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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on SB
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Monday, October 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Ben enters the room and Maria appears to be sleeping. She opens her eyes and sits up. She begins to apologize for disturbing the wedding and says that she is sure that everyone is upset. She also says she values Meg's friendship and wouldn't want to spoil her day. Ben tells her that Meg values her friendship also. He ask her what she remembers and he can't recall much after leaving the church.

Dana told Ben that she feels that she knows him but she doesn't know why. Ben gets up to leave and says I can't do this Maria. Dana reacts to him calling her Maria. She then explains that she had met an old man who claimed to know who she was. Ben informs her it was Quint. He admits that Quint came looking for him. Dana wants to know what their relationship was.

Michael is insisting that something is wrong with Vanessa. Vanessa is insisting that she is just tired. Michael starts to go get Tyus to examine Vanessa and Virginia stops him. Vanessa also says it is unnecessary and that she just wants to get back to the party. When they arrive at the reception Gabi told them about Maria. Later Tyus comes over to talk and Michael told him about Vanessa being so tired. Tyus says he will check her in his office. Virginia immediately stops him by saying that he should stay around in case Dana needs him.

Annie is really gloating about the pain that Meg is feeling. Tim gets a little exasperated by how happy she is. Annie says that's ok because once Maria is back to normal he will know how much fun they can be; Maria and Ben, her, Tim and even Meg can join them. (No mention of Gregory was made) Tim heads to find Meg but is stopped by Sara. Sara told him that she knows that he is involved but doesn't know how. She also wants to know why he is at the reception at all. Tim says he is there because Meg needs him. Later Tim is heading for Meg and Sara again stops him and trails along. They later find Meg crying on Casey's shoulder.

Leo keeps insisting that there is more than friendship with Sean's relationship with Emily, maybe love. Sean keeps insisting that she is just a special friend. After badgering him Sean finally admits that his feeling run deeper than friendship. Sean sets off to the reception to find Bette and hopefully Emily.

Emily is determined to leave town. She and Bette are at the airport trying to find the next flight out. Bette tries really hard to change Emily's mind about leaving that night. When Emily leaves the room, Bette told the airline hostess to make sure to say all the flights are booked. Bette finally gets Emily to agree to take a hotel room near the airport. She is hoping she will reconsider the next day.

Meg is crying in one of the private rooms when Annie enters gloating over the sudden change of events. Meg tries to ignore her but Annie is determined to rub her failed marriage in Meg's face. Finally Meg points out all the reasons why she knows Annie is behind the whole thing. Her reasons were 1. Hearing her and Tim talking in his room. 2. Annie calling her Maria at the Gazebo at her house. 3. Annie thinking Sara's back was Maria at her house earlier that day. Annie of course denies everything.

Meg finally gets tired of listening to Annie and slaps her. Annie laughs and says no matter what she does to her she can't get past the fact that Maria is back and Ben still loves her. Meg finally pushes Annie out the door. Casey arrives when Meg is having a really bad crying session. Casey comforts her.

The Torreses'
Antonio and Ricardo are still wiped out at the realization that Maria is alive. Carmen arrives because she had a feeling she should be at the reception. Her sons tell her that Maria is alive. At the moment when they are rejoicing the Cummings enter the hall. Carmen gloats telling them that she had warned everyone but no one would listen to her.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami

Casey comforts a hysterical Meg who still cannot believe that Maria is alive. She doesn't know what Ben and her are going to do. Casey says he just saw them make a commitment not to long ago and says they will get through it. Meg wonders if her and Ben's Love will be enough and what will happen when Maria gets her memory back. Meg goes looking for Ben and Sara and Casey go after her to make sure she's O.K.. When Ben and Meg finally met face to face after this whole thing with Maria he told her that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and that he just cannot abandon Maria. Meg tells him that he wouldn't be the man she fell in love with if he did. Ben says he took those vows and intends to honor them and that he loves her even more now. Meg jumps into his arms and told him how much she loves him.

While visiting with Maria Ben told here that she couldn't ruin anything (inference to Ben and Meg's wedding) and that its a miracle that she's there and that he's happy to see her. Maria asks Ben how they knew each other, he caresses her face and she told him that she felt a connection between the two of them. She wants to know what he meant by they were very close. Maria wants to know why he wont tell her. Just as he was about to tell her they were married Dr. Estrada and Tyus come into the room and stop him. Dr. estrada told him that telling her might make her worse and that he should go find Meg. Dr. Estrada told Maria that Maria is actually her name and that she is from Sunset Beach. She also told her that there are some other people there that want to meet her. Before letting them in to see Maria Dr. Estrada told the Torres' not to tell her who she is that it might cause repercussions. They all agree and are aloud to see her. Antonio is the first to introduce himself but she doesn't remember him. Ricardo hopes to have better luck but once again she doesn't remember him either. Carmen hugs her and says you have to remember me I am your mother and that Ricardo and Antonio are her brothers. But she doesn't know who they are. When the Torres' leave Maria demands to see Meg since she trusts her. Meg went to see her and she asks her if she is mad at her. Maria wants to know what else she knows about her and told her she trusts her.

Michael confronts Virginia about how she know the lamp was broken. Virginia says there she saw Vanessa fall and break it. Vanessa says that's impossible because she wasn't in the room with her. Virginia says that's right, she came in just as she collapsed. Virginia says Tyus is to busy with Maria as Michael persists to have him look at her. While back at there house Vanessa is getting ready for bed and Michael comes in and she says that she doesn't want what is happening to Ben and Meg to happen to them. Michael shows her the ring that he pond when she was in hiding and proposes to her. This is how the proposal went.

Vanessa you are my Life my partner my companion and my shelter will you be my wife and she accepts

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami.

Maria and Meg have a heart to heart talk. Maria reveals that she's scared by everything that's happened. She asks Meg, whom she trusts, to tell her truthfully who Ben is to Maria. Meg is tempted to tell Maria that Ben was her husband, even though it kills Meg to admit that. She holds back and says nothing. Meanwhile, Carmen expects Ben to reunite with Maria now that she's not dead. Ben told Carmen that things are very complicated right now. Ben still loves Meg. Annie sticks her nose in and told Ben that he only fell for Meg because he thought Maria was gone. Nevertheless, Ben feels connected to Meg. He takes Meg back to their house. She removes her wedding dress and the pearls.

A.J. told Francesca that he was not kidding when he warned her to leave Cole alone. A.J. will make Francesca pay if she hurts Cole. At the same time, Olivia sneaks into Francesca's room and searches for clues to what she is up to. What are Francesca and Cole doing together? Olivia finds a picture of the Madonna encrusted with jewels. She cannot figure out why it's there until she looks more closely and see the ruby. It's the same one that A.J. offered to her as a gift. Caitlin is scared to death that she's lost Cole to Francesca. What else can explain Cole's involvement with Francesca? Meanwhile, Cole is investigating Lance Hadjes. Cole knows he has the rubies, but he doesn't think the name Lance Hadjes is real. When Leo mentions to Cole that his father likes the city of St. Etienne, Cole connects the city to Lance Hadjes's address. Later, Cole deciphers the name Lance Hadjes and discovers that it's an anagram for A.J. Deschanel.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

The impact of Maria's reappearance is felt by all. Meg sends Ben to be with Maria at the hospital, where he joins the waiting Torres family. Ricardo berates Ben for being there, saying that he made his choice by going home with Meg. Dr. Estrada is adamant about giving Maria time to get over the shock of the night's events and sends them all away. Meanwhile, Annie has slipped in to her room. Annie told Maria that she was her best friend and lets her believe that the doctor told her not to say anything. Maria is very pessimistic about getting her memory back since she can't remember her own family and is furious that no one will tell her about her past because they think she will have a breakdown. Annie also wants to protect her until she starts talking about her great friend, Meg. Annie tries to turn her against Meg. When Maria defends her, Annie blurts out that it is Maria who belongs with Ben because he is her husband. Maria flips out and runs away, straight into the arms of Ben (who, of course, is disobeying the doctor's orders and barging in).

Meg continues to mourn her fairy tale wedding and worries about her future with Ben, despite his reassurances. Tim stops by to offer his shoulder to Meg and is surprised to find that Meg has figured out that he knew about Maria and didn't warn her. She sticks it to him.

Cole figures out that Lance Hadjes is an alias for AJ Deschanel and went to AJ's suite to find the rubies. AJ answers the door and reads Cole the riot act for showing no interest in his family until now. Cole apologizes, but is sure to unlock the door on his way out. Armed with the knowledge that the rubies AJ tried to give her are the same ones Cole and Francesca want to steal, Olivia arranges a breakfast with AJ and Caitlin, so that Caitlin can "convince" her to accept his gift of the ruby necklace. While AJ is out, Cole breaks into his safe

Friday, October 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

Annie told Maria that Ben is her husband and that the two of them were truly in love. Maria tries to runs away, but is stopped by Ben. Ben confronts Annie and throws her out for upsetting Maria. Maria is confused by what Annie told her and asks Ben if it is true. He admits that they were married for 3 years and that they all thought she had died in an accident five years ago, but refuses to tell her what kind of accident because he can see she is very upset. Dr. Estrada comes in, asks Ben to leave and tries to calm Maria down. Maria doesn't know whom to trust anymore and wants to see Meg. While Dr. Estrada is lecturing Ricardo, Annie and Ben for disregarding her advice, Maria changes her clothes and slips out of the window. Ben, Ricardo, Annie and the doctor realize she is gone and try to find her, but she hitches a ride with two guys who promise to take her to Meg. Instead, they drop her off in the middle of nowhere, then come back after her on foot.

Meg and Tim finally have it out. He denies any involvement in Maria's reappearance. Meg is furious and doesn't believe him. He backs down a bit and explains that he tried to tell Ben right away, but Ben flew off the handle and threw him down the stairs. He also claims that he tried to tell Meg, but she didn't want to hear anything about it because she was so excited about the wedding. Meg asks Tim why he has changed into such a lying, manipulating person. He says it's because he lost his one true love (Meg). He told her to stop being na´ve and face the fact that Maria is Ben's true love and Ben will go back to her in the end. He apologizes for his lies and says that he will be there for her when Ben breaks her heart. Meg explains to Tim that even if he hadn't cheated on her, they wouldn't have lasted because he has too much baggage. She feels sorry for him, but reiterates that it is too late and they will never be together. He leaves.

Gaby pays a visit to Antonio to discuss Maria. He is uncomfortable when he finds out they are alone. Antonio is troubled by Maria's lack of memory and wants to see her, but understands that they must put Maria's needs ahead of their own desire to be with her. Gaby is concerned about him and gives him a hug. She reminds him to take care of his own needs and encourages him to open up to her.

Cole is almost caught in AJ's suite, but slips out onto the balcony before AJ, Caitlin and Olivia enter. AJ is concerned about the French doors being open, but doesn't go out. He shows Caitlin the necklace. Of course, Caitlin thinks it is beautiful and told him that in the "old days" Cole would have loved it and she will tell him about it to see how he reacts. Olivia is pleased that her plan is progressing so well. Cole's cell phone rings (outside) and AJ, Caitlin and Olivia all try to answer their phones. When they realize it was not one of theirs, AJ steps outside but Cole is gone.

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