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Passions Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on PS
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Chris wants Sheridan to spend quality time with him, but all Sheridan can think about is going off to comfort Luis. Chris is on to her little games in that Sheridan always makes excuses in order to find a way to be near Luis. Sheridan realizes that Chris is on to her, so she back tracks, apologizes to Chris, and spends some much needed time with him to keep him off guard. Meanwhile, Luis is having a tough time proving his innocence within the eyes of the law. Sam has become aware of Luis and Fancy's hypnosis, and it won't help Luis with his case since he was in the same room with Fancy while she was hypnotized. The DA could claim that Luis planted suggestion of innocence in Fancy's head. Sam tells Fancy that Luis could spend the rest of his life behind bars as a result of the tainted evidence. The hypnosis was not authorized by a judge, and the results could appear bias in Luis' favor.

Miguel is trying to convince Kay that Fox is not dying, but Kay won't listen to him. Paloma goes to Fox's hospital room to take an official statement, and Fox tells her that it was Miguel who ran him down with a car and left him for dead.

Ethan continues to beg Whitney to tell him what has gotten Theresa so upset, but Whitney refuses to betray Theresa's confidence. However, she does tell Ethan that Theresa needs him and that he should go to her. Jared begs Theresa to let him help instead of Vincent because Vincent cannot be trusted. All he wants is Theresa's money. Theresa manages to tell him that someone is blackmailing her. Meanwhile, the masked man is planning to destroy Theresa's family if she tells Jared her secret. Jared tells Theresa that he will handle the situation and get her out from under the blackmailer's thumb. Jared is desperate to help Theresa in order to make up to her for breaking it off with her. Jared asks Theresa to tell him her big secret, but Theresa's mind wanders off; she is thinking about the fallout if the truth about Little Ethan's paternity should come out. Ethan shows up shortly after and asks Theresa if she has taken Jared back. She is interrupted by a text message from her blackmailer. His message insists that Theresa stay with Jared and break it off with Ethan. She complies and tells Ethan that she is going to marry Jared after all. Ethan is shocked.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chad tells his lover that they are through ľ oh and just because he has sex with men doesn't mean he's gay!

At the funeral home, Simone grieves for Rae and receives a visit from her spirit.

Sheridan gives Fancy a mighty slap, claiming she is the cause of all of Luis' problems. She tells Fancy she can't provide Luis with a loving relationship if she can't stand to be touched.

Luis, Ethan and Whitney are confounded when Theresa announces she is engaged to Jared... again. When Theresa begins to cry, Jared believes they are tears of joy. Once they are alone, Theresa confesses all to a sympathetic Whitney. Jared calls one of his old contacts for help in tracking down the blackmailer.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spike and Jessica are outside on the docks. She wants to go tell Kay that she lied about seeing the fake Charity, but Spike, who is holding a knife behind his back, stops her. He remembers his previous conversation with Julian, who told him to do "whatever it took" to keep Jessica from telling Kay the truth. Spike puts the knife away and tries persuasion. When that does not work, he backhands her, then sells her to a passing fisherman and leaves. Jessica protests, but the fisherman tries to force himself on her. A distraught Simone, devastated by Rae's death, tries to jump off the pier and drown, but she is unable to go through with it. She hears Jessica screaming for help and rushes to the rescue. She attacks the fisherman and drives him off. She has strong words for Jessica and leaves her on the wharf to go phone Paloma to come down and help Jessica. Once Simone is gone, a ski-masked attacker grabs Jessica and she screams.

Julian will not allow Miguel to talk to Kay, who is at Fox's bedside. He leaves and goes to Tabitha's house, where she has been unsuccessfully using her magic bowl to find out who is causing all the trouble in Harmony. Miguel asks for her support and Tabitha tells Miguel that she believes him. Kay arrives home to pick up Maria so that she can go see Fox in the hospital. Miguel and Kay have yet another conversation where he tells her that he loves her, that they belong together and that he is innocent of any crime and she tells him that he is a liar. At the hospital, Eve tells Fox that even though his tumor it inoperable, it is treatable and Harmony Hospital is the best facility for the treatment he needs. Fox is flummoxed and tries to dissemble, because he does not want to get treatment for his fake tumor. Both he and Julian are flabbergasted as Eve describes the treatments and the associated pain and side effects, nausea, hair loss and impotence. Kay and Maria arrive to hear Eve tells Fox, who has recovered from major injuries and surgery in only a few hours, that she can schedule treatment for him on the following day.

In the Crane mansion living room, Fancy accuses Sheridan of attacking her and planting Luis's sperm in her. Sheridan is adamant in her denial, but Fancy continues to insist that Sheridan is the attacker when Luis walks in. Despite Fancy's accusations, Luis does not believe that Sheridan is the attacker. Sheridan tells Fancy that she loves her and would never hurt her, but she does not believe that a woman could do such a mean thing to another. Fancy relates that under hypnosis both she and Luis remembered a woman. Fancy tells Sheridan that "she had better believe it."

Jared lies bleeding in an alley, while his cigarette smoking, trench coat wearing, high- heeled attacker applies lipstick and taunts Theresa via email. She lures Theresa to the alley and watches Theresa find Jared. Theresa is covered in his blood when she calls 911. The attacker vanished before Theresa could confront her.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kay and Julian are visiting Fox at the hospital. Eve tells Fox that his tumor is growing rapidly and that it will take drastic measures to slow it down. Fox is stunned when she tells him that a possible side effect from the procedure could be impotence. Kay reassures Fox that all they need in life is love. Kay decides to take Maria home and leaves. While she's headed for the elevator Miguel stops her and tells her he loves her. Kay is sickened that Miguel is still trying to prove that Fox is lying. She tells him to leave and take Maria home. Meanwhile, Fox demands for Julian to do something about this supposed procedure or their plan is going to go up in smoke. Kay returns to the room. Julian leaves to give the two some privacy.

Fancy and Luis are with Sheridan. Fancy accuses her Aunt of being the attacker. Sheridan points out that she is not the attacker and tells the Fancy and Luis that there has to be more than one attacker. Luis gets an emergency phone call from a frantic Theresa to join her at the hospital. Fancy and Luis head to the emergency room.

The ambulance arrives to take Jared to the hospital. Theresa is devastated. Luis, Fancy, Whitney and Ethan all meet with Theresa at the ER. Theresa can't tell them how Jared got shot. Whitney accidentally blurts out that it may have something to do with the investigation he's doing for Theresa. Whitney takes Theresa aside and tells her she must tell her secrets. Theresa is adamant that she won't tell. Ethan knows Theresa is hiding something. Eve tells them that Jared is in critical but stable condition but that he will need extensive surgery.

Simone is on her cell phone talking to Paloma when she hears Jessica scream. Noah and Paloma immediately join Simone in the search for Jessica. Jessica reappears dazed. They notice she has on a pair of red women's shoes. A packet falls out of her purse and Paloma tells them it's cocaine. They take Jessica to the hospital for observation because she's mumbling something about being attacked by a man/woman person.

Chad is at home thinking about how he's going to keep his mystery lover away from Whitney. He's hoping that his last visit with him will finally be the last.

Fancy leaves the hospital and is attacked. This time she's able to ward off her attacker and the person gets away. When Luis hears her scream he runs to her and she tells him she was able to scratch her attacker. She yells at Luis that they need to go to Sheridan's home because she thinks that her attacker was Sheridan. When they get to Sheridan's house Chris answers the door and tells them he doesn't know of Sheridan's whereabouts.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chad tells himself that only a man and a woman can love each other, so it was good that he ended the affair with his male cohort. He tells Whitney that a gay relationship is based on something other than love because gay people cannot love each other the way a man and a woman love each other. He thinks their relationship is based on sex; however, Whitney tells him that that was not the case with Simone and Rae. Whitney is worried about Theresa since Jared was shot. She thinks it could have been Theresa. Miles' sitter for the night is gay, and when he brought over Miles, his partner recognizes Chad. Chad insists that he has never seen him before, but Chad did see him at a bar with his partner. Whitney tries to set up a play date for Miles, but Chad objects because Mile's friend parents are gay, and they probably know his secret or could figure it out. Whitney is shocked at Chad's behavior since he has never acted as such before.

Ethan is determined to find out Theresa's secret. Whitney is encouraging Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa refuses since she is being blackmailed. Ethan begs Whitney to tell him Theresa's secret, but Whitney tells him to talk to Theresa. Jared tells Theresa that it was a woman who shot him. The blackmailer threatens Theresa again, and this time he not only promises to expose her secret to the world, but he promises that he would do more than Theresa could imagine. Vincent tells Theresa that the blackmailer wants to meet her and that she should show up alone. Vincent tells Theresa not to show up alone because it could be dangerous, but Theresa insists that she does the blackmailer's bidding. Ethan receives his divorce papers, and he feels that this will change everything with Theresa.

Luis and Fancy go to look for Sheridan at the cottage because Fancy suspects that Sheridan is the one who attacked her moments ago in the hospital parking lot. Chris looks for Sheridan throughout the cottage, but she is nowhere to be found. Sheridan finally resurfaced. Chris asks for her whereabouts, and Sheridan tells him that she went to the store to buy James some cough medicine. Sheridan gets a wind of why Luis and Fancy are at the cottage, and she realizes that Fancy thinks she is the attacker. She immediately tells Luis that it's ridiculous and that Fancy is having a nervous breakdown. Fancy asks to see if Sheridan has any scratch marks because she is sure she scratched the attacker. Sheridan refuses and goes on to calling Fancy a raving lunatic. Chris is suspicious of Sheridan because they had enough cough medicine, so Sheridan had no need to go out. Chris also saw the bruises on Sheridan's arm when she took off her clothes. Luis tells Sheridan that he plans to take Fancy away, someplace far away from all of this mess. Sheridan was all too eager to get the location from Luis. Fancy is sure that Sheridan is the one who attacked her, but Luis does not believe her. Fancy agrees to go away with Luis for a couple of days.

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