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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on SB
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Monday, Septembert14, 1998

Due to pre-emptions across the country on Friday spurred by The Starr Report, NBC opted to rebroadcast Friday's episode.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Olivia is shocked when she comes face-to-face with a towel-clad Francesca in Cole's room. Francesca takes great pleasure in allowing Olivia to think that she and Cole have been caught after making love. Cole insists that he is innocent but Francesca went on and on until Olivia asks her why she is trying to set up her son-in-law. Cole is stunned and grateful that his mother-in-law would defend and stand up for him. He later takes Francesca aside and orders her to get out and leave town. Instead of cowering, Francesca accuses him of having an affair with Olivia. Meg is shocked when she overhears Annie telling Tim that Maria is alive. When Meg confronts her, Annie is quick to embellish her statement by claiming that she was talking about everyone's memory of Maria. Annie then badmouths Meg further and then leaves, boasting privately to Tim that she has Meg right where she wants her. Carmen agrees to have a family dinner and invite Gabi. Ricardo thanks his mother for being nice to Gabi but does admit he still blames her for keeping them apart. Carmen repeats her feeling that Maria is still alive and close by. Ben's shocked when he thinks he sees Maria on the beach. However, he realizes his mistake when he comes face-to-face with the look alike. He returns the portrait of Maria to Carmen who warns him that it will not be easy for him to forget about Maria.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne. Be sure to check out her latest poem on the SB Online FrontPage! Cole's Room
Francesca told Cole she knows he slept with Olivia. Of course Cole denied the whole thing. Francesca told him that she can tell he did because Olivia has the look that most women have after Cole has slept with them. She also said this is why Olivia and Caitlin hate her because they recognize the look. Cole told Francesca, AGAIN, that he wants her out of his life. She said that there is that thin line between love and hate. She also told him that he didn't want her to leave because if he did he would have taken her to the airport and put her on the plane. He finally asks her what it will take to get her out of his life. Francesca said just one more job and she would permanently leave him alone.

Power Plant
Annie arrives at the power plant to meet a mysterious phone caller. The caller turns out to be Olivia. Annie is freaked by the place where they are meeting. Olivia says it is appropriate to meet at a power plant because she has all the power now. She bribes Annie to agree to go along with whatever plan she is devising. Annie wants to refuse but Olivia keeps dangling the idea of a jail sentence in front of her. Olivia told Annie that Cole will eventually break Caitlin's heart and she wants to prevent that. She hints at getting Cole out of Caitlin's life. She ask Olivia if she just expects Caitlin to move on to another man. Olivia said it will hurt a bit but she will recover. Annie told her that she is being selfish wanting Trey. Olivia again reminds her whose baby it is. Olivia asks Annie who else knows that Trey is not Caitlin's natural child; she replies Sean. Olivia says her main purpose in life is to protect her children no matter what. She then told Annie that she must go along with her plan whenever she is called on to help her. Throughout this conversation Olivia has acted very strange, staring into space a lot.

Antonio realizes that his desk has been rearranged and the pictures are there. When he looks through the pictures he discovers that the one of the blessed mother is missing. He instantly thinks of Francesca. Antonio calls the mission looking for Francesca; he is told she isn't there. Later when Francesca leaves Cole she finds Antonio waiting in her room. He instantly confronts her about the missing picture.

Olivia's House
Cole went to Olivia's to thank her for not believing Francesca. He assures Olivia that he would never cheat on Caitlin that she and Trey are is life. Olivia sits there just staring in space. When Cole leaves Olivia comments that her children are the most important thing to her and she would do anything for them.

The Java Web
Bette is talking to her editor on the phone. She is tired of all the old news of Clinton/Monica she wants something fresh. Emily and Bette meet in the Java Web. Emily told Bette she has made a decision about college. Before Emily can explain Bette told her she understands her going back east to school. Emily surprises her by saying she is staying in SB with her and going to UCLA. Bette sees Leo and comments on the good-looking Deschanel men. Emily says she has met him and he seems nice; she shows no interest. Amy and Brad watch them and make comments about their happy attitude. Amy is looking for something to get rid of Emily. Not being able to keep a secret Emily told Bette about Sean's Rap Music. Bette cautions Emily about men and how they like to protect their secrets and trust. Amy and Brad overhear the conversation. As soon as Emily and Bette leave Amy went over to Sean and Leo and introduces herself to Leo. Sean leaves them alone. Amy takes this opportunity to mention that Sean is recording Rap Music. Leo of course is interested in that little fact. When Sean returns to them, Leo mentions his rapping. Sean wants to know how he knows, Amy says that Emily is telling everyone and if Bette knows the whole town will soon know. Sean stomps off mad. Later you see Amy and Brad watching as Sean angrily confronts Emily about breaking his trust.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

Gabi decides to go to the mission to face Francesca and find out what her connection is to Antonio. While walking through the mission she overhears Antonio and Francesca arguing. She decides to eavesdrop. They are arguing about the fact that she stole the photo of the Madonna. He is tired of being jerked around by her and told her to find another place to live and to be out in two days. As he leaves she says to herself that she'll need a lot more than a few days. Gabi figures the only way she can get Antonio to talk to her is to go to confession. She told him all she heard about her "friend" and that she wants to be there for him and help if possible. He says he's sure her friend appreciates her concern but that this is not something she can help with.

Sean tracks down Emily enraged that she told her mother about his music. She tries to explain that she only wanted to help that his music should be heard. He says she betrayed him that he had explained that it was just for him and she's not the person he thought if she couldn't understand that. He storms off leaving Amy and Brad gloating. Amy decides it's a good time to put on her sympathy act to console Sean. He's on to her and told her to drop the act that even if he's not with Emily he'd never go out with her. In the meantime Bette finds Emily in tears on the beach and stays to comfort her wanting to finally be a real mother for her. . Sara and Casey work on their plan to nail Melinda. Casey feels she is to sweet to be mean enough to convince Melinda. Her parents come in to see the two of them, Sara looks up to find Melinda watching them so she suddenly turns on Casey and told him it's his fault she's in this mess. If he hadn't insisted she be honest all of this would have blown over. At this she storms out leaving her parents shocked and Melinda curious. Later Casey meets her down the beach and she asks him what he thought of her act, Oscar material he says. The witch is lurking in the bushes trying to overhear.

Olivia in the meantime figures the only way she can assure her place in Trey's life is to remove Cole from it so Caitlin will be dependent on her to help her raise the baby. To that end she works on a plan that will unwittingly involve Francesca. When Caitlin comes over later with the baby and told her mother how much he missed her, it strengthens her resolve to secure her position with the baby. . While Caitlin is visiting Olivia Francesca went to Cole's apartment to involve him in another robbery. He gets angry because his wife could have seen her. She says no she made sure that wouldn't happen because that's her hold over him and if Caitlin knew she would no longer have him under her thumb. She told him the mark she wants to hit and he wants to know why such a hard one when there are so many easy ones. She insists on this particular one and after she leaves he wonders to himself what she is up to. He figures it's not just the money that she is trying for specific items, but why?

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

Vanessa questions Tyus about Michael's sterility and if it might be reversed. While Vanessa is out of the room Michael decides it's time for he and Tyus to have a heart to heart talk about Vanessa. He wants Tyus to admit his love once and for all and get past it since nothing will break them up. In the meantime Virginia has gotten into the clinic posing as the doctor that's due later in the week. While there the receptionist declares she's an impostor and calls for help. It turns out the doctor she's impersonating is 63. Thinking quickly she told them she had sheep collagen injections in Baden Baden and that is why she looks so young. They buy her explanation and allow her access to the computer. She locates the sperm sample that belongs to Tyus and says " Vanessa, can you say mommy?"

Today is Meg's bridal shower to which she has invited Maria. This panics Tim who trys to talk Maria out of going saying it would be a burden to Meg to have to be concerned about her and that she should spend the day with him. The doctor comes in and disagrees with Tim saying it would be good for her to go and that it would hurt Meg if she didn't. In the meantime Ben opens the door to find his former mother-in-law on the other side. He went nuts thinking Meg invited her to the shower. She explains that she just wanted her there before the party to meet Dana and see if she could help her. Ben is not at all happy saying Carmen deals with fortune telling not peoples pasts. After Ben leaves, Carmen gives Meg a tarot card reading telling her that she and a new friend's lives will be intertwined till death.

Ben went to Antonio to make a donation to the mission as thanks for Antonio agreeing to marry them. Maria is also on her brothers mind that day as he holds a gold pocket watch that she gave him when he graduated.

Sara catches sight of Melinda trying to eavesdrop once again so she starts another fight with Casey , slapping him and storming off. Melinda comes up to Sara after witnessing the fake fight and tries once again to convince Sara to go in on the book with her. Sara told her no way and that shes just as bad as Casey. Sara waits a while letting all this sink in then calls Melinda later in the day telling her she's sorry for being so angry that she was taking it out on her because of her anger at Casey and agrees to meet with her. After they hang up Melinda is pondering Sara's change of heart and says she better not be jerking her around.

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