Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on GL
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

Josh and Reva found the 'real' Teri at the Besler Clinic on an island where Annie had been vacationing. The nurse says her name is Tonia and that she has been in a coma for over 8 months. She told Reva and Josh that a beautiful blond lady brought her in after she had a serious skiing accident and that her only visitors since was her twin sister, Teri. Hearing this the Lewis' figured out that the other Teri (the one in Springfield), is in fact Annie with a new look.

Meanwhile back in Springfield, Annie and Alan having just made love were talking about how Annie/Teri came by her new identity, Annie told Alan about the accident but swore that she had nothing to do with it. The nurse from Besler Clinic called Annie and told her that Josh and Reva were at the clinic. Upset she confided in Alan about what the nurse said and that they were on to her. Alan told Annie that he would help her as long as she gives up her obsession with Josh.

At the Santo's house, Michelle and Danny told Carmen that they were married, just hours before at the Justice of the Peace and because of the "Family Code" she could not kill Michelle.

Back at Millennium, Jesse told Drew that Michelle was not dead that he could feel it and that he thought that the Santo's family had her. He left Millennium to find her.

Drew and Jesse find Michelle, just as she and Danny kiss to try to convince Carmen that their marriage is for real and about love. Jesse tells Michelle that he was going to the police to tell them everything and she could leave with him, Michelle sees the henchman staring at her, knowing that he would kill her or Jesse, she refused.

Sean goes to Matt and tells him that he will not be returning to work at Lewis Oil and that he was going to go back to his Island. When Vanessa gets home and Dinah stops by to blame her mother and Matt for Hart leaving her, Sean tells Dinah that there is nothing left for her in Springfield and invited her to go with him. She refused in her own rude way and runs back in to yell at Matt and Vanessa some more. Matt tires of her and kicks her out and Vanessa gets angry with him. She says he hates Dinah but he likes Beth and they are one and the same as far as character. Matt rejects that and they argue.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Just home from her hospital stay, Susan calls a friend and reveals that she plans to do whatever she has to in order to remain with Harley permanently. Phillip and Harley discuss telling Lizzie and Susan about the pregnancy. Refusing to leave the Santos' home with him, Michelle shocks Jesse when she tells him that she and Danny are married. She goes on to say to a speechless Jesse, that she married Danny because she loves him and that she has had these feelings for Danny for a long time. Once Drew and Jesse leave, Danny reminds Michelle that her life depends on keeping up the pretext of their marriage. Believing that a civil service is not enough, Mama Santos tells Michelle and Danny that she has arranged for a church wedding. Back at home, Drew is quick to comfort Jesse hoping that, finally, she may have a chance to be with him.

Beth continues to agitate Vanessa at work with references to Vanessa's strained relationship with Matt. Vanessa confides in Alex about the state of her marriage. When she receives an email at work from Matt to meet her at the club for dinner, Vanessa is eager to meet him. Meanwhile, Beth visits Matt at home to deliver a passionate kiss.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

After running back to give Matt another kiss to prove it's going to happen again, Beth takes a fall in the snow just outside his door and ends up back in the house with a hurt ankle.

Alexandra is surprised to find Alan highly enthused about the future. Ben interrupts and informs them that he has gotten all charges dropped regarding the drug found in the safe. When Alan hands him a check and tells him that he has dropped the idea of finding Annie, Ben reminds him that he promised him the world for services rendered. Alan explains that Annie is dead but Ben rips up the check and warns that the next time he needs his legal services, it'll cost him plenty.

Josh and Reva confront Frank at the station house and explain what they found at the Bessler Clinic. Frank finds it incredulous so the two decide to get Teri's fingerprints to prove who she really is.

At Teri's place, they find her out cold on the kitchen floor and call for some paramedics. Frank calls the clinic and later reports to Reva and Josh that the head nurse doesn't know any patient named Teri.

Vanessa's disappointed when Matt fails to show for their dinner date.

Dinah's plastic surgeon Steven surprises Vanessa at the club with the revelation that she made a date with him through his email not Matt. While she laughs at her mistake with the computer, he insists that she stay for dinner.

Dinah surprises Hart by secretly cleaning his motel room.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Jesse ruins the breakfast at the Bauer house with the news that Michelle has married Danny Santos, son of mobster Carmen Santos. As he explains, Dietz arrives and invites the family to the country club so that the two families can celebrate the happy nuptials.

As they leave, Drew and Selena arrive to learn from Jesse the latest about Michelle. Drew tries to convince Jesse to stay away from Danny and Michelle but he vows to ruin today's luncheon. Selena offers to help Drew win Jesse's love.

Ross advises Reva and Josh as Frank warns the couple that they might be charged with harming the now-unconscious Teri. When Frank reveals the Bessler clinic staff didn't know anything about Teri, Josh insists that Annie brought Teri to her apartment and set them up. When Teri's brother arrives, he accuses Josh and Reva of putting his sister in the hospital. Josh and Reva agree that Alan must be helping Annie.

Hiding her in the attic at the mansion, Alan thrills Annie with the news that he's insured no one at the clinic will tell anyone about Teri and adds that he's set up Josh to be embarrassed. He ruins the moment when he explains that she can't leave the room until he can solve her legal problems.

After Susan fields a phone call about a pre-natal appointment, she blasts Harley for failing to tell her about her pregnancy. Trying to make it up to her, Harley invites her to stay longer but she refuses and leaves with her father.

Friday, January 15, 1999

While Reva confronts Alan outside the Spaulding attic, Annie hides behind a locked door. Reva pushes him to admit that she is alive and Alan finally claims to have sent Annie away from Springfield where she will be safe.

Seeing how smug he is with the revelation, Reva boasts that Annie came back to Springfield because of Josh, not him. Annie hears this from inside the room and fears that Alan is going to turn her in.

Downstairs, Frank explains to Alexandra that the Lewises are claiming that Annie Dutton is alive and posing as Teri. Alan interrupts and confounds Reva by telling Frank that Reva is delusional.

Jesse surprises Michelle with a kiss but she pulls back and insists that she doesn't want to leave her husband. With Carmen watching, Danny interrupts and starts throwing punches when Jesse refuses to leave. Seeing blood flowing from Danny's nose, Dietz grabs Jesse and physically tosses him out. While Danny warns Michelle about her actions, Carmen decides to approach Jesse for help in breaking up Danny and Michelle.

Blake finds Ben upset over the failed deal he made with Alan. Reminding him that she warned him to stay away from the guy, Ben insists that he's not going to walk away from what Alan can give him.

Alexandra is shocked to come face-to-face with Annie.

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