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Passions Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on PS
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Monday, January 14, 2002

The stage is set for a murder. Everyone is gunning for Julian.

TC's dead father orders TC to kill Julian. TC gets in his car with a gun and goes after Julian.

Eve has the gun she found in Julian's desk when Grace walks in and questions her. She confides to Grace that her baby may be alive and how Julian is going to tell her secret and destroy her life. She screams to Grace that Julian is a monster and must die. Grace begs Eve to tell TC the truth. Eve clams down in order to pacify Grace but keeps the gun.

Brian has a gun and plans to go after Julian too. Liz is very worried and tries to talk some sense into him. He won't hear of it. He explains that he is sick and tired of this man threatening his family. He tells Liz that he knows something was wrong with his mother and sister when he looked in on them at the Crane mansion.

Luis and Ethan go after Julian with murder in their eyes. Julian hears that he got Theresa pregnant for the very first time. Julian claims that Theresa seduced him and Luis tries to strangle him. Theresa watches in horror as she tells Pilar that her very worst nightmares have come true.

Chad tries to stop Luis and Ethan from committing murder. Julian escapes through the French doors and hides on the grounds.

Eve and Grace hears the news from Theresa that Ethan and Luis know Julian got her pregnant. Eve sympathizes with Theresa which makes Whitney suspicious. She asks her mother if she knows of another woman that Julian got pregnant unaware that her mother is talking about herself.

Pilar tries to stop Luis from killing Julian as Chad tries to stop Ethan.

Tabitha watches the drama unfold while enjoying her popcorn. Then she decides to stir things up a bit. She "reads" Ivy's tea leaves. Tabitha tells Ivy that a man who made her miserable for years will die. Ivy is delighted until she hears that the murderer who killed Julian also ruined his life. Tabitha tells Ivy that the murderer is her son. Ivy wants to stop Ethan from killing Julian so he won't ruin his own life.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Gwen sneaks into the Crane mansion and goes to find her mother, Rebecca. Rebecca is shocked to see the time and wonders where Julian is. Rebecca is unaware that Julian is hiding from Ethan and Luis who are armed and dangerous.

Ethan and Luis scout the grounds looking for Julian while they discuss who actually gets to kill him. Luis explains to Ethan that it is a matter of family honor.

Julian is hiding in the bushes and watches as Ethan, Luis and TC try to find him. TC confides to Ethan how Julian ruined his life and he has proof.

Tabitha plays the sympathetic friend to Rebecca as she drops the bombshell about Julian getting Theresa pregnant. Gwen could not be more delighted. She excuses herself so she can go and torment Theresa. Tabitha calls Rebecca Mrs. Hotchkiss, which reminds Rebecca that she is no longer Mrs. Julian Crane. Her marriage to Julian is null and void. Tabitha twists the knife by reminding Rebecca that she is not married to Jonathan Hotchkiss anymore either and that she is penniless. Tabitha feigns sympathy as she tells poor Rebecca that her life "sucks."

Eve runs into Ethan. She begs him to go find Theresa. Ethan says it is over between him and Theresa. He cannot trust her because she keeps horrible destructive secrets.

Luis runs into Antonio on the Crane grounds. Luis tells Antonio to stay out of their lives. He explains how much their family suffered at the hands of Julian Crane. Luis refuses to tell Antonio why he is gunning for Julian. Antonio is more determined now to kill Julian realizing how he made his family suffer even more since he had to leave town.

Julian runs to the garage so he can escape in one of his cars. Ivy is waiting there for him with a gun. She tells him the only place he is going is to hell. Ivy is determined to kill Julian first so Ethan won't have to go to prison for killing him. Julian tells Ivy he knows she orchestrated this whole mess. Julian vows to destroy Ivy for what she has done. Ivy assures Julian she could care less. She says she will happily spend the rest of her life in prison if that is what it takes to protect her son.

Pilar and Whitney try to shield Theresa from Gwen's torment. Tabitha stirs the pot with Rebecca by telling her that Julian married her on purpose knowing their marriage was a sham. Tabitha tells Rebecca that Julian left her penniless on purpose. Gwen gets into Theresa's face by telling her Ethan will come back to her. She says, "He's mine, all mine!"

Rebecca realizes that Julian took everything she had from her. She vows revenge. Tabitha smirks that Rebecca needs to wait in line.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Tabitha uses a little magic to spy on everyone who is out to get Julian.

Gwen tells Theresa one last time that Ethan will have nothing more to do with her because of her lies. Gwen goes to find her mother. She asks Rebecca why she is so distraught. Rebecca tells her daughter that she is not legally married to Julian nor is she still married. Rebecca says that she does not even have a last name anymore. She says that Julian took everything from her and that she wants revenge.

To keep Miguel and the others from entering the ice cave and discovering the real Charity, "Zombie Charity" falls through the ice. Miguel and the others come to her rescue. Timmy is still inside the cave talking to the angel girl. She tells Timmy that he has the power to save the real Charity now that he is a real boy. She will not tell him how but says he has the power. Kay closes up the cave entrance so the real Charity will not be discovered. Miguel then falls through the ice and "Zombie Charity" walks away to flirt with another guy. Miguel gets furious. "Zombie Charity" breaks it off with Miguel.

Ivy has Julian cornered in the garage and pulls the trigger on her gun. The gun is empty and Julian knocks it out of Ivy's hand. Ivy screams for Luis, hoping he will find them and be the one to kill Julian.

Tabitha plants another gun in the Crane mansion so everyone who hates him will have a chance to kill him. Theresa picks up the gun as she relives how Julian ruined her life.

We see everyone stalking Julian, including Antonio, Luis, Eve, TC, Ethan and Ivy. Pilar swears to kill Julian herself so Luis will not go to prison. Rebecca swears revenge as she pulls her gun out of her garter.

Julian ties up Ivy and calls Alistair for help. Alistair laughs over Julian's predicament. He refuses to help his son and gave orders for none of the Crane personnel to help him either. Julian drives through the garage door and away from the mansion to escape the armed posse that's chasing him. He crashes his car not far from the Crane property. He runs to the cannery to hide. He goes high up on a catwalk to escape the mob.

We then see a gun pointed at Julian. Someone fires one shot. Julian is hit on the left side of the chest and is bleeding...

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Tabitha goes to Hecuba's old lair so she can spy on the residents of Harmony using the stone pool. Timmy joins Tabitha and he too watches Julian's fate.

At the cannery, Julian is shot while up on a catwalk. The shot stuns him and he falls. He manages to grab hold of a fixture and hangs on for dear life. He is being suspended over a boiling vat of tuna. While hanging there, his life passes before his eyes. He sees many of his dirty deeds as they come back to haunt him. He sees all the people that want him dead. Finally, he can no longer hold on and he falls into the boiling vat.

All of the suspects that wanted him dead begin to incriminate themselves. They act suspicious of each other as well. No one claims to have seen Julian. Almost all of the suspects end up at the Crane mansion. (Antonio, Luis, Pilar, Theresa, Eve, TC, Ethan, Rebecca and Ivy.)

Sheridan has a dream that the man she loves killed someone. She realizes too that she has been sleepwalking. (This means that she could also be one of the suspects.)

Ethan wants to talk to Theresa alone, but she refuses. Ethan cannot believe how shaken Theresa looks.

Ivy tries to assure everyone that Alistair must have helped Julian escape.

Alistair then calls the mansion and demands to speak with Julian.

As Tabitha and Timmy watch, a knife-like, rotating blade comes down into the vat to shred the tuna (and Julian.)

Friday, January 18, 2002

The residents of Harmony continue to incriminate themselves by talking about Julian Crane in the past tense. No one has seen Julian since the night before and no one admits to knowing where he is.

Theresa's family rallies around her and offer support when Theresa announces that she knows she has lost Ethan forever. Pilar cannot believe that her daughter has given up. She tells Theresa to look at all she has accomplished when everyone else told her to give up her dream. She begs her not to give up on Ethan.

Ethan is on the wharf and befriends Liz. She offers him a sympathetic ear and comes very close to seeing his photograph of Sheridan.

Tabitha tells Timmy he must choose to keep his word. He promised not to abandon her now that he is a real boy. Tabitha is disappointed that the news did not report Julian's death. She calls the tabloid and tries to leak the story.

Antonio is set on leaving Harmony today, even though "Diana" wants to stay. Antonio goes to the police station to drop off the keys to the boat. "Diana" insists on going along so she can give Antonio's brother a piece of her mind.

Miguel tells Luis about the change in his "Charity," Luis then confides to Miguel that Antonio is in Harmony.

Ethan and Theresa meet face to face.

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