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Monday, September 6, 1999

Annie says she has to find a way to get to London before Olivia or anyone else can. Jude comes in and she told him that she needs a loan for a friend for eight hundred dollars. Jude says that he knows she doesn't have any friends so no loan for her. Jude gets a call and while he is talking Annie goes over to him, he told her that he has to leave. Annie has his wallet in her hands and takes a card out and calls the airport to get a ticket. After she finishes her call Jude comes in and says you have something that belongs to me. She says you mean your wallet. She says go ahead count it it's all there. He says yeah it is. Annie says she has to go. Jude says don't bother going to pick up your ticket for London. He told her that he knew she took his wallet and he was standing outside the door listening in on her phone call. He also says that her plane ticket was canceled. She says she will find a way to get to London. Jude says the bad thing is she probably will.

AJ is upstairs with Cole while Cole is packing. AJ told Cole that he should bring Caitlin with him. Cole says he would like her to come but she probably couldn't stay away from Trey for that long. AJ says she has to let go sometime, Cole says Olivia isn't making it easy for Caitlin to let go. Olivia and Caitlin are downstairs in the living room and Olivia says good that's settled, Caitlin says no it isn't but it will be now. Caitlin says that she knows why she won't go to London cause she doesn't want to leave Trey with her. Olivia says she should believe in Caitlin more but for right now she can't. Caitlin says so what are you going to keep him to yourself. Cole and AJ come downstairs and Cole wants to speak with his wife. Olivia went to walk AJ out. AJ says when are you going to get a life. She is too concerned with Trey. Cole told Caitlin that he knows she is having a hard time, and that he will forget about London and stay home with her. Caitlin says no he can't he has to go and that she will be all right. Cole kisses her and leaves. Olivia and Caitlin give each other a look and leave. While Olivia is tending to Trey, Caitlin calls Social Services and says it's an emergency.

Emily told Sean that Amy might be pregnant. Sean says no she can't be pregnant, Emily says she doesn't know for sure, she just saw Amy with a pregnancy test and Amy made an excuse saying it was for a friend but I could tell it was for her. Sean says it can't be. Emily wants to know why he feels like that. He says that someone there age could be pregnant. Emily told Sean that Amy didn't want her to tell Sean about it. Sean says he has to go that it's his responsibility. Emily yells no it isn't.

Brad asks Emily what is wrong, she says don't ask. Sean is outside saying it can't be she can't be pregnant. Brad wants to know what is going on and Emily says it's about Amy so just don't ask. Brad says fine I will just go over there and find out for myself. Emily says that she is coming with him. Sean knocks on Amy's door and opens it and sees Amy with a pregnancy test, and says it's true you are pregnant he says it's his fault for not using protection, he slept with her even knowing he didn't have any protection, Amy says she isn't pregnant, it's just a false alarm. Sean is relieved, He apologizes, she says she is relieved to she can't have a baby with a guy who loves someone else. Amy says she is glad that they made love twice and told him she loves him. She opens the door and it's Brad and Emily and Emily says no, no.

Ricardo told the Arch Bishop that he saw his brother make love to his wife. He says are you sure, Ricardo says he saw it with his own two eyes. It happened at the cave in a few months ago. He says then how could you of seen it. Ricardo says on a security video camera. Ricardo says I don't want Antonio punished I just want to be able to forgive them. Antonio/Gabi/Michael:
Antonio asks Michael where Ricardo is. Michael says he is in confession with the Arch Bishop. They say he has been gone a while what could he be confessing. They are all excited that Antonio is going to be starting a new program that help couples with commitment. Michael says he will go check on them.

Ricardo asks if he can help him let go of his anger. He says that he is doing a good job and it will take time. Michael comes in and asks if he can help out. Ricardo says no and that they are finished.

The Torres family and the nuns are waiting for the Father's announcement, he tells Antonio that he is doing a fine job and that is his announcement. Antonio went after him and says he thought he was going to head the new program, the father says he spoke about that too early and he thinks that maybe Antonio need more experience that he is too young too head that. Antonio went to see Ricardo and says he has to know what Ricardo confessed to the Father.

Annie went to the Airport and sees a flight attendant and sees that as her opportunity to get on the plane to London. Cole went to sit down and the flight attendant asks Cole if he would like some wine, he says no orange juice would be fine. The Attendant says that the other girl will get it. Annie dressed as a Flight Attendant says would anyone want any orange juice.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Sara and Meg are so excited that they have a store, Sara brought out all of these books, Meg is looking through one, and sees a picture of her and Ben and say oh no. Sara wonders what is wrong and Meg says it's just some books, Sara sees the picture that Meg sent Sara when she was in DC, and apologizes for not getting rid of it, Meg says that it is all right. Sara says that if Ben finds something out about Tess then maybe Meg can get back with Ben, Meg says how can I, he has a wife and son, and Ben is sleeping with Maria again, Sara apologizes for pushing her buttons and they agree to call it a night and go home. Meg says she will put the paint away and lock up. Meg is thinking of her and Ben when there is a knock on the door and it's Ben.

Antonio asks Gabi what he told the Arch Bishop, Ricardo says I told him about you and Gabi, Gabi drops her purse and comes over. Ricardo says he told him how mad he was at his situation and that they both have been there for him. Gabi told Ricardo how much she loves him. Michael comes over and Ricardo and Gabi leave.

Antonio told Maria that he thinks what Ricardo told the Arch Bishop cost him the job. Maria says that the Arch Bishop saw Ricardo and realized that you had too much going on in your life. Antonio says that probably is true, and I am relieved cause I do have a lot going on in my life and wouldn't be able to do the program that good.

Caitlin calls Social Services and speaks to Cathy Kitchum, and says that she need to declare a mother unfit, and corrects herself saying she is a student and working on a project about mothers being unfit. Olivia walks in and Caitlin told Cathy she will call her back. Caitlin told Olivia it was just her manicurist. Olivia says that Caitlin can put Trey to sleep that they probably need some private time. Caitlin says you trust me that much, Olivia says I trust you with my life. Caitlin thinks that maybe they can make this work.

Annie is on the plane going to London as a Stewardess. The other Stewardess asks Annie what happened to the girl that was supposed to be here. Annie says oh she is just tied up. Annie is rude to the passengers and the other Stewardess told her that Annie will be reported when they land. Two Stewardesses are talking and one asks why is that girl here what happened to the other one, I don't know but I am sure this one had no training, oh and that red hair, Cole thinks that it could be Annie. Cole went to find out and sees her, and says so what did you do with the other stewardess murder her. Annie says no I just tied her up. Cole went to call Olivia.

Cole told Olivia that Annie is on the plane, Olivia told Cole not to eat or drink anything cause Annie could drug it. Cole says he has her cornered. Olivia told him to keep her updated. Olivia calls for Rose and says she is going to London. Rose says she will make sure Trey is fine. Olivia says she is taking Trey with her. Caitlin comes in and says she heard everything, Olivia says she is sorry but she has to go. Caitlin calls Social Services and asks to speak with Cathy Kitchum about declaring a mother unfit.

Michael told Ricardo that he is making excellent progress, and Ricardo says he hopes he keeps making excellent progress. Michael says he is leaving, and will see him tomorrow, Ricardo says say hi to Vanessa, she is one fine lady, Michael says yeah I think so, he says we both hit the jackpot. Gabi sits with Ricardo and he says he is responsible for Antonio not getting the job, because of his condition. Gabi says there is plenty of time for Antonio to get what he deserves, Ricardo says yeah I am counting on that. Ricardo went to sleep and Gabi calls Antonio, and gets his machine and asks if he is all right and for him to call her and she will always be there for him. Ricardo says she is here now Antonio but soon you both will pay piece by piece.

Amy is telling Sean how happy she is that she made love to Sean twice, she goes to open the door and it is Emily and Brad, Emily says oh no. Emily told Sean how could you confront her about this, I promised I wouldn't tell, Amy says it's ok, that it was her pregnancy test it was for a friend. Brad sees the empty box, and says oh and she took it here, Sean yanks it out of Brads hands. Brad and Emily say they are here for her, Amy says she doesn't need them and runs off. Brad went after her. Sean told Emily that Amy isn't pregnant and that it was just a false alarm and that it's over, Emily says no it isn't, Amy is all alone no family and that guy used her he is a bastard to just leave her. Sean told her to stop it and Emily doesn't understand, Sean says you will, lets go someplace private so we can talk. Amy told Brad that her plan is working and that soon she will have Sean, Brad says Emily will be hurt, Amy says that this is the way it has to be, Emily doesn't love Sean as much as I do. Emily and Sean are alone, Emily says I don't get why you didn't say anything on the way over, Sean says I wanted us to be alone, Emily says what is it your scaring me. Sean says "that guy was a bastard to Amy"-- and he is that bastard.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Casey sees someone spray painting and told him to clean it up. The guy says he isn't going to do it. Casey says yes you are, and another guy hits Casey over the head and they hear someone and they leave, Sara tends to Casey and calls Tyus. Tyus says Casey will be all right but for him to stop by the hospital tomorrow. Casey thanks Sara from helping him. Sara told Casey she gave Meg the flowers he left for her. Casey said he would have gave her flowers if he would have known that they were going into business together, she says thanks for the idea of giving me flowers. Sara leaves. While Casey is looking through his papers, Sara is looking at him and almost opens the door to see him but leaves. Casey stares at the lipstick stained glass of Sara's.

Ben comes to see Meg and he told her that he couldn't find anything on Tess but he has a PI that will keep looking. Meg says so I guess it was a waste of time going there. He says no it gave him a lot of time to think. Meg says think about what, Ben says us. Meg told him that there is no us, then he says then I am going to have to give my family a go. Meg says of course Benjy should come first. Ben went to leave and turns around and says he can't leave she says why, he wants her to tell him she doesn't hate him. Meg says to him I don't hate you, I never will. They hug. Ben says he will remember her always. Ben leaves and Meg burns the picture of Ben that she has.

Bette says Emily told me what you did, and Amy says she knows. Bette says she is glad that Amy got a student loan. Amy says oh yeah that. Bette thanks Amy for being a good friend to Emily. Bette offers to let Amy move in with Emily and her. Amy says she needs time to think about it. Amy leaves to tend to her work. Bette says Amy may trust you but I don't. Bette leaves Amy a 20 dollar bill tip, she thinks bribery might work.

Sean told Emily that that guy was a bastard to Amy and he is that guy. Emily says she doesn't understand, she says Amy made her own choices. Sean says he slept with Amy and he is sorry she went to leave and comes back, and asks what he drank that maybe Amy drugged him. Sean told her it wasn't Amy's fault. Sean says that he didn't want to turn out like his father, but it looks like he has. Emily says so it is true and hits Sean, he says I guess I deserved that and hits him again, Emily says then every touch and kiss we ever shared was a lie. Sean says no it isn't. Emily says why did you get me tickets to Hawaii and this stupid necklace, you know how happy I was when you gave it to me. Sean says he loves her and he still wants to be with her, she says it's over and rips her necklace of and leaves. Sean yells for her to come back, he leans down and picks up her necklace.

Emily went home and is crying and she is too upset to unlock the door. Bette opens the door and sees her and gives her a hug and told her to tell her what happened, Emily says she just wants to be alone. Emily runs upstairs and Bette went after her.

Tess told Tim she is worried because Ben went to Seattle and he could dig up stuff about her, Tim told her everything will be ok, that he always has a plan for this type of thing, and everything will work out, Tim says lets get this food to go and get some whip creme and go to my place. Tess says not tonight I can't relax till I know about what Ben found out.

Benjy told Maria how happy he is to be starting school tomorrow and hopes Ben will be home to take him to school, Maria hopes so too but she will take him if Ben isn't here. Maria reads Benjy a story and Benjy reads and wants to know why his parents don't sleep in the same bed. Benjy says don't you like dad. Maria says she loves him just like he does. She says we may not be together but we are still a family, Maria told him to go brush his teeth and she will be up in a few minutes. Maria stares at a picture of Ben and Tess comes in and asks if Ben has called Maria says no why. Tess just wanted to know if Ben called Benjy, Maria says no and says good night. Tess says goodnight and went upstairs and says she never liked being left in the dark she wants to know what happened in Seattle with Ben.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Annie and Cole each make private calls to the British authorities in hopes of having the other detained at the airport. Sara can't help daydreaming about Casey following their encounter at the lifeguard station. Meanwhile, Meg gloomily confides to a sympathetic Casey how Ben has put the final nail in the coffin of their love affair. A beaming Sara hints to her mother that there still might be a chance for her and Casey to share a happy ending. Tess snaps at Benjy when the boy interrupts her train of thought early in the morning. Ben shows Maria proof that Tess' story completely checks out, but both of Benjy's parents agree that they still have some qualms about the child's nanny. Annie swipes another flight attendant's passport, then sics the Heathrow police on Cole. Ben told a startled Maria he realized that his future lies with her and not Meg. Though Joan cautions her daughter not to be overly optimistic, Sara assures her she knows Meg and Ben will soon be back together. Cole eludes the bobbies and heads for Tobias' address, with Annie close behind. Sara went to Surf Central with a get well card but is annoyed to find her sister playing nurse for casey.

Friday, September 10, 1999

  • Ben/Maria: Ben told Maria that he want to stay married to her and he went to leave and give her time to think about it. Ben told him to wait and she went to give him a kiss and then she says no that's not what I wanted to tell you. He says what is it, she told him the only way she can stay married to him is to not just be a full time mother but they have to be married in every way, he says he wants that. He also says he wants to be with his first love and they make love.

    Sara told Meg that her and Ben are soul mates and they will get back together, Meg told Sara that her and Ben are finished, Ben is going to make it work with Maria, Meg told her, Casey enters and asks if Meg is all right she says yes and she went to wash her face, Casey says I hope she is going to be okay. Casey says he wish there was something he could do, he told Sara she just has to move on with her life, Meg comes down and she told Casey she is all right, and He told Sara thanks for the card that she gave him, Sara tells him to take care of his head. Meg went to lock the back door and Sara is talking to herself thinking that since Ben and Meg are over that she will probably turn to Casey.

    Olivia, Rose, and Trey are on the plane on there way to London. Rose asks Olivia if when they get there should she call Caitlin, Caitlin was feeling kind of down when we left. Olivia says no she will be all right she needs this time to realize that she isn't his mother I am.

    Annie is on her way to go meet Uncle Tobias, she went into the elevator and Cole is there. Cole doesn't want Annie to go see Uncle Tobias so he went to open the door but Annie stops him and takes the knob so he can't stop the elevator and push her out, They fight for it and it breaks, and now they are stuck together, Annie says it isn't that bad we worked together to prove Gregory killed Francesca. Cole says we should have just left it to the police and maybe Gregory wouldn't have died. Cole thinks of a way to get Annie out of the elevator, he puts some wires together and Annie takes the fire extinguisher and tried to hit him over the head but it doesn't happen they both fall down on the floor outside of the elevator and Olivia says you two look cozy.

    Sean calls Emily and told her not to hang up but she does, Emily is crying and Bette wants to know what's wrong, Emily says she doesn't want to talk about it. Bette said she didn't push her to tell her last night but she wants to know now. Emily told her that Sean slept with Amy. Bette says no and that Amy is lying. Emily says Amy isn't the one who told me Sean was. Bette asks what his explanation was, Emily says he just said that he was turning out like his father and couldn't help it. Emily told Bette that she just wants to go lay down that she is tired, Bette says she will make them some Tea. Emily wants to know why Sean hurt her and went to Sean's to find out.

    Sean told Amy that Emily knows that they slept together. Amy thinks Emily guessed and thinks it's her fault, Sean says that it isn't her fault, he told Emily, he apologizes for telling Emily, Amy says it's ok. Sean says he is going to go talk to Emily, Amy says ok, and he leaves.

    Amy calls Brad and gets his machine and told Brad that Emily knows about her and Sean sleeping together, the door bell rings and she yells for Rose to get it, but she remembers that Rose went to London. She told Brad to call her back when he gets the message. She opens the door and it's Emily.

    Bette went to bring Tea to Emily but the door bell rings, Bette went to open the door and it is Sean and she told him you have some nerve coming over hear after what you did.

    Catlin/Cathy Ketchum:
    Caitlin is talking with Cathy and Caitlin wants to know the grounds for declaring a mother unfit, does it have to be an extramarital affair. Cathy realizes it isn't for a paper and says what are you trying to pull, Caitlin says nothing and Cathy says you are a bad liar and you are just trying to declare a mother unfit. Cathy says the only way you can declare a mother unfit is if there is an ongoing alcohol problem or abuse or neglect. She says if there is no abuse and no grounds for declaring a mother unfit they you are wasting my time good-bye Caitlin if that really is your name.

    Jude told AJ that Annie tried to use his credit card to go to London, AJ tells Jude to stay away from Annie she is trouble. Jude says he can handle her. Jude and AJ talk about Jude's mom and how proud he wants her to be. AJ says he is proud of him. Jude thanks him and they go back to work.

    Caitlin thinks to herself and knows that Olivia is a really good mother to Trey and she doesn't have a way to declare Olivia unfit, she went to leave she needs to think about what she is going to do, She runs right into Jude and apologizes to him.

    Benjy sees his dad's coat and asks Tess if Ben is back, she says yes and he wants to go see him, Tess says he is probably sleeping. Tess told Benjy to go upstairs and get ready for school.

    Maria told Ben how happy she is, she told him she is happy too. Maria says she would love to stay in bed with Ben all day, he would like to too, but they need to get Benjy ready for School. Ben says since he didn't find anything on Tess does she want her to leave, Maria says yes and asks him the same thing, he says yes I still want her out by Christmas.

    Tess wants to know if Ben found anything on her in Seattle and she sees Ben's suitcase and looks in it she see the file he has and went to read it when Ben and Maria come downstairs and he asks what she is doing.

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