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Passions Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on PS
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Monday, January 22, 2007

TC expresses his sadness to Sam in regards to Grace, and Sam thinks all hope is lost with getting his family back together. He thinks Grace was the key to getting them back together. TC senses that there is more to Grace's death than meets the eye, and Sam confirms that Grace had a secret that involved many people in Harmony, including the Russell's and the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Both Sam and TC think that Grace's secret involve the supernatural.

Jessica continues to accuse Spike of raping Fancy. Spike denies it, and says that even if he did, he would be considered a saint compared to Ivy, Kay, and Eve since their actions led to Grace's death. Noah drowns his sorrows into booze while trying to cope with Grace's death. He runs into Jessica and Spike at the bar, and he tries to protect Jessica from Spike. Jessica is afraid of what Spike might do, so she tells Noah that Spike has been good to her. Noah tells Jessica that it's all an act, and that the rest of the family is there for her if she needs them. Jessica does not have much faith in the family now that Grace is gone. Spike and Jessica leave, and Noah tells Paloma that seeing Jessica with Spike makes him realize how much he wants to be with her and kisses Paloma passionately.

Miguel and Fox are still fighting over Kay. Miguel manages to get the upper hand and grabs a hold of Fox and tells him that he is taking him to Tabitha's house to confess to Kay. Fox flips Miguel over and tells him that he is not going to lose Kay to him. Fox walks out the door. He stands at the side of the street talking to himself and is suddenly hit by a car. At Tabitha's house, Charity returns home, and Kay and Simone automatically lit into her and accuse her of sleeping with Miguel. Charity tells Kay that she did not sleep with Miguel, and it‘s her first time back in Harmony since she left. Kay believes Charity because nothing happened to the dark side when she supposedly made love to Miguel. Miguel gets home and tells Kay that he has taken care of Fox and that he will never bother her again. Miguel and Charity come face to face.

Gwen and Jared stare at Ethan and Theresa in bed with disbelief, and an angry Gwen picks up a vase and throws it at Ethan. It hits the night table. Ethan and Theresa look up and are confused. Ethan thinks that he was at the B&B, and Theresa thinks that she was making love to Jared. Neither Gwen or Jared believes them. Gwen slaps Ethan, and Jared punches Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney that she did not know it was Ethan in bed with her.

The peeping tom attacks Fancy while she is asleep, but Fancy wakes up and tries to fight the attacker off. She pretends to be unconscious and kicks him off of her. She runs to the door and screams for someone's help, but no could hear her. The attacker manages to subdue her and covers her hands and mouth with tape. Fancy manages to scream loud enough, and Gwen, Ethan, Chad, Theresa, and Jared heard. Chad and Whitney go to investigate, but the attacker left the room, and both Chad and Whitney think that Fancy is having a nightmare. Fancy tells them that she is not having a nightmare and that she was violated all over again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Miguel feels vindicated when Charity confirms his story – she hasn't been in Harmony for years. Kay and Simone, however, remain skeptical. Miguel tells Kay that he "took care" of Fox. Meanwhile, Fox lays bleeding in the street, the victim of a hit and run.

Chad searches Fancy's room for her attacker. In front of Chris, Chad and Whitney, Sheridan challenges Fancy's credibility by suggesting she dreamed the attack. When Fancy calls her aunt on her manipulation, everyone defends Sheridan. Fancy insists her assault was real and that a missing Luis must be chasing the attacker at that moment.

Theresa and Ethan attempt to explain that they don't know how they ended up in bed together. Incensed Jared and Gwen don't believe their explanation. Jared wants Theresa to have Ethan arrested for sexual assault. Gwen tells Ethan their marriage is over and he is free to be with Theresa.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fox flatlines in the hospital but Eve brings him back. Outside in the hall, Julian and Ivy share a tender moment and offer prayers for Fox.

Miguel denies harming Fox, but when he shows his car to Sam, Kay, Simone and Charity, the front fender is damaged. Miguel implores Kay to believe in him. He denies hurting Fox. Sam calls in a forensics team, while the others head for the hospital.

Julian overhears Sam, who reaches the hospital before anyone else, telling dispatch that Miguel is a suspect. When Miguel, Kay, Simone and Charity reach the hospital, Julian attacks Miguel and tries to strangle him.

Jared tells Theresa that she must press assault charges against Ethan, but she refuses. Jared tells her that as long as she put Ethan first in her heart that they cannot have a relationship and he leaves. He runs into Chad who tries to talk him into giving Theresa another chance, but Jared says that it will not work for him because he wants to be first in Theresa's heart. Later Theresa tells Whitney that what Ethan did is no different that what she did when she pretended to be Gwen to get Ethan for herself.

Ethan follows Gwen back to the Bed and Breakfast and tries to reconcile. Gwen is adamant that she will no longer tolerate Ethan's interest in Theresa. Outside the door, which is ajar, the ski masked intruder listens in and cackles silently while remembering how he drugged Ethan and sent him off to Theresa's bed. Despite Ethan's impassioned pleas, She tells Ethan that it is over and she is leaving him. Gwen says that she wants a man who loves her and only her. She wants a real marriage to a real husband. To show that she is serious, Gwen throws her wedding ring on a tray and smashes it with a hammer. "Our marriage is over." She says.

A ski-masked person falls out of the pantry. When the mask is removed, it is Luis, who does not know how he got there. Fancy is now unsure of Luis and pulls away from him. Sheridan and Chris are skeptical and Sheridan is insistent that Fancy needs a doctor. She is persuasive in her argument that Fancy is imagining everything. Luis points out that since he is dressed exactly like the intruder that Fancy described and does not know or remember anything that happened, that this is proof that Fancy is telling the truth. When he tries to comfort Fancy, she pulls away sobbing that he was not there for her when she needed him.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kay, Charity, Simone, Miguel, Chief Bennett, Ivy and Julian are all gathered at the hospital awaiting news on Fox's condition. Ivy demands to know where Kay was at the time that Fox was almost killed. Eve bursts in to inform the group that Fox must have emergency surgery to keep him alive and since the specialist isn't available she'll have to perform the surgery herself. Julian wants only the best surgeons in the world for his son. Kay is told that she's the one to make the decision. Ivy wants to tell Kay that Fox really isn't dying so that she can make the right decision to wait for the specialist. Julian forbids Ivy from telling Kay because it's time for at least one of their children to be happy. Sam tells Miguel that he is the prime suspect in the hit and run of Fox.

At the Crane mansion, Fancy is still shaken from her latest sexual attack. Sheridan takes Fancy back to her bed to get rest but when they get there Sheridan accuses Fancy of making the attacks up because of Fancy's reputation of doing the same stunts in the past. Fancy slaps her Aunt. Sheridan wants Fancy to go to the hospital to get checked. Fancy doesn't want to go through another exam. Luis and Chris join the women in Fancy's bedroom. Fancy decides to have the exam when Luis reminds her that she was taught in cadet school the importance of having a check up. The group leaves for the hospital.

Whitney wants Theresa to let Ethan go once and for all. She tells Theresa that she should make some calls and get Ethan his dream job in India and allow him to go with Gwen and Jane. With great reluctance, Theresa decides to go along with the plan. Theresa takes a moment to change her clothes before heading to the bed and breakfast where Ethan and Gwen are staying.

Meanwhile, Gwen smashes her wedding ring and tells Ethan she's leaving. Ethan tries to convince her to stay but after saying her goodbyes to Jane, her and Rebecca leave for the airport. Ethan is crushed.

As Whitney and Theresa are arriving that the B&B, Theresa sees Gwen leaving and blocks her car. Gwen shouts at Theresa that she has left Ethan and that Theresa can have him. Gwen is able to drive away and Theresa makes her way into Ethan's room

Friday, January 26, 2007

Kay makes a decision so that Fox could have the operation. Ivy and Julian accuse Miguel of being a murderer, while Miguel tries to convince Kay that he did not injure Fox after a fair fight. Miguel tries to convince Sam that he is being set up and implies that Fox may have had something to do with it. Julian calls Miguel a bastard for thinking such a thing. Fox has passed through the first phase of the operation and is doing fine for now. Miguel asks Eve to check for evidence of Fox being terminally ill while on the operating table. Eve tells Miguel that she cannot check for anything that is not related to the hit and run but sympathizes with Miguel and tells him that she would check if she has the time. Ivy worries that Eve will find out that Fox is not terminally ill, but Julian tells her not to worry. Charity confesses to Miguel that she lied about why she is in Harmony. She tells Miguel that she wants him and only him.

Luis apologizes to Fancy for not being in the bedroom to protect her from the attacker. Sheridan continues to taunt Fancy and tells her that the rape kit will prove that she is losing it. Luis tells Sheridan that he can't remember what happened because things were blurry; moreover, Luis thinks it's strange because he is remembering things that didn't happen, or so he thinks. The attacker in the mask whispers that he is the one that was on the couch with Luis. Luis is blaming himself for letting down the woman he loves again, and Sheridan is right there to comfort him. She also tries to imply that Fancy is losing her mind. Chris suspects Sheridan is still after Luis and approaches her about it. She denies it and makes it appears as if she is there out of concern for Fancy. The doctor has the results from the rape kit, and Fancy is anxious to find out the truth. The doctor tells her that she was sexually assaulted and is able to identify the attacker.

Jared tells Chad that he is leaving Harmony since Theresa does not love him enough to keep Ethan out of their lives. Chad tells Jared that he believes Ethan, but Jared refuses to believe since Ethan is always around trying to break them up. Jared admits to Chad that his pride is getting in the way, and he loves Theresa but refuses to let Ethan comes between them. Whitney calls Chad to encourage Jared to stay in Harmony because Theresa is offering Ethan a job with Crane Industries in India. Jared is baffled at Chad's advice to him since he cannot stay faithful to Whitney. Chad leaves Jared to meet his lover and tells Jared to cover for him if Whitney inquires about his whereabouts. Jared tells Chad that he would not cheat on Theresa. Valerie advises Jared not to walk out on Theresa because something is going on in Harmony, and he needs to stay and protect her.

Whitney urges Theresa to tell Ethan that it's over between them. Theresa is shocked that Gwen left Jane behind, and Ethan tells her that he told Gwen about the court order forbidding her to take Jane out of the country. Ethan is distraught because he thought he was able to hold on to Gwen if he waves the court order over her head. He realizes that he has pushed Gwen to the limit and that was not sufficient to keep Gwen in Harmony. Theresa is supposed to be letting go of Ethan, but she is having second thoughts since Gwen is no longer in the picture. Ethan apologizes to Theresa because he honestly doesn't know how he got into bed with her without any clothes on. He may not know how he got there physically, but emotionally, he was there because he loves Theresa, and he never stopped loving her. That's all Theresa needs to hear. Whitney reminds Theresa that her main purpose for talking to Ethan is to make a clear break from him. Ethan asks Theresa to forgive him for all the rotten things that he has done to her. Theresa tells Ethan that there is no need to apologize since she has been just as rotten towards him. Whitney is hoping that Theresa will be strong enough to tell Ethan that she is moving on with Jared. Theresa tells Ethan that she has something to tell him, and it's killing her to say it. Ethan notices that she is shaking.

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