest in peace. He leaves the graveyard...

The Warehouse:
Eve wants to help Chad who is shot and bleeding. Roger tells her she can't help him. Pierre unties Hank and Agent Freeman as the boat has arrived to pick everybody up. Hank tries to hit Pierre but Roger will kill Eve if they try anything. Roger and Pierre bring everyone out on the wharf to meet the boat. Eve asks them what they are doing with Chad. They are going to bring Chad with them, and feed him to the sharks as well! Hank pretends he has a sore ankle. Roger orders him to get up but Hank says he can't. When he sees his chance, Hanks and Freeman attack Roger and Pierre. A fight breaks out. Eve sees a gun on the ground. She is going to try to get to it, but suddenly, a man from the boat arrives and grabs Eve, pointing a gun to her. He orders Hank and Freeman to stop fighting with Roger and Pierre or Eve will die.

The Bennett House:
Simone and Kay are talking. Kay is feeling sad because she still does not have Miguel. Hecuba now owns Kay's soul. Kay can't get in the Christmas spirit. Grace wonders if Kay is all right. Sam and TC bring in the Christmas tree. They are going to trim the tree but they can't trim the tree until Eve arrives. TC wonders where Eve is and asks Simone if she knows. Simone has not heard from her mother for a while. TC is going to call the hospital to find out if Eve is still there. Jessica, Miguel, Charity and Simone are getting Christmas baskets together. Jessica has baked some of her famous Christmas cookies to go in the baskets. Sam wants Kay to cheer up, as Grace is worried about her. Kay remembers when Hecuba turned her into Charity so she could make love to Miguel. The plan did not work as the real Charity showed up at Miguel's house and Kay turned back into herself. Kay says out loud that it didn't work. Kay hears Hecuba tell her it didn't work and she still owns her soul. Sam and Grace talk to Kay. Sam wants to know why he has not received her Christmas wish list yet. Grace asks her what she wants for Christmas and Kay replies she wants a soul. Hecuba warns her not to tell her parents about her. Sam and Grace question her about the meaning of her soul. She clarifies by saying she wants a fur stole. Jessica hears this and tells Kay she can't be cruel to the poor animals of the world. While trimming the tree, TC talks about Nancy Walters quitting the track team. He wonders why. Jessica tells TC that she quit because she is pregnant. Sam and TC wonder about kids these days. Miguel asks Sam if he can talk to him. They talk about the right time for young people to have sex. Sam tells Miguel men should respect their women as sex is a very powerful thing, and it can lead to lots of trouble. Charity talks to her Aunt Grace about Miguel and when it is the right time to make love. Grace tells her she has to trust the boy and to wait and listen to the teaching of the church. Grace wishes she had the perfect thing to say to Kay at the moment, since Kay seems so down in the dumps. Kay is in her bedroom. She wants Hecuba to show her face so she can yell at her. Hecuba shows up and Kay tells her she wants her soul back. Hecuba asks Kay is she is sure she is ready to take her on. Kay tells Hecuba she has to have her soul back because she did not get what she wanted. Hecuba reminds her that she gave her the opportunity to make love to Miguel, but she was too slow getting it on with him. They made a deal. Kay begins to choke Hecuba. Sam is telling Miguel about peer pressure. When Sam met Grace his life changed. His life became special and exclusive. Miguel understands that Sam is telling him should he ever lay a hand on Charity before they are married, Sam will kill him! Miguel gets the meaning. They begin to trim the tree. Charity remembers hanging one special ornament on the tree every year with her mother. Sam bought a special tree ornament with all the Bennett's names on it, including Charity's. She is touched and Sam tells her she is very much a part of their family. Kay still wants her soul back from Hecuba. Kay tells Hecuba she probably still has her soul and she doesn't believe Hecuba has any real powers. Hecuba demonstrates her powers to Kay. She takes her soul from her. Hecuba is jumping up and down on the bed like an excited child, declaring she has Kay's soul. Kay sees the test tube that contains her soul, and declares that the soul is hers. Down stairs, everyone is decorating the tree except for Kay and Eve. Sam turns on the lights. Everyone starts singing The First Noel. Sam hopes that everyone in Harmony is as happy as they are right now. As Noel is playing, we see all the people in Harmony and what they are doing at this moment. Most of them are thinking of their loved ones.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

The Warehouse:
Eve pleads with Roger and Pierre to let her try to stop Chad's bleeding. If she does not stop it, he will die. Pierre reminds her he is going to die anyway, just like Sheridan Crane. Eve wakes Chad up. Chad wonders where he is and what happened. He slowly remembers what is going on. Pierre holds a gun over Eve and Chad. Chad knows that they are going to kill Eve, Hank, Freeman as well as him. He remembers calling out "mom" when Eve first looked over him in the warehouse, after he was shot. Eve asks Chad what it is that he is thinking. Sheridan is pleading with God to let her have a chance to be happy. She wants to be with Luis and she certainly does not want to die. Eve shares a tender moment with Chad. She tells Roger and Pierre if they take Chad with them, they will end up getting caught. They ask her to elaborate and she tells them that even though Chad is now conscious, he has lost a lot of blood. The police will see the blood and the trail of blood left behind, if they take Chad to the boat. They will investigate and then the national and international coast guard will search for them. They will be caught and be put in jail where they ultimately belong. Roger believes Eve's thinking is correct so Roger and Pierre decide to leave Chad on the wharf. Eve tells Chad to drag himself to safety when they leave. Roger and Pierre lead Eve to the boat. Chad tries to move but he is handcuffed to the wharf. Sheridan is wondering why no one has come to save her. She knows she is running out of air. Chad is trying hard to break free from the wharf. He uses his brute strength and determination and he manages to get himself free. Chad wonders what kind of man he is if he doesn't try to save his friends. Chad gets up and he sees Roger, Pierre and Eve heading towards the boat. Roger and Pierre tell Eve not to be sad. Chad comes at them. Roger has had enough and he shoots Chad. Chad falls in the water as Eve screams out that they have killed him. In her coffin, Sheridan can't breathe...

The Bennett House:
Hecuba is telling Kay she never really truly appreciated her soul when she had it. Kay wonders what she has done? She feels cold, and Hecuba tells her it is not the room temperature that is making her feel this way but the fact that she now has no soul. Kay is mad at Hecuba because she did not get a chance to make love to Miguel. Hecuba reminds her that she had set everything up for her. Kay wants her soul back and wants to know what she has to do in order to get it back. Hecuba thinks about this and tells her she never gives people's souls back ... however there may be one thing Kay could do for her, so she could get her soul back. She wants Kay to help her get rid of Charity. Miguel gives Charity an ornament for the Christmas tree. He tells her she is the closest thing to being an angel that he has ever seen. He wonders if God sent Charity to him as a special gift. Someone is knocking at the door and Sam goes to answer it. It is Pilar. She does not want Miguel to know she is there. Pilar tells Sam what is going on with Luis. He has gone to the Crane mansion to bring Theresa back home. He has also brought his gun with him. Sam is worried Luis will do something irrational. Sam tells Grace he has to leave to take care of something. Grace gives Sam some of her fresh Christmas cookies just out of the oven before he leaves. Whitney shows up at the Bennett's. TC is happy to see her but Simone wonders where she has been. TC tells Simone Whitney has probably been practicing tennis. Simone doubts that very much and as always, is suspicious of her sister. Jessica asks her mother if Kay is still in her room? Kay asks Hecuba why she wants to get rid of Charity. Kay does not really care for Charity but she does not want any harm to come to her cousin. Hecuba feels Charity is too good, and she is her archenemy. Hecuba knows Kay could come in handy in trying to get rid of Charity. Kay wants a definition of the word eliminate that Hecuba uses in reference to Charity. Hecuba tells her not to worry. Once she is finished with Charity, Kay will have everything she has ever wined about. She wants to know if Kay will help her or not. Grace knocks at Kay's door. Hecuba shrinks and stands on the television set. Grace knows Kay is not in the Christmas mood so she brought her some cookies and cocoa. She asks Kay what is wrong? Grace kisses her and feels that Kay is freezing. Perhaps she is coming down with something? When Grace leaves, Hecuba informs her that even her mummy is worried about her. Without her soul, Kay will not be loving anything; even the Christmas season that she use to love so much. Once again, Hecuba tells Kay she will return her soul to her if she helps her with Charity. Charity, Jessica, Simone and Miguel are decorating the Christmas baskets for the senior citizens in the nursing homes of Harmony. Charity just loves doing this! The kids are talking and they feel sorry for Luis. They know it is hard to loose a loved one especially over the Holiday Season. Simone asks Whitney if they can have a truce. Whitney tells Simone she is not chasing after Chad and Simone replies that she is glad as she considers Chad her boyfriend. Hecuba tells Kay she is offering her one sweet deal but it is a one time only offer. Kay wants to know what it is that she will have to do, and Hecuba tells her she will have to get her a number of things. The first item is a strand of Charity's hair from her head. Kay wants to have some time to think things through. Hecuba agrees but she may change her mind so Kay had better hurry up with her decision. Whitney asks TC if he has heard from Eve. They think she is still at the hospital caring for a special patient! Miguel placed missile toe over him and Charity. They kiss as Kay is coming downstairs. Hecuba is now sitting on the deacon's bench and she tells Kay she is always going to be an outsider without her soul. Kay can't bear to see Miguel and Charity kissing and she tells Hecuba she will help her!

The Crane Mansion:
Julian returns home from the graveyard and he is cold. Rebecca greets him and wonders what happened when Ethan went to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home. Julian tells her what Ethan told him. Julian feels Ethan's marriage to Rebecca's daughter is a done deal. Gwen overhears what her mother has done and she is furious with her. She told her not to tell Luis. Gwen tells Rebecca if Ethan ever finds out Rebecca told Luis about Theresa, she would loose him for good. Luis is in the living room with Ethan and Theresa. He wonders how Theresa can love Ethan when he is only using her like all the Crane men have used women for generations. He asks Ethan to tell Theresa he loves her right now and he will marry her if he is wrong. Gwen is angry with her mother and tells her she has ruined everything. If Ethan finds out the truth, he will blame Gwen and not Rebecca. She is scared Ethan will never want to see her again. Ivy enters and she is angry with Rebecca and Julian for meddling in Ethan's life. Luis accuses Ethan of dangling two women on a string at one time, as he can't decide whom he wants to be with. Theresa tries to tell her brother it is not Ethan who is doing this -- she is. Ivy tells Gwen, Rebecca and Julian that Ethan is with Theresa and Luis in the living room as they speak. They all enter the living room. Theresa asks her brother who told him about her and Ethan. She wants to know who it was that has ripped their family apart. Rebecca suddenly stands very stiff! Sam Bennett arrives and he runs into the living room, trying to restrain Luis. Julian is furious that Pilar has brought him to the mansion and accuses her of inviting her own friends to his house. He demands that they leave at once and use the back door. Ethan yells at his father to stop. Pilar tells Julian she is capable of speaking for herself. She brought Sam with her, as she was scared of what Luis might do. Pilar asks Theresa to come home with her. Theresa refuses saying she is not leaving Ethan. Theresa then lashes out at every one in the room, telling them real love does not care about social class. Luis can send her to the darkest corners of the earth but that is not going to stop her from loving Ethan. Luis finds Theresa's speech very touching but reminds her Ethan is still a Crane and she will not marry him. Ivy tells her son not to let any one dictate their feelings to him. Rebecca is agitated and tells Julian his wife if at it again and asks Julian to do something about it. Ethan tells everyone he has had enough and he is gong to decide tonight who he will marry. He is sorry for what he put Theresa and Gwen through and he hopes the girls will not hate him. Pilar wants Luis to leave now but he tells his mother he will not leave without Theresa. Julian hopes Ethan will be true to his bloodlines and Rebecca asks Ivy why she is working against them. Once again, Ivy answers that Ethan is his own man and he has to choose real love and not wonder what could have been years from now. Rebecca seems to think that Ivy is talking from personal experience. Theresa goes to see Ethan who is outside. She tells him she meant everything she said and she will always love him. She kisses Ethan before she returns to the house. Ethan is all glossy eyed. Rebecca asks Ivy if she has some long lost love. She wonders if perhaps her old flame does not return her feelings and that is what is holding Ivy back. Gwen finds Ethan as well. Ethan apologies for everything he has put her through. Gwen tells him she feels their getting married is right, but he is the one who has to feel that as well. Gwen use to be able to read Ethan's mind, but she no longer can. She wishes Sheridan were here right now as she could help them sort things through. She asks Ethan to think of why she is still wearing his engagement ring. She truly believes in "us." Pilar asks Luis what he will do if Ethan chooses to marry his sister. Luis tells his mother Theresa will have to be a widow, as he will kill Ethan. Ethan enters the living room. He tells every one what he is about to do it the hardest thing he has ever done. Someone he loves is going to be hurt before the night is over. He has searched him mind, his soul and his heart and he has finally made his decision ...

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Thursday, December 14, 2000
by Soap Central

Tabitha is rushing to get the dirt Timmy dug up from Sheridan's grave together with the power she has. This mixture with the forgetful powder will make the publisher from HarperCollins forget about Tabitha's book. Timmy is worried about Sheridan Crane. He knows she is alive and remembers being in the coffin with her and seeing her open her eyes! Tabitha tells Timmy they can do nothing to help Sheridan now, as Julian had her grave filled with cement. The cement will be hard and Sheridan is dead. Timmy is beside himself and knows he has to help the beautiful Sheridan whom he kissed. Timmy goes to the phone can calls 911. Seeing what he is doing, Tabitha grabs the phone from him. Timmy is arguing with his princess. Once again, Tabitha tells Timmy Sheridan is dead and they will also be dead if the forgetful dust does not work. They have to make the publisher forget all about Tabitha's book. The publisher from HarperCollins arrives, and asks to meet Timmy. Tabitha shows the publisher the doll. Tabitha grabs her book from the publisher while the publisher wonders if Timmy is Tabitha's alter ego. Timmy has to respond to that, saying he is a lot of things but he is not Tabitha's alter ego! The publisher screams in shock as she realizes Timmy is not a doll but he is alive. Tabitha questions the woman about Timmy being alive. She swore she heard Timmy speak. Tabitha explains that was not the doll speaking, it was her! Tabitha says she is an armature ventriloquist, and demonstrates what she can do. The publisher is totally amazed! The woman from HarperCollins tells Tabitha she loves her book. She is sure it will be on the best seller's list. Tabitha tells her that the book is not for publication and she is going to have to forget all about the book. Tabitha beings to sprinkle the forgetful dust around the publisher. The dust does not seem to be having an affect on the woman and Tabitha asks her if she is at all feeling different. The publisher says she is not feeling different. Tabitha tells her she should be forgetting her book. The lady says the only thing she is forgetting is a pen for Tabitha to sign the publishing contract. Tabitha is graceful and thanks the lady for coming all the way from New York but she will have to turn about and go back. The woman tells Tabitha she is a witch. Tabitha informs her the terms she prefers is "sorceress." The information Tabitha has on Sam and Ivy will be smashing. Timmy asks for an advance on the book. The publisher thinks she knows what is going on and thinks it is magic. She is dealing with an author who has a duel personality. One part of the personality want to have the book published while the other part does not want to have the book published! Again, Tabitha says she is not going to have her book published. The publisher is now threatening legal action. Tabitha is trying to figure out what went wrong with the forgetful dust. Timmy tells her the dust did not work, as the dirt had to come from the grave of a fresh corpsee and Sheridan Crane IS NOT DEAD! Tabitha wants to figure out a way to stop her book from being published or they too will be dead. The publisher gives Tabitha the contract and offers her a big fat advance. Tabitha refuses and the publisher is trying desperately to make deals with Tabitha. While she is trying to persuade Tabitha to sign the contract, Timmy gets up, goes to the chair where the contracts are sitting and he signs it himself. Tabitha is angry with Timmy and says the signature is not legally binding, as Timmy is not real. The publisher tells Tabitha she will have to challenge them in court. Before she leaves, the lady tells Tabitha she is going to be famous the world over!

The Bennett House:
Chad is alive and is in the water. He sees that Roger and Pierre have taken Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman in the boat. He is determined to get help for his friends. TC wonders what they haven't heard from Eve. Miguel and Charity are together and Miguel senses something is wrong with Charity. Charity feels something evil is about to happen. Hecuba is telling Kay if she wants her soul back, she is going to have to help her. Simone is again asking Whitney if she is after Chad. They can't be sisters if Whitney in love with Chad and if she is after her man! Hecuba wants a strand of hair from Charity's head. Kay goes to Charity and Miguel. Miguel is elated that he is with his best friend and the girl he loves more than life itself. Kay wants her soul back and can have it if she gets some hair from Charity's head. If Kay helps Hecuba get Charity, Hecuba will help Kay get Miguel. TC asks Grace if she is all right. Grace feels she is in the presence of evil. Simone wants to know why Whitney refuses to talk about Chad, when a knock comes to the door. It is Chad who is at the door. He comes in and he collapses. They see that Chad has been shot. Miguel calls an ambulance. TC brings him to the couch. Chad tries to tell them about who has Eve, Hank and Agent Freeman and what is going on. Chad tells them it is Roger and Pierre who are responsible for this. TC knows if they have Eve, Hank and Freeman they are sure to kill them. TC wants to know where they are. He questions Chad and finds out they took them away but Chad passes out before he can tell them where they are. TC tries to get Chad to wake up but he won't. Simone begs her father not to hurt him. Whitney is worried about her mother and knows they have to help her. Kay is talking to her mother. Grace is feeling the presence of evil and wonders why there has been so much evil in Harmony this past year. She feels evil in her living room and it is not due to Chad being shot. She feels the presence of evil among the people she loves. Grace tells Kay she still feels very cold and wonders if she is okay. Chad comes to and tells TC they were on the dock and Roger and Pierre took Eve, Hank and Freeman on a boat. TC wants to call Sam and he asks Grace for the Crane's phone number. After TC spoke to Sam, he phoned the harbor patrol to find out what boats have left the harbor. Chad keeps calling out Sheridan's name and everybody wonders why. Simone thinks he is trying to tell them Eve is going to die like Sheridan did. She is worried and Whitney comforts her. Hecuba asks Kay is she is worried about her Uncle Hank? If so, Kay should pray for him ... but she can't. She doesn't have the equipment to pray as Hecuba has it in the test tube! If Kay wants her soul back, she is going to have to get moving and get her some of Charity's hair. Kay joins Miguel and Charity at the door, waiting for the ambulance. She pulls some hair out of Charity's head and explains her bracelet must have got caught up in her hair. TC is leaving to meet Sam and Luis on the wharf. His daughters tell him to be careful. Charity is talking to Grace, telling her she shares Grace's feeling that there is evil present. Grace can't shake the bad feeling. Chad continues to say Sheridan's name and Simone wonders why...

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan has decided whom he will marry. Rebecca tells Julian it had better be Gwen. Ivy hopes Ethan will marry for love and not have to suffer like she has in a loveless marriage. Ethan begins by apologizing to Gwen, Rebecca and his parents for calling off the wedding. Ivy tells Sam she should never have let her family decide whom she had to marry. She knows she would have married Sam and they would have been happy together. Same tells her to stop her foolishness. Rebecca and Julian are wondering what Sam and Ivy are whispering about. Gwen grabs Ethan and tells him all she has ever wanted was to be his wife. Theresa is watching with a stunned look on her face. Gwen tells Ethan they can still be together and they can get married wherever he wants. They don't have to have a big fancy wedding, a judge will do. Ethan says he was always sure he would marry Gwen and they would have children. Looking on, Theresa tells her mother she has lost Ethan. Continuing with his speech, Ethan then says when he saw Theresa every thing changed. Luis demands to know how long this is going to take. Ethan explains that Theresa turned his world upside down. Luis asks who Ethan wants to marry. Ivy talks to Sam, while Rebecca and Julian wonder what they are talking about. Ethan is about to make his important announcement. Suddenly, the phone rings. Pilar is about to answer, and Luis tells her to let the dam Crane's answer their own phone. Pilar tells Luis as the housekeeper, it is her job to answer the phone. It is TC Russell, calling for Sam. Julian tells Pilar to tell TC he will have to call back as the future of Crane Industries is in jeopardy. Sam takes the call and TC informs him of what is going on. Julian says be that as it may, there are no Crane's involved so they have to get back to the matter at hand. Ivy lashes out at Julian for being so cold. Julian asks Ethan whose hand he will ask for in marriage. Will it be the fare Gwen or ah.....while looking at Theresa with disgust. Sam and Luis are on their way to the wharf. Ethan says he wants to go as well. He does not trust the Harmony Police Force. Julian tells him to stay put and pick his woman. As Luis leaves, Pilar tells him to be careful. Ivy asks Sam to watch out for Ethan as he is all she has left. Ethan tells everyone they are gong to have to wait for his announcement, he has to leave. Rebecca goes to her daughter and tells her she is sure Ethan will pick her for a bride. Theresa hugs Pilar and tells her Ethan has to be all right, he just has to be! Sam and Luis leave. Sam tells Ethan if he screws things up he will hand cuff him. The girls each wish Ethan well. After Ethan has left, Gwen talks to Theresa. They know that when Ethan returns he will give his decision and both of their lives will be changed forever.

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Friday, December 15, 2000
by Soap Central

After learning that his wife has been taken prisoner by French assassins, T.C. hastily organizes a rescue party consisting of himself, Sam, Luis and Ethan. Meanwhile, Eve fears the worst after Chad fails to resurface near the wharf. Timmy trembles when Tabitha invites Ms. Dwyer to meet their friends in the basement. Ethan's boneheaded impetuousness irks Luis and Sam, who icily remind the rich boy that they have far more experience in tracking criminals than he does. As the air in her coffin begins to run out, Sheridan falls into a dream about the life she envisioned with Luis. When Grace pays an untimely call on her next door neighbor, Ms. Dwyer cheerfully informs the newcomer that she knows all about her husband's relationship with Ivy Crane. While Hal and Hank make another futile effort to free themselves and Eve, Sam leads the search party onto the assassins' boat.

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