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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on SB
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Monday, June 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Starla Gist

A.J. and Olivia continued there game of darts by throwing them at pictures of Gregory and Annie, taped to the dart board. After throwing the dart, Olivia has a flashback and recalls being up in a cabin where someone lured her to. A.J. tried to help jog Olivia's memory of the details of what happened to her in the cabin. Olivia told A.J. she remembers someone throwing a dart at her, but it missed her and hit the wall. She then finally remembered that the cabin was in Silverado Canyon and she went into labor while she was there. With A.J. egging her on, Olivia struggles to remember who else was present when she gave birth. A.J. convinces her to find out more about what happened and since Trey's baptism was tomorrow, he suggested they drive up to the cabin tonight. Olivia agreed and as they discuss the past they've had together, A.J. told Olivia that he believes if she puts her mind to it, she can figure out all the missing pieces that happened the night she lost her son. Olivia is grateful for A.J.'s words of encouragement and they almost end up kissing each other, but pull away and decide they had better leave and head up to the cabin.

Annie pushed Gregory into marrying her tonight, and he demanded to know why she wanted it to be so sudden. Annie said to herself that she needed him to marry her so that she wouldn't lose her Liberty Corporation stock, but confessed to Gregory that it was because of her father's unreliability; she also told him she feared if he didn't marry her tonight, he never would. Gregory told her even though he could understand her wanting to be a June bride, there was no way they could pull off a wedding in this short of time. Annie convinced Gregory that they could get married in Las Vegas and people do it all the time and added how much she has always wanted to be Mrs. Gregory Richards. Moved, Gregory called his private jet, and they decided to fly to Las Vegas.

On the way to Las Vegas, Annie thought she was home free until she discovered the pilot grew ill during the flight and informed her that he was too sick to make it to Las Vegas. Frantic and determined, Annie drugged him by dropping some pills in his water and making him drink it before he was able to tell Gregory. He passed out, and she got in the pilot seat. After the plane jerked, Gregory came up front to see what was going on, and saw Annie flying the plane. She claimed that she'd had flying lessons before, but then pulled the wrong switch, and lost control of the plane!

A guilt stricken Casey told Ricardo how he should have known that Derek was an imposter. Ricardo told him to go easy on his self because Derek had them all fooled. Casey told him that Derek fooled everyone except Meg and then recalled events he and Meg shared since they'd met and all they had gone through. He appeared to be thinking of her in another way! Could Casey be hoping this friendship will turn into something more? As Ricardo was driving, they stopped to help a stranded driver. (Why?! Weren't they in a hurry to save Meg?) But another guy jumped out from no where and the two men held them up instead! When they realized that Ricardo was a cop, they shot out his CB radio. They figured since the radio was out, back up would show up for sure, so they debated whether to leave them there tied up or kill them.

Joan and Hank show up and Sara broke the news to her horrified parents that Meg is in the company of a crazed killer who is Ben's psychotic twin brother that has been masquerading as Ben for months. Meanwhile, Gabi asked the D.A. to clear Antonio's charges because the whole idea to break Ben out was hers, not Antonio's. Antonio assures Gabi he'll find a way to explain his actions to his parishioners. Carmen showed up, certain that her sons were in danger, and pointed the finger of blame at Gabi. Antonio quickly stuck up for her and ordered his mother to back off when Carmen accused Gabi of putting Ricardo in danger once again. At that point, Carmen realized that Gabi did care and that it was Derek that had been doing all the bad things that had been going on. Hank yelled at the D.A. to let Gabi and Antonio go and spend the time they had spent booking them on figuring out where Ben and Meg were at, but she insisted there was nothing she could do. One of the officers said there was something wrong with Ricardo's CB radio, and that he was going as backup. Hank declared he was going with him.

After hitting Derek with the sewer wrench, Meg tried to make a run for it, but Derek had a knife stabbed at the top of the door, preventing her from getting out. As Meg tried to grab the knife out of the door so she could get out the cabin, Derek caught up to her and beat her to the knife. As Derek approached a scared Meg and told her he was going to have to kill her, Meg gapes in shock at the new arrival as Ben walks in the door. Derek is shocked as well and Ben informs his astonished brother that the rumors of his death were very much exaggerated. As Derek and Ben struggled, Meg tried to stop Derek by jumping on his back, but he flung her up against the wall and knocked her out. Derek pushed Ben up against the wall, trying to choke him. They struggled to the floor Derek told Ben he was not going to have Meg. Ben informed his brother neither was he and then stabbed Derek. As Derek laid unconscious, Ben went to Meg and held her, trying to wake her up. He kissed her like Prince Charming and she woke up like sleeping beauty did. He then assured her it was all over, and she saw Derek lying on the floor. Derek began to regain consciousness and moved his hand while on the floor. He then jumped up, and went after Ben, and stabbed him in the stomach while Meg yelled, "Nooooo!"

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

On A Plane Bound For Vegas
Gregory is stunned to find Annie in the pilot's seat flying the plane with the pilot incapacitated, lying in the back. Annie told Gregory she knows what she is doing and it's like riding a bike, once you've learned, you never forget. Upon hearing this, Gregory insists on turning the plane around, but Annie convinces him they can continue on to Las Vegas as planned. Gregory admires Annie's spunk, but informs her that he too knows how to fly a plane and decides to take over. Suddenly the pilot comes to and accuses Annie of drugging him, but Annie manages to convince him that he was just over medicated. She heads back up front with Gregory and plays happy couple as Gregory flies them to Las Vegas.

At Sunset Beach Medical Center
Certain that Tyus knows more than he is letting on, Michael returns to Tyus's office and lets himself in so he can rifle through the doctors files. Michael comes across the Hart file and thinks it's Vanessa's file, but ends up learning that it is actually her mother Lena's file. He sees from looking in Lena's file that she has M.A.S.Y, but he doesn't know what it means. He then gathers up the files and heads out of Tyus's office determined to get some answers.

At Tyus's Place
Vanessa begs a reluctant Tyus to help her fake her own death. Tyus informs Vanessa that she probably doesn't have to do that because he may have found a cure for Martin's Syndrome. Excited, Vanessa asks Tyus about the new drug and Tyus told her he's found an experimental drug that could help her. He explained it had to be tested first to examine the possible side effects. Vanessa told Tyus she didn't care about the side effects, nothing could be worse than being apart from Michael. Tyus informed her that he had already taken the drug to test it. Vanessa couldn't believe Tyus would do such a thing and decided she was not going to let him go through the side effects of the untested drug alone and quickly snatched the vial out of his hands and swallowed the concoction. As the side effects kick in, they experienced two side effects: one was increased thirst, and the other, hallucinations. They both thought Vanessa's blisters had disappeared, but they hadn't and Tyus visioned Vanessa standing in a white dress looking beautiful again without the blisters. Vanessa grew excited and thanked Tyus, who hugged her with all his might. Tyus then told Vanessa he needed to record these events down and left to go to the car to retrieve his tape recorder. Alone, Vanessa relished in the fact that she thought her blisters had disappeared and had a vision of Michael coming through the front door.

At Cedar Oak
In Tim's Room, Joan and Sara show up to visit Tim and tell him about the situation with Derek and Ben. While they are visiting him, a mysterious unseen person lurks outside the hallway watching them. They informed Tim that Derek had taken Meg to a cabin, and they were not sure if Ben had gotten to them yet. Sara realized that Tim still loves Meg. Sara confided in Tim how it was growing up with Meg, and how she seemed to be in Meg's shadow all the time. Tim understood, and cited his fling with Connie as a way to prove to himself that he wasn't good enough for Meg. Sara and Joan continued to fret about Meg, having heard no news from Hank. They left Tim's room to call the police station, and a mysterious unseen person went into his room.

In Las Vegas
Annie and Gregory finally make it and descend upon one of those Vegas chapels. However, there was a couple before them who couldn't decide on what kind of wedding they want, which causes an already desperate Annie to become more anxious to make the midnight deadline. She then tried to help the couple move it along, but it wasn't really working. The couple got into an argument and left, but another couple showed up who kind of resembled Cole and Caitlin with an infant that kind of looked like Trey. Annie felt a twinge of guilt about what she had done to Trey, but pushed it out or her mind and concentrated on her real goal, Gregory. Finally, Annie and Gregory stepped up to the minister and just as they were deciding what wedding package to buy, Gregory suddenly declared that he couldn't marry her.

On The Road Up To The Cabin
The carjackers threaten to kill Casey and Ricardo who try to convince them to give it up. Ricardo and Casey battle with their armed attackers and manage to subdue them by overpowering them. Ricardo handcuffed them to their vehicle, so they could go rescue Meg. They then set off to find Meg and Ben and on the rode up to the cabin, Ricardo realized that Casey cared about Meg very much. Later they spy Gabi's abandoned car by the road side and Ricardo pulls out his binoculars and told Casey he can see the cabin and Ben's car. Casey says let's do this and the two men head up to the cabin.

Up At The Cabin
As Meg and Ben hug each other and relish in the fact that they are both okay, a stabbed Derek comes to and lunges at Ben with the knife. As Meg screams, Ben and Derek fight and Derek turns the knife into Ben, but Ben manages to avoid being stabbed. As the showdown continues, Ben and Derek fights and Ben gets the better of Derek, but he manages to break free and runs outside. Ben starts to go after him and Meg starts to follow him, but becomes faint and Ben stays with her for a while giving Derek the opportunity to get a head start. However, Derek doesn't go far and ends up at the car where he pops the trunk and gets his Terror Island mask out and prepares to give Meg a little reminder of who she is dealing with. As Ben comforts Meg inside, Derek donned in his mask, peers at them through the window. Ben gives Meg a cane to protect herself and told her to go in the bathroom and lock the door until Ricardo comes. Ben is about to go pursue Derek when the power went out. Derek takes advantage of the confusion to grab Meg. Holding a broken bottle to her throat, Derek threatened to slit her throat if Ben comes any closer. He then forces Ben to discuss Maria's death. Derek asked Meg if she ever heard the truth about Maria's death. Meg said she thought Maria had betrayed Ben, but Derek declared that Ben had killed her! Derek explained he left clues around that Maria was having an affair, and when Ben saw them together, he was furious. According to Derek, Maria insisted to Ben that she didn't know that Derek wasn't Ben, but Ben didn't believe her. She ran to Ben on his boat, and Derek accused Ben of pushing her over the side of the boat. Ben denied it, claiming it was a stormy night and Maria fell off. He tried everything he could to save her. Meg told Derek that she would never believe that Ben let Maria die. Derek realized that she would never stop loving Ben so he had to kill her. Ben insisted that Derek take his life instead. Meanwhile, Ricardo and Casey made it to the cabin. Will they save Ben and Meg from crazed Derek........

Wednesday, July 1st">

Today's recap was provided by Starla Gist

In Las Vegas
As Annie and Gregory stood in front of the Minister trying to decide what wedding package to buy, Gregory suddenly declared that he couldn't marry her. A stunned Annie wondered why and Gregory told her that his attorneys advised him against marrying without a prenuptial agreement in place. Annie glanced at the clock and with her midnight deadline just twenty minutes away, she agreed to sign the prenuptial agreement. The Minister tried to get them to hurry because other couples were waiting. Gregory told Annie that he left the pre-nup in Sunset Beach and they will have to fly back to get it. Annie told Gregory if he really loved her he would marry her, after all she did agree to sign the silly pre-nup. Gregory said, sorry, not without the pre-nup. Annie then got an idea and told Gregory to have his lawyer fax the pre-nup over to the chapel. Amused by her enthusiasm, Gregory did as he was told and Annie signed and then rushed Gregory to the alter so she could marry him before midnight. As the Minister went through the common verses, Annie cut in several of times to get the Minister to speed it up a little and told him that they already knew that part about marriage shouldn't be entered into unadvisable. The Minister gave her a peculiar look, but proceeded to skip over the other verses and cut to the ring part. Gregory informed the Minister that he didn't have a ring and Annie said who needs a ring anyway, we'll get one later. The Minister told her this maybe Vegas, but if they didn't have a ring, there would be no wedding. Annie panic, while Gregory stood there looking like he really didn't care. The Minister then informed them that he just so happens to have some rings which they can purchase at a discounted price. Annie cut in and said, lay away, now can we get on with it. As the Minister proceed with the rest of the verse, the clock began to strike at 12:00 midnight........

At The Apartment Complex In South Central
Virginia shows up at Tyus's dads place looking to speak to Vanessa to see if she has agreed to fake her own death. As she pounds on the door, Ms. Moreau comes out of her own apartment and told Virginia that Vanessa is not there. Virginia asks Ms. Moreau if she knows where Vanessa is and Moreau told her that she is not in the habit of spying on her neighbors. Virginia learns from Ms. Moreau that Tyus removed Vanessa's things from her apartment and figures out that Tyus knew Vanessa never left Sunset Beach all along and has been helping her. Ms. Moreau asks her why is she so concerned, and asks her just what man does she want. Virginia plays it off and makes Moreau think she was just being curious. Ms. Moreau doesn't buy it and told Virginia that she hopes Vanessa is gone, so she won't have to be bothered by Virginia anymore. She then told Virginia that she has washed her hands of her and went back into her apartment. Alone, Virginia says thanks a lot for nothing and then tries to figure out if Tyus is helping Vanessa fake her own death. She then panics and realizes that Tyus may have found out that Vanessa really doesn't have Martin's Syndrome and hightails it over there to be sure.

At Cedar Oaks
Tim has a nightmare about the Terror Island incident and about who he believed was Ben, pushing him from the scaffold. As he sees himself following in his dreams, he awakens to find a strange woman standing over his bed. He asks her who is she, but before she can answer him or say anything, A nurse quickly leads her away, explaining that the woman is a patient. Later, the mystery woman has a nightmare and wakes up screaming to reveal who she is.

Meanwhile, Michael has arrived at Cedar Oaks determined to find some answers and lies to one of the nurses and told her that he is Vanessa's cousin and Lena's nephew and he came by to see how Lena was doing. The nurse went and gets Dr. Estrada and Michael quizzes her about Lena's illness. Dr. Estrada only says so much and told Michael he needs to talk to Vanessa about the rest. She then told Michael she has other patients to look in on and excuses herself. Michael on the other hand decides that he doesn't need her to find out what he wants to know about Vanessa and leaves.

At Tyus Place
Vanessa imagines that her blisters have completely vanished. Meanwhile, Tyus returns from getting his tape recorder out the car and imagines that Vanessa's blisters are gone as well. Vanessa imagines that Tyus is Michael and went over and kisses him passionately. Deep in his own hallucination, Tyus eagerly responds to Vanessa's kiss and her fervent declaration of love. Meanwhile believing herself to be embracing Michael, Vanessa urges him to make love to her. However, they only end up falling on the couch. Outside, Virginia has arrived and was listening in from the doorway. Deciding that she must know what is going on in there, she gently opens the door and peeks in and sees Tyus and Vanessa in each others arms and Vanessa told Tyus that they never have to be apart from each other again. Tyus told Vanessa that she is so beautiful and Virginia senses that they are on something. They end up asleep in each others arms, passed out on the couch and Virginia uses this opportunity to come in and find out more about what they are up to. She finds the vial and realizes that they must be on some type of psychedelic trip and decides to use this to her advantage. After making sure Vanessa and Tyus are totally pass out, Virginia loosens their clothing and prepares to take a blackmail photo, but jumps when Michael suddenly shows up pounding on the door telling Tyus to open up.

At Sunset Beach Police Station
Awaiting post-arraignment, Gabi and Antonio are returned to the jail cell. There, they bond as both worry about their friends. Gabi told Antonio how her father always made her keep her hair long, because it made her look attractive. Antonio told her she doesn't need long hair to be attractive. Surprised, Gabi asks Antonio if he thinks she is pretty and Antonio told her he thinks she is beautiful. As they sit in jail, Gabi told Antonio she's proud of herself for finally putting someone else's needs before her own. Antonio then told Gabi it's going to be along night while they wait to hear if Ricardo and the others are okay. Gabi acknowledges and the two sit there and wait.

Up At The Cabin
As Ricardo and Casey make there way to the cabin, Casey told Ricardo that being out there reminds him of being on the island. Ricardo told Casey only this time they know what they are up against. Meanwhile as the showdown continues inside the cabin, Meg told Derek that she will never believe that Ben let Maria die. Realizing that Meg would never stop loving Ben, Derek decided he had to kill her. Ben insisted that Derek take his life instead. Derek was not willing to bargain and while holding the dagger to Meg's throat, ordered his brother to drop the hatchet. Ben pretended to be handing it to Derek, but then tricked him and threw it at Derek's head. Derek ducked and let go of Meg and Ben told her to run. As Meg ran out the door, Ben and Derek had another showdown. As they fought, Derek turned on the stove and tried to burn Ben's face, but Ben kneed him and put Derek's hand over the burners. Derek yelled out in pain and the fight continued. As they rumbled and tumbled, Ben ended up pulling Derek's sweater off so that they were both in white shirts and black pants. Ben gave Derek one final blow and knocked him out and then left to look for Meg. Derek came to and left to look for Meg as well. Meanwhile, Casey and Ricardo finally showed up to find the cabin empty. Ricardo noticed there had been a tussle and Casey went ballistic worrying about Meg. Ricardo told Casey to calm down they would find them. Before heading out to find Meg and the twins, Casey told Ricardo if Derek harmed one head of hair on Meg's head, he would kill Derek himself.

Out In The Woods
A panicked Meg ran through the woods with both Ben and Derek in close pursuit. She almost fell over the ravine, but caught herself, just as Ben and Derek caught up to her. With both brothers dressed in white shirts and black pants, Meg didn't know who was who and Derek tried to use that to his advantage to get Meg to believe that he was really Ben. Faced with both twins trying to telling her they were really Ben, Meg realizes she can't tell them apart anymore. Ben told Meg to trust her instincts and look into his eyes and she will know. Derek told her the same thing. Meg looks at Derek and then looks at Ben and figures out who's who and runs to Ben. Derek calls Meg a little bitch and then apologizes and told her that they could have been happy together. Meg told Derek he is sick and twisted. Derek told her he isn't anymore since he's met her because she loves him. Maria never loved him, but she does. Ben told Derek that he came between him and Maria, but he is not going to come between him and Meg. Derek lunges at Ben again and told him he can have his precious Meg, in death. Locked in mortal combat, Ben told Derek not this time and throws him off top of him, but Derek and Ben both tumble down a ravine as Meg screams Ben!.......

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Due To Coverage of Wimbledon Tennis, Sunset Beach will not be seen today.

Friday, July 3, 1998

Due To Coverage of Wimbledon Tennis, Sunset Beach will not be seen today.

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