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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on SB
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Monday, October 24, 1997

The Deep (Meg's Surprise Party)
Ben admitted he tricked Meg into coming to The Deep. Scared that he had sinister intentions, Meg fled downstairs where she was greeted with SURPRISE! Meg was so surprised that she fainted. When she woke up, Meg learned that Ben had thrown her a surprise birthday party. All of her friends were in attendance and even her mother, Joan, had even flown in for the occasion. Ben apologized for some of the things he had to do to plan her party... he even stole her date book to get addresses of her friends. All Meg's fears and doubts about Ben melted away when they shared a dance.

Vanessa was upset but not surprised that Virginia had come to the party with Michael.

Meg decided to make a confession to Ben about Maria, but he said he didn't want to discuss Maria tonight... Maria hadn't been invited to the party. Just then Meg looked up and saw a woman in a white dress. Startled, Meg dropped her champagne glass and blurted out Maria. The Hospital
Bette and Charles couldn't believe their ears when Olivia announced she wanted a divorce from Gregory, and she wanted him served with the papers that day. Bette advised Olivia to give herself some time to heal before she made any big decisions. Olivia explained that her love for Gregory was like an addiction. Their love had caused Caitlin to be destroyed, and she couldn't take any chances with the baby she was carrying.

Olivia was anxious to leave the hospital and informed Tyus and Bette that she would staying in a hotel instead of going home. Tyus told her to make other arrangements, because she'd need more support than that. When Olivia didn't know what she would do, Bette assured her that she'd take care of everything.

The Richard's House
Annie tried to ingratiate herself to a grieving Gregory. She mentioned that she had taken care of Sean while he was drunk and had talked to him about Gregory. Annie's encouraged Gregory to notice what is right under his nose... meaning her. Her words didn't have quite the affect she wanted when Gregory decided that she was right and that he should go see Olivia. The Convent
Caitlin accepted Cole's marriage proposal. Caitlin worried that Cole only wanted to marry her because of the baby. Cole assured her that wasn't so.

Sister Beatrice was overjoyed when she learned that Cole and Caitlin were getting married, but she was disappointed to learn that Caitlin still hadn't told Cole that she'd lost the baby. Caitlin explained she wanted to find how fast she could become pregnant again so it would soften the blow when she told Cole about losing the baby. Caitlin also feared that if Cole ever found out about her parent's plans for their baby, he'd kill her father and she'd never see Cole again. Sister Beatrice advised her to trust in Cole's love.

Caitlin insisted to Cole that they not go back to Sunset Beach. Despite Cole's objections, he said he'd do whatever it took to make her happy.

The Hospital
Gregory came in to visit Olivia with an armful of flowers just to tell her he loved her and that he didn't know what he'd do without her. Although touched by his sweetness, Olivia still sprung the news on Gregory that she wanted a divorce.

Bette and Annie's House
Bette informed Annie that Olivia would be moving in with them.

 Tuesday October 25

Annie and Bette's house
Annie couldn't believe it when Bette told her she wanted Olivia to move in with them. She suddenly had a change of heart when she found out the Richard's family was busting up. Bette realized that Annie was planning on using the situation to her advantage.

The Deep
Meg and Ricardo freaked out when a woman who looked like Maria walked into the club. Ben knew instantly that the woman wasn't Maria. Enraged, Ben aggressively shook the woman and demanded to know who she was. When Tim came in and explained that she was his friend, Ben forced Tim up to his office. Ben threatened Tim that he would learn just how dangerous he can be if ever pulls another stunt. Tim vowed that he wouldn't stop until everyone knows what Ben did to Maria. Meg came in and asked Tim to leave. Tim wanted Meg to admit that she doesn't trust Ben. Meg claimed she trusts Ben completely. Tim told Meg to notice how Ben had reacted to the Maria look alike.

Paula comforted Ricardo who was upset about being reminded of his sister. Ricardo started to think that maybe he and Paula were getting closer, but she explained that it is too late for them.

After gloating that she came to the party with Michael, Virginia suggested to Vanessa that maybe she did start the fire at the cabin, but Vanessa would never be able to prove it.

As Tim was leaving, both Joan and Ricardo blast him for tricking everyone. Tim said he just wants Meg to see that Ben is a psycho.

Michael and Vanessa shared a dance after pining away for each other all night. However, they got in another fight over Virginia and Vanessa left.

Meg told Ben that she has put the past behind her. Ben accused her of confiding in Tim, but then realized he was overreacting. The two of them went downstairs only to find that Annie had crashed the party. They assumed that Annie had helped Tim and told her to leave.

Ben and Meg got to enjoy the party when they danced the Texas-Two-Step that he requested for her.

Annie decided she would have a little chat with Meg before she left. Annie told Meg that she had never thought it was possible, but that Meg had actually taken Maria's place with Ben.

The Hospital
Gregory went into denial when Olivia told him she was divorcing him. Gregory reminded her that they needed each other and that their baby needed them. Olivia said there was nothing Gregory could do or say to change her mind. She loved him, but their love had destroyed their children's lives and she wouldn't let that happen to the baby she is carrying. She was tired of Gregory running her life. When Gregory realized she was serious, he swore that he was not about to lose anything else and that he would never let her leave him.

 Wednesday October 26, 1997

The Deep
Ben looked at an old wedding photo of Maria and him. He said to himself that he made sure Maria couldn't do anymore damage.

Annie told Meg that Ben wasn't thrilled to hear that Meg had been asking questions about Maria's studio. Meg made it clear that she knew Ben had nothing to do with what she saw in Maria's studio. Meg would never marry anyone that she didn't have complete faith in. Meg taunted Annie that since marriage was based on trust, she didn't see marriage in Annie's future. After Meg left, Annie stated not to be too sure about that.

Meg was surprised when she found out that Ben had moved her into his house. Ben explained he just wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. Meg agreed that since they were going to be spending the rest of their lives together they might as well start tonight.

The Convent
Cole noticed that there was something going on with Caitlin, but he just thought she was nervous about becoming a parent.

Sister Beatrice told Caitlin that it was unfair to be letting Cole get more excited about the baby. Caitlin wanted to wait until she could see a doctor and find out when she can get pregnant again.

Cole asked Caitlin where she had been going when she had in the accident. She explained she was on her way back to him, because she had found out her parents had been trying to break them up.

South Bay Hospital
Gregory declared he would never let Olivia leave him. She claimed her mind was made up and there was nothing he could do about it. Gregory warned Olivia that if she proceeded with the divorce she would live to regret it. Olivia said that a divorce would be best for both of them. He ranted that she would be nothing without him. She cried that she didn't ever care about his money... all she had cared about was his love. He angrily questioned if she thought that divorcing him would bring Caitlin back. She knew that nothing could. Bette came in and tried to referee the nasty fight. When things went from bad to worse, Bette went to get security. Annie listened in on Gregory and Olivia. Olivia swore she wouldn't let Gregory destroy the child she is carrying. When security came in to get him, Gregory was shaking Olivia and yelling that he would never let her keep his child from him.

Annie came in supposedly to apologize to Olivia. Olivia wasn't happy when Annie purposely let it slip that Olivia would be moving in with Bette and her.

Bette talked Olivia into moving in with Annie and her, because it would be best for her.

Vanessa's Apartment
Casey tried to convince Vanessa that she is seeing things about Virginia that just aren't there. Vanessa said that Virginia would never willingly show her bad side to anyone, but she's betting that Virginia eventually slips up and shows her true self.

Casey lamented that he won't be able to spend Thanksgiving with his mom. Vanessa planned on spending Thanksgiving alone. Casey noticed that Vanessa never mentioned her mom when she talked about her family. He asked her to come spend Thanksgiving at Surf Central, but she didn't think it would be a good idea. After Casey left, Vanessa made a mysterious phone call and asked, 'How is she?'

Surf Central
Michael helped Virginia prepare Thanksgiving goodies.

Casey advised Michael to let Vanessa know how much he loves her. After thinking it over, Michael asked Virginia if she minded if he invited Vanessa to Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, Virginia agreed that Vanessa should come.

The Richard's House
Gregory drowned his sorrows in a bottle of booze.

Vanessa's Apartment
Michael came armed with a piece of pie to make peace with Vanessa. They both admitted that they miss each other and decided to put their differences about Virginia aside to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Ben (& Meg's) House
Joan stayed with Ben and Meg on their first night living in the house together.

When Meg found Ben acting suspicious, he admitted she caught him trying to wrap her present. After Ben gave Meg a necklace, they made love.

Meg woke up and discovered that Ben wasn't in bed with her. When she went looking for him, she saw the light on in Maria's studio and found the door locked. Ben was inside looking at Maria's portrait. She ran and got back in bed just before Ben came back in. When inquired about his whereabouts, Ben told her he had been locking up everything that needed to be locked up.

 Thursday October 27, 1997

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Sunset Beach was not shown today.

 Friday October 21, 1997

Ben and Meg's House
Meg was suspicious that Ben was trying to hide evidence, when he came out of the closet with a duffel bag. Ben explained he was making room for her things in the closet, then he excused himself to run errands. Seeing that Meg was feeling insecure, Joan reassured Meg of her future with Ben.

Annie and Bette's House
Because she overheard Annie ordering dinner for two, Bette mistakenly thought that Annie was planning a dinner for the two of them. Bette knew that Annie was up to something when she suggested that Bette spend Thanksgiving with Olivia.

The Convent
Caitlin padded her belly to hide her miscarriage from Cole. Cole and Caitlin chat about what their future Thanksgivings will be like with a family.

The Richards' House
Gregory phoned Olivia, but she didn't answer. He then failed to convince Sean to spend Thanksgiving with him.

Gregory wasn't interested when Annie set up a cozy little dinner for the two of them.

The Hospital
Bette visited Olivia. They worried that since Cole had lost Caitlin he would go back on his promise to not claim Olivia's unborn baby.

Olivia promised her unborn baby that she would always be there for him/her.

Bette and Annie's House
Annie lied to Bette that she had cancelled their dinner because she thought Bette was eating with Olivia. Eddie and Tim both showed up looking for some traditional Thanksgiving fare, but they all decided to just settle for pizza.

Surf Central

Surf Central was abuzz with Thanksgiving Day festivities as Vanessa, Paula, Elaine, Joan, Meg, and Ben join the Surf Central gang to celebrate.

Casey questioned if Michael was starting to think of Virginia as more than just Jimmy's mother.

Gabi tried unsuccessfully to be cordial with Elaine.

Paula and Ricardo reminisce about last Thanksgiving. Ricardo declared that the only thing he is guilty of is still being in love with Paula.

Virginia played dirty with Vanessa when she got rough with Vanessa during a football game and then sabotaged Vanessa's Sweet Potato Soufflé.

Casey's mom, Alex, phoned him to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving. She told Casey that Christmas in Sunset Beach was a possibility.

Meg quizzed Ben about where he mysteriously disappeared to that morning. She was satisfied when he said he had taken some old clothes to the local mission. Later, Meg's doubts return when Mark mentions that he was at the mission and didn't see Ben there.

Everyone gave thanks for what they are grateful for.

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