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Passions Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on PS
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Monday, September 17, 2001

David cautions an unbelieving Grace that her husband still harbors feelings of deep affection for his first love. Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Sam frantically attempts to keep Ivy's hopes alive as they wait for medical assistance to reach them. A panicking Julian searches for a better place to hide his groggy bride while Luis and the others pound on the door of Theresa's hotel room. Trapped in the cave by the warlocks' curse, the kids from Harmony duck for cover as the ground beneath them starts to shake. After Jessica is pinned by a falling beam, Miguel and Reese work feverishly to free their friend. Thinking fast, Whitney persuades Ethan and the rest of the group to return to Julian's room to continue their search. Certain she's dying, Ivy insists on strolling down memory lane with an uneasy Sam. Theresa finally shakes off the effects of the sedative and is appalled to find herself in close proximity to Julian. Tabitha, Timmy and the teens become blocked in by a rockslide. Later, the warlocks issue a new ultimatum.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Whitney slips into Julian's room and warns him that the mob she managed to divert will soon be back, looking for his blood. Though the teens are confused by the warlocks' demands, Tabitha whispers to Timmy that it's her head the creatures are after. As she grows steadily weaker, Ivy tells Sam she knows his heart belongs to his wife. Miguel defies the enraged warlock, who causes a gale-force wind to blow throughout the cave. Later, the kids decide to split up into teams to search for a way out of their predicament. David persists in warning Grace that her husband must still yearn for the family he might have had with Ivy and their son. Realizing that the warlocks must want Tabitha, Reese eagerly volunteers to surrender the witch to their bloodthirsty captors. With help from Whitney, Julian struggles to escape as Luis and the others begin hammering on Theresa's door once again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Ivy finally gets to the hospital, and finds out she has internal bleeding, and spinal injuries that she will need surgery to repair. She refuses to let the hospital do anything to her before she gets to talk to Sam.

Luis is determined to find Julian, and kill him because he thinks he drugged Theresa and took advantage of her. They then find out that the doctor gave Theresa a sedative. All the while Julian is hiding under the bed. As they all leave the room Julian comes out from under the bed, and Ethan decides to go back to the room to check on her and finds her in Julian's arms... A women is found at sea that matches Sheridan's description.

Warlock Island-
Still trapped in the cave Kay knocks a piece of wood down, and it almost kills Charity, but Miguel jumps in the way of it. Tabitha tries to hide the drawings that are on the wall from Reese. All the kids finally get out of the cave, but then they realize Tabitha is not with them and she is the reason they got out. Someone had to die to get the rest of the kids out of the cave.

Sam, Grace, and David
Sam walks in the shed looking for Grace only to find in the arms of David.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Luis is encouraged when he learns that a woman has been found adrift at sea. As he waits for her arrival, he reminisces about his short time with Sheridan. Julian's hiding place is discovered and as the kids prepare to start attacking him for drugging Theresa, Whitney interrupts and stops them. She then announces that the situation is totally innocent, lying that she asked Julian to keep an eye on Theresa while she called her mother. Ethan falls for the story and offers an apology for his outburst. Just then, Theresa comes to and mentions her crazy and awful "dream." At the hospital, though Sam is hesitant to leave her, Grace encourages him to go visit with Ivy who has been asking for him before her surgery. Eve spots Grace and David together and senses a new friendship developing. Grace later assures Eve that she is in love with Sam. However, she does add that she's grateful to David for enabling her to fill in some holes to her mysterious past. Before she talks with Sam, a determined Ivy fears that she may not make it through her surgery and tells herself that she must give Sam the truth. She finally mumbles to him that she wants him to take care of Ethan should anything happen to her. He promises to be there for him and Ivy apologizes for all that she has done. As the nurse wheels her into surgery, Sam takes a moment to kiss her. Grace spots them kissing.

Friday, September 21, 2001

Grace catches Sam praying for Ivy in the hospital chapel. As David secretly watches, Sam admits he feels sorry for Ivy. Grace declares that David is a party of their lives from now on. Later, David does his best to upset Sam. After the kids escape from the cave, they fear that the warlocks will kill Tabitha. They're surprised when Norma rushes past them vowing to take care of Tabitha herself. As she enters the cave, the entrance suddenly closes her inside. The kids wonder why she's so intent on killing their chaperone and decide to seek shelter from the storm. Inside the cave, the warlocks torture their prisoner while an anxious Timmy watches from behind some rocks, unaware that Norma is sneaking up behind him. When Julian takes Whitney aside and thanks her for protecting him, she angrily states that she lied to protect her friend Theresa, not him and orders him to get an annulment as soon as possible. Seeing them whispering, Chad warns Whitney to stay away from the Crane family. Rebecca finally finds Julian and demands to know the name of the woman he bedded. Luis is shocked to learn the woman found at sea is dead. He's asked to identify the body.

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